TV's 21 Most Polarizing Characters: Do You Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

We see the way you talk about them, you know….

There are certain names — belonging to fictional TV characters, mind you — that when highlighted in a TVLine news item or feature story elicit, um, “strong” reactions from their show’s collective fan base.

You love ’em! Or… you hate ’em! (And mind you, hate is a strong word.)

So, here now, we pay tribute to the most polarizing, divisive, love-’em or hate-’em TV characters now inhabiting primetime. Take a look at our list, then sound off in Comments if you find these folks desirable, or despicable. Awesome, or loathsome. Also feel free to nominate any other fan base rousers!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    People only hate most of these characters because they get in the way of their preferred ships on the show (this is especially the case of Blaine from “Glee”, but applies to a lot of the others as well). Just shows how petty the shippers are, I suppose.

    • Jenn says:

      Wow. That is pretty insulting, generalizing, and marginalizing of huge parts of the fan bases of these shows. How, exactly, does Pierce interfere with a ship, for example? There are plenty of reasons not to like characters besides “oh, now I can’t pretend they’re sleeping together as much because I’ve seen them onscreen with other people”. I don’t ship Kurt with anyone, really, on the show – but I’d rather see him with Sue than be overexposed to Blaine like we have the last season and a half.

      • Jamie says:

        Overexposed? He missed two episodes this season and he hardly gets a storyline in any of the episodes except for The First Time. If you want overexposure, then point the finger at Rachel and Finn.

      • Sam says:

        Blaine is hardly overexposed compared to Rachel, Finn, and especially recently Santana (and I say this as someone that loves Santana and Rachel). He does sing a lot, but not nearly as much as Rachel or Santana, and he never gets his own plot lines.

        • Sam says:

          Blarren has the most solos out of anyone this season, and is the top singing male. Yes he has overall sang less than Santana and Rachel, but they are the top four singers along with Mercedes, and they are way ahead of everyone else. Get your facts straight.

          • finnick says:

            Songs =/= quality screentime. Most of us do not want to see jukebox Blaine… Which is all the writers seem to be giving us unfortunately.

          • finnick says:

            I wish even *one* of the writers, would concentrate on Blaine a little bit more. Like how Ryan writes for Kurt and Brad writes for Brittana and Kurt and Burt scenes.

    • Ann says:

      I think there’s something to this. I’ve noticed that Dan Humphrey (I have no feelings on him) and Blaine have this in common: Dan gets hate because he needs to die for Chair, and Blaine gets hate because Kurt loves him and not the butthurt shippers’ jock of choice.

    • Emma says:

      LOL, I only ship Artina on Glee and I hate Blaine anyways (and don’t really hate Mike).

    • Gina says:

      Get over yourself. I don’t ship Klaine, Kurtofsky, Seblaine, or whatever the heck you think all Blarren haters ship. I don’t give a crap about any of the guys for the most part, but Blarren, I want to punch in the face. He is the absolute worst thing to ever happen to this show.

  2. Hannah says:

    Ugh Dan is the worst. The GG writers’ desperate attempts to make him happen (at the expense of characters and dynamics that people really loved) have killed the show.

    Also I have to laugh at the fact that the very first pro-Dan comment had to take a pop at Chuck. As much as Dan fans claim to hate Chuck they talk about him CONSTANTLY. Maybe it’s time for them to come out of the closet and admit their love for TV’s hottest Basstard? Come on over to the Chuckistan side. We have martinis (and a sense of humour!)

    • ruby says:

      Dan has always been the protagonist of this show and Penn is a top-billed cast member. The writers did not “make him happen” out of nowhere, he was always there. Only Chuckistans would act like this is news lol.

      Btw I’ll come over if I ever want to be nearly raped or shoved around or pimped out for a hotel but until then, I’m good where I am, thanks.

    • you says:

      Why are you even commenting on an article that only mentions Dan, and not Chuck? Are you secretly in love with Dan?

  3. thefirstmrshummel says:

    I cannot stand Blaine, especially this season. Do not like the way he looks, acts and (except for WSS) sings. I would be the happiest gleek ever if I never had to see his character again.

  4. ang says:

    Dan is a wuss, and honestly as his character has grown I find myself not trusting him. I also hate how Blair (who was THE best written and acted character the first few seasons) went from a scheming,crazy,fun b*tch to a whiny Debbie Downer. The only thing this couple needs is a trip to the hair salon and a makeover at the nearest Chanel counter.

    • al says:

      The only thing that destroyed Blair was her complete inability to move past her obsession with Chuck. Their dialogue has become ridiculous & cringe-worthy, and I’m glad she’s finally getting something else to do – though if the writers succumb to the rabid Chair tween fanbase, she’ll come crawling back soon enough.

  5. sam says:

    Dan Humphrey is an amazing guy. Chuckistans are usually the only ones who think he’s a manipulative jerk – which is hilarious because it’s their beautiful woobie Chuck that sleeps with book agents and sabotages people’s careers over a kiss, not to mention sells his girlfriend for his hotel and smashes glass in her face.

    • LOL says:

      In a nut shell.

    • louise says:

      IKR? They live in bizarro world, thinking that the guy who pimped Blair for a hotel is amaaaazing and Dan, the guy who would rather her be with Chuck if it would make her happy than be with him is the ~bad guy. I literally cannot even process it.

      • Emily says:

        Maybe it’s because you are processing our thoughts incorrectly. It’s not that Chuck is amazing because he “pimped her out” or anything and that Dan is a horrible person, etc. It’s that everything we enjoyed about the show is gone and we’re just left with Dan-related things, which we don’t enjoy, simple as that.

        We could just stop watching, of course, but we’d really like to have a reason to watch.

        • al says:

          Chuck hasn’t left the show yet, neither has any other character. And if the only reason you watch GG is for Chuck & Blair, then yes, you probably should stop watching.

  6. Carrie #2 says:

    I’m surprised Ellis isn’t the nominated polarizing character from Smash. Then again, I’m not sure he’s liked by anyone!

  7. Katie says:

    I will never get how people in glee fandom can hate Blaine so vehemently, when Finn Hudson is a character on the same show.

    • Jenn says:

      I don’t hate Blaine, but I could certainly stand to see less of him. He’s a mediocre actor who always performs to the rafters, and always looks like he thinks he’s cooler than he actually is. They also have too many characters on that show, and his percentage of screen time is disproportionate. That said, I don’t particularly like Finn at all, so less Finn time is better.

    • Jamie says:

      I totally agree about Finn. He thinks that he can solve everyone’s problems and he ends up doing just that because the writers think that only a white male attractive popular jock can do that. How on earth would Finn understand more about what Santana went through than say Kurt or Blaine? And yet his song on I Kissed a Girl magically heals her when in fact it’s actually super offensive. siiiiiiiigh

    • Veronika says:

      101% agreed.
      Finn was extremely inconsiderate for outing Santana, not to mention he’s stupid. and not in the funny&cute Brittany type way, it’s just painful to watch. He’s a spoiled brat (he’s always immediately forgiven for stuff, and made out to be a “golden boy” or knight in shining armor”) that has the mental capacity of a peanut.

      • Monica says:

        That’s always been my issue with Finn. They have him do HORRIFIC things to people (hurling hate speech and slurs at Kurt come to mind) but he NEVER has any consequences for them. He gets to make a grand gesture and get’s instant redemption. He quits Glee for football (the ONLY Glock to do so mind you) then comes back to a hero’s welcome as if him choosing to uphold his word is somehow magical. He throws on a red shower curtain and defends Kurt and all is forgiven. He sings a song to Santana and it’s roses and sunshine. He’s NEVER made amends to Sam for stabbing him in the back. At some point they need to either stop having Finn do TERRIBLE things to people or have him suffer some real consequences like everyone else has had to (Santana being rejected by her grandmother, Puck spiraling and ending up in Juvie, Quinn’s rejection by her parents and on going estrangement from her father, Karofsky being bullied and attempting suicide, Terri losing Will, Sue losing the election, ect). Finn being Glee’s Teflon Don has turned me against him.

        • Ann says:

          Yep – the real problem with Finn isn’t that he’s a jerk (he is, but so are a lot of the characters), it’s that the writers don’t know that he’s a jerk.

          So he comes across as a condescending jackass who never has to answer for his misdeeds instead of what they intend: the well-meaning hero who understands the trials and struggles of POC, women, LGBT people, and people with disabilities.

          They need to stop using the straight white able-bodied dudes (Finn, Will, even Sam a little, now Rory) to speak for the experiences of minority characters because it’s stupid and makes them look like tools (of the patriarchy).

          • Reed says:

            ITA. I also think that’s why Schue favors Finn so heavily-he IS Finn.Finn I can cult slack b/c he’s still a kid and he’s still figuring himself out. William though, I can’t stand. He’s supposed to be a good guy but he’s awful and no one ever calls him out on it. He’s a teacher who planted weed in a kid’s locker to blackmail him into joining Glee, yet he stands in judgment of Sue like he’s so morally superior. The choir room is supposed to be the student’s “safe place” yet he allowed homophobic remarks to be made to Kurt, comments about her weight to be directed at Lauren, insults hurled at Rachel, remarks about his disability to be flung at Artie, Sam to be badgered so badly he broke down about his family living at the hotel, and for a “discussion” about religion to turn into a personal attack on a student who dared to have different views. All of this in his presence. He had an emotional affair with Emma, yet Terri was treated like the ONLY one who did anything wrong. He plays favorites in Glee to the point where there are MULTIPLE times of it blowing up in his face (Sue taking half the club, Kurt and Mercedes joining Cheerios, Emma calling him out, Santana, Britt and Mercedes joining Troubletones) yet he NEVER changes. Schue is just a terrible teacher presented as the greatest one since sliced bread. I HATE how all the kids act like he walks on water when he’s WORSE than all of them and doesn’t even have the excuse of being a kid who’s SUPPOSED to make mistakes.

        • anne says:

          He got scolded by Burt and got slapped by Santana. He mended fences with Sam by the end of the Rumors episode. He went with Rachel to Sam’s motel and gave him back his guitar. Look, I think Finn is one of the most flawed characters on Glee, but he does try to mend his actions. But I agree, they should stop having Finn do terrible things.

    • Tina says:

      People can dislike both?

    • mindy says:

      Maybe because Finn was here from the beginning, has consistent character development, isn’t getting solos every other episode, and doesn’t have a fanbase of psycho stans who think he is the most perfect and wonderful thing to ever happen to this show?

  8. Janet says:

    I’ve never understood how anyone could hate Castiel. I love him. So glad he’s coming back to SPN.

    I do get the Pierce hate, though. I would not mind it at all if he left the show.

  9. Alex says:

    Ted, Chris, Pierce – Love.
    Robert – Hate.

    Only wish you would have added Walter from Fringe! He’s probably the most interesting character on Tv right now.

    • Jessica Oliver says:

      Who in the world hates Walter? Of anyone on Fringe, I think Fauxlivia should have been on this list. I’m not one of them, but there are people out there that think she and Peter were a better couple.

  10. Jenn says:

    I nominate Ziva. If you’ve been on the NCIS boards, you know there’s a ton of fans who hate her, and a ton of fans who love her. She’s brought the show viewers and cost them viewers. I know CdP won your crush tournament, but enough people dislike that character (and there are plenty of battles online between the fans) that she should be up here on the list.

  11. Emily says:

    Used to hate Pierce, now love him.
    Have always loved Deb, and always will.

    LOVE Blaine.
    Used to be ok with Dan, now I hate him for ruining GG.

    Love Ted! I just wish we could get around to meeting the mother.

    I understand why people hate Betty Draper, but I find her fascinating.
    Jess is very cute, but she’s not my favorite part of the show.
    I honestly find Robert California hilarious.
    CHRIS TRAEGER! Who could possibly not love this man?!
    “Amanda Clarke” is annoying, yeah, but I don’t hate anyone on that show.
    I ain’t curr about Karen, but she’s the most boring part of a boring show.

    I hate everything about True Blood right now, but I really need Tara to go away.

  12. jaded says:

    Love Robert California, Blake is okay, Love Deb!!

  13. Veronika says:

    I love Blaine, and not just because I’m a huge fan of Darren.
    I understand why some people may not like him, he hasn’t had much character development yet, but with the episode “Big Brother” coming up, I’m confident we’ll get to know him more.
    Klaine is my all time fave ship.. and
    Blaine is like rainbows and sunshine.

    • Sam says:

      Ugh shut up. You have no idea what’s going to happen in Big Brother and even though YOU are convinced his whole tragic and heartbreaking past of child abuse and neglect and self loathing and woobification will be revealed like all his stans want, doesn’t mean it will and doesn’t mean it will erase the season and a half he’s spent being the most one dimensional and useless character of all time.

    • lol realist says:

      Watch the Big Brother episode be a vehicle to introduce Matt Bomer to the 7 million audience. BTW, Matt Bomer is one of the stars of Ryan Murphy’s next movie. Blaine will probably sing some songs with him and that’ll be it. lol

  14. T says:

    Blaine and Castiel are two of my favorite current TV characters. I love Alex from Happy Endings too!

  15. Josh says:

    Anyone else not surprised by the large majority of women on this list…I mean Pierce and Chris don’t count…Fans were supposed to hate Pierce until they reeled him in and Chris is..Chris. But for most of the women characters, they aren’t written as outlandish yet still get hate…

    • Olivia says:

      Because men can get away with what women can’t. It’s like in real life when a woman is assertive she’s a bitch, if a guy is he’s just “taking charge” etc. Welcome to the wonderful world of double standards.

  16. Fran says:

    There are people that don’t like Chris on PnR. That is literally the saddest thing I have heard today. I enjoy everything about his character and I think his screen time is just perfect.

    I actively root for Ted to not find love on HIMYM. His failure is my joy because he is that annoying. I don’t care if he finds the mother or this is all just his delusional ramblings and he dies alone.

    The problem with Dan on GG is how hard they try to force him on the audience. Start being critical of Dan on twitter and the gossip girl writers actually appear to tell you how awesome he is. He has failed in every pairing that the show has put him in. Now I am forced to watch the completely illogical Dan/Blair pairing just in another writers attempt that hopefully some of the Blair fans that are mad at Chuck will love him. The only Dan Humphrey story that won’t fail is a murder mystery where he is the victim.

    • whatthe says:

      Dan has always been the male lead. He is the only male character to have had two of his ships become as popular as they are, Derena and Dair. No one is trying to force him down your throat, but when you intentionally misread everything on the show, the writers will get frustrated. If you don’t want your favourite character to get shown up on the show, then maybe you shouldn’t have picked someone who started the show with attempted rapes on two female leads.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    *Blaine – Absolutely LOVE!! I don’t see how people can hate him.. or how people can think he’s a bad boyfriend or been terrible to Kurt… he went to the prom with Kurt even though he was scared and he jumped in front of a slushie for him… Doesn’t sound like a terrible boyfriend to me.
    *Owen – UGH HATE.
    *Ted – He’s my least favorite in the group but I still love him.
    *Jess – Love :) she’s an awkward cutie
    *Karen – Like her :) Like Ivy too though.
    *Tara – this is a hard one because she used to be a great character but the writers keep giving her crap story lines.

    • Dany says:

      Because you are a delusional dc fan.

    • Mary says:

      He also tried to force himself on his boyfriend and then didn’t even bother to go out of his way to apologize and let his boyfriend take some of the blame for not wanting to drunkenly lose his virginity in the back of a car xoxo what a wonderful boyfriend omg

      • Katie says:

        What makes me really see red is how *no* Blarren fan has responded to any of the arguements about Blaine’s *digusting* and reprehensible behavior in First Time.

        • Em says:

          It’s because, no matter how many times people respond, the other party in the debate waves their hand at anything presented to them and resorts to Ad Homs. I’ve seen (and been in) many debates about this topic, but every time the other person ignores everything I (or others) have to say. Why would people continue to debate this topic when nothing comes out of it?

          Also, Blarren? Really?

    • finnick says:

      I pretty much agree with these.

  18. Darby says:

    I love Cas. He’s by far my favorite Supernatural character. I haven’t been watching Supernatural this season since he hasn’t been on the show but I am ready to watch again now that he’s coming back. Yea Cas!!!!!!

  19. Meghan says:

    Anyone who hates Cas is a bitter Wincester, seriously.

    • Alison says:

      Now you’re just being plain stupid. So I guess anyone who likes Cas is a Dean/Cas shipper then?

    • trina says:

      See, comments like this are why so many seem to say they like Cas but really can’t stand his fans.

      • Laura says:

        See, comments like this are why so many seem to say they like Cas Sam but really can’t stand his fans.

      • Sigh says:

        …And then all of the Cas fans who haven’t been combative despite hateful comments like this one heave a tired sigh, shake their heads and go on about their business. (Do you really think anyone likes people like you?)

        • Percysowner says:

          And all the people who just don’t like Castiel don’t understand why people like you aren’t condemning the statement that all we are is bitter Wincesters. Instead you support the idea that insulting ANYONE who dislikes Castiel for ANY reason is okay, but reacting to the insult is wrong, wrong, wrong. It doesn’t make you look rational.

          I am aware that many Castiel fans simply like Castiel and don’t insult those who don’t. You apparently aren’t one of them, since you support bashing.

    • Dahne says:

      Trust me I hate Wincest but I hate people telling me what I am even more. For the record, I am no fan of Destiel or any other fanon relationships either. These kind of comments make you look delusional and does nothing for your cause except add to the divide.

  20. fd says:



  21. xav says:

    I love a lot of these characters the most. Except Owen Hunt. Surprised Regina Mills isn’t on this list though; people either love her or completely hate her.

  22. JessFan says:

    I love adorkable Jess (New Girl)!
    I loathe Tara (True Blood), a totally unnecessary character from day one.

    • Tania says:

      I love Jess (New Girl), hate the word ‘adorkable’.
      Tara may have an annoying personality, but I kind of like(d) her (go figure).

  23. RS says:

    Blaine > everyone on this list. Not that there are not all kinds of other people I love (Dan! And how can you hate Karen Carpenter, really), he’s just my favorite person on TV right now.

    Meanwhile, Jess actively prevents me from watching New Girl, and Community would be so much better if Pierce didn’t exist.

  24. Janessa says:

    CASTIEL! I love him so much. He is one of the most interesting characters on TV, for me. I absolutely adore him.

  25. Donut FTW says:

    Dan is hated only out of jealousy, simple as that. Rational people love Dan to bits, eg Blair!

  26. Linda says:

    Castiel. HATE HIM.

    • Incognito says:

      Oh hai thar, percysowner…

      • Linda says:

        Nope, not that person. You know, there just might be more than one person who doesn’t like Castiel.

      • Mekina says:

        Wow, percysowner must be really famous on the internet… I’ve been accused of being them. o.O I know them, but I’m not them, and there is more than one person who don’t like Castiel, you know.

        • Molly says:

          Not famous as much as some 60-year-old Wincester/tinhatter granny who’s old enough to know better.

        • Linda says:

          You yourself are quite famous Mekina as one of the Septic Tank dwellers. This is what we mean when we say there’s only a handful of you Cas haters when we can recognize you by your screen names and the posts you leave on every article about Castiel.

          • Linda says:

            BTW this is a different Linda than the one who hates Castiel.

          • Mekina says:

            Am I? A bit famous myself? Well now, that makes me quite happy! There are more than a handful of people who don’t like Castiel, there are just a handful that speak up and say so! I don’t know why you act like I’m committing a crime by commenting on articles and stating my opinion. Castiel fans comment on every article, including ones having nothing to do with him, saying how much they love him, so why can’t I, and my fellow Skeptics, comment and state our own opinions, that we don’t like/can’t stand him? There’s really no difference.

      • Percysowner says:

        No, I posted further down.

    • Mekina says:

      I feel the same way!

    • Dee says:

      The more I see the bats**t crazyness of the Castiel lovers, the more I am completely turned off by that character.

      Seriously, if Misha Collins was THAT popular, he should have had all of Hollywood knocking on his door for this pilot season or people lining up to cast him in movies or tv shows.

      Instead, all he can hope for is to return to a show on a barely surviving network.

      He is a useless character and I truly do hope he does not come back in Season 8!!!!

      • Laura says:

        The more I see the bats**t crazyness of the Castiel Sam lovers, the more I am completely turned off by that character.
        Seriously, if Misha Collins Wallpaper Padalecki was THAT popular, he should have had all of Hollywood knocking on his door for this pilot season or people lining up to cast him in movies or tv shows.
        Instead, all he can hope for is to return to a show on a barely surviving network.
        He is a useless character and I truly do hope he does not come back in Season 8!!!!

        • Dee says:

          Way to be original.

          Did I even mention Jared?

          Jared has TOP billing on the show. The show is about 2 brothers….

          What, really, is difficult to understand about that?

          Why is is that if someone dislikes Castiel it automatically is assumed that our favorite is Sam? He isn’t, by the way.

          I love both brothers EQUALLY.

    • Alison says:

      Word! :D

  27. Al says:

    What the hell is Deb doing there? She is the best character ever.
    I’d rather put Laguerta on the list.
    I don’t particularly like Ted from HIMYM, Tara from True Blood, Betty from Mad Men and Blaine from Glee.
    But Debra Morgan is perfection.

    • jaded says:

      I agree about Laguerta! I can’t stand her! why is she not on the list instead??! She’s a phony, selfish bitch! Deb might be a little nuts but she has a good heart.

  28. Andy says:

    Love Chris Traeger. I don’t understand where all the hate for him comes from. Rob Lowe consistently cracks me up, along with everyone else on that show.

  29. Daniel says:

    Cas! By far the best angel in the garrison. Misha Collins is one of the best things to ever happen to Supernatural. More Cas, Less boring Leviathans. And more Cas and Dean scenes.

  30. Max says:

    Put Klaus from Vampire Diaries on that list…he bothers me to death…

    • Amy says:

      Yeah…but he’s a villain. He’s supposed to bother you. (Even if I want to pinch his cute little man-dimples.)

  31. Michael says:

    Why is Ziva not on the list she is liek the most hated Female character ever

  32. Mia says:

    Blaine is honestly the only character on Glee that I can actually stand these days.

  33. LOL says:

    Love Dan Humphrey. Like Alex from Happy Endings. Dislike Jess from New Girl and meh on Amanda Clarke from Revenge.

  34. Laura says:

    Amy on TBBT…can’t believe she was overlooked

  35. Hannah says:

    I love Cas. Need I say more?

  36. Dahveed says:

    What about Skyler White or Marie Schrader from Breaking Bad?

  37. idk says:

    wow no Blaine Anderson is perfect screw you

  38. Mikey says:

    Love Blaine. Favorite character on the show, one of the nicest one too.

    • linda says:

      ikr right shaming sam for no reason at all and forcing himself on kurt in the back of a car and telling kurt hes not sexy and looks like hes got gas pains and talking to a boy who he knows wants in his pants behind kurts back is so so so nice what an angel love him!!!

      • finnick says:

        Who cares about nice?
        Who cares about Sam?
        So he’s not allowed to talk to people?
        Kurt was pulling ridiculous faces though. Penguin faces. I thought the miscommunication was funny.

      • anon says:

        Look, if you’re going to hate on a character, at least be accurate.

        – he didn’t force himself on Kurt
        – he never told Kurt he wasn’t sexy
        – he had one conversation with Sebastian on the phone the same day Kurt found out about the conversation

        Also, characters are allowed to be flawed. People can mess up and still be good, nice people.

        Oh, and Rachel, Finn, and Sam all also participated in slut-shaming, so you’d better start hating them! (and Blaine was lashing out because he was angry at Finn; if you had an iota of viewing comprehension you would understand this).

  39. John says:

    How is Frank from Shameless not up there? William H. Macy plays that role brilliantly. I bounce around from loving him to hating him all the time.
    Also, Jackie on The Good Wife. It’s time to send her to a retirement village.

  40. Arashy says:

    Love, love, love Ted on HIMYM, don’t know why some people dislike him…he’s only been so flawed and picky because the writers have tried to draw out the mother thing for as long as possible. I have liked Dan from the beginning of Gossip Girl, much like Blair I’m torn between Chuck and Dan :) Alex on Happy Endings is Ok…HATED her as Kim Bauer, but not so much as Alex. Sutton on the lying game is eh…but I guess without her there wouldn’t be much of a plot. Jess from New Girl is slowly growing on me, and someone please kill off Amanda Clarke, I can’t stand to watch any scenes with her in them.

  41. riviera41797 says:

    C A S T I E L!!

  42. andy says:

    how can anyone hate jenna from 30 rock or alex from happy endings?

  43. Temis says:

    Funny, I’m pretty sure Karen on Smash is the one we’re supposed to sympathize with. The problem is Katherine McPhee does not have the stage presence to be a Broadway star and Ivy does, so how can we sympathize with Karen when she’d sink the show?

    Since when is Rick on The Walking Dead polarizing? I missed that entirely.

  44. eric says:

    The more ridiculously stupid they make Alex on Happy Endings, the more I love her.

  45. Anna says:

    I sympathise with Amanda because she still cares for Emily; who treats her as just another pawn…

  46. Yesica says:

    Blaine is God!

  47. James says:

    LOL TV Line, your bias is showing. No matter how hard you try, it still isn’t going to make Max Adler a regular, or Karofsky a regular character or Kurtofsky happen. It is actually coming across as a bit pathetic now.

    • Ann says:

      TV Line’s bias.

      That’s it. That’s the joke.

    • logic says:

      This article has nothing to do with either. You ‘Klainers’ are pathetic to bring that up every time someone dislikes Blaine. Newsflash: A lot of people just hate him and not because of stupid shipper wars.
      And the comments pretty much did prove the point of the article.

    • Greg says:

      Look another klainer butthurt that the world doesn’t revolve around them. everyone who hates blaine and doesn’t ship klaine must be a kurtofsky shipping devil apparently. Jsyk I don’t ship kurtofsky nor do I care if Karofsky ever comes back but I would very much love if Blarren was driven off a cliff or set on fire or thrown into a woodchipper idk just get him off my screen please and thank you

      • Blaineanderstan says:

        At least then I can stop watching Glee.
        I miss season 1, but now I hate pretty much every character except Blaine and Kurt and Santana.

        I’m not going to be interested in post-graduation, so if Blaine’s not in S4, i’m out.

    • Katie says:

      LOL someone is a little insecure in their ship, methinks. And I’m not going to feel bad for shipping Kurtofsky. It means nothing to me whether Blarren fans believe it or not, but I ship Kurtofsky because I hate *Blaine*, I don’t hate Blaine because I ship Kurtofsky. I was more than willing to give him a chance when Glee introduced him as a love interest for Kurt, and for the first few weeks I really liked him and his relationship with Kurt, but this season Glee has shown there to be absolutely no depth to this character who really does nothing but make everyone around him feel inadequte. I didn’t even see the episode people are referencing where he said the super rude thing to Sam, but if you add that in to Kurt being made to apologize for not allowing himself to be raped in the backseat of a car, those scenes speak *volumes* about who Blaine really is.

    • Are You Serious? says:

      ^ Wow, I think you’re the biased one here

  48. mara says:

    How is Blaine from Glee on this list? He’s the closest thing to a universally adored character all my friends and family can agreement on.

  49. Meisha says:

    I guess I see polarizing characters differently. Like, to me, on Glee I would say Dave Karofsky, Kurt Hummel, Mr. Schue, and Santana Lopez are the characters that I’d see as polarizing. It’s not so much about popularity or lack there of, but when you go to fan forums they get the most intense debates/fan reactions. With Blaine, yeah he has die hard fans and haters but so does EVERY character. Blaine to me is like Finn; he has vocal supporters and haters but unless you’re talking about Klaine and ships, he’s not a character that sparks a ton of in depth debate or division in the general fandom, no more so than anyone else in my experience. By contrast mention Kurt or Santana or Dave and all hell breaks loose. That applies to Schue as well to a lesser extent, since there is quite a bit of conversation about how inappropriate he can be, his favortism, whether or not he’s effective as a teacher, ect. But yeah, personally Blaine isn’t polarizing to me, he’s kinda of a Quinn in S1 and S2. A character that has a lot of potential but they writers haven’t really developed to the point where they could have so he’s very dependent on his pairing for his sense of identity.

    • Sam says:

      Blaine isn’t polarizing to *you*…. um…??????? that doesn’t actually make any sense. This isn’t about internal debate. This is about the fandom being split. A LOT of people can’t stand Blaine. Kurt isn’t really polarizing, most of the fandom likes or tolerates him.

      • Em says:

        Actually, the amount of people who hate Blaine is a small, very vocal amount of people. Outside of fandom (which is really small) the GA loves him. Your bias is showing *heavily*

        • Katie says:

          How do you know this? You’ve counted all the Blaine haters in the world in contrast to his supporters? Must have taken, like, forever.

          • Em says:

            Considering the amount of love he gets from the media, the reviews, etc, yeah, I’d have to say that he’s incredibly loved. He’s one of the most popular characters on Glee, up there with Rachel and Kurt. He’s hated by a small amount of people who sadly happen to be incredibly vocal about said hate.

  50. JB says:

    I cannot stand Dan on Gossip Girl or Blaine on Glee or Tara on True Blood.