TV's 21 Most Polarizing Characters: Do You Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

We see the way you talk about them, you know….

There are certain names — belonging to fictional TV characters, mind you — that when highlighted in a TVLine news item or feature story elicit, um, “strong” reactions from their show’s collective fan base.

You love ’em! Or… you hate ’em! (And mind you, hate is a strong word.)

So, here now, we pay tribute to the most polarizing, divisive, love-’em or hate-’em TV characters now inhabiting primetime. Take a look at our list, then sound off in Comments if you find these folks desirable, or despicable. Awesome, or loathsome. Also feel free to nominate any other fan base rousers!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kristen says:

    I’ve never cheered so loudly for a television show as I did when Debbie Pelt took out that shotgun and shot Tara in the head. And I am NOT a violent person. That’s how much I hate Tara. Worst character on tv.

  2. 4everchuck says:

    I hate Dan!!!!! he is my least favroite character on anyshow or movies I have ever watched!!! Just looking at him makes me want to vomit!I even hated him in the GG books! I dont like Dan and I dont like Blair!

  3. Carmen says:

    Any list that is about polarizing characters and includes Glee…but not Dave Karofsky is invalid. I say this as a Karofsky fan. You cannot bring him up without INTENSE debate on both sides of the fence. This is a character that attempted suicide and people STILL hate him and some go as far as to say they wished he’d succeeded. If THAT isn’t polarizing I don’t know what is.

  4. Julie says:

    From the shows I watch/watched
    Castiel: LOVE him and cannot wait to have him back on the show. He’s not my favorite character on the show, but he did add something with his presences (not the ones that lasted 10 seconds per episode) that the show’s been missing this season. The first two episodes this season were my favorite so far this year, and he was there.
    Ted: HIMYM used to be about the story of how Ted found the mother of his children. The problem with this show now is that it’s focused on Lily and Marshall’s suburb and baby life and Barney’s quest to finding a new chick to marry, while he was simply perfect with Robin (I think you should have put Robin on here instead of Ted IMHO)
    Blaine: Used to love him, but only when he sang with his old school. I don’t watch Glee anymore so it’s whatever for me, but the moment he changed school I knew that I would begin to stop loving this show.
    Tara: I hate the character. So much. For me she’s been the filler that the show never needed. I guess it’s understandable that Sookie would need a human friend, but they fight, ignore each other so often I don’t get they always make up at the end of every season. She should be turned into a vamp or just get killed so that we’d never hear from her again.
    Robert California : Ive stopped watching The Office when Steve left. That is all.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Honestly,the only guys i care about in Gossip Girl are Chuck and Nate,i was really numb about Dan(that is until i saw him wanting to become what he hated most,hint:insider,then i kinda started to hate him). It’s kinda hart noticing anyone around Chuck tbh so i don’t waste time with Dan:)

  6. Connie says:

    I don’t watch much tv, but I think I’m one of the few people who love Pierce. Love you grandpa!
    And Dan is a character I HATE, have hated him since late season one. He’s the type of character that does bad things and gets away with it. Has such an easy life, you never see him struggle and always get things without fighting for them.

  7. Tiff says:

    I agree most about Dan Humphrey. He was the outsider that we the audience should most relate to, our eyes and ears into the UES if you will. In season 1 and most of 2 I found him easy to relate to. Sure, his judge-y comments got on my nerves but w/e. BUT NOW, now he’s just an ass imo. He whines non stop and why? He’s a young, published author for God’s sake… be thankful. He’s so hard for me to like, I don’t root for him anymore. His late season 4 treatment of Vanessa was unnecessary and now in season 5 it’s Serena, the one girl that moved heaven and earth for him in season 1. IDK, I hope they can fix him so I can at least tolerate him again.

  8. Tyler says:

    I hate Castiel. He represents everything that is ruining Supernatural. The emotionless misfit trope in genre television is so freaking tired and Nimoy did it better than the rest. There is no longer any peril involved in any of the cases the boys go on because lets just have our pet angel fix everything. That is the only purpose he serves except for the ridiculous homoerotic innuendo fanservicing the writers spew at every available second. The angel storyline is redundant and drawn out. Why not just bring back all those pyschic kids since the writers can’t seem to come up with an original idea? Oh that’s right because Aldis Hodge actually managed to land a job outside of Supernatural. Let’s bring back John Winchester since the fans have been begging for that for years. Oh no, JDM can actually get work, too. Just give the worthless angel his own show so he’ll stop ruining the one that is supposed to be about TWO BROTHERS, SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS, THE FAMILY BUSINESS.

  9. Maria says:

    Doesn’t a character have to be interesting to qualify as polarizing? No one will even remember Dan Humphrey in two years (in fact, I doubt most of the people reading this article have even heard of him). He’s only polarizing in that the people who write the show are in love with him and the audience, by and large, is not.

    • OMG says:

      Hadn’t seen it that way, a few like him and a few despise him but the audience in general don’t think of him.

  10. sarah says:

    I dont think Ted (HIMYM), Dan (GG) or Blaine (Glee) could be on this list. I love all 3 of them!!! They are amazing. I dont know any of the rest of them besides Owen. I dont think he is polarizing either. I just dont really care about him all that much either way

  11. Tom says:

    Blaine Anderson and Dan Humphrey are two of my favorite characters on television. They are mostly polarizing in the sense that hardcore Kurtsies don’t find Blaine worthy of St. Kurt and are very vocal about it, whereas those who hate Dan usually ship Chair and are annoyed that he gets so much screen-time with Blair. Neither of the characters are particularly unlikable – at least not more so than other characters – but they become the subject of the wrath from people who ship other characters. These characters aren’t nearly as polarizing with the general audience.

    • Dan says:

      Utter truth, especially about the Kurtsies hating Blaine because he isn’t worthy of st. Kurt in their eyes. Two of the largest Chris Colfer fan forums are more about hating Blaine than they are about loving Kurt. It’s hilarious.

      • Kaley says:

        Two of the largest Chris Colfer fan forums were launched initially, because their members were bullied away from other Glee-related communities by rabid Darren and Blaine stans (since you resort to that particular derogatory nickname, I assume you might be one of them). What goes around, comes around: You can’t exactly blame people for ranting elsewhere after you mobbed them away and insulted their favorite.

        • finnick says:

          lol “bullied away”.

        • PF is in the house! says:

          Hahaha “bullied away”

          That’s what happened.

          Mods: Guys, uh, can you stop hating on Darren/Blaine?

          (some) Kurtsies: Fine! Screw you! We’ll go make a special place JUST SO we can hate on him there! Wait who is Kurt again?

          • Cheesus Krisp says:

            Haha, that‘s rich, coming from a Blaine/Darren fan. I suppose, like the character Blaine himself, you tend to graciously gloss over your own considerable faults, while you love to seek out the flaws of others, so you can get all defensive and prop yourselves and your object of worship up by trying to tear others down. Now it‘s the Kurtsies – as soon as Blarren‘s paired up with someone else on the show (or wherever) it will be another pitiful fanbase that has to bear with his obnoxious stans. I honestly feel sorry for every future colleague of Darren and their respective fans. They‘ll have to put up with a lot. Like getting utterly misguided hate tweets when their characters say something rude to Darren‘s character on screen (like Cory), or when they can‘t be bothered watching him being some holiday stand-in on Broadway in their spare free time (like Kevin). Really, when it‘s about fan behavior going way overboard, Blaine/Darren fans are a textbook example and really not in a position to complain about others.

          • sigh says:

            I think the nutjobs of which you speak live in the fetid maze beneath the sewers of every existing subfandom to date.

      • Seamus says:

        And still you are lurking there… and probably getting bitter because you can‘t report them anymore and get their posts deleted on their own forums. Seems like your efforts to silence other opinions went down like a lead balloon. Have you ever thought about the fact, that Darren‘s critics wouldn‘t be half as harsh or numerous, if you wouldn‘t constantly try to muzzle them while you yourself obnoxiously spread your opinion all over the internet? You practically beg others to troll you and then you complain how mean they are.
        Just get used to it! You‘ll come across a lot of negative criticism when you follow an artist‘s career. Not just from other people‘s fans on the internet. By behaving like spiteful little brats you don‘t do yourself nor Darren any favours.

    • IAWTC says:


      Though I’d add that Kurt himself is a polarizing character. And some Blaine stans hate on Kurt unfairly, too (though not as much, I don’t think). This is coming from someone who stans both characters like a boss :)

      • Emily says:

        I have to say I’ve seen a lot of Blaine stans saying Kurt’s not a good enough boyfriend or criticizing his voice and every single thing he does. I want to ship Klaine, but that really turns me off the fandom.

        • person you replied to says:

          Don’t let other people in fandom determine what you ship. All that should matter is what you see in canon. If you like Kurt and Blaine’s dynamic and think they make each other happy and you like the couple, ship it. Don’t let fandom wars decide for you.

          (for the record, the same criticisms are leveled at Blaine all the time, also that he’s abusive and manipulative and that he has destroyed Kurt’s soul, so maybe let that balance out and all you’re left with is two good people who love each other!)

        • Like I Said Before says:

          Blarren stans don’t like developed characters and good actors. Thats why theyre Blarren stans.

    • kiba says:

      “hardcore Kurtsies don’t find Blaine worthy of St. Kurt” That is not a problem for me. (and people should decide already if Kurt is a St. Kurt, a manipulative Kurt or a human being) For me it’s not about if Blaine is worthy of Kurt, it’s how Blaine has affected Kurt’s personality and story lines. This is mainly the writers fault, when ever the writers pair up a couple, all the couple’s story lines become one storyline..And this was a problem for Klaine. I have actually just recently grown to like Klaine, and that is because the writers have added some breathing space between them, with throwing Sebastian and Dave in to the mix. And now that Blaine is going to get the needed character development through his brother, there is actually hope for this couple.

    • James says:

      I think the Blaine hate is worse on ONTD_Glee than anywhere else.

    • Maya says:

      Right, an immature nickname like ‘St. Kurt’ is valid but anyone disliking Blaine is not. Of course.

      • anon says:

        I dislike the term being applied to canon Kurt, but I do think some people in FANON put Kurt on a pedestal, claiming he’s perfect and can do no wrong and Blaine is not “worthy” of him. So I think when it comes to fanon “St. Kurt” is a valid criticism of some people’s worship of Kurt (which, really, they obviously don’t know the character very well, since he’s far from perfect in canon in the best way). I do try to avoid the term, because of its association with dissing canon!Kurt.

    • mike says:

      Kurt deserves better. He should go to NY and fulfill his dreams. End of story.

  12. SarahR says:

    Alex is the one everyone hates on Happy Endings? WOW I can’t STAND Penny! I hate that actress’ voice, the way that character whines about everything and the way she never finishes a word! I would take Alex being stupid over Penny any day!

  13. Teri says:

    i love castiel. i’ve missed him so much. don’t know how anyone can hate him.

    i hate tara. i do…i loved her the first season of tb but my liking of her has gone to not being able to watch her.

    i don’t really like ted. he’s the only character on how i met your mother i don’t like.

    sotton from the lying game is a terrible person there is no getting around it. i still like her though. she’s one of the many antagonists to the show.

    betty from mad men is just a b*tch. can’t stand her.

    i like jess from new girl.

    jenna on 30 rock is nuts, always has been & that’s just fun to watch. i find that some moods i can watch/tolerate her antics better then others.

    as for the others i can’t comment on because i don’t watch the shows.

  14. Angel Pie says:

    Castiel is a drag on the writing for SPN. He’s only there to fanservice a very disloyal fanbase to the show anyway, which makes him a stupid waste of time when we could be seeing real action and real drama. Instead, we’re getting a lying, mass murdering, torturer, and monster who nearly killed Sam just for kicks, a free white wash fake redemption arc. This writing around the character is pure fake barf of the worst order. Also, all Sam and Dean get to do with angels around is stand around and gawk at them. Again, bad writing for the lead characters makes the writing for the show stupid, dumbed down, bad drama and lousy action. So much of this centers around angel idiocy about their daddy issues and what not.

    The writers made the same mistakes with angels that sci fi writers make with aliens, they start puking all over the human characters, belittling them and side lining them, for side characters they get to invent crap for. I’ve seen this before and no matter how good the show is (BSG, I’m looking at you), it’s always painful to watch.

    Now, my comment is negative here, but I was okay with Castiel in seasons 5 and 6 mostly. But they gave Castiel a Big Bad Villain arc for season 6, and they didn’t have the balls to finish it out properly and for real. Now, it’s just more bad, pointless drama. It’s so obvious that Castiel is being given an easy out reward type of redemption arc for nearly destroying the world with his arrogance and pride, his casual cruelty, and his massive betrayal of Sam and Dean. No single character has brought as much damage and pain down on Sam and Dean except the YED. And Dean is so going to bend over and lick his ass for it. And betray his own brother in the process. As far as I’m concerned, Castiel is nothing but a rapist now.

  15. Megan says:

    Not sure if we’re also talking about “characters past” here, but if so, I’d nominate Jeffster from Chuck and Tyler from Revenge. I HATED Tyler and am so glad he’s gone, but I have a few friends who loved him…even if it was the fact that they loved to hate him. I hated him and I did NOT love him for that. I also don’t get the love for Jeffster or any of the other Buy More characters from Chuck…I know it’s over, but that was always one of the fan obsessions that I just didn’t understand. I had to fast-forward through most of the Buy More scenes and even Morgan took a while to grow on me…and I know other people feel the same way from some comments I’ve read on various articles here and elsewhere!

  16. Trixie says:

    Cas was terrible. Bad writing, bad acting, bad everything. And then his storyline ended in a natural place, but the writers keep forcing him in because his fans are too obsessed with him to see that he has no place on SPN anymore. It’s really sad when fans are so over invested that they can’t see that Cas’s time should be over. And that the writers are willing to ruin their own show to accommodate a bunch of screechy teenagers.

    • Kate says:

      It’s really sad when fans are so over invested that they can’t see that Cas’s time should be over.
      I think it’s even sadder when a bunch of haters show up and start trashing the character and the actor. He’s coming back: you’ve lost that particular fight. But you go ahead and suck the fun out of it for those of us who don’t hate on any of them and just want to enjoy all the characters we love.

      • Elle says:

        So, it’s okay for some fans to love a character but other fans can hate the same one? Only your point is correct? Yeah, I don’t think so.

      • Molly says:

        Too right! It’s funny how they accuse Cas fans of being obsessive when they say they like Cas but the fact they all hate him so much isn’t obsessive at all, lol! But the ESGs were never the sharpest tools in the shed.

  17. Liz B. says:

    I think the only character on here I have strong hate for is Sutton. Jenna and PIerce mainly just annoy me. Ted’s storyline is starting to get a little too drawn out, but I still like him. I like Blaine, Rick, Karen and Alex. Amanda Clarke…meh. I’ll be happy if her part in Revenge is over, but she mainly just annoyed me.

    Tara’s a different story. I’m not a fan of her, but I also think she was a victim of her storylines. She was always being abducted or controlled or something. I don’t think it’ll be much of a loss if the death sticks. There are plenty of other characters on the show.

  18. Tanya says:

    I dont even think Dan is THAT polarising, you have to be interesting to be polarising. lets be honest the only time Dan love or hate comes up is in regards to Dair…..had he never been paired off with Blair…..he NEVER would have been talked about. He does illicit strong reactions of his own singular merit. Which probably explains why we are watching DB right now. Dan was previously bland and annoying but not “hated” until the Dair thing exacberated people tolerance….and lets be honest he wasnt overally “loved or popular” AT ALL before this Dair thing. And really he has only become loved because he is seen as a better alternative to Chuck who some people DO hate (and others totally love) because he is an actual interesting enough character to be polarising.

    Honestly there is a stronger case for Chuck Jenny and Serena (maybe Blair, but not really) to be consider “polarising characters” because they do elicit strong reactions one way or another based on their own characters not based on love or hatred of other characters/ships.

    I would challenge any of these Dan haters or lovers to come up with reasons why they love or hate him that doesnt involve Blair and/or Chuck.

    • Tanya says:

      Its why I feel that this whole DairvsChair thing is just doing a disserivce to every one characters. Because Dan Blair and Chuck (although less so) have almsot stopped being there own characters and are merely plotpoints to service this whole triangle the show is currently running around. We have lost Dan as individual character with his own personality. His book story could have been about his journey as a writer and some growth for him- yet all its done is service “DAIR” themes. We have certainly lost Blair who hasnt done ANYTHING this season except mull over which guy she sees worthy to “choose” that not even dealing with the effects of her misscarriage was deemed important enough to show. Chuck has had a great personal growth and rehabilitation theme this season which has been pleasing to watch yet that in its essence all ties back to “CHAIR” and honestly in terms of momentum he hasnt really done anything except pine for Blair this season. The show and its characters are in holding pattern while this “Everyone loves Blair show” continues. And the ratings keep tumbling below a million…..

  19. David says:

    Cas -Who can hate him?
    Pierce – Its Chevy

    Deb – varies between seasons
    Chris – Rob Lowe is kinda funny

    Betty – I hate Betty so much that I try to ignore whenever she is not on screen with Don. She is the worst person on a show of bad people and Sally is more mature that this woman. She should have her kids taken away and just thrown off the show.

  20. Alison says:

    I’ve never been one to really hate tv characters but Castiel sure cured me of that. Yeah, I’m really sick of that dude.

    • Kate says:

      And the vast majority of SPN fandom is sick of people like you who show up at every article to spew your hate. He’s back, you lost, deal with it. Instead of trolling the character and insulting the actor.

      • Mekina says:

        What, so you can go on and on about how much you ADORE Castiel, but we aren’t allowed to say how we feel? That’s not right, not at all. We all have opinions, and we should be allowed to express them. Here’s mine: I HATE CASTIEL. I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN.

      • Alison says:

        Um. you really need to chill out. I don’t like him and this is an article about character that people either hate or love. I haven’t insulted any actor and if people who like him are allowed to say so on this post, so are the people who don’t like him. Now please get lost, you overinested freak.

        • Molly says:

          Ah, well then I guess I’m allowed to say what a useless actor Jared is? It’s like watching a plank of wood pull stupid faces. No wonder he disappears into the background when Jensen and Misha are on. He’s just not very good.

          • Mekina says:

            Is there really a need to go after the actors? I think Jared is an awesome actor. As much as I hate Castiel, I’ve never insulted Misha because I have nothing against him. Hate on the fictional characters all you want, but I think you should leave the actors alone.

      • BabyMe says:

        @Kate you really need to get a life. It’s not about losing or winning, it’s about liking or disliking a character.
        YOu don’t have to freak out and attack everyone who doesn’t like him. It’s a free country. Deal with the fact that there people who don’t like Castiel or simply don’t care about the character.

  21. Kat says:

    I LOVE Ted from Himym! If there’s anyone from Himym that seems to have more haters in the fan base, its Lily.

    • Robin says:

      AGREED! I’ve always felt like an island of one with all my Lily hate. And it’s not that I particularly hate her, she is just such a nag! Who died and made her perfect? I will never understand why she is beloved and Ted is hated.

  22. Sean D says:

    People don’t love Jenna Maroney? SHOCKED! I get bored with Pete and the writers from time to time, but Jenna?!?!! Love Jenna.

    But yeah, pretty comprehensive list. I kind of wish we could vote on each one to get a feel for how TV Line readers feel about each one.
    Personally, I love Mad Men and I love Betty, though I’m familiar with the haters. I love Parks and Rec but yes I do hate Chris, so much more of a simplistic archetype than the others and he just takes time away from so many lovely characters.

  23. S says:

    Dan/Blair got popular enough to mess with Chuck/Blair the supposed OTP of gg. The only reason the writers had the balls to do that is because of all the fans that wanted Dair. I wouldn’t call Dan being one half of the most buzzed about and popular romances on the show not being cared about.

    • Olivia says:

      Lol this. Dair is the only thing GG has going for it at the moment and Dan is the most interesting and rootable character on the show right now.

      And hey Chuckistan, if you didn’t whine about Dan on every GG post then he wouldn’t even be on this list, so thanks for making everyone talk about him.

  24. Sarah says:

    Love Blaine Anderson!! Best thing to happen to Glee & can’t wait to see what is coming up for him storyline wise. He doesn’t get to say much that matters if he does it gets cut out. Blaine left Dalton where he was popular to be w/Kurt. It’s hard to find your place when it has always been at the top. For what little screen time he has I think Darren has done a good job with Blaine. The writing has lacked but when you have such a big cast it’s hard to fit everyone in. Klaine has such a following that fans are ticked off if they are not featured…It is not the Klaine show afterall. (Although, I’d watch it) What about Mark Salling and Puck..He is cute and can sing and no one seemed to care that Beth was his too..We could go on all day…But I think Blaine is a great addition and He sure does sell songs. I know cuz I buy them!!

  25. Taylor says:

    Love Castiel. Really like Dan, Blaine, and Jess.

    I really like Ted when he’s being a good friend and/or a sweet romantic/dreamer lead. For a while it was like the show forgot that he was supposed to be the guy who genuinely wanted to get married and settle down happily, who admitted he was bored with dating and wanted to find the right one.

  26. Wes says:

    I love Castiel, definitely one of my favorite fictional characters of all time!

  27. Lesly says:

    I love Blaine (: The joy he’s brought to Kurt’s life and there love is amazing and inspirational. Hes my favorite Character on TV no doubts about it!

  28. Linderella says:

    I’m not quite sure why Karen from Smash is on there – Michael has my vote. As for Owen from Private Practice – only if you include Christina Yang and say it’s the most polarizing couple on TV.

  29. Tera says:

    I don’t know if Karen is polarizing so much as Katherine McPhee is polarizing. She’s been someone people either loved or hated since she did Idol. I remember when promos were running and they did that “introducing Katherine McPhee” line and I winced because obviously whoever was marketing Smash didn’t know that highlighting her was a great way to alienate a substantial amount of the potential audience. I keep trying to get my friends to watch but they are all like “I hate Katherine McPhee”. LOL I don’t think it’s Karen that’s the problem here TVLINE :D

  30. Rachel says:

    HIMYM is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I have always really liked Ted. If there was no Ted then there would be no story since Ted is the “I” in the show’s title.

    I like all the actors on Glee, but most of their characters are very unlikeable. Blaine, Sam, and Mike are the only characters on this show who haven’t irritated me at one point so I think Blaine is fine.

    I really enjoy Supernatural and have watched it from the very beginning. I have liked Castiel ever since he was first introduced. I’m thrilled he is returning to the show. I have greatly missed him.

  31. anon says:

    Hey TV Line! Just because a loud, loud minority hates on a character because of (take your pick) shipper wank/jealousy/effemiphobia/not understanding how TV works does not mean that that character is polarizing.

    Take Blaine for instance. He has his haters, but they are actually a very small few, even within fandom alone. Most of fandom likes Blaine and likes Klaine. And then there’s the GA and the media. The GA likes Blaine (very popular character) and the media falls over themselves for everything and anything Blaine/Kurt/Klaine and Darren Criss and Chris Colfer related. AfterElton readers recently voted Blaine (and Kurt) their #1 fave character (and #2) – and unlike other sites, you couldn’t spam their polls. Doesn’t sound very polarizing to me :)!

    • Julia says:

      “You are new, aren’t you? People like blood sausage too, people are morons!” Phil Connors, Groundhog Day

      Just because a majority likes something or someone doesn’t mean it’s quality. The many Twilight and Bieber fans are living proof of above quote. As are Blaine fans. I can understand why someone can be a Darren fan – he’s certainly charming – but Blaine? The character doesn’t have any kind of personality, he’s incredibly bland and Darren isn’t a good enough actor to make him even remotely interesting. He’s just really cute and adorable and sings a lot of pop songs and therefore he’s perfect for basic mainstream taste. That’s all, there’s no actual value in what majorities like. Sometimes they like things for the right reasons, but far more often they like things for very shallow reasons.

      • anon says:

        The article isn’t about whether the characters are quality; it’s about whether or not they’re polarizing. Blaine is not polarizing since he is generally well liked as opposed to a love-or-hate character.

        Reading comprehension!

        Your opinion on Blaine is subjective; I happen to find him interesting and flawed. All my faves are. Kurt, Santana, Rachel, Puck, Blaine.

    • tamops says:

      LOL, stay delusional. A lot of people can’t stand him and not even all of them know him from Glee.

    • mike says:

      AfterElton has no taste and is full of 13 year old girls. So lol @ you.

    • Sara says:

      Hi, myfeetlitup!

  32. goosey says:

    I’m on the hate side of Castiel. He’s well and truly outstayed his welcome on the show. He serves no function in the story so they either have to drop him or bend the story beyond any recognizable shape to fit him in. I really hope they pick the former.

    They already mucked last season up trying to fit him in. This season they’ve gone even further, downplaying the effects of Sam’s hell to the equivalent of a flesh wound and inflating Dean’s feelings of loss to the point of making him look like a jilted girlfriend, all to make Castiel’s return and reintegration a little more acceptable.

    Well I’m tired of seeing characters I liked morphed beyond recognition and tired of the show catering to lovesick fangirls.

    • Mekina says:

      You’ve put it into words much better than I’ve ever been able to do… Castiel no longer has a place in the storyline, and he needs to go and stay gone. Bringing him back over and over seriously messes up the other characters and storyline, because everything has to be shoved aside and messed up to have a reason to bring him back.

    • Amy says:

      I keep trying to understand the mindset behind blaming Cas–and his fans, more so–for bad writing, but it’s just too stupid to wrap my head around. Kripke left, Gamble has less talent than the average fanfic author, and the show has steadily declined since Swan Song. One plus one equals two. Redirect your anger, brainiac.

  33. Daisy says:

    What I can’t believe is that Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock didn’t make the list. I find him far more polarizing than Jenna Maroney. I have pretty heated debates about that character with my friends because some LOVE him and he’s the reason they watch or they HATE him and that’s the reason that they find the show somewhat annoying. Personally I HATE the character and when Tracy Morgan was on medical leave, I found that I liked the show a lot better.

  34. Rhea says:

    Jared provides eye candy, being the youngest and most fit. Who cares about the inaccurate tit-for-tat insults from butthurt Misha fans? Every show needs their beefcake.

    Don’t take my comment seriously. Lighten up guys. Jensen and Jared’s looks is a bonus. Sam and Dean are genuinely great characters.

    • Alene says:

      I love Jared, but he isn’t attractive to me. On the other hand, Misha is extremely attractive to me. As is Jensen. This is a matter of opinion. And I think all of them are great characters. I like Cas better now, but Dean was my favorite for 5 seasons. And I love Sam as well. Not everyone hate on part of them, it’s possible to love them all. Btw, I’m not saying everyone have to love them all, people do what people wanna do.

  35. annabelle says:

    Sutton – The Lying Game
    Faux Amanda Clarke – Revenge

  36. Melissa says:

    Yawn, Blaine and Karen.
    Love Cas.
    Deb’s annoying but tolerable.
    Same w/ Tara.

  37. Sylvia says:

    Ruby from Supernatural is definitely a hate em.

  38. annabelle says:

    OOPS Hate ‘Em Both!!!

  39. denise says:

    speaking specifically to the topic of character polorization, i’d say that castiel fits that description. now before some of you get your panties in a twist, let me explain. when a character brings out near equal amounts of love and hate from a single fandom, that character can be considered ‘polorizing’. the character divides an entire fandom (like the spn fandom, for example), into two (or even three) distinct sides: those who love the character and those that hate the character (there can also be those who are neutral ). both sides take strong stands and bicker back and forth over the character, as the spn fandom does with castiel. so yes, castiel IS a polorizing character. personally, i still like the character but do think his part in the show has passed.

  40. Sunny says:

    I haven’t seen the newer episodes of HIMYM, but I don’t really see how anyone can hate Ted. He makes a lot of mistakes, but that’s because the story is centered around him, so he kind of has to be the most human… I agree that Blaine is a bland character and needs development, but he hasn’t done anything outrageous enough for anyone to hate him, imo. I personally like the character because Darren and Chris have good chemistry, so I find Kurt and Blaine’s relationship adorable. I also agree Darren Criss isn’t the best actor on the show, even though I am a fan… but I definitely think Blaine needs to stay with Kurt. Karen Cartwright on Smash bothers me too, because Ivy is seriously so much better that I’m not even sure why Karen was considered and still has moments where they consider her for the part of Marilyn. I think the actress is a slightly awkward dancer, and not very good at acting, so that contributes to it too.

    • florence says:

      I don’t really hate Ted, I just don’t care about him, never have and never will. The only reason I (and most people) watch this show is Barney Stinson.

  41. Maggie says:

    Castiel has way outstayed his usefulness on Supernatural. He adds nothing to the show anymore and seems to be shoehorned into the Sam and Dean brother dynamic. He was a great character that has hung around too long and now needs to go.

    • Melanie says:

      I disagree here for the simple fact that he IS the one who “tore down” Sam’s “wall” with a promise to fix it (at the end of S6). Obviously, his circumstances changed and he was unable to do that. It seems reasonable to assume that, at this point, he likely may well be the only one who can “fix” Sam now. Similarly, he inadvertently released the Leviathans, so it seems appropriate that he would be brought back to tie that storyline up.

      Personally, I love Cas (and Misha as well). He won’t be a regular, if he is to appear on S8. As long as his appearances are appropriate and not any more contrived than any other guest star’s recurring appearances, I’m glad to see him. I think bad writing ruined his character in some ways, just as I feel it has done some considerable harm to the overall show itself. I love the show and obviously, the brothers. But I love some “additional players” as well, like Cas and Bobby. I think they add to the show, even though, YES, I understand it is a show about 2 brothers. The thing is, it really can never go back to what it was in Season 1 because too much has happened in their journey to make that possible. I just wish people could like or dislike a character without it turning to useless insults. Ultimately, it is the fanbase as a whole who make the show a success and get them nominated for (and winners of!) awards and magazine covers and the like. We all love the show, even if we don’t agree on all of the characters to love or not.

  42. Anna says:

    Nobody loves Dan as an individual character. He’s boring when he’s alone and nobody cared or talked about him, people only claim to love him now because he’s with Blair. Pierce is awesome, Deb was awesome before the being in love with her sibling thing, Ted is really boring (it’s like he’s related to Dan or something), but the only character I honest to God hate in that list is Tara from True Blood… she’s is absolutely pointless and should have been killed off a long time ago.
    PS:How can anyone hate Jess? That’s like hating puppies, or world peace.

  43. Aki says:

    I hate Blaine for a multitude of reasons not least of which include the fact that songs and screen time better suited for other characters are constantly being wasted in his bland, basic self.

    • Ann says:

      You seem upset, Karofsky wife.

      Just because Blaine isn’t shoving people into lockers or stalking them or threatening to kill him because he hates himself doesn’t mean he’s bland or basic :)

      And he doesn’t get much screen time anyway.

      • Julia says:

        Dave haters have absolutely no memory of anything that happened after Furt of season 2, right? You really need to get with the program: Kurt and Dave are friends now and their relationship is far more meaningful and touching than anything Kurt could have with his teenage dream boyfriend. I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow but it’s canon. And that’s what you missed on Glee! :)

        • Ann says:

          I remember everything that happened after Furt; I just don’t buy it. Contrived, sloppy writing. Adler can’t play a woobie like he can play a terrifying sociopath. I don’t buy his redemption, I don’t appreciate what they did to Kurt’s character in OMW.

          Hahaha sure. Kurt and Blaine’s scenes are some of the best written and most subtle on the show. Beautifully acted, as well (let’s ignore the BIOTA fight…let’s just ignore BIOTA; that episode was horrible).

          Just because you identify with Karofsky, that doesn’t mean that all of us are touched by his scenes. They leave me cold.

          • me says:

            After OMW every single review of Glee mentioned how touching Karofsky’s story was, and how Max Adler’s portrayal was spot-on. When have you ever read that many *critics* (you know, the people who have such spot-on taste that they get paid to type up their opinions) cheer for Blaine or Darren Criss?

          • Ann says:

            Actually OMW was panned. Many critics thought the suicide plot was very poorly written and irresponsible.

            Many critics adore Blaine/Darren Criss and know he is a star. The media loves Darren in general.

      • Burt says:

        Cry more. The OP didn’t even mention his name. Stay delusional Klainer.

      • Tiana says:

        OMG I’m so proud of you for being able to use the internet and type this comment so coherently with your obviously crippling mental handicap!

      • odien says:

        is “karofsky wife” a real term, because jesus, I am so using that from now on.

      • Like I Said Before says:

        ^ Another prove that Blarren stans don’t like developed characters and good actors.

  44. kirads09 says:

    I don’t watch any of the featured shows/people.

    I would like to nominate CSI Sara Sidle (Jorga Fox).

    I personally can’t stand her. I don’t blame Grissom for staying
    in another part of the world away from her whiney-why-are-you-so-angry-all-the-time persona.

  45. Prinnie says:

    Nobody would love Blair with Dan so much if he was so boring. You don’t see fans clamoring for Blair/Louis or Blair/Nate do you? Stay pressed and in denial though. Dan is the hero and romantic lead of the show. Chuck is the fugly villain that needs to just kill himself and die. No1curr about him now thar Blair found real love with a man actually worthy of her heart.

  46. Leo says:

    It is not that I hate Blaine (Glee) the character, the problem is the fact that he gets to sing solos in all the episodes and gets way too much exposure on the show while some other cast members get lil’ to no atention at all.

    And Karen (Smash) is just so bland, Ivy stomps all over her.

    • Ann says:

      Blaine gets to sing a lot, but that’s all he gets. As a Blaine fan, I’d rather he get a story instead of another solo. But I’m happy to hear Kurt will be singing to him soon! And apparently we’ve got a Brittana duet and a Tina solo coming up too :D

      And honestly, Rachel, Santana, and Mercedes have all sung more than Blaine this season AND have all had story lines and focus (which Blaine hasn’t had since TFT).

      • Kate says:

        Rachel, Santana and Mercedes are all (played by) better singers and actresses.

        • elbow says:

          And they get plot.

          Blaine gets nothing. Even Sam and the Irish guy get to do more than him.

        • Ann says:

          Darren did beautifully in TFT. He needs more actual material so we can see the extent of his acting abilities.

          And Amber Riley is a goddess, but a phenom actress, she is not.

          • anon says:

            I agree so much–Darren did such a good job acting like a drunk jerk who doesn’t care about molesting his boyfriend except when he says no.

          • right? says:

            Sure… he got handsy with his boyfriend, the same boyfriend that was talking to him about how they should rip off each others clothes and have sex the previous night.

  47. Lilly says:

    I hate Castiel from Supernatural. I wish the actor could find other work so he’d be off my TV.

    • june says:

      I haven’t watched supernatural in like a year so I wouldn’t know if he suddenly became a terrible character, but I used to really like him. Regardless of that I would take Misha Collins in my TV any day of the week he’s awesome.

  48. Kathi says:

    My vote goes to Ashley Seaver on Criminal Minds. Thankfully, her character is no longer there. She was definitely polarizing. Fans either loved her or hated her… usually at the top of their lungs. I wonder what all the H/P shippers are going to do now now that Paget Brewster is leaving the show?

  49. Maria says:

    The only show I watch out of these is Supernatural. Castiel is the only character I know and I don’t like him. I hope he doesn’t return for season 8, or if he does, it’s only for a couple of episodes.

  50. Erika says:

    I love the chemistry between the actors who play Dean and Castiel. They are both amazingly talented. If I were a TV exec, the minute Supernatural was done, I’d create a show for those two actors.