House Exclusive: Look Who's Back For the Finale!

You already know who won’t be returning for House‘s swan song (R.I.P. Cuddy), so how about we get around to telling you who will?

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Princeton-Plainsboro alumna Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as Thirteen in the show’s May 21 series finale.

House Exclusive: Final Episodes to be [Spoiler]-Centric

Wilde checked out of House in October to pursue her film career full-time. In her then-final episode, Huntington’s-afflicted Thirteen briefly rejoined the team only to get fired by House, who, oddly, issued the pink slip with the best of intentions: He wanted her to live our her final days in peace and happiness instead of alongside a grump like him.

House‘s still-untitled final episode will be penned by series creator David Shore and two of the show’s longtime scribes, Peter Blake and Eli Attie.

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  1. Kyra says:

    Well Shore, way to go ,pissing more fans off! I never understood the thirteen love of the producers. I was pretty fast very tired of her overexposure and special treatment on this show. I don`t know what is so interesting or extraordinary on her. I don`t hate her but i never cared or connected to 13 .
    I personally like the season8 episode more than the last two but admitt it is overall a bit directionless. I have no idea where the show is heading or how it will end, except the obvious H death but 13s return is for sure a lackluster spoiler and disappointing. I don`t want the series-final about her huntington-disease.
    I agree with the others it would be a very nice touch if the producers had brought back Cuddy and Cameron at least for a cameo. Especially the latter her exit was to put it mildly nearly “unforgivable”. It was dismissive to the actress and the character Cameron.

  2. jesse says:

    I liked Thirteen and am excited she will be back. She and House were both such troubled souls. Regardless of the plot, I think it will be emotional. Looking forward to it. :)

  3. jj says:

    “You already know who won’t be returning for House‘s swan song (R.I.P. Cuddy),” then you already know who will continue to not watch House. (me). As far as I am concern, House ended on Season 6 episode 15.

    Olivia Wilde .. who cares!

  4. Dan says:

    Yeah, but is House’s ex-wife coming back? Seems like making amends with her would bring the show, and character, full circle.

    • Barb Tessier says:

      First, Dominika is House’s phony wife. If you’re referring to Stacy, they were never married. They lived together for 5 years. Not married.

  5. Jules says:

    God enough with every backlash of any possibles returns of OWilde or if Edelstein decide to make a reasonable and respectful cameo just to calm her fans (mostly, bcuz they have nothing to watch)
    Honestly, if she was respectful to the fans and her co-stars and the series(who literally help her to regain a sort of notoriety in the acting world) she probably pick up her phone and make some excuses..and ask to be included and do a little cameo in the last episode…
    Bcuz of her departure..and the negative backlash that overshadow the season…thoses who called themselves fans left, and way bfore season 6/7 was on the air..
    So..please if y are a true fan, like me since day1…you overcome every changes..and you enjoy every episodes left until the very end…a sign of respect for a series that change our lives in many ways..and we will miss terribly nxt fall & forever…
    And, we all know, at the end..it’s not about them(any others characters)- It’s about House, and how he’s gonna limp away from PPTH & forever- leaving speechless or annoy, one last time…. ;)

  6. Jules says:

    Sorry.. Meant to say..”leaving (US)speechless or annoy…”

  7. jhon says:

    traer de vuelta a 13 es cerrar house de la peor manera

  8. Emma says:

    SO SAD! Never really had a problem with Thirteen but I can’t believe it’s her coming back and not Cuddy and/or Cameron. I’m not hating on the show or the creators or anyone but how could they seriously not think of asking JM and LE back?! I miss Cameron’s presence a lot and I don’t just miss Cuddy because of House/Cuddy but I loved the Cuddy/Wilson dynamic, their friendship was possibly the only undamaged relationship on the show.

    I’ll watch the finale but I’m not really expecting much. I suppose I wouldn’t be this annoyed if 13 wasn’t coming back because if they’re actually going to make an effort and come up with some reason why she’s now back, why can’t they just go a little further and do the same for Cameron and Cuddy.

  9. D says:

    it’s so funny. We don’t know what happened with Edelstein, but we all assume she was ignored or something. How much money would you bet if the negotiations were made public, and she had declined coming back, there would be a hoard of comments about how she made the right choice and she’s too good for the show? Made by the exact same people making her out to be a victim? I’d throw down a few hundred, easy.

  10. Mariana says:

    I agree w/previous poster…the House/Camron kiss was one of the hottest I’ve seen on TV in years!!
    OAN; Why not end w/the beginning in mind. What I mean is bring back the actress from the pilot episode (Robin Tunney) who placed Rachel Adler. She could possibly be so I’ll that House has to call out all the stops to save her. I want him to find love (preferably w/Cameron). I think he refrained from a relationship w/her due to the employee/employer thing. He needs a young, vibrant woman, not an old fuddy/diddy like Cuddy. I want Cameron to come back so the original team (Cameron, Chase, Foreman w/the assistance of Wilson) can save Ms. Adler for the last time while Adams, Parke, & Taub watch in awe. Cameron will tearfully reveal her feelings for House & why He never felt tge same. He will grab her, and plant a passionate kiss on her tgat she will first resost, but cave into. Then, after a passionate night together, Cameron will realize she’s pregnant…& House is the father. Chase will give her his blessings because he will have accepted that she has always loved house. Then they (Foreman, Wilson, Cameron, House, Chase-in that otder)walk in slo-mo towards the camera. All of the are wearing lab coats except House whom the camera ends up on his face where he grins & says, “Who’s your Daddy?”

  11. Ella says:

    Ooh, maybe Thirteen will be their final patient!

  12. david says:

    las tres temporadas de mayor exito siempre fueron con House y Cameron,quitar a Cameron y la serie cayo en picado

  13. K says:

    David Shore obviously is like a lot of men and has the hots for Olivia Wilde. He created a character for her that embodies a typical erotic female fantasy: a beautiful, smart, pouty, mysterious bisexual. She was always the favourite of the newbies and you could tell by the ridiculous amount of back story she was given so early in to her initial introduction. I don’t believe for a second the producers story of how in season 4 they didn’t know who they were going to keep during the ‘reality tv arc’ up until pretty much the last minute. They always intended for her to be a bigger character and then shoved her down the audience’s throat. I’m not actually a thirteen hater btw, she’s ok in small doses, but she should have been kept that way

  14. Jules says:

    Edelstein do us a favor…pick up yr phone, talk to DShore or KJacobs or even HLaurie..make some excuses…(vice/versa) -accept to do a little cameo,even if it’s for a 4min screen time and suck up yr pride & enjoy the festivities with yr former co-stars…so we can All Shut up!

  15. Houser says:

    Lisa REFUSED to come back for the finale (still mad about the pay cut proposed I guess). Jennifer is kind of busy (as the lead) up in Vancouver shooting “Once upon a Time” to steal away to LA for a finale bow.

    • Letsnotjumptoconclusions says:

      You don’t actually know that she refused to come back. It’s just as likely that she wasn’t asked which is pretty unforgiveable. The same for JMo. I really wish the show wasn’t ending on such a sour note, but it is. I liked Cuddy and not just for her interaction with House, but with Wilson too. It depresses me that TPTB have systematically dumped all the female cast members over the age of 30 and kept the older male cast members, probably in an attempt to appease the demo. Didn’t work did it?

      As someone else said about Thirteen, she’s basically a male fantasy of of a bisexual woman. I didn’t mind her but as time went on it was obvious that they were trying to shove her down people’s throats, even if 13-centric eps didn’t pull massive numbers. This return is just the result of her having an episode to burn off in her contract and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just a cameo appearance at House’s funeral or something to that effect. They’d have to build up to him killing her or vice versa and trying to shove that into one ep would be ridiculous.

    • Barb Tessier says:

      I saw JM in an interview 2 weeks ago and she said if they wanted her they had better hurry as shooting for the new season for Once Upon a Time was swinging into full gear.

      In an article shortly after, it was theorized that David Shore, knowing how well JM’s new show was doing, opted to not ask JM back so that she could focus all her energies in this new direction. He didn’t want to pull her away from such a golden opportunity.

      • Heidi says:

        If that’s what David Shore’s reasons are for not asking Jennifer, it’s so patronizing of him or of those people thinking those are his reasons. It’s a like boss firing you because you deserve a “better job”.. yeah sure. I’ve heard those stupid reasons before.

      • @ Barb says:

        “saw JM in an interview 2 weeks ago and she said if they wanted her they had better hurry as shooting for the new season for Once Upon a Time was swinging into full gear.”

        She didn`t say that. She said that nobody from House has contacted her and that she doubts it will happen because the House finale is allready planned. So listen to that intw. again,please. The shooting of the first season of Once is finishing this week, so she would have lots of time to take part on the House-finale.

        “In an article shortly after, it was theorized that David Shore, knowing how well JM’s new show was doing, opted to not ask JM back so that she could focus all her energies in this new direction. He didn’t want to pull her away from such a golden opportunity”
        I haven`t seen this article but this assumption is fairly naive. I highly doubt it is true.

  16. hej says:

    I don´t get that Cuddy isn´t coming back for the series finale. I mean it´s the SERIES finale. How can they do that to the fans? It´s a great show, but I miss Cuddy :(

  17. NavyAOLove says:

    I’m not so sure that it’s up to the show on who they get back, they can give the options, but its the actors and actresses who ultimately have the option, unless they are contracted in… being so harsh about the return of 13 is ridiculous. They write the scripts around who will be there. Not write the script THEN see who will be there. I personally am glad to see her back, gave some flavor to the team.

  18. Lisa Edelsatein gave us 7 Freaking years!!!!! C´mon Shore at least close that line story

  19. Dawn sale says:

    I don’t care who comes back or leaves I just don’t won’t House to go off I really love this show!

  20. Mma says:

    We don´t care about 13. BRING CUDDY BACK

  21. Babi says:

    Damn, I can’t believe that she’s back, even if is for the season finale, I don’t care, I really missed her. But would be fun if they could bring back all the people who acted in House, and by that I mean: Cameron, Cuddy, Marta & the others, like a family reunion (:

  22. Damaa Pick says:

    When they said May 21 series finale is that mean HOUSE is ending? No more HOUSE? why? What happen? That’s not fair..you can’t end it..HOUSE is the greatest show ever..plus I think it’s great to bring Cuddy back to the show…

  23. Oreodog says:

    I like 13. I don’t mind her popping in and out. I didn’t like that Asian character, either. (Sorry, I don’t remember her name). She IS better than that last little girl they hired but still not entertaining at all.

    She’s all about money. Maybe she kills both House and 13 because they pay her to and she really doesn’t have any emotional connection to anything.

  24. Ben Dover says:

    You’re all wrong. She will come back so that House can have a threesome with her and his wife, and it will be awesome. It will be a 30-minute porn scene, and it will be in 3D. If you don’t like it, you’re not really a House fan.

  25. Linda says:

    I like many others have not watched it much this season. Its boring and just not the same without Cuddy…and hated the way they ended last season.

    Maybe it is time to MOVE ON!

  26. Prediction: House dies (because only death can really free house from his pain) and 13 is the one who pulls the plug on him. Not because she agreed on euthanasia but because his brain is already dead and the rest of the team refuses to admit they can’t save him. In a way it would be the ultimate shocker because House has to be control of EVERYONE, so if he found out that he got a progressive cancer and ended up sliding into a coma or something, he would totally be at the mercy of everyone else.

    Think about it, without the return of Cameron – there’s no one on the show right now that has the balls enough to actually do that. The only person who comes close is Chase but he’d be too scared of losing his mentor. He’s worked for House the longest, he doesn’t know a life without House. Forman has already proved he has no back bone, and the new people just don’t care enough about him.

    The other thing is that it might be that 13 is his person to make his medical decisions in a living will – which would be really interesting because Wilson would be all butthurt it wasn’t him but would lead to some serious Emmy worthy Wilson stuff.

  27. Andrew Garcia says:

    They can’t end with a weak series finale. Should make House the movie as the true ending to this show. That way we could see the original cast and the final interaction between House & Cuddy.

  28. Cleetus Van Dam says:

    It seems like the writers are getting bored, it seems like every patients just throws up blood, I started off a couple months ago joking about how everyone just throws up blood and then that joke turned kinda sad cause it kept happening, like clockwork.

    • Djesus says:

      yes I saw this too this season, why are they so repetitive?

      • Cleetus Van Dam says:

        When I was watching two nights ago and the blind guy started coughing I was like well here comes some more blood. And then more blood came out. It seems as though originally the show was split fifty/fifty between drama and medicine but once the show became more popular I guess the writers forgot about making the medicine interesting and went towards drama. I’m not saying it’s bad, it is what it is.

  29. Please dear writers. Please I pray before you. I beg before you. Please bring in Dr. Cameron. Please! For the one last time!

  30. Jo says:

    13 comes back so house can “kill” her. he told her he would do it when the time came. It will be the final redeeming act of his character…

  31. Christine says:

    I wanted Cuddy…or at least Cameron back, but Thirteen? I don’t like her.

  32. ghartog says:

    As a long time Hugh Laurie fan I would love to see Stephen Fry in the finale.

    Given the tone of the show I would not be surprised if House was killed off in the end.

  33. ~C~ says:

    After missing the entire 8th season, the only credible way to bring Cuddy back into it would be an appearance at house’s/13 funeral etc. – which itself would be quite an obvious ending and I for one, wouldn’t like that. For all the people clamouring for her return, how could it fit into the story/house universe without coming across as contrived or tacky? Out of Cameron, Cuddy and 13, I think 13 was by far the more interesting character, although being predictably cliché at points.

    A possible ending that I think would be interesting (if anyone cares): The pain in house’s leg, for whatever reason – (possibly due to 13’s suicide after he refuses to euthanise her), gets so bad that he eventually opts to have it amputated. He gets to be happy (read: free of pain), but in a bitter-sweet kind of way as he’s now in a wheel chair, and has to admit that he was wrong to try and keep his leg – something he has been unable to do for the past 8 years. The question of his medical genius being tied to his misery is left unanswered/for the audience to decide.

    A chance for “happily ever after”, without being overly cheesy or involving an afterlife he doesn’t believe in.

  34. Attley says:

    Omg would everyone chill seriously who cares who comes back and who doesn’t just enjoy the dam show. And btw do u guys really think they will let u know everything about the final they could have them all come back for all we know and keeping it quiet to actually surprise u just go with the flow

  35. Sarah says:

    I hate to see this series end but it really outlived its prime. My favorite episodes were the ones with House doing clinic duty – so funny. And also when he was in the mental hospital with Albie (Alfie?), and how Wilson stood by him the whole time.This last one, with Taub flying around like a fairy and Chase dressed as a rabbit is the very reason it is failing…too much silliness and no substance. Also, there was entirely too much information about Taub and his nasty wife. The two new women are annoying and so boring that I cannot even remember their names.

    Bring back his German lady-love from the mental hospital or Stacy for the last episode.

  36. Patti says:

    I think the show is still really excellent. I think the story lines have gotten better. Each character like Taulb, Wilson, Foreman, House and Chase have really grown in each story line since the first episode!! I am glad 13 (Remy) is coming back for the last episode. OW character has Hunnington’s disease and would like to see it take a toll on her more progressive than before!! As for Cuddy, she cannot return cause her character has a restraining order against House. I do wish Cameron would come back!

  37. Brunilda says:

    Cameron and Cudy were essential to the show. It’s a pity they will be forgotten by the producers. Ridiculous.

  38. Andrew says:

    Really glad to see Olivia Wilde’s chracter back for the Finale. Was sad to see her go in the first place. I can watch her all day on T.V. :) She is definitely an actress to watch for in the near future.

    • 2monthsanditwillbeover says:


    • Djesus says:

      yes her movies are really good! lmao
      her acting sucks, that’s why I’m really worried for the finale now.

    • Bring Back Robin says:

      Is that why so few were watching her after she jumped House? She came back because her acting career must have signed onto that cruise ship that sank.

      When she keeps going away/coming back, people lose interest.

  39. Randall says:

    I’m a fan of House and have been since season one. I’ve enjoyed all the various story lines and twist and turns along the way, but in reading some of these post I’m not so much concerned about how the finale is going to go down or what is life going to be like “after House”, I’m more concerned about your life presently – its just a TV show folks! Now THATS “reality” TV.

  40. Mary says:

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a “dream”. Just saying.

    • Bring Back Robin says:

      Dallas Redux. It sucked in that series and will suck more here, but I fear you are very correct. Dream or hallucination, it’s been so overdone on the show already. They’ll probably do some stupid dream/head injury/hallucination from the bus crash, which someone mentioned already. The whole years in between have been dreams in his coma.

  41. bobby says:

    dude u guys are so off with charlyne yi.she’s not cameron she’s not 13 she boring.look just because u like magic johnson more doesnt mean kobe bryant sucks.u know what i mean.she’s funny yea she looks like velma from scooby doo with that hair and those glasses lol,but she’s cool.her facial expressions are great when house told her she was fired and she was was all confused that was funny.its funny people call her the most boring person on the show.uuuummm does TOUB no longer exist.13 is great she can come back.she better not die tho

  42. Jenny says:

    sheesh! why do comment forums always turn so negative? It becomes one big bicker session between people who don’t know each other. Bicker, bicker, bicker! Can people just stress their opinions without someone getting offended and starting an argument towards EACH OTHER? Let’s just talk about the show instead of making accusations about other people like how rude they are, or how their opinions aren’t wanted here. Kindness people. Please.

  43. sejven says:

    I do not understand your comments. Lisa Edelstein wanted to leave House drama. It was not a decision the producers, but the same actress. On the beach were taken House’s and Cuddy’s photos, but Lisa decided to go…
    Personally, I would like to return Stacy. Greg and Stacy caused warm emotions as most a ex-couple. And their acting in season 2, episode 10 (S02E10) was brilliant.

  44. poetic license says:

    if someone drove their car
    through your dining room
    would you
    go to their graduation party?

    • Bring Back Robin says:

      No, but I think a lot of people would attend their funeral, if nothing else than to spit on the grave or open casket. That fits since it’s similar to what happened with his “dad.”

      Speaking of his dad, how about his real dad show up to do the funeral, per this week’s episode it’s going to be at least Wilson dying from the C word. Hugh doesn’t have the guts to kill his character off, but that would be the ultimate finale ending. I think someone mentioned Bieber’s death in CSI, fitting end for House since they like to steal ideas from other shows. Could even invite Nick Stokes to do the deed.

  45. SAU says:

    I personally would rather see Cuddy and/or Cameron return for the finale.

  46. Joan says:

    I agree there is nothing I can think of that is more redundant and boring than yet another appearance by 13 to say yet another goodbye to House…..unless…could this be the time that House gets to keep his promise and kill her himself??? Please!!?? THat I’d like to see.

  47. Maggi Escamilla says:

    All good things come to a end and a bit sadly, HOUSE is no exception. As fans of the show, we should remember the 5 stages of grief that House wrote on the board for Cameron.
    1 – Denial. I guess everyone did enough of that when the rumors started last year about the imminent, possible demise of the show.
    2 – Anger. Still seeing a lot of that in the posts. Whether our rants are about story lines past and present or characters past, that may or may not return, or dislike of actors who play characters that have had the misfortune to be cast in the final season, we remain in anger because for fans, there is NO…….
    3 – Bargaining. TPTB and the decisions of the actors pretty much took care of that. So we are left with…………..
    4 – Depression. Look, whether we want to admit it or not this show saw us through 2 presidents, a war in Iraq, a horrifying crash in the economy, loss of homes and jobs for some of us and massive uncertainty. What we could count on to take our mind off of troubles was the entertainment we enjoyed. HOUSE, along with one or two other shows, was a great distraction for us. It was a staple that we counted on and it’s going away. So finally, we arrive at…………….
    5 – Resignation. By the time the audience sees the series finale, HL will be out on the road with his blues band, the other actors will become involved, hopefully with other projects, the crew will scatter to other shows and the writers (some maybe more than others) are probably already working on new projects as we speak. The show will live on in re-runs as long as networks need good shows to fill their time slots.
    House said it best, ” You go home, get drunk, or whatever other rituals you do that make you feel better, then you get up and do it all over again tomorrow, only better”. Life goes on.
    So Farewell to an old friend. Thanks for great entertainment and best of luck with all the new projects. It’s been a blast!

    • Jill says:

      So very well said, and I for one will be seeing said Mr HL in concert the night after the finale, and will say goodbuy to House and hello Mr Hugh Laurie Blues performer. He will move on to what he loves, as we should and will. What ever David Shore writes as House’s end, thats his and his alone privilge, as being the creator of this character. I will be grateful, for the amazing eight years this show has been on the air, and grateful for the amazing talent that has appeared on this show both past and present. At the end of the day this is entertainment, and all this cast and crew through out the years have achieved that. Thank you to all involved with House. I thank you and respect you all.

  48. Adela Guzman says:

    It’s a shame that there is so much argument over who should come back for the House Finale. Personally, I feel that the show has lost a lot of it’s interest. The characters, including House, seem to be just going through the motions without showing any real emotion. The show has lost it’s Zing this season. The mood seems to be quite somber in most of the episodes. Don’t know if it’s me, but the set itself is very bland. I have been a fan of House for a few years and all along I have looked forward to each new season, ’til now. The characters have become so one-dimensional, with very little personality to speak of, that it makes the show a bit boring. I have not watched the show as faithfully as I used to, but I still am sad that it is ending. As far as who should come back for the finale, I think it should be “ALL” of the original cast members who are not on the show now . Like I said, I am sad to see the show end. It has been a favorite of mine for years and I’m not one for too much change. I wish all of the House cast members, old & new, all the best.

    • Bring Back Robin says:

      Definitely agree. The characters should have grown, but they have stagnated. Chase – chasing skirts, Taub -cheating on everyone. Foreman – doing a poor job being House’s boss. Thirteen – keeps going and coming back. Nothing new to see in any of those people. The only question is how many cast members will Yi bonk? Chase, Taub, and 13 either have been or are going to be bedmates. Adams, probably not. House, sympathy sex after losing Dominator girl. Wilson, sympathy sex for being diagnosed with cancer. The quiet ones like Yi tend to be great in bed when you give them the chance. The doll. Only if she can get it away from Chase. That means only Adams won’t be bonked by Yi. Shoot, she may even bonk Kutner, or his ghost. Go girl

  49. Kriszta says:

    Ok but,I’m waiting for a better news I want Lisa Edelstein’s back!

  50. manav says:

    I would like to lick cameron’s buttcrack atleast once for like a day at a stretch.