American Idol Top 10 Results Recap: Nobody Wins From This Misery

erika van pelt brunetteShed no tears for the 10th-place finisher on Season 11 of American Idol. (Well, unless you feel sorry for said contestant having had to endure the up-close sight of Randy Jackson’s sequined creepyface/Golliwogg/Tubby Toast pin during Wednesday’s performance show.)

But in all seriousness, this season, it seems there’s a little less sting following in the footsteps of such Idol footnotes as Julia Demato, Jessica Sierra, Lisa Tucker, Chris Sligh, and Chikezie — at least when you consider how incredibly deep and evenly matched this season’s Top 10 truly is.

What’s more, the evicted singer got one helluva consoliation prize: A spectacular live performance by Season 10’s shiningest star Haley Reinhart, debuting her jazzy fantastic new single “Free.” That birdcage! That slinky red dress! Those slinky red vocals! Honestly, if “Free” isn’t a hit, there should be some kind of Congressional act shutting down every pop radio station from Hawaii to the northern tip of Maine. (“No Earworm Left Behind!”)

Hang on one second. I need a second. Just a second to compose myself, take a few deep breaths, and convince myself that I’m not actually apopletic about tonight’s deeply annoying results, which ended with the ouster of a mature, subtle vocalist who — with a little more confidence and a little less unnecessary foolery from the judges — coulda been a top 5 contendah. Ugh. Let’s talk about some of the non-results aspects of the telecast before we get to the elimination:

* Kudos to the Top 10 for not going the lipsynching route on “For the Longest Time” — perfect choice for the group number! — and actually sounding pretty good in the process.

* Randy should never, ever try to be funny. That’s what he was trying to do with his “Steven and I chose that outfit for her” comment about J.Lo’s “super pink” dress, right?

* Some interersting notes from Jimmy Iovine this week. He’s right that Skylar needs to get creative and show growth if she wants to win this thing. (Which is exactly why she shouldn’t have taken the one country hit written by Billy Joel this week.) And I had to agree with him, too, that Heejun’s performance was nothing more than a “stunt gone wrong” — and certainly not the kind of performance that’s going to inspire Interscope to spend its money on recording and promotion. I disagreed, though, with his notion that Phillip should only take a stand and be himself once he’s out in the real world. The Idol viewing audience is savvy enough to spot when a contestant is making making music and fashion choices that don’t feel authentic, and that’s when they stop picking up the phones and voting. Not to say that Phillip shouldn’t be willing to stretch himself as an artist — and as a potential star — but that doesn’t mean he should have to hang up his guitar or perform to a gaggle of swaybots just because that’s what Diddy would do.

Okay, on to the results…

Sent Immediately to Safety (in Order of Announcement)
Hollie Cavanagh
Skylar Laine
Elise Testone
Jessica Sanchez
Joshua Ledet
Colton Dixon (Seacreast faked-out, again!)
Phillip Phillips

Bottom Three
DeAndre Brackensick
Erika Van Pelt (loved how she grabbed some maracas from Elise: “I’m bringing the party with me!”)
Heejun Han

First One Sent Back to Safety
DeAndre Brackensick

Lowest Vote Getter
Erika Van Pelt

Last-Chance Performance
Erika inexplicably chose “I Believe in You and Me” (as opposed to “What About Love” or something with a rocky edge), delivering it with husky bombast, but hitting a couple of rough patches along the way (maybe due to tears?). It wasn’t enough to score a Judges’ Save from Randy, J.Lo, and Steven (those are only for guys, as you all know), and thus it’s another woman down, another woman down, another woman — who brought some emotional maturity and sexy-ass hair to the table — who bites the dust.

Now it’s your turn. Did the right person go home? Don’t you think with a few more weeks under her belt, Erika could’ve grown into a serious contender? (Heck, even Jimmy said she should be at the top of the pack this week!) How the heck did Heejun survive? And what did you think of sleepy/cool Lana del Ray?

p.s. Sorry, Erika, if Idology led you wrong with that whole “dye your hair black” business! We really thought it might work.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. len Labrecque says:

    this show is unwatchable anymore

  2. Peggy Sue says:

    It was funny seeing Haley again. All the controversy she brought last year was really strange. She was good, and the judges picked on her. I DO think that brought about some changes this year – have you noticed the judges seem to be taking turns saying “constructive criticism” to the various contestants – they will get 2 praises and 1 criticism every time- I know this must be killing Steven because he only wants to say nice things. But I DO think it’s more fair. Absolutely. Haley was the sacrificial lamb all by herself last year. I thought her song was boring tonight, and I was disappointed because I really like her. But she was beautiful and confident and it was nice to see her back on the show!

  3. James says:

    Tis a shame…Should of been Deandre to go home…At least Heejun is entertaining…Deandre is just a nasally wreck (at least last night he was)

  4. Mary says:

    I am amazed by some comments on this blog. People are complaining only wgwg wins and then they complain nobody changes up the song. Well two of the guys Kris and David changed the songs up, probably why they won, and know are being penalized because they happen to be wgwg. You can’t have it both ways. These contestants are young, plus with the way the show is run now, I don’t see that happening as often. I do think the girls are more talented, but these songs are not from their generation. Give them
    Something to work with and you may be surprise.

    • Tim says:

      Tell that to Nigel. He’ll probably be doing songs from the flapper era next.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Is it just the white guy, or is it the guitar? I don’t get it. They can’t actually be saying the white guy be better if he were less talented musically? Is it the white guy’s fault for learning the guitar? Should he have taken up the banjo instead? (ooh, that’d be awesome, we need a banjo playing contestant…srsly, Bela Fleck fan here)
      I hope this isn’t too insensitive to ask, but what happened to the BGWG? Rock/blues guitar was pioneered by black men: Robert Johnson, BB King, Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, the list goes on and on…but now you see a black guy playing the guitar and it seems to be a novelty. Why????

  5. Ani says:

    Thank you, Tim, for stating the obvious about Ericka’s new Do. It really didn’t help her a bit–in fact, it aged her. She sang great last night but should have gone with the majority and not listened to Tommy H’s terrible advice on “style.”

  6. Alice says:

    Lisa Tucker did a couple of episodes of the Vampire Diaries, so she seems to be doing alright for herself. Sigh. But I guess since I don’t vote, I can’t complain.

  7. Chris says:

    DANGNABIT! I knew I wouldn’t get my wish that Heejun would volunteer to go over loosing someone who’s at the right moment in their life to be doing this. He just sat there in his own guilt. Grrrr. He is not ready to be in front of America. I mean even Steven said if you can’t sing Billy Joel you shouldn’t sing at all – um hi Heejun. *Note* Somewhere up above in the HeeJun battle of the words just so you are clear he DID say, “I’m not trying to be a star”. I have it on DVR.

    Jimmy – “4 minutes of a bad Adam Sandler movie that goes straight to DVD (or itunes for this purpose). At the end of the day Interscope has to spend a lot of money on someone who wins the show and that’s not it”. BOOM! GO big and go HOME Heejun.

    Erika if I could’ve had 3 seconds with you I simply would have told you to, “Let your PINK out”. I am hoping you will do just that on the TOUR. Rock on sister – no really ROCK on.

    Here’s hoping next week they all make it really hard on America to choose.

    “Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song” – love you Steven. Hey maybe that’s the ‘fresh air’ Jenny from the block was smelling….

    Ok out of my negative place – Woot – HALEY GIRL SMOOOOOOOOOOOKIN’ shindig baby.

  8. Sandi says:

    Sad for Erika. I predicted she’d be the one to go but I really wanted it to be a dude. There’s no question that she’s immensely more talented than Heejun so it seems very unfair that he gets to stay.

    By the way – sorry to say Michael – I think the makeover was godawful. It’s not the color of her hair so much as the cut. I thought it added 10 years to her appearance and gave her the aura of a drag queen. Not the mention that dress she wore tonight was an absolute nightmare. She would have looked better in a potato sack.

    Joe Perry = awesome!

  9. IdaRed says:

    Sad to see Erika go. Sad that the majority of voters never could connect to her. They let her go once and has been in the B3 ever since. I don’t think it has anything to do with a lack of talent. She’s got that in abundance. The good news is she was the ONLY girl in the B3 for once and Elise wasn’t one of them.

  10. darcy's evil twin says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

    Sweet Baby Jesus, who is voting other than texting tweens? The School for the Deaf?
    Oh well, at least Heejun was actually in the bottom three!

    • Marsaili says:

      I voted for Erika. And Elise. :-( At least Heejun had the humility to hang his head in shame—he knows he’s not better than Erika. I actually felt badly for him because he seemed to be filled with guilt. He said himself, he’s not there to be a star, he just wants to help his kids and have fun while he’s there. Unfortunately, as long as he is there, better singers will be eliminated in his stead. I DID vote Erika (to the chick who screamed that it was OUR FAULT for not voting!!)

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I also voted for Erika and Elise. Heejun said he wanted to help his kids? I missed that. What kids? I missed them completely.
        Erika’s vocal was wonderful last night. At least Erika got a chance and will be on the tour, unlike Lauren Turner and Kendra Chantelle.

        • TheBeach says:

          I think Heejun was referring to the special needs kids he teaches.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Thanks for clarifying – he teaches??? Seriously. Okay, then.

          • macy says:

            Darcy, why are you so judgemental and mean? just because you don’t like his singing or his personality does not render him worthless. He has a beautiful heart and works with special needs kids at a non-profit in New York. Seriously, get off your high horse.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oh dear, “judgemental and mean”. Trust me, the world was a lot nicer when everyone was more “judgemental” because people acted a whole lot better when they knew they’d be held accountable for their bad behavior. But I digress – judgemental doesn’t really apply here. that’s just a buzzword all the kids love to use when they’re upset that someone’s telling the truth, which apparently has little value these days. And I’m certainly not mean.
            Heejun had the worst performance. In a perfect world he should have gone home. I’m a bit surprised he teaches (I think I knew that but forgot) because he’s certainly not setting a good example for his students. It’s nice that he works with special needs children at a non-profit. he just isn’t a singer.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            @ D.E.T. – “Oh dear, ‘judgemental and mean’. Trust me, the world was a lot nicer when everyone was more ‘judgemental’ because people acted a whole lot better when they knew they’d be held accountable for their bad behavior.”

            Oh, there is so very much truth in that statement. It’s nothing to laugh about, is it?

    • TheBeach says:

      Aw, I almost had a James Taylor flashback, but then I re-read your line.

    • marie says:

      “School for the Deaf”! LOL!!! :D

  11. Tahoe Mike says:

    Haley is such a dreamdate!
    Nothing else I have to say tonight is fit for print.

  12. Spider3tattoo says:

    I think all the Heejun fans should be horrified that they sent home a singer so his comedy act could live another week. Shameful.

  13. Jason says:

    Erika would have had a much better chance of winning if she had stayed away from second helpings the last 10 years and maybe went to the gym once in awhile. Cutting your hair ain’t gonna do it! Wow what a transformation she went from being the fat chick with long blonde hair to the fat chick with short black hair.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Indeed. Because Adele won an armload of grammys despite not looking like a pencil.

    • Marsaili says:

      Nice. Does it make you feel more like a man to put down women based on their looks and weight? Because it sure doesn’t make you look like a man to the people reading this kind of stuff. You just look like a pig.

      • Jason says:

        Eating food like a glutton is responsible for more deaths then drug addiction and alcoholism combined. People like to take the high moral ground on drugs but the moment you mention that obesity is something that shouldn’t be celebrated you get called a pig. It’s tough love!!! We got to shock these addicts into getting healthy and giving up their drug food, I consider it a public service. Adele knows how to write brilliant songs not sing Karoke.,

        • Joy says:

          My stepsister eats like a bird and has run a couple marathons, and is still a half-dozen clothing sizes bigger than my junk-food-loving, couch-potato ass. She takes crap like yours from people who in most cases probably have higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels than she does, because so many clueless jerks think they know all about people’s lifestyles just from looking at them. Healthy habits help, but with the role that genetics play in setting our baselines in different places, it’s ridiculous to assume that you can identify who’s a glutton and who’s not based only on their waistline.

        • marie says:

          What I have to say to THAT would probably not pass TVLine’s auto-censors. I’ll just say you are not a kind person – and keep your opinions to yourself until you have walked a mile in those “glutton’s” shoes.

    • Lois Benton says:

      YOu know that’s rude. Your Momma’s gonna ground you now.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I’d love to think that you’re wrong about that, but I can’t help but detect a slight bias on the part of the judges in favor of skinny bitches. Consider: Shannon Magraine, Chelsea Sorrell, and Baylie Brown all got into the Top 24 while people like Candice Glover (sung with Deandre and Jessica in Vegas), Wendy Taylor (killed Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow in Vegas), and Lauren Gray (kicked ass all the way through the competition) were shut out. The former three were marginally talented but very pretty. The latter three all impressed with their voices but were a little on the plus-sized side. I’m not accusing the producers of being consciously discriminative, but it’s curious.

  14. JOJO says:


  15. Miscellaneopolan says:

    One good thing about tonight’s show: the top 10’s rendition of “The Longest Time,” while still not spectacular, was about as good as any group number is likely to get. I love that song, and it was a cute idea for them to do a number which is performed pretty much all a capella. The song actually REQUIRES a group to perform it. I thought Deandre and Joshua stood out vocally, which proves that they’re both perfectly capable of doing Billy Joel tunes and just didn’t have the right songs last night. Weirdly, Skyler also sounded really good on it. Girl can sing anything. Did anyone else catch her kind of flirt-singing with Casey Abrams during her portion?

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Miscellaneopolan, last week when the BJ theme week had been announced, someone had suggested (perhaps it was you) that this tune should be the group number, and lo and behold, obviously TPTB also thought so.

      It was cute, and I thought quite well executed. (As an aside, the only guy I saw singing the lower part was Philip squared, but it sounded like more voices, so what did production do to create that?)

      I agree that both Deandre and Joshua sounded fabulous in this number, and, yes, they really did not sing the right Billy Joel tunes on performance night. (Deandre’s falsetto in “Longest Time” was absolutely gorgeous — this kid has a really terrific voice, and it’s so sad that probably because of his youth and inexperience, he can’t filter out the poor advice that he’s been handed about song selection the past couple of weeks. I really hope that he’ll soon discover someone who can truly help him in time to save him from getting booted too soon.)

      Yes, I noticed Skylar singing to Casey Abrams — and, no, I didn’t see that as “flirting”, anymore than I saw Elyse’s sitting on Steven Tyler’s lap singing to him as “flirting.” It was staged.

      However, back to your comment that the “girl can sing anything.” I will state upfront (and I said this on last year’s forum), I consider the phrase “country music” to be an oxymoron. That said, Skylar stunned me with her rendition of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” Absolutely! Stunned! Me!

      I haven’t been impressed with her performances the last two weeks, but I haven’t closed the door either.

  16. S says:

    I don’t understand why a girl must win this year? so people like the guys better? I for one don’t think it matters what sex you are it matters about the voice and whole package. IMO only a few of the girls are current and amazing any way. Yeah maybe Erika shouldn’t have left before the Heejun but she would have eventually any way. My top picks are, Colton, Phil, Jessica and Skylar . I feel they are most current and are good each week so far :) I do also like Hollie and DeAndre but I know DeAndre won’t last much longer and Hollie well I’d like to see her do something besides Ballads all the time :/

    • Marsaili says:

      I agree, S. I want the best singer to win, I don’t care what sex they are—if it is a WGWG—then so be it! The girls who are left have to be as flexible as the guys—they have to be willing to put themselves out there and do a GREAT rendition of whatever song they are doing—make it fresh, don’t be pagenty, don’t sing it like the original (but don’t over sing it either) Unfortunately, past women who have done all this haven’t been appreciated by the judges and therefore were ignored by the voters (except the voters who knew better!) Haley did all this last year and she still came in third, to a chick who pretty much didn’t change anything up and a guy who really couldn’t change things up. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lauren and Scotty—but they are pretty plain compared to Haley. Elise needs to be a Haley. Jessica probably needa a few more years to get some experiences to be able to sing with conviction. Hollie needs to step away from the ballads! Skylar has the best chance of making it of the 4 girls, she has energy, she is fun to watch and she can sing! In a perfect world, Elise would be the one winning it all—-but it won’t happen—look at Haley, look at Crystal, look at Siobhan, or Carly or Alyson. EGADS!!! maybe it’s true, maybe a woman can’t win!! Of the guys, it’s going to be between Colton and Phillip. Joshua is beyond awesome—but he’s got to break away from the churchiness—and I don’t think he can. DeAndre has potential to be awesome—but he, like Jessica, needs some life experience, too. Heejun needs a bunch of years with singing lessons and even then, his voice is weak—yes it’s pretty but it’s weak. Plus, I don’t think he should be here, compared to the other singers. he has a nice voice, but he’s not an IDOL.

  17. me says:

    Maybe if the girls weren’t karaoke, wannabes or sucky they’d stick around? yeah Heejun needs to go but I’m just making a point about the women. They need to make songs their own and be current not something from the 90s or sounding the the artist. jmo

    • Isn’t that asinine? The girls are performing in the best way they can. The guys, while each of them are unique, are just the poor men’s versions of idols before them. There’s a big difference between making a song your own and actually doing a great job at it.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Does this mean that you think Philip squared isn’t karaoke? Given how many folks are saying that he’s just another Dave Matthews?

      This. Does not. connect.

  18. larry says:

    My favorite went home tonight, but of course it’s because she won’t ever be on the cover of teen beat. Just an outrage. Erika has a lifelong fan in me though.

  19. Joe says:

    I hope Heejun wins. Seriously, I do. It’ll be the death rattle of American Idol and then we all can break our addiction to this stupid show that beats up on women vocalists like none other. What’s amazing is the biggest recording artists right now are female. Adele, Rihana, Katy Perry, etc. The show that is about finding the next bigest recording artist can’t get a woman through the ridiculous voting patterns of slobbering girls who are proven not to buy the records of the American Idols they vote for. Let Heejun win. Let him sing “This is my now” dressed like clown while he throws delicious goodies into the audience of booger eating fools. If I see one more person talk about his gorgeous “tone” I’m going to puke. You like him because of the character he’s created on AI and other obvious reasons I won’t get into. I’m glad he got slapped around by everyone judging wise tonight. Erica deserved a better fate than to go home and see Heejun advance due to his lame deadpan clueless creation of a personality. Let him win. Please let him win. It will mean the end of the show, show business and Randy Jackson’s ability to buy bedazzled pins. The joke’s on us. If I were a female vocalist I would only try out for X Factor and the Voice. You don’t stand a chance on Idol.

  20. Is it me or did the Ford commercial just show who’ll be in the Top 4 this season? (Hint: the folks who ran off with the car.)

  21. perryloo says:

    “Today’s performance was literally a metaphor,” he explains. “When I was ripping off the clothes, it was saying ‘This is who I really am.’ The past three [weeks] I’ve been trying to impress so many people in such a short time that it came out of the performance. But today my focus was just to have fun on stage and show who I really am. ‘American Idol’ is about picking a person as a model who can deliver the message that you can become someone if you truly believe in yourself, so I stuck to the plan.”

    He continues: “For me, I want to touch peoples’ hearts by making them laugh and making them happy, because I think that’s what we need at this point all around the world.”

    This is an excerpt taken from interview with heejun han.
    Maybe he was feeling the intense pressure and he was trying to perform the best he could but ended up selling himself short vocally. He sounded good on his studio version of the song

  22. Lois Benton says:

    Erika has a great voice; she sounds just like Toni Tennille, but her voice seems, if possible, slightly lower. She is also in that severe alto range of Karen Carpenter. Those two women, back in the day, had a piano-man (as it were) partner, a captain or a Richard Carpenter. That voice could have a resurgence in Erika, but she needs a Captain. American Idol is so not for Erika. Or Elise, for that matter, although I think Elise has a few Haley Reinhart surprises in her yet. To clarify, in case EVP is, in fact, reading your blog and the comments, Erika does have an opportunity to have a career in the music business. She needs to find a partner, that Captain. She needs to lose weight (sorry, but true). She needs to change her style to make it more contemporary and less soccer-mom. That will be easier if she loses weight. If she does, as JLO said, have a whole rock and wild side, she should get there fast and do it on tour, if that’s where she wants to go. I have no idea why she was singing all that cr*p on American Idol, or why she didn’t at least change up the arrangements a bit so they didn’t sound like such cr*p. She has to have the musical ability to change up arrangements, or she’d never demonstrate the musical ability and be able to sing as amazingly well as she did on Idol. The up side: Erika will make some money from the tour. She could do a Carly Smithson and hook up with a band (or that piano man). I like her better than Carly Smithson, so I hope she does.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Lois, you make some interesting points. I had not made that Toni Tenille/Karen Carpenter connection, but it’s a valid observation. Hopefully, Erika will see your post (or something like it) and start planning along such lines.

  23. Z says:

    Bottom 3 Rule Update! Every American Idol winner ever has not appeared in the B3** Following this rule, 5 out of our 9 contestants still have a chance at the coveted confetti shower:

    Phillip, Skylar, Jessica, Colton & Hollie.

    (Let’s hope Joshua breaks this rule, though…)

    **Notable exceptions to The B3 Rule include Ruben (B2 Final 5) Fantasia (B2 Final 7 & 4) and Kris (B3 Final 5). Note these appearances were very late in the game, though!

    • Jason says:

      This is incorrect. Jordin Sparks appeared in the bottom 3 as did the aforementioned Ruben and Fantasia.

    • Josh says:

      Wait so no American Idol winner has ever appeared in the bottom three…except nearly 40% of them, haha. That’s a pretty big ***….

      • Z says:

        Nope! Jordin Sparks was never in the bottom, that elimination was in no particular order (as Steve Jones might say).

        7 Idols never appeared in the B3, that’s the point.

        And 4 total appearances out of over 100 Bottom 3s is a pretty small number. Also, the earliest a winner has appeared is the Final 7. The point is, anyone appearing in the Bottom 3 in the first half just isn’t going to win. And mostly, Idols never show up there.

  24. carlosfunhouse says:

    Hell to the no, Erika gone, so am I as soon as Jessica is gone, lol.

    I love Erika but Jess Joshua Hollie so much to see, Im sad but hell no, Im still in.

  25. Jason says:

    Erika was ROBBED!!!!! … Heejun sucks and should have gone home. Tonight was a TRAVESTY!!!!! I’m soooooooooo mad!

  26. This is why I haven’t watched ‘Idol’ in years, because the best singers end up leaving while the ‘cute’ ones stay way weeks longer than they should. As much as I’m entertained by HeeJun, he should have went home.

    On the bright side, I’m glad she made it to the tour and managed to get some great exposure.

  27. Samantha says:

    I thought Deandre deserved to go home, his performance last night was horrible, and I think Hollie should have at least been in the bottom 3 instead of Erica. Hollie does the same exact thing every single, the big diva ballads, it’s not fair to the other contestants who are taking risks, like Elise and Phillip. Elise and Phillip are the top two from last night to me. Elise hit some crazy notes in the song and did an incredibly hard to hit run at the end that was worthy of a golden trophy. Phillip showed off his vocals very well too. He was right on pitch and actually reached some pretty hard notes. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Phil takes risks? That’s a laugh, considering he goes through every song with a bulldozer. And his performances just don’t stand out in any way, mind you. STILL not getting the tongue-Bath for the Gokey-DeWyze-McDonald-Abrams hybrid.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Cup of Joe, while I think I understand what you are attempting to do with your hybrid, you dishonor Casey a great deal by putting him in with this mix. (I suspect the Abrams mention is due to the odd facial contortions and agressivesness P squared also engages in.)

        However, Casey has more talent in his toenail clippings than P squared, DeWyze, McDonald combined! (And, yes, I purposely left out Gokey, because on my talent meter, he doesn’t even register.)

  28. Vetle says:

    American Idol is so unfair. I actually wanted them to use the save, but I could see why they didn’t. *sigh* Heejun over Erika. I’ll never understand it. I’m losing interest in Deandre too. Master Blaster was stellar, but it’s the only good performance he’s given. Maybe his voice, which sounded so good during Hollywood and Vegas, doesn’t translate on the live stage.

  29. marygrace says:

    They shudda saved her.

  30. junebug says:

    Reading these comments saddens me. There is a huge range of musical styles for a reason. We all like different things. That doesn’t mean I’m ignorant or deaf. It just means I am different than you. Have we learned nothing? There are several of the contestants that I like. Yes, Erika was my favorite female, but I’m not going to whine and complain because most people didn’t agree with me. People have different opinions. In my world, that’s all right. Imo, the best musical performance last night was Joe Perry.

    • Meghan says:

      Could not agree more, junebug. I nearly fell off my couch when Joe Perry came out to play guitar!

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Wow, junebug! Every once in awhile a voice of maturity/light of reason comes through. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

      Although she wasn’t my favorite (male or female), I did appreciate her musianship and I’m truly sorry that she’s gone so soon (since HeeJun really ought not be there now). If you watch the AI website “cameras still rolling,” it was an emotional and difficult parting for most.

      That said, Erica can probably turn this and the tour exposure into something that can hopefully get her what she would like. (Fingers XX.)

  31. Rick says:

    She really needed to do the HCG diet before she got to Hollywood and drop about 25 lbs. I don’t mean to be so shallow but this is TV and if you are over size 7 you don’t look good on TV. The girl is not really fat but she looked dumpy with those baggy clothes and the extra 10lbs the camera adds. She also just seemed too mature for the show. Put her next to Jessica, Hollie or Shannon and she could pass for their mom. I did however personally love her and was sad to see her go.

    • Mary says:

      I find it ironic that all the males are making comments about someone weight. Maybe that is why girls now a day have problem with their image. If your mother looked like that do you make fun of her. I believe not everyone needs to be a size 0.

  32. Yo' says:

    PC or not, this is true. There are four females with big voices in the top ten (discounting Skylar because she is country); the two smallest are most likely to be in the top five. Erika was cute as a button, but could easily be perceived as matronly and the same goes for Elise. Elise is not heavy, but she is style impaired. (It was a mistake for Elise to bring out her students because those fresh faced little beauties made her look like their mother. ) Elise should survive, but there is little chance she will.

  33. Bobbi says:

    I’m angry about last night’s results. More than I thought I would be. Erika deserved better. Never mind a minimum age limit for the contestants. They need one for the voters!

  34. Nate says:

    Wow, I was really convinced that Erika would be this season’s Haley (always in danger despite rockin’ performances but still back week after week), but, sadly, it was not to be. Now it’s Colton all the way FTW for me!

  35. ck says:

    Sad, but not shocked Erika went home. If Deandre and Heejun continue on their current trajectories, they won’t be far behind.

    On a brighter note, Haley was fantastic! Remember when Gaga called her “my little pony”? She saw something special in Haley and she was so right on.

  36. Lindsay says:

    Haley was absolutely awesome and my dinner plate somehow ended up in my hands and raised as an offering by the end. However my buzz was a little killed.

    I’m upset Erika was axed and even though I’m a fan of and have defended Heejun and also have been a fan of Deandre from the beginning, one of them should have been the one to go. But, I was rather disgusted by comments from Iovine and comments on here. “Disrespected the system”? Iovine, if you can deflate your pompous body enough to be able to reach around and pull that 2×4 out of your tush, that’d be helpful. I love/hate/am hopelessly addicted to American Idol, but the show itself disrespects music itself majority of the time. And Iovine, you’re a token “mentor” on a reality show who shouldn’t say things like “disrespected the system”. I’m lost on anyone parroting Tyler’s “take this more seriously”. Just because he’s a funny guy he’s not working hard or taking things seriously? Just because he had fun once instead of singing melancholy ballads? Really? Does nobody recall Jimmy’s little “work ethic” comment to Haley? I would like to keep Heejun around just so he can continue “disrespecting” a show that takes itself way too seriously.

    At this point, Heejun is definitely one of the lesser singers and it was obvious he knows that too in how he looked like he was gonna hurl after Erika was announced gone. Wed night was almost as if he wanted to be kicked off to escape the demoralizing comments. He has a beautiful tone and just needs serious help with technique, but from what is shown in the edits he doesn’t get anywhere near the help other contestants do and is simply tolerated. Also his comments about not wanting to be a star. He wants a career in singing, sure, he just doesn’t necessarily want or need to be a star. How is that a bad thing? He seems amazed that he’s gotten anywhere near this far.

    Anyhow. I just had to rant. Don’t worry. Heejun will be gone within the next couple of weeks, the show will be a lot more dull, and everyone can put their unfair, judgmental hatred back into a box to be taken out and spewed another day.

  37. GDV says:

    Haley was fantastic last night. I wasn’t a super big fan of hers last season (actually, I hated most contestants last season), but her single is pretty solid. I hope it’s a hit!

  38. Perfesser says:

    Hailey was still awkward, still doesn’t manage to let any emotion register on her phase, still had clumsy phrasing, still has Slezak fawning. Might she be a witch??

  39. It was a travesty. Seriously. I had Erika in my top 3. Awesome voice. I hate you America!

  40. Jessica says:

    Heejun is a joke! He puts in nothing but horrible voice, idiocy and disrespect. Erika who actually wants this, is so much better gets voted off. No, I would of not used the save on Erika but Heejun should of stepped up like a man and said he would take her place. How can you be on this show and not want to be a star. Then just biting his nails and lazily going up with the group …..yeah I’m disgusted. I also thought Randy could of said it a little nicer that they weren’t going to use the save.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      “Take her place”? Are you kidding? Who does that??? Who has ever been expected to give up their safe spot in the history of ever? Ridiculous…

  41. aron aka jello says:

    Count me among the crowd who just doesn’t get the Heejun hate, at *all*. Everyone has said he has to break away from the ballads and pick up the tempo. Everyone has repeatedly hit on the fact that you can’t cut it in Idol by just standing on stage and singing any more. All the contestants are told again and again they have to communicate their personality to the audience. Call me crazy, but Heejun did all that, and did it well. My wife and I had a genuine heart-in-throat moment in the beginning. Both of us thought “oh crap, did he just full-stop crash & burn on the live show?!?” before he turned to the piano player. After the reveal he gave a good performance. Was it vocally great? Absolutely not. But what it had, for me, was the energy and entertainment that comes from watching someone who is having a blast performing on stage. I really don’t see how that is “disrespectful” or “not taking it seriously”. Has he spent 90 seconds doing standup, or even going ‘Weird Al’ on the song and changing all the lyrics to joking Idol references, maybe I could see that response. Every moment on the Idol stage doesn’t have to me attempting to make the audience cry, fall in love, or have sex.
    I wouldn’t personally quite push it to the point of calling it actual disrespect, but of anyone Philip put me off a bit in that he seemed to all but tell the entire process “screw off”. Artistic integrity is great and all, but if walking in the door you already had 100% of everything you needed to be a star… you wouldn’t have had to go on Idol to get there. Acting like a petulant child and doing stuff just to spite people trying to give you good advice (“Don’t wear gray all the time? F’ you, 4 layers of gray!”) is not endearing.

  42. Donna says:

    With the minimum age down to 15, and every infant with a personal cell phone, the voters are now in the 7-10 yr old range. They’re going to vote for someone they aspire to be like – someone cute, young, smiley and pop-star-ish, like Jessica or Hollie. Not someone who reminds them of Mom. A 10 year old can’t distinguish between 40 and 28 years old. I think the maximum age needs to be lowered, so we don’t have anymore of these insulting travesties. I wish Erika the best, but it was never going to be on this particular show. She skews too old.

  43. sandi says:

    Did u see the way Elise’s shoulders slumped when she was called up with Jessica and Hollie. I really felt sorry for her. Heejun should have gone home. He is the weakest vocalist of all the contestants. His answer really annoyed me also. Another third place finisher Casey James debuted his new CD which is really good. The guitar work is fabulous!

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Yeah, but did you see Elise SKIP back to the couches after she was declared safe? That was freaking adorable.

  44. brandon says:

    She didn’t have very good song choices, and she unfortunately never had a good spot in the line-up (by far the best she ever got was 8th out of 11th, the only time she got to sing in the 2nd half). But I’m still upset about her elimination. All I have to say is that Elise better be around for a long time. I don’t feel like watching American Juniors.

  45. Kelly says:

    is anyone else afraid P2 is going to get fed up with all these idiots trying to shape and mold him into what they believe qualifies as a star? im just waiting for him to realize he doesnt need this show and go do his own thing.

  46. Joshtinpowers says:

    Are you aware that EW’s recap is using the exact same title: “Nobody Wins From This Misery.” Either great minds think alike, or someone is a plagiarizer.

  47. J. May says:

    I watch American Idol in the hopes I will see and feel performances like “Summertime”, “In a Dream”, “Billie Jean”, “Heartless”, “Ring of Fire”, “Mad World”, anything Crystal Bowersox ever did, Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun”, and others like that. Some of the contestants this season have flirted with the greatness that these songs touched. I find myself annoyed and impatient with contestants who do not or cannot find it in themselves to reach for this greatness. I find myself extremely annoyed with the producers who feel the need to choose a contestant who doesn’t have the chops to deliver these performances. Heejun is probably a great kid, but like Sanjaya and Tim Urban, he doesn’t have what it takes and it should have been him who was voted off on Thursday. Oh well, life ain’t fair.

  48. bill says:

    Jimmy’s comments to Philip … he made the correlation that the Beatles didn’t walk into the record label wearing what they wore on stage … they had stylists that helped amp their image … and that wasn’t being untrue to themselves. I understand Philip’s concept and prerogative to choose his songs and style himself; to be true to who he is. However, at a certain level like in any venture, there is value to be taken from people with experience and more seasoned vantage points. Being an artist sometimes not only means being original and true but synthesizing varying input from those that have been in it. Sure some of the advice will be off and crazy and maybe not for you … but the art is filtering out the good from the bad or taking in advice and turning it into your own. For instance, Tommy’s advice on “no grey” … seems like logical advice and not something so left field to warrant it being totally dismissible … so why wear grey just to make a statement when maybe incorporating that advice could have been a first step or at least a trial into crafting your own look. I mean look at Daughtry, his style is true to himself and his music but it’s way more memorable than Philip’s equivalent of a grey American Eagle henley.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      When I look back at what performers wore in the 60s and 70s – oh, nevermind. I’m old.
      Jimmy Iovine – fashion icon. Why doesn’t HE wear something presentable in Idol? Shouldn’t Mr. Big Shot Producer dress accordingly? Oh well, that’s the least of the problems with this program at the moment.

  49. Rachel says:

    They never gave Erika a chance…NEVER giving her anywhere close to the “pimp” slot. I knew she was going home when she was second. Rigged. I REALLY am done with this show….

    BUT I DO want to say that “rigged” is not necessarily a bad thing…it’s always been about what the producers wanted. And in this case, 13 year olds and the producers were just wrong.

  50. Volcfom says:

    Right bottom 3, wrong person going home. I don’t think the save should’ve been used for Erika, but her final performance was pretty awesome. She really put it all out there, if only she had done that during her regular performances…

    Lana Del Ray was WAY better than her trip to SNL. She actually smiled! But her style is better left for studio recordings or small, intimate venues.

    Haley! I’ve listened to that song so many times over the past few weeks, it is so good. I agree that her acoustic version is better, but the studio is still awesome. I think she was a little nervous trying to impress those at Idol, so it messed with her flow a little bit. I understand the reason for her staying in the cage until she said “free,” but it took too long. That dress was beautiful, and I’m so happy that Idol actually had her come back on the show! I hope she is a huge success! (And for those of you who don’t know, you can pre-order her CD!)

    • marie says:

      If Lana del Rey really WAS “WAY better” than on her appearance on SNL…wow. I just don’t know WHAT to think. I’d never heard of her before her spot on Idol…and had already blocked it out.
      Heejun sings better than she does, for freak’s sake…!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Heejun sings better than she does…you get a Made Me Laugh. :-)

        Holy cow, I thought the same thing!