Poll: Can Community Survive (Perhaps Even Thrive) Without Chevy Chase's Pierce?

Community Chevy ChaseYou couldn’t have Bones without Bones. You couldn’t have 2 Broke Girls without two broke girls. You couldn’t have Dexter without Dexter. But could you have Community without Pierce? Since the comedy is looking pretty good for renewal — and since there’s some, shall we say, backstage tension — it’s a question that may soon have to be answered.

On one hand, it could be argued that the show needs Chevy Chase‘s character — especially since Ken Jeong’s Chang was more or less defanged. Even when Pierce isn’t filling the villain role, the politically incorrect geezer still sort of acts as a built-in antagonist for the study group.

On the other hand, Pierce isn’t the series’ lead or even its second banana. And the rich weirdo has far fewer flashes of likeability than even Joel McHale’s self-absorbed Jeff.

So, could Community survive — and maybe even thrive — without Pierce? Let’s put that question to the only people that matter. No, not Chase and series creator Dan Harmon — you!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Teag says:

    Community can’t survive without Pierce. They need all 7.

  2. Jo March says:

    The Pierce character would be easy to replace. I’m from Chevy’s generation, and even I feel he slows down the pace of the show.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I’m not saying he should stay or go, but I definitely think the show could survive without him. He’s always been the weak link, the one who I never cared about at all or really thought was funny. I’d be fine with it either way.

  4. whyohwhy says:

    Sigh, I know the reasoning behind all of this is backstage discord, but I really wish they would look at story-based reasons for losing a character. Of course, I just really want Chang to go. He drags down episodes and I always prefer the episodes he’s not in. I would miss Pierce. That said, I do believe the show would survive without him. I like some posters’ idea about more Leonard as a semi-replacement for Pierce.

  5. Pierce is not my favorite character – far from it. (He’s down there on my “least favorites” list, actually.) But he’s amusing, and he does round out the group. He’s the built-in unlikable character, as you say. That said, I think the show could definitely learn to get on without him. Remove him from side plots and insert another character (maybe change it up with one of the reoccurring ones each episode, Chang, Leonard, Magnitude, Garret, Fat Neil, etc.) and it would probably be fine.

  6. Jon says:

    I didn’t watch the first year of Community because Chase was on.

  7. Kelly says:

    I’ve wanted him gone from the first episode. The character adds nothing for me & I think Chevy’s funniest days are behind him.

  8. Davey says:

    I’ve never watched the show for Chevy Chase. Half the time he seems like he’d rather be somewhere else.

  9. Evelyn says:

    Hey isn’t community getting a death this season?

  10. Carter says:

    Community would be fine without him, but i think it would really be a lot better without Shirley. her character brings nothing to the show

    • Ruby says:

      I don’t know, her pronunciation of “BRIT-ta” last week provided me with several minutes of rewinding entertainment and full-on belly laughs. I think she’s great.

    • Ana says:

      I don’t like Shirley as a character, but she does bring things to the show… her being a religious fanatic and Britta being anti-religion (or just pro-anti as Jeff puts it lol) brings great banter, remember the hitchhiker they picked up? “Jesus loves marijuana, and drinking human blood” that was one of Community’s funniest moments.

      • Angela says:


        I love Shirley. I think they haven’t explored her character near enough on the show, which is perhaps why some don’t find her as interesting. She’s pretty much the religious, motherly type, but I also liked it early on in the series when she was dealing with the whole thing of her husband leaving her for the stripper at one point, and her love for her children, and how she’s got this sweet demeanor on top but also has this angry side to her that threatens to come out every now and again. There’s so much they could do with her that they haven’t yet.
        Also, I’m apparently in a minority-while Chang isn’t my absolute favorite character on the show, he doesn’t bother me like he does some here. I’m pretty well happy with all the characters on the show, they all entertain me for one reason or another.
        I will say this, though, I want to see Professor Duncan come back a lot more often.

  11. Polly says:

    Don’t care what they do with him. The important thing is: SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!

  12. Ruby says:

    I feel bad saying it, because I grew up adoring Chevy, but the show would be fine without him. It’s just sad that two grown men can’t act like adults and not fight like children in the workplace. These guys need to get over their egos and be professional. It’s not that hard, and it’s like, second hand embarrassment watching people act like this. Neither of them deserve to have egos that big. It’s not like they’re curing freaking Cancer or something.

  13. Cori says:

    Chevy Chase is the reason I’ve never given Community a chance.

  14. xy77boy says:

    Pierce is the least interesting and likeable character. His storylines are pointless and add absolutely nothing to any episode.

  15. bob barker says:

    Replace Chevy Chase with Ted McGinley.

  16. Jason says:

    Wish Chevy was funny. Can’t remember the last time he was.

  17. Ana says:

    Both Dan Harmon an Chevy Chase are egocentric pricks. And yes, the show would be fine without Pierce, it’s not like he’s the lead… I like him fine but compared to everyone else he’s the least funny character, plus they’ve been hinting at him dying for 2 years now because of his age, maybe just killing him off and moving on would be a good solution? And then after they could finally bring Jack Black back as a permanent cast member! (I know it’s not gonna happen, but a girl can dream).

  18. some guy says:

    If Chase leaves and they want to replace him with a similar character, i think Jeffrey Tambor would be a good replacement. It doesn’t look like Bent will be picked up for another season, and I’m sure he can schedule around any filming for Arrested Development.

  19. em says:

    I think it can, but the group dynamic might need to be tweaked. I honestly started watching Community in spite of Chevy, but he grew on me in the first season. There were several eps that highlighted his loneliness and need to fit in, but now he’s evolved into a very sad and bitter man. Not a lot of true character development IMO. I think Chang’s become the S1 Pierce – you know he’s the villain but you still have some sympathy for him and find him funny. The story lines with Chang’s job loss and moving into Jeff’s place and even with Shirley’s baby made Chang human. They need to do that for Pierce (If Chevy’s willing to do it). If they can’t, I would love to see more the dean. And also, the drama between Dan and Chevy was so childish on both sides.

  20. Pizz4 says:

    1- Abed.
    2- Troy.
    3- Jeff
    4- Annie.
    5- Señor Chang.
    6- Dean Pelton.
    7- Britta.
    8- Shirley.
    9- Pierce.

    • brendan says:

      1 – Abed
      2 – Troy
      3 – Jeff
      4 – Britta
      5 – Annie
      6 – Pierce
      7 – Dean
      8 – Chang
      9 – Shirley

  21. Tania says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if the creator of Community would get the call to say that his series is fired. Seriously, Dan Harmon is an immature lout.

  22. Erika Scot says:

    Nooo! Chevy is such a great comedian! no one would ever replace that annoying man, never!

  23. purpletiger88 says:

    in all honesty i think pierce has to stay. or at least a character who has some similar qualities. as abed put it, he is the lightning rod of the group. i agree with the idea of making him a little more likeable. maybe he becomes broke now that he’s lost his job and it makes him a little more humble. i want the original seven to stay, but chevy making those comments is almost unacceptable. if they want to get rid rid if him there’s a lot of funny ways they could take it but the group needs that one person that chevy has played very well. leonard CANNOT replace pierce. as someone commented earlier he is best used as a random age insult once or twice an episode but i would like to see him, starburns and the dean each have an episode that focuses on them. could have an episode with a structure like a his story from scubs or that one episode where they focused on wilson from house in where they had the main cast do random entrances. the study group members could really fly with that with how dimensional they are. remember abed delivering the baby in the minivan? i think jen jeong should stay, but they need to get him back in a teaching role for season four, and making the study groups life hell like he did so well in season one. maybe even let chevy have a little more say in his character for an episode and see what happens. the biggest problem i see with the show is the viewership. getting only a little more than 3 million viewers a show is just not enough for six seasons and a movie. if they want longevity and viewership, they need two things to bring to season four. the first being a major swing in the membership of the study group. the second is they need to go back to what made season one so great. the table banter, the academia silliness, possibly a new romance for jeff that is not annie, but something that was like how he was with britta, that he can’t get by his lawyering superpowers. community has really shown how variable it can be but it needs to take what its learned and apply it. to finish it, i hope chevy stays and that his role can be adapted for the better. if not, maybe he can appear in a couple of episodes in a season. but something needs to change for community to become what most of us want it to be: a great tv show that stops on its own terms, not from low viewership or from interpersonal drama.

    ps. Perhaps Chang and Pierce can form villianous duo to try and attack the group? Perhaps it expels them both?

    • purpletiger88 says:

      Also had an idea about the troy and vice dean laybourne arc. Vice dean laybourne forces troy to choose between joining ac repair or expelling abed from greendale. Chang inadverently takes down laybourne, Dean Pelton acquires the high finances of the ac repair annex, hires chang to teach something other than spanish. I know it doesn’t fit with the topic of the board but just wanted to put it out there.

  24. brendan says:

    The show could survive but not thrive without Pierce. I don’t like the idea of keeping the character but changing the actor, they should simply fill his roll with a new character. I don’t like the idea of Leonard taking the spot, he’s not enough of an a-hole and doesn’t seem bigoted. Also, yes season 3 hasn’t lived up to the first two. It has been somewhat off. I miss the Abed-driven parody scenarios but haven’t been a fan of his documentary perspectives. Also, what happens after season 4? Does the setting change or do they spin-off somehow?

  25. Mark P says:

    Keep Chevy. Please. Pierce is one of my favorite characters. Shirley is more pointless and unfunny than Pierce.
    Yes, I do agree that Chevy is an asshole. But he deserves some screentime.