Ratings: As ACM Awards Top Sunday, Once Upon a Time and GCB Dip to New Lows

CBS’ coverage of the Academy of Country Music Awards dominated Sunday’s broadcast TV ratings, averaging 13 million total viewers and a 3.1 rating (down just 6 percent in the demo versus last year).

Among the award show’s causalities, ABC’s Once Upon a Time (8.2 mil/2.7) and GCB (5.84 mil/1.9) dropped 7 and 10 percent in the demo, respectively, with each hitting new all-time lows. Desperate Housewives, however, was steady at 8.4 mil/2.6.

Elsewhere, NBC’s three-hour (!) Celebrity Apprentice-thon averaged 5.9 mil and a 1.8, on par with its most recent tallies…. Bob’s Burgers (3.6 mil/1.6), leading out of a Simpsons rerun, dropped 20 percent in the demo, while Family Guy (5.1 mil/2.5) fell 11 percent and American Dad (4.22 mil/2.0) was flat.

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  1. R says:

    while Once Upon A Time and GCB both delivered one of the finest episodes ever :/
    Once is safe but i hope GCB gets renewed too.. I am kind of getting addicted to Carlene saying: “Amanda Amanda Amanda!” :P

    • robinepowell says:

      I’m with you on GCB. I don’t watch Once Upon a Time, but since it usually does so well, it should be back for a second season.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree both episodes were fantastic. & Kudos to the casting director at Once, the little girl playing snow was a dead ringer, especially her facial expressions.

      • Melanie says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with that! The way she carried herself and her subtle nuances were spot on with Ginnifer Goodwin’s. Amazing casting job, and I hope we see more little Snow in the future.

        Once is going to be renewed, its done remarkably well considering it being on Sundays during award season and it’s an incredibly well done show. I haven’t given up on GCB yet though!

        • ilener says:

          The groundbreaking special effects for Once Upon a Time were crazy and I can’t believe no one is talking about that. I don’t think the child star was a dead ringer for her – I think she WAS her. They were using some sort of computer imaging technology, I am pretty sure. How else to explain the younging (unaging?) of the Mayor? I agree it was a great episode. As for the casting, I wonder how much was real and how much computer generated. My head is spinning!

          • Mary says:

            No, there was no computer imaging technology involved. Bailee Madison played young Snow and spent a lot of time studying Ginnifer as Snow. In Lana’s case it was a matter of adjusting her hair and makeup to make her appear younger.

          • John DeMayo says:

            It was all real. There were absolutely no “groundbreaking special effects” involved. The idea is laughable. The de-aging of Regina was simply a more youthful haircut and a bit of makeup, while young Snow was played by Bailee Madison… a completely different girl.

            Television shows are not capable of sophisticated computer-generated-imagery for use on characters like that. The only CGI “Once” employs is for “magical” effects, as well as some of the interior/exterior sets in the Fairy Tale world — such as the Queen’s castle.

      • i honestly was astounded at how much she reminded me of ginnifer goodwin. like she was her own daughter.

        • Margie says:

          we were amazed throughout and got online now to just try to find out if it was her daughter or who that little girl was but she was definately dead on with the facial expressions and mannerisms…WOW!

    • Mark says:

      I’ve been loving GCB. I’ve consistently loled throughout last night’s episode (At character’s other than just Kristen Chenoweth so it’s not just my infatuation with her).

  2. foguer says:

    OUAT has been affected by DST. No worried, it’s safe.
    And it will return with great numbers. Although 2.7 is not bad.

  3. Starmaiden says:

    Daylite savings time

  4. bad kevin says:

    Hope Once Upon a Time & GCB gets renewed for another season.

  5. Jake says:

    Last night’s episode of OUAT was great! Hopefully OUAT goes back up when it returns April 22, but its current ratings are still good enough to get a 2nd season so im not worried it wont be renewed.

  6. Jules says:

    Maybe I’m the only one who watched Bob’s Burger!
    I’ts so enjoyable…and the return of Game of Thrones

  7. jasie says:

    Curious as to how The Killing performed. I thought the premier eps were great.

    • elr says:

      Yeah, me too. My night was devoted to it and Mad Men.

    • Hols says:

      I just heard 1.8 million total viewers, down 33% from the first season premiere. (during the first showing). 2.5 million viewers, including those who tuned in for the encore presentation later in the evening (which is down 47% from first season premiere).

      Didn’t see any demos.

      • Hols says:

        Clarification: 2.5 million for the whole night, so presumably 1.8 during the first run and around 700,000 for the encore. I just saw these numbers probably 10 minutes ago go up on another site, so they could definitely be adjusted.

  8. jennifer says:

    Have really enjoyed Once Upon A Time. Even though it dropped a little bit-this program most definitely will bounce back as it has been pretty consistent. Too bad we must wait awhile for the next new episode. Even though I enjoyed Annie Potts on GCB- I don’t believe Abc will be bringing this show back in the fall. Just my opinion. Thank you.

  9. ilener says:

    HOW DID THEY MAKE THE LITTLE GIRL LOOK JUST LIKE SNOW? WHAT KIND OF CRAZY SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE THOSE? OK, I know I am shouting with the caps all on, but I don’t for one second think that their casting is so good that they could find a clone of Snow White and that their makeup is so great that they could unage Regina by 20 years. IMO, that was some sort of wild new technology. I want to know if the little girl was even really there and how much of her looked like that.

    • jennifer says:

      ilener,you are so right! The effects on OUAT were outstanding.Some of the best you’ll find on network tv. Myself, I’m still unsure if it was her aged backwards with computers,or, a totally different little girl. If I had to guess-I’d say it was her. The details & nuances tell me it was her.However they did it & whomever it was-it was AMAZING!!!

      • John DeMayo says:

        Why do you guys think there were “effects” involved? Young Snow was simply played by a DIFFERENT girl, Bailee Madison, while they “de-aged” Regina by simply changing her hairstyle.

        No special effects.

  10. Dee says:

    How AMAZING was that little girl in her likeness of Ginnifer!!!!???

    Lana is not that old that she would have to have crazy make-up or special effects to de-age her.

    I do feel bad for Regina now, though. Feel bad for both of them.

    Where did Kathryn escape from, I wonder?

    • kirads09 says:

      OUAT – The young Snow blew me away – so much like Ginnifer.

      I loved Regina’s wedding gown (I can’t stop obsessing over her to die for wardrobe!)

      As far as Kathryn – I think Mr. Gold had something (maybe everything) to do with her return.
      Just my theory. I don’t think he is really out to help Regina, I think he wants to take her down and just uses Regina to his benefit.

  11. GCB must get a season 2 it’s so funny, i mean last night episode had just started in 45 seconds into it I was laughing my butt off,I really hope it gets a season 2 if anything at least move it to be a summer show, it would be really good fit.

  12. I really think ABC needs a better summer line, I can see shows like GCB, Body Of Proof, The River being hits for the summer, I would watch for sure.

  13. tvaddict says:

    I am so disappointed that all 3 of the shows I watched last night- Once Upon a Time, The Killing, & GCB were down. I know Once is probably one of the safest shows on ABC but GCB is still borderline and The Killing needs to improve if it wants a 3rd season

  14. jasie says:

    Ya bummed about The Killing but hopefully it levels out now at 2.5 or grow with positive word of mouth.

  15. Al says:

    How many hick award shows are there? I feel like there’s one at least one a month.

  16. Jake says:

    Matt, I like your column even better than Ask Ausiello…but seriously I think you guys are over kill on the ratings…Can’t you do like a once a week review? It’s getting just as much attention as the Krapdashians.

    • melissa says:

      I disagree. I like the recaps on ratings. It is something I am always curious about and like that they report on it.

      If it annoys some people, then maybe they could create a section about ratings? Just a thought!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As long as there are shows on the bubble/not yet renewed, people will want to know the ratings. Don’t worry, summer will be here soon enough, and ratings reports will decrease sharply.

  17. Thanx Matt says:

    I, for one love the job you do on the ratings Matt. It’s very informative & I can’t get enough. With me-no such thing as too much. Keep up the good work Matt. All you do for us fans is greatly appreciated.

  18. Edith says:

    ‘Once’ had an absolutely solid outing, an episode that really moved the plot along, and all but guaranteed the awards shows will be looking at Lana Parilla. It’ll be back. A lot of viewers are also genre cable show fans, so ‘Mad Men’, ‘The Killing’, ‘Game of Thrones’ etc probably took a bite. DVR during the week should bear that out.

  19. abcneedshelp says:

    They should keep both GCB and Once Upon a Time they are both great shows in many ways CAST and SCRIPTS …. I laugh hysterically at the comments flying around GCB it is so refreshing to see something funny which is not absurd or totally stupid.. Once Upon a Time is so unique pulling a fairy tale into modern day with all the side clips.. I so enjoy watching and waiting to see what new theme is going to pop in..
    Should also keep Revenge, maybe Scandal…

    ABC could easily get rid of the rigged bachelor.ett, dancing with the star, wife swap garbage along with a few other reality shows, wipeout, . they are all awful