Fringe First Look: Best Walter Promo Ever?

Need proof that Fringe scene-stealer John Noble has given birth to one of TV’s most delightfully unhinged mad scientists ever? Look no further than the following promo, featuring a collection of the best “Walterisms” from the show’s first four seasons.

Press PLAY below to watch the two-mimnute clip, which made its debut Sunday afternoon at Fringe‘s WonderCon panel, and then hit the comments with an answer to the question posed in the headline.

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  1. emy26 says:

    yep! i think this could be the best walter promo ever!

  2. Polly says:

    Best. Trailer. Ever. Period.

  3. Bob Genghis Khan says:

    BRILLIANT reel. FOX can’t cancel this. Vagenda! LOVE IT!

  4. BonesFringeFan says:

    Could Fringe be any more spectacular? Need some more Peter/Olivia scoop Michael!

  5. dessy says:

    Everything about fringe is AWESOME

  6. Taryn says:


  7. mizenkay says:

    Very good, but missing the CLASSIC Walter line:

    “We’re trying to plug a hole in the universe, what are YOU doing here?”

  8. anna says:

    “He fell right into her Vagenda!” “I’m sure agent Dunham knows what a penis looks like.” Walter is the best!

  9. Karen says:

    John Noble. Emmy. NOW!

  10. Sasha says:

    Yup, that was the best Walter video. Fringe is the best.

  11. AbbyJo says:

    If you end up breaking the universe, this time it’s on YOUR head! — I <3 Walter!

  12. Vanbrazil says:

    Noble deserves an EMMY, indeed! Walter is the best!

  13. Cathy says:

    Fringe is the best! They cannot cancel it. I adore Walter. John Noble is Emmy worthy! Kudos to the Fringe team!

  14. Ainav says:

    Ha! Walter really is the best. Vagenda! Classic.

  15. Aiina says:

    The writers are genius, Noble is amazing, the series is fantastic, I don´t understand the low ratings and I dont´t understand how Fox even think about cancel it.

  16. Jessica says:

    Why are you still posting flash videos? There’s absolutely no reason to in this day and age when there are myriad ways of delivering non-flash video. You do realize people on tablets and mobiles can’t see it, I hope. This is a relatively new site. You should know better.

    • Essam says:

      completely agree! I’m so aggravated by sites that actually still embed w/ flash in this day & age.

    • Danielle says:

      I don’t know what your talking about because I just tried it on my phone and it worked perfectly. You need to get better techs then.

      • Jessica says:

        I think you mean cheaper techs. While some android phone support flash video, all apple devices and quite a few android tablets don’t, and never will. Because flash is dead. Just host the damn things on YouTube or vimeo. it’s actually easier to do.

  17. Austin says:

    Love this show!!

  18. jennifer says:

    My fellow Fringe fans:can any of you even imagine anyone else playing Peter’s father? My lord-the amount of nuance in his performance/performances on Fringe is amazing!! As Walternet he is good,but,as good ole Walter Bishop-WOW!!! It is almost as if John Noble was born to play this role/roles. His acting would put many of today’s “actors” to shame. His acting would run circles around so many “actors” of today . Just one question/s: When the f#*k is this man going to be nominated & win a very well-deserved emmy award?!?! My fellow Fringe fans( & I know you’re out there) here’s looking forward to a well-deserved fifth season of one the best programs on television-In this or any universe. Thank you.

  19. Paula says:

    Totally. Best Walter Trailer/Fringe trailer ever!!

  20. barbara says:

    Walter’s great
    He’s not mad at all, but intelligent thinking outside the box and not limiting himself to the conventional, making him a very good scientist and thinker.
    Still, he’d need an editor for publication

  21. Matt says:

    Granted, selecting the best “Walterisms” is a difficult, challenging task for anyone. But why no “Strawberry flavored death”?!

  22. Olivia says:

    “Tell her to go…” Haha, my favourite one.

  23. Justin says:

    Yup, best Walter promo ever!

  24. panda says:

    That was great. :)

  25. Sally says:

    I will forever love that vagenda line.

  26. MikeH says:

    OMG, that was awesome…John Noble is brilliant as Walter!

  27. EE says:

    Walter is the best ever and so is the promo.

  28. Amanda says:

    Walter Bishop: one of the greatest TV characters ever to grace the screen.

  29. Kacsa says:

    “I just pissed myself… just a squirt.”
    “I’m sure Agent Dunham know what a PENIS looks like!”
    “…he fell right into her vagenda!”
    These are my favorites.
    Oh, but look, there are other unforgettable Walterisms, like the “Delicious, Straaaaaawberry Flavoured DEATH”, and the “…I just got an erection *while looking at a partially naked Olivia*” ones.
    These will forever live in my heart, no matter what happens to FRINGE.
    (Of course if someone removes pieces of my brain, then I will forget them, but ah, well.)

  30. Charlii says:

    OMG, He is the most nauseatingly wonderful & somehow disgusting man ever! I remember hearing him say ‘nipple’ once and that was just the first of many words that I don’t ever need to hear him say again. Best promo ever? Probably, but somehow, all those Walterisms at once makes me very nauseous and I think I may need to go see my friends Huey & Bert!

  31. DanM says:

    Yup! Great to see the inclusion of the Walter naked with the bear slippers suprising Olivia clip. That was hysterical when it originally aired. Olivia’s reaction was priceless! Love Walter!

  32. Michele says:

    Actually a quote on my Facebook page: Fine! If you end up breaking the universe, this time it’s on your head!
    ~Walter Bishop

  33. JoAnne says:

    With each line, I kept thinking, “That’s the best one…no wait, that’s the best one…”. LOVE LOVE LOVE Walter Bishop and love Fringe!

  34. Chief Oddball says:

    Walter’s the man, and this trailer is boss. I was just hoping they’d include his “Kirk out!” bit from “Making Angels”; that was so random it had me rolling.

  35. Rob Spendlove says:

    My favorite of all time was a Walter / Peter combo… Peter mentioned something about ghosts and Walter said “There are no such thing as ghosts.”
    Peter replies “That’s where you draw the line? Ghosts?”

    And if you don’t laugh at this one then you missed out. Walter: “…do you have any mints?”

  36. Babagranny says:

    How could anyone watch that and then not want to see the whole show???

  37. LostLurker says:

    Loved it – but they left out my favorite, spoken to Atrid: “Everybody poops, dear.”

  38. StevenD says:

    can’t believe Jersey Shore has already been renewed but Fringe is still on the bubble … just not right …

  39. 4xgurl says:

    Absolutely agree !! Walterisms all the way through !! Loved it !!

  40. omg I soooo love Walter!!!!! John Noble is simply superb!!!!! Damn those saucy Aussie’s…please Lord don’t ever let them off Walter… he is the heart and soul of this show..some of the things they have come out of his mouthare vagenda…too much I tell u!!!! <3.

  41. Andrew Cowen says:

    It’s a complete crime that John Noble has been denied an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his fantastic portrayal of Walter Bishop. All of this material in this promo is just a teaser of some of his fantastic work he’s done for “Fringe”, and the Academy should be ashamed for denying him what he rightfully deserves!

  42. winters says:

    This is the best character of any show <3 walter

  43. good video, thanks, and i agree too.

  44. stephen says:

    These are great – but I always get a charge to hear what new name he is going to give Astrid. Cracks me up!

  45. Hufflepuff65 says:

    Totally agree. Loved it!

  46. Rimona says:

    Freakin’ awesome!

  47. diana miller says:

    I’m so excited for Friday, i have a date night with Fringe!!!! hurry up Friday!!!

  48. Tallulah says:

    I was waiting for the car seats…”They warm your ass.”

  49. Lime says:

    Yes! Even though he’s having a serious breakdown at the moment, “strawberry-flavored death!” is one of my favorite Walter lines. I was totally waiting for it!

  50. Dan Silverstein says:

    The low ratings are unfortunately obvious.

    Fringe is a good show. It appeals to baby-boomers,gen-x, gen-y. When these guys see a show that they like and never want to miss an episode of, they Tivo or DVR it.

    Unfortunately this means it doesn’t get a full count in the ratings.
    The best most watched shows end up cancelled because people record them and fast forward the commercials.

  51. Diz says:

    Ummmm your comment “flash is dead” is rather silly. Youtube IS flash. Youtube just also tends to provide ways to see their raw video in other formats, for handheld devices that don’t support flash.

  52. Катя says:

    И я.. И я.. И я того же мнениЯ))

  53. Roger says:

    I had never seen Fringe until a couple weeks ago (i watch mostly news and sports) but had bought season won on Black Friday 2010 and frgot about it. Now I love it, but it doesn’t help the ratings at all if I just buy all the seasons and watch them comercial-free at my leisure. TV studios need to factor in all the secondary markets the same way movie studios do to determine the value of a franchise. Despite poor ratings I bet the people at the original Star Trek wish they had a few more seasons in their catalog.