Ratings: First DWTS Results Show Dips Hard But Gives Body of Proof Boost; New Girl at New Low

The first results show of Dancing With the Stars‘ 14th season didn’t exactly get off on the best foot.

Drawing 15.3 million total viewers and a 3.0 demo rating, the elimination hour plunged 21 and 30 percent from last spring’s first ouster.

That said, DWTS did bring Body of Proof back to life. With 10 million total viewers and a 2.1 rating, the bubble show enjoyed gains of 34 and 50 percent now that The River has floated away, hitting a season high in total audience.

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 2 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

Elsewhere on the night….

8 pm | NCIS topped all Tuesday comers in both total audience (with 18.24 million viewers, down 4 percent) and in the demo (steady at 3.4). The Dancing With the Stars “catch-up” special for short-term memory sufferers drew 10.4 mil and a 1.9 rating (which is just a hair above the Last Man Standing/Cougar Town demo average).

Biggest Loser (5.6 mil/1.9) shed 17 percent. Raising Hope (3.77 mil/1.5) slipped a tenth in the demo. 90210 (1.36 mil/0.7) gained a few eyeballs as the kids, like, acted and stuff.

9 pm | DWTS led the hour in viewers/the 18-49 crowd, followed by NCIS: LA (14.7 mil/2.9), which inched up in the demo. New Girl (4.9 mil/2.5) dipped two tenths to hit a new demo low. Breaking In, however, rose slightly to 2.82 mil/1.4. Ringer (1.1 mil/0.5) held steady in the demo but lost a a few more viewers.

Nestor Carbonell Joins ABC’s Smart One Pilot — What Does This Mean for Ringer?

10 pm | Unforgettable (10.4 mil/2.0) dipped a smidgen but led the hour in viewers, while Body of Proof eked out the demo win. NBC’s Fashion Star (4 mil/1.5) dropped another 16 percent.

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  1. Shim says:

    With all due respect, your headline is misleading. “DWTS DIPS HARD”, dropped from a year ago, but vs, the most recent addition it’s up both in viewers and the demo

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Reality programmes are almost always compared to their year-ago broadcasts, not other-season cycles where the competitive landscape can be quite different.

      That said, I did incorrectly label last spring’s cycle as Season 13 (when it was No. 12); this has been fixed.

  2. Shim says:

    The most recent addition being the fall addition. It had a 2.8 sep 20.2011, last night a 3,0

  3. Jules says:

    Who cares about DWTS!
    My jaw still hurt after smiling/laughfing to much watching Raising Hope…. :)

  4. bad kevin says:

    Hope BODY OF PROOF gets renewed for another season. :-)

  5. Maddison says:

    “Raising Hope” was pretty funny, but I can see why NCIS won last night. It was an excellent episode. Rocky did a great job and the script/story was great too, very moving. I’m so looking forward to the new episode in two weeks where Ziva and Tony go to Columbia and we get to see her mentor. I hope it’s as awesome as it feels like it will be. NCIS – nine years in and still going strong. The people behind that show should feel very blessed. I would if I were them.
    Thanks as always, Matt, for the update on the ratings. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in, in doing this for us every week. Have a good day. :)

  6. 10 million people watched a DWTS recap?? Hasn’t this season only just started? Sheesh.

  7. Velvet says:

    I’m guessing a lot of people on on some sort of vacation = no TV

  8. Polly says:

    New Girl episodes are getting unfunnier week after week (schmidt excluded). I seriously hope they bring up some good writers.

    • Chiana says:

      Kind of agree – I also like the actor playing Nick, but they’re giving him horrible lines. Zooey is also starting to really bhttp://tvline.com/2012/03/28/ratings-dancing-with-stars-results-show-body-proof/ug. Her personna is beginning to mesh with her real life one. I’ve seen her on a talk show (Jimmy Fallon) and she came across as extremely vain and bored. Jess is becoming so ridiculous that she has morphed into this rapidly annoying woman.

      • Polly says:

        I really liked Nick with Julia (a.k.a. Lizzy Caplan) but they ended it too soon imho. Couple of funny stuff for him in the last 2 episodes (ie: folding the sweater) but overall, they are really not using him as much as they should.
        Also Winston is not even close as how funny was Coach in the Pilot of the show.

  9. kikay says:

    With Ringer’s ratings, it will probably not get a renewal. Matt, has there been word that should this happen, we will still get to see closure to the stories of the two sisters?

  10. Kerry says:

    The Body Of Proof episode last night was crazy intense!!!!

  11. Leigh says:

    I also hope that Body of Proof is renewed. It’s great television and it is a solid show. It has a good cast and interresting stories.

  12. Kat says:

    nice to hear some good news about body of proof. hope they get another season!

  13. Syc0 says:

    I hope this doesn’t mean,that I should start worrying about New Girl.I’ts the best new sitcom of the year….Any word on the renewal?

  14. olivia says:

    I don’t understand how unforgettable is only a slim chance for renewal! Great show…. aren’t those numbers good??

  15. Lorie says:

    So glad to hear Body of Proof did better this week. I’m hoping it gets renewed.

  16. JenInChicago says:

    I’d love to see if anyone keeps stats on DVR usage…..in terms of if the viewers are actually watching the whole recap episode or fast forwarding through all the cr@p to get to the results – like 99% of viewers that I know, do.

  17. Toms1€ says:

    new girl deserves even lower ratings. that is less and less funny.

  18. Yes Yes Yes welcome back Body of Proof, just the right ratings we need and this derserve those ratings, I love this show. Great acting from wonderful people, great cases that never get boring and add all the science to it and its a gold star show, ABC take note, renew for season 3.

  19. PeterW says:

    ok im going to say it love love love this site but what is everyone’s problem with 90210 come on last nights episode was awesome and the ACT all the time and most of them are good at it but if u could use ur magical powers to please get the cw to renew it but higher non awful show runners that would b awesome :P

  20. Ela says:

    So happy for Body Of Proof! Season 3 please!

  21. S says:

    The problem with Ringer is that its so hard to get new viewers because SO MUCH has happened and if I hadnt watched every episode I would be so confused. There are too many plot turns and twists and little things that people will miss out on unless they watch every episode. So sadly, Im starting to see why the ratings fall and why it will be cancelled even though I love it

  22. Rachel says:

    I really loved this week’s New Girl, I think Dermot Mulroney is doing an amazing job! And Schmidt and Cece are just too funny, I nearly died when they got to Mexico!!