Supernatural Shake-Up: Sera Gamble Exits as Showrunner, Jeremy Carver Returns to Fill Spot

Supernatural is saying goodbye to showrunner Sera Gamble and in turn welcoming back a familiar name into the fold.

Supernatural Enlists Geek Goddess Felicia Day

Gamble, who has served as co-showrunner alongside Robert Singer for the past two seasons, is stepping down to focus on development, our sister site Deadline reports.

Although the CW series has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, a new co-showrunner has already been named: Jeremy Carver, whose name should ring a bell for longtime Supernatural fans. He started as an executive story editor on the show in 2007, eventually working his way up to co-producer during Season 5 before departing to exec-produce Syfy’s Being Human port alongside his wife Anna Fricke.

Carver penned some of Supernatural‘s most lauded episodes, including “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels.”

As Fricke takes the reins on Being Human, Carver will retain his executive producer credit.

Supernatural fans, what do you think of the regime change?

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  1. Kat says:

    I think Sera was the wrong choice for showrunner so I’m glad to see her go. Carver has a history with Supernatural and I like the things he’s done previously so I am looking forward to him taking the reins!

    Mostly I am just thrilled Supernatural is continuing because it is still one of the best shows on television. I see some of the comments on this board and I don’t understand them. Supernatural is not a cookie cutter, it has it’s own unique mythology and it is ever changing which means that some storylines will be more popular than others but the show is beautifully acted, well written, always original and vastly entertaining which makes it great! I’d love see a two year renewal so Carver could kick-off a longer arc!

  2. Shukar Bibi says:

    after the crap presented last season, I hope her creations NEVER COME BACK. She made some terrible decisions in season 6 the WORST being Lisa and Ben ( hopefully dead by now) she didn’t care about the fans reactions and continued on irregardless. The storyline was so bad, it was not even possible for it to be any worst. She was a god awful showrunner

    • Jeff says:

      Do you actually watch the show? How exactly was Lisa and Ben a “terrible decision” by her when it was Kripke’s decision? She followed up on what he ended season 5 with. What exactly was she supposed to do, just ignore them as if it never happened?

      • deb hanley says:

        well said i read comments on here sometimes and wonder if we re all watching the same show lol.season 6 was good diffrent but good like you said she had to carry on from swan song and she did it well the only thing i wasnt happy with was the outcome mindwipe s is just something dean would never do but apart from that was ok didnt mind most of 7 but its got a new showrunner now so lets see how long it take s some people to start moaning bout him like the saying goes if they dont like it anymore then dont watch it leave it for us that do to enjoy.

  3. JD says:

    It’s not that the show is as horrible as some that are out there but it failes to capture the magic that seasons one through four really had. The writting has become cheesier, the characters have flip flopped into obscurity from what they once were and cw has turned it into a drama instead of action/thriller/horror/drama. It’s no longer about two brothers hunting evil its about outrageously overblown story lines, a-typical character arcs, and the never ending repetative arguments between sam and dean that have already been covered time and time again.
    I am a hardcore fan. I have sam and deans pentagram tattoo. I am trying to rebuild my old ’64 valiant to mimic the impala even though they look nothing alike. I dress up as dean at comic con. So yes, even though I’m not happy with the shows progression I still watch it hoping it’ll return to it’s former glory.
    Maybe this will help, I can only hope so.

  4. reebus856 says:

    Sera Gamble is a good writer but I agree w/ some comments, she’s not necessarily a good story teller[there’s a difference] S6 &7 WERE all over the place. I’m still upset about Bobby getting the axe. Jeremy Carver has been doing a great job on Being Human(U.S.). I just wish they would kill this Leviathan story[ die Dick, die] & move on. I think maybe they should go back to the formula in S1 where Sam & Dean fought a different supernatural each week. Both Sam & Dean have literally been to Hell & back; the Apocalypse was postponed. They need a more tangible baddie to match wits- like a vampire or witch perhaps.

  5. Shannon says:

    I’ve been a hardcore fan of SPN since Day 1 and while this is still my favorite show on TV I think the last 2 season have been lacking in quality and direction. Sera is an easy scapegoat for this since she took over when Kripke left but it would have been hard for anyone to step into those shoes. I also think that going into the 8th season SPN also just needs some new (old) blood to shake it up a little. It’s hard for ANY show to remain relevant after 7 seasons so the decision to bring some new (old) people will give some freshness back this amazing show.

  6. Lily says:

    THANK YOU GOD! I’m sorry Sera, I really do love you, but everything went downhill when she took over. I welcome Carver as show-runner with open arms!

  7. ollie says:

    so exicted about the change now just the wait to see if it gets renewed i watch the xmas ep every year

  8. Van says:

    This show needs to be in the hands of a horror writer who can get ahold of character. I do not enjoy meta episodes, and would like to see what a top notch Horror specialist could do with the material. Of course, I have been in favor of the show leaving the lame CW Network for the more exotic climes of HBO or Showtime, where the content could finally be as explicit as it should. Commercial TV is a limiting force for such a fun, potentially creative show as SPN. Now, all of those too poor to afford a pay TV service will begin kevtching and whining…

  9. While I definitely think this season has been kind of not so great (I actually quite liked most of season 6), I think it just means that Sera Gamble makes a better writer than a showrunner. People have to admit, she’s written some of SPN’s most iconic episodes. So it’s sad to lose her as a writer completely. But I’m a big fan of Mr. Carver’s eps so I’m looking forward to what he comes up with. Also you can’t blame Sera entirely for the trainwreck of this season. Robert Singer is the co showrunner and there are other writers as well. They tried an experiment, the whole “back to basics” thing and it didn’t work. I don’t think you can go “back to basics” with the show at this point without just retreading stuff that was done to death in seasons 1-3. Like many others I think it was a mistake for them to write/kill off all of the supporting cast. For one thing, it made the show much too bleak and depressing, even for a dark show like Supernatural. Every week I feel kind of like Sam and Dean want to just Thelma and Louise themselves off a cliff because neither of them have anything/anyone left to live for besides each other. Of course they love each other and nothing is bigger than the brotherly bond, but nobody can base their whole existence on one other person. That’s why their little surrogate family that they built up over the years (Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Cas, etc) was so important for their growth as characters. I actually felt like they became mentally healthier and more interesting characters from season 4 onwards when they had more friends and people to fight with and rely on. Now we’ve kind of regressed back to the slightly dysfunctional relationship they had with each other in seasons 1-3 and it’s just rehashing the same old stuff. Plus the Leviathans have been underwhelming as big bads. We’re really close to the season end and yet we still have no idea really what their ultimate agenda is, Sam and Dean have no plan/strategy on how to fight them, and every encounter they’ve had with them so far has been kind of lackluster.

    I think they should salvage whatever supporting cast they have left. Obviously some probably can’t come back due to how they were written off, but they could bring back Castiel. It’d be interesting to see if he can ever redeem himself to Sam and Dean. They might even be able to resurrect Bobby. It’d also be interesting if they brought in someone new, like maybe a character that gets close to Sam, like Cas was with Dean. My point is that this late in the game, the show needs supporting cast. Two brothers in a car and monsters of the week just doesn’t work anymore. Still, even at its worst (and I think season 7 qualifies) Supernatural is still way better than a lot of crap that’s on. Like almost everything else on the CW lol.

  10. Ella says:

    Thank GOD. Though at this point I am wondering how on earth they are going to fix the mess she’s made of all characters through seasons 6 and 7.

  11. All says:

    Don’t get me wrong Sera, but after what you did to Castiel, all I can say is good riddance.

  12. Pjammie says:

    I am so happy that Sera Gamble has “stepped down”. I’ve been a fan of the show sine the very beginning and I am so disappointed with the direction the show has taken. I feel the fans have lost too much especially in season 7, Castiel, Bobby and the Impala are just too many big losses at once. SPN had everything; humor, fright, familial bonds( blood ties and friends). Now it’s become almost silly and over the top. The pace of the last two seasons has been sub par IMO. I realize we won’t have it much longer and that saddens me, before it does wrap up I want to see it back to where it use to be.

  13. Emma says:

    I am excited-I love Sera G as a writer, but cannot say I have been a massive fan of the direction (or lack of?) these past two seasons-though IT IS getting better.
    Sera G has written some of my all time favourite episodes and I wish her good luck and thank her from the bottom of my SPN loving heart, but am happy to welcome in Carver and see where he takes the show.
    I feel like the last two seasons have been about internalising everything-angst, loss, depression, madness- great dramatic ideas on paper but not hugely exciting visual themes-I mean we saw Lucifer how many times whilst he has tormented Sam who has still managed to save Dean’s ass every other week? Its frustrating-but sometimes good stories just aren’t good TV stories. There is a difference I think.
    I’ll be watching whoever runs the show though-I’m in it for the long haul now!

  14. Doolittle says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the show since I discovered it in the third season. While I believe that season 7 is pretty much hit or miss I still tune in for every episode. I believe Becky stated it best when she said “If you don’t like the books Fritz, don’t read them.” True fans, like myself and my wife, will watch the show to the end. My only advice to Mr. Edlund is make the show your own. Don’t try to be Kripke.

  15. stricknine1 says:

    I have faithfully watched SPN from the beginning and I love, love, love the show! I can tell who the different writers are for the shows by the way a show is presented, but I can’t say I’ve ever watched a “bad” episode. I guess watching them all from the beginning helps put a lot of the episodes into perspective for me. Not all are great, but they are good enough to be watched by me every week, even forgoing a night out! I hope that SPN gets to stay on air at least 2 more years because it will take me a whole year to digest not seeing new episodes. With great (and very good-looking) actors, caring writers and a strong base of fans, I believe SPN deserves a lot more credit than it gets.

  16. Dani says:

    Imo, the problems started during season 3. That season was just chaotic and out of character (though to be fair, the writers strike threw a massive spanner in the works) That season was were the brothers relationship fell apart in a way that affected the tone of the show.

    Castiel was the saving grace of season four but the storyline overall was clunky and underwhelming. I actually think that season 4 has been one of the weakest seasons.

    Season 5 seemed to struggle a lot. They tried to strike a balance between the motw eps and the angel/demon plots which sometimes came off as a little jerky. I’m probably in the minority but I though Swan Song was one of the worst finales we’ve had. That episode was just a complete mess. They tried to make it shocking and heartfelt and full.of misdirection but it wasn’t.

    By the time that ep came around, Sam and Dean’s relationship was so fractured that it was hard to get that sense of feeling and closeness that they were trying to portray.

    So I expected to hate season 6 and I didn’t. It wasn’t perfect but to be honest, it was a lot tighter and focused than it’s been for a while. There were some episodes that were really brilliant in that season.

    I don’t like how they tied Sam and Dean into the mythology with whole modern day Cain and Abel thing because it was a lot more meaningful when they were just random humans who managed to throw a wrench in the machine but….let’s be honest, even on.its worst seasons and eps, this show is still head and tails above most of the crap on TV and never gets the credit it deserves.

  17. Lisa says:

    Just found out about this from watching The complete Season 7 DVD eppy 23 “SOTF” commentary! Kind of sad…she’ll be missed! But Jermy is good also so I guess win – win! Lol! Can’t wait for season 8! ;D so excited! Yay!

  18. celeste says:

    I just miss Cas.

  19. Mindful Naked says:

    Why do people always want to result to the “of you don’t like it, don’t watch it” response on those who voice their dislike for the direction a show has gone? Isn’t part of the success, rather, the main success of the show due to the fan support. The ones speaking up on their dislike for the direction of the show are probably from the fan base that helped catapult the show in the first place… and helped to keep it going. So, I would think that those comments count as well.

    I for one, have religiously watched this show since the pilot. It’s one of the very few shows where the pilot was absolutely awesome and truly represented the show’s direction for years to come. One of my favorite things in the pilot was the honorable, respectful homage to the X-Files.

    However, now, I’m not seeing the same witty dialogue and the episodes are drawn out with Sam and Dean really starting to sound 5 years older than their characters’ ages.

    I will of course continue to watch because that’s what a drug does. It gives you a high and you crave that same high. So, all I can do is keep watching and hope I’ll get that high once again.