Exclusive: House Boss Previews 'Fitting' Finale

House Series FinaleHouse closes out its eight-year run on May 21, but the march towards the final curtain call will begin to play out on screen next month.

Series creator David Shore tells TVLine that a storyline will kick off in late April that will “build” to the show’s swan song. “The final four episodes are, to some extent, [part] of a piece,” he explains. “But the last one is very, very much a much separate culmination of those episodes.”

Shore prefers to keep the specifics of the plot under wraps, but describes the hour-long swan song as “a fitting ending” that will feature “a few” of the show’s alumni reprising their roles. (He would only confirm that Olivia Wilde, a.k.a. Thirteen, will be one of them; as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.)

“[Series finales] get put under such a microscope,” sighs Shore, who is penning the still-untitled episode with longtime House scribes Peter Blake and Eli Attie. “And I sort of resent that in a way. I understand that people are going to be paying attention to it, but… we will have done 177 episodes. I would like to think every single one of them speaks for the series. I don’t think this one should speak much louder than the rest of them.”

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  1. shoe says:

    does no one else think it would be at least a little appropriate if he ends up with his green card wife in the end?

  2. Jules says:

    Maybe…but whatever she there or not..it will not change the ending much(if House died or not)
    I still prefer we finish with House & Wilson -one last sarcastic smile and look at the each other -that I don’t need any dialogue to understand their last farewell to their crazy friendship…
    As for Karolina wydra(a.k.a Domika) I kind love her energy and same sarcastic humor that House has.. And the chemistry between her and HLaurie is enyoyable..and she deserve to appear in the finale too (whatever the circumstances) I think she will be grateful to be included of the farewell party with the others,
    Anyway, the last episode will be shot by the end of March or the first week of April…so , If Edelstein is smart enough to suck up her pride and finally realize that her stupid desicion will possibly haunt her forever and by respect to her fans (mostly) and the crew who work theirs ass off(more hrs than her) during 8 yrs…she may pick up her phone and talk to DShore/KJacobs,make some excuses (vice/versa) and possibly she will appear….
    But honestly, I don’t care anymore if she there or not…
    Bcuz, “IF” her appereance ruins the (my) finale [even if it’s a 4min screen time ] whatever the synopsis & attitude..and it’s not worth it…I know who to blame after and it will not be DShore…and I’m pretty sure she will face the pressure and the bad reaction harder and this will haunt her FOREVER…

    Sorry If offended her brigade of fans…but I’m tired of the backlash that overshadow the entire season until Now & bfore the last 8 episodes remaining until the finale…
    …and y need to realize that after May 21st – your & ours favorite series will disappear forever -END- and joint the paradise land of reruns and dvd’s

  3. Jules says:

    Sorry if write badly the name of Dominika.. The screen froze and unable to fix..
    Bye! :)

  4. Alex8ove says:

    I don’t understand why good shows have to end. But what sucks worse is when former players on the show won’t come back for the end. What the Fu@k is kuddie’s problem. 7 years and you can’t do one more episode? Like Kristen kreuk on Smallville. Like her the chick that played kuddy will fade away to nothing! Karma’s a both and so are they

  5. Avolknet says:

    I hate that house is ending :( Its the best show in my wiev i like whatching house.

  6. Robert says:

    House will die. He will kill himself. But he will ask foreman to make sure his semen gets to Cuddy as the only way House can have a life after his is gone. House can’t send her his Semen, she won’t trust it, and he doesn’t know where she is. But Foreman knows, and she will trust Forman if he collects it. We flash forward 20 years to see Gregory House, Jr. graduating Princeton on his way to Medical school, his proud mother Lisa and sister Rachel looking on. So House is wrong, there is a life after this one.

    While on the “big white bus” house will meet his father. It turns out his father was a medical student who had sold his sperm for purposes of artificial insemination. The guy went on to win a Nobel Prize, but always had a serious drinking problem. House walks off the bus into nothingness.

    But the nothingness turns out to be House waking up in a bar in Baltimore at a medical conference ten years ealier, where he meets James Wilson. Wilson is served with divorce papers. And House has an experience of deja vu and says “Let it out, you’ll fell better” which is what Wilson said moments before House had driven his car into Cuddy’s dining room. So Wilson throws the wine bottle through the window and gets arrested. And House is about to laugh in his usually indifferent way, when he hears the officer says to Wilson, “what were you thinking, son?” and House remembers his donation of sperm, and his being the product of a sperm donation, all deja vu recollections, and so he goes after Wilson to make sure he is able to produce a son ten years later……..

  7. nnmnt says:

    Dear shippers/slashers/whatever:

    Your ideas and suggestions always suck.

  8. PhartStorm says:

    Keep in mind that House is an homage to Sherlock Holmes. Sir Authur Conan Doyle became tired of writing about Holmes and killed him off in the story “The Final Problem” (I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the title for the final House episode). In the story, Holmes and his arch-enemy Moriarity plunged over Reichenbach Falls in a death-grip struggle and died together. (Due to popular demand, Doyle later resurrected Holmes.)

    Clearly, Thirteen (Wilde) coming back would indicate that she is looking for House to keep his promise to end her life when her Huntington’s becomes unmanagable. In somewhat keeping with the Doyle storyline, I see the possiblity for them to wind up dying together – him killing her as promised and her killing him to spare him from a painful death due to liver failure brought on by his Vicodin addiction (addicts don’t get transplants).

    Another scenario could involve near-death experiences for both where House and Thirteen meet Kutner in the afterlife. Thirteen decides to stay and Kutner convinces House to live on.

    While I don’t want to see House killed off (future movie potential), I believe the final episode will be a parallel to the original Holmes storyline.

  9. Michael James says:

    I’m not sure how I’d like it to end, a happy ending does not seem like House I imagine him smothering 13 with a pillow and foreman walks in flips out crying with his love for 13 still being repressed, and calls the cops and they hall house to jail or the psycho ward like season 6 him keeping the promise he promised 13. although that would be devastating to see house end like that it seems fitting, but i don’t know what to expect all I know is that I should whip out the tissues. I agree somewhat in what Shore said the first 177 episodes were great and speak for themselves but we fans devoted 8 years and our energy growing with these characters once a week. fans deserve a proper finale, i definitely love house too much for it to end in a sour note like The Sopranos did. My Hopes and expectations are high, but the writing has not disappointed overall the past 8 years. RIP house you won’t be forgotten thank god for DVDs. If Hugh Laurie doesn’t win ONE Emmy, I have no faith in Critics.

  10. Mandy says:

    I think House should be in some major accident, while he is out of town, which will cause his bad leg to be involuntarily amputated. For instance a piece of metal (or something) in the accident cuts off his bad leg and House is found at the accident scene unconscious. House doesn’t regain consciousness until he wakes up from his surgery. The ER doctors who don’t know him just fix him up as they would anyone else in the same situation, because that is all they can do. Now suddenly House has to face life without the horrible pain, and with a prosthetic leg. We basically are left to wonder how he will face his life from that point. Will he still be an addict once he recovers from the accident? Will his personality change much over the years? Has he been using his bad leg as a wall he puts up between others and himself, and will things change now? We will never know …..

  11. Wiccan says:

    I love the series too! That said, House can’t end on a happy, jolly note. House, the character, has abused drugs, lied and manipulated people for 8 years. Having him walk away scot free at the end would be a horrible legacy for the show to leave behind.

    I do think he will somehow come to an understanding of how messed up his life was. I think he will regret some stuff.

    I really feel he will die, as a consequence of the life he has lived. I think some returning characters will be there for his death, and funeral perhaps. Mayhap we will see some people benefiting from his organ donation. Others will take what they have learned and go on to heal others – in essence, keeping House alive.

    A House death would also keep people talking for a long time, and boost DVD sales.

    It will all be very sad.

  12. Jen says:

    i think the end will suck too…. i love watching house…… NCIS will be next off the small screen….. my two favourite shows….oh well guess i wont be watching tv much longer

  13. Nicole Scidone says:

    I have read many comments here and yes, this show is medically correct! I saw Hugh Laurie on I believe Ellen and he said that all the medical situations on the show were actual real life situations. Maybe the teams and houses ability to ramble on about what disease they think it is or the fact that they rummage through the patients home, find a hairspray can and and assume that they were inhaling it is not so correct and natural but, the patient illnesses r all true and somewhere someone actually went through that hell.

    Not sure what I want the ending to be but I am sad that he will either die or end up alone. I was so hoping that he and cuddy would live happily ever after. I will say that the entire relationship between them played out so well and David Shore really had a winning season with them dating and house losing his mind! So awesome!

  14. Zala says:

    I just saw s8e18 and i think i’ll never live to see the last episode. Gregory House is one of the best written characters in history of film, and all other characters fits next to him so badly perfect that i cant understand what a mastermind wrote the script. If i cryed my heart out on the end of the lotr than i’ll cry my heart out twice more at the great finish of this series. If i’ll ever made it to film industry i hope i’ll have any chance to meet people working on this series. as an idea, you should put out making-of film or documentary, House M.D. IS a legend.

  15. Sarah Mchugh says:

    I think Wilson, on his death bed, will ask house to end it for him. Him being houses only friend, house will see no reason to go on so he’ll hook them both up to something (as he did during the chemo) and they’ll pass on together. (sob:(