Glee Exclusive First Look: White Collar's Matt Bomer Debuts as Blaine's Brother!

Move over Sam and Dean, there’s a new genetically-blessed brother act invading primetime — for one week, anyway.

On April 10, Glee welcomes White Collar hunkmuffin Matt Bomer as the cheekily-monikered Cooper Anderson, the older brother of Darren Criss’ Blaine, and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the siblings in mid-reunion.

Glee: Scoop on an “Exciting” Season 4

As we first reported, the Brothers Anderson are set to perform a mash-up of classics from ’80s supergroup Duran Duran in the episode, which is appropriately titled “Big Brother.”

Sneak a peek at the photo below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Based on this pic alone, are Cooper/Blaine > Sam/Dean?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Matt, you’re the only reason I’ll watch this show

  2. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Sadly Blaine cancels out any hotness that could possibly be brought to the screen by Mr. Bomer. I’m not even sure Ricky Martin could have pulled that one off.

    • hotdiggity says:

      I actually think Blaine is really good looking, maybe it’s just me though.

      • Ann says:

        It’s not just you, not by a long shot. Haters gonna hate, Darren Criss is ridiculously hot.

        • Chelsea says:

          Just not in the Bomer league but then, don’t feel bad, no one is.

          • Ann says:

            Eh. I find Criss hotter. It’s all down to personal taste. There isn’t some hotness measurement where we can objectively say one person is more attractive than another. There’s no way everyone will ever agree.

  3. adam says:

    The Anderson brothers are HOT but Blaine doesn’t look to happy to see big brother at the school. Is Cooper a teacher?

  4. teri says:

    Yes! Anderson & Blaine are hot, hot, hotter

  5. logic says:

    Matt you are to good for this show. sigs

  6. Seamus says:

    Why does everything happen at school in this show these days?
    Finn’s mom tells him about his dad’s death at school.
    Burt brings Kurt his NYADA-letter to school.
    Finn proposes to Rachel at school.
    Rachel accepts his proposal at school.
    Rory sorts out Lucky Charms at school.
    Rachel’s dads arrange a talk about marriage with her and Finn on the auditorium stage at school.
    Kurt gives a pep talk to Finn at school.
    And now Cooper meets Blaine at school.
    Did all their homes burn down or what?

    • lola says:

      Oh honey, you’re trying to rationalize GLEE. It’s hopeless so stop right now or you’ll have a major headache.

    • Disco says:

      They’re trying to save money by using the minimal amount of sets. That’s why Sectionals and Regionals took place in the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion.

  7. Sarah says:

    Could care less about Blaine. I hope they don’t just brush over what happened to Quinn. I wanna see the aftermath of that.

  8. Matt Bomer is a sexy BAMF.

  9. Evyn says:

    lol no here Cooper/Blaine <<<<< Sam/Dean I fixed it for you I do like both Matt and Darren but you need a lot more than good looks to compare to Sam and Dean

    • Pash says:

      Totally agree. The only way Sam and Dean could be hotter is if they rode Harleys and even then the amount of hotness would be so extreme women would catch fire in the streets just looking at them. They have to tone down their hotness for the sake of humanity. Blaine and his brother do not have that problem. The Winchesters have a rugged handsomeness that is irresistible. Anyone from Glee is automatically too metrosexualized to compete with that same level of gorgeousness. That is all.

      • Ann says:

        Effemiphobia. Nice. Y’know, some of us aren’t into macho manly men. Some of us quite like grace and elegance.

        Bomer and Criss are both pretty traditionally masculine anyways, with sharp, strong jaws, straight noses, thick eyebrows, and lean but toned bodies.

  10. tirpse says:

    Already love these two. I seriously hope for some character development for Blaine this time.

    Darren and Matt are both gorgeous and talented.

    So excited for their duet!

  11. elefebvre100 says:

    Why so much hate?! Sheesh. Blaine deserves character development as much as the next character. It’s not like they are going to ignore Quinn’s storyline. I am so excited to meet Cooper Anderson, ESPECIALLY because Matt Bomer is just so terrific. Stop the madness everyone! We all love Glee.

  12. cj says:

    Throwing Matt into any poll or comparison automatically makes it the winner. No one is as hot as Matty B and he’s the best actor of the 4, so duh, Copper an Blaine by default.

  13. Christo88 says:

    There is a God for gay men in this world this is the proof of it !!!!! OMG !!!!!!

  14. J says:

    I hope we get to see them kiss

  15. Crystal says:

    Cooper/blain all the way they are to cute

  16. psh! move over sam and dean my butt!!!

  17. Mary says:

    “Cooper/Blaine > Sam/Dean”? I love Glee but…HAHAHAHAH! HELL NO! You’re funny…

  18. Georgina Ashworth says:

    No-one can beat Sam and Dean.
    Sam & Dean > Cooper & Blaine

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Dear me those are good looking men.

  20. christina says:

    Been losing interest in glee for a while, but with the temp addition of Matt SUPERHOT Bomer, I will be there!!

    p.s. you cant compare sam & dean to cooper & blaine! you just cant* dont make me notify the spn fandom that this travesty was done. LOL.

  21. Stephie says:

    Sites add Sam and Dean to polls since it creates web hits for ad revenue like web ratings basically because they know Sam and Sean tweens spend their days and nights voting for silly stuff like online polls that do not matter one little bit. LOL

  22. deansfangirl says:

    oh no! I just can’t decide! Jensen and Darren are *both* the greatest thing since sliced bread. I might give the edge to Darren’s voice, but Jensen plays such a bamf! Since the chemistry between Blaine and his bro is yet to be seen, I’d have to go with the Winchesters’ seven-year history of epic bickering and unconditional love. :-)

  23. Luke says:

    Wait WHAT? Why are we meeting someone from Blaine’s family before Santana, Artie, Tina, Mercedes, Puck (I don’t mean a two second flashback), Brittany or Mike? Even though I love me some Matt Bomer, I just… I dislike Blaine and I dislike Glee for using him more than the characters I fell in love with in season 1.

    • James says:

      Do you even watch this show or what? We met Mike’s parents. We met Santana’s grandmother. Puck is coming up next. And yes, suck it up, Artie, Tina, Britt and Mercedes will have to wait as they are simply lower on the pecking order. That’s just how it is. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch!

    • BB says:

      Many of the characters you fell in love with in S1 are leaving McKinley. They have to set up new characters in the club that will be front and center. Artie and Tina haven’t been very much featured in the first three seasons, so there is no reason to believe that they will be in S4. And we already met Santana’s grandmother, so that removes her from your list, we had a little something with Puck’s sister (and Puck’s dad is right around the corner, cast and all), same with Santana’s mother. Tina is a long shot, because she is not a prominent character, and won’t be. We went to Mercedes’ church with her, which I’d say was rather personal. We’ve also seen many other parents and siblings. So basically much of what you say doesn’t add up.

  24. supernatural-and-glee-fan says:

    Just to answer the reporter’s question:
    Glee is a wonderfully fabulous show and all (and GODDAMIT I want to know how Quinn’s accident’s going to turn out), but better than the Winchesters?!
    To quote Mercedes, OH HELL TO THE NAWWW!!!

  25. Natalie says:

    OMG! I soooooo cannot wait!!!! This will be EPIC. Matt so SUPER talented, and sooo easy on the eyes. The bleeds over into anything he does (white Collar!!) The tv might explode from the hotness! Based on looks, yeah it’s another Supernatural. We shall see how they interact….

  26. Catherine Rodriguez says:

    OMG!! fine and finer. Can’t wait to see

  27. Selah says:

    This makes me insanely happy! *SWOOOOOOOOOON*!!!
    The anticipation is mounting!!!

  28. nishanavneet says:

    yes Cooper/Blaine >Sam/Dean totally

  29. drew says:

    Matt Bomer is unquestionably HOT!
    They’re far different from Sam and Dean so no comparison. (Except that they are TV brothers)

  30. Tessa says:

    Nobody can out do Sam and Dean Winchester. They have been through so much more than Blaine has and how dare they try to compare Glee to SPN. They are 2 totally different shows and there is no doubt about who (the prime audience) Glee’s audience is compared to SPN. SPN has always been my favorite show then came Glee but now SPN is starting to become my favorite with Glee in Second place. Sam and Dean all the way.

  31. Marco says:

    Um, sorry but no. Sam/Dean at least LOOK like brothers (I thought Matt & Darren looked more alike) and they’re well written (if it sounds like I don’t trust the Glee writers, it’s because I don’t). Not to mention the episode that should be about Quinn is instead about Blaine. Yes, it’s about time that prop of a character got a little development, but why did it have to be in THIS episode? It’s like a huge ‘F’ You to the fans who follow Glee for the other characters and not him, practically saying that Blaine is the only character that matters (Hint to the writers; NO HE ISN’T).

    • Disco says:

      I doubt that the Anderson brothers are getting the A plot. We not only had the Quinn wreck, but we also had Finchel at the altar (technically, the courthouse). Finn, Rachel and Schue will always take precedence.

  32. Just Saying says:

    Wow, there is more drama taking place here than any Prime Time show on the schedule today whether it be Glee (with Quinn’s accident) or say The Good Wife. You people really need to get a life outside of what is on the television after 7pm, No wonder there is a problem with childhood obesity!

  33. Jennifer says:

    I adore Matt completely, and I am an avid watcher of both White Collar and Glee…..bot no one compares to the Winchesters. I would way that Matt could hold his own against Jensen. However, Darren is attractive, but nowhere near as attractive as Jared Padalecki.

  34. D (@heyyaD) says:

    I’m sorry, but I cannot take this article seriously? How are you supposed to compare Sam and Dean to these two?
    Now, if you’re asking to judge by looks only, it’s definitely got to be Sam and Dean. Matt Bomer, while I don’t watch his show, is quite attractive in my opinion. But Darren Criss cannot be compared to Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki. Those two men are both very attractive, while Darren Criss just isn’t THAT cute. (As far as I’m concerned)

    PLUS-Sorry. You cannot compare Sam and Dean’s relationship with the relationship between Blaine and Cooper. Blaine has never ONCE mentioned a brother (that I can recall) and that would never fly with Sam and Dean. They are, literally, everything to each other.

    • TrishaH says:

      I love this comment!! I agree with it completely!!!

    • Ann says:

      As far as I’m concerned, Criss is the best looking of all four.
      But that’s the point – it’s just your personal preference.
      I do agree the SPN/Glee comparisons are stupid, though. For one, Sam and Dean have had seven seasons together, whereas we’re just being introduced to Blaine’s brother in the next episode.

  35. Laura says:

    So ignoring the pathetic petty passive-aggressive comments and meaningless hatred of those commenting on this post just for the sake of getting attention…I am very excited for this upcoming storyline. I am a tremendous fan of both Darren Criss and Matt Bomer and I cannot wait to see how their relationship is established and unfolded. Both actors are tremendous talents. I love Blaine very much and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get a deeper look into him and to have something outside of the current environment give him a chance to shine. He’s had a lot of development before this but it’s usually rather subtle or secondary to another character or situation which is all the more reason to look forward to this. As a fan of White Collar and Bomer in general I think this is just icing on the cake when it comes to this already wonderful opportunity. Thank you for this exclusive. I’ve been wanting a still of them for awhile. :) I can’t wait to see what happens.

  36. Reblogged this on Pop Culture Redefined with Geraldo Bigstuff and commented:
    Looking forward to the return of Glee!!

  37. Lena says:

    I think everyone can agree that Matt is beautiful and a good actor. I don’t really watch glee a lot, but I will for Matt and only Matt. I have seen some of the show and have enjoyed it a bit. I am happy Matt is getting more exposure. I can’t wait to hear him sing and see him dance!

  38. RPatt says:

    How can you guys even call yourselves glee fans. 1. Just because Blaine gets a storyline right after Quinn’s accident doesn’t mean he’s more important or that he should die. Did you see the latest?? It was all about Quinn. 2. Call Blaine boring and annoying doesn’t even make sense. He’s only had like two major story arches in this season. 3. If you don’t like where glee is going don’t watch. It just means you’re not a true fan. All this Blaine hate makes me sick.

  39. Shannon says:

    Very excited for this ep! Finally some focus on Blaine! Hopefully we’ll get some substantial Kurt/Blaine interaction as well, because it has been far too long.

    I just hope Cooper will be there to actually develop Blaine, as opposed to being song and dance eye candy.

    I’m not going to compare Sam/Dean and Cooper/Blaine because (a) that is stupid (b) I don’t watch Supernatural and (c) we haven’t even met Cooper yet! We have no idea how he and Blaine get along.

    As far as looks go…I honestly find Darren Criss more attractive than Matt Bomer. Not to say Matt Bomer isn’t a very very attractive guy (he is!); just that personal preference-wise (which um, applies to everyone here expressing their opinions on who is the “hottest”), you really can’t beat Darren Criss in my books.

    Bring on the Brothers Anderson!

  40. Susie says:

    We don’t watch Glee, but we are big fans of Matt Bomer – we’ll watch on the 10th!

  41. magnolia says:

    You guys are just being plain old vicious to Blaine!
    I love Blaine’s singing/acting and I think his clothes are adorable.
    Glee isn’t about hating, it’s about acceptance and the underdogs.
    But Is it just me or does Cooper have a ‘bitch please’ look?

  42. Noelle says:

    I could not be more EXCITED for this episode!!! I have been a big fan of both Matt and Darren for awhile. They are totally believable as brothers. It says they are doing a mix of Duran Duran and I like their music so that should be good. I’ve heard them both sing and it will be AWESOME!!!

  43. Ida says:

    I can’t believe y’all are so mean to Blaine/Darren!! What has he ever done to you!? 😒 Get a life! Come on, Blaine isn’t even real! And to y’all saying Darren is such a bad actor, like you’re any better! For all I know, he’s a great actor!

    Darren freakin’ Criss 4 the world!!!! 😃

  44. TrishaH says:

    I’m sorry but they in NO WAY compare to Dean & Sam!! Dean & Sam are the best on primetime!!! Sorry!!!

    Don’t get me wrong though, Blaine & Cooper are cute, but my loyalty is to Dean…and Sam. LOL! Yes, I prefer DEAN! HAHA

  45. Courtney says:

    As much as I am in love with Darren criss and Matt bomer, Sam and Dean all the way.
    There’s no way one episode with two gorgeous can beat years of Supernatural! Sam and Dean will always be number 1! Plus there’s no way to really compare when you havn’t really seen Blaine and Cooper together in action.

  46. Sev says:

    Blaine is just too bad of a character, I think there is no character on TV that is worse written than him, also, I don´t think Darren is attractive. Matt is very good looking though, but I couldn´t care less for Blaines family, so..

    • Disco says:

      I think the Houston family on Smash is written terribly, much worse than Blaine’s material.

      If you like Quinn, Finn, Rachel, or Artie, then there should be something for you in “Big Brother”.

  47. erasure says:

    omg Cooper seems like he’s going to be a lot of fun. What is that expression lol?

  48. erasure says:

    Some people protest too much.

  49. Ashley S. says:

    I’m sorry, I love Glee just as much as anyone else but no one will beat out my boys Sammy and Dean Winchester!

  50. nina says:

    Quinn got hit by a truck and Dave Karofsky tried to kill himself – is this really the time to bring in a new charecter?