Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 2 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

dwts resultsDancing With the Stars‘ “man curse” has come to an end. After three straight seasons where male celebs — Ron Artest, Mike Catherwood, and David Hasselhoff, to be specific — were the initial ones out, tonight it was a woman who was Season 14’s first to walk the glittery plank to elimination.

Here’s how the results played out:

In Jeopardy
Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani
Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower
Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff

Bottom 2 Couples
Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani
Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff

Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani

“I gave it everything I had, but I blew it yesterday, and it cost me,” said Navratilova, who added she hoped to come back for the finale and nail the Jive with her partner.

What do you think? Did the right couple go home? If not, who should it have been? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dee says:

    She needed to go home. I felt bad for her partner because she had no real grace.

  2. smidnite says:

    Poor Tony!

  3. x says:

    As long as it was not William, I will continue watching!!

    • Isabelle says:

      I 2nd that. With a salsa next week ay papi its gonna be spicy

      • Lisa says:

        Hmmm…we don’t have the salsa every season, and William has already said he knew how to salsa before the show. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the most pimped contestant has experience with the dance style they are dusting off.

        • Jenks says:

          OMG. Can we give the pimping talk a rest? After just two weeks they are pimping him? Geez. The guy is gorgeous, sure, but he’s also a great dancer. I’m sure one contestant or another knew how to waltz or jitterbug before they came on the show. That doesn’t mean they can do it with a professional dancer on live TV.

  4. jebluntbelt says:

    yes you made the right choise. grate athlets don’t always make grate dancers.
    next to billy jean king martina is one of the grate tennas players of her day and a good sport
    as well..

    • jen says:

      “grate”?? Seriously??

      • adamfan says:

        but the choise and tennas did not bother you? haha

      • ej says:

        People who judge the intelligence of others based upon spelling are ignorant of the fact that many, many intelligent people have difficulty with spelling, just like many have problems with math. And, of course, it is rude to comment on another’s spelling errors, unless you are an English teacher and the other is your student.

        • Hector says:

          I agree ej. (to others)Albert einstein was horrible in math but he helped created the A-Bomb and E=mc2. im bad at spelling but that doesnt make me dumb i write movies and i just got two offer for my movie by liongate and WB, so while ur at home in your mom basement making funny of people because they cant spell or write, people like my self will make millions and laugh at you!

      • ej says:

        People who judge the intelligence of others based upon spelling are ignorant of the fact that many, many intelligent people have difficulty with spelling, just like many have problems with math. And, of course, it is rude to comment on another’s spelling errors, unless you are an English teacher and the other is your student.

        • Marcus says:

          People who post the same comment twice are ignorant of technology. And, of course, it is rude to insist that you have the final say on what is considered rude, especially when the aforementioned spelling error of “grate” truly is stupid since it is a one-syllable word.

          • Lana says:

            English is not the first language of everyone posting here and when one makes mistakes such as grate,they are most likely from another country. So I am impressed that you can write our language since most Americans only know one language.

  5. Ash Q says:

    Yes, she was the right one to go. But it doesnt make it any easier to say goodbye. She was a sweet lady, but she definately was the weakest of the group.

  6. CJ says:

    No disagreement with dumping Martina, but it seems wrong that that little boy was in jeopardy. He’s one of the best in this group; I hope it doesn’t mean he lacks a fan base voting for him.

  7. TAMARA says:

    She tried but just didn’t have IT. AN MAX still stayin stong…..

  8. robinepowell says:

    It was an obvious elimination. The voters made a choice after watching her reinjure her toe and flub most of her dance, last night. I can’t say I was surprised.

    I feel for Tony, because I think the only good partner he’s had was Melissa Rycroft. Everyone that came after seem to be duds. :(

    • Meg says:

      He had Stacey Kiebler. He could have won with her too if it weren’t for that horrible dance he called a freestyle.

      • Jenks says:

        I totally agree. I love Tony, but he’s not that great a choreographer. Stacey Keibler could have won that year and they lost on weak choreo.

    • Laquisha says:

      And Audrina Patridge was good too as well as Chynna Phillips. They just didn’t have big fanbases and got eliminated.

  9. soarin829 says:

    Poor Tony :( I sure hope he gets a GREAT partner one day. Not that Martina wasn’t a great person, but I want him to WIN! He and Tristan seem like THE KINDEST people on the planet.

  10. Emily says:

    Poor Tony . Mark and Derek always seem to get the good partners.

    • Meg says:

      Really? Mark had Kim Kardashian, Shannen Doherty, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kristin Cavalari, all of whom were eliminated early. Maybe you can say that about Derek but Mark has had his share of duds.

      • Margaret says:

        it’s true, if you look at his list of partners, derek has never been eliminated earlier than 7th, and that was with Shannon Elizabeth, who was stiff as a board but sometime a halfway decent dancer. Mark was eliminated week 1 w/ shannen doherty, week 3 w/ kim kardashian, and 3rd w/ kristin cavalleri, plus he had to deal w/ the absurdity that was dancing with bristol palin.

      • Erin says:

        yes, Mark had some go early, but that is only because it really is impossible to tell who may be a terrible dancer. When you have young, good looking performers like the ones you named, producers can at least guess they may be decent dancers. They just weren’t. Tony gets saddled with uphill battles. Derek and Mark USUALLY have what could be greatly guessed as contenders.

  11. Ashley says:

    Definitely the right person to go home. Out of the bottom three, as much as I love Gavin, I knew he had to be there. However, Roshon should not have been there. I know it’s because he’s the teen star so he’s not going to get a lot of votes, but he was one of the best ones. I know this boils down to a popularity contest, pretty much, but the dancer in me gets peeved to see good dancers thrust into the bottom like Roshon. The bottom three should’ve been Martina with her still going home, Jack Wagner and Melissa Gilbert.

    Also, I feel like the only female who doesn’t see William’s appeal.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, I agree. Roshon did not deserve to be in the bottom three. He really is a good dancer. It’s too bad that Dancing with the Stars has a much older audience than the other competition shows. If Roshon doesn’t make it at least into the final four -where he belongs -I have no faith in the American audience when it comes to talent. This is a popularity contest and if you don’t appeal to the older viewers you will never be judged fairly.

      • Anne says:

        Spot on, Laura! That’s one of the reasons I don’t usually root for anyone until the end. A lot of the good dancers I’ve liked have always gone home too early because DWTS’ audience tend to skew older and vote on popularity rather than talent.

      • kelly says:

        There is NO BOTTOM 3 == dancing with the stars have never ever done a bottom 3 — they just put him there so that there would be more suspense. It’s nice that they did an actual bottom 2 instead of the not necessarily in the bottom 2.

      • Laquisha says:

        It’s not the bottom three. It’s random. They announced the bottom two. You need to listen more. They say this every episode.

      • JBS says:

        While I do agree that he should never even have had to endure being in jeopardy at all, they did have to put SOMEONE in the last 3. And considering the high level of talent in this group, I actually applaud DWTS for making it seem as if Roshon, someone who has dancing ability, was in danger of going home.

        Furthermore, for all we know, Roshon was probably in the top 3 this week in terms of overall scoring (judges and votes), but was not immediately safe so ratings would stay high for the results show.

    • Laquisha says:

      It’s not the bottom three. It’s random. They announced the bottom two. You need to listen more. They say this every episode.

  12. Angela says:

    Agree that the right couple went home. And ditto on feeling bad for Tony. I like him. I hope he gets a better partner next season.

  13. Sara says:

    Agree that it should have been Martina. I can see why Gavin was in the bottom too, as much as I adore him. I hope he gets better so he can stay longer! Such a genuine man. I however am NOT happy that Roshon was in the bottom three. He is one of the strongest dancers; up there with Jaleel and Katherine. I don’t generally vote since I’m Canadian but I intend very much to start voting online. I feel like this will be another Sabrina Bryan case…and I really hope it isn’t.

    I also agree with others saying that Tony and Tristan should get better partners haha. I LOVE Tristan and I hope he sticks around for future seasons.

    • Laquisha says:

      It’s not the bottom three. It’s random. They announced the bottom two. You need to listen more because they say this every episode.

  14. Kristi says:

    Awww, man, poor Tony! I feel like he can’t catch a break – though Martina was still one of the better partners he’s been placed with. Poor fella!

  15. kelly says:

    I love Sherri, she is so much fun to watch and I love Gladys and Tristan, although their second dance was a bit slow for a quickstep.

  16. Lorie says:

    I love Martina, but after Monday’s dance, it was clear she had to go. I think they put Roshon in the bottom 3 for dramatic effect. I so can’t wait to see William do the salsa next week!

  17. MaryAnn says:

    Martina is a lovely lady but she just was noticeably a poorer dancer than the rest of the field.

    As for the pros, well if you compare Derek’s partner’s week 1 dance to her week 2 dance when he realized how stiff the competition was, you can clearly see how much it matters who the pro is, and how much a good pro can do with even limited talent.

  18. jennielyn says:

    I think they put Roshon there to get people scared for him or he will be eliminated early. His fan base is probably pretty low.
    And I don’t get the William appeal either. Sure, below the neck looks great but… Now, Gilles Marini, that was a handsome man. Yummy!
    Derek always gets the beauties and poor Tony gets the duds. And remember he only got Melissa Rycroft by default. His partner (Nancy O’Dell?) got hurt.

    • JB says:

      If DWTS voting was similar to American Idol voting, then we wouldn’t even have to have a season because Roshon would run away with the title because the tween vote would be massive for him. Alas it isn’t so he may actually be in trouble (although I bet he isn’t)

      I will agree that Gilles Marini was the most handsome male celeb in DWTS (I’m a guy and not afraid to admit it.) William isn’t too bad himself.

  19. Naomi says:

    Who is voting for Melissa Gilbert (over Gavin DeGraw)? Who IS Melissa Gilbert?

  20. JB says:

    I think once again, the theory holds true that the higher-ups at DWTS love both Derek and Mark, giving them partners (AGAIN) who potentially could stay in the competition for a long time, and although the judges may dislike Maks now, the fans must still love him cause he’s still here.

    But i think the producers must HATE Tony. Once again, they give him a partner who had no realistic shot at winning. It is really a travesty because he is the best pro to not yet win the mirrorball.

  21. Deej says:

    Someone else who should also go is the Costume person who put her in that HORRIBLE outfit. While the pants were fine, as I’ve seen that style used on many ballroom dancers the top was not at all flattering.

    Martina may not be the best dancer, but she deserves better than that.

    • Jenks says:

      That is so true. I almost choked when she came out in that get-up. She should have been in something much more stately and elegant. I think the costume people must be frustrated dancers who get their kicks (tee-hee) by putting some of the contestants in god-awful costumes.