Idology: Elise & Colton Surge! Joshua & DeAndre Falter! Are Phillip & Heejun Dissing the Show?

It’s not every day you see an American Idol hopeful blatantly disregard the advice of a big-name mentor, but Season 11’s Top 10 Week — focusing on the music of Billy Joel — saw multiple instances of contestant rebellion against music advisors Jimmy Iovine and Diddy, and style guru Tommy Hilfiger. Whether Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han, in particular, disrespected the Idol process or simply stood up for themselves as artists is a key subject of discussion between Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and myself on this week’s Idology.

Melinda and I also dish breakout performances by Elise Testone and Colton Dixon, the struggles by Joshua Ledet and DeAndre Brackensick to connect with their song choices, and the horrific ouster of Erika Van Pelt. (And right after she took our advice and went brunette, too!) So press play below for all that good stuff, plus Queen J.Lo trying to put The Growler in a cage, and me convincing Melinda to belt the intro for one of her most memorable Idol performances.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Karen O says:

    Erika. <3 Heartbroken to lose her. At least she's going on tour.

    • Yep, Erika’s getting paid. No need to be upset about her. Should she have left this week? No. It’s funny, when Elise, Skylar, Jessica and Hollie were called to safety I was so excited, not just because I like them, but I knew that we’d be guaranteed at least 2 guys in the Bottom 3. But quickly I remembered what show I was watching and remembered that there could be 20 guys in the Bottom and 1 girl, and somehow that girl would still end up going home. This show is so frustrating. It’s tough to watch, knowing that we’re probably gonna have Phillip in the Finals already. I mean already it’s gearing up for that and there is still 7-8 weeks left. It really loses so much excitement when you can already figure out who’s gonna be there at the end.

  2. Tom says:

    I LOVE it when you guys use the Maleficent footage. It so freakin’ fits. And I really wish these shows were longer. I’d love it if Michael and Melinda could dissect all of the performances, not just the best/worst ones. But I’ll take what I can get. And please Melinda, don’t hold back from singing in future shows. I’d totally kill for you to sing your reviews/comments for an entire episode. Can that happen? Please?

  3. Namira says:

    I agree with Melinda. I really don’t think Heejun purposely wanted to ‘take the piss’ out of the song. I’d like to think he was simply aiming for a fun performance but vocal-wise, it turned into quite a trainwreck. He needs a stand-out (in a good way!) performance this week. If not, he won’t last any longer. Shame though, I’ve always thought the had SO much potential, I love the tone of his voice but he definitely should’ve been one of those who were told to wait a year or two and come audition again when he’s discovered how to actually use his voice better.

    • musica1 says:


    • katrilotta says:

      If you listen to his studio recording of the song, it’s pretty good, sadly he wasn’t able to perform it like that in tv.

      • Namira says:

        Yep, just listened to it earlier today. I agree, his voice can be really good if he controls it well enough *sigh*. I really do hope he pulls off a really good performance next week, if he goes anyway, at least he’ll bow out with a good impression left in people’s minds. At least hopefully before he’s voted off he can manage to erase the assumption that he’s “not taking the competition seriously”. I still really like him and I’m definitely gonna miss him once he’s not on the show anymore.

    • sam says:

      i couldn’t agree more, i find it upsetting to think that people are accusing him that he is not taking this competition seriously. My life is a fast song and one of the complaints of the judges is that he needed to switch it up, which he did and got reprimanded by steven tyler. No one, i don’t care who is on this show, would not go through all that they have gone through to make it to the top13 or whatever and not take it seriously or want to put their best out there and then to go on the blame him that it was him who should have gone home instead of erika is just insane. I thought deandre should have gone home and any fan of eriks’s should have voted for her more because she would have gone home last week, since she was second from the bottom — which is something I will never understand — Erika is a great singer.

    • Tom22 says:

      I’ve been enjoying Heejun’s peformance repeatedly on my iphone while walking my dog.. must have listened to it 30 times.

      I listened to billy joel a few times singing the same song too, to see if it was just the song.

      I kept coming back to heejun’s. Billy Joel’s versions have a tinge of doubt about the expressed resolve … Heejuns is more a celebration of liberty than a ever so slightly poutyness about needing to make the decision in the first place.

      Heejun also has a very nice voice and while he stumbles a few times there were also some very good parts including the last few phrases especially.

      I will say that I haven’t listened more than once to Heejuns other numbers on the show other than the audition.

      It’s kind of rude for people to assume that most of the people voting for heejun don’t want to hear him sing.

      If 20% of the people like to hear him sing, and if everyone picked their favorite, he’d get a space in the top 5….no reason the top 5 need to be the 5 that all people liked most but only that people’s first one or two choices made it in. That way everyone has their favorite continuing on until there isn’t room.

      Clearly, most people who liked Erica liked someone else even better… why should they get their first second and third choice passed along?

      • Moryssa says:

        I’ve been a fan of Billy Joel for as long as I can remember… and as such, I had a really hard time with this particular episode. I think it’s really hard to “make a song your own” while refraining from pissing off the folks who *love* the original version of the song. This is why I really didn’t care for Phillip’s performance this week. I can appreciate his talent, but I just didn’t care for his version of the song. On the other hand, I *loved* Colton’s version of Piano Man, even though it was a different take than the original. *shrug* Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I’m not a big Dave Matthews fan either.

        Anyway… Heejun definitely took a different approach to “My Life” than Billy Joel originally intended (and I enjoyed the *fun* aspect of his performance, but cringed at the vocals), but I was a little surprised by your comment about the original version having a slight “poutyness about needing to make the decision in the first place”. I’ve never once seen it that way… to me, it’s an angry song. It’s more of the “Live your life how you want, but stay the hell away from MINE.” I know I always get angry by the end of the song when I sing along with the CD player. :)

  4. Joan says:

    Please, why does JLO get the bulk of the hate over Haley? Why do you think she hates her? She doesn’t. Randy was wayyy harsher on Haley than JLO ever was. She even stood up for Haley a few times. She was NEVER cold towards Haley and there are no hard feelings between them-the behind the scenes mentioned that JLO gave Haley a pep talk top 3 week and they hugged and laughed like longtime friends. They also hugged finale night. I hate that society has come to this-assuming that women are jealous of other women. Its sexist and offensive.

    • LauraHolt says:

      It was very clear that she was hating on Haley more than Randy. The eyes don’t lie. Hell, you don’t even have to back to to watch the S10 to see that. Check out the look in her eyes when Ryan is introducing Haley’s Free performance.

      Granted the worse thing said to Haley came from the extraordinarily inarticulate, Randy with the everyone-but -you-won-that-round comment, but all the dirty ass looks were from Jlo. Personally I lost a lot of respect for Jlo & Nigel for their combined treatment off Haley.

      I know the judges have their favorites and they have for 11 seasons but the Jlo/Haley and Randy/Haley thing seemed very personal. I don’t know if it was just down to Marc Anthony disagreeing w/ JLo about Haley. There was an ep where he was back stage w/ the contestants watching the feed of the show and commenting on the critiques the same week he helped them learn how to use the earpieces.

      • Joan says:

        Please. That is all in your head. JLO made that same “face” to everybody. When Lauren was being introduced, she had that EXACT same “bitch face.” Its nothing personal, its just who she is. She made that same face to A LOT of the BOYS this season. Its ALL in your head that JLO only makes that “face” to Haley. She had that look to EVERYBODY. Even Scotty. Did she hate Scotty too? SHEESH. You are paranoid.

        • Princess Adora says:

          It’s easy to misunderstand body language when you’re just watching it through a tv. So let’s focus on the words. Jennifer was rarely ever kind to Haley in her feedback, but was sugary sweet to the rest of the contestants – even when they all deserved the opposite!

          Yes Randy wasn’t too nice to Haley either, but we’ve come to expect Randy to be wrong and say stupid things, so we take our anger out on the person we’re still pretty sure has a brain, and that’s Jennifer.

          Haley should’ve won, she’s a kick-ass slayer!!

        • LauraHolt says:

          I’m afraid not. She gushed and had nothing but warm smiles and kind eyes for everyone else including the boring ones from Scotty & Lauren (they had good performances but they had boring ones too) or the really bad off key ones from Lusk and Durbin, Or the pitch perfect but over the top ones by my beloved Casey. They would just heap on the praise.

          And on the few occasions she gave praise to Haley it was reluctantly or with these weird qualifiers attached.

          Eyes, Words and smiles don’t lie, and all of The Media picked up JLo & Randy’s mistreatment of Haley. As for your assertion that Haley was a brat, funny how all the interviews I’ve ever seen The Media was repeatedly asking her about the comments that the judges made and asking why she was being singled out. If Haley was such a dick they wouldn’t be asking that.

      • musica1 says:

        Maybe JLo hated her because she was a spoiled brat. People who worked on the show said Haley was the brattiest contestant they had ever had on the show on all the seasons. Apparently Haley thought she should be treated like a star way before she earned it and the crew couldn’t stand her.

        • aravis says:

          No kidding? Any basis–URLs, etc?

          • musica1 says:

            I happened to be around several journalists who cover Idol for national media. I’m not naming names because they might not want me to. They were all comparing notes on contestants and had all been told the same thing about Haley from various crew members. Quote, “that she’s the biggest brat ever on the show.” I’m not saying that’s a reason not to love her music or support her career. I’m sure some of the people whose music I love are jerks in real life. You should judge them on what their music makes you feel and not personality. I’m just saying if you worked with her day in and day out, it might be hard not to become slightly biased against her.

            I personally never enjoyed her performances because her growl seemed to affected to me, like a little kid knowing when to throw it in but not really feeling it. I think Elise this season is what Haley was trying to be but not really fealing it.

          • abfidy says:

            I’m going to have to call BS on that one. None of the buzz from backstage during the show was negative about Haley. On the contrary really: she was recommended by the backstage musicians and by mentors to work with Slash in the concert for Mohammed Ali. And from what I do know of industry people, a recommendation is the highest praise. Do I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Haley? No, but I don’t really think your explanation gives you all that much credit either. It’s a shame really: people are more likely to remember your one negative account than the positive accounts that have been around for months, just because as human beings we’re trained to remember criticism over positivity.

          • aravis says:

            musica1, whew. I came back to check on a response and I wasn’t expecting this much discussion. I too didn’t care much for Haley’s growling or her stage moves but I did not think she deserved all the disses she got from the judges and preferred her over Lauren or Scotty. Not buying her music though.

        • Tom says:

          Really … I guess you can point out where that came from … I bet you read your own post somewhere else and were to stupid to remember it was you that wrote it

          • shelbybb says:

            Tom you’re cracking me up! So true, where are all these “people” that hated working with brat Hailey? Guess they’re not the ones who produced her new album!

          • Emma says:

            Hahaha, good one Tom! This musica1 “person” must be living in an alternate universe! Every post-idol interview I’ve seen with Haley shows her to be nothing but kind, humble and appreciative, as well as 100% adorkable! I love Haley to pieces. I bought “Free” and have listened to it so many times I lost count, it’s fabulous, just like her!

        • Cup of Joe says:

          Musica1, all I gotta say about that is “You are completely full of it!” and “Don’t be such a fricking doody-head, k?” I hope you get what you want in life because from the looks of it, you probably don’t.

          • musica1 says:

            Cup of Joe: I have an absolutely wonderful life. I’m a very happy person. I was trying to shed some light on the situation since I happen to fall into some insider information. But some people like to keep their heads on the sand and not hear the truth. If you want to believe I have some kind of agenda against Haley or you, if that makes you feel better, then go ahead and believe that. All I’m trying to do is tell the truth. Believe it or not. It’s your call.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Oh suuuuuure, buddy! Whatever itches your panties. Give us links and maybe, just maybe we’ll respect you. Otherwise, you words are worth d*ck.

          • musica1 says:

            Cup of Joe: There are no links to conversations. Like I said, I was trying to be helpful with information. This reminds me of the time when I was talking to Adam Lanbert at the after show of the Idol tour in San Diego. I told him that his fans were waiting to meet him before the concerts, but he never came out. He said, “Would you please tell my fans that I will never come out before the show because I want to rest my voice. Tell them to come out after and I will meet them.”. So I went on the Idol boards and told them that Adam wanted to meet them but only after the show and not before. I got called an Adam hater and was accused of having no life and making up lies. Sound familiar? Yes, just like you guys are doing here. Only in both cases I am merely passing on information I have received. All the name calling and insults in the world will not change the truth.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Oh, that’s the spirit, buddy! Keep on living in your own damn world because apparently, you only have yourself to share that world with. From what I’m seeing here, most of the folks here don’t believe you. Troll.

          • musica1 says:

            I’m not a troll. I’m an American Idol fan who happens to live in Southern California and goes to lots of Idol events. I usually go to several live shows each season and have been to the finale the last three years. People who want to call an honest person a troll and a liar are the ones with the problems, not me.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Yup, still ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’! And I’m sure the rest of the folks here agree with me.

          • Lynne says:

            Actually you morons Musica1 is right. Why should this person have to prove what they are saying by giving you links to such conversations, really? How can you disapprove what Musica1 is saying? Jealous this person has insider info you don’t? You can tell Haley is a diva. Was then and is now. She thinks she is better than anyone else around her. I love her music but her attitude stinks. Don’t let your blindness confuse you. I heard that Ryan is NOT as warm as he portrays on TV either. Noticed he didn’t come out to talk to Haley after she was done singing? Yep there you go.

          • wendeeloo says:

            Ryan didn’t come out because the Haley number was pre-taped before the show started – No contestants were on stage and the judges weren’t there – I know because I was in the audience.

          • Awww, Lynne! Drinking into that Kool-Aid? Frankly, those comments about Haley are just real asinine. But everyone knows that anyway, so who gives a hoot. They all gave a collective eyeroll to that. Nothing to take seriously there, really.

        • Jason says:

          What some people refer to as brat could really be standing up for what you believe in. To me that is Rock N Roll and Haley was a rocker at heart!! Not the pop princess they want every girl on Idol to be!!!

        • W says:

          Yes I too would like to see your proof of this – concerning how Haley alledgedly acted like a diva…

        • Thank God. Finally a citizen journalist with the courage to speak out. You are indeed my idol and have inspired me to share my exclusive information regarding last season as well. Credible sources inside both the mansion and the studio have revealed to me that Scotty’s chronic masturbation problem nearly led to his premature ejectulation from the show.. Ironically it was second place finisher Lauren Alaina’s ample supply of cocaine that kept our little trooper in the competition. I can now also confirm that the rumor regarding James Durbin’s demand that a box of kittens be delivered before each live show for him to strangle is sadly true. While I can’t reveal my sources I can assure you that they are real people with real names. Rest assured that everything I have written is 100% true. No need to verify my account because I stake my reputation on every word.

          • Brigette says:

            HAHAHAH! And just to add my two cents…. have any of the Idols said anything bad about Haley, the people who spent more time with her than anyone? No. I’ve only read good things. Would Lauren Alaina tell reporters after top 4 night that Haley sang better than all of them and didn’t deserve criticism if she really was a brat that no one liked? Doubtful.

          • W says:

            Your post made my day! Great writing! And perfectly put “musica” in its place. Just the name ‘musica’ should tell us everything we need to know!

      • Tusk says:

        Everyone knows I’m as big a Haley fan as anyone, and in JLo’s defense, your example of her stare when Ryan introduced Haley is an inaccurate representation of what happenend.

        Haley had to tape her performance early in the day because of how much production the director wanted (bird Cage, props, etc), it could not be set up and be quickly taken down in time on a live show.

        So, when Ryan introduced Haley, they went to tape. Randy and JLo are both pretending to look forward and clap when they were looking at nothing…they played a taped performance.

        In addition, watch Steven..instead of do the same thing as Randy and JLo, stare forward and clap. Steven, instead, stares at the camera and smirks…they were not going to be watching Haley perform live….

        • W says:

          Yes I was in this audience The number was taped right before the live show and none of the judges, contestants or Ryan were on set.

        • LauraHolt says:

          I said while he introduced her. I didn’t say Haley was right there in front of them. Look at the look in her eyes when he is introducing her. And tell me when else during that ENTIRE night do you see her give that look. The mere mention of Haley’s name seems to bug JLo.

      • indigo says:

        Actually I lost a lot of respect for Randy after that because Randy was talking for J Lo,and still does this year, He is not very articulate beyond Dowg and for me to me from you. Only time I heard him being articulate was the time Adam sang and he was genuinely moved by the Talented Adam Lambert because lets face it even non English speaking fans from around the world were posting very great comments for Adam’s performances.

      • Yo' says:

        The eyes don’t lie. Exactly. I watched JLo every time she spoke to Haley last season and there was a point after which Jennifer’s face said it all. It was personal. I have no idea why, but it was personal.

        • TB says:

          I think it was the moment Haley cursed out Jimmy Iovine (one of the best moments of the season). That was it for Jennifer: she could hide the hate no longer. I actually thought she was going to strangle Haley from where she sat.

          • Tarc says:

            All said and done, Haley’s quite liked and respected all over the place. She’s done a number of duets, and been invited to guest all over for different jazz groups. *shrugs* We all know J-Lo’s got a temper (she didn’t even wait until the camera was off to start screaming at her dancers at one of the awards shows – she was a boxer and they dropped her onb her _ss). To be honest, they all know that the package material on Idol sways votes, and when Iovine chastized her about her ‘work ethic’ on camera, he deserved to be bawled out. Her work ethic is obviously fine since she’s all over the place, has a single and a record out, and looks and sounds amazing. And the judges? They were never the least bit fair to her. She came out and NAILED Blue – and I mean absolutely perfect stunning work – and they dissed her right off the bat for nothing. Clearly the producers told them they wanted Scotty, and they were to make it so (despite the fact the kid was dumb as a box of rocks and boring as dirt). I kinda ignore the judges now because of it. Haley’s the best contestand Idol’s ever had, with the possible equals of Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert.

    • RTW says:

      I think J-Lo gets the bulk of the hate because Randy’s stupidity is borderline being disabled, and it’s hard to hate a disabled.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Really? JLo cried her eyes out when every contestant left…. well other than when one named Haley left. Not a tear in her eye for that, nothing. Randy was as harsh though for sure and even off the set, at his MTV visit, he was still harsh. Haley ws playing nice and just trying to not believe they had it in for her, but other contestants talking later seemed to think they did have it in for her. And JLo gave her some support in the beginning but them boom. I think she was the only one of the three to not give a standing O or the only one who had to pushed up into at the end too, from what I vaguely recall.

  5. TVAddict says:

    Love, love, love Melinda singing at the end. I’d comment more, but I need to go to YouTube watch her Idol performance of “Have a Nice Day.”

  6. musica1 says:

    I agree with Michael about the break in Colton’s voice. I’ve loved his voice, but where did that awful break come from? It almost sounded like he was going for the break that country singers use, but it didn’t sound right when Colton did it. My top 2 of the week were Phil and Elise, but I still love Hollie! It just wasn’t her best week. Oh, and I really enjoyed Heejun’s performance. It was fun enough to keep him in another week. I don’t see how he and Deandre can not be the next two to go, though.

    And Haley’s song is boooring! I don’t expect to hear that on my radio anytime soon.

  7. Kriste says:

    I think the whole “Women hate women” memo is stupid. Jennifer has no jealousy AT ALL. She critiqued Joshua this week. Does that mean she hates Josh and is singling him out? No.

  8. LauraHolt says:

    I have never cared for Philip Phillips. His arrangements have always missed the mark for me UNTIL Movin’ Out. I LOVED that, so much so that I went back and watched all his previous performances & auditions again to see if I would feel differently. I still hate In the Air Tonight and the chorus on Thriller in his audition but the rest has grown on me a bit. It helped that this time prior to his audition I didn’t’ have Nigel’s Phillip hype (via Seacrest’s narration) telling me how to feel about him prior to him performing.
    I thought he handled the Tommy/P.Diddy thing beautifully. I think if Tommy had chosen his words better than Phillip would have responded better, as for PDiddy he was just flat wrong.

    Elise is a wonderful singer but unfortunately she has the same problem that Carly from Season 7; which is to say that she sings beautifully but her facial expressions reflect something different then what her vocal evokes. Carly’s Blackbird vocal was so beautiful and if I don’t watch her oddly angry and frowny face when she’s singing it, it’s amazingly beautiful. There’s something in Elise’s eyes and facial expressions that makes it difficult for me to connect to her voice. If I just listen to what she’s producing then it’s all good.

    Deandre and Joshua have so much talent and it’s a shame that they can’t get it together and consistently pick and deliver the right song. Deandre really needs to go back and look at his Wild Card Georgia performance and his Hollywood This Woman’s Work and realize that that is how he needs to deliver ALL the time. Joshua is an amazing singer but like Elise there’s something visually that bugs me when he’s singing. His voice is absolutely STELLAR.

    I’m really not a fan of country music but Skylar is killing it, It worries me that she and Jessica and Holly are often over singing. I cant’ wait for them to embrace the idea of dynamics. I give PDiddy credit for trying to get them to see that.

    Colton I still don’t get. I thought his sister was 20x better than him in the audition. And to answer your question Michael, Colton has always had that weird ass squeal in his voice and it’s all a little too Jonas Brothers for me.

    As for Heejun, well although Black & Jewish, I grew up with loads of Asian Americans (mainly of Chinese, Vietnamese & Japanese descent) and I totally dig his dry Korean wit. I don’t think his set up delivery was awkward at all. It seemed clear to me that he was spoofing those ridiculously happy teen musicals. “I just want to dance” with forced plastic smile. It made me laugh. Unfortunately the vocal was rough. Haven’t the contestants learned by now that runnin’ around that big ass stage isn’t too smart. Over the last few years we’ve seen quite a few contestant make that mistake. I just went back and watched his audition and his confrontation with Cowboy and I was reminded of what a lovely tone of voice he has. He’s one of my favorites, although I would be disappointed if he won. He’s not nearly as strong as some of the other contestants.

    You cracked me with your response, when you got Melinda sing at the end of Idology.

    • Tarc says:

      Well, I guess I’m glad I find Phillip and Colton hand down the best on the show. I didn’t like Phillip’s In The Air Tonight, but I dislike that song anyway. All of his other songs have been brilliant. And Colton, despite the occasional off-putting religious blabbering, is awesome as well.

    • H says:

      I disagree with you about Colton, love his performances, but you said exactly what I think about Elise. Something is bothering me in her facial expression, the eyes,the body language that I can’t quite explain and I can’t connect to her singing because of that. I don’t think she is ‘feeling’ the songs and more just “performing” it… Just my opinion of course.

  9. unicornwasp says:

    jason averett takes it up another notch by shouting out carrie brownstein!

  10. According to my iTunes, I listened to Haley’s Free 39 times in a row today, so I got you beat, Slezak.

    These past two episodes have been awesome, thanks to Jason’s reemerging presence. To (air)quote Randy: “He’s in it to win it!” I love how we don’t have to see or hear Jason to know exactly how he feels about the contestants… and dare I say, his opinion is the one I always agree with!

  11. Rosa says:

    Melinda singing that part again. Omg. <3

  12. 10 minutes and nothing on Hollie. I dissapoint, Idology.

    • musica1 says:

      I thought Hollie’s fans were the HolliePops. At least that’s what she calls them. Anyway, it wasn’t her best week. She’ll be back next week!

  13. Rebecca Parker says:

    Broken record, I know, but 10 minutes is not enough. This is a shame – this show used to be one of my favorite things of the week. Now it’s “Oh, Idology is up. Eh, I have 10 minutes.”

    • mona says:

      Same here, sistah.

    • Lunakit says:

      Finding it hard to enjoy IDOLOGY for that very reason….
      It’s like as soon as I press “play” the sand in the 10 minute hour glass begins to spill and they can’t talk about it all fast enough. I am distracted by the movement of the time bar telling me it is almost over already….. GRRR!
      What pisses me off most is that week on week and after a multitude of requests, Michael and TVLine fail to explain the reason for this.

      • Brigette says:

        Me too! And I’m always left thinking about the things that they didn’t discuss that I wish they had. :(

  14. abfidy says:

    I might have bounced and/or clapped at my computer screen when Melinda started singing…it may or may not have happened. I agreed with pretty much everything you said in this installment (they can always be longer…just saying!) but I have to say with Heejun, I wasn’t offended by his schtick until Thursday when he said he isn’t a star and he’s not there to be one. I get that statement, but at the same time when there are 9 contestants who do want to be stars sharing the stage with him, it’s kind of a knock to them to have to watch this guy move into the next round when he’s pretty open in saying that he doesn’t have the ambition to use this experience to move to the next level.
    My only real disagreement with you guys would be in the Elise/Haley connection. Elise got more love in one night than Haley got all of last season combined. Nigel and the judges clearly want Elise to stick around until at least top 5 and they clearly could not get rid of Haley soon enough. But what’s interesting is that I think part of the reason she gets artistic cred where Haley didn’t is precisely because of the age factor that is hurting her with the voters. She gets a bit more respect from producers for having paid her dues in a sense. I wonder if she were 20 instead of 28, would the show be trying so hard to help her with votes? I like Elise though, I thought she was phenomenal this week, and I’m happy the show is supporting her.

    • NedPepper says:

      Nigel KNOWS he made a mistake last year with Haley. On her return to the show they put her in a cage and “Free”d her, for God’s sake. They’re jumping on Elise early because they want their bases covered. She’s got the Haley vibe and voting block. Hell, she’s got my vote.

      • abfidy says:

        That was the best part of attaching Haley perform: you know Nigel is desperately backpedaling everything he pulled last year now that he knows she is putting out a radio friendly pop album. Has Nigel ever pulled in his SYTYCD buddies to stage an Idol’s results night performance before this week? Not in my memory anyway. I definitely don’t get a Haley vibe from Elise though, but I think people are quick to connect the two anyway because they’re blonde soul singers who have spent time in the bottom two. But their circumstances and their performance style could not be more different. I do agree though that they share a chunk of the same voting block.

  15. Anna says:

    Well i thought Jessica was fantastic and have given justice to the song…I felt it!!she is still my favorite last week. I wish that she would again pick the right song for personal idol this week..Go Jessica make the judges stand up to their feet again for the fourth time(solo).

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Is this week’s theme personal idol? Where do you find these out? Does that mean Hollie is going to whip out a Celine song?
      And maybe Elise can do the Ramones.
      And damn, that means we’re missing Erika finally doing some Pat Benatar.

  16. Kesia says:

    I’m glad Melinda pointed it out that it is who Joshua is. Last week wasn’t his greatest, but I’m not interested in Joshua being “toned down” just to cater to other people who don’t get him. If they think and can’t handle Joshua’s “hooting and hollering” so be it. I’m glad Joshua said he will be him no matter what. Once Joshua tries to change, then there will be people saying he is not being himself. How come Phillip gets the pass for “being himself”? Oh right, he is a “musician”, he “makes music” and is innovative. And he is a cute white guy. Who, as your future winner, will sell no more than 300k once the album releases.

    Joshua, just worry about performing your best. If a wanna take it to church, I’ll go to church with ya. You are still more captivating to watch anyway.

    • GDV says:

      I disagree. Phillip can be himself every week and not get boring (at least not totally) because it’s exciting to see how he will switch up an arrangement. Whereas if Joshua were to “go to church” EVERY performance, it would limit what he’s actually capable of. He has an amazing voice, I don’t think he needs the choir theatrics every single performance.

      • Cup of Joe says:

        Here’s the thing, though: It’s one thing to come up with new arrangements for songs. It’s a different story altogether to go through the song with a bulldozer and come up with performances that just get lost in the shuffle.

        I like Phillip as a person, but as a singer, he’s rather disappointing. What I get from him is Gokey’s overratedness, upgraded Lee’s looks, Casey’s vocals and Paul’s too-cool-for-school vibe.

      • Tarc says:

        Every year, we watched several really good ocntestant buy into the ‘advisors’ and lose their way. Some recover, but most just fall by the wayside. There are way too many people telling these guys that what they do is wrong and offering absolutely contradicting advice about everything. It’s great that Phillip is conscius of that, and he’ll be well served by it. I wouldn’t mind seeing him just pick out some new clothing of the same vein, though – tattered shoes and baggy/rumpled clothes are a little distracting.

        • zaza says:

          Phillip’s choice of footwear is sooo gross. I’m a born and bred Californian, but I can’t stand when guys wear flip-flops with jeans. And those brown, flea-bitten slippers he had on last week were no improvement. Phil…please at least allow AI to give you a new pair of shoes!

          • Templar says:

            He ends up looking somewhere between trailer trash and homeless, and his teeth need a good sprucing up as well.

  17. Applesdefinitely says:

    Side-eyeing your “women’s blouse” comment tbh. Seriously? Like, dude, look at ST maybe?

  18. Pete says:

    This makes me feel ashamed, but I giggled when Michael spoke about Philip’s gray-over-gray outfit, when Melinda was wearing gray-over-gray herself. xD

  19. NedPepper says:

    Annnnnd….Idology is back. Great episode. Maleficient appears to much laughter. Melinda’s singing makes Slezak giddy. Ah, this made my morning. : )

  20. sara says:

    Yay! Thanks guys, that was the best episode of the season so far! (obviously talking about Idology, not AI) Loved all the snarkiness, and Jason was on FIRE. :)

  21. Holly says:

    Great show! Michael, watch your back! Melinda is so fantastic on Idology that you may soon be out of a job! (Just kidding, you’re great too!)

  22. Ash says:

    Broken record, but I’m still so disappointed Idology is only 10 minutes. How about 10 minutes with Melinda, and then a couple more segments Slezak with viewers like last year so you can discuss all the contestants. I spent some time watching Idoloonies from last year this weekend. It was so amusing and fun to watch! Idology is so boring this year. :(

    • Jessica says:

      I’ll be honest-it really does need to be longer than 10 min’s. I miss the 3 part segments! Knowing how great it used to be to now rushed just sucks.

  23. Ash Q says:

    I still love Heejun. Maybe his styling session verged on the disrespectful size -but like he said, he doesnt know a thing about fashion. He just wears what they tell him to. In terms of his performance it was there vocally, but I wasnt offended by his performance and I dont think it was at all offensive. I can see how people saw it as ‘not taking it seriously’ but it’s clearly not his intention. He just wanted to do a fun performance, one that people enjoyed remembered.

    In terms of P2, he tweeted since before the Top 13 performance that he’s just a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. That’s just him, and I think it was a matter of staying true to himself. I dont think it was disrespectful -hadnt even considered that prior to you saying it. And Im glad he didnt take Diddy’s advice. Oh lawd.

    Amen about the guitars!

    Colton’s squeaks were distracting for me too.

    Erika is so talented. Every time she opens her mouth to sing, it sounds so nice.
    I think it was Deandre’s week to go. But what evs.

    Elise was absolutely amazing. I agree.


    (still vouching for a longer idology btw)

  24. It just amazes me that, week after week, a versatile rock vocalist like Steven Tyler, who can do a range of smooth ballads and gritty rock anthems, gives Phillip a free pass for singing in the same style every single week.

    • musica1 says:

      Kind of like Chris Daughtry did when he was on the show. That’s why he finished fourth. Brilliant rock music that sounds great on the radio starts to get tiring to people on a singing competition when it sounds the same week after week and the more versatile vocalists are mixing it up. I wasn’t surprised at all when Daughtry went home, and if Phillip continues to sing the way he does every week, he probably won’t make it past fourth either. And may he go on to find the career success that Chris Daughty has!

      • Cup of Joe says:

        To be fair to Daughtry, he mixed things up during his run: Country week, American Songbook and Love Song week, anyone? With Phillip, his songs sound all the same, arrangements nonwithstanding. What I get from him is a Gokey/DeWyze/Abrams/McDonald hybrid. In other words, no me gusts, baby!

      • zaza says:

        Ah, but Phillip is cuter than Daughtry, so the girls will continue to vote for him.

  25. I’m happy Phillip didn’t listen to Hilfiger. Did you see what he put Skylar in? It made her hips and but look twice as big!

  26. Slezak, you abandoned Hollie in the Thia Megia ghetto!

  27. tesh says:

    Michael Slezak, I love watching Idology (and Idolatry). Just one suggestion: could you also factor in reviews of the studio versions, or write an article about them. Coz Heejun’s studio version was actually pretty good, and Colton’s nervous tic was gone in his quite wistful version of Piano Man.

  28. Henry D says:

    Best thing I’ve ever seen on this show was Heejun and Phillip bursting the Hillfiger and Iovine ego bubbles last week and bringing them down to earth.

    Iovine is clearly delusion and power-mad, resorting to interscope records isn’t going to pay for that threat. Heejun basically told him to go F himself. YES!

    And Hillfiger represents everything wrong with the business, show over substance. Thank God Phillips basically told him to F himself too. I’ll be voting for both of them this week.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      For you, I have a suggestion: How about voting on the basis of – oh, I dunno, the quality of their performances?

      And for P2 and Heejun, Iovine and Diddy have been at their respective industries for years, it won’t benefit them to discard all their advice. What if for some reason, they’re gonna work with them after Idol? Not good.

      • macy says:

        Joe, you can’t control people, no matter how hard you try. Henry can vote for a contestant for whatever reason he chooses. Sorry, free country.

  29. Volcfom says:

    My favorite installment of Idology so far this season! Hoping this is a sign of good things to come. I like when I have to watch a few times to catch all the good nuggets that Jason gives us.
    I know that Haley’s performance was pre-recorded, I just wish that the judges sat in for it to make it more believable. But God forbid they actually show respect/support for a former Idol hopeful. (Yes, I know that they never sit in for the pre-taped performances, but it would’ve been nice).

  30. Chris says:

    That ‘hiccup’ of Colton’s has always been there. I think he sings Lifehouse’s “Everything” without the annoying break, hiccup, squeal whatever you want to label it as. It grates my nerves. Maybe we’ll see this week.

    As a business person with many years of age on these contestants my opinion is that Phillip and Heejun have sorely set themselves up in certain eyes of ‘investors’. The music business is a – drum roll – BUSINESS and if this is their interview, you did not do well in the ‘take advice from a leader in the industry’ very well. They’ve got some learning to do (I just decoded Jimmy’s comments). I’m not saying you need to come out in a tuxedo but Phillip would it hurt to wear a shirt with color with some light starch and maybe even tuck it in? Try some dark denim? Really? I know you’ve got this whole I just want to be me thing and I get that – but unless you are planning to record, produce, engineer, and promote a tour and the distribution of your music – take some advice (and use it) while you can young man. I mean there are only millions of viewers…

    Heejun needs to hang up the towel. His voice pales in comparison to everyone else and he’s just not ready. You failed your interview.

    Melinda, I hope DeAndre watches this because you hit the nail on the head. Lets hope he channels his idol well this week – its too soon because he has NOT peaked.

    I am really hoping Stevie Nicks did some justice with the remaining contestants and they all make it hard for us to choose this week.

  31. George says:

    Michael and Melinda need to have a full half hour show on cable. A 10 minute “Idology” is way to short. And they have amazing chemistry. There! I said it! Now get’r done! :-)

  32. sam says:

    i don’t understand how idol viewers would give Phil a pass for a what a consider a very arrogant/insulting action against his advisors. If any other singer had done what he did, they would be all over it. Phil is a great singer and I’m not questioning that, I just think that other people think that other singers are cocky with showing no reason for saying that and Phil shows this and no one considers that a cocky move?

    Anyways, don’t miss dancing with the stars tonight!!

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Sorry, but if you Philip 2 is a “great” singer, your standards for “greatness” have a low bar.

  33. sam says:

    I still say and hope final four is: Colton, jessica, hollie and philip

    • ana says:

      I trade jessica for elise.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      You’ll probably get your wish. Never in the history of Idol have I felt more certain about how the Top 9 will fall – barring naked photos on the internet, criminal arrests, and flat-out horrible performance.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Well, actually, D.E.T., if one of them had a horrible performance, it would probably not impact the outcome. And since, unfortunately, this final four is probably correct, I simply won’t care who wins — I won’t support any of them.

        • TB says:

          I still think Skylar could be a spoiler for the top 2. If she pulls out a “Stay With Me” style performance late in the game I’m thinking she could skate into the finale over some of the chosen ones. If the ideal winner’s trajectory for a girl is a strong start, then establishing a base, then comfortable in the mid game but not high enough for a backlash or for frontrunner status, followed by pulling out all the stops around top 5….looks like she’s the most likely to pull that one off.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          You’re correct – there would have to be a string of very bad performances, which probably won’t happen.
          Part of the fun of this show is watching every week and observing how the performances affect the contestants’ position on the leaderboard. Even though I do believe we have the best contestants in a long time it seems as though we already know when everyone’s going home and who’s going to win, and it’s weird.

  34. harold says:

    Melinda, I like your version of Sway. It was one of my favorite performances. I didn’t think you looked uncomfortable at all.

  35. Ash Q says:

    Diddy: “Hey man, I never seen nobody mad at somebody for dancing and having a good time.”
    Unless your Heejun.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t think anyone was mad at Heejun for enjoying himself (dancing …. really walking around and having fun). But Diddy is not a good mentor, the end.

  36. Joe says:

    Thank you Melinda for calling out Phillip on his Dave Matthews impression. Every time I hear someone on the show refer to him as an original it’s like a dagger through my spine. I just don’t understand why Idol is putting their head’s into the sand to the fact that he’s doing a Dave impression week after week after week. And I know his brain dead fans won’t admit it, but that is what he’s doing. Go watch a youtube of Dave singing All Along The Watchtower with the full band and tell me Phillip is an original. It’s like Idol putting an Elvis impersonator through. It’s sad to see every week.
    As for Heejun and Phillip standing up to Jimmy and Tommy Hilfiger? Not the greatest career move boys. Jimmy is a major player in the music business and if insulting him makes you feel great I hope you like singing in coffee houses after the tour. Get a reputation in this business that you are difficult to work and don’t take constructive criticism and you find your phone stops ringing. Hopefully, this week puts an end to Heejun’s Idol journey and he can start auditioning for all these plum comedy roles all his fans think he’s destined for. Can’t wait for that guy to walk into a room with real comedy actors reading for parts for real directors and realize he doesn’t even have the comedy chops of Donny Osmond circa 1976.
    And this Idology being 10 minutes is truly frustrating. I’m grateful for what we get of it, but the short format isn’t working. The pacing is off and you’re left waiting and wondering what the hosts are thinking. That’s not a good thing because they don’t come back and expand on what’s missing. I almost felt that Slezak should’ve ignored the Haley nonsense since it was taking away from chances to hear what he & Melinda thought of current contestants. They really need to do a second segment.

    • Chris says:

      Right on, Joe! ” Get a reputation in this business that you are difficult to work and don’t take constructive criticism and you find your phone stops ringing”

    • zaza says:

      I don’t think Phillip ever realized that being in the music business isn’t just about playing music. I don’t think this self-professed “simple guy” knows how to handle the fame/celebrity part of it. But if he wants to be a successful musician, he’d better learn not only how to deal with it, but how to play the game.

      • Joe says:

        While all the bloggers and internet fans cheer when they stand up to big bad Jimmy, the fact is his company is the one who will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into these guys to make their dreams come true after the show. If they think they are dealing with someone who got lucky and was picked for a reality music show and is already ignoring professional advice? They won’t last. The contestants on these shows need to play the game. They have the ear and attention of people who are powerful in their respective industries. Acting like their advice is dumb is the quickest way back to obscurity and youtube videos of them playing songs in their bedrooms hoping to get a thousand hits. Phillip, of all people, needs to play nice since his act is already being done by a mega star in Dave Matthews. While he can hope to grab some pre-teen fans who haven’t discovered DMB yet, in the real world he won’t stand a chance against the real thing. Dave Matthews fans aren’t going to embrace his imitator unless Dave himself comes out and does so. Which, I might add, is entirely possible since DMB is putting out a new CD this spring. While I’d hate to see Dave lend credence to what Phillip is doing onstage, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him show up on Idol before the season ends.

      • Templar says:

        P2 would do himself a favor by having a private heart to heart with Steven Tyler about the music biz. Or read a book on Bon Jovi and how Jon talks about what he learned from Tyler. P2 is naive. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not etc.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Templar – I think you hit the nail on the head with the word “naive” and I agree with your comments. Everyone is young and idealistic at one time in their lives. I don’t think Phillip Phillips is intentionally re-working melodies on songs and I don’t think he’s intentionally disrespecting Jimmy, Hilfiger, or anyone else. I believe he sings the songs the way he hears them in his head. I also think he just chose the clothes he liked. Most straight guys don’t give a lot of thought to clothing. If they are covered when they walk out the door, they’re good.

          And if you aren’t supposed to wear gray on stage, WHERE did those gray clothes come from? Why were they on the rack in the first place?

          I’ll be honest – I don’t really notice clothes unless they’re particularly dreadful or particularly gorgeous. The clothes that made me the craziest were the outfits Gwen Stephani dressed Pia and Lauren in last year, and all those Lennon Sisters Ballgowns Lauren wore. Yuck.

          • Templar says:

            ITA that Gwen S. made them look hideous. But look at Gwen on any given day and you will know taste escaped her completely. As for P2, he might take a bit of advice from ZZTop, too. Colton is going to catch more glances, and in a competition like this looks count. He doesn’t need to dress for the White House, but he should dress like his house isn’t on wheels.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I didn’t really have a problem with the gray clothes P2 was wearing. In fact I thought they looked better than most of what he’s worn on the program, despite the fact they were gray!
            Colton wears some odd stuff but I’m old so I wasn’t really sure if it looked bad or not, LOL. I think I do better judging women’s clothing, to be honest.

          • Templar says:

            Maybe I’m out of touch, but to me if you’re in a talent competition a bit of flash is called for. Colton’s style is striking and he’d be noticed even in a crowd. P2 on the other hand would be completely overlooked. He does nothing to add to his stage presence. As I said, I’m out of touch, but I like my stars to be stars. Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t overdo it, but he owns a room the minute he enters it.

    • macy says:

      How exactly did Heejun “stand up to Jimmy”? You’re saying something that didn’t happen.

  37. Tom22 says:

    You guys are reading a heck of a lot into what went on in the styling sessions from the 30 second clips they chose to show us out of what must have been 30 to 45 minute sessions.

    Clearly they were editting with some eye to entertainment value.

    I’ve got to think that Heejun would have had some follow up elaborations to his quips.

    We also weren’t really shown what PP (or others) was offred and turned down. Were they pushing him into some sort of tailored shirt with piping on it with matching pants ala Las vegas or wer they offering something more like a fatigued red leather vest(with a tinge of a hunting jacket, but not) and tapered leg black heans? (i think the second might have looked good, the first taken away)

    Given what they picked out for Skylar I gotta think they may have been screwing up… or maybe she called an audible too and they didn’t want to make her look stupid for saying it was her choice.

  38. Jessica says:

    I think the contestants problem is how they are coming off.

    Colton- “Rocker guy” isn’t really coming off like that. James Durbin did it better even.
    Deandre- He looks scared and like a kid-so not ready yet.
    Elise- The smirk and try too hard now to be friendly/smiley is weird.
    Heejun- not as funny as he thinks and I can’t take anyone serious who doesn’t know himself or his worth.
    Hollie- Does she know who she wants to be musically besides Celine Dion? I see real potential in her though :)
    Jessica-just screams “I have been in talent shows and pageants”all of 15 years of my life (no idea how old she is but she seems very young). Little Miss Robot.
    Joshua- Perfect except yes he does need to learn how to act better. As much as I can only kinda believe in Jessica with her eyes Joshua’s eyes make him seem disconnected. My husband had me just listen to Joshua’s performance without looking at him and his vocal was perfect!
    Skylar- Actually she seems to have it figured out :) Just wish she would take it real slow (like how she sings at the end of her songs) and it will be wonderful!
    Phillip- Yes he did go a bit overboard. You can and should be open to others opinions who know more than you do about the industry you want to go into. Thankfully he knows himself well but it can work against him. I don’t see him being in the final if he continues doing what he’s doing. I did listen to Dave Matthews “All along the watch tower” and there are similarities. PP is not an original but I think he is fantastic!

    • Jessica says:

      To be clear yes vocal performance is most important. I think they are all talented besides Heejun (who has seemed to decline a lot vocally). Personality and these little things can hurt in a competition like this.

  39. A says:

    Am I the only one who finds Elise’s voice grating, for me for you dawg??

    • Templar says:

      I find everything about Elise grating. Hate the clothes, the hair, the tude, the voice and she’s not even eye candy.

  40. ben says:

    Have to disagree with idology completely today. The judges are not to blame for Erika’s ouster in any way (really? Last season you want them to critique, now that they do you blame them for the results? Make up your mind!) Also, Melinda was closer to right about Heejun. The reality is, he didn’t flop to his fan base, which is I think why he survived. But he definitely wasn’t disrespecting the process. It feels like there is a level of snobbery around Idol this year which I’m not a big fan of – its supposed to be fun!!

  41. bigtuna21 says:

    Heejun staying has nothing to do with his being a man. I think people need to get over the male-female thing. Soe far two females have been eliminated and one man (two with Jermaine). It’s not such a huge discrepancy.

    Heejun stayed because he’s funny and American Idol is more of a popularity contest than anything. Erika was just boring, so she got voted off.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      If you think having a Y chromosome has nothing to do with voting, you are really naive. Just consider who (and what type of folks) won during the past four seasons. And during the past couple of seasons, tell me how many ladies were voted off during the early Finals rounds. For some reason, the ladies don’t get a lot of respect in the show. And yes, it doesn’t help that voters tend to be teenage girls who vote for whomever turns their hormones one. Frankly, your comment is rather asinine.

  42. lynn says:

    Please make Melinda sing every time she’s on Idology! That is all!

  43. markstudy says:

    Thanks for showing a few Haley clips… love the J Lo jokes. LOL You guys are the best!

    I’m just a bit sad that we didn’t get anything on Holly in this week’s idology,? She the season 11’s Haley as far as I’m concerned… slow starter but has the raw talent to blow it out of the water if she can hang-on for the next few weeks, while she figures out her style.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Hm. I gotta disagree with you on that one. From the start, Haley set herself apart by showing herself willing to sing songs in a ton of different styles. Eventually, that won people over and she started getting votes. Thus far, Hollie has stood still and sung big grand ballads. She began as a favorite but has been just a little off these last two weeks. If anything, she’s this season’s Pia.

      • abfidy says:

        I don’t get the need to make every contestant into “this year’s Haley”. I mean, I miss Haley too and I wish there could be more of her awesomeness on my TV this season, but there can only be one slayer. I love these contestants on their own terms, and I don’t know that its fair to them to expect them to live up to Haley.

  44. jiji33 says:

    yes, melinda- sing more!

    this group is super talented but lacks sexiness…i feel like all the guys are way too religious and young and prob have never had good, wild sex in their lives..or had their hearts broken….it really takes away from their ability to deliver. colton might have had a good technical performance but i was not feeling it, and wasnt feeling him. the only guys who bring some sexiness to the stage are philipp, jessica (in spite of her young age), and elise (also, keep rocking the cleavage, sister!).

    so since sex appeal is one of the most important qualification for a successful artist, i predict– philipp and jessica final 2. mark my words. unless another contestant transforms over the next few weeks (haley for example had grown on me over time ..)

    • TB says:

      I actually hadn’t thought about the whole sex appeal thing, but I agree with you. I think though it’s a bit bigger than just sex appeal; I think they all have a tendency to take themselves too seriously. If one of the frontrunners manages to loosen up a bit, I think they stand to pull way ahead in the competition. Actually that’s why I think Heejun managed to squeeze by this week: he definitely wasn’t good, but he looked like he was having fun and I think that’s something the voters are missing from the contestants this year. I’m thinking Skylar has the best chance of pulling it off, but I could definitely see Phillip winning on a fun factor too.

  45. ali427 says:

    Love you both; Idology is my favorite 10 minutes of the week, but I have a couple of issues this week. First, Michael–P2, really? I think he looks and sounds constipated when he sings, and I find him SO unoriginal. He’s the LAST thing we need–yet another WGWG. And Melinda–you are hands-down my favorite Idol of all time. My fingers are still sore from all the dialing I did your season; I adore your voice, your personality, your knowledge of music–everything. So, hearing you not only admit that you have never heard my favorite Billy Joel song of all time, but then diss his version . . . I think I’m going to need some therapy. Seriously!?! You can make it up to me by touring somewhere in the DC area! :)

  46. nich says:

    Philip needs to get over himself big time.

    • Mcjagger says:

      Still not a fan of Philip either. He’s got a distinctive vocal style, but I’m not sure he can stretch much vocally or artistically. He just does his “thang” to a new song each week. It was refreshing to hear his approach in the audition rounds, but it’s had diminishing returns since then. Didn’t like In the Air Tonight or Movin Out and I hated Superstition.

      • Templar says:

        As far as I can tell he destroys the melody while he repeats the lyrics.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          OMG — another nail you’ve had direct contact with!

          In addition, frequently the lyrics never seem to make it beyond his tonsils and nasal passage. Not what singing is supposed to be and a very unpleasant sound, overall.

  47. If 1. Elise stops making that hand gesture for every run she sings, 2. the show stops pimping her to death and 3. I don’t watch her while she sings, I may be able to get on board.

    I want to outlaw the saying “Take it to church”.

    And while I really didn’t care for Melinda when she was on the show, I find her just delightful now, how nice. :)

  48. James says:

    Damn it Slezak! Make these more then 10 mins! Would 15 be so hard?

  49. ana says:

    Idology is just so great! I love this show!

  50. Tahoe Mike says:

    I think it’s funny to hear Michael Slezak picking on Tommy Hilfiger, considering his own preoccupation with fashion. If I have any real gripe about Michael’s writing, it is how he is always talking about what people wear and how they look. I may just be old, but AI has always seemed like living proof that The Buggels were right:” Video Killed The Radio Star.”

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I told Mr. Slezak once during a live blog we were going to take his man card away for being so preoccupied with clothing and he reminded me he’s gay. :-)
      Videos sure affected country music. You’d better be a hot babe. Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn wouldn’t have a prayer today.