House Exclusive First Look: What the Heck is Going on in This Photo?!

House returns Monday (Fox, 8/7c) with an episode featuring Friday Night Lights‘ Michael B. Jordan as a blind man suffering from a mysterious illness and the return of Gregory’s mother, Blythe (Diane Baker), who’s facing a medical crisis of her own.

But as the following sneak peek confirms, those aren’t the hour’s only special guests.

House Season 8 Episode 14

That’s right, Fox’s soon-to-depart medical drama gets a visit from the Easter Bunny?! Sort of.

Without giving too much away, TVLine can reveal that the show is not getting an early jump on Easter. Nor is Princeton-Plainsboro throwing a springtime costume ball.

Oh, and we can also confirm that underneath the human-rabbit hybrid getup exists an actual House cast member — but which one? And what in cottontail is going on? Hop to the comments and start speculatin’ (and keep your traps shut, Canadian viewers)!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. alcohol says:

    mmm I saw this episode weeks ago..i’m sure

  2. Martina says:

    Hasn’t this episode already been shown? when Dr. Park ate the LSD laced Ice Cream, she saw either Taub or Chase I think in the bunny get up

  3. dawg says:

    Well, since this episode aired in Canada three weeks ago (and as a result, the internet), there’s probably going to be more fact-stating than speculating.

  4. Newo says:

    Can it be an exclusive if the episode aired in Canada weeks ago ?

  5. Katie says:

    This episode aired internationally except the US. Its Jesse Spencer (Chase) on one of Dr. Park’s (Charlyne Yi) visions from the drugs she had been taken. WE also see Peter Jacobson (Taub) in a fairy costume. ADORABLE.

  6. Babybop728 says:

    I’m assuming this is a hallucination that House’s mother has.

  7. Kunal says:

    I swear I’ve already seen this episode?

    Spoiler –

    isn’t this when Park takes the drugs? :S

  8. bella says:

    i don’t get it, hasn’t everyone seen this episode by now. is only online for the past 3weeks or so. anyway that’s Chase if i’m not mistaken… and the one who is hallucinating is Park…sigh

  9. MaggieM says:

    Since the episode was broadcasted in Canada I know who the actor is and what exactly is going on,but my lips are sealed and won’t say a thing

  10. Jordan says:

    Everyone already saw this episode. Old news.

  11. Erika says:

    Yeah this was already a new episode about 3 weeks ago..

  12. CD says:

    Looks like Taub.

  13. Notevenmediocre says:

    Meh, episode already seen and wideley panned. They took the last thing in House cannon everyone was waiting to see and totally screwed it up.

    • Jack says:

      THIS. What is wrong with David Shore?

      • Bel says:

        Have to agree – I saw this episode weeks ago and was so dissapointed. The whole thing with House’s mother was a complete letdown and we get the stupid Green Card Wife shoved in our faces again and some really lame stuff about a team member triping on LSD. Everything they are doing is rubbish this season. If you want to avoid further dissapointment just avoid the episode is my advice.

  14. Marek says:

    way to go Michael, you “Britta’d” the exclusive first look!

  15. MIA says:

    Jesse Spencer looks super hot even as a bunny ;)

  16. sjp says:

    I don’t know where you’re getting our info, but this episode already aired in the US…a couple weeks ago…It is going to be on tomorrow night, but it’s a repeat. Even IMDB says it aired in February…

    • Trunks2kawaii says:

      it didn’t air in the US yet because of the rain delay for the Daytona 500. Everything on FOX that night was bumped off. If you look on Wikipedia it says the original air date was 2/27 globally but 3/19 in the US

  17. Mick says:

    This episode did not air in the U.S. because the Daytona 500 was postponed due to rain from Sun afternoon to the Mon night when the episode was due to air.

  18. Romy says:

    I love it when episodes are first broadcast in Canada, like when Castle or Once Upon a Time are broadcast an hour earlier, but this episode of House – Love is Blind – was shown here in Canada on Feb 27th… That’s like three freaking weeks!

  19. freean says:

    it’s chase, he was the bunny.. if im not wrong taub was some kind of fairy… and park is the one hallucinating

  20. Sg.Grant says:

    Cue a comment from Jules about “HLaurie” and “[H]ouse” that is filled with excessive love. Ohh and Fox hate.

  21. TrulyRoxie says:

    Thank you to everyone that spoiled the episode for the rest of us.

  22. Jules says:

    That’s what happens when someone put LSD in yr ice cream….after yr having a mega funny hallucinations…point of view of Park…
    Of course, Park’s trip is not as powerful and ingenious than House in season 5
    In Canada we saw it 3 week ago..but I’m gonna rewatching it just seeing Billy Connolly again..

  23. HG says:

    LOL! Now this is the time to bet on what the ratings are going to be…

  24. Jules says:

    @ Sg. Grant
    Seriously, whats yr problem?
    I love the series like everyone else..
    But unless passing stupid comments on my expenses..
    It will be preferable y pass yrs, on the subject of the article instead…
    But take care anyway..and enjoy the episode tomorrow..and the last 8 episodes remaining after… ;)

  25. Jack says:

    The episode was available on Amazon to US viewers too. Big deal, Chase was seen for a fraction of a moment as a rabbit during Park’s LSD trip… in a surprisingly lackluster episode. I wouldn’t have said anything except I don’t like tweets that drag me out to read articles under false pretenses. All I can figure is hit counts must help pay TVLine’s rent. Shame on you Ausiello. You owe us a real House scoop.

  26. Mojave says:

    Wait seriously… I saw this in the US a few weeks ago… If this is seriously the episode their airing as “new” tomorrow, that’s kind of annoying.

  27. I haven’t watched this show in a while, so I thought that the question was going to be why the crew was sitting on folding chairs at a card table instead of at the regular table, haha.

  28. GF says:

    Yes way too go on totally spoilling an episode that was shown in Canada and the rest of the world before the US. Because of stupid NASCAR. Yes way to go FOX. Everybody who loves this show has already seen the episode in using the different media outputs these days. That makes ratings so much a joke does it not.

  29. Linda says:

    To anyone who hasn`t seen the episode yet. I can only say don`t let you spoil the fun by the bitter LEfans who have nothing better to do than spreading their venom against the show on every occasion. It was a pretty good episode with a quite surprising end. I enjoyed it.
    For anyone who cares about that the Patient story mirrors strongly the House/Cuddy relationship. So watch out! ;)

  30. shiremaid says:

    Saw this epi on Global TV on Feb 27, The bunny is Chase. Ho hum.

    • lol says:

      Oh and another troll who can`t read an article from the beginning to the end. *facepalm* What do you think Mike means with: keep your traps shut, Canadian viewers !

  31. robinepowell says:

    Global aired this episode three weeks ago and will air it again tonight. Fox started airing it but yanked at the first commerical for NASCAR. The idiots messed up their schedule.

    I missed it and it was not available online either. Global took it off their website, because they realized it hadn’t aired in the States yet.

  32. Hope 4 it says:

    I hope that people will still watch this ep on TV despite the fact it has already been shown.If I’d live in the U.S I know I’d watch.

  33. Dianne says:

    I live in the desert SW of the USA. We did not see this episode due to the Daytona 500 being rained out on the previoius 2 days.

  34. ebowers says:

    Well Dancing with the Stars it is…

  35. Deven says:

    As House is limping to its end, the writers must be the ones on LSD. There is no quality control on the script-writing and it’s really too bad. After the years this series put in, it deserves a much worthier send-off than it’s getting. There’s a lot to be said for leaving on a high. Too late.

  36. Tracy Murray says:

    Me too, but it ‘s actually a very good episode ( in my opinion ) except for the POTW’s story.

  37. janet says:

    It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Isabella McFarlin says:

    I am always bored by the POTW (recently).
    Liked the House family story, the acid trip and Bell and Blythe House Bell handling it, House’s trepidation with his mother. He seems fragile, and if he’s going to be sick in the weeks to come this is a good lead in to it. I wish he’d just have it out with his mother, but she is obviously very special to him.
    Like others, I was amused by House’s mom’s reaction to Domenika who is so peculiar and not what one hopes for for House. But I believe she does love him and this will probably figure in the end arc. I hope we see House’s mother and ?? Father again and find out more, but the writers are not paying much attention to continuity now, and we may not find out if Wilson lied to House. “People lie. Birthmarks don’t.”
    This show was for sale on Amazon.com and iTunes immediately after the stupid Nascar fiasco. No one realizes how important this show has been and is to all the fans.
    Why did House’s mother and his “father” never visit him in jail??? This makes NO sense.

  39. Isabella McFarlin says:

    It is possible to obtain this episode on iTunes if anyone still has not seen it!

  40. Patty says:

    No, you’re wrong. Everyone has not seen this episode because Fox just had to air the Daytona 500 instead. I’ve only seen previews.