Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Grey's, Once Upon a Time, Good Wife, Nikita and More

What do you “C” in House‘s future? What’s going on with the Grey’s Anatomy gang’s job hunt? How great is this Sunday’s Good Wife? Will Rumpel reunite with his son? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

House | Are you sitting down? Because I’m going to kick off this week’s column by dropping on you the seemingly telltale title of the episode Hugh Laurie will be directing. But first, remember that David Shore told Ausiello that the final four episodes will lay the foundation for the show’s grand finale. Also know that Laurie is going behind the camera for the first of that stretch. Now, factor in that the launch of that formative arc is titled… “The C Word.” Will someone, perhaps House himself, be diagnosed with cancer as the drama draws to a close? Or could the “C” perhaps refer to Cuddy? (Though Lisa Edelstein is not due for an encore, perhaps House gets wind of a major life change for his ex through the hospital grapevine?) Share your speculation on that potent title in “C”omments!

Grey’s Anatomy | Previously, TVLine scooped that your favorite Seattle Gracers will soon be hitting the job interview circuit, hoping to woo (or be wooed by) rival hospitals, in the event they don’t (or can’t) stick with the one they’ve called home. And while that story point would seem designed to afford Shonda Rhimes an easy out in the event that any original cast members don’t ink new deals beyond this season, she maintains this was always the plan. “Every kid going for an attending spot or a fellowship … would be out there all over the country interviewing, and that’s what they’re doing,” she told me. As for the big picture, she says the job hunt arc “is setting up a lot of what’s going on at the end of the season, and it also weighs very heavily on them” – as well as on longtime viewers. “You really get a sense of nostalgia, that this is the ‘graduating class’ that might not be together anymore. It’s really beautiful to watch our actors portray, and it’s been wonderful to write.”

Once Upon a Time | Many of you have asked if and when we will see Rumpelstiltskin’s son again. Well, that moment comes in Episode 19, titled “The Return.” As Robert Carlyle told us of the late-April installment, “It goes back to the moment he became Rumplestiltskin — and [his son] can’t handle this person his father [has become]. He wants me to give up the power.” Alas, that is much easier said than done. (Or as Rumpel would say, “Things always come with a priiiice.”) “He has to be stabbed through the heart to give away that power, so that can never really happen — but something else does,” Carlyle teases with a (non-maniacal) laugh, adding his own, “Dot, dot, dot….”

Breaking In | This just in… Professional skateboarder and sometime actor Tony Hawk (pictured, right) will be guest-starring on Fox’s sophomore comedy as… himself, when he approaches Contra Security about helping him safeguard his home. Hawk’s previous TV roles include Last Man Standing and CSI: Miami.

The Secret Circle | One reader tweeted at me a question about when we’ll next see Cassie’s grandmother, and whether she’ll have all of her memories back. As you may have since surmised, after a false start or two, we will see Jane tonight – though the memory issue sounds like it could be a sticky one. “Like with everything on this show, that’s complicated,” series boss Andrew Miller tells TVLine. “She’s still not in great shape, but Cassie will turn to her for help in a way that no one else can help her. We’ll deal with her health issues then.”

Smash | If you find it a bit apparent that Tom will in one way or another jilt John-the-lawyer and warm up to Ivy’s sports-loving gay bestie, Sam… well, you’ve obviously watched sufficient amounts of TV, and know full well how these things work. Because when I ran Tom’s obvious love/hate thing for the chorus boy by Megan Hilty, she replied, “Oh yeah… That will get very interesting.” P.S. Did you hear about Season 2?

Nikita | Hail to the Chief… soon! The CW spy-drama is looking to add a POTUS to its ranks for the end of the season, when the Commander-in-Chief himself is threatened by Division — an organization which not-too-surprisingly he has never heard of. And the threat is no idle one, mind you. Rather, Mr. President will find himself blackmailed with a powerful weapon that could put not just the U.S. in jeopardy but rock the entire geopolitical climate. Which fiftysomething actor out there is possibly up to that task?

The Good Wife | You may have heard many raves about this Sunday’s episode, which introduces Matthew Perry as a not-so-friendly legal foil for Alicia. And now you can add my voice to the chorus. The Blue Ribbon Panel storyline that brings Alicia together with Perry’s Mike Kresteva – she steps in for Diane on a panel that looks into Internal Affairs concerns – is fantastically entertaining, to the point that you’ll hate when it ends. All the while, Alicia is also juggling the bid on the house that she, Peter and the kids used to call home – the “flashbacks” she has to their sweet, suburban existence will Break. Your. Heart — as well as the mysterious matter that landed Kalinda in the IRS’ crosshairs. (Watch for G-woman Lana Delaney to figure into that story in a delicious way.) Elsewhere, the fight to fill Will’s seat as a name partner just might come down to a coin flip. Or not. One of this season’s very best episodes, for sure.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Laura M. says:

    The C in the House finale should be for Cameron. Every other House/(insert name here) shipper got SOMETHING from their favorite pairing. I think House/Cameron fans should get the finale. We won’t because David Shore apparently wants House to suffer for all eternity so it will be Cancer (yawn), the Clap (which House is long overdue to contract), or Closure (House finally comes to terms with his right leg which should have its own show).

    Oh, and haters….the line forms to the left.

    • Narciso says:

      You won´t because everybody hated the idea of House/Cameron. Even Hugh Laurie.

      • OhComeOn says:

        If the idea of House/cameron is hated by everyone, why are fans still doing Fanvids,FanArt and writing FanFics? Of course it is hated by Huddies and Hilsons, it is how fandom rolls incl. making up some strange rumors what the leading Man likes and dislikes ;)

        Furthemore you have to consider “Narciso” that there are fans who liked Cameron without to ship her romantically with House. I´m a part of this community too ;)

      • Laura M. says:

        I don’t see you in the line to the left, Narciso. I would love to see an interview where Mr. Laurie said he hated the idea of House/Cameron. Oh wait! There isn’t one. In fact, I believe he said “Put me on the want list” in a radio interview. His main concern was that no one would believe that a woman as beautiful, young, and smart as Cameron could be interested in an old curmudgeon like House. (I KNOW about Hugh Laurie, dude. Don’t mess with me when it comes to him and what he did or didn’t say.)

        I find it interesting that you say “everyone” hated the idea of House/Cameron. Did you conduct a poll of all the people who watch House? A survey? Because the House/Cameron fans make up a sizable portion of the House fandom. We’re just quiet and respectful for the most part. You know, like Cameron/Jennifer Morrison.

        In future writings, please refrain from sweeping generalizations like “everyone” and putting words in someone’s mouth when you can’t back up your statements. Also, get in the line to the left with the rest of the haters.

        • bilouze says:

          @ OhComeOn and Laura M. THIS. Thank u guys.

          THe cuddy – huddy/ LE fans are so Bitter they made look the House fandom bad and that is a fact.

          • Kriszta says:

            Ok,I understand already… the biggest Cuddy hates = the Cameron fans……
            I like Cuddy and the Huddy,but if I don’t hate Cameron the fault is in me?

          • Laura M. says:

            @Kriszta Whoa, now, hang on there. I never said a word about Cuddy or Huddy. I merely said that the other ships got something and House/Cameron fans didn’t get much of anything. We got teased for over 2 seasons and then nothing. Of course Cuddy or Huddy fans can like Cameron. I didn’t say you can’t. In fact, I’m pleased you do like Cameron. The original cast was AMAZING. The show feels fractured without all of them there. For me, personally, I am a Cameron/Jen Morrison fan for life and House/Cameron is my favorite pairing. But I have watched EVERY SINGLE episode from the start of the show.

            Please don’t lump me in with the Cuddy/Huddy haters if I haven’t said anything negative about the character or the pairing.

            Diversity is what keeps things interesting.

          • Laura M. says:

            I think a small faction of House fans (not just Huddys but some Hamerons and Hilsons and 13 detractors) made such a ruckus when things didn’t go their way that it sort of soured things for people who just wanted to enjoy the show. I never said anything about Huddys.

            I just would really like to see Cameron back one more time because I miss the character and her interactions with House. I also think they need to bring Cuddy back to tie that storyline up, too. But the producers will do what they feel is the perfect ending. I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the finale.

        • Kriszta says:

          @Laura M :Sorry my reaction send to bilouze and some others ,not for you!
          You are totally correct!

      • Liz says:

        Hugh loved the idea of House/Cameron, he actually said that in an interview. Didn’t pay attention, huh? Don’t confuse yourself with everyone, you narcist.

    • Dani says:

      Ok I LOL’d hard at the idea of House having the clap. “He lived as he died. Avoiding the clinic.”

      If Shore is still insisting on the tenuous link with Sherlock Holmes then yeah he’ll probs overdose and the last ep will basically be ‘All Docs go to Heaven’.

  2. att2detail says:

    C is for coma–the one House has been in since his infarction or since “No Reason”
    C is for Cate from “Frozen” (although that is FF material)
    C is for canceled
    C is for conclusion
    C is for cocaine -Sherlock Holmes drug of choice
    C is for Ciao

  3. Lonely says:

    Why do you always bring CUDDY when you talk about HOUSE?

    I mean, we are really sad after we knew that the lovely Lisa Edelstein never will come back to the series. It is really sad. I never could imagine a Finale for House without Cuddy. It is imposible for me. But sadly she will never be here again, so Why do you have the need of bring always her name when you are talking about House? Are you laughting at us? Seriously, aren´t you?

    Because you and your dear friend Michael Auseillo lately it seems you are laughting at the fans. Do you think we are so stupid? Seriously?

    Please, never use that name again only for fun, Fans of House are more than few of stupid fans girls, you know? I love House since the begining, and I love Cuddy.

    So, the C word? No it isn´t Cuddy…and I know, you only want to use Lisa Edelstein for promote your own articles, as David Shore and Cía did during years…

  4. Gerald says:

    Nikita Pres = Gregory Itzen. Bring in some “24” fans to this show boost the ratings a little.

    Rumplestilskin’s son = All grown up “stranger” who rides a bike…. Rumple’s spell. He could have cast a protection on his own son like the tree saved Emma. Just a thought.

  5. spotteddog says:

    In the case of House, couldn’t the C-word refer to – cripple, as House has referred to himself in the past? It just seems to me that “The C Word” meaning cancer is just way too obvious…

  6. Pia says:

    About House and the episode title The C-word:
    There’s this TV show “The Big C” about a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. I ve heard they wanted to call the Show “The C-word” first but stepped away from the idea because the C-word is a more polite way to say CUNT too. So it the episode title can refer to both “Cancer” or “Cunt”.
    But other meanings are possible like `commitment`or `crip`which would fit to [H]ouse as well.

    I doubt the C-word refers to any name but since TVline is promoting Cuddy/LE in an annoying amount. If it were a reference to a name i would like it to be Cameron. She is woefully missed on this show and It would be great if TPTB ackknowledged her existence at the end of House somehow.

  7. kirads09 says:

    HOUSE: I think C stands for the return of cut throat b**** in some form.

    OUAT: I agree that we will probably learn August is Rumple’s son.
    But is there any scenario he might be a grown up Henry? Maybe HE is the child that has to come back to break the curse – because too many obstacles are thrown in Emma’s way? The exchange between the two last week was mighty interesting.

    BTW – I love that picure of Rumplestiltskin used! I so :heart: Robert Carlyle.

  8. djesus says:

    it’s weird how they still use cuddy to promote this finale, why are they doing this? just stop mentioning her.
    C word has nothing to do with cuddy, we all know this, it’s about cancer.

  9. jhon says:

    House Cameron el beso mas bello de tv

  10. Tracy Murray says:

    The C Word will mean many things. , not just the obivious , House or Wilson will be diagnosed with colon cancer, perhaps it will be Cuddy or Chase who will have some form of cancer, or everybody except Thirteen finds out they have cancer of some form or another that includes colon. House undergoes a change in his life. when confronted by the reality of the possiblity of dying or losing those closest to him, including, in some way, Cuddy ( I am pretty sure be still loves her, if only secretly ) , he commits himself to being a better man for good, with or without Dominika having a place in his heart. As for the crazy and chaos part, which I’m sure will happen in this episode , that will be the POTW , coming from the psych ward of some mental hosiptal to a mysterious ailment treated, who finds a way to escape from his police
    guarded room and causes Foreman to call for a major lockdown until the patient is found and caught. I know eventually those things won’t happen or they will, but in other ways, I just thought I would give my ten cents ( in Canadian funds ) worth.

  11. yuli03zh says:

    The C is of Canonization … House will be cremated and canonized on the season finale…
    Sorry but C of Cancer or Changes will be So boring… My idea is funny.. lol
    It would love ” C of Cuddy ” but i know it isn´t ….

  12. gsdfgdf says:

    The house having cancer thing was already done (he faked it), it would be pretty stupid to practically make a rerun. Cuddy should appear in the finale. If the show went past this season without her people would realise it’s not the same without her, the only reason they haven’t yet is cause we’ve gotten used to her not being around for a few episodes and then being the center of a storyline next time. Maybe the C stands for contraceptive and House has a child to carry on his legacy.

    Imagine it, Greg Jr. (still just called House) in 30 years time working for Eric Jr. (better known as Foreman) who’s known as the greatest doctor of Princeton Plainsboro and likes to think he’s superior to everyone until House comes along and shows him up. Well at least i can dream…

  13. It’s CLupus. Has to be it.

  14. sorry for the lame joke.
    Anyway, I cannot imagine any taboo word beginning with C that could fit into House’s “boyish Neverland”… that one referring to female genitalia is not taboo enough for a medical show kkk.

  15. Omar Viazcan says:

    The “C” word: what could possibly be more challenging for House that starts with C and that is not as predictable as “Cancer”?

    I bet for “Commitment”

    It might have different meanings at the same time. But I believe that House will be presented with an opportunity to take commitment. Maybe with his fake-real wife, in search for his real father, or who knows what, but I don’t think the word refers to a person at all. It would be too forced in into the argument… What do you think?

  16. Nyann says:

    C – Commitment ;) Cough House and Wilson.

  17. Teresa says:

    I just simply hate to see it come to an end and what is the “everyone dies” quote about i seen? UGH i just wanna cry

  18. Lizzievee says:

    Its cancer, its Wilson, and House’s fear of being alone may come true. I know if Wilson dies, I will be very upset. To me, the strongest couple is House/Wilson, hands down.

  19. House doesn’t have Cancer, Wilson does.