Gossip Girl Boss Declares, 'We're Very Happy with Dan and Blair as a Couple, But... '

Gossip Girl Dan BlairGossip Girl returns tonight with an episode that promises to push the escalating “Dair”/”Chair” ‘shipper war into Defcon 1 territory. Showrunner Josh Safran, meanwhile, is facing increased pressure to pick a side — on screen and off.

“I love Dan and Blair… We’re very happy with Dan and Blair as a couple,” he tells TVLine ahead of tonight’s spring premiere, which revolves around Dan and Blair awkwardly consummating their relationship. “But that doesn’t mean that we’re unhappy with Chuck and Blair as a couple. It seems like it’s always black or white for some people. And it’s not black and white for us at all — nor is it black and white for Blair Dan and Chuck.”

That idea of romantic ambiguity has been “the theme of this season,” adds Safran. “As you evolve and you grow up, you begin to realize that it is possible to love more than one person. And that is Blair’s struggle. Different relationships mean different things and they open up different sides of you.”

But as Safran confirmed to TVLine on Friday, the triangle “comes to an end point” in the season finale. “Blair has a decision to make,” GG‘s boss elaborates. “Can she have it all with one person? Can she have it all with two people? Can she have it all by herself? Those are things she’s definitely struggling with.”


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  1. harum scarum says:

    i seriously do not get why Chuck AND Dan is a choice. what, are they supposed to share her or something?

    please. chuck and blair are endgame.

    • Anon says:

      It’s a Blair-is-a-whore reference.

    • em says:

      Or/And that the girl can’t make up her mind. I think it was only an option because Safran specifically asked if Blair can have it all with two people for this season’s finale. I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have Blair stay with Dan but have an affair with Chuck…kind of like what she was doing with Louis. Then the real endgame next season is Chair.

  2. alice says:

    blair should be with dan. i’m sick of chuck and blair having the same scene of “i love you but i’m not in love with you”. it’s getting really boring and old. dair is fresh and exciting. people who say they have no chemistry and could only have good sex when they were both drunk? um, i happen to remember blair and chuck’s first time being clouded by alcohol and a sense of blair feeling worthless/unloved so she settled for her ex boyfriend’s best friend. and then he continued to torture her because he was bored. and then he drug out the “i love you” thing for a whole season. it got old and tiring. oh and remember the time he treated her like a piece of property and sold her to his uncle for his hotel and tried to blame it all on her. i do. oh and that time when she came to him to tell him that she was engaged and he nearly punched her in the face? chuck is just the most unlikable character i’ve ever watched on tv. he’s hurt blair so many times, and other characters as well. dan and blair are a healthy relationship and it was based off of friendship first. that’s what makes it so interesting; two characters who were supposed to hate each other, but became friends and then lovers. it’s much better than what chair was based on. also, the fact that leighton and penn do really well with comedic scenes just makes it that much more entertaining.

    • Talor says:

      Can you please have evidence that doesn’t refer to the first 3 seasons of Gossip Girl? He shouldn’t have reacted the way he did when he was engaged. I agree. But can Dair fans please stop using the first three seasons and instead focus on the man Chuck has become? That is all i ask. You can ship Dair all you want to but please, look at Chuck fairly instead of looking at the past.

      • Anon says:

        They can’t say anything negative about who Chuck has become, so they have to bring up the past non-stop. Whatevs. It’s like beating a dead horse with these people.

      • alice says:

        the man chuck has become? oh like, trying to trap blair in her loveless marriage in fear of her finding happiness without him? or like the fact he attempted to sabotage her friendship with dan because he was jealous. like that’s the thing about chair that doesn’t work. when they’re broken up, they try to make each other miserable. when chuck was with eva, blair tried to break them up and he said “you hate me so much, you can’t stand to see me happy with someone other than you” or something like that, i don’t remember the exact quote. when chuck was with raina, blair refused to believe that their relationship was only business. chuck had actual feelings for both eva and raina. personally, i wish chuck could end up with one of them, not because of dan/blair but because he was actually likable and good character when he was with them. i’m not denying that chuck hasn’t changed in the seasons, because he has, but i just feel like he didn’t change towards blair. i know this doesn’t like really answer your response, but i chose the points that stick out to me as to why chuck and blair doesn’t work. it’s clearly an abusive and unhealthy relationship and i think it is a terrible example to viewers if they make c/b end up together.

        • anon says:

          Are you an idiot or just delusional? You can’t say neither. It’s possible that you’re both. We know you are at least one or the other.

          Chuck tried to stop her from marrying Louis, and he told her to her face, “Don’t marry him.”

          Dan went behind her back and humiliated her. He knew before the wedding that he wrote her vows. He could have told Blair well before the wedding that Louis wasn’t good for her. He could have told her about the vows, Instead he chose to humiliate her in front of her friends, family and everyone. Then he lied to her about it for 5 episodes, he blamed Chuck, let Serena take the fall, and threatened Georgina. That is some example of a healthy relationship. If a guy potentially ruins your life, humiliates you in front of a large group of people then lies about it and blames everyone else, that is true love. That is the perfect example of true love.

          Before you hit me over the head with another pathetic, tired example from season 3 or 4. Blair raked Chuck over the coals for all of that, and Chuck took responsibility, and went to therapy. I think that is a lot healthier than Dan destroying her wedding to say I love you, and then her letting him get away with no consequences at all…. What a great example for young girls, Dan the manipulative jerk and Blair the Doormat! Hooray!!

          • alice says:

            i don’t care if chuck took responsibility and went to a therapist. i still and will always think he’s one of the worst characters on television and the fact that people can still say he has grown the most is laughable. when girls say they want their own chuck bass, i weep for their well-being. you want an abusive, alcoholic asshole for a boyfriend? well, good luck with that.

          • AntiDair says:

            I feel bad for you.

          • Tiggy says:

            What Alice said.

  3. Talor says:

    So. Is everyone else ignoring the fact that they have to get drunk in order to have good sex? I mean I think that is an example of how even thought they have a great emotional connection, it doesn’t really go anywhere beyond that. Blair and Dan are really great friends. Just because you are really good friends with someone doesn’t mean you need to be with that person. I liked Dan and Blair’s friendship but I do not like them as a couple because it seems forced and it’s almost like Blair is with Dan because she has no other option. I loved Chuck and Blair together and then the show messed them up. But I still love Chuck because out of everyone, he has changed the most and isn’t the same Chuck Bass from season 3 that everyone keeps referring to as to way he shouldn’t be with Blair. He has changed. So I’m rooting for Blair and Chuck.

  4. After they had everyone with everyone on this show I said to myself “if they ever put dan and blair together that would just be ridiculous and unbelievable.” and it is. They hate eachother and when they made progress as friends that was somewhat satisfying but I can’t stand them together. It makes me want to puke. There’s just nothing there for me

  5. May says:

    People are happy for Dair ? Blair is sleeping and dating the love of her life! How can anyone do that to their best friend ? I mean really ? Lol… Dan and Blair are just as bad as all the other characters sleeping with everybody.

  6. sophia says:

    i don’t want blair with anyone she is whore.wait i love chuck no i love louis no wait i relove chuck no i can’t i love louis No wait there is dan my “bff”‘s ex boyfriend yeah ok i am gonna have to love him now.This show is pathetic and ridiculous i can’t believe some cb still watch this crap.

  7. Sandy Abdolahad says:

    There’s no gossip girl if blair and chuck doesn’t end up together.
    I really hate blair and dan together, I hate dan. So my opinion is, blair and serena get over him for good and let him be a lonely boy again with vanessa

  8. Laiday says:

    Dan and Blair all the way….

  9. Leticia says:

    I think Blair would choose Chuck. he was always the love of her life, since the first season. you would not gossip girl blair and chuck? okay now she is living a beautiful moment with Dan, I think cool, but in the end, it really has to go back to the chuck. Chuck was always known as a bastard, but with Blair, he has matured a lot, she also, their love was strong they really love and deserve. Chair forever!