Exclusive: House Boss Previews 'Fitting' Finale

House Series FinaleHouse closes out its eight-year run on May 21, but the march towards the final curtain call will begin to play out on screen next month.

Series creator David Shore tells TVLine that a storyline will kick off in late April that will “build” to the show’s swan song. “The final four episodes are, to some extent, [part] of a piece,” he explains. “But the last one is very, very much a much separate culmination of those episodes.”

Shore prefers to keep the specifics of the plot under wraps, but describes the hour-long swan song as “a fitting ending” that will feature “a few” of the show’s alumni reprising their roles. (He would only confirm that Olivia Wilde, a.k.a. Thirteen, will be one of them; as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.)

“[Series finales] get put under such a microscope,” sighs Shore, who is penning the still-untitled episode with longtime House scribes Peter Blake and Eli Attie. “And I sort of resent that in a way. I understand that people are going to be paying attention to it, but… we will have done 177 episodes. I would like to think every single one of them speaks for the series. I don’t think this one should speak much louder than the rest of them.”

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  1. Theresa says:

    I am just heartbroken that this show is ending. I love it so much!

  2. seh says:

    finale – everyone attending house’s funeral is all I can think of as a good end

  3. Narciso says:

    Shore stop the crap and bring Cuddy back.

  4. Jayron says:

    They can’t end house yet at least a couple more seasons!!!!! I want to see house and cuddy end up together for good

  5. alan maynor says:

    In my opinion what should happen is that 13 returns early on in the final episode(s) due to her condition, while house actually is conflicted to help 13 end her life, an emergency case comes in to the hospital and it turns out to be cuddy and during the episode house and team battle to find out what is wrong with cuddy but have no luck, near the end cuddy whispers something into houses ear as she dies that makes him bolt out of the room, then we see house going into 13’s room then show goes off the air with police escorting house out of the hospital

  6. Jules says:

    This create more backlash, and I’m tired of it…..
    Let’s rewind to the pilot episode. Who do we see after the teaser and at the end…HOUSE & WILSON
    So, y have it, at the end, whatever happens the only peoples, I want to see, is theses 2
    Sorry for Edelstein, but her desicion may haunt her forever and she will felt guilty to not be part of the farewell celebration…
    But her and her fans needs to move on…and PLEASE LET’S US (the true fans who watched every episodes) ENJOY THE FINALE in PEACE,
    It’s our own way to pay respect & said goodbye to our favorite series,cast(thoses who stick until the end)&crew. ;)

  7. Bryan says:

    I want a kutner and amber reappearance of some kind. those two plus house and 13 are some of the favorite characters. putting them together in an open ended situation that really addresses the question of afterlife vs. hallucination that has been presented throughout the series would be interesting.

  8. simon says:

    Sad day when the end happens…if he dose get killed off it has to be lupus that gets him and not an overdose on some pain meds!!

  9. Chad says:

    House should die of Lupus of course!

  10. DeAnn says:

    I will miss this show just like Entourage & Big Love. But I sincerely hope to catch Hugh Laurie and band live in Tulsa soon.

  11. Kriszta says:

    “as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return”
    She declined? This is new for me…..This real or everybody lies?

  12. Matt says:

    House awakens from a drug induced coma and the whole 8 years was a dream. Surgery on his leg actually resulted in amputation.

  13. Kim says:

    I say have House run into Stacy (Sela Ward) and find out that she has been divorced for years because her husband knew she was still in love with House (which was true to the storyline) I always LOVED their chemistry.. I nevver thought he had any with Cuddy.. Her character was my least favorite on the entire show..

  14. julie says:

    how about bring cuddy back to get house, who finally gets his leg fixed, they get married and ride off into the sunset………

    • djesus says:

      come on! House will end alone, no woman at his side maybe juste wilson but I wouldn’t also take the bet on this.

  15. Jim says:

    Final episode…House wakes up from a coma he slipped into from his surgery that messed his leg up, and this series has been all of House’s dreams during this coma…lol.

  16. Paul says:

    I stopped watching once the show became formulaic – right about when the ‘Huddy’ storyline became prominent. That was when House, M.D. ‘jumped the shark’.

  17. Paul says:

    I had a weird dream about House last night. House walked out of the hospital. There was two groups of people was fighting with each other. House ignored the the fighting and walked up to Cuddy. Right when House was going to kiss Cuddy, a shot rang out. Cuddy was shot and House watched her die while crying. All of a sudden House was back at the doors of the hospital. He was able to stop Cuddy from getting shot. What do you think this dream means?

  18. Maybe the finale is about House being a patient in the Nuthouse and the entire series was all in his head

  19. bumom15 says:

    Everybody seems to be forgetting about House’s Russian wife, Dominika! It would be great if, finally, House could be happy with someone who doesn’t really demand anything of him. What a great finale if Dominika discovers she’s pregnant & it fades to black…

  20. Amy says:

    Can’t wait for the finale! (although i’m very sad about it)
    Got to agree though, a proper House finale would have to see him die or at least not skip off into the sunset. A small fry&laurie part of me would still LOVE to see stephen fry appear as (sherlock hoimes style) elder brother Mycroft when house gets stuck on a case. Maybe not in the finale, but certainly near the end somewhere!
    Would love to see both cameron and cuddy back but if it doesnt happen I hope its at least decent in some way. Looking forward to it, despite the fact every interview with david shore had put me off him, including his *sigh* comment about pressure on the finale.
    If its anything like the season 4 two-part finale it will make my year.

    • HughRocks says:

      LOVE IT! Stephen Fry would add a whole new level of dark humor that is rarely seen on US TV. Add him to Hilson and ,who cares about the girls, the boys are back in town.

  21. gingermop says:

    I reckon house will fall terminally ill and his death with be painful. he opts for euthanasia but no-one will kill him so he calls 13 in. the episode should end with his face being completely pain-free for the first time. That’s my vote!

  22. Diane says:

    no matter the ending, it will sad, just like losing a dysfunctional family member.

  23. erin says:

    House cant end! :( Im so sad!!!

  24. Sebastian says:

    I remember when Amber died.. infinitely sad. Only epic death would be an appropriate the end of dr. House

  25. john says:

    I think House should die of an overdose from vicodin in the final episode. NOT to be mean or anything but to show the current problem we are facing today with pills and maybe it would hit home with just 1 person out there and save them. I lost a friend to pill addiction and it is by no means fun. the show has been great no question but it has depicted vicodin a lot especially in the beginning and it hasn’t really shown the bad sides of it other then a few episodes. plenty of people need this medicine i understand that, but in the show he clearly abused it….as do a lot of people today.

  26. justin says:

    I wonder if Sela Ward as Stacy will make an appearance.

  27. House should die in the series finale. That’s the kind of show this is. No “ride off into the sunset” ending. He should sacrifice himself (a dramatic arc for his character where he makes a selfless choice) to save someone he’s close with.

  28. Michelle says:


  29. Jane says:

    Cuddy, Cameron, Thirteen, Amber, Amber Tamblyn’s character who’s name I can’t remember, and Kutner are the only “alumni” that had significant parts. Since two of them are dead I doubt we’ll see them. Thirteen is coming back. Hopefully though unlikely Lisa E. will come back since Cuddy was the female lead for a long time. And even if it would be fanservice I hope we see Cameron. She already said that House was such a big part of her life that she’s definitely come back.

  30. Notorious1 says:

    Don’t cancel House M.D its the only good show on the Network!

  31. justme says:

    It was a great run while it lasted. For the most part, clever scripting and character development even if sometimes shallow. I will miss the series, for it’s entertainment value. Hugh Laurie did a WONDERFUL job with his role.

  32. Gloria says:

    I hate to see a good show end,and this was/is an excellent show. But please oh please do not let it end like LOST!!

  33. Pat says:

    DS has everthing he needs to create a great finale HL and RSL!

  34. Don says:

    Shore’s comment that the last ep shouldn’t matter more than any other is just ridiculous. Any work of fiction ultimately succeeds or fails based on the quality of the ending. The viewer/reader goes in to a given story assuming its going somewhere, that all of this sound and fury will signify something. Real life is too often random and noisy and difficult with no clear point. We look to fiction for a more orderly universe where lives have meaning and that in the end it all adds up to something worth the time we invested in it.

  35. ebowers says:

    Don’t worry DShore your House finale will still get beaten in the ratings by the Dancing With The Stars,CBS Comedy Block,The Voice and Smash or whatever program happen to be on Fox News,the Food Channel,or the CW

  36. Cherisse says:

    I love this show (all of its episodes) and hate to see it come to an end.

  37. Jules says:

    Watch or don’t watch! Whatever happens at the end…
    After may 21st…(whatever’s the ratings) our favorite series ENDs….
    Our favorite sarcastic ,Vicodin addict, puzzle solver & best diagnostician would limp away forever ….
    (in heaven/happiness or in hell)
    [And in the world of RERUNs Land]
    Nxt fall, I’m gonna miss -not only the series/HLaurie , but also thoses amazing promos/photoshoots(posters) who generated the hype bfore/during- every episodes& seasons…No others series(right now) can beat them on that..and thanks to HLaurie’s , for promoting the series as well during 8 years…
    And if HLaurie returns to tv( after a long deserving break and his tour) I hope it’s back home first..
    Series 5- of A BIT of FRY & LAURIE ….
    Or any kind of other projects together would be fantastic..

  38. holnesstony@aol.com says:

    House should die from Lupus

    • chris says:

      As far as House kicking the bucket from Lupus, I would like to see that seeing as how I was diagnosed with Lupus almost 2 years ago. It would be interesting to see how they would play something like that out. :) But I can tell you, this disease really sucks!

  39. soulja says:

    hey everyone,
    this is one of the best shows ever n i am hoping it doesn’t end this season! does anyone know if it is or not going to continue for another couple seasons??

  40. Patty says:

    This comment is specifically for Mr. Shore: Sir, how can you “resent” the fact the people put a lot of emphasis on a show’s finale? It seems like you still have no clue whatsoever about House’s appeal and world-wide fan base. The first, last and every episode in between are all pieces of a puzzle or chapters of a book. Would you write a book without a final chapter wrapping everything up? Perhaps you should have stuck to the law rather than go into show business.

  41. chris emmons says:

    I like the idea of House putting 13 out of her misery, but not for the final episode.

  42. A fitting end to the show I think would be as follows.

    Early in the episode, or in the 2nd to last episode, House makes good on his promise to 13 and assists her (who is in the advanced stages of Huntington’s ) with ending her life. After administering the injection into 13 House collapses and becomes the final patient.
    Chase takes over control of the team and orders tests one of which is a CT Scan which shows a large mass in House’s brain. Foreman is brought in to do a biopsy on/in House’s brain and the tests come back that it is cancer, and it is inoperable stage 4. Wilson is brought in to break the news to House. In a final act of friendship Wilson writes and fills a Vicodin prescription for House and takes House back to House’s apartment to assist him with ending his life.

  43. Dory says:


  44. chel says:

    i wish to see cameron on finale and be with house

  45. I think the last episode of House should speak louder than all of the episode, since there will be no more House. Just make the episode a What If ? ? this happened to House istead this happened. But at the end I know it will be well worth it ALL of the episodes put into one well ALL will remember.

  46. Like this story line. Seems fitting to me.

  47. Sarah says:

    David Shore must be lovin’ all this talk about him and his show! Publicity, good or bad, is what he craves!

    Funny, but I never liked Cuddy. I always pictured her in bed with George Costanza, as his whiny Queens girlfriend. If I had been a “House” writer, i would have had the head of the hospital be a classy, professional woman, way out of House’s league. They definitely would have had a sexual attraction, but as his boss, she would not have crossed that line. Cuddy was always dressed like a slut with low cut dresses and short skirts, high heels…just not what a professional woman would wear to work. However, I did love when Candice Bergman played her mother – that was a contest of wills with House!

    I liked Stacy – she at least called him Greg.

    • Max says:

      She always drove me crazy dressing like that. Gorgeous women like to look attractive

      • ALL women want to look attractive, Max. However, MOST of us DON’T want to look like we are desperately trying to get jumped. We would rather be thought of as attractive for our intelligence and dignity, more so than how much of our t*ts are hanging out and whether or not our skirt is so tight that you can see the outline of our chosen method of birth control.

        • Prudealert! says:

          Are you seriously that much of a prude? I’ve spent more than my fair share of time around hospitals and nothing that Cuddy wore was inappropriate or unprofessional. House would have perved on her and said she dressed like a prostitute whatever she wore because a. He liked to wind her up and b. he was attracted to her. So stop clutching your pearls and acting appalled that some women quite rightly aren’t ashamed of their assets. Jesus Christ you’ll be saying they should have covered the table legs next!

          • C*ntalert says:

            Spent your fair share of time around hospitals, have you? I guess that nagging case of Chlamydia that’s been causing your “secret little itch” just won’t go away, will it? Don’t “prude” me or anyone else, lady, or someone’s liable to walk up and down you fat @ss. In other words, try to keep your remarks to other posters civilized, because there’s always somebody out there who can out smack-talk you.

  48. Tom A says:

    How bout u guys shush, be happy House has been here for 8 years and now the reality is, he has to go wether u like it or not :)
    I dont care wots been said, i dont care who they’ve talked to already, i really dont.
    The one thing i hope is that House gets the finale it deserves to have. And from all i know, watching him for over 8years, he will get it.
    Thx for the best show i have seen so far.

  49. Max says:

    I won’t be watching the finale if Lisa Edelstein doesn’t come back

  50. Jules says:

    Don’t watch…and go waste yr time trying to watch Edelstein’s nw project..if she was one…or whatever she decided to do in the nxt decade…
    But as a fan…some are still interested to watch our favorite series until the end..with whatever respectful cast members who accept to returns for the finale and enjoy the farewell party without creating a backlash or whatever reasons or feud with producers & the network …