Glee Exclusive: Fox Exec Touts 'Powerful Finale' That Will Set Up 'Exciting, Consistent' Season 4

Nineteen days. That’s how long it is until Glee returns from its winter hibernation with the first of seven consecutive original episodes, culminating with the Season 3 finale on May 22.

And according to one of the show’s (arguably biased) top execs, the April 10 spring premiere will be worth the nearly two-month wait. “It’s exciting and is driving towards graduation and an exciting end to the season,” teased Dana Walden, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, at this week’s Television Academy Foundation TV Summit.

Glee Exclusive: Look Who’s Playing Puck’s Dad!

Walden added that the final batch of episodes are “emotional” and “funny,” and set the stage for “a very powerful finale when viewers get to see what’s on the horizon for all of these characters that people love so deeply. We’re [building to] a very exciting launch into next season.”

On the topic of Season 4, Walden declined to discuss what Glee‘s post-graduation universe would look like — or which members of the current cast would be populating it. But she assured fans that, when the dust settles, the show will still feel like Glee.

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“I see it as a continuation of Glee,” she said of next season. “I don’t define it in any one way or another. It feels like Glee to me. The ideas that Ryan [Murphy]’s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series. It feels very consistent in a dynamic and entertaining way.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. joebrooks says:

    I’m glad they are making Glee about the characters and not the classroom they are in :)

    • Leo says:

      “…But she assured fans that, when the dust settles, the show will still feel like Glee.”
      So, yeah, it will still be this mess we’re in for three seasons lol. And I don’t mean that as a bad thing.

  2. Drew says:

    “The ideas that Ryan [Murphy]‘s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series.”

    Which means, the writing will be sloppy, the characters will be uneven and the moral center will be… odd.

    (c’mon, you knew someone was going to have to say it)

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, when I read that my first thought was “what consistency?” My second thought was “Oh, consistent in its inconsistency. Got it.”

      • dude says:

        Season 2 was about as inconsistant as they come but Season 3 has been pretty consistant in my opinion. The first few episodes were rocky but since about episode 5, every one has been entertaining and focused on character/storyline building. No season is perfect, even great shows (during great seasons) have one or two clunkers. Yes the spanish episode felt reminiscent of Glee’s season 2 downward spiral (although it wasn’t THAT bad) but overall this has been a pretty strong season.

        • Sarah says:

          You and I must be watching different shows. This season has been anything but consistent. They start a character arc only to forget about it next week, characters do complete 180 personality changes to accommodate said arcs then go back to their previous selves without any explanation or follow up. The only consistent thing this season has been the consistently terrible writing. Don’t get me wrong there’s been the odd good episode here or there but most of it has been pretty bad.
          And they have GOT to STOP bringing in new characters and start fixing the glaring issues with the ones they’ve got.

          • Monkeyrat says:


            S3 had some really awesome moments so far, but it’s more about performances or ships. Not that I’m complaining because it’s good to take, but I’d like to enjoy whole episodes if it’s not too much to ask. It’s like they tell us “enjoy this particular scene/dialogue/guest star (oops, sorry Gloria)” and then they get back to fickle-land.

            They might have hired the worse possibe crew this year. When the news of a new writing staff came out I thought that maybe we coud finally have some continuity and that they couldn’t do worse than RIB anyway. Well… I was wrong. Not to mention that the misogyny has skyrocketed exponentially this season, if that was possible.

            S4 is going to be all or nothing.

          • jake says:

            I think of after the train wreck of last season, this season is a much improved glee — the best since the first 13 episodes of season 1. There was more character development and the music actually added to the story lines — not music for the sake of music — that was last season. I’m somewhat afraid of season 4, i want to see the entire cast back — I hope they remember THE OC which tried unsuccessfully to remove a lead character in season 3.

  3. Amanda says:

    Do they know what “consistent” means though? Because this is Glee…

    • Elizabeth says:

      I was just going to add “That’s amazing: you used ‘Glee” and ‘consistent’ in the same sentence. Why didn’t my computer blow up?”

      • Carda says:

        look for inconsistency in your dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Glee!

        • Hollie says:

          I understand that people want consistency in characters and all in a story… but do any of you remember high school? How many of us were set on who we were and what we wanted in life. I think that the Glee character show how inconsistent we can all be and also what difficult choices we made in high school trying to figure out who we were. I know that I was not always true to myself when I tried to please others or when I made quick irrational decisions.
          Just sayin’

          • Monkeyrat says:

            There’s a difference between trying to figure things out and having personality disorders from one week to another though… Just sayin’.

          • TayMads says:

            I’m tired of everyone using this excuse about high school. Are teenagers consistent? Not always but teenagers do not have huge mood swings every single day. I may be the exception but I was pretty true to myself in high school and when I changed it was for the better and for the most part my personality stayed the same. Not everyone in high school drastically changes from who they are one day and then go back to it the next. That isn’t normal. Like the person who commented before me there is a difference between finding out who you are and having drastic mood swings where you don’t even recognize who the person is. Stop saying that ALL high school students are like that when they aren’t. My high school wasn’t like that. For the most part everyone was true to who they were but still tried to figure things out.

  4. Josh says:

    Wait I thought season 3 was supposed to be consistent and exciting? And have no tribute episodes? And no guest stars? And less singing and more plot?

    Promises, promises…

    • Lana says:

      My sentiments EXACTLY

    • Bonnie says:

      I’ve learned that when they say something will happen, they mean the exact opposite. So by consistent, they mean the show will remain as inconsistent as it’s been all of this season.

    • I heard that too! Maybe we need to get our ears checked?

    • dude says:

      Ryan Murphy said the first 12 episodes would have no guest stars and they didn’t. Showrunners don’t have every episode of the entire season planned out the summer before shooting starts. He also said from the beginning that they’d be doing one huge tribute episode (obviously they couldn’t have predicted Whitney Houston’s death). Furthermore I’d say compared to Season 2, Season 3 is consistant and exciting, with more plot and less singing so on all accounts, Ryan kept his word. As a Glee fan I’m use to mindless complaining from trolls but seriously, have a purpose, don’t just reiterate the same crap when most of that’s been fixed.

      • McKayla says:

        Finally a positive post =]

        • kimberly says:

          I know right ! I was thinking the same thing, like all people are doing are being negative until i saw this one. People need too just stop complaining.

      • Savannah says:

        I am so glad you posted something positive! I’m so sick of everyone mindlessly complaining about Glee. I don’t understand how it’s supposedly “inconsistent. If people don’t want to do anything but complain, then they just shouldn’t watch the show, because the rest of us who DO appreciate it are tired of listening/seeing all the complaints.

        • Elizabeth says:

          At least we’re consistent in our complaints about the inconsistency.

          It was a good show… its not anymore. Its a bunch of one-trick pony, recycled themed, condescending crap. I’m upset that all the potential it had to be a good show was flushed down the crapper but I’m still supposed to believe its a good show.

          Just sayin…

          • TJ says:

            If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Many people still enjoy it. Don’t spoil that with your complaining- it’s immature and annoying.

          • kbb says:

            I have to agree, season 1 left me breathless, anticipating some more unique and complex caracter development and plot but season 2 was all over the place. I do believe that season three was … better… but not by much. I feel like people are settling for “okay” because at least its better than season 2 but honestly the spark for season 1 is gone and I’m sad to say that it does’t look like their getting it back any time soon.

          • tina taylor says:

            I agree if all your doing is watching glee just to complain and ruin it for those of us who love the show dont watch nobodys holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch you are just sad cause your life is probably boring and you get your rocks off by dissing a show that is great

          • kimberly says:

            That’s just your opinion so too bad.

          • Michael says:

            You(complainers) are “consistently” tired and annoying. I actually don’t disagree with the complaints, but we’re close to the end of the third season. GLEE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. If you don’t like it, move on. Isn’t Einstein’s definition of insanity something along the lines of: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Glee is what it is. I’ve learned to live with it. Stop whining and adapt or move on.

          • Michael says:

            @kbb…I don’t think that people are “settling” in any way. Most of the people who are fed up with the inconsistencies and weaknesses in writing are gone. The audience is smaller this year. A good many of the rest of us just like Glee, warts and all. I prefer a television landscape with a less-than-stellar Glee than one without it. It still makes me smile. It still makes me happy.

      • Channy says:

        I’m with u on that one.I love glee,love the singing,acting is sometimes poor but over all I love that real day to day problems(or not)are showcased for story line.

      • Pat says:

        Dude seems to have a handle on what glee is all about. I think, as does my entire family, glee is an entertaining, talent bursting, emotion filled show that makes you feel good. I love the show even at my age and the talent these actors have is beyond compare. Pat xxx

      • yep says:

        I agree totally. Just 1 thing it is a different Glee than the 1 I fell in love with season 1. Season 3 is much better than s2. But all three as with any show has its ups and downs. As a fan we need to support the show we watch or turn the channel.

      • Monkeyrat says:

        «Ryan Murphy said the first 12 episodes would have no guest stars and they didn’t.»

        *cough*Idina Menzel*cough*

    • Alice says:

      Glee is Glee! Everyone I know watches it because of the way it is. One of the best shows on TV today.

  5. nanan says:

    i really doubt it.. they said that every season and everytime it’s worse… the storylines this season and the writing are really poor… even some fanfiction is better well written… not to talk about the song choices… and they keep ading and ading more characters that aren’t needed and some of them do a really poor job acting wise (sorry Rory fans he’s a good singer but he really needs to work the acting part… and his storyline was… did he had one? and no it wasn’t the worse.. the worse one’s puck/shelby, Santana’s outing, Quinn/Beth, Finn/Rachel in general… they have ruined Rachel… and where is the Kurt that everyone fell in love with???!!

    • ponyoSE says:

      yup.I dont know what happend to Rachel.She just lost her character in ss3.and I dont feel funny anymore.so poor because Glee have started so great but it’s not anymore now.

      • Jodie Gibson says:

        I agree. I’m getting very disillusioned with the show, although my 13 year old daughter and her friends still love it. I guess it’s because they just see the music, not really all the plot development – or lack thereof. But where else that Glee would you have so many pairings in the one group of 14 kids? After all, there’s the straight couple, the gay couple, the lesbian couple, the Asian couple, the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ couple (Sam and Mercedes), the rest of them are just dysfunctional! It feels like the writers are trying super hard NOT to offend group so they are ALL represented within the Glee Club. Even Sue Sylvester is losing her edge. Get back to the music and the competition, a la series 1.

    • Mimi says:

      Firstly, if you’re going to complain about the show and how you think the storylines & writing are so terrible, why are you watching, let alone posting comments on an article about the show??? Second, if you really want people to value or “listen” to your opinion, check your grammar and spelling!

    • Sarah White says:

      Really?? Because you know all about Glee! I personally love the new season as much as I loved the last two! Quit dissing the show and spell adding right, I mean if you want to trash Glee at least spell right! Stop dissing characters and actually watch the show, it’s a feel good show, not a so called “consistent” show. It’s about teenagers, were not exactly known for our being consistent!

    • TJ says:

      The characters they’re adding now are from that “Glee Project” show…….I think they did a bad job choosing winners from that show- the truly great actors/actresses and singers from that show were eliminated too soon.

    • Michele says:

      If the show is so awful in your opinion. just quit watching. Or better yet, offer your services as a writer.because you know so much more than the current writers for glee.

  6. Kelly says:

    Lol I wonder what “consistent” in their vocabulary means…….and the big question here is “how”! I honestly can even begin to picture what glee would be like outside of the halls of Mckinley! Mickinley is Glee…

  7. Carol C says:

    Please bring back the sharing by e-mail.

  8. Glee is a train wreck and i can’t stop to watch it, i’m doomed. What i want is more laugh, less tears, less finchel, more klaine and brittana, more tike.
    I want them to bring back Grant and Max. And i want continuity.

    • Julie says:

      I respect your opinion, but what you like may not be what others like…like me. For example, I HATE Brittana (both are horrible bullies who never have any repercussions for their actions) and I find Klaine boring now. Tike can stay in the background for all I care — they barely exist. What I really want is the characters to NOT be defined by their relationships, which is what you’ve implied here by using only shipper names.

      And I want MORE Rachel, and I’d even take more Finn, if both were more developed as individual characters. Same goes for Kurt — I want stories for the characters irrespective of their romances.

      I do miss Glee when it was about the laughs, with a little drama and music that pushed the story forward.

      • Heather says:

        Um seeing as how the show is not only about singing, its about high school and different high school situations, and trials that teenagers go through so the focus on the relationships kind of makes the show, I think they are doing a fantastic job and hope they continue with the emotional episodes thats what keeps a lot of us hooked

        • Alice says:

          Thank you Heather. You siad exactly what I was thinking. Glee is about teens and their felings. They are trying to figure out exactly who they are, just like we all did or are doing. The show is great just the way it is, and so are the people.

      • Curtis says:

        Rachel Is All The show used To be About What more do You want Of Her!!!!

        • Suzanne says:

          Um, in a word, yes. Or Will, who the first season was more about. Or at least more focus. The writers have ADD. You can’t keep 10 story arcs going if you never touch 75% of them, and it feels forced when you wrap one up neatly. That being said, I have enjoyed most of this season, and will probably watch next, esp. since they said Artie is a Junior, I hope that means Kevin McHale will be back.

      • yep says:

        That’s me 2. Not a fan of the extreme bully, Santana, whose actions are excused because she is confused and sad because of blah blah. I don’t hate any character or couple nor am I phobic at all. But I am not a fan of Britanna at all for the same reasons. Klaine is complacent and do not challenge each other-just smile at each other( yawn). I like Tike but they are not going to be any forefront main couple. Agree on all counts of individuality for the characters to have interesting and challenging stories not just their characters be based on how they are within the confines of a couple. I miss the JOY of Glee of s1 lots of humor with some drama mixed in and appropriate and sound lyrical music to move any story forward and hold the audience’s interest. No matter what I love Glee and with remain an avid fan.

  9. “Consistent”? To quote Inigo Montoya, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  10. Christina says:

    L O L I read “consistent” AND Glee together and I knew this Dana woman is full of lies.

  11. Robert says:

    Only 7 episodes left? Does that mean season three only has 21 episodes?

  12. Jeremie says:

    Does this mean we only get 21 episodes this season ? Or is the season finale a two-hour episode ?

  13. Wolfie says:

    The show is, unfortunately, a victim of its own success. The first season was so great but then it started selling out to guest stars and tribute episodes. The plot flew out the window and storylines revolved around the music.

    For some reason, I still watch though.

    • Jacob says:

      Actually, There is LESS music now than there was back then, and back when you day it was supposedly “so great”, they used the music to talk about all of the character’s feelings WAY more than they do now. And, the plot flew out of the window??? Gay suicide, texting while driving and almost axing one of the characters, and the meanest teacher is pregnant, AND Emma is the new ten year teacher? Also, how Finn and Rachel are getting married? THAT’S not the proper plot for you?
      Well, then, you can become a popular T.V. show director and see if YOU can come up with an original, better plot than that!

      • maria G says:

        I agree this show is no longer fun. After the last episode where Karofsky tries to hang himself, I noticed my teenage daughter watching this episode repeatedly, now just a few weeks later she is in a rehab hospital under a suicide watch from trying to do the same. I did not realize the pain she was going through and something in this show brought out something and made her take action. should I be angry, sure I am, I just dont find the show entertaining anymore……..its a shame and sooner or later american horror story will be the same way since its created by the same guy……..
        parents, please watch what your kids are watching and be there to talk with them if they are hurting about something…….

        • Sarah White says:

          It’s not the shows fault for how your daughter reacted. She would have done it even without the show. If she truly was depressed , sad, and angry nothing could have stopped her.

          • Katie C says:

            I agree with Sarah. Glee is not that cause of what your daughter did, nor probably where she got the idea from. You can find anything on the internet today, including how to commit suicide. Parents of teenagers have been taking offense and blaming Glee for airing episodes about REAL LIFE ISSUES like suicide, teens having sex (and getting pregnant), or being gay/lesbian. At least the writers and creators of Glee are not afraid to discuss issues that are happening now.

        • femme says:

          Wow. First let me say I’m sorry to hear your child has been living with depression for some time now.
          As a surviver of attempted suicide, and of losing three very close people to it, let me tell you the show wasn’t the cause of her finally deciding to act on her depression and pain. Though I sense some deflecting and wanting of a simple explanation in your note.
          The feeling of nothing in the future to look forward to, a total blackness and desperation to be rid of her pain was the cause.

          I have to say though, if one of my children had been re watching that episode over and over again I believe I’d have picked up on her message. Our children don’t always spell it right out for us it’s our jobs to read between the line to hopefully understand when they are in pain. Gone, once they are teen and above, our knowing by their crying loudly to let us know.

          Maybe it’s because I have a very deep understanding of the blackness, but had my kid been watching this over and over again I would have taken that moment to do some deep checking in.

          • yep says:

            femme, you are so right. It is hard for kids today to adapt to their peers expectations. They face harder trials in a given day than I ever did. It is even harder for parents to recognize the signs of a troubled teen much less have a clue how to reach and comfort their loved one. I am sorry for what you’re having to face Maria G. That is why I will not condemn Glee for telling compelling and relatible stories that face teens each day. I do miss the Glee of s1 but Glee has transformed into a forum for many teens and young adults to relate to because of the varied and deep social topics Glee presents on screen as fiction. Just because of that many a teen may stop and think before they act or react to any of the social issues that affect them in real life.

        • Alice says:

          Sarah is so right. You should look to yourself for the answers as to why your daughter is where she is. If you didn’t know that she was having a problem, then that is your fault for not noticing. Don’t try to blame a show that is down to earth and realstic. This show just shows exactly what goes on in real life every day. I hope that your daughter gets better and gets the help that she truely needs. I have a teenage boy and I know when he’s depressed. Love her wit everything you have in you. Keep letting her know tat you are there for her. I never go a day without letting my kds know that I love them and that I will always be there for them. She needs you to be strong for her. God Bless you and your family.

      • Amie says:

        I have one word for you: FanFiction.

      • Caty says:

        I only have one thing to say, it’s ‘tenure’ not ‘ten year’ I’m a teacher and just had to say it.. Haha and even though it is crazily inconsistent and such, I love Glee for the good feeling it gives me after a day with kiddos :-)

    • Madison says:

      I completely agree. Season 1 was great, now there’s too much drama and not enough music and comedy. I hardly get motivation to watch it anymore. What happened to when it was fun??

  14. Liam says:

    Consistent? LOL. Funniest comment ever. This show has been a total mess this season and unless they get all new writers, I see more of the same for next season.

  15. Nikko says:

    Consistent and exciting and Glee don’t go together. TPTB need to fire the new writers, all they have accomplished is the worst season of Glee ever. The butchering of many story lines and the lack of comedy is astounding.

    Maybe then, Glee will feel like Glee again.

    • Think of it this way though.. It really hits home to a lot of viewers.. Life isn’t always filled with “glee”… I know I personally enjoy when I watch shows I can relate to in one way or another..

      • Amie says:

        Relating to a show is a good thing. I enjoy when I can relate too, but I got hooked on Glee for a different reason. It made me happy. Life can suck a lot of the time, and sometimes a good drama will make you feel less alone, but a comedy… Comedies are different. They make people feel good. I come home from a long, hard day at work, and I get to watch this show where a bunch of misfit kids sing, dance, and ultimately become friends. Sure, they are kids, they can be mean sometimes and do stupid things, but it made me laugh. When Finn outed Santana, I felt sick. When Dave tried to hang himself, I cried. The thing that gets me about Season 3 is I haven’t made it through one episode without feeling bad at one point or another. What happened to Glee being about opening yourself up to joy?

  16. aunt_deen says:

    Consistency is what I’ve been wanting from the show all along. As in, having the stories serve the characters rather than the other way around.

  17. SuperStar22 says:

    Rachel won’t marry the goy, honestly Ryan Murphy. Such a great leading Jewish character, and what do you do. Completely ruin her, and making her celebrate non-Jewish holidays and having her married by a priest of such. What happened to that Jewish girl from season 1? She had such promise and now I’m so tired of watching the show, heck fanfiction has her being more Jewish than on your show. Not once did I see her or Puck celebrating Hanukkah or any Jewish holiday….. Such a let down….

    • dude says:

      Do they have rabbis peform at city hall?

    • Melissa says:

      I’m not Jewish and I TOTALLY agree with you! I’ve been wondering that for a while.

    • Haley says:

      I can’t recall the episode exactly, but I believe at city halls they have judges or celebrants officiate weddings, therefore the ceremony wasn’t Christian, it was secular/ non-religious. BTW I am totes down for a Hanukkah episode next year. Christmas episodes bore me to tears.

  18. destiny says:

    dana walden, call me. i’ll write better episodes than the current writing staff.

  19. Jill says:

    I am sick of Rachel anyway. There is a lot of talent and she is the one one showcased. If this were a real class nobody would have stuck around.

  20. Ann VanName says:

    Dont care what yall think I love Glee, the characters the guest stars all of it…

  21. Rumor says:

    No offense to previous posters, but I don’t think more “Klaine” or “Brittana” is going to fix the problem with Glee. In fact, I think Glee should stop indulging shipper whims and tell a consistent story for once with the occasional music numbers.

    • So, you think that if they had a consistent story it’d be more entertaining.. How about the story between Will and Emma.. The story between Rachel and Finn, that’s not consistent?? There is consistency throughout the show, people just sometimes fail to notice it..

  22. Sarebare1989 says:

    I do hope that they make a finale that actually is 2 hours. Last year’s finale, while good, had way too much going on to fit in the hour block (which realistically is about 40-45 minutes of showtime), and left a lot of rushed plot and a lack of satisfaction. They could have just focused on nationals, but instead they added small mini plots that took up time and didn’t have any explanation (case in point: quinn cutting her hair…a wtf moment that wasted time on other fronts)

    Please, two hours would be AMAZING!

  23. Kailee says:

    They need to learn to finish story lines! Every character has at least one story line from previous seasons that were never finished. I love glee but Ryan Murphy always does a half ass job as writing it 

  24. Ray says:

    Let’s face it: Glee fell apart this season. They better get their act together in season four, or else I don’t see this series lasting that much longer. It’s sad to see a show that started out so great sell out to their fame.

  25. Andrea says:

    Whatever! I still love me some Glee!! Quit complaining about the best show on television ever.

    • Paige says:

      …..have you seen Friends? TEN SEASONS. Why does Ryan insist on touching on every popular social issue every two seconds? It’s gotten too heavy. Someone bring back the funny stuff, not to mention the classic songs – not this random mix of old and boring versus hottest single on the iTunes top 100. The show should be kept at McKinley – that’s how it would be in real life. Show the new kids and the vets dealing with the absence of their graduated group members, that’s something real show choirs deal with.

  26. erik michele says:

    los kiero mucho amigos de glee lea michele hermana te esperamos en casa

  27. Bianca says:

    Chris Colfer should write the show!! He can write so much better that the whole staff…

  28. freyoda says:

    I am glad glee will be renewed. I am also happy with glee continueing season 4 based on current characters and not about the classroom. But a few days ago I had myself a little glee-marathon season 1 and it really showed to me how lost glee is this season. Rachel and Kurt are still my favourites, but nowadays it feels like all their storylines are based on their relationships and not about their personalities… Also it doesn’t feel like a comedyseries anymore. Sue’s credibility is gone due her storylines and they managed to get a new villain Sebastian, who just lost his credibility in the winter-finale. I’d like to see less relationship-storylines and more characterbased storylines…

  29. Linds says:

    At this point, I wish they’d just cancel it already. All they do is cater to shipper whims, and even then the most hostile, rude, and vicious shippers get what they want.

  30. Salty Gleek says:

    ugh I’m so sick of “Klaine” and “Brittana” fans its a great and i love both couples but enough is enough, both have had their fair share of time both season 2 and season 3 and I feel that may be what made characters like Puck and Quinn take such a hit … her story line is such a mess I cant even. Then we have Merecades, she finally gets a man, Shane, and they seemed so cute and real and they go and ruin it with this Samcades crap… its so unbelievable maybe if we saw the summer and how they fell in love but when you don’t see that its a little hard to believe these two are that head over hells for each other, Rory good voice but just taking up space and time as I imagine Samual will to, and Sugar?? ok shes funny but what exactly is her point?

    • Tribalmama says:

      I’ve been wondering about the Sugar thing too. It was almost offensive when they pulled out the Asperger’s card, and since the two clubs merged, she is basically useless, and they have her singing? That was the big joke with her! She couldn’t sing!

  31. STW says:

    Sounds awesome — can’t wait! Love the show, the characters, and the amazing cast, and have a deep appreciation for the creators and writers and all who work so hard to produce this great hour of television with its ongoing stories (that ARE, in fact, consistent and awesome!) every week.

  32. Vincent Anderson says:

    I love Glee. I love everything about it. Sure it has been inconsistent but it does something special. It actually changes people lives. After I watch it I feel upbeat and happy! It can make the most depressed person in the world wanna step outside and sing at the top of their loungs! So if it continues to do that then Glee is all right with me!

  33. ambar76 says:

    Blah Blah Blah! All you people do is complain! If you don’t like the show don’t watch it! The show is about the music so why whine about it.

  34. Ariana says:

    I think that the show is all about the music. Thats what i fell in love with. Not the drama, romance, or comedy, but well performed entertaining music.

  35. Kaelin says:

    I just hate how they have all these unnecessary plots that are so very unrelated to the major storylines. Furthermore, they didn’t focus on what’s important and relatable to the viewers like topics on bullying, sexuality, etc. I do hope they make a huge reform on the show.

    • Sam says:

      Didn’t touch on bullying and sexuality? Then what has Kurt’s story line been from practically the first episode? Blaine? Karofsky? Santana? I’m confused now…

  36. Salty Gleek says:

    yeah the music is one thing of course but season had such heart romance drama and comedy with GOOD BELIEVABLE WELL WRITTEN story lines… unlike this season that is a complete mess and the music hasnt even been that good

  37. Salty Gleek says:

    yeah the music is one thing of course but season one* had such heart romance drama and comedy with GOOD BELIEVABLE WELL WRITTEN story lines… unlike this season that is a complete mess and the music hasnt even been that good with a few exceptions

    • Eames says:

      Good, believable, well written stories? Yeah, I know so many people who fake pregnancy to their significant other… AND mostly get away with it. Glee has always been out there.

  38. Felicia says:


    Glee is a show about…wait for it…a glee club…if you take out the singing, or minimize it and put it in the background, then you have an unrealistic, annoying show about what high school isn’t like. And the show is doing fine…sure, some episodes are better than others, I think the winter finale was the best in awhile…if you hate it so much, stop watching it. Lol

    The music has been great (I’d like to see more classics though) and the guest stars haven’t been that bad…

    What would I like to see? I’d like to see people stop whining about this…your life doesn’t revolve around TV, and if it does, shame on you.

  39. Dawn Manzetti says:

    I am a huge Glee fan. I believe there is too much emphasis on 2 or 3 characters. They don’t fully explore the talents of the rest of the cast. Way too many guest stars. This is about “high school” and not promoting well known actors/performers. I would like to see the development and progression of kids not leaving and more development of the new characters introduced. Rory has an amazing voice but is being pigeon-holed into only a ballad singer. He is much more than that!! The Glee Project showcased amazing kids longing for a chance to be on Glee. They won and are not being developed and showcased for their remarkable talent. Enough is enough with Rachel/Finn ~ Kurt/Blaine! Very talented but they cannot be the entire show.

    • Melissa says:


    • Bobby says:

      Glee is not about High School. It’s set in a high school. The show is about not being afraid of being yourself, no matter what age you are. Or about striving to be something better. If bringing in a guest artist helps convey this information, why not? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You have to strive for different things. And why do you people all think that inconsistent is bad and consistent is good. Consistent is stuck in the mud routine. Inconsistent is surprising, and in my opinion more realistic. Not everybody likes the same things. I don’t care for the relationship story lines, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be in there. Someone else likes them. I did my time being a high school student teacher. Believe me, you don’t want to see more about high school; it’s boring and routine and stifling. I love how they focus on an issue without pounding it into your head. Sure, they’ve gotten away from the funny, but a show can’t last on funny, it has to have relevance, something to believe in. We all love it or we wouldn’t be reading and writing about it. Prediction: Quinn will live but be disfigured or crippled in some way. The outside Quinn, will have to give way to the inside Quinn. Can she still go to Yale? Good complication. It think this will not only be the teachable moment about texting and driving, but also test the theory that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Glee on everyone.

  40. Sarah says:

    Trying to serve too many characters has robbed Glee of its consistency. Too often weaker actors are given storylines they just can’t carry or songs for the sake of itunes, while the better actors have had to suffer through unbelievable character twists for the sake of plot. I do care what happens to Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Santana, in particular, but it does feel like now I watch with remote in hand to avoid the clunky bits or irrelevant songs. Rachel crying bcause she hasn’t got a letter from NYADA, Finn’s feeling of sickness about his father’s death or beating the shower wall when not selected, Kurt’s triumph with his Dad about being a finalist, Santana’s grief at being outed, those are the moments I care about. Recreations of pop videos, unless they are funny, not so much. This show was a massive achievement for all involved and has changed the TV landscape so I really hope they can turn it around so there are more triumphs like the First Time, Yes/no, Grilled Cheesus, Duets, Wheels and The Road to Regionals where the narrative has felt truthful and focussed.

  41. Hugh says:

    Just curious,how come non-high-school students can get into a club in a high school?It’s been bothering me a little since they said about their grades and graduation.By the way,I’m Korean…

  42. Melissa says:

    I hope they keep Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen on, I’m enjoying what they bring to the table.

  43. Toni Hoke says:

    May we have more music, less pairing off, more dreams, more tongue twistable lashings by Sue, less goo, more Broadway, less Katy Perry lyrics, more classic rock, and 80’s fun songs.
    And why would you ruin/ kill(?)Quinn? Can someone please wake me when I can laugh again and not have to recoil at gross PDAs?

  44. Brad says:

    If you subtract the terrible wedding plotline, Santana, and Blaine, I’ve more or less enjoyed this season. At least season 3 actually HAD plots, unlike Season 2, which was completely all over the place. And last season all the music was the songs that I was sick of hearing on the radio, but I’ve really liked the songs this year. :)

    • BlaBlaBlaine says:

      You can’t subtract Santana and Blaine, they’re two of the best characters! The wedding plotline…that i agree was terrible.

  45. Johan Steyn says:

    Wish I could be on glee!! Kurt and blane Ur so cute together :)

  46. EgoRiot says:

    I agree with the comment above. Glee has always been about the music. People keep saying season three was suppose to have less music and more plot and it has. Which upsets me. Because i originally started, and continue to watch the show because of the songs. The show has cut down to 3 or 4 songs an episode. Some episodes halfway through i even think to myself if they have even song a song yet. And the show is fairly inconsistent but i dont think its any more inconsistent then any other show. The show revolves around relationships because were in the third season. You know everyones personality. The story cant be about learning about the characters anymore, its about their lives and a big part of life is the relationships you have ESPECIALLY in highschool. Glee is doing just fine. I wish there was more music per episode but i cant really argue with the masses. And the guest stars and tribute episodes rock. Its a nice break from the norm and who doesnt like seeing thier favorite stars on thier favorite show? All in all everyone is being to hard on this show. Maybe because they were expecting a little too much.

  47. Salty Gleek says:

    and ok perfect example for wasted story line time and bad writing, the episode “The Spanish Teacher” WTH WAS THAT?? like Mr. Shue has been teaching spanish since season 1… 3 years later Santana has a problem with it? the whole time hes been working there noones noticed he cant really speak spanish?? it was so boring and honestly made no sense to me as to why that had to even go there

  48. San&Kurt says:


  49. A “continuation” of Glee. That sounds like the definition of a spin-off to me… or something worse.

    I’m afraid, y’all. :/

  50. linda capri says:

    look ill love glee no matter what and we continue to watch this because we remeber why we fell in love with it in the first place i know the storylines are all over the place this season. and i will really not like getting new characters for fourth season glee wont be the same even tho ill probally still watch it but i wont like anyone except for the original cast. and its sad some people who were totally dedicated gleeks and loved this show are letting it down because we say how lost glee has been. ill always love it no matter what and ill probally have a nervous breakdown when it ends but glee is my inspiration and my motivation. and i will stand behind glee 100% no matter what. come on people we really need to be by this show no matter what cause you guys arent helping mr. murphy by puttting him down in this.