Glee Exclusive: Fox Exec Touts 'Powerful Finale' That Will Set Up 'Exciting, Consistent' Season 4

Nineteen days. That’s how long it is until Glee returns from its winter hibernation with the first of seven consecutive original episodes, culminating with the Season 3 finale on May 22.

And according to one of the show’s (arguably biased) top execs, the April 10 spring premiere will be worth the nearly two-month wait. “It’s exciting and is driving towards graduation and an exciting end to the season,” teased Dana Walden, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, at this week’s Television Academy Foundation TV Summit.

Glee Exclusive: Look Who’s Playing Puck’s Dad!

Walden added that the final batch of episodes are “emotional” and “funny,” and set the stage for “a very powerful finale when viewers get to see what’s on the horizon for all of these characters that people love so deeply. We’re [building to] a very exciting launch into next season.”

On the topic of Season 4, Walden declined to discuss what Glee‘s post-graduation universe would look like — or which members of the current cast would be populating it. But she assured fans that, when the dust settles, the show will still feel like Glee.

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“I see it as a continuation of Glee,” she said of next season. “I don’t define it in any one way or another. It feels like Glee to me. The ideas that Ryan [Murphy]’s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series. It feels very consistent in a dynamic and entertaining way.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. comebacknow says:

    Really quick —

    Rachel may not be the “needy” “spotlight-hungry” girl she was in season 1 and the same with Kurt and Mercedes and whoever else. But isn’t that the point of high school? To change and mature over the years? They’re 17 now. They should be different than they were when they were 14 or 15. It’s a high school show. It should show their maturity. It’s the same way with every other high school show (Degrassi, One Tree Hill, The OC, Buffy, etc.)

    I’ve stopped watching shows when I lost interest but something about Glee keeps my attention. I don’t care about the said “inconsistency” or “pointless plot twists” or whatever. I love the show and I’m counting down the days til April 10th. I love the show and whatever the writers decide to throw at us in season 4, I’ll be in front of my TV every week laughing, crying and singing along.

  2. Beth S. says:

    It’s a tv show…not a great novel. Take it for what it is. It gives me an hour of relaxation, good music and mindless entertainment.

  3. Pitchy Dawg says:

    Consistency? Glee?

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

  4. Nancy says:

    I’m also a bit disappointed by the fixation on gay relationships rather than the diversity of teen issues they could be addressing. Some good story lines occasionally, but NOT CONSISTANTLY!!!

    The show is losing viewers and won’t be around long until they bring some new creativity into the formula… Wish they would add Cameron from the Glee Project to the cast! He’s really talented and if they add some better writers, perhaps they could come up with a story line that isn’t all about sex~

  5. lisa says:

    im happy to see it coming back on in like 2 more weeks. im also happy that they are talking more about the characters then any thing else… so are they comming out with a season 4 of glee or what??

  6. Kendal says:

    I could sit here and complain about the lack of consistency of this show and how angry it makes me at times but deep down I still love it with all my heart and it has changed my life forever. I’ll watch season 4 and I’ll complain but secretly love it as well. All hail Glee!

  7. Kayla says:

    You can complain about Glee, about it’s seemingly poor writing, about it’s inconsistency, etc. But Glee has impacted people’s lives. The fact that Ryan Murphy writes for the LGBT group, and incorporates minor sub-plots dealing with minorities, is something to commend, not superficially whine about. I love Glee and the impact it’s had on me and I CANNOT wait for further episodes. :)

  8. Tim says:

    I will admit I was slow to catch on to Glee. The only reason I even started watching it is because it happened to be on after the Super Bowl. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that episode and ultimately, I had to go back and watch every episode on Netflix. The music was great and it was funny too. To me, the show really lost its way when it started trying to get serious all the time. I’m not exactly sure what season it was, but it was like every episode had to do with something gay. Yes, it is important that those who are struggling with their own identity feel strong enough to make it through some extremely tough times, but there are also other issues that are equally as important that you can tackle and not just that one. After a while, it becomes hard to watch. I still watch, and will continue to do so, because the music is awesome. I just hope the show goes back to Season 1 formula, more music, less heavy.

  9. J Z says:

    After Glee.

  10. James says:

    I bet Season 3 finale will culminate into New Directions winning Nationals and being so impressive that they get a musical contract or go on tours. This is how the cast will stay together!

  11. I don’t think I’ll tune into season 4. I’ve watched from the beginning and Glee was quite entertaining, back when it was funny with some music mixed into it. I am sick of the self-centered characters, I am so tired of all the whining (by the characters not the actors themselves). If I wanted to watch a soap opera filled drama about a bunch of brats in high school I’d watch Degrassi. This may seem harsh, but it’s how I feel. I feel like I’ve wasted my time with this season in general, they take a break and come back and then go on a two month break. Really? Come on. This show has jumped the shark.

  12. Lisa says:

    I’m sry if ur a hater y bother to f***in comment! I love glee n think it’s perfect the way it is. Ur obviously low lives if u hv nothing better to do the slam things cause u personally don’t like them.

  13. Laura W says:

    Yeah season 3 has been better than season 2 but I still miss season 1 Glee. I’m concerned about how season 4 will turn out because some of them will be graduating soon. And please Ryan get Samcedes back together!!

  14. Larissa says:

    So, my two cents. I’ve read all the complaints about Glee. I’ve read more negativity about it than I could even begin to count, what with being involved on Tumblr and reading comments on articles like this. But god if I don’t still love this show to pieces. Honestly, I think Season 3 has been great. Fantastic, even, at some points. Season 1 will always be the best, and Season 2 had it’s moments that were way, way off track, but this season has reminded me why I love this show. Yes, the storylines have gotten heavier. Yes, they’ve been inconsistent, because there are at least more than 10 characters with active storylines that they have to touch on, and they only have 40 minutes an episode. Things move very slowly because they have so much to cover. But considering how many loose ends the Glee writers had in season 2, I think they’re doing a decent job of trying to fix things. It’s not perfect, and I too wish that they’d focus on individuals rather than relationships, but the concept and the premise of Glee, despite it’s storylines, will always keep me coming back for more. It’s still just a show about a bunch of underdogs who love to perform, and who want to make it out of their small town to live big, meaningful lives. No matter how badly written some individual episodes may be, the setting and the “world” that they’ve created out of this show is really, really amazing. Even now. Most of the characters (besides a few of the new, thin ones [Rory, Sugar, Joe] that they just added for season 4 padding) are so, so strong, even if their storylines aren’t always what we want to see in the given episode time frame. Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Puck…in my opinion so many of the originals from season 1 are still very distinct and true to their personalities. For example, a lot of people complain about how different Kurt is, or complain that he’s only given the spotlight when he’s with Blaine, but I think he’s still just as resilient as before; there are small moments in between storylines, a strong line, a characteristic gesture, that show me that he’s still the Kurt I’ve always loved. Same with Rachel. Same with Finn. The difference between the season 1 versions of the characters and the characters now is that they’ve grown up. Season 3 has had a lot of dramatic stroylines as opposed to comedy, but I think that that makes sense to do, since the Glee kids are getting older. A lot of the characters who seniors are almost adults now…some of these things going on in the episode, realistically, do happen to kids in high school in real life. I admire Glee for at least trying to talk about the issues. No, their show was meant to be a comedy, and it wasn’t meant to be a platform for things like gay rights and such, but the show is changing peoples minds. Honestly, I was never homophobic or against homosexuality before, but what Glee has done with Kurt/Blaine, Karofsky, and Santana has really opened my eyes about gay people in real life. It kind of opened the door for me. I’d never felt so connected to a character who was gay. I thought that they were “so different” from the rest of us, but putting them on a show and equating them with their “straight” classmates is really a big deal. Even if it seems like it isn’t. This show also opened my eyes about bullying, a lot. And I know a lot of people who have been changed and affected by this show for other reasons too. I think people are really connected and attached to Glee for what it is at it’s core: for it’s ability to tackle issues, include music, have such memorable characters, and have that same “underdog” basic plot. That attachment, I think, is why some of us feel the need to complain all the time. Some of us feel like Glee is a show about us, whether we’re in high school now or we were several years ago. We get kind of selfish, because Glee as a whole offers so much, but Glee on TV only has so much time to make things “canon,” or to display certain storylines and not others. Basically, tl;dr, what I’m trying to say is that I understand why people get upset about “inconsistency” and “ships” and “bad writing,” but I find it helpful to just take a step back from all that. If you really want to love the show, and if you don’t want to be disappointed, focus on the things that *have* stayed good this entire time, even if other good things have fallen off. Sometimes it’s best to look at Glee as a whole, not episode by episode. Look at what it offers, not what it doesn’t. Look at the fans whose lives or minds it has changed. And if you can’t find anything good anymore, if you can’t try to find something you still love about Glee, why watch? I know everybody says that, but seriously. I don’t understand people who say they “hate” Glee but still keep coming back for every single episode. You don’t come back because you hate it. You obviously don’t hate it as much as you say you do. You come back to Glee and watch it because you still like it, for *some* reason. I’m very, very excited for what Season 3 has left, and for what’s coming in Season 4. I don’t think anything will make me stop watching Glee. Even if Season 4 really isn’t “consistent,” by someone else’s definition, I will always be in love with the moments that this show gets right.

    • Robin says:

      Amen! People who don’t like the stories revolving around gay people and bullying is exactly what´s wrong with the issue. Straight and gay is equal in our world. We see hundreds of tv-shows and movies with straight people and straight storylines, but as soon as this show tries to cover gay storylines they’re ‘overusing’ it and it’s a ‘gay show’. It just shows how worse it is with really accepting gay people and stop bullying. It should be treated like a normal storyline, not like: “oh Glee is pulling the Gay card again”. Glee is so strong, in my opinion, because it don’t give a damn ’bout what the haters have to say, and show what other shows and movies are afraid of doing! GO GLEE!

    • Angela says:

      Honestly, this is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen in relation to this show. I’m not a hardcore fan of the show like some out there are, but I do watch it, and I watch it for some of the very reasons you illustrated.

      For my money, one of my all-time favorite/memorable moments will be when Kurt was dealing with his dad’s heart attack, and when he sang, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. Given what I’d been through losing my dad earlier that year, that episode REALLY hit home for me on a personal level, and it made me like the Kurt character a lot more after that. Especially since his dad is perhaps one of the best TV dads ever created. And it’s moments like that that keep me watching the show and allow me to forgive all the craziness around it.

  15. Amber says:

    I think I finally figured out why the show was so good in the beginning and so crappy now. It started out as a rip-off of a pretty interesting movie, Election, that used some inventive storytelling techniques. Rachel Berry was absolutely a carbon copy of Tracy Flick, Finn Hudson was the Chris Klein character, and I could even see bits of Tammy Metzler in Kurt and bits of Matthew Broderick’s character in Will. Now while Election was not one of my favorite movies, I do feel like Glee was taking all the best qualities of that film and using them to great advantage. Then at some point they stopped copying Election and went there own way. Therein lies their mistake. Ryan Murphy is at his best when he’s “borrowing” stories and characters from other shows and movies. I think American Horror Story is probably going to go downhill too once he runs out of horror movies to rip off.

    The other problem Glee has is the stories are so obviously written around the musical choices, and it didn’t used to be like that. It was more like the stories were written first and the plots fleshed out, and then the music choices were picked. They obviously don’t do that now, I think the writers really just sit around and wait to find out what music they’re going to be singing that week and then try to figure out how to write stories around it. And that makes the show suck.

    The other thing I despise about the show is that it feels the need to preach to me every single week. If I wanted to be told how to live my life from others, I’d start going back to church. Freaking stop with that, Glee. Please stop. I don’t need morality lessons from a show I just wanted to watch for fun, and I find it condescending that you’re working so hard to tell me how to treat others when my personal moral code is just fine, and needs no help from you.

    • You’re whole last paragraph confuses me.. About how they’re trying to tell you how to treat others.. Besides saying ya know.. RESPECT them… And care for them… If the world was like that.. I think it’d be a much better place.. They’re not forcing you to believe in God or any of that.. Just that we should CARE about others.

  16. So, I’ve scrolled through some of the comments on the page… And I’m extremely disappointed that people see the need to bash and ruin a show that so many others like.. We’re not telling you that you HAVE to watch Glee.. We’re not forcing you to sit down in front of your TV every Tuesday night at 8.. It’s your choice. You don’t like it then fine.. Just let us enjoy it… And as for everyone saying it’s gotten so deep.. It’s RELATING to those who are watching it. I have countless friends who have lost people to teen suicide.. I have had friends who have almost died in car accidents no matter what the cause.. I even have friends who are gay/lesbian/bi-sexual and went through what Santana did., But what you didn’t realize is something GOOD came out of these episodes.. They show that we should stick together.. And that you’re friends will always be there for you. So stop the stupid negativity and look at the whole picture..

  17. tina taylor says:

    First of all i actually was in glee in my school years and secondly life is full of inconsistence thats what makes life great and glee i. Life has never been consistant thats what makes the show glee so great the inconsistance why its so loved and popular and keeps the fans watching it because it so true to life cause we in glee were treated like they are treated by the other students glee was our safe haven per say the best part of our day for me it still is ill never stop watching it the actors are great and they all are great singers love it hope they never stop the show its the best part of my week

  18. angie says:

    Why did they have to mention “consistent”? LOL

  19. Sabrina says:

    I love Glee. <3 That's all I have to say.

  20. Tashi L says:

    I think the real success of this show lies in how they have genuinely made us care about what happens to each and every character. You want to see them all get their happy ending. Not to sound cheesy but I feel as the Glee club have grown into a family in the series we have grown closer to them. It will be really sad to see them all go their own separate ways :(

  21. mrconorburke says:

    OK so here’s exactly what happened: Glee was a fantastic show in it’s first season. In its second season, the quality dipped because of the mentioned guest stars (Gwyneth Paltrow, for example), and the huge focus on music rather than plot.It attracted a HUGE audience of even more teenage fan girls. Now, in it’s third season love it or hate it, “Glee” has truly returned to form. Season 3 is fantastic, and the people who are complaining about it are these teenage girls who want the latest ustin Bieber song performed in an episode just for the sake of it. In other words, the people who started watching in the 2nd Season. GLEE GETS WAY TOO MUCH CRAP, and reading some of the comments on here just make me mad. I completley understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but why watch something you know you’re going to complain about? Worse even- go to the effort of typing it? Does anyone else feel also (if you’re a Glee fan that is) that there is this constant snobbery against us? I mean, if I tell someone I’m a fan of glee or some of their songs, they genuinely look disgusted. Trust me, I know that this show is filled with inconsistencies, but it is a VAST improvement from last year. And at the end of the day, this show still keeps me entertained- it makes me happy when it’s supposed to be uplifting and sad when it’s supposed to be emotional. So if you don’t like the show- why waste your time ranting on a glee article? Whenever something like Glee becomes insanely popular, people automatically start to hate it (or dislike it strongly.) Please, if you don’t like – don’t watch. And let the people who like it, enjoy it. Thanks.

  22. J. says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and echo some of the other comments in here and ask: What consistency? Glee has NEVER been a consistent series….

  23. How many of you remember high school? Was it really THAT consistent? I am a college teacher and deal with teenagers everyday, and their minds are just as inconsistent as a show that is about…what’s that…teenagers. It’s not serious drama folks….it’s a fantasy world where people sing, the only four adults that can discuss important factors in the school are the cheerleading coach, football coach, show choir coach, and guidance counselor, the parents are absent for pretty much everything the kids do like the Peanuts, and the people SING. The consistency is the fact that it is inconsistency….just like all of the other wonderful teenage television shows like Dawson’s Creek, Saved By the Bell, Felicity, 90210.

  24. Isn’t this season about the ‘Seniors’ last chance at redemption! For the previous two seasons they failed and we all loved its rollercoaster ride. This is a right of passage show for teens – but with music ;D
    If you don’t like the show watch another, nobody says you have to watch it…. you do it by choice! Personally, I love the show and think this has been a great season so far…. cliffhangers, bad-a** villians, love dramas and teenage angst or what!
    Thanks Fox and Ryan, the cast – old & new members and we get another new season yeahhhhh! Plus, off-shoots for other linked shows cool or what!
    People in times that we live in fantasy and pure positive thinking is a relief to just forget – just enjoy it for what it is pure unadulterated fun – GLEE!

  25. magnolia says:

    stop hating on glee.
    If you don’t like it, Don’t watch it!

  26. Spencer Lee says:

    Life after Glee will be NBC’s SMASH! hahaha.

  27. kimberly says:

    Okay all of you who are complaining , just STOP ! By you saying all of this isn’t gonna change Ryan Murphy’s mind about anything. The show is going to keep going strong whether some of you like it or not. If you were a TRUE Glee fan , you wouldn’t give a dam about it’s consistency or inconsistency. If you enjoy and can relate to the show, then just stay in that position. And once again, if you don’t like the show and noticing all the negativity then just don’t watch it at all. Because if that’s all your doing then your not enjoying it, so don’t watch it. Simple as that !! You are never going to change US GLEEKS’ mind about the show. This show is such an inspiration to me, I literally don’t know what I would do without it. This is half of my life, 50% of my life revolves around Glee and the other 50 is the rest of normal life just like how it should be. So just stop complaining and either watch it or DON’T ! Enough said.

    • Emily says:

      One could argue that a true fan is one that thinks critically about what they are a fan of. I don’t doubt that the show is inspirational to many, but that doesn’t excuse it from being under a microscope. If complacency and blind faith were all that was allowed, we’d be living in 1984’s Oceania.

  28. M. Brandt says:

    I am 1 of the BIGGEST Glee fans out here but am disappointed in Season 3. I have watched every episode & will continue to do so in hopes that it comes around. I am not a fan of Lindsay’s from The Glee Project so it got me (& my family) off to a bad start for the season in the 1st place. The drama being written & performed is still of the highest caliber but something is off & I can’t quite place “what”. The character of Lauren grew on us & now, there’s no mention of her at all! We really liked her & Puck together. I am a writer & have a GR8 idea 4 a story involving Lauren & her Mom 2! (Mr Murphy, r u listening?!?!) This STILL remains our #1 show! (& probably alwys will b!!) Pls stop making it all about who’s leaving & just tell a story. We r so focused on that, that it’s hard to enjoy the show. If the characters of Rachel, Finn & Kurt r truly leaving @ Season’s end, it will b depressing enough as it is. It will change this beloved show forever…
    G-d bless…

  29. J says:

    I miss glee so much! i miss them

  30. Sue says:

    I really think glee keeps getting better n better n if ur ginna complain about the singing maybe u shouldn’t watch glee it’s kinda what the shows about just saying
    Cant wait till it finally comes back I wanna kno what happened to Quinn!!!

  31. Sinead McKeown says:

    ok to all you haters out there: why the hell are u on this page if all ur gonna do is write insults against THE BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME?! ryan, ian and brad are amazing writers and the actors are incredible! i wish every single one of the actors could stay on. so far its only confirmed that chris, lea and cory will we sticking around and im stoked about that! thankfully my boy darren is a junior so he’ll be there any way. but just stop with the hate; if u dont like Glee… GO AWAY!

    • Emily says:

      “The Best Show of All Time”…? God, no. I like and watch Glee, which also gives me license to criticize it. Sorry, that’s just how it works. But if you think Glee is the best show ever, you may want to broaden your viewing horizon.

    • JB says:

      Is GLEE a hit? For the most part, yes.
      Is GLEE enjoyable to watch? At times yes, at times no.
      Is GLEE the best show of all time? NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TOP 30…yet.

  32. JB says:


  33. Camille says:

    They’re going to have another tribute episode (not Whitney)! It’s Saturday Night Fever.

  34. jake says:

    Not to bash another show, but I think with Smash, which is alright, really shows how good Glee is — especially this season. I just hope ryan murphy doesn’t mess it up.

  35. Steph says:

    I have to agree that, in whole, the series has been a bit left-footed. Overall, it has achieved what a good story should. It has entertained me, it has given me joy, it has given me food for thought, and it has made me care about the characters. The show may have a split personailty at times, but I can forgive that as it has given me some great moments, poked around at treasured memories, and generally left me wanting to know more about what happens to these characters, as well as the actors that portray them.

  36. Abir Mohammad says:

    why is everybody posting hate on glee? presumably you’re fans of glee as you’re looking at an article about the show, lol.
    Don’t like it? Don’t watch, lol nobody cares about your irrelevant opinions.

  37. Brendan says:

    Well Ryan Murphy and the people with American Horror Story withheld information and misled people until AFTER the finale of that show so that nobody would lose interest or let what was going to happen affect the ratings. I think a similar thing will happen with this show… when the finale airs and it’s finally revealed that most of them are not coming back, it will already be too late and people will have watched the show. But if they knew now, they would be upset – like they were when they first found out that characters were graduating… that’s why he did damage control. I’m not gonna be excited until this season is over and there are concrete announcements made, not just hints and teases and spoilers, because let’s face it – those are often wrong!

  38. David Sousa says:

    Well…I just have something to say to the bad posts, you would do better? If you don’t like why you keep watching and inform about the show? So who cares about what you think? Glee will come with another season , and they will get money again, and the real gleeks gonna love so if you just want to say the bad things and nothing positive, write a blog and express your feelings, make an facebook status and put a like on that cause you can’t get more, but first think about everything that you loved and how much glee gives you hope,and gives you something like “don’t stop believing”, think about being part of something special, but please stop trying to mess with glee :D

  39. Becky says:

    People need to be more positive. Yes, the storylines are inconsistent and the characters seem to have split personalities and there has been far to much unnecessary focus on Quinn, Finn and Rachel, but really, it’s glee, and we still all love it, and we still all watch it. The writers can’t please everyone, and if it was that bad, you wouldn’t be watching it any more. If people continue to put the show down and complain about it, then there will be no more glee, because they’ll cut the show. So really, I think we all need to be more positive about this, at least we’re getting a season 4!

  40. ROB R says:

    SEVEN more episodes? That will only make 21 hours for the season. What happened to the 22 episode order, Michael? Are they that far behind in production?

  41. Lauren says:

    I love glee as much as the next person and i do agree that glee has lost its edge a little…but the only thing that is ‘inconsistant’ in my mind is that we have to wait for what seems like a month for each episode! After the christmas episode they understandably took a week or so off, then came another episode or two then AGAIN came another 2 weeks off before the next one!

    Im from England so I am rewatching the episodes that have just been released here to pass the time before the next episode, but I watch the recent episodes on an American site and I am starting to lose interest because Ive had to wait practically a month to find out what happened to Quinn and whether Finn and Rachel actually tie the knot! Just ridiculous :(

  42. D-Dub says:

    Let’s just say AHS/Glee Crossover…okay, go!

  43. yaya says:

    I watched the entire Season 1,2 and 3 on Netflix and Hulu for the first time ever and I must say I didn’t know who was who at first but the more I watched the more I stopped playing cafe World on face-book but it doesn’t matter because the story line was not all over the place, it’s obvious Ryan Murphy tapped into the seriousness of the everyday stresses our teenagers are going through to fit in or deal with life issues. If you look back to your time in high school you too will see that life for you was not or should say never was consistent.If you say it was then your lying out your a**.

    I found the show to be addicting as each episode went on yeah some episodes dragged, but for someone that never watched this show before till now it was quite entertaining.. When I was in High School I never heard Jewish kids greeting each other or even speak of Jewish holidays. But they do love themselves some B Streisand and she’s corny as sin too me.

    I found the slushie to the face hardcore, the non-stop singing entertaining, the need to be popular true, the teenage pregnancy and regretting decisions made, reality, Sue’s character bananas. A-lot of this stuff goes on in the very high schools through out NYC and every where else. The story-line regarding homo-sexuality straight-up that crap goes on all over face-book that type of hatred and that fact some take there own lives because they can’t handle it. Ryan has made me go through a roller coaster of feelings and addicted to watching to see if Quinn dies from the car accident after cleaning up her life and being accepted to Yale…

  44. Kellyanne says:

    I could not belive tht David hanged himself in it x

  45. Kellyanne says:


  46. Kellyanne says:

    An were did beth go??

  47. Blka says:

    Glee isn’t bad, it’s Ryan Murphy that’s bad. He’s great at coming up with ideas (which is why the first season of whatever show he makes, gets a lot of hype). But he quickly runs out of steam and just rehashes old elements from the first previous episodes instead of being innovative.

  48. brittanashipper says:

    if there is no brittana i refuse to watch they are the only reason why i watch this show. i can’t see santana or brit with anyone else

  49. BlaBlaBlaine says:

    As long as Blaine and kurt are in season 4 everything will be perfect <3

  50. ellie says:

    I love glee… I’ve seen them in concert and watch them every week… If I miss it I would cry but I haven’t yet so that’s good…. Glee is not going to be the same without Rachael and Finn, Quin And all the originals :'(