Once Upon a Time Preview: Snow White Takes a Dark Turn - Can Prince Charming Save Her?

Once Upon a Time Ginnifer GoodwinGet ready to see a different side of Snow White.

On this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), the future princess is out to kill the Evil Queen, and she’s determined to get the job done to an unhealthy degree. But how did the mild-mannered, sweet heroine become a potential murderess?

Not surprisingly the mysterious Rumpelstiltskin is partly to blame. “I didn’t think about the repercussions of taking a potion that would erase the memory of love,” says Ginnifer Goodwin, referring to the concoction Rumple gave Snow to make her forget Prince Charming. “That it would effect you in very logical ways in all aspects of life.”

Turns out that mix Snow drank has made her a little unhinged. “She definitely walks a different road [in this episode],” continues Goodwin.

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With a damaged Snow out on a potentially regretful mission, Charming takes it upon himself to save her from herself and to keep her from ending the Queen’s life. But will he also manage to help his beloved reclaim her memories?

“That’s part of the episode – whether or not that will be addressed,” says Goodwin. Josh Dallas is a bit more reassuring about his alter ego’s efforts, telling TVLine, “He’s doing the best he can to get her to remember.”

“It’s an epic episode with lots of action, and the storytelling is super exciting,” he adds.

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Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, Kathryn’s disappearance will continue to cast a dark cloud over David and Mary Margaret’s lives. “That’s going to be their new obsession… unfortunately and miserably,” warns Goodwin. Like the potion that took Snow for a dark turn, Kathryn’s case is “going to change” the love birds.

“David and Mary Margaret have this unexplainable draw toward each other, these epic feelings. … But the nature of the curse is that they can’t have their happy ending,” adds Dallas. “I’m afraid the saga continues!”

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Watch Once Upon a Time‘s PaleyFest cast Q&A, hosted by TVLine’s Matt Mitovich:

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  1. Deb says:

    I cannot stress enough how much I adore this show! Every time you think you have something figured out, they throw a new twist into it that makes you yell “OMG!!!” I hope it’s around for a long time to come! =)

  2. Barb Tessier says:

    I remember as a kid wondering why Snow didn’t kick the queen’s butt as soon as it was discovered that she was the one who gave her the poisoned apple! I say let them fight it out! GO SNOW!

  3. fotreya says:

    BETS SHOW of the year.
    And Snow&Charming storyline is killing me¡¡¡ Fantastic Ginny and Josh

  4. Molli says:

    Are they going to address belle again? I wanna know why she’s in that hospital.

    • Percysowner says:

      The writers have said that it would be foolish to show her in Storybrooke and not bring her back, but have not actively confirmed her return or when it might happen.

  5. Rachel says:

    I guess it makes sense that Mary Margaret and David can’t be together in Storybrooke, but that actually makes me a little bit nervous…how long are they planning on dragging out this will they/won’t they? How many insane obstacles will come between them until they give up? Don’t get me wrong, Mary Margaret is one of my favorite characters on the show, but there are so many other people & stories that could use some time and development! I hope they don’t harp too much on this couple…

    • Elena says:

      I agree. If there’s one “problem” with this show then it’s this. I fell for Snow/Charming during the very first episode and loved MM/David too, but now it feels like especially the Storybrooke story is stalling already and I’m slowly losing some of my passion for this couple. And it’s just the first season. How do they plan to drag this out even longer?

      I hope OUAT will be around for many more seasons, but I really hope they don’t want to come up with more and more obstacles why Mary Margaret and David can’t be together until the end of the show. Many shows do that, but it always ends up killing my interest in the long run. Some will they/won’t they and angst is nice and important for good romantic storytelling, but once you get to the point where it’s just too much and feels like the writers keeping a couple apart for no good reason storywise there’s no turning back. I hope this doesn’t happen with this show.

      • JO says:

        Uh, you do remember the whole point of this curse was to keep all the good guys (Snow, Charming, Belle, Cinderella, etc.) from achieving a happy ending? It’s only normal that we won’t be seeing them holding hands and smooching in the near future, as this curse doesn’t look like it’ll be broken come Season’s end. I also hope Mary Margaret and David are able to slide all obstacles to the side and become a loving couple, but since they are the centered couple in this show, I want them to do something unbelievably beautiful to get to where they want to be.

        • Rachel says:

          I definitely understand that the curse means they can’t be together, and that the curse is THE central thing, I was just trying to say that too much focus on one couple (Snow/Charming), especially with such a rich supporting cast, can get a little tired. I hope they don’t harp on how much Mary Margaret & David can’t be together, because I got it, now let’s move on. That’s all :)

          • Blackbird says:


          • Catch625 says:

            THIS! The curse prevents them from getting their happy ending but they are still attracted to each other, we get it. They drove that point home repeatedly, now let’s try and move on to something else for a few episodes or so. There’s still so many characters I would like to know more about.

          • prish says:

            I assume the thing to do is to show the curse breaking apart, little by little, with obvious movements towards happy endings for everyone’s stories, with the queen struggling to keep everything apart. They lost me with the snow/charming drag, but they hooked me with the belle/gold as beast story. For that story, and the GUARANTEED (read my caps, disney) happy ending to that story, I’ll stick with it for the long haul.

  6. Linda says:

    This is some of the best writing on network television right now! I do agree that there are so many other characters so please don’t drag on too long since they can’t be happy anyway. Beautiful people are also on this show! The evil queen is such a beauty!

  7. Drakes says:

    I really enjoy this show, it’s one of the only shows my fiancé and I watch together.

    I really would like to see maybe mid season 2, ppl start to get their memories back then season 2 cliff hanger you find out hat is really going on behind mr. Golds plan which involves a bigger issue. An although they get their memories back they all stay in Storybrooke and also have to find a way back or decide if they even want to go back to their real world

    Dragging out the memory thing would be a little annoying and ruin it for me a bit

  8. bi says:

    Some comments here sadden me. Because many people simply forget that Snow / Charming and David / Mary are the main couple in this story. It is of course on them the most histories have to look into.
    It is because of them, especially Snow, that Evil Queen released the curse …Of course she moved and involved all the other characters who supported the couple…And also according to Rumpel interests, he wanted to carry out the curse too.
    But the whole story unfolds and focuses more on Snow / Charming, they are the ignition of the whole plot and their daughter Emma – prophesied savior – too.
    And people forget that this is also a TV-SHOW, not a movie. A movie has beginning, middle and end. In TV-shows the stories dont end so suddenly…TV-shows work that way…

  9. Mirabel says:

    I’m glad they’re giving Snow White more of an edge again. She needs it. I hope there’s more Queen and Snow White backstory and interaction this time. I could use a break from the Snow and Charming saga and I really, really want to know more about what happened between Regina and Snow.

    • xav says:

      That’s episode 1×18

    • Catch625 says:

      They said they’ll reveal the secret this season. Sadly I don’t think there will be much of Snow and the Queen together this week. It’s more about Charming and Snow White again and him trying to stop her, I think.

  10. JO! says:

    I love the show, and I can’t wait for Emma to start realizing there’s something up with this town and maybe Henry’s right about all these people being Fairy-tale Characters!
    I mean, before anything happens, the Queen has to find out this is the savior! And she’s probably gonna do the impossible to keep Emma from breaking her “Happy Ending.” I’m so excited for anything… Anything!

  11. TVDIVA says:

    I LUV this show and the music. It is so well written and acted. This is the only show I bought a season pass to on ITUNES. And I bought the soundtrack.

  12. Natalie says:

    At least this show has consistently has new episodes on! None of this one new show and then one month off.

  13. lala says:

    Hands down – amazing show. At first it seemed sketchy to me but as I finished my marathon I became impressed with the way the writers have handled. I can see that it has been thought out and planned right from the beginning and the formula and chemistry of the show has been superb, so kudos to them.


  14. Templar says:

    Just watched it and I have 3 things to say.
    1. Polaroids?
    2. “As real as I am.”
    3. Love the Princess Bride reference.

  15. GDV says:

    I watched this show’s pilot and a few episodes here and there but wasn’t really that impressed. But it keeps getting a lot of buzz so I made myself watch this episode in full. STILL can’t get into it. What am I missing? The acting seemed sub-par and the “mystery” side of the show (I’m assuming the characters will slowly start to realize who they are) also didn’t grab me.