House Series Finale Exclusive: The Show's Last Big Guest Star Is [Spoiler]!

Hugh Laurie HouseIt’s you! The last big guest star is you!

Or, well, it could be.

Fox is giving House fans the chance to make a cameo in the the show’s retrospective (being broadcast right before the series’ last episode on May 21) simply by telling Dr. Crankypants what he and his hit show have meant to you over the past eight years.

Heck, you can even express your affection through interpretive dance, if you so choose. (Please God, let someone choose interpretive dance. Please?) Just be sure that the submission — whether it be video, audio or just an image — is original. The official House website — www.Fox.com/house/finale — has all the details, including rules, deadlines, submission instructions, etc.

Exclusive: House‘s Final Episodes Will be [Spoiler]-Centric!

But wait, there’s more! Fox is hosting a second contest in which you can win a trip for two to the wrap party! For the scoop on that, head to www.fox.com/superperks.

And if you think this is a late April Fool’s Day joke, think again. Don’t believe us? Push PLAY below and let Hugh Laurie tell you about it himself!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Hasn’t this been known for several weeks, though?

    • Uygar says:

      @ShaneSSaunders: I absolutely agree! No Edelstein, No House. Thanks, not even slightly interested any more. :(

      • Liz says:

        Well, then why do you even bother to comment???? Nobody needs a “fan” like you. Bye!

      • cega says:

        That wasn’t even close to what they said. Hasn’t this been known for weeks is, surprisingly (for you at least), not even remotely the same as No Edelstein, No House. But I understand the confusion. Many retards have that problem.

      • George says:

        Iam with you, we will all be bummed not to see this wounderful series. Thanks Hugh laurie . My question to FOX ? Why ! End this show ? Did you find out House was a women ? I had to Hugh, I could resistv !!

        • Patty says:

          Why not renew House, Fox? Weel from my POV, it was a a matter of $$ and Fox’s desire to cater to a younger crowd. After Monday night, the only time I’ll have Fox on is to watch a rerun of The Big bang Theory or a good baseball game.

      • Chris says:

        Have you lost your mind house is a part of the family, there will never be a day as sad as the day that we lost our best friend. Our little friend dose and acts exactly how I would like to act on a regular basis when dealing with all the idiots we deal with in our daily life’s. So sad to see him go!!!

    • Shepherd says:

      Yep, guess they’re not getting as many applicants as they’d like…
      They should just call the retrospective: “House, and the simple b*tches who love him.”

      • Patty says:

        The lack of response is most likely due to poor or lack of planning on Fox’s part. They probably weren’t even going to do a damn thing until they got wind of all the sites putting tributes together and decided to jump on the bandwagon. As for calling the tribute “House and the Simple B@@tches Who Love Him”, think of another title, please. While some of us may be b@@tches (I freely admit to being one!), we are not all simple!

      • Karla Lucas says:

        Oh believe me i d love to appear on an episode of House or attend the wrap party/and if i knew my way around this computer well enough to apply …i would. Congratulations to whoever wins/and i ll be watching…Hugh Laurie if ur reading this /i don t know how you can pull this show off without using your amazing accent/one of your many talents/good luck in the future and God bless you…

    • Well I always marvel at the home inspections that occurred in the show. Drs. going to the patients homes and rummaging around for evidence to support their dx TOO funny! You could do a whole vignette on that! LOL

      • Tonya says:

        I do agree with you whole heartedly Melanie. The house inspections were always awesome. I will miss House and the characters very much. I wish Hugh the very best in whatever comes his way. This is the only Fox show I watch. I imagine that the reality tv business is going to take his spot. I just found out last night when I was watching the taping of the latest show that this was the end. Apparently it has not been well known.

    • Chris says:

      I am really going to miss the show House when it ends. I think its one of the funniest shows I’ve seen.

    • Andy Hughes says:

      very sad to see this finish. In the last episode it has to be lupus. My ex girlfriend used to hum to theme song to me when i couldn’t sleep. Always used to watch it hungover and become paranoid i was seriously ill.

    • Misty Cody says:

      I love House, I will miss watching everyday, I record it every time it comes on just to watch it. I guess I will need to find the whole House series so I can watch over and over, I will miss seeing the new and exciting stuff Dr. House and the team come up with.

    • Nancy Bowman says:

      I don’t know reasons on endings. I’m sure Hugh Laurie will continue to entertain either on screen or musically, as well as the other cast members. We The People LOVE the show. It has been the BEST medical series ever put on the air. There is no way to even begin to think of another…… Being in the medical profession, I’m a big critic on reality. This series didn’t have a nasal cannula with an ancient ventilator hooked to it. There was great information in this series. Well, as Bob Hope would say, “thanks for the memories”.

  2. Karen says:

    The only way I’d want to go to the wrap party is if Lisa Edelstein was there. So..thanks but no thanks.

    • Laia says:

      Well i don´t think they are even inviting her. They don´t consider her part of the show at all.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t want her to ruin the finale, so no thanks.

      • Patty says:

        Agreed. To extend her an invitation to the wrap party would be the nice thing to do, but she left of her own free will after her contract negotiations fell through, so why should she be involved in the finale?

    • Betty says:

      I think the show got much better this year don’t miss Lisa at all love forman as the boss…..

      • fiz says:

        You are right the show got so much better that ratings nosedived and the show got cancelled! Foreman and the boss was lame, he was no Cuddy.

        • Patty says:

          House was not cancelled. If it had been, we would not be seeing a series finale. Everyone’s contract expired at the same time and negotiations fell through. Therefore, it was decided not to RENEW House for 1 more season, possibly 2. There is a huge difference between the meanings of the words “cancellation” and “renewal”.

          • Kriszta says:

            No much matter cancellation and no renewal,the end the same,no more season for House!

          • Stopdrinkingthekoolaid says:

            It was C.A.N.C.E.L.L.E.D.

          • Patty says:

            I suppose my dictionary is different than yours then. If the show were ‘C.A.N.C.E.L.L.E.D.” as you say, it would already be off the air, even if there are already episodes filmed, and we certainly wouldn’t be getting a series finale if House was indeed cancelled.In my lifetime, I have seen networks air one or two episodes of a show and the show then disappears, never be heard from again, even as summer filler. THAT is cancelled. Negotiations for House fell through for one reason or another and Fox decided not to RENEW. Have a lovely Easter.

      • Kriszta says:

        @Betty You are false,just look the extreme low ratings! This is the worst season,the cancel wasn’t random..

        • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

          Patty, shows are cancelled all the time. It doesn’t mean they end immediately. Not renewing a contract is cancelling a show even if you don’t get that concept. Frequently shows are allowed to end a season because of various contract-related issues. If they have to pay someone for 10 more episodes, why cancel it if they haven’t acted in the episodes? Also, if the cancellation happens late enough in a season or if alternatives have not been made beforehand, then you have a gap of X number of shows that needs to be filled. The cast is already under contract for the rest of the season so you don’t have to go hire a bunch of people and spend even more money trying to take up the slack.

          There have been shows cancelled before the pilot was aired. It’s stupid not to give a new show at least half a season to prove itself considering how expensive it is to get the first episode made and the fact they usually have to make so many episodes when they decide to create a new show. If you have already spent millions (these days tens or even hundreds of millions in some cases), you may as well air them.

          It’s also stupid to pit a new show against a well-liked show and expect the new show to do well. TV execs dream of the glory days when there were only 3 networks plus PBS. Back then, you could get 20%-40% market share consistently on a show. Today, there are thousands of channels to choose from, and many are available online for people who don’t, won’t, or can’t do cable/satellite TV. They also want to have all of the time slots; again unrealism at work.

          They need to realize that you can’t win all the time slots; you aren’t going to have the huge market shares of when there were only 3 networks + PBS; you can’t put on a new show against NCIS (or whatever) and expect it to do well; you can’t expect a new show to gain an overnight following, with the possible exception of a remake like Dallas and it’s still iffy when doing remakes.

  3. someone says:

    once again, only US citizens can win a trip to the wrap party. :( i’m foerever envious of whoever wins this.

    • Bec Lawson says:

      Would love to go to the wrap party, but it’s only for US

    • Sharon Murphy says:

      Was reading the posts by fans b4 trying to enter from my extremely humble abode down under (in

      • Sharon Murphy says:

        Sorry,(in Australia) not under the stairs! Am very disappointed again to find comps are ineligible to us foreigners :( not happy!!!!! do I need to develop some dreaded inoperable tragic unheard of medical condition so they can base a story around that????? Just saying……

        • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

          It’s an American show so I don’t have a problem with it. I’ve seen similar restrictions on shows /contests based outside the U.S. It’s not a discrimination issue. There are plenty of hassles, legal and otherwise,that make limiting contests to home countries easiest. In many cases, even U.S. contests aren’t available in all 50 states or in all locations in the 50 states. A few times I have been unable to enter contests because I lived in a state where the contest was prohibited, but if I moved to the next state over, I could win. The U.S. has some of the least restrictions on contests so I see more non-U.S. contests available here than outside the U.S., but that is because the company is the one that gets hit with the restrictions.

          Another consideration as a potential winner is financial cost. In the U.S. and other places, you may be responsible for taxes on a contest. In many cases, the taxes are higher because they can be considered a “gift” which adds an additional gift tax burden. Under U.S. and many state laws, for example, the company cannot legally pay the taxes you incur for winning. Occasionally, Publishers Clearinghouse and other companies offer to “pay” your taxes as part of your winnings, but what they actually do is increase the amount of the prize to cover the taxes owed on the prize. It’s in the fine print. Ironically, that increases how much you owe because they gave you more money. Say you win $1,000,000 and taxes were $350,000 so they give you $1.35 million instead. This means you owe another $122,500 in federal taxes (not counting any state and local taxes owed or any additional other fed taxes owed). It’s still less than the $350K you would have had to pay out of your winnings, but you will now be shelling out $472,500 in fed taxes instead of $350,000.

          To make matters worse in the case of cash prizes, the company may not withhold enough taxes and you get shafted come tax day. I saw where Powerball only withholds 25% in fed taxes and 4% in state taxes for where I live, but I would owe an additional 10% in federal taxes and 2% in state taxes more than is withheld. Non-cash prizes cause you grief because you will owe taxes on the actual, or FMV in some instances.

  4. tahina says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. Happy trails to House and HL. Adios!

  5. Arat says:

    Gonna miss you saw your PBS bit on Jazz……amazed…….Please come back in another series……..Art

  6. Mark M says:

    No love for the Canadian House fans?… :(

  7. terri says:

    i loved this show….am happy for the many reruns – gl to the cast and crew

  8. Vasia Cy says:

    well Hugh you are so cute :)) I wish I could be there but it’s only for US fans :((( LOve you and I’ll miss you Sir :)

  9. Leigh Ann says:

    U.S. only. You’d think they were the only ones who watched. Love the show and sad to see it ending. I’ve always liked Hugh Laurie. Whether he played House, The ‘right thickie’ Prince Regent in Black Adder, Forty Something and a whole lot more. Wish they would extend the boundaries on their contests though.

    • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

      I mentioned above about the various reasons it’s limited to the U.S. It has nothing to do with the belief that only U.S. citizens watch it. The company doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of offering it outside the U.S.

      I worked on a local contest and it was a nightmare. In theory, I didn’t have to deal with out of state winners, but anyone could enter. Let’s just say the rules, regulations, restrictions, etc. for one state were bad enough for one state. I didn’t have to worry about quagmire of dealing with 49 other states requirements nor the requirements for other countries.

      There are contests I want to enter, but some times I can’t because the contest isn’t open to residents of my state.

  10. Bonnie Laffoon says:

    I really hate to see House end! It is my favorite show on tv!! Hugh Laurie is just wonderful, I bet he is really a loving person. Good Bye, House, Wilson, Chase, you guys are the best, we will miss you big time, we wish you well and hope to see you all on another show!!

    • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

      A loving person wouldn’t treat other people the way he treats people on the show even if it’s in the script. They’d get the script rewritten or not appear in the show.

      • Emlyn Jones says:

        The concept of House is that he is a mean doctor who gets the job done, Hugh Laurie is an actor (someone who portrays characters) this does not reflect his personality at all (for instance Anthony Hopkins is not a cannibal psychopath in real life) if every actor portrayed themselves no show would be worth watching.

  11. nancy says:

    Oh Sir House ,why why do you have to leave us.even though you can be a big pain in the butt and as I go to doctores office or hospital,I think is there a doctore like you here and if so I want him or could he be a better doctor for kids and the elderly which that is your soft spot .I love to watch you play your guiltar.You will be miss. Hope to see you soon

  12. Hello :) Thank you House (Hugh)…
    I was so to say “to emotional” person, who always cared about everyone and people had always taken that for granted…

    But after House, life got much more easier. I learned how to handle the world and the people who live in it, and now I’m a happy little man.
    I learned a lot about medicine, although medicine isn’t my passion or something I strive for.
    There was bunch of good songs played during the TV show and I’m happy ’cause I had a chance to hear them :))) I like the show when House played George Michael’s Faith.

    Best regards from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska), and thank you for amazing 8 years.

  13. Mekai Ootova says:

    I’m 10 min from US does that count? oh well, but what I would like to see are all those epiphany moments…Or as Joey Tribiani says: “If you can’t remember the lines; stall, like you’re smelling a fart”. :D

  14. rahaf says:

    I loooove you hugh laurie
    I gonna miss you so much
    :( :( :( </3
    I WANT TO CRY :"(

  15. Jay says:

    Gonna miss seeing you guys wish that you would bring back all the old cast Doctor Cameron and Doctor Cuddy. To name a few I would love to come see the last show my wife thinks bless her Doctor House if she gets sick you can make her better I always remind her its a tv show good luck to the whole cast in their future. Jay R Pratt

  16. Eliana says:

    I am really going to miss HOUSE! I have been watching since the very beginning and I just love it! I know it could not go on forever and I do wish everyone on the crew and cast the best of luck in their future endeavors!

  17. Michael C. says:

    I want to thank you for all your shows and I love your straight forward approach! Ive recorded and watched every episode since day 1. I own every single season thats out. Im gonna miss you and all your staff! I dont knwo what im gonna do with out you guys on the air!!! I would LOVE to meet the staff and make a cameo would be a dream come true!! I know everything about every episode and converted all my feiends to watch since say 1 and got all their friends to watch too…Ive been raving about this show for years and has been a huge part of my life since its start…I feel like I know so much about being a doctor from all your episodes, its made me want to become a doctor and better the life of so many other like Dr Crankypants has lol Again thank you sooo much for your shows and the impact you made on me and anyone else who knows me…I look forward to hearing who wins this cameo role..I want to thank Huge Laurie, Lisa Edlestein, David Shore, Bryan Singer, Katie Jacobs, Davis Foster, Harley Likers and everyone else who had a part in the making and developing of this show over the years! I hope to hear from someone soon just hearing from someone would make my year complete!

  18. piyush says:

    well i dont know i or get cameo or not but i see gregory house as my virtual dream doctor
    i am a medical student i love or what u call fan of gregory house cant say about huge laurie!!when i want a boost up i rembr gregory house a med students fascination like tom cruise!!

    • Christina says:

      Wow, I am glad you are a medical student and not a language arts major. Maybe (aspiring) doctors cannot spell (or write). I would love to do corrective surgery on your post with my red pen! PS I am married to a doctor. I trust him with a scalpel, but not with a pen. Is the pen mightier than the scalpel?

      • cega says:

        Way to go. Let those fans know how much more awesome you are. They are obviously stupid for not being born in a country where English is the native language. They need to know that they will never be regarded as anything but retarded in your book. That’s what the internet is FOR.

        • Sharon Murphy says:

          AGREED!!! VERY WELL PUT!!!!

        • Christina says:

          Hi Cega! English is NOT my native language either. I speak it with a strong accent, but I was taught that there is NO excuse for sloppy writing, not even in internet posts.

          • cega says:

            Hi Christina! :) I am not a native speaker either. I just think it’s incredible arrogant to judge other people on their use of English. To mock them, would be more precise. Especially since English seems to be the language of the internet now and there are lots and lots of people out there who do have a hard time to express themselves in a language that’s not their own. But they’re trying. In my book, that’s counts as pretty damn brave. And I am very much against mocking them for a disadvantage they have because of no fault of their own. It just seems cheap to me.

  19. hollywho? says:

    I want a green card to go to the wrap party! sex, drugs and rock’n roll! here I come!

  20. Gemma says:

    Thank you Hugh Laurie for you have given to House and to me as a fan. It has been a pleasure watching you on my television screen.

  21. Carmen says:

    Hugh, please sing a song and play the piano or guitar from ‘Let Them Talk.” I appreciate the blues music when I view the PBS video in New Orleans

    • Aurora says:

      God, no! DON’T SING! I love to listen to him play, but if I gotta listen to that annoying nasally, whiney twang that is his “blues” singing voice, then I’m OUT.

      • Grace says:

        Did you really have to post something negative about Hugh here, Aurora. You are not a nice person.

        • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

          Grace, neither are you. She has a right to voice her opinion as much as you have a right to voice your disapproval of her opinion.

  22. Nancy Bowman says:

    My nurse friends and I are absolute avid fans of House. So much more realistic than other hospital series. People/ patients DO lie!!!!!!! The bonds of the actors are great (even if they may or may not be bonds); the vivid artwork of what is actually happening in the body teaches the audience about disease. Don’t kill House off. Better that he is offered an Honor or goes on a sebatical. OR HEY, implement his proven talents in music and offer him a position in his ability to help autistic children. I love ya.

  23. charlotte marcuw says:

    I Love You House and Cast it was so true to life drama-I don’t want to see u go We need the show !!!!!

  24. Theresa says:

    I never watch new shows on TV but I have watched House since the beggining. I love this show and am heartbroken it is over after just 8 short seasons. I am in very bad health and always wished there was a House around here to diagnose me. It would be a dream come true to meet the cast but even if I dont I have gotten so much pleasure from this show it is unbelievable. You did something no other show has ever done and that is to get me to watch something but the oldies on television. I will miss you House and the whole cast! I watch the House marathon on the Oxygen channel every Friday night from 8 pm until 2am every week. Dont even care if its reruns.

    • Tonya says:

      Theresa…I feel the same way, it is hard to find a decent show on tv now…reality is too much for me and that is all it seems to be. House has given you hope and a desire to find someone that could help you with your illness and it has inspired my child to be like him. This year she decided she is going to aim her High School studies towards being a doctor and seeing if she can become a diagnostician like House. Very glad this show has given her some goals in life.

  25. I will miss you “house” it gave my personality validity. I just wanted to watch you forever and now another hope dashed. Hopefully we will all see you again without the Brit accent that makes you sound like you could be sweet. lol

  26. I will miss you on Mondays-no one can replace

  27. john says:

    i will truly miss this show it has been my number one show for 8 years.hugh laurie should come out with a raunchy sit-com,simply name it “HUGH”

  28. Donna says:

    Love your eyes:-)

  29. rosa says:

    Que lastima! con lo que me gusta y que no entienda nada de inglés…….

    Agian euskara ulertzen duzu eta horrela elkar uler dezakegu….ez dut uste baina probatzeagatik ez du ezer galduko… Beste hizkkuntzarik ez baitut ezagutzen..
    Agur bero bat… eta jarraitu horrela.

  30. john says:

    i would love to jam some tunes with you mr HUGH LAURIE i started watching because the first episode i ever saw you were playing the piano,just awsome musician you are.

  31. Nikki says:

    The show was awesome and I will miss all the actors and actresses that were on it. Hope all goes well for you guys and gals!

  32. Patty says:

    While I don’t think it’s quite fair that only US citizens are eligible to enter the drawing to win a trip for 2 to the wrap party, please don’t take it personally. There may be legal reasons why that is so, and this isn’t the only contest that includes US citizens only.

  33. Hilda E. Cashion says:

    Gracias, Gracias por un programa tan divertido y a la educacional. Cada vez q veia el programa me sentia parte de el. si yo hubiese sido Dra. hubiera sido igual o peor q Dr. House en el buen sentido de la palabra.mi esposo esta de acuerdo conmigo q yo hubiese sido como House, a Good Pain in the A..Lo mas q me atria del personaje es q no se daba por vencido no importaba las consecuencias, y lograba lo q queria SIEMPRE. Con todo y su mal humor se dio a querer por todos. Love U Dr.HOUSE. I miss u Already. Good U and the rest of the “GANG”. THANK YOU, AGAIN.

  34. misti geary says:

    I can’t believe you are going of the air.It seem’s like all the grat shows canceled. I absoulutely love your personality and you are the sexiest,most gorgeous man i have ever saw in my life.All i can say is thank God for reruns.I love you!You will truly be missed.

  35. leah beth funk says:

    hugh you are a wonderful actor and a hot lookin dude. your show house was totally awesome and i will miss it . your chacter just blew me away and i loved your smart ass attitude. i hope to see you on another show soon and i wish you luck with your future career.

  36. Steffan Jensnen says:

    I gonna kill someone for stopping the series :O House can’t stop… it me vicodin.. i can’t live without the series… seriously I gonna die :'(
    But a huge huge thanks for 8 great series, best one imo.
    Big thanks to fox and all cast members on House.
    From the biggest fan in Denmark aka me ;D

  37. Grace says:

    I love him so much. I’m from Argentina..and I’m old. I’m not able to take part of the party. I’m from Argentina. Perhaps, I’ll meet him when he visits my country next June…All the same…I think House is one of the best series I’ve ever seen. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Charlotte says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! Don’t gooooooooooooooo!! I have watched every episode since the start and loved each show. Great cast, great writing and of course the fantastic portrayal of Dr. House by Mr. Laurie. I fancy I have a “good ear” for accents – but NEVER did I realize, until the 2nd or 3rd season, that Mr. Laurie was from the UK! Well done!

  39. loved watching u over the years..i even use ur dr diagonese at home even though i know there not realbut i tell y family hey i seen that one house and they just look at me like im crazy..lol…sad to see you all go..butyou have taught us well..good luck on whatever the future brings you ..love a big fan..leslie from north dakota….

  40. Alice McMiller says:

    When I get a chance to watch HOUSE I. Love it.. Great show I g

  41. Danielle Billy says:

    oh no! this is my faveret show of all time i might even cry. nnnnnnnoooooooooooooo doooooont goooooooo!

  42. Garry says:

    House Is a great show and I have enjoyed it for the past eight years. I’m gutted to see it and its witty one liners depart. I would write a script that en-compass Edelstien and Toub also maybe cut throat bitch hahaha who knows. Please come back for another season. Miss it too much (.

  43. Peggy Hedges says:

    I don’t know how you can end “House” but still give another year to “Bones” and add new show “Touch”. “House” is the best show on Fox and all of TV. Hugh Laurie is a masterful actor. He is truly amazing. “House” is unique and deserving of several more years on the air. PLEASE reconsider this horrible decision. I must have “House”, Hugh Laurie, Wilson, and Chase.

    • Patty says:

      Bones is still not a given for next season, and I think Fox made a huge mistake in not taking House on for at least 1 more season. While they seemd to have written the Bones-Booth relationship a lot better than House/Cuddy, I think they made a hugh mistake writing a relationship storyline for the two leads. While I’m no religious fanatic (lapsed Catholic), I’ve long grown tired of Bones making fun of Booth’s religious background and beliefs and last nights episode was so cliched, I wanted to be sick. Bones is so smart she’s dumb at times and didn’t even know she was in labor, then the typical mad dash to the nearest medical facility and not making it. Born in a manger? Please! That should have offended Atheists as well as those who believe!

      • Carilyn says:

        Hart tweeted on March 29 on the renewal for Season 8 of Bones. “Also, thanks Fox for making Bones your first official pick-up for the 2012/13 season. We made the top of a list! We made the top of a list!” So I’d dare say it’s a given.

    • ismyturnnow says:

      I think DS and Hugh Laurie are tired from doing this ..People have more and more expectations from them … Also they were waiting FOX ‘s call if they are gonna continue or what and Shore said he wanted time to write the end…However FOX still didn’t give any decision so executive producers and HL took the decision and still was late … So may that’s a reason why some episodes are not connected or boring ..As DS said House’s 4 last episodes ‘ll be connected in a way ..I think he said something like that …. I can’t give up watching my favorite series b/c 2-3 episodes are boring … That’s my opinion coz honestly I love season 8 more than season 5 and 7…. Touch well I expected more and Bones could be better

    • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

      There are plenty of reasons. I don’t know, but money is typically a reason for a show that lasts for more than 4-5 seasons. Falling ratings are another major one. There are hundreds of other reasons.

      On the issue of blaming Fox as some commenters have said, Shore and co. can place the blame all they want, but that doesn’t mean it was only Fox, or even Fox.

  44. What astounded me the most about House was the fact that Hugh Laurie could sound SO AMERICAN without even the slightest accent or giving away of his authentic British tone!! He is amazing, as well as most of the cast, and I DO hope that he has another show in the works…maybe a comedy of sorts…like Fry and Laurie!! I loved House and will truly miss the wonderful cast, the writing, the directing and …” that’s some bad hat,Harry!!” at the end of every show!!! :o)

    • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

      There are plenty of actors, actresses, and even normal people who can do the same thing (speak without their native accent). I saw an article where companies in India were training their phone support personnel to speak with no Indian accent and with American accents and idioms to give the appearance the caller was talking to someone in the U.S.

  45. dru says:

    a big thanky you to Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast, it was one amazing series, more for the truthfulness of the human character than anything else, loved it all.

  46. lesley from Cape Town S.A says:

    Its so sad to hear everyone talking bout finale show etc when in my country we so behind in the seasons,
    But lol that means I still get to watch House longer

  47. Linda says:

    I do hate to see the show over even though I am bored of the same predictable arc the patients take in most every show. Show up a little sick, misdiagnose, get a little sicker, misdiagnose, get a little better, almost die then saved at the last possible moment!

  48. Jack says:

    Just how narcissistic can DS and PR department get? For the last three years they unapologetically served up recycled plots, continuity errors, lied about game changing episodes, strung out the worst love story ever, and thumbed their noses at fans on Twitter. Now they expect us to shower them with praise.

    • Ding Dong, the Witch, er House, is Dead says:

      Sadly, people will. Diehard fans ignore the above and attack people who point out such things in the most hateful ways imaginable.

      Those are the main reasons I stopped watching regularly. There were plenty of unused plot lines available. Same for diseases. I looked at several medical review boards on the conditions and too many were things a first year med student would have figured out much earlier than House and his experienced staff.

  49. misti geary says: