Post Mortem: Walking Dead Boss Dissects Killer Finale, Talks [Spoiler]'s Arrival, 'Spoils' Season 3

The Walking Dead Season 2 FinaleWARNING: If you have yet to watch The Walking Dead‘s Season 2 finale tonight, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. We’re serious, folks. The following Q&A with exec producer Robert Kirkman contains massive spoilers. Trust us on this one. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The Walking Dead closed out its second season Sunday night with a pair of deaths (R.I.P. Patricia and Jimmy), a game-changing revelation (Jenner did whisper to Rick that everyone is infected), one major character introduction (Michonne!) and a confirmation of Season 3’s setting (prison!). Oh, and Rick finally started channeling his inner badass! Below, executive producer Robert Kirkman deconstructs the spectacular episode’s most memorable moments and teases a Season 3 he promises will blow Season 2 “out of the water!”

TVLINE | So, Patricia and Jimmy got the hook. Was it just that they were the most expendable at this point?
We never treat a character as expendable, nor do we treat a character’s death as being something that is of varying importance. This was very much about these characters who had lived on this farm pretty much all of their lives. Hershel was very connected to the farm, and losing the farm and losing these people at the same time is going to mean a lot for him — as well as Maggie and Beth — in Season 3. It’s unfortunate to lose Jimmy and Patricia, but every character death is going to have ramifications for all of the other characters that continue on and each one of them is important in their own right.

TVLINE | Which surviving character made it off the farm by the skin of their teeth. In other words, did you come close to killing anyone else only to change your mind at the 11th hour?
This is going to sound coy, and I apologize for that, but almost all of them. One of the things that’s always been important to me with the Walking Dead comic book series is that you always be willing to get rid of every character at any moment if it serves the story. I’ve always tried not to grow any kind of attachment to any character. And also, there have been times where I’ve had big arcs plotted out for [someone] but at the moment it seemed like the right thing to do to completely get rid of the character. And now that we’re getting further and further into the show, and we’re able to tell the stories [with] high stakes, pretty much everything is on the table when we sit there in the writers room. There’s some pretty terrifying, crazy things discussed. And every character, at some point, we’ve talked about, “Now? Later? When are we going to do this?” It’s a dangerous show.

TVLINE | Some fans were grumbling about how there were long stretches this season without any major Walker sequences. Were you just saving your zombie budget for the finale?
It really comes down to storytelling. If you listen to music at maximum volume at all times, it eventually becomes quiet to you; you get used to it. We do stories where there aren’t a lot of zombies so that when there are a lot of zombies it’s that much more jarring and terrifying. If we had five zombies in every episode that did five cool things, it would eventually become white noise. So we have to bring it out, show it to you, get you terrified and then pull it away and watch the characters react to what they’ve just gone through… Lull the audience into a false sense of security. There’s obviously a budget — I mean, it’s TV. But the season is structured in a way that we know what’s coming and we know when to show our cards and when to hold our cards. It’s all part of an overall plan.

The Walking Dead‘s Other Dead Guy Speaks: “I Didn’t Want to Leave”

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Rick. As I was watching his big speech to the group I couldn’t decide if this was a man in the throes of a psychotic break or someone who was finally, for lack of a better turn of phrase, growing a pair. Which one was it for you?
I like to think at [all] times it could be 50/50. This world definitely takes a toll on you. Rick just murdered his best friend, his wife appears to be disgusted with him and, instead of going, “I’m really upset; let me figure out how I deal with it,” he turns around and he’s got nine people going, “We’re scared — what do we do?” He’s forced into this leadership role and, at the end of the episode, we see that he is taking this on and it is affecting him. And he’s growing darker. And he is saying, “Hey, you want me to be the leader? That’s fine. I’m going to be the leader. You don’t like it? Fend for yourself. Let’s see how you do.” He’s growing harsher in this world. And the series is always going to be about whether or not he can retain his humanity, or whether or not he is going to become some kind of hardened monster that really exists only to provide survival for him and his family.

TVLINELori’s disgust over Rick killing Shane confused me a little. Didn’t she just a few episodes ago all but order Rick to whack him?
A lot of that anger [she’s expressing] could be directed at herself. I think she feels partially responsible for sending these two men on a path. That’s the moment where she found out that Shane was dead. And not only did she find out that Shane was dead, but her husband totally killed the guy! This was a family friend. This was a guy that used to come over on weekends and watch football in the house and things like that. It was a really emotional moment that is going to drive her a little batty. Having to handle those emotions and looking at the guy that kind of caused the situation, she’s not going to be considering, “Oh, yeah. I did this. I should calm down.” She has these emotions and she doesn’t know what to do with them.

TVLINE | What does having Andrea cut off from the group do for your from a storytelling standpoint moving into next season — and we’ll get to her run-in with Michonne in a second.
Andrea had a really interesting arc in the second season. We start off with her somewhat suicidal and upset that Dale wouldn’t allow her to remain in the CDC and die. And over the course of the season, we’ve shown her find a purpose for living, and also find the means to survive at all costs. And at the end of the season, we really put her to the test. She is out on her own. She is for all intents and purposes in the most danger out of anyone in the group by the end of the episode. And we’re going to be exploring that a little bit more in the third season. But really just putting her in the pressure-cooker situation and seeing how she fares and how she’s going to do and how she’s going to survive is going to be interesting thing to follow in the third season. We have some really cool stuff planned for Andrea.

Walking Dead Burning Q: Will “Zombie Otis” Be a Threat in Season 3?

TVLINE | The introduction of Michonne was an incredible moment, but I’m curious: Why did you decide not to show her face? Was that just an issue of the role not having been cast yet?
We thought that it would be a little bit more mysterious. And, also, in the interest of keeping these things secret, the casting would’ve been announced right away. And because it is such a short scene, we didn’t cast an actress; we used a stand-in. And as far as her relationship with Andrea goes, she cut the head off of a zombie. She could easily stab Andrea next in the first minutes of Season 3, so who knows what that relationship will be like?

TVLINE | Have you cast the role?
There will be announcements forthcoming… [THIS JUST IN: Find Out Who’s Playing Michonne!]

TVLINEHow will the TV version of Michonne be similar/different from her comic book counterpart?
She will be very similar to her comic-book counterpart. Most of the characters as they’ve been translated into TV are pretty much exactly the same character. Andrea is Andrea, Rick is Rick and Michonne is going to be Michonne. Now, the stories that we’re going to tell with her are going to be somewhat different at times. The show has always followed the comic book to a large extent, it just has different divergences from time-to-time and we’re definitely going to continue that in the third season. But the fans have expectations for Michonne, and I can say with full knowledge that their expectations are going to be met. They need not worry.

TVLINE | Did you always know the season would end with her introduction? Did you ever consider, perhaps, teasing the Governor’s arrival instead?
There was a lot of stuff thrown around. It wasn’t really planned early on to have Michonne show up at the end of the season. I have to give credit to [executive producer] Glen Mazzara. He came into the writers room one day and was like, “We’ve got to add this scene. It’ll have so much punch. We have to build to this. It’ll be great. Let’s go ahead and introduce her now.” The original plan was to hold her for Season 3 and introduce her then.

TVLINE | The episode ended with the confirmation that Season 3 would be set in the prison. Not a big surprise but a cool reveal nonetheless.
What I really like about the transition from Season 2 to Season 3 as opposed to Season 1 to Season 2 transition is that when we were moving into Season 2 there were so many unknowns. All of the questions were, “Are we going to see the farm? Are they going to follow the comic?” And now that we’re moving into Season 3, we’ve seen Michonne. We’ve seen the prison. We know that that the Governor has been cast. So the fans really have a clear indication of what kind of things to expect in the third season and where we’re going and some of the stories that we may be telling if they’re familiar with the comic book series. Our third season is definitely going to be our best season yet. I’m really excited to get into it. It’s actually hard for me to do interviews about Season 2 because I’m like, “Oh my God, Season 3 blows this stuff out of the water. You just wait.” We’ve been working on Season 3 for a few months now. We’re wrapping up the first half and we’ve got everything nailed down. I can’t wait for people to see it.

TVLINE | Any other major characters aside from The Governor and Michonne that will be introduced in Season 3?
There are still some surprises around the corner. We wouldn’t be revealing so much in our final episode of Season 2 if we didn’t have so much more to reveal in the marketing [campaign] for Season 3 and also in the episodes when the season begins. There are a lot of surprises around the corner.

TVLINE | Will Season 3’s 16 episodes be broke up into two parts?
I don’t know if this is 100 percent confirmed, but the idea is we will do eight-and-eight. Getting eight-and-eight will almost be like doing two seasons a year, which is cool.

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  1. Tony says:

    What about the Mexican family with the 2 kids that broke off? Where are they now?

  2. kevin says:

    The only I don’t get is why are shows getting less and less episodes per season you look at a show like house they got 23 per season as well as alot of other popular shows so why so little to this

    • mike says:

      Uh. season 1 of walking dead had 7 episodes… season 2 had 13. Season 3 is supposed to have 16?

      your point makes no sense.

    • Liz says:

      @Kevin, House is a network show and Walking Dead is a cable show. All of AMC’s original shows average 13 episodes per season.

  3. Val says:

    Fantastic episode! The barn conflict alone was brilliant!

    But seriously, writers? Lori’s reaction to Rick’s speech felt so undeserved and left field and judging from many internet reactions, I’m not the only one who feels that way. I had a problem because judging from the past episodes, her response should have been like “I can’t believe Shane tried to kill you. I thought things were getting better… I still can’t believe you killed him and let Carl shoot and finish him off but let me cry on your shoulder and let’s hug it out.”

    Instead, we get this reaction: “Piss off and suck my d***.”

    I really want to like the Lori character, but reading the showrunners’ responses seems like they’re certain the audience and Lori are on the same page at that very moment. At the very least, let her explain why she’s angry at Rick killing Shane. Otherwise, the audience perception of Lori is that she can’t respond that irrationally since she apologized yet admitting to Shane for driving a wedge between Shane and Rick as well as hinting to Rick that Shane is dangerous and won’t stop.

    Sorry about the long rant, but Sarah Wayne Callies deserves a better Lori. Preferably one where more than half the audience doesn’t want her to be offed every episode.

    • mike says:

      Did you read the interview? they did explain. She’s angry at herself, at the whole situation. She knows she’s the reason those two men went down that path. she doesn’t know how to react… it makes sense to me.

  4. Ally_cat says:

    It wasn’t as if Rick had a choice about killing Shane. It was actually self defence.

    • JJ says:

      Thank you. Some people keep asking why did Rick kill Shane? Why? Why? Why? Someone was going to die there. Only one was coming back. Rick knew this. If Rick didn’t stab him there, Shane would have shot him when he grabbed the gun from Rick.

  5. Robert says:

    Wut about the Mexicans, Daryl shot a Mexican in the ass with an arrow, and arrow was covered in zombie blood so doesn’t that make him into a zombie cuz of blood fusion. So he could of killed the group of Mexicans

  6. jhonash_21 says:

    I can’t wait the new season of the walking dead. im so excited ;D

  7. sooo says:

    so, next season we all gonna see Lory got shot and the baby exploded huh?? a lot of dead for next season, cant wait..
    im so disappointed about how they choose that chick as Michone, tho..

  8. jamie says:

    Are they every Gunna show wut happened to that man and his son in season 1? Or Did i miss something?

  9. Monica Gase says:

    LOVE this series! I am so looking forward to Season 3. Good storyline and character development.

  10. Sandra says:

    I just read all 215 comments, read them, they answer lots of ?s. I don’t read the comics, but I read comments and spoilers and so far, they’ve all been rite, (about Shane dying & being shot by Carl, Lori being pregnant, Andrea becoming badass, Michonne coming into da picture, etc.), so read on! Sounds like the 33% coming back next season is gonna be Merle, & Lori’s gonna die after the baby is born. By the way, what’s da difference if baby is born infected or not, u can’t turn till u die anyway. And no one has said whether its a boy or a girl???

    • sooo says:

      its a girl, her name is Judy..Lori dead by a gunshot while carrying the baby by The Governor’s people and its just explode (the baby) like a pumpkins! there’s no Merle or Daryl in the comics just like Jenner, so basicly thats the only thing we cant predict..Andrea supposed to hook up with Dale, they even have sex (a lot)..LOL
      thx god that didnt happen.

    • sooo says:

      I think the baby is gonna be a girl because they already have carle. But is turns out be black then rick is forced to kill T-Dog too.

  11. Ripper says:

    wow this episode blue my mind!!!!!!!

    Merl gets picked up by the govenor in atlanta, and then gets used in his gladiator games fighting zombies for entertainment at the prison. As for the black guy and his kid if they were not going to bring them back they would have showed them being killed.
    why would they get rid of characters with out showing them being killed

  12. †VoW† WÃRÐØG says:

    thats what i want to know what happen to the black guy and his kid???

  13. Ripper says:

    Most Likely if they did”t find another group to tag along with, the kid would have got bitten then the father would have offed him self.
    End of story that would have been to sad so they decided to cut it out

  14. Pete Cz says:

    Michael Rooker already confirmed he will be back in season 3.

  15. ben says:

    Yea the show is friggen bad ass n I never knew the comic book existed so its all surprises to me n I couldn’t be more excited to count down the minutes to the airing of each episode but…the only gripe I have is I remember when a season lasted a whole season n comprised of 20 or more episodes. I understand that this was an experimental show just like any other show getting off the ground but the show is a success get to work 7 months break n between I believe is an insult to the fans of the show n the fact that there going to split season 3 into 2 runs of 8 episodes with another break in between them is just downright unfair and appears to be simple lazyness or greed in the sense of milking the industry in marketing, stalling the show to drag it out and take advantage of its popularity longer to make more money. Well that’s the point you might say but to me still very unfair to the fans and that would be an understatement.

    • jodi says:

      Yeah I think we’re all afraid it might be another Lost spend years watching it and then they ruin the whole thing in the end. I am willing to go along for the ride and once summer gets here and we’re outside having fun I think the time will feel like it
      has flown by. I am hoping that anyway LOL

  16. ben says:

    Pretty ticked off about it. Its getting just as bad as falling skies. Its ridiculous! If the show wasn’t so good I’d stop watching LOL but I guess they know that that’s why they exploit our patience for profit.

  17. Covenant0671 says:

    If everyone is infected, why didn’t all the bodies in the cars on the highway turn into zombies? Hmm?

    • jodi says:

      Great point can’t wait to rewatch the series. Hope it comes out on Netflix soon so I can spend the summer enjoying this again.

    • brigitte says:

      I saw an interview with one of the writers who said that all of the bodies that are in the cars have some sort of head trauma and therefore can’t turn.

    • izzy says:

      All the bodies on the highway were either missing (not in their cars) or dead zombies…

  18. James says:

    I give it a C and my reason are these:
    1. Some jerk put a spoiler about they got all infected in YouTube.
    2. Carl is becoming an annoying brat!
    3. T-Dog Role in this season is a waste. I think he speaks only on the beginning and the ending of the show.
    4. They put a woman with a katana wearing a robe. What is this Resident Evil the movie?

  19. Vicky says:

    It has to b Meryl . What ever happened to the white truck that was stolen in season 1 when the guys went back for Meryl . They never said who took it thats why it has to be him.

  20. jodi says:

    I really liked this finally. I have theories about Rick and everyone being infected. I am thinking Rick did die like Shane said and is reanimated like the zombies but normal like us. Anyone else think this or am I the only one? Also hoping we are not all in Ricks coma dream being chased around by zombies. That ending to series and movies has been done over and over. I also wish the writers would write Lori a script so we could like her cuz right now I just want her bit and shot in the head. UGH she’s a pain. Michonne looks awesome. Too bad Grace Jones is older she is the original black goddess warrior.

    • JJ says:

      You’re the only one that thinks that. The writer, forget his name, already put down that idea of having it all be a dream on his Twitter so it’s not a dream.

  21. jodi says:

    * finale* oops still working on morning coffee haha

  22. Andrew says:

    Remember seeing the movie 28 days, when the woman gave birth to the zombie baby… That be cool to see

  23. Beverley Guman says:

    This show is fantastic !!!Cant wait till season 3!!!!

  24. Andrew says:

    Are the comics still being written or did it end ? And did they it all started ?

  25. Cheryl says:

    People, stop saying that Hershel doesn’t know his backyard. Rick even said after they ran out of gas that they have been traveling in the red zone for the past hour. So they obviously aren’t still in the town they are from. How many of you know every prison’s exact location within an hour from where you live?

    • JJ says:

      Thank you Cheryl, finally someone paying attention. They were driving for at least an hour while on red Rick says, so they at least got maybe 30-40 miles away from the highway (depending on how fast they were driving), so they are now far away from the farm.

  26. Jake says:

    Does anybody remember the Morales family from season 1 ?? They said they were heading for Birmingham ? They left the same episode the group left jim behind !!


  27. Deacon says:

    The idea behind the scene and how it plays with everyone else is that a part of Rick WANTED Shane dead, and though he figured out Shane’s plan to kill him as it was happening, he still went along with it right up until the last second for two reasons:

    1) He wanted to give Shane every chance to walk away from it.

    2) He wanted the entire drama of it all to end, one way or another. When Shane finally lowers his weapon from being talked down by Rick, Rick stabs him in the gut and then finishes him off, screaming that Shane caused him to do this and it’s not his fault.

    Carl just happens to show up and see Rick kneeling over Shane’s body, but didn’t witness the slaying itself. He raises his gun and aims, apparently, at Rick. Rick gently reassures him that it’s not what it looks like and he did what he had to do, while Shane reanimates behind him. Carl takes the shot, having changed his aim to Shane, nailing him right in the head.

    At this point, noone but Rick was actually witness to the slaying, so it’s possible that many members of the group believe that Rick just murdered his ass, rather than have any justification. Even so, in the back of his mind, as he’s admitted to Lori, Rick KNOWS that there was still a chance he didn’t -have- to kill Shane.

  28. Ben says:

    There not her “pets” they are here bestfreind and boyfriend. They used to attack her! But they get used to her being around. An it reduces the chance of encounter with other zombies

  29. Bulabeck says:

    Best post of all! I’ll be doing the same

  30. ana says:

    I like the fact that they separate the show in half because after season 1 i didn’t like that i had to wait a whole year to watch it this way i get a little bit at the end of the year than a little bit at the beginning of the year.

  31. Brigitte says:

    Two things I don’t understand: Why was Lauri mad a Rick about Carl shooting Shane? If she would keep an eye on him, than he woudn’t be wandring around by himself so much. And 2, what difference does it make if the disease is airborn? Isn’t that all the more reason to fight to stay alive. It isn’t going to change anything, so why was Carol so mad? I really liked her for awhile but this episode definitely didn’t show her better side.

  32. matt says:

    Breaking up the season sucks. each season should be more that 16 episodes and not broken up.

  33. John says:

    I thought there were too many it didn’t have to happen that way scenes. Like when Jimmy pulled up with the RV, Did he really have to open the door to the RV???? After Rick and Carl were on top couldn’t he have just hit the gas?? He could have been killed off in a better way is all I am saying!

    • echo says:

      that’s what im thinking jimmy is the dumbest wanna be survivor ever.good thing he died because of him being stupid.

  34. Josh says:

    Danai Gurira is playing Michonne.
    Murl comes back which plays a part in the sotry for Daryl.
    Nothing on Morgan and his son.

  35. spikesgrl says:

    Random question here but, if everyone is infected, why didn’t the two guys killed in the bar “turn” while Rick, Hershel and Glen were still in the bar? They were there longer than it took Shane to “turn”.

    • Sara says:

      Because Rick shot them in the head.

      • spikesgrl says:

        That’s what I thought and I voiced it to a friend but she said we didn’t see where they were shot. I haven’t had a chance to go back and re-watch that episode to I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

    • izzy says:

      Not only were they shot in the head, but at the cdc the guy explained that they all come back at different times. The shortest having been 3 mins and the longest 8 hours that he had witnessed.

  36. jd says:

    i agree, shane tried to kill rick twice, and lori egged him on to do it

  37. Susi says:

    I’m a 50+ woman, never read comic books and don’t know where the story lines are headed. I don’t want to know. I love the element of surprise. I’m a big fan of the horror genre and one day I saw Season 1 at my library and decided to give it a shot. I was hooked! This is like a kid’s dream come true! After a zombie flick is over, you wish it could go on and on and on…but of course it doesn’t. I don’t care if I only see two zombies in an episode, it’s the stories that hold my interest. I already bought the first season, sat through a day long marathon to catch up on season 2, can’t wait to buy it and am so excited for season 3 to begin! Awesome job!!

  38. rebekah says:

    Omg this season I’ve loved. I’ve never read the comics so its all surprising to me! Shame, was awesome! He was our most intense character, but he went after rick. Its survival of the fittest. So the group should be shocked but not mad. My major confusion is I heard in the comic..lori dies???? What r feelings on that??

  39. Common Sense says:

    Lets be real. No matter how much the producers try to spin it, Jimmy & Patricia were the equivalent of the barely seen Star Trek characters who suddenly appear on the Captain’s “away team” – you know they’re gonna die; it’s okay though because the deaths were nicely executed.

    And as far as the prison goes, it’d be more dramatic to follow the group for an entire season on the road rather than get to the prison immediately, but those geniuses at AMC want to cut the production budget by nearly half which means shooting cheaply on a sound stage — which an interior prison set allows. Say goodbye to an expansive budget a Duramont’s cinematic exterior’s. AMC is gonna ruin their own magic.

  40. psychoticsheep says:

    Michonne is a lady, danai gurira, and she’s gonna be amazing.

  41. CheriRae says:

    This is an awesome show. It just keeps getting better and better.

    On another note – is there any chance at all that Luck will be coming back? I love that series and am heartbroken that it’s been cancelled.

  42. mona says:

    what do you guys think should i read the comic book to see whats going to happen or just wait for season 3 to come out? im so anxious….

  43. Keri says:

    I was truely upset that Dale died. The group has now lost it’s moral compass, along with the opposite end of that spectrum; Shane. There was always someone to root for-good guy or bad guy, now there is just wandering hoards of the dead. Not just UNdead but the living also. Rick and entourage are a group of the alive but dead, trying to find that place in oneself where there is life, hope, light and peace. That’s why I believe there were parts of season 2 that were sometimes less than exciting…the group had thought they had found that place where life could be renewed, giving way to complacency letting things slide that in season 1 would not have been stood for. For instance, Shane being a nut ball. Shane killed Otis, everyone knew, but let it go. The last step in Shanes dementia, not being held accountable for his actions.
    Rick had every right to off Shane. Even without it being self defense
    Shane was a threat to the entire idea of renewing a sense of life, which Rick has sworn to uphold even before the apocalypse. Rick’s just trying to keep his head above the dark, swirling madness that enveloped Shane. Will he fall prey to it, or rise above it and become like Dale, a new moral compass for others to be guided by?


  44. cyndi says:

    the only thing bugging me about the whole zombie genre is that we’re getting so used the idea of them that what would happen if a thing like this occurs? imagine? ” oh look, they r filming a zombie movie here, they r coming closer, wow, looks so real, ok, im gonna take pic, ok dont move, stop moving, hey, dont, what the…ahhhhh”

  45. liz soriano says:

    I’m from Peru and i’m a super fan from the show. The second season was aweeeeeeeesomeeee! I’m going to miss Shane…he was soooo cute….:-(……and also Dale :'(….but anyway!

  46. Dawson b says:

    I don’t think carol will die in this season(3) but hershal will loose one of his daughters probaly it might not be magie t-dog might die in the prison Andrea and michoone will meet up with Rick and the others maby Carl will forgive Rick for killing Shane (in self defense)

  47. mimi says:


  48. Douglas Marshall says:

    O.M.G When is season 2 going to be able to appear on “NETFLIX” .

  49. pattid says:

    I realize they’re following a comic book series but am I the only one wondering why they don’t find a small island somewhere, kill off the few zombies that might be there, then set up housekeeping there? I can’t visualize a zombie driving a boat or building a raft, can anyone else? So it stands to reason that they’d probably be pretty safe there, right?

  50. ev says:

    WOW the finale was incredible!! A badass with 2 walkers on leashes??? holy crap!!!! LUV it Season 3 is gonna be epic.. Lori is all hormonal peeps, yeah I’m pissed at her but Shane was like family.. she better hope baby has antibodies to the virus, it prob does…cool.. I hope Carl doesn’t get all twisted.. he has seen too much and done too much for a kid, but it’s not fun n games in zombie apocolypse, is it??!!Just don’t kill Darryl or Glen or Rick..anyone else can go..well, Andrea is awesome she stays, lol