Two and a Half Men Bringing Back Charlie in April - But There's a Twist!

Kathy Bates Two and a Half MenLeave it to Two and a Half Men to find a way to resurrect Charlie Harper without bringing back Charlie Sheen.

Harry’s Law attorney Kathy Bates will jump to CBS for one night only when she guest stars in the April 30 episode of Men as the ghost of Charlie Harper.

In the episode, Alan (Jon Cryer) suffers a minor heart attack and Charlie’s spirit (taking the form of Bates) pays him a visit at the hospital.

Fun fact: Both Harry’s Law and Two and a Half Men are produced by Warner Bros.

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  1. lee says:

    What? Am I stoned right now?

  2. Kyle says:

    That is just a horrible joke…let me guess, Charlie has treated women so bad that in the afterlife he has to spend the rest of eternity as a Old Fat Women

  3. Why is his ghost being played by a woman? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have his ghost be some young, really attractive guy? (As in, Charlie’s idealized version of himself?)

  4. Lynn says:

    Dumbest idea ever. They keep going back to the Charlie well for jokes anyway so it is like Charlie’s “ghost” never left.

  5. Gusat says:

    Wow, really? This show has been jumping the shark for quite some time now…

  6. Blake says:

    Seriously… is this?

  7. Michael Sacal says:

    It reminds me of the last episode of Coupling, where Steve has a dream in which Jeff comes back from Lesbos as a woman.

  8. David says:

    How this show gets ratings is any rational persons guess. What in the world is wrong with you people? This show is so full of fail it boggles the mind.

  9. Jon Hubach says:

    Read this three times. Man my head hurts from thinking.

  10. Jason says:

    With this the show is now jumping a shark which is jumping over another shark.

  11. Michael says:

    Oh what the word Oh yeah Winning

  12. ed says:

    wow the writers of this show are complete idiots… they really dont know whats funny.

  13. Courtney says:

    People still watch this?? I will be waiting for Charlie Sheen on his new show coming on!! Can’t wait for that.

  14. whiplash1972 says:

    Chuck Lorre, CBS and Two and 1/2 Men have now officially jumped the shark, circled back around, harpooned the shark, cut it up into itty bitty pieces and barbequed it

  15. josh says:

    cant believe this show is popular in the south, oh wait i can.

  16. The Squatch says:

    Putting aside the strangeness of the Kathy Bates appearance for just a moment… they are making Alan have a heart attack now? Sheesh. Used to be he was just a down on his luck guy after a bad divorce. Now I can’t stand the way they write the character. He’s just a horrible person in general, and then on top of that they throw stuff at him like this. Mental institutions, heart attacks, etc. It’s almost as if they hate their own character.

    • the shark says:

      You know, after the first half of season one, he was never just a down on his luck guy. He was at best a good at heart guy who always annoyed the crap out of other people. But year after year they made him even more hard luck and even more annoying. And for all his ideals he was always just as willing as Charlie to slide down into the muck, whenever the muck would have him.

      His further decent into Gollum has been gradual and quite believable.

  17. Kasper says:

    Can’t believe Two and a half men can actually get any worse…

  18. Jesse says:

    Are they getting a head start on April Fool’s Day?

    • Wow , to much hate ,
      I am looking forward to see what she does , BTW , fun episode tonight with Georgia Engel in a guest role in Men. Was nice to have both her and Edward Asner in guest spots on Monday night and pretty amazing that 4 of the old Mary Tyler Moore gang are still working in prime time. (Ed Asner, Betty White, Georgia Engel & Cloris Leachman)

  19. mgol says:

    I think charlie sheen did a full mea culpa. I’m glad they are bringing him back for a cameo appearance.

  20. brad says:

    What a joke! Can’t wait for charlies anger management show! Haven’t watched 2 1/2 men since that a?@hole kutcher came on. Show sucks now!

  21. saundra cova says:

    I can’t wait to see Charlie back on anything.I will ill not watch two and a half men unless they bring him back to this show.It is just plain not funny at all anymore.They need to figure out away of saying he wasnt really the one in that car when it crashed and pay whatever it takes to get him back and then everyone would be winning!

  22. Michelle roe says:

    Bring back Charlie sheen and not played by someone else but as him your show stinks without him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. anthony roddriguez says:

    i hate u guy hope u die

  24. KiD says:

    The Ratings Are Gonna Suck Azz W/O Charlie Sheen Play’n His Role , Just Get Over Ur Selves And Hire Him Back He Made The Show N E Way …… Definitly Not Watch’n That Shyt W/O Him N It !!!

  25. elias says:


  26. ross conqueror says:

    Bring bk charlie by filming that allan had 1 big bad dream