Spartacus: Vengeance Post Mortem: The Story Behind The Finale's Unprecedented [Spoiler]

Spartacus: Vengeance FinaleWARNING: If you have yet to watch the Spartacus: Vengeance finale tonight, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. We’re serious, folks. The following Q&A with executive producer Steven S. DeKnight contains massive spoilers. Trust us on this one. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Oh my Gods.

Spartacus: Vengeance wrapped its 10-episode season Friday with a breathtakingly action-packed and staggeringly lethal episode. When the sand dust settled, at least six major characters — including Lucy Lawless’ Lucretia! — were left for dead. Even in this day and age, where casualty-prone shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood and Game of Thrones are de rigueur, the body count was astonishing.

“One of the things that I love about working with Starz versus a normal network is we never would’ve been able to kill off so many major, important characters on a normal network — whether the story required it or not,” enthuses Sparty‘s boss, Steven S. DeKnight. “They may have let me kill off one. But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have let me kill off six.”

Aside from Lawless’ Lucretia, the list of the dearly departed includes Nick Tarabay’s Ashur, Craig Parker’s Glaber, Katrina Law’s Mira, Peter Mensah’s Oenomaus and, despite a somewhat ambiguous “death” scene, Viva Bianca’s Ilithyia.

Below, DeKnight defends the high death toll, reveals which fallen character(s) he briefly considered resurrecting, and offers TVLine a preview of Season 3.

TVLINE | How long have you known that Lucretia wouldn’t make it out of the season alive?
That was actually a decision I made when we decided to bring her back at the end of Season 1. [Starz] approached me about possibly bringing Lucy back for [Vengeance] and I was adamant that she had to [remain dead] along with [John Hannah’s] Batiatus, and everybody said, “OK. We respect that.” And then the next morning in the shower I had the idea of bringing her back as “Mad Ophelia” and letting the audience believe that she had recovered her sanity through this season. But then you get to the end and you realize, ‘Oh, no. She was, in fact, crazy the whole time.’ And I always had the idea of her revealing that it was all about the baby, which a lot of fans already picked up on. I think they thought she was going to take the baby and run away with it, which in our world she does, except she’s taking it to the afterlife for her dead husband so they can finally have the family they always wanted.

TVLINE | Was there any internal debate about it? Lucy is such a huge part of the show. It’s a risky move.
Oddly, there was no debate about taking the baby going over the cliff. There was debate about taking Lucy going over the cliff. At the 11th hour, after we had already shot it, we had some discussion about [possibly] bringing Lucy back next season. But [fellow exec producer and real-life husband of Lawless] Rob Tapert and I both looked at the the story and where we were going and felt very strongly that [although] we loved Lucy and we loved the character, [Lucretia had run her course. And [she] really didn’t fit in with Crassus going after Spartacus [in Season 3]. There was really no way to put her into that Roman camp. And we had a brief discussion about what if she ended up in the rebel camp? But my very strong feeling was that, story-wise, it wouldn’t work because Crixus or Naevia would try to kill her. So it was with much trepidation that we decided that it was best for the story that we wrap that up her character. It also felt like because Ilithyia was so intimately tied to Lucretia that both their storylines should end together.

TVLINE | Wait… Ilithyia died too?
Oh, yeah. She’s dead. She is dead.

TVLINE | That was not made clear.
[That’s] one thing I regret. If I could go back I would’ve possibly re-shot [her death scene], just so it was clear that she did, in fact, die. We had a couple of different cuts of it where we were tying her death directly, visually into Glaber’s death, which I think was a little clearer. Upon seeing the final product, I’m going to have to explain to people that no, she’s not passed out; she’s dead.

TVLINE | You killed off both of your vixens!
And we had the same conversation about bringing Ilithyia back and she just plain didn’t fit into the story moving forward. She couldn’t be in the rebel camp. She had no place in the Roman side with Crassus and Caesar chasing Spartacus around the country. So, again, it felt like her character had run her course and should be wrapped up with Lucretia.

TVLINE | Sounds like you’re hitting the reset button in Season 3.
It seems like every season we make it a different show. And it’s part and parcel with the history that we’re following. This season was really a transition period between Blood and Sand and what’s coming next. In Vengenace, we found an artfully creative and historically plausible reason why we could reuse Batiatus’ Ludus as Glabor’s staging ground to go after Spartacus, and that way we could also reuse the city of Capua. So we had those holdovers from Blood and Sand and Gods of the Arena. But moving forward, we move away from that area, so there is no more Ludus, there is no more Capua. It is very much Crassus along with the aid of Caesar going after Spartacus and following some of those events that happened in history. So it’s much bigger than this year was. The scope of it, again, multiplies many times as Crassus battles Spartacus across the country.

TVLINE | What are some of the new characters you’re planning to introduce to fill the void left by all of these departures?
Crassus [played by Luke Pegler] is the main one. And a young Julius Caesar will be joining Crassus’ campaign. Crassus has a son that will also be on the campaign with them. There will be a couple of Romans who will pop up. There will be three new female characters that will be coming around. And one or two other people from history will make an appearance, but I can’t really say who. And one of the reasons for the high body count at the end of this season was… we needed to make a little room to bring new characters in. We couldn’t carry everybody.

TVLINE | Those actresses coming in have some big shoes to fill. 
They are going to be completely different types of characters. I’m not going to try to reproduce what Viva and Lucy were. There was a lot of concern going into this season about losing John Hannah and [we debated whether to] try to recreate another John Hannah-esque character on the show, and my feeling was if we even attempt to do that the audience would know what we were doing and would probably not have a good reaction to it. Here is Battiatus-lite! And I feel the same way about Lucretia and Ilithyia. These new female characters will be completely different and won’t have that same dynamic. But hopefully they will be engaging.

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  1. kheinz says:

    Mr. DeKnight you did a great job! While I was surprised and sad that some of the stalwart regulars were killed off. I believe you made the right decisions to stay true to the basic historical storyline. Lucretia and Illithyia would not fit into the grander Roman society will need to be presented next season. Glaber and Onoemaus disappeared from the historical texts after the raid on Glaber’s camp. There is no historical evidence for a Spartacus wife, although for a storyline it is interesting and there will be other freed slave women he can hook up with as he builds his army. Crixus has to stay because later in the historical text he breaks away from Spartacus is defeated and killed in a separate battle. Gannicus is in the historical text and I think can play a big part in upcoming episodes. In the next part of the series, several very important historical people play a big part, Crassus, Caesar, Pompey and Lucullus. It will be interesting to see how the writers play this out, but I hope it is true to the historical outcome as the this season was.

    Also, great job on the Roman soldier uniforms and equipment. In that time period, the Montefortino helmet WAS the main headgear of the soldier as well as the oval shield and chain mail armor. I was impressed with these details. I think you might want the big Roman generals using the Italo-Corinthian style helmet in the upcoming season. That is more historically correct headgear. Overall, great season. Keep the blood and babes coming.

    • bullwinkle says:

      Also note that the crucifixions were done properly, with nails in the wrists and sides of the feet. I was also impressed with the show’s accurracy.

  2. Jay says:

    I’m so glad that Glabor is dead he was awful and a very week villain.
    Quintus ran circles around him.
    Many people are griping about Lucretias death but everything she has pulled over two seasons she has it coming and it’s a great exit for her.
    I’m ready for the group to get out of Capia and expand the show.

  3. Jecka says:

    Historically, this is all correct. Crixus will be the next major character to die. They never found Spartacus’ body. Those characters had to die to keep the story historically acturate.

  4. conshy Keith says:

    This season was awesome and can’t wait for the next. i was worried about Andy not being in it but the pulled it off. i like being caught off guard and they did. thanks and make next season longer. now what do i do Fridays with two babies at home.

  5. mike says:

    I wish that Ashur and some of the other characters lived, but I am glad the movie-makers killed off the characters. The way Ashur died was retarded. Also, the new actor for Naevia is not nearly as good as the previous one. But that’s ok. The show moves on into the next phase.

    BLOOD MUST BE SPILLED TO SATISFY THE THIRST OF THE GROUND. stop crying about it, or you will ruin the show. wtf, I hope they don’t move it to your demographics!!!

    • bullwinkle says:

      Agreed. Why would Ashur come to the rebel camp as a messenger? Surely he would know he would be killed. Given that assignment, he would have run away.

      • sjdevo says:

        Where was he going to go? There was only one path up the mountain. He thought he could talk his way out of trouble. Remember how he cringed when Crixus said ” I would not have us part so quickly”.

  6. Jenn Miller says:

    First and foremost KUDOS to DeKnight…again a wonderful and exhilarating season! The beautiful ends of Lucretia and Illythia were perfect! And this coming from a WOMAN! I loved Lucretia and Illythia but I also know my history, although you can change anything you want based on the ?’s of history but they were finished. Had to be done. I look forward to the next season without the top villainess’…Like the males put the show is called SPARTACUS and give me a break women…you tuned in to see the hot men…so why tune out when at first you couldn’t give a crap about female characters..until the writing caught you! Ashur’s demise made me happy as a clam, all women should have that right to fight the ones who destroyed that which made them feminine and protected. I loved Lesley when she played Naieva pre the mines and torture she had to endure. Cynthia brings the pain, anger and sadness that is the aftermath of such abuse. I love Cynthia she played it right no matter what other opinions are. Mira I loved as well, she died with honor, fighting for what she became to believe was right…freedom! Now I know it had to be done but damn Oenomaus’ death made me cry, especially dying in the arms of Gannicus, his character had so much heart but woohoo on Peter coming to True Blood! Whoops off track. Now…for the Liam haters…come on…who the hell could have really pulled off Andy Whitfields Spartacus…nobody…he will forever be in my heart but I believe Liam did excellent and look forward to see what he does in the next season! Long Live Spartacus…Long Live Freedom…and bring on the new season…oh and ffs please for the love of the Gods make it longer!!! Anywho, just wanted to speak for the women who won’t stop watching no matter who gets killed off. like it was so eloquently put by Battiatus they all ‘spread cheeks and have jupiters cock rammed up ass’ in the end.

  7. Michelle says:

    after end of Vegeanance Season…”and yet again Gods ram COCK in ASS!”

  8. Mel says:

    All in all, I thought the finale was pretty good. Firstly, I adored the first season and devoured the prequel, but coming into Vengeance it left a lacking taste in my mouth. It stayed that way for the majority of the season. BUT, for the finale it felt like it finally started to gain some momentum. I did, however, feel that there were some flaws…like Mira’s death. Granted, Mira was a pretty much useless character anyway, but her death seemed sort of unnecessary, and I honestly I felt that it made Spartacus seem a little blank and emotionless for his lover of sorts. I also thought O-bro’s death was needless… I believe his dynamic could have been used more in the future as a trainer/general like he was in history. Ashur’s and Glabber’s endings were fine and satisfying, and Ilythia’s and Lucretia’s were superb, if not incredibly depressing. It made the show really feel like Spartacus again. It had that eerie, “OMFG. WTF did i just watch?” feel to it. Good points and bad points, I felt that this finale puts the show back on track after losing Andy. I trust that next season will have a far smoother road now that Liam has been felt out and some loose ends have been tied. I’d give this one a solid 4 stars.

  9. SQ says:

    WOW! What an amazing finale and show. I just LOVE THIS SHOW! But I too am very disappointed in seeing Lucretia and especially Illythia both dead. :( I was hoping she was just passed out….but really dead? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *cries* I am with some of the previous comments about the awesomeness of Spartacus and Illythia’s sexual was awesome. Even tho it was clear that they “hated” each other… I think with the whole baby thing…there could have been so much material to explore there. Too bad that is all gone….seems like a wasted season build up with the whole pregnancy thing….but I guess that is gutsy writing and I have to give Mr. DeKnight major Kudos. As for Mira… I am not sad to see her go.. I think she ran her course with Spartacus and she realized he would never love her the way she wanted him to. As his wife told him that the gods showed her…that he would never love another woman and that is true….Mira could never accept that…she would’ve self destructed so I’m glad she went out with some dignity.
    As for the Nevia character. I don’t particularly like that story line now…I don’t like what that character has done to Crixis…nearly has castrated him…and while I do love a good love story… I just feel like their story has IDK… grated on my nerves just a tad. I hope they do something about that part of the story next season…it’s dragging on IMO.

    And yeah Ashur and Oenomeaus’ deaths were shocking I never dreamed they would both go as well. Man that is alot of very very strong lead players gone…. it will be hard….but I too was impressed with Gods of the Arena and I think DeKnight can pull it off… I’m excited to see just how he does it. S3 can’t come quick enough.

  10. Trojan says:

    I posted a comment here about the show yesterday but I am yet so see my post?

  11. Fudgefase says:

    My only quibble is that it’s such a great series, with such brilliant acting and brave storytelling, that if we’re going to be historical, then, like Titanic, we know how it ends! PLEASE rewrite history and let some of them get away in the boats – it’s not as if it HAS to be historically accurate. And DO NOT kill off Gannicus – or you will have ME to answer to….

    • bullwinkle says:

      Historically there were no boats. They fought their way to the Alps and were free, but the rebels wanted to go back and kick more Roman ass.

  12. Treyboooo says:

    Well Im still watching after season one, but it still lacks the luster it had with Whitfield, may he rest in peace. And now with Lucretia and Anameaus (My personal Favorite) gone, its as if its a whole new show. I sure hope they bring in some good folks and better the story line next season or I may feel myself slipping away from watching it….

  13. Mikebaby says:

    Thanks to everyone who made the last 10 minutes a laugh out loud fest… Some of you are as mad as a box of frogs. Love the revenge quote – but it’s you mad folk that talk about leaving the show or STARZ — you perhaps need to get out more in any case.

    Love and kisses.

  14. Chiboi says:

    where is my post?

  15. ChiChi says:

    Spartacus needs to stop covering his un-cut, unsexy body. Even the “300”-esque drawn on abs will be better than him wrapping himself in armor and a raggedy red scarf. MAKE HIM WORK OUT! His legs are crooked and weird, and besides his face I’m not really sure why he was casted. I really hope they dont give him a woman on the next season. He should be free the way he was when Andy Whitfield was still on the show. Crixus’ lovesick, whipped behavior is a perfect example of why. He almost got killed like 20 times this season because of all his weak emotions. I still cant wait for the next season, the show is mostly awesome :) Hopefully Andy is in great shape, and Crixus has a new haircut and manly attitude for the sake of us female viewers!

  16. Dan says:

    Everyone in this show has done amazing, directors, producers, and cast. Just because Viva and Lucy aren’t going to be in the next season definitley shouldn’t be a reason to tune out.

    I’m definitley going to give it a chance it’s been very entertaining thus far. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

  17. BL says:

    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the music as Lucretia went off the cliff with baby….sounded an awful lot like the old Xena battlecry….

  18. LyndseyG says:

    WOW What an end to a fantastic season 3 ….. So looking forward to the next season !!! Well done on making room for the new characters !!! Can’t wait to see them !! A huge well done What a season !!!

  19. stuart says:

    If you don’t like it the answer is simple..don’t watch it…I love it…thought Andy could never be replaced as Spartacus but new actor did a good job….best show ever…cant wait for next season…

  20. Chezdon says:

    Well that was pretty epic. Didn’t expect so many characters to die. Am I the only one who wanted Ashur to decapitate the annoying, stupidly cast Naevia? She’s useless and I actually despise it when she has a scene. Crixus has become a wet flannel. Liam is doing a good job but is no Andy. Don’t know why people have a problem with Ilythia and Lucretia dying (although I thought Ilythia was still alive like most people did), the show will go on and their time was up. Was shocked to see Onamaeus die – I thought he had his injury in the last episode and would live.

    Didn’t care for Mira’s death either. She did nothing for me. In fact the only women on the show who have were the original Naevia and Doctore’s wife (I forget her name!).

    Will watch series three but I don’t think this season has been anything like one or GotA. In fact thinking about it I swear it’s gotten cheesier and more slo-mos than usual. Sometimes it’s actually hard to watch it’s so cheesey. Maybe it’s because I watched Rome as well which completely blows Spartacus out of the water.

  21. Comment says:

    What I want to know is what did Manu Bennett do to Dknight so that he would cast such a horrible naevia seriously please recast her…Liam you tried your best…this season was crap the only goodthing was how Dknight killed such great characters truly makes the show stand out of the rest…hopefully Andy is not turning over his grave watching the show that he worked so hard for go to waste like how it is…RIP Andy we’ll never forget you

  22. Matt says:

    Haha, very entertaining! Boohoo, my favourite character died so I won’t ever watch this again. Get a grip for goodness sake. It was a good series with great finale and that’s why I’ll definitely be watching again

  23. John Smith says:

    I was hoping Glabber and Asher were going to die. They had it coming. I liked Asher until this season where he turned into a real ass. I was most sad to see Oenomaus go but wow, something really snapped in Gannicus when he did. It was like he was his old self again.

  24. Matty says:

    So does anyone know when the next series starts? (in England. Not sure if it airs the same time as America) absolutely loved all the spartacus series!!!!!

  25. maritza says:

    i wish the writers should add for mira new next season like i dream image picture spartacus already put mira s body use vein cover around her and clothes cover her face then he left her while mria lay someone arrive stanger man walk and found her body then remove clothes cover off and look at mira s face somehow mira s eye open wide gap please help me i dont understand why my body cover vein round me like shocked then man explain to her you were dead somehow save your life beacuse of your baby in your womb the baby save your life and your heart still beat hold the reason keep your heart to live by winter cold that how help your heart running mira is so shock and happy to hear the news about baby in her womb then man ask her question who the baby s father mira answer the baby father is spartacus with her full smile guy ask her to join with them work as farm mira work with them somehow spartacus came to place that where mira there spartacus ask them we help you for freedom blah one guy came to him ” you must be spartacus right? then he answer him back how you know my name who told you? then guy answer yes i heard about you that we save woman name is mira and she is here somewhere cause spartacus state shock ” what ? cant be mira is alive possblie she is dead we saw it then guy answer yes she was dead somehow save her life by winter cold and baby save her life then spartacus ” what the baby? ” guy say yes the baby save her life then he realize that mean the baby is mine i am father s baby please where is mira ? guy say allright let me show you where she is then spartacus is so excited and run looking for mira
    he notice that mira just work as farm vegatable then he watch her very careful wait wait fainlly mira get up and turn around and look at spartacus mira say oh my god shout run and hugs eachtoher that both are so happy that mira is alive everyone is so happy hugs her alot then mira told him what happen and yes the baby save my life and you are now father smile both hugs what do you think ? i wish that great stories there

  26. bullwinkle says:

    Jesus Christ! Are you aware that there are such things as periods, capital letters and something called sentences and paragraphs? Your diatribe is literally unreadable!

  27. terry says:

    shame Lucy Lawless character Lucretia had to die big fan of Lucy but the show must go on. so till the season

  28. Delta says:

    Thank god they’re making this show actually make sense. Some people really care that much about seeing a particular character stay on the show that they would rather the show make no sense, be repetitive, and just go on forever with nothing but filler episodes that don’t progress the story? No wonder there are so many terrible shows on TV. Too many sheeple (spelling intentional) that don’t care about story. If they would rather stop watching the show, then good, I’m glad to see them leave so the creators won’t have to worry about pleasing such an audience.

  29. honest886 says:

    agree with takina,and thank god genicus is still alive!!!!!

  30. FredF says:

    Anyone who took the time to post a comment and say they won’t be watching is full of crap…. I have watched every episode and although I will miss certain characters, it is the fact that you never know who’s next to die keeps me wanting more. I don’t know or care about “ancient history” I watch to be entertained and like “Game of Thrones” and “True Blood”, Spartacus keeps me entertained! Great job to the whole crew of writers, directors, producers and most of all the actors!

  31. Bill says:

    i’d say they have done a good job casting so far. I am in this for the long haul.

  32. Chris Carter says:

    Spitfiring off some Sepinwall style-esque points, having just finished Season 1, 0, and 2 this week.

    -You can never replace Andy. He *was* Spartacus. I’m not against re-casting (I’ve seen it go either way), but Liam doesn’t bring the same energy Andy did — as a result the show is a little worse off, but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

    -Whoever casted the new Naevia needs to be fired. Unless she’s a Producer’s niece, I have no feasible explanation for how she’s on the show. I hope they somehow recast her in Season 3 yet again, because as someone else said here, every scene she was in made me cringe and feel uncomfortable — either recast, or kill her in S03E01. I started to like Crixus early on in Season 2, but new Naevia held him back severely.

    -Craig Parker (Gaber) was perfect in Season 1 as a “side” villain – just as he was perfect in Lord of the Rings as a “side” hero. However, he doesn’t have the chops to carry the season as the *main* villain — thankfully Ilithyia pulled him up. I’m glad to see him go this Season — they handled that well in the finale. But Ilithyia is no Batiatus — I sincerely hope Season 3 brings in a true successor — as the interview revealed, part of the problem is you just can’t replace Hannah’s performance. In a sense, that sums up Season 2 as a whole.

    -All the deaths in the S2 finale were excellent. Some were unexpected, but that’s just what happens. I commend them for moving the story forward rather than relying on real-life rapport with actors on a meta-level, sacrificing story as a result (I even felt like keeping Lawless for Season 2 was pushing it, but it payed off in the finale).

    -Any issues I have with the show are mainly from an acting standpoint – the writing, detail, and setpieces are all excellent. Bring on Season 3.

  33. Michael says:

    I will try to enjoy the new season. I will miss old, important and even distasteful older and now dead personages, that’s a part of life and certainly, back then, many, many people died during this uprising. Locale changes, people change but the story goes on. Make it extra good. Will miss Lucy the most.

  34. Gregg says:

    Personally, I hope that Spartacus does not have a new love interest. Remember when Spartacus’ wife died in the first season? He became a killing machine. I am hoping that in the next season, without a love interest, there will be less of a day time soap feel to it and more fighting. Also, I can certainly understand why so many characters were killed off. If Ilythia, Lucretia, Ashur, Mira and/or Glabur moved on to the next season there would be no way to really build on the characters…it would be an echo of what we have already seen. I agree that Oenomaeus died a little early, but I personally was over the whole love triangle with him, his dead wife and Gannicus.

    As far as the casting, Andy gave a more emotionless portrayal of Spartacus (which worked for the character)… Liam McIntyre’s portrayal has a lot more emotion and, to be honest, I am not a fan but I do have respect for the man trying to fill Andys shoes. Finally, Naevia…I would not mind seeing her die off the show soon. Cynthia Addai-Robinson does not play as convincing of a role as Lesley-Ann Brandt did. It would be nice to see her come back to the show, but constantly recasting characters would kill the illusion that television is supposed to present for us viewers. Aside from that, I feel that DeKnight has done an excellent job with the series and I, for one, intend to be a returning fan for next season.

  35. Josh says:

    First off half of you people are idiots thinking Lucretia should come back and to the rebel camp in season 3 crixus already tried to kill her once that definitely would not have worked illythia was a good character but after glabers death her story would have come to an end anyway Miras death was sad but she had to go to keep Spartacus anger raging and why is nobody sad to see doctore go Sorry I dont know how to spell his name but I think he was one of the best characters but anyway good work Deknight I’ll definitely be back for season 3

  36. skinny says:

    There is but one path, we kill them all, that explains a lot why 6 major characters had to be laid off

  37. nengim says:

    Call me up on 08134355588,

  38. Jackie says:

    I loved the illithya character. There was a sexual tension in her scenes with spartacus I enjoyed. Her evil cunning sexiness will be missed.
    I was shocked and dubious at Lucretia returning this season, tho was pleased with how they worked her in, but she definitely would not have fit in to Rome. her and batiatus were starting their political/social climb to the senate with glaber and illithya, she would definitely not make it into Caesers company.
    Mira was whatever. She never really interested me. Naveia is awful. The character is useless and as someone else said, makes crixus unbearable to watch. The actress is…listless, flat maybe…and not nearly as attractive as the first. She should have gone before Mira :/
    glaber dying now instead of fading into shame and obscurity make for better entertainment, which is why they make this show rigid history buffs ;) they are sticking close to the story and I like that, I especially love their portrayal of culture and custom of the times. I don’t at all see a problem with some creative license.
    Sadly, Andy Whitfield died. He was amazing as spartacus. strong, thoughtful, compassionate, he conveyed ”leader” all the time. The new guy (I haven’t learned his name, this shows my bias lol) had big shoes to full. He was lackluster most of the season. He is so darn pretty too…a little too clean for my vision of a rebel slave leader. But he did grow on me and I think the last few episodes he stepped it up. May the third season bring more growth for him.
    All in all, this season was amazing. Filled with visual wonder and twisted story lines. As always STARZ made me stare at my screen in different nuances of disbelief. I was once amazed that a show with so many explicit scenes could continue to shock and surprise me. Bravo!!! I highly anticipate season 3 :)

  39. Wildeef says:

    No one deserved death more than illithia,Ashur and the egyptian.
    I was very shocked with Lucretia’s Oenomaeus’s and Mira’s death
    I also think Ashur should not be betrayed,but killed alongside Glaber.
    Tottally upset the next season is the last :(

  40. Greg Fenton says:

    GOD I HATE CANCER andy whitfield played spartacus and better then the new guy you have on there you need a smaller character with more similar looks the guy you have now is bigger then crixus what the hell sparticus was ALWAYS and i mean Always smaller i love the story just please try and fix the spartacus character i know he would be hard to replace but i wish you the best of luck


  41. MJ says:

    By far the greatest show to ever be creates. Absolute genius. Ive stopped watching Game of Thrones and all other similar shows because they just dont come close go competing.
    DeKnight is a legend already. While watching, you love, hate, cry, scream and laugh. At the end, if you dont feel the emotion they tried to emit, you’re not watching it properly.
    Will wait anxiously for next season.

  42. weeeee says:

    I think we are all getting seriously trolled and Illithya is not dead. She looked like she was smiling in the end

  43. J.Abrams says:

    epic show epic ending the egyptian was deadly so gald he got killed thgough shame Oenomaeus didnt have the privlige of killing though when ganacus stepped in the kill him he made it look to easy it had the potenial to be a epic fight scene

  44. J.Abrams says:

    by far the best show iv ever watched in my life though and i cant wait for season 3 and im definately the BIGGEST FAN OF THIS SHOW i will never get bored of watching this show its changed my life :-| (their should be a spartacus movie + book wrtting by DeKnight) i would place cock in hand

  45. Dkelsmith says:

    Not sure that I udnerstand why people would not want to watch the show because of character deaths. Do some of you realixe that this is based upon real events of the 3rd servile war, so we can’t just do what we like if we want to keep it factual.

    • shadowofdeath:-) says:

      erm…. it was actualy the 2nd servile war… ill let u off though as a possible type’o :-|
      to all you people saying they wont be watching again because lucreia and illithia are dead now as total tool bags and u need to look in the mirrow, show is called spartacus not desperate housewives!!
      cant wait for season 3 its gona be epic crassus is gona be such a scary character im certain he will be spreading some cheeck and placing cock in arse!!

      • sjdevo says:

        Hey shadow. The war of Spartacus is the third servile war. Check your history. The first two were both on the island of present day Sicily.

  46. yande says:

    Why was the man who played the role of Spartacus in the first season not the same in this new season of vegance?

  47. shadowofdeath:-) says:

    i stand corrected it was the third servile war damit

  48. Sivu says:

    Wat a gr8 series Spartacus has been thus far! Neva thot i would loove a series ths way again after LOST finished. Combination of talented writers,producers n Ammmazzzing Actors/Actsess really brought th story to life. Only hav1word 4the show ‘EPIC’

  49. Sivu says:

    DeKnight is screwin wit us Illithya aint dead :)…

  50. Lisa Marie Williams says:

    I just read that Spartacus has been cancelled so does that mean this new story line will NOT happen? Personally at the end of this last season when they killed Lucretia, Llithyia, and the male character’s the also killed off I told all of my friend’s and family that I didn’t see any way or reason to do the show anymore. (Not to mention they skipped around and changed things from season to season so much it was ridiculous.) I know I wasn’t going to watch it if it continues. So can anyone tell me if it is over??? PLEASE tell me they aren’t continuing this series another season!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      SPARTACUS is returning for one more, final season:

      • Lisa Marie Williams says:

        Matt, Thanks for letting me know. Like I said to everyone in my “Spartacus” ring of friends and family after this last season ended, “I don’t see what there is left to watch other than watching Spartacus and his cohorts fight the Romans since they killed all of the good people off who made it fun to watch.” I’m sure I won’t be watching it though. Bummer Dude! {:-( LOL!