Gossip Girl Boss Declares, 'We're Very Happy with Dan and Blair as a Couple, But... '

Gossip Girl Dan BlairGossip Girl returns tonight with an episode that promises to push the escalating “Dair”/”Chair” ‘shipper war into Defcon 1 territory. Showrunner Josh Safran, meanwhile, is facing increased pressure to pick a side — on screen and off.

“I love Dan and Blair… We’re very happy with Dan and Blair as a couple,” he tells TVLine ahead of tonight’s spring premiere, which revolves around Dan and Blair awkwardly consummating their relationship. “But that doesn’t mean that we’re unhappy with Chuck and Blair as a couple. It seems like it’s always black or white for some people. And it’s not black and white for us at all — nor is it black and white for Blair Dan and Chuck.”

That idea of romantic ambiguity has been “the theme of this season,” adds Safran. “As you evolve and you grow up, you begin to realize that it is possible to love more than one person. And that is Blair’s struggle. Different relationships mean different things and they open up different sides of you.”

But as Safran confirmed to TVLine on Friday, the triangle “comes to an end point” in the season finale. “Blair has a decision to make,” GG‘s boss elaborates. “Can she have it all with one person? Can she have it all with two people? Can she have it all by herself? Those are things she’s definitely struggling with.”


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  1. preston says:

    lol i love the kelly taylor reference

    • moe says:

      Honestly I wouldn’t care about Dair, if Serena wasn’t still in love with him, but they HAVE to keep her pinning for him….& Chuck pinning for Blair….IT’S BORING! If Safran wants Dair so much…let the other charactors move on!!!! and stop ruining Blair and Serena dynamic. Let Chuck find someone else, because it is NOT realistic to have everyone in a group of friends sleeping with each other.

      • jana says:

        NOT realistic to have everyone in a group of friends sleeping with each other??? It would be unrealistic if they weren’t!

  2. Ashley says:

    Josh Safran should find a new profession. What he’s done to Gossip Girl in a short amount of time is astoundingly bad. It doesn’t even look like the show it used to be because of his current infatuation with Penn Badgley.

    • Marie says:

      I probably shouldn’t try to rationalize with this comment, but it just shows how little people care about the actual facts. Penn has always been the main male character on this show; his name comes third on cast lists right after Blake and Leighton. It was Chuck who was only supposed to be a minor character like in the books, but after the pilot the show decided to make him a main character.

      • E says:

        I probably shouldn’t rationalize with you that you don’t know the alphabet. After Leighton and Blake it’s ALPHABETICAL order smart one.

        • listheword says:

          No it’s not, Kaylee DeFer comes last so it’s clearly not alphabetical.

          • Dorota says:

            Kaylee DeFer is a temporary addition, that’s why she’s last. Obviously. Just saying..

        • kitt says:

          Umm…opening credits have from the beginning of TV/Film rolled by bill order. Not alphabetical. So you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Tiggy says:

            Wtf are you guys going on about now? DAN IS GOSSIP GIRLS MAIN PROTAGONIST no matter who get’s paid first according to imbd.

    • Rory says:

      Perfection ^^.

    • Ana says:

      I actually think you’re right.

  3. Mia says:

    Alone or Dan

    Chuck abused her

    • Amy says:

      Agreed. Chuck did abuse her, she should never go back to him.

      As for now, Dan is good for her and makes her happy but if that changes, she should pick neither of them. I ship Blair/Happiness.

    • brandy says:

      I agree! Dan makes her a better person, was a friend first (unlike Chuck, who was a sex frenemy for most of their relationship), they actually share interests, and I don’t feel gross when I watch them together. Dair all the way!

  4. Emily says:

    Both guys should dump Blair- she is a nutcase atm.. Make that an option and it would win hands down..

  5. jenna says:

    Sure Safran’s saying here things aren’t black and white, and yet he feels the need to completely erase past history by saying Blair never dated a friend before, in the form of Nate or Chuck, when she was nervous about never dating a stranger before, in the form of Cameron (season 3 episode 21).

    I could be NOT unhappy about the direction the writers are taking at the moment, but could they please just stop rewriting past canon to prop up Dair? Thanks.

  6. Chairleaders says:

    stupid darios, stop BOYCOTTING THE POLLS

  7. niks says:

    I think a lot of fans have had enough of Chair and Derena. Dair is a breath of fresh air and has given the show some of its best moments ever, so it would be sad if we go back to season 3 crap again. And lets be honest, this show started dying after Season 2, so why not die by doing something new and salvage some pride rather than by digging a deeper hole. The only thing entertaining after S2 has been Dair, so I say end with that.

    • kate says:

      I prefer that Dan & Blair isn’t where the show ends, but I agree. This show needed something new. It’s a claustrophobic show to begin with – not that many main characters that were already IN complicated, very defined relationships when the show began.

      Other characters (secondary or not) have since been dropped (Jenny, Eric, Vanessa), killed (Bart, CeCe), gone home (Raina), some characters come and go (Georgina, Nate’s grandfather, Chuck’s uncle), etc… which is fine but, except for Ivy, nobody else has really showed up AND stuck around. You run out of things you can do with JUST Serena, Dan, Nate, Chuck, and Blair that don’t seem stale, especially since they did a lot of that in seasons 1-3. It’s a primetime soap, of course Dan/Blair was going to happen at some point depending on how long the show went on. What’s more surprising is that Chuck and Serena have not yet expressed any romantic interest in each other. They’re the only ones left who haven’t.

      It’s reaching the point where GG needs to bring in new characters in bigger, more permanent roles, or next season needs to be its last. I like the show a lot, but every time Blair rejects Chuck, the reason is more and more far-fetched. When she finally rejected him for God, even I rolled my eyes, and I’m willing suspend my disbelief pretty far when it comes to TV.

      • luli says:

        i completely agree with you… the show is loosing its point.

      • emma says:

        Bringing new characters? Please no. New characters have done nothing but ruined the the show. This whole Ivy/Lola thing has been terrible and anyways the show was successful in S1 and S2 because they showed the growth of the main characters and focused on them. It went down the drain in S3 and became the Chair show. In order to salvage it in S4 they introduced all these new characters like annoying Chivy, stone faced Ben and the snooze fest of a Royal family. Thankfully they found a new direction mid-season in Dair but were afraid to embrace it because of the inevitable backlash of insane Chairios, but because Chair was a no no at that time, they went with the dumbest storyline of making Blair a princess and when even that failed with the audience, they decided to build Dair.
        I couldn’t care less about these pairings but at least, Dair is new and exciting. They have killed the show. An episode like the Thanksgiving ep of S1, which was a classic, can’t even be expected in the current scenario. The only moments which are interesting anymore belong to Dair, so I hope that they end with it and save themselves and the fans from the travesty that is Chair.

    • exe says:

      thanks finally someone told the truth!!!

    • Tiggy says:

      ^THIS. Read my mind ^-^

  8. Aly says:

    Someone needs to shut him up. Im tired of his BS!

  9. gossipgirltruth says:

    It sort of sucks as a Chuck and Blair fan that Josh can not manage to even fake enthusiasm about them. What you should have asked him is about the perception that he loves Dan more than any other character. For the past year all we have heard is how great DB and Dan are from Josh, the writers, their productions staff and one of their directors.

    I know this site is not a fan of CB and I get that but I wish just once someone would ask him about his clear bias against Chuck. Chuck and Blair and their fans.

    Like remember several months ago when he was saying he can’t put CB together or he would have to immediately break them up but with DB we get multiple couple episodes? I know you need to protect the relationship with team Fake Empire but as a fan I just wish you could fully ask questions.

    • LOL says:

      You can’t be serious. Chuck and Blair had multiple couple episodes in Season 3. Please name the episodes and seasons that Dan and Blair had multiple couple episodes? They only just got together! So why begrudge Dan and Blair of this?

      • gossipgirltruth says:

        You are missing my point completely. Dan and Blair is a wildly unpopular couple who is being forced on viewers through changing history. I wish Josh Safran showed respect for long time viewers and I wish he was called out when he is contradictory in his interviews.

        I also think he needs to manage his Chuck hate.

        • Alex says:

          Dan and Blair are not wildly unpopular. If you would get out of your Chair bubble and look around, you would see they have a lot of support from fans.

        • rennie says:

          The fans for Chair and Dair are pretty much split 50/50. And actually…on polls where you can only vote once, Dair wins. Chair fans are just more vocal.

        • Jeanne says:

          Dan and Blair unpopular? Already 20 000 views on the last Dair scenes in … four days.

          • catherine says:

            you know what the only reason they are shorting season 6 is because of dair . dair is so boring chair . chair is where they would get alot of fans so blame on dair

    • kate says:

      is this like in the Supernatural fandom where a certain segment of viewers INSIST that sera gamble hates Dean and loves Sam so Sam gets everything?

      this is an ensemble show. sometimes certain characters/relationships are featured more prominently. it’s a cycle. get over it.

    • Michael says:

      Chuck is a sociopath. Blair isn’t much better, but it baffles me that anyone would want the two together. That couple is poisonous.

      • GG4ever says:

        How the hell are they poisonois? Just because Chuck was not good to her in the past doesn’t mean itll be the same in the future. He’s clearly changed so much this season. You are poisonius.

        • kitt says:

          You just insulted a real-life person because they hold an opposing view on a fictitious couple. Way to look sane.

  10. Chuck is just not a good person. He is terrible and Blair deserves better.

  11. Chris says:

    Dan and Blair cheaters go ahead lovers,we are not going to vote in this poll !

  12. ggny says:

    Dan or Alone…Chuck is better off by himself he is a better character and he just did treat Blair very nice when they where together

  13. rubytu says:

    Everyone knows that Chuck and Blair are soulmates. They love each other deeply, passionately, and know each other quite well. They should work out their problems and be together, forever and always.

    • Ari says:

      I agree but I also think Chuck still has a lot of issues he needs to work out before he can be a good partner for Blair. He’s such a tragic character and he needs to work through all of that before he will be a good (permanent) match for Blair.

      • rubytu says:

        Yes! I totally agree with that. Don’t give up on Chuck!

      • Roxie says:

        Umm have you watch Season 5? He did a LOT of selfless actions and will continue to do so. He is the character who grew up the most. Safran words, not mine. He knows he screwed up, he know he Had a LOT of issues in the past, he want to be better and he IS becoming a pretty great guy. So pls Ban fans, try to find an other argument bc it’s getting old.

        • Ari says:

          Are you crazy? I’m clearly rooting FOR Chuck and Blair but to get them together too soon would be foolish. I am not watching this season becuase the Dan/Blair stuff is just uncomfortable to watch. Chuck has worked on a lot of his issues (at least the last time I watched, the 100th ep) but he’s not there yet. When Chuck and Blair get back together it needs to be forever and I’d rather have her diddling Dan Humphrey now than get back with Chuck before either of them is ready for it. So CHILL.

          • Brittany says:

            Blair is the one who needs help at this point, in my opinion. She has been head over heels “in love” with three different guys in the passed eight months. And every single time she “chooses” one, she tells them that she loves them and that they have her heart and that they’re the one she “never wants to leave.” AND she’s lost her baby in the process of all of this. She’s still married, in case you guys have noticed and she’s acting like a love-sick teenager over a guy that she just acknowledged as the love of her BEST FRIEND’S life. And she couldn’t care less about it. It’s gross.
            She’s being a bad friend to Serena, and frankly, she’s a bad love interest at the moment. I don’t think that she deserves Chuck OR Dan right now.
            And this is coming from a huge Chair fan.

        • catherine says:

          your getting old .

  14. lolgg says:

    The reason the show has gone downhill has been because of DB. They’ve ruined certain aspects of the show to suit the pairing. Serena and Blair barely have any scenes anymore and they are one part of the show that I very much enjoyed. I’d rather the show end with Blair being single at this point. She doesn’t NEED a boyfriend, but they have made it seem like she does. Season 5 has been about 3 men fighting over Blair, basically. I don’t know when the show became about her but it is lame, imo.

    • luli says:

      i agree with you in the serena/blair part i miss their scenes together… that is the main reason why i started watching this show, friendship.

  15. LOL says:

    Some damage control for the Chair fans.

    She’ll end up with Dan, though.

    • GG4ever says:

      Hey LOL, you’re name suits you perfectly since you are sooo good at telling jokes, because you can’t be serious. :)

  16. Jeanne says:

    You’re right Josh! We’re very happy with Dan and Blair as a couple. Finally a healthy, sweet, cute, sexy and funny relationship.

  17. Jess says:

    The writers tainted the Chuck and Blair relationship so much that it stopped being entertaining and it most definitely stopped being believable. I say Gossip Girl needs to stick with Blair and Dan or Blair and nobody else. If the writers/producers do to Blair and Dan what they did to Blair and Chuck (they haven’t yet and have given Dan and Blair arguably the slowest and most subtle arc/relationship on the show ever), then Blair really does need to be alone and this show needs to end.

  18. Taylah says:

    How could they be happy about Chuck and Blair as a couple? They ruined them completely by turning Chuck into an abuser. There’s nothing redeemable about the character and nothing that could make someone like Blair to go back to him other than suddenly becoming worse than he ever did. And Blair is *not* that person anymore. She never really was. He just ruined her and her family economically, for God’s sake. Even if Georgina helps her sort this out, it doesn’t change that he did and all because he’s a selfish jackass.

    • soundscene says:

      Chuck was *always* an abuser – from day one. In the first episode he tried to rape Jenny, remember? He was never a really good guy. Yes, he managed to partially redeem himself over the years, and had some good, and even a few great, moments. But Chuck was always messed up – he was never really *good* for anybody. Chuck and Blair were fun for awhile – I liked them as a couple – but they’re too much alike (in terms of scheme-y-ness). At first this was fun, and then it became tedious as Blair started to grow up and Chuck lagged behind. Now, could they still redeem Chuck to make him worthy of Blair? Of course. If they could make people forget he was an attempted rapist, they can make them forget almost anything about the character. Right now, however, Blair has moved so far beyond Chuck in terms of emotional health that the two of them together feels like she’s taking a step backwards.

    • catherine says:

      but if you were listening in season 5 you could tell that chuck has changed hes not so selfish anymore im voting for chair

  19. lex says:

    dair is a disgusting joke they suck.Chuck is too much of a man for blair i don’t want him to take this whore back; she can die alone for all i care.

  20. Pash says:

    they pretty much had to lobotimize Blair to get her with Dan. She’s like a robot walking around with no emotions.

  21. Cedric says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Dan. I was a long-time Chuck fan, but he and Blair are just too broken. They had a fiery passion, that much passion is impossible to sustain over a long period of time without losing yourself within it. Dan has seen all sides of Blair and still loves her, with no exceptions. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.

    That being said, if Blair pulled a Kelly Taylor I would be happy for her.

    • Bethany says:

      Yeah sure Dan’s seen all sides of Blair, and for how many seasons has he hated all sides of her? Now he loves her? People are right about Dair being forced because it is. They don’t love each other. It’s just another obstacle that won’t last.

      • lol says:

        I’d say they were frenemies up until the W storyline. Thats when he realized he had her all wrong. He didn’t love her immediately, but he got to know her….oh and about “It’s just another obstacle that won’t last.” I seem to remember reading CHUCK is the obstacle for Dan and Blair. Not Dan being the obstacle for Chair

      • GG4ever says:

        I agree 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. sophia says:

    This dair thing is so forced.They are unbelievable in the wrong way i can’t watch the show anymore because of them they are RIDICULOUS. Safran really think we are stupid enough to believe in ban they are so ew..

    • soundscene says:

      I can’t see it as “forced.” It happened extremely slowly. For awhile I even thought they ditched Dair. Dan and Blair probably have one of the most organic relationships in the show. Hate to “I guess I can stand you” to “you’re okay” to friendship to love – and it took ages to get there. I’m no fan of Dan’s hair (or his monotone voice), but when a pairing makes an uninteresting character (Dan) interesting, that’s the pair I root for (see: boring Joey becoming likable when paired with exciting Pacey). When a pairing drags both characters down (Dan and Blair) into antics that we’ve seen several times before over the course of the show, that’s the pair I don’t root for (see: yet another fight between Dawson and Joey about… well, who gives a crap). I want to see progression, not regression. Oh, and every love triangle can be compared to the characters in Dawson’s Creek. This is a true fact.

      • luli says:

        i always compare the relationships of the shows i watch with the ones in dawson’s creek hahahah

      • soundscene says:

        Error in my comment above… should read “When a pairing drags both characters down (Chuck and Blair) … ” and not “Dan and Blair”.

  23. borlan says:

    Blair Should dump both Dan and Chuck and stand up for herself, and the strong woman she is. she needs to be by herself and reflect over her life and what she wants with it.

    • soundscene says:

      If this were real life, I would agree with you. But since it’s not, and since GG doesn’t even pretend it is, I would rather have some lovey-dovey rather than “I choose me!” “I choose me” just winds up with Blair and Serena in coffee shops vowing to be chaste, failing at it, but only with dull side characters we wish never existed.

  24. Supdoodh says:

    I ship Blair and happiness.
    Dan seems to be making her happy these days, doesn’t he?
    So I’m picking DAN! <3

  25. jess says:

    Dude, how is that NOT black and white ‘I love Dan and Blair and we are happy with them as a couple’ (although I recall and interview where he said there had been disputes over Chuck/Blair vs Dan/Blair, making me think actually some of your staff think the story your telling is crap) ‘but where not unhappy with Chuck and Blair’. So you love Dan and Blair but your not Unhappy with Chuck and Blair. I couldn’t possibly think why fans think your team DB all the way no matter how much of GG’s history you have to re-write.

  26. giorgia says:

    i think she should definitely choose Dan. But this season she’ll end up alone.

  27. ggxoxo says:

    i ship dan hapiness and blair hapiness. and i remember blair crying in 3×18 and in 3×19 and that’s why i’ll never ship her with chuck

  28. lamore01 says:

    Real love is represented by Dan and Blair. There is amazing chemistry between them.

    They are best when they are together. GG is much more interesting with this

    union. I cheer for them. It gives you Dair.

  29. Chuck

    because we’d been watching really witty and cool show until something wrong happened with all pretty awesome SLs and now it looks like a cheap, low-budget perestroika’s movie with no fun
    so, i need my favourite cool scheming and really edge feelings classic tv drama to come back right now

  30. Diva says:

    How about anyone but Chuck?

    • Ashley says:

      How about anyone but Dan, who only wants her when she’s traumatized from all she’s gone through and is weak and needs comfort? Seriously, the guy has issues that he needs to work out. Plus, he’s meant for Serena. Chuck has always loved ALL parts of Blair.

      • soundscene says:

        I think Dan started wanting her when he actually found out she was fun to hang out with, not because she was traumatized. It’s not his fault Blair is traumatized a lot, and it’s usually Chuck doing the traumatizing. Also, how could Dan not love all of Blair – he knows pretty much every bad thing Blair has done and still loves her. If anybody should be wary of Blair, it should be Dan – he’s been on the other end of her schemes. Yet… he still loves her. Besides, if putting Chuck and Blair back together means I have to endure Dan and Serena again, ugh. Two monotones talking monotone together about their monotone feelings.

        • Bethany says:

          But just wait until Blair screws over one of Dan’s closest friends or his sister (wait I thought Vanessa and Jenny aren’t gonna be in it) but even if they were, if Blair screwed over Vanessa again or Jenny, we all know damn well that Dan would jump right to their side and defend them, help them get revenge on Blair, etc. Dan is only with Blair because everyone hates him and he saw one chance to be Blair’s night in shining armor and so he took it. And when Blair was with Chuck (since they are alike in their schemes and what not) he always helped her through her problems and was there right beside her when she faced them. When Blair is with Dan, he is there by her side to help her run away. Run away from her problems. Chuck was always a better man to Blair than Dan could ever be. And to those saying Chuck was “abusive,” so he punched the window….who cares. He only got “abusive” because Blair broke his heart. Chuck and Blair were unstoppable. They were powerful. They were meant to be together and will always love each other, no matter how much you Dair fans think Blair’s moved on. She never will. A love like Chuck and Blair never dies.

          • soundscene says:

            How do we know that Dan would “jump right to their side and defend them”? First off, you’re writing a storyline that isn’t even a whisper of a spoiler yet (in other words, there’s no indication Blair is going to screw over somebody very ultra close to Dan). Second, Dan started to fall in love with Blair when they spent time together during the summer, way before his book was published and folks started hating him (which I don’t believe they do anymore). Dan wasn’t specifically helping Blair to “run away” – he was helping Blair by basically doing what she wanted him to do. Blair happened to want to run away, so Dan helped. I don’t see any indication that Chuck would do anything different… except maybe Chuck would convince her that she should run away *with him* which is pretty much what he did before the car accident. Chuck isn’t some selfless guy who would tell Blair to face her problems. I’m not saying Dan is totally selfless either. They both want Blair. The difference is Dan never punched a wall because of a broken heart (and of course his heart was broken when he thought Blair was going to get married). Further, Dan’s way of winning Blair’s love? Do what she asks him to do and then just wait.

          • lol says:

            I laugh at what you wrote Bethany…Safran said ITS DAN who helps brings back the old Blair, NOT Chuck. Are you really justifying Chuck for being abusive? Really? A love like Chuck and Blairs is called a “Great Love”. But that doesnt mean they’re supposed to be together. Chuck said it himself, “theres a difference between a Great Love and a Right Love.” He let Blair go because he is not her Right Love, and he knows it

          • GG4ever says:

            Just like Jenny said in season 4:”You two used to be in love. And together you were invincible.” it’ll happen soon Chair shippers don’t lose hope! :)

  31. It has to be Chuck. They’re soulmates. It was, dare I say, written in the stars.

  32. Ashley says:


    And the “choose herself” option is contrived and lame.

    How is she choosing herself if she gives up the love of her life and the guy that’s changed and grown so much to now become a man worthy of her? That’s not choosing herself that’s screwing herself.

    Plus, that’s been done already…Season 4 remember?? She’s not going to choose herself again. It’s not going to happen.

  33. Kieran says:

    Chuck. No alternative.

  34. O'Brien says:

    Go Kelly Taylor. Not because I don’t like Chuck or Dan, but because (1) the girl is all of 21, and there are more than 5 men in the world available to date, and (2) Blair needs to stop being so caught up in the boys. The girl used to rule the world with an iron fist. She said she wanted to be someone strong on her own, and I want her to have that chance. I like Blair and Chuck together best (because when they combine their powers for both good and evil, there are some seriously excellent results), though I see the strong points with Dan, but I don’t think she’s any good to either of them, or to herself, until she knows who she is and what she wants. Like so many people her age, that’s changed for here in a way to where she’s not sure about anything any more, which is part of growing up.

    Not to mention, I think they’ve stunted Dan’s growth with this whole thing – it’s been his being mopey about Blair, or being a good guy for Blair, or what have you. What happened to the Dan who wanted to write. And Chuck? Have we heard anything about his business lately? No. They’ve just been chasing this girl and not stirring up nearly enough trouble. I miss the crazy/fun/pathological UES!

  35. em says:

    I’m torn. In real life, I’d say go for Dan because he makes the most sense for Blair, or no one because I think Blair was herself the most when she didn’t have to depend on anyone. But for the show’s sake, I’d say Chuck. There will probably be rioting in the streets if Chair fans don’t see their happy ending, but I actually thought that making Chuck try to redeem himself this season before Blair had that dumb epiphany about god was a good starting point. I can actually see a future for Chair if Chuck continues to be that kind of person (I could never see a real future for season 2 and early season 3 Chair). But the writers really make things ridiculous sometimes so who knows?

  36. Lexi says:

    Dan. All the way. Blair and Chuck remain connected out of habit. They’ve built this idea of an epic love in their heads, which is why they’ve been unable to let go. But all they do is TALK about how they’re the love of each other’s lives. What have they actually done to show it? What, Chuck made Blair prom queen? That seems like an absolute joke when you line that up next to all the AWFUL things he’s done to her. If the writers wanted us to continue to accept CB as a couple, why did they write them to be such a dysfunctional, and yes, abusive relationship? Dan and Blair for the win x1000. They glow together.

  37. soundscene says:

    Dan. Blair and Chuck are toxic for each other (and frankly, always were to a certain degree). If you’ve ever watched a soapy primetime series, you should know that the best couples wind up being the ones that would never have gotten together in the first season or two.

  38. Annabelle says:

    Got to wonder how many of you will continue to ship “blair-happiness” when she is happy with Chuck again. Somehow I think the dairios love affair with safran will sour pretty quickly when their ship gets thrown under the bus as GG seems to do to each and every ship at one point or another. Sick of watching the Inside Dylan and Claire comdey hour, bring back GG!

  39. Adam says:

    I don’t care as long it’s not Chuck. It can even be Nate, or she can be alone. I just hate Blair with Chuck. It’s an awful relationship.

  40. brmmmmm says:

    The guy’s lost his mind.

  41. gbaia@hotmail.it says:

    Dan. All the way. Blair and Chuck remain connected out of habit. They’ve built this idea of an epic love in their heads, which is why they’ve been unable to let go. But all they do is TALK about how they’re the love of each other’s lives. What have they actually done to show it? What, Chuck made Blair prom queen? That seems like an absolute joke when you line that up next to all the AWFUL things he’s done to her. If the writers wanted us to continue to accept CB as a couple, why did they write them to be such a dysfunctional, and yes, abusive relationship? Dan and Blair for the win x1000. They glow together.


    stupid darios, stop BOYCOTTING THE POLLS

    The first is a tipical ”Dair fan” comment, a comment with good explanations of why Dair is better.
    The second is a tipical ”Chair” comment, probably made by a 13/17 years old girl who don’t care about narrative quality or character’s state of minds, but just wants CHUCK AND BLAIR TOGETHER because IT MUST BE.

    Well, i’m a 21 year guy, i have thoughts, and i think Dair is good and for Blair Dan is the guy, period.

    • Alice says:

      BOOM. Right there. Exactly what I was thinking.
      P.s I’m 16, but I don’t think it matters or depends on age, it depends on a certain level of maturity to understand Dan & Blair’s relationship and how they relate to the characters. For example, In my previous relationship my boyfriend treated me like crap, he didn’t exactly trade me for a hotel (haha) he was also no where near along the lines of Chuck Bass and i’m no Blair Waldorf but I understand because after him, I just want a real ‘man’ (empasis on man) to be there for me and to love me like Dan loves Blair… so I basically want my own Dan Humphrey. But on the other end of the line I don’t think some chair fans have the right experience to know how cruely a male can treat a female sometimes in a relationship, therefore they think what chuck and blair have is ‘epic’ and a ‘great love’ etc etc so they crave a mysterious dark knight ‘romeo’ (but in reality he’s just a plain creep) to sweep them off their feet and have steamy sex on pianos and in limos and do endless scheming.. or perhaps in which intrigues them and they love all of it because it’s a fantasy and it’s not ‘boring’ (which imo dair is enlightening NOT boring).
      But as i said it’s all a matter of opinion or/ maturity or/ personal experience, so who knows what goes through their heads. I just wish they would be more realistic and give Dan and Blair’s relationship a chance instead of being stubborn and ignorant and dismissing it. But maybe they just don’t understand it, which is why they don’t ship Blair/happiness and brand her a ‘whore’ & ‘slut’ because they don’t get what she’s going through and therefore can’t relate to her, or maybe too young to know what ‘character development’ means? Anyway, it’s just a lack of understanding.

  42. brmmmmm says:

    Yeaah, Blair and Chuck, Blair and Nate, Blair and Jack, Blair and Louis, Blair and DAN, Dan and Serena, Serena and Nate…what’s next? Blair and Rufus may be? That migt be a breath of fresh air for u too. I cant even explain how insanely stupid is the idea of B and D as a couple. And I’m not saying that B should be with Chuck right now…may u should just give her a little break.
    We barely see anything of Blair and Serena. S hasnt have a desent storyline since ages. She leaves NY finds a job, gets back to NY loses job…she is basically just looking pretty on the show.
    I guess it’s time you put an end to this show.

    • soundscene says:

      I do agree that Serena’s storylines have been really dull. I don’t agree, however, that more Blair and Serena will suddenly make things more interesting. Frankly, I think GG has done a horrible job of developing Serena’s character since day one. Other than perhaps Nate, she’s grown the least as a character. GG was supposed to be about Serena, but the writers have done a far better job developing Blair (could be that Leighton is a better actress than Blake, by a long shot). I’m almost afraid, at this point, that pairing Serena with anybody is not going to make her more interesting – and that includes pairing her (friendship-wise) with Blair and including more of the two of them. Oh, and I disagree that pairing Blair and Dan is “insanely stupid.” The writers found a way to make Dan more interesting, so bravo to them.

      • brmmmmm says:

        I do like Blair better too. But some of her most interesting storylines involved Serena.
        I dont really see how Dan’s character is more interesting :? I did like him as Blair’s friend, there were a lot of funny scenes with the two of them which was refreshing especially after so much drama. But D and B as a couple doesn’t look real and natural at all.

  43. lois says:

    This show is a joke.Safran is rewriting the story; dair is so forced and disgusting.I don’t think he is actually watching is own show.They turned blair into a confused slut who can still take her seriously? ;she is ridiculous she can die alone for all i care.
    Dan is pathetic as always and chuck is perfect, i love him, he is better off without this whore.
    Anyway this show is disgusting, everyone sleep with eachother so what’s next blair and rufus? or chuck and serena?

    • soundscene says:

      So basically you want “The Chuck Show” and not GG. I’m afraid that show doesn’t exist. Chuck is a man slut. If being a “man slut” is perfection in “The Chuck Show” universe, but women sleeping with a few guys they date is disgusting, then I really don’t want to watch “The Chuck Show.” I’d rather watch GG, where men and women are, at the very least, judged equally based on their proclivity to bed people of the opposite (or same, as the case may be) sex.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m not trying to be patronising but what you just wrote is very embarrassing. Please come back when you’ve watched the show and actually know who the characters are, because your analysis attempt was very poor.

  44. Crystal says:

    I used to be in the Dair situation in a different fandom. I am actually sorry for what I did to the fans who shipped the opposing couple. We used the same arguements: Oh, he’s abusive, oh, he never makes anyone happy. But that is called drama. They did it because they needed someone to be the bad guy and they needed to break up the couple. And then something new and shiny comes along and the writers don’t have to make the girl unhappy anymore because that has already been played out. This is going to happen to you Dair fans. Be it the next fandom or the next, you are going to get burned like the rest of us. Just remember, executive producers are never your friend and do whatever the heck they want regardless of how you feel. By the way, the executive producer decided not to make anyone happy. He killed the new shiny guy off and the other guy moved away. I cried for months.

  45. celine says:

    All I will say, The O.C. was ruined by guys like this, actually by his former BOSSES.

  46. Chris says:

    The Dan/Blair pairing STINKS! I’m not so sure she should be with Chuck either, but at least Chuck/Blair was believable and interesting at some points. Dan/Blair is laughably ridiculous.

  47. Ruby says:

    I’ve been all for this Blair/Dan diversion, but in the end, she should be with Chuck. Dan/Blair have the best chemistry as friends.

  48. rachelle says:

    Dan. I mean viewers need to see a good example of what a healthy relationship looks like.

  49. Jenni says:

    90210 reboot aside, I wonder how many of your readers get the Kelly Taylor reference. LOL! Still, in the end, we know she chose the bad boy and ended up as a single mother! Will we have to wait 15 years to see if Blair suffers the same fate?

  50. Anon says:

    Since Blair is now a complete whore and a cheap one at that, I vote Chuck, Dan and Kelly Taylor. Whores need variety.