Justified's Walton Goggins Previews Boyd/Dickie Alliance: 'We Will Dance, But It Won't Be a Waltz'

As FX’s Justified inches ever closer to its Season 3 finale, the pieces are moving into place, and there are many of them.

Tonight at 10/9c, in the season’s penultimate hour, Limehouse’s No. 1, Errol, brings Boyd a provocative proposition attached to a most unlikely “business partner” – Dickie Bennett, who is out to claim momma Mags’ $3 million in savings. To do so requires knocking over a bank. With Boyd’s help.

Boyd, however, has just one thing in mind when Dickie is dropped on his barroom’s doorstep. (After all, this is the guy who plugged Ava at close range, an act that Boyd has been itching to avenge for a while now.)

“He is the last person I expect to see walk through that door,” Walton Goggins tells TVLine of the rife-with-tension reunion. “In some ways, I don’t even believe it, not until I get up next to him. And the only thing I want to see him do is f—king die.”

Alas, as mentioned, with Dickie comes the chance to lay hands on heaps of cash. And that short-term play may be enough to afford the last surviving Bennett a (perhaps brief) new lease on life. “We will dance, but it won’t be a waltz” is how Goggins winningly previews the iffy alliance.

But Boyd’s ragtag team of robbers are not the only ones getting a bead on the bank. The increasingly unpredictable Robert Quarles, with Limehouse’s backing, is hot to pinch the payday (provided he can escape his naked-and-chained confines), Wynn Duffy is working off his own agenda, and of course the law – in the form of one U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens – would love nothing more than to get the drop on this all-star congregation of ne’er-do-wells.

“You have four people playing chess on a board built for two, with moves coming from every direction,” Goggins says of Justified‘s crowd of crooks. “And all of that will come to a head [in the finale].”

Of course, at Boyd’s side as he barters this deal with the little Bennett devil is Ava, who “stepped up, in a major way” this season, Goggins raves. “It’s a testament to Joelle [Carter] and who she is as an actress, and how strong she is as a person, that she’s able to imbue Ave with this soft, compassionate side… and this very, very violent side. That’s indicative of a woman who deserves a seat at the table, and [Joelle] really knocked it out of the park.”

Will that rather unexpected romance survive next week’s finale unscathed? (After all, Carter told TVLine that the finale is a “big” episode for her and Ava, which frankly got us kinda worried.)

“The real reason why we’re all here is love, born out of violence,” Goggins hedges. “So we’ll see how it all shakes out.”

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  1. Kat says:

    I love Justified…wish there were more episodes each season. The article mentions everyone in tonights episode except Raylan. Is it me or has his character taken a bit of a back seat this season? Seems so to me. Not too happy about it either.

    • Tammy Bailey says:

      I love Raylon too! I hate that this season hasn’t really been about him and his upcoming life as a daddy! Although I must admit that I was happy about him and Quarles and him telling Quarles why wait! I was hoping he would shoot a hole right thru him! Everything he plays is always evil!

    • CKC says:

      I agree I would much rather see more Raylan. Too much of the bad guys and Boyd. I disagree about Ava I am totally disgusted by her now. The focus should be about Raylan not the bad guys. I wish they would get back to that. I also don’t see why there has to be some big blow up every finale think that will get hard to maintain and getting a little bit unbelievable.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      It’s not just you who thinks that, I definitely feel like the episodes this season have been pretty light on their main star. I think it’s because of the plethora of bad guys they’ve got on now. It’s such a large cast. And I haven’t seen Raylan wear the cowboy hat nearly enough. If they’re not going to have him wear it, then they should just put it on ebay so that I can get into a bidding war on it already!

  2. GB says:

    I cannot wait. Love this show and have followed goggins since very first episode of the shield. He is an amazing actor and I’m glad Boyd is still in the mix on this show. He is always so unpredictable.

    • Kendall Clements says:

      I agree. Love Walton Goggins. He was awesome on The Shield. If you get the chance, tune into In The Heat Of The Night reruns. Walton was on there as a very young man, playing a troubled high school kid. Great episodes and he was amazing….

      • David says:

        He was also one of Colonel Dugan’s gang in “The Next Karate Kid”, though he’d probably prefer to pretend that movie never existed like the rest of us.

  3. emily says:

    funny i just saw WG in an old criminal minds and he was great. Good guy too

  4. Timothy fan says:

    I’m probably asking a stupid question but apparently I’ve missed an episode or something. Several episodes ago Quarles walked into the bedroom of the place he was operating out of and there was a guy tied up on a bed. I never figured out who that was and why he was there. Then last week or so, there was a guy chained on the toilet when Raylan went after Quarles. Was that the same guy? If not, who was that? Sorry if this is obvious but I just never figured it out.

    • AmyC says:

      no. not the same guy. in one episode duffy had to “clean up” the back room. and this second guy came to avenge the first but got sucked in….

    • SAM says:

      Different guy but we never knew the reason for the first guy being tied up. The second guy went to avenge the death of his boyfriend (male prostitute) at Quarles’ hands.

    • doc williams says:

      Well quarles did tell story of how he was pimped out as a boy,,, so i guess he has not come out of the closet ,but I think he has a dark freaky side that includes male relations {if ya get my drift}. A bullet with cure that soon?.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I thought the same as you on this issue, and then I read a review of that particular episode in which the writer theorized that Quarles made up the whole story about being a young male prostitute as a way to disarm the kid with the gun. Fake tears, fake story. I find that to be a really interesting theory as Quarles is such a freaking psychopath he is probably incapable of honest emotion other than anger and frustration. But he did have me fooled, so now I’m not sure which way I think, if he really was forced into prostitution by his dad or not. It could just be that he loves to torture and kill male prostitutes for the fun of it and that there is no deeper motivation tied to it than that. I can’t wait to buy the DVDs for this season so that I can watch that commentary for that episode to see if they talk about it. Because now I really want to know if the story was supposed to be true or not.

      • William C Toll says:

        Well I am a straight male myself but I think anyone who thinks two males in a relationship can be cured with a bullet needs to take their medicine Every Day!Dig it Sparky, their aren’t just two sexes there are eight or nine,and their orientation is as natural to them as yours is to you. Sometimes i think the homophobes Protesteth a bit too much.

    • liselfwench says:

      One of the reasons Quarles came to Kentucky was to escape his rep back home. He’s been coming under fire for his penchant of kidnapping male hookers to rape and torture. The first tied up guy was just a random hooker he’d picked up to ‘play’ with. The second came to avenge the first, and ended up in trouble himself.

    • Timothy fan says:

      Thanks everyone. I appreciate the information. I think I’m caught up now. :-)

  5. Sandra Hall says:

    I hope Boyd stays around, whether he is preaching, doing a political speech or just his interaction with Raylan they are awesome together

  6. Excited Fan says:

    I can’t say it enough times – I love, love this show. All of the actors do an amazing job of owning their characters. Boyd has the best lines on the show. “We’re gonna dance, but it won’t be a waltz”. He has such a high level of intelligence that is expertly displayed on this show –

    Timothy Olyphant is great. I like where the relationship between him and Art has gone. I didn’t like it when they were at odds. I like Ava’s role. She is a strong woman along with the other women on the show. No little frail ladies on Justified.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!!

    • Shellibelli says:

      love the show and I really really hope its not Ava, Art or Boyd thats killed off. I dont think that the show would kill off Boyd or Art, but that does seem the big fad now – kill off a main character everyone thought was safe from being killed.

      Im not sure why the hate on Ava she had to step up, the whores were being beaten, drugged, and killed. Im sure that she didnt want to run them herself, but since its not going to go away, she stepped up to protect them.

    • Wildflwr says:

      I absolutely agree! Tim O. is great, but so is everyone else on the show. Too bad more fans don’t appreciate this fantastic ensemble cast.

  7. Come on guys- Raylan is my favorite too I’m addicted to Raylan. You have to look at the whole picture. It is about Raylan but if there were no bad guys or family, who would he be chasing after. His job as a Marshal depends on it. There has to be more than him or he would be doing a monologue. Harder to be funny, insightful and sarcastic with yourself too. The other characters do a great job showing what Harlan is like and what Raylan had in his life before the marshal service, and how he has changed but kept parts of his old self too. They can’t really talk that much about Raylan as a Daddy because he isn’t one yet. I think they brought it up enough and how he struggles to figure out how that will change him possibly when the baby is born. Especially if Winona wants nothing to do with him.

    • HarleyGurl says:

      Perfectly said, Cindi! I agree whole heartedly :)

    • Wildflwr says:

      Thank you for this perfectly stated post and showing that not all of us women want yet another soap/chick show.

    • dizzylucy says:

      I agree with this too, especially when it comes to the Raylan/Boyd relationship. I think having Boyd stick around the show and be a mirror for all that Raylan could have been has given the character great depth. Plus the two of them just rock in scenes together.

  8. Sandy Steeves says:

    Love Justified! The best acting & writing on TV!

  9. Carrie Ann says:

    This show is so entertaining! I love it!

  10. Britta Unfiltered says:

    “We will dance, but it won’t be a waltz.”

    Ha, I can totally picture Goggins and how he would say this. The guy has remarkable cadence. Listening to him reminds me of watching episodes of Deadwood and how every line was written to be like poetry.

  11. Robin says:

    Walton Goggins is a force of nature. That man is one of our best actors, I am glad to see him getting acclaim. I love Raylan but I don’t mind him stepping back a little bit. I read an article with Timothy Olyphant wherein he said that was his decision to step back a bit and let the other actors shine. And as much as I love Olyphant, Goggins is what keeps me really connected to Justified. I cannot wait every week to see what Boyd does.

  12. Amber Elmore says:

    Like to see Boyd dance again. That rocked last season. Ava and Boyd. I’ve adopted them into my family. Art, it would almost be worth committing a crime to have you find me. And Raylan, well…Raylan, just too cool for school. Writers, you so rock. That line, “looks like he sh*ts blonde” had me laughing so hard I couldn’t hear what was happening and had to watch it over again.

  13. dizzylucy says:

    Goggins gives the best sound bites. Aside from being a brilliant actor, he seems to have a lot of passion for his work, and intelligence and humor. Can’t ask for more than that.

  14. Judi Harbin says:

    Justified is by far my favorite series ever. The incredible writing and direction is brought to full life by a great cast of actors. My fav by far has become Walton Goggins — he has fleshed out his character and given such breadth and width to Boyd Crowder. Walton is undoubtedly the finest actor of his generation. He reminds me of a young Robert Duval. And he just keeps getting better and better with every episode. He makes a story more than a story — he makes us believe him.