TV's 21 Most Polarizing Characters: Do You Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

We see the way you talk about them, you know….

There are certain names — belonging to fictional TV characters, mind you — that when highlighted in a TVLine news item or feature story elicit, um, “strong” reactions from their show’s collective fan base.

You love ’em! Or… you hate ’em! (And mind you, hate is a strong word.)

So, here now, we pay tribute to the most polarizing, divisive, love-’em or hate-’em TV characters now inhabiting primetime. Take a look at our list, then sound off in Comments if you find these folks desirable, or despicable. Awesome, or loathsome. Also feel free to nominate any other fan base rousers!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Josh says:

    LOVE Jenna Maroney. This has been her best season yet. Love Tara, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen, hopefully she sticks around. Stopped watching HIMYM because of Ted.

    • CupcakeBelle says:

      I get a lot of them (Jess, Betty, Owen after last night), but I don’t get Blaine! He seems pretty innocuous. I understand being frustrated by the likes of Rick or Deb but I still find them likable. If I was to add someone, it would be Shane from Walking Dead. He does bad things but he’s not a bad dude. Also, Karen from Smash isn’t polarizing. She just sucks.

      • AmyLynn says:

        I concur…she totally sux

      • Charissa says:

        I agree with you about Shane. Jon Bernthal is terrific, he plays the part so well, but Shane is not a likeable guy. He may have good intentions, but makes a lot of bad choices. I kind of hated Shane, but I loved Jon Bernthal. And as for Blaine, I adore Darren Criss so I don’t get it either, but I know there are a lot of Blaine haters out there.

        • Kaley says:

          Just because you don’t “adore” someone doesn’t mean you’re a hater…

          • MissMel says:

            Only she was talking about people that actually, ya know, HATE Blaine, which would, in fact, make them haters.

          • Ruby says:

            On the internet, yeah, it usually does. People have made a career out of hate here on the ‘net.

          • Hot Medusa says:

            Exactly! I wish the incredibly overused word “hater” would go away…it is very annoying and polarizing ;)

      • Adam says:

        I’d pretty much add everyone from Walking Dead!

      • LC says:

        I think the problem people have with Blaine is that he comes off as almost TOO perfect, to the point that his personality is just really bland. Not to mention he gets a solo pretty much every episode, and has become a more important character than people who have been there since season 1…

        • Katie says:

          What LC said.

        • Lor Lupin says:

          Important character…?
          I think I really have a problem with characterizing Blaine as important just because he gets solos, he gets to sing but virtually no storyline that do not involve being supportive of Kurt, so I do wonder how is he that important. As a person who has been specially keen on his development because of some insinuations now and then, I can tell you that I’m the first person dissapointed with all the solos and the lack of agency he has…
          I really cannot understand the hate, he is an underdevoloped character who happens to sing a lot, much like Mercedes in S1 and part of 2. You cannot blame a certain characters for getting the solos, you should wonder about the intentions of the producers giving an actor only solos instead of acting material, that’s all I have to say.
          And yes, I understand that this is just a generalization of why people don’t like Blaine and it’s probably not even your opinion on the character, I think we should add that his hate is much more motivated because of “shipping wars”.

      • laylagalise says:

        Uh! Karen! I don’t hate her, but she’s not my favorite. She’s fine for the chorus, but I seriously don’t understand why the Marilyn crew think she is as good as (or better) than Ivy.

    • Frustrated says:

      Hi TV Line, I get that you need hits and good ratings and ad money for the website and that posting Blaine/Klaine hate and pro-Karofsky posts gets you lots of hits and comments from anti-Blaine stans and even more hits from annoyed Blaine fans who reply to the anti posts, but frankly all this causes is unnecessary wank in the fandom so can you maybe stop?

      I get that for you a relationship between an ex-bully and his victim is interesting and more romantic and sure it’ll be more interesting, it defintiely WONT be even remotely HEALTHY and I admire Kurt so much and this kind of relationship would be the last thing I’ll want him to have, but fine whatever, different strokes and stuff, but I have personally been bullied severely and I find Karofsky quite triggering and I identify a LOT with Blaine, and Kurt and Blaine’s relationship made me brave enough to come out and seeing them helped my parents understand so much and their relationship dynamics is what I hope I’ll find one day. I thank Glee for giving them to me everyday because I was in a very very bad place at that time and I usually don’t reply to this kind of biased attention-seeking articles but I am frankly frustrated, because most of the anti-Blaine comments involve calling him a rapist, which I find insulting and horrifying because I HAVE been sexually assaulted and the closest thing I’ve seen to a sexual assault on Glee is the Karofsky kissing Kurt scene in Never Been Kissed and the cake topper scene in Furt by Karofsky, who they glorify and idolize and frankly the whole thing is triggering.

      Also most of the comments involve insulting the actor who portrays Blaine and sure you can have your own opinions about an actor, but name-calling and insulting people who admire him is crass and disgusting and I am actually sickened and frustrated. Also, I have seen comments on articles before that Blaine’s existence is an insult to gays because he wears bowties and cardigans apparently and is the worst type of stereotype to exist and so he should get off the show but, well hello, I love wearing bowties and cardigans, I AM a stereotype, so does that mean am the most horrible thing to happen to the world or something? Also, yes I will agree I am disappointed with everything about Glee and the way they are handling Kurt and Blaine this season, but its not because of anything Kurt and Blaine HAVE done, its because they DONT get to do anything. They are ignored most of the time except for when Glee has a “big gay episode” and I’ll blame the writers for complete lack of story progression but I most certainly dont find anything wrong with them as a couple at all, because frankly, they are the healthiest most equal relationship on the show and they make me hope for an equal loving relationship too someday.

      So sure, TV Line, I get that you need the hits and the ad money, and the Glee fandom is one of the most responsive, but maybe you can find some other characters to make articles about, who are not this triggering and whose fandom is not this vile and crass? Your cheap stunts to get hits are becoming boring and the response it receives are all offensive and triggering and frankly, I am tired.

      Thank you for being a biased unprofessional website. :)

      P.S. I’m sure at least one Karofsky fan will laugh at me and call me a ~Klainer 12~ and call me stupid and tell me I have no brains etc, but hey, your favorite character tried to kill himself because of Cyber bullying and bullying others on the internet is pretty much what 3/4th of your fanbase (that I’ve encountered anyway) does, so maybe you should all actually think a little? You all seem to be losing the message your own favorite character is trying to tell. :)

      • yo says:

        You aren’t even worth commenting….

      • Honestly says:

        To Frustated: Your post was incredibly biased and immature. If your trying to make a point about Cyber bullying you probably shouldn’t make fun of another Fanbase to defend your own.

      • Marco says:

        Look who’s talking about cyber-bullying. Not to mention you Klainers have done some of the WORST things, making tumblrs with names like karofsky-should-die and going around telling Kurtofsky fans they should DIE because they like the pairing and treating Dave as a monster and Blaine as a saint. Not a Dave fan has ever denied that everything he did in the past was wrong (even though it felt pretty forced, writing-wise), but Klaine fans like you treat him the very same way you claim your precious Blaine is on this site. People might dislike Klaine because the relationship feels way too one-sided in Blaine’s favor, plastic and fake, and they don’t talk about the important stuff (Kurt’s decision about Sebastian’s confession springs to mind, as does the fact that he didn’t see Blaine from the scene in Michael until the so-called ‘gift’, which was Blaine showing off in ‘Heart’).

        • S.M.S says:

          ^ Exactly what Marco said. They’ve not only send death threats to other fans but also to Grant Gustin, Max Adler and even to Chris Colfer. You should think about that first before you bash Karofsky Fans.

      • anon says:

        Spot on!

      • mile says:

        I agree with Frustrated.

      • Sara says:

        I don’t even watch the show so I don’t care about the content one way or the other, but you must admit to yourself that your post is pretty ridiculous. If you want to write that much, why don’t you start up your own blog? Even die-hard fans will stay away from your post in droves.
        I like to read other fans opinions, sometimes it will even tempt me to start watching a new show, but with yours, why bother? At least if you keep a blog, you’ll find out if anyone else cares what you think. Too bad there’s not an abuse button here.

      • Angela says:

        All I want to say in response to this post is that I’m glad you’ve felt brave enough to come out and are trying to work through any issues you’ve been dealing with. I hope for the best for you :).

      • j says:

        You should seriously consider finding a counselor instead of posting your diatribe here. You need some help. And, frankly, no one cares to read your long post.

      • Catherine says:

        I agree whole-heartedly. I look at this site often and whenever I read a Glee article it is full of negative comments about the writing, lack of character developement, and character bashing. I personally LOVE all the characters on Glee. Yes the storylines are inconsistent, and there are some things that offend me about the show( particularly Santana’s forced coming out and the forever present Finchel scenes), but overall I like the show. You have to remember that this site is an online tabloid type of site so the articles up here are always going to be biased.

      • ninad says:

        you have diarrhea of the mouth. try condensing your words. you are egotitical with your length of post.

      • Carl says:

        posts like this make me dislike Blaine even more. Thanks.
        And I’m gay, and I’ve been bullied, etc, etc… yet I don’t live projecting personal issues like that on a tv show meant for entertainment, if you do, YOU have a serious problem, because all tv shows may portray something eventually “triggering” for someone, thus in consequence we may all live avoiding movies, news, documentaries and all sorts of media; sorry, but that’s ridiculous and the “triggering” argument is getting very old… and if you really want to condemn someone for showing “creepy triggering” stuff on tv, save that for Ryan Murphy… hello, he’s the creator of “Nip/Tuck”, what else were you exactly expecting uh?

    • raftrap says:

      Just by listing Jenna this whole list is just wrong….just not right.

  2. Cody says:


    In B4 the haters…

    • Maria says:


      • Chiana says:

        I am a HUGE fan. I would love to see him come back in a regular role, in whatever form they like, as long as he’s played by Misha. Would also appreciate some guest shots by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he’s stated that he would love to do it, if only to rehabilitate what the show did to John’s memory.

    • Beth says:

      Not a Cas fan. He shouldn’t have come back this season. Sera was a coward and bowed down to the Cas fans. Big mistake. I can’t believe she’s considering putting him in S8.
      Jim Beaver deserves to come back, but not Cas. His storyline is over and should stay over.

      • Laura says:


      • Mellie says:

        ^This. Though as much as Jim Beaver deserves to come back, I hope that they don’t bring ANYONE back. I think if they stop with the whole “Oh look, anyone can come back” thing it’ll make characters dying a lot more emotionally powerful.

        • Mellie says:

          Er. That was to Beth. Not Laura. I hate Castiel.

          • Jo1027 says:

            I agree with this. His story ended with season 4 but the CW president made SPN keep him. He should have been gone three seasons ago.

        • Dahne says:

          I agree that the idea of death is pretty much meaningless on Supernatural because they bring everyone back. It makes things less poignant overall, although Death’s Door was a phenomenal episode. As much as I liked Bobby, I keep thinking back to season 2 and the “what’s dead should stay dead” theme. The brothers can’t die for good but it would be nice if Castiel, Bobby and others would if only to make death actually mean something on SPN.

          • Restless says:

            I think the characters themselves can make better contributions to the show alive than a mere death for cheap emotional effect.

      • Sarah Jane says:

        Please, enough of Castiel already. This character has worn out his welcome.

      • Evyn says:

        Give it up even Jensen and Jared want Cas back on the show

      • Nick says:

        Sera told Misha he was coming back before they ever killed him. Nice try, though! He was always meant to come back because his story isn’t over and the writers aren’t done telling it. :)

      • Freyja says:


        Wait they are seriously thinking of bringing useless back for a season 8? god it’s bad enough I have to deal with him in 3 more episodes, but more during season 8… Great my hopes for season 8 went down the drain if this is true.

      • homewrecker!! says:

        hate!hate!hate! cas!! do we need him, no!! hi5 beth!! you said everything i wanted to say. he is a terrible character, and he(helped) ruin sam and dean’s brotherly love relationship!!

  3. Dilys says:

    I adore Cas. I’ve missed him so much the past year and I’m beyond thrilled to have him coming back to Supernatural.

    ADORE CAS!!!!!

    • Amanda Leigh says:

      As someone else who also loves him, I think people hate him because he gets WAY more screen time and songs than some of the original cast members. He’s also one of those character that I could see being too likable.

      • Ann says:

        I like Cas but having him around too often takes away from the suspense. How can a viewer be concerned for the characters if they know the angel is always going to be there to fix things? That’s been my main issue with the character.

        • Dilys says:

          I guess you’ve forgotten how Bobby always had the answer for every problem in his books. Or the new convenient guest starts that fix things now. And the way to solve this problem is to just make Cas human. Which is what I’m hoping for.

          • Lucy says:

            No human Castiel nothing IMO could be worse. Canon has already established with Anna how Angels become human I would hate the writers to go there and make Castiel human another way.

          • Mellie says:

            Yes Dilys. Taking away Castiel, and then the Impala, and then Bobby was the way to take the boys out of their element and make the situations harder and more dire. Unfortunately the writers had to introduce Frank since otherwise they have no idea how to explain anything, since they just aren’t creative enough. Sigh.

          • Ruby says:

            But even when Bobby had the answers, they still had to work at the solution. They still had to find a weapon and go kill the thing. Cas could basically snap his fingers and make anything happen. The dead come back to life, check. Smiting bad guys, check. He made Dean and Sam worthless, and that’s not the show I signed up for.

          • whocares!! says:

            that is true, they should have kept it so the boys did their own research, but on the other hand it was an excuse to show bobby right!! at least bobby was a flawed person, who lived up to his mistakes, unlike certain over characters who just flutter their wings and all is forgiven.

        • Dahne says:

          @ann I wish this site had a like button. I too am anti-angel because they have been used as the ultimate cop-out for times when the writers write themselves into a corner. The angels are far too powerful for the human story of two brothers fighting evil.

          • app42 says:

            The “human story of two brothers fighting evil”? The brothers might be human but rarely has anything they’ve fought been actually human.

            If you do an actual re-look back at the series and the episodes featuring Castiel you can see that rarely did he act as the “zap, all fixed” miracle worker he’s been accused of being season near the end of season 6. In Season 4 he started out as the BAMF warrior of God who was threatening to throw Dean back into hell if he didn’t play the role he was meant to play. Then he started to question the truth of what he was told to do… but still, Dean and Sam were making their own decisions and their own mistakes.

            In season 5 Castiel was reduced to being mostly human, again, rarely having enough mojo to fix anything… zap them to the past, but at cost, maybe have a little bit of insight or knowledge, but no more than Bobby and his library of books.

            Season 6 Cas was back as an angelic being, but he was mostly off-screen fighting the war in heaven to stop Raphael re-starting the Apocalypse. He came back now and again, but mostly for his own purposes… and it was only in the final eps that he pulled the “zap, fixed your wounds”, “zap, made Dean and Lisa forget” stuff.

            Castiel is an important character in the lives of Dean and Sam – a friend, a family member. To dismiss him so easily is to dismiss his importance to Dean and Sam (and, btw, to Jensen and Jared, who both have expressed a desire to see Castiel – among others – back).

            Castiel? Hands down one of the best characters on Supernatural.

          • KS Winchester says:


            Writers are the ones, who made Castiel so important in the story line. Winchesters could have done all that time travel and other Castiel-centered things, even without his help. May be they would have found a spell to travel in time. Or, put hex bags in their pockets all the time to save them from angels and demons, if Castiel were not there to engrave the markings on their ribs. Castiel was never IMO is the only solution to all the problems, he has solved in the show. There were many alternative and beautiful ways of solving those problems.

      • Amanda Leigh says:

        …obviously this comment is about Blaine and not Castiel. But they are weirdly similar characters =D

        They should give Cas more songs, though…

        • erin says:

          Hee. I must admit to be very confused for a second. I do love them both though.

        • Tessa says:

          Loooool, I was confused too. Castiel has too many songs? Maybe he sings them on road trips and drives the boys crazy and that’s why they won’t let him ride in the backseat. But I can see Castiel and his holy brethren forming a choir in heaven and singing gospel versions of classic rock songs ala Gregorian Chant. :)

          • Chelsea says:

            Castiel. I’m a fan of him and can’t wait for him to come back to the show. For me, its now so much a revival from the dead (though that does happen quite a bit) as much as him coming back. It was thought that he had died but there really wasn’t a definite death. Another thing about Cas is that in every interview, it was never said he was coming back as an angel. He was coming back as a healer. He’s still our Cas but he may not have the savior influence that he used to have over the boys. I also think that the writers have been bringing back some of the original storyline theme into the newest season. It really hasn’t been the strictly religious plot line, it’s been some good old fashioned hunting on the brother’s part. Though I do agree that Bobby should stay dead. I love Bobby but he really should represent an important death and he had a good send-off. Though there have been hints that he is a ghost now. I’m just excited to see Castiel’s new character’s influence on the show. O and the singing thing is a shipping thing. The songs are quite entertaining.

    • Sean says:

      I love him too. This site makes a living stirring up the people who don’t want Kurt with him, though.

    • Maria says:


    • KS says:

      Castiel is the most boring character on Supernatural. He is like a cancer to the show, which never gets cured. I hate to check any Supernatural news this week because they are gonna be of Castiel.

  4. Jamie says:

    I really can’t understand how anyone could hate Blaine. It completely baffles me.

    • True says:

      Blaine is perfect.

    • Beth says:

      Can’t stand him. Blaine has been awful to Kurt on more than one occasion. And Darren Criss isn’t a very good actor. He has a fine singing voice, but anything that requires emotion? He’s lost. Blaine is the main reason I’ve lost interest in Glee. I hope that next season Kurt and he aren’t together anymore and Kurt finds someone worthy of his love.

      • sue sylvester says:

        You are wrong. He’s never been awful to Kurt, and when you say something like that you are insulting Kurt’s intelligence by saying he would stay with someone who treat’s him badly.

        • Jack says:


        • carol says:

          So, the Scandal’s car scene never happened? Kurt surely seemed hurt by Blaine’s behavior. So, talking to the guy that insults your boyfriend behind your boyfriend’s back is a appropriate behavior? Good to know.

          Your Blaine goggles are too thick, my dear.

          • anon says:

            Please be accurate. Sebastian insulted Kurt TO HIS FACE and BEHIND BLAINE’S BACK so how was Blaine to know about it?

            Looks like your Blaine hate goggles are on a bit too tight and it’s affecting your viewing comprehension skills adversely, my dear.

            And yes, Blaine made a mistake in the car scene and hurt Kurt’s feelings. Then he apologized and they talked it out because that’s what mature couples do. End of story.

          • Ana says:

            This response is to the anon responding to carol. IT was far worse, he did so when Blaine left (more like scaped)knowing how Sebastian was for Kurt to deal with him. Also he continued to mantain contact with Sebastian after that second encounter. Blaine’s cluelessness when convenient do not justify his actions.

          • to Ana says:

            As I said, please be accurate in your claims :)

            Blaine did not ~maintain contact with Sebastian; it was heavily implied in HOTS that he was avoiding him online, and Sebastian phoned him ONCE canonically for advice on wine stains. That’s it.

            Are you talking about in HOTS? When Sebastian was making Blaine extremely uncomfortable and he stepped away for a moment? Blaine is allowed to take care of himself, you know. Kurt’s a big boy; he didn’t have to talk to Sebastian if he didn’t want to.

            Blaine is not clueless; he is uncomfortable with Sebastian and Sebastian’s ties with the Warblers made it difficult for Blaine to deal with him aggressively (until they went too far, and then we saw Blaine take a slushy for Kurt and prove where his loyalties lay).

        • JJ says:

          So Blaine wasn’t wrong when he tried to force himself on Kurt in the car in the First Time? And Blaine wasn’t wrong to talk to Sebatian (a boy who is threatening to come between them) behind Kurt’s back, and then refuse to discuss it? Blaine is a one dimensional character, and that is in large part to the fact that Darren Criss is a one dimensional actor.

          • anon says:

            How is DC a one dimensional actor? Have you seen him in anything besides Glee?

            Anyway, Blaine didn’t try to force himself on Kurt, so there’s that (and he apologized for his insensitive drunken proposition).

            Blaine had one conversation (initiated by Sebastian) on the phone with Sebastian. What are you talking about, refused to discuss it? He was seriously injured after a violent assault; I’d say as the victim it’s his right to not want to talk about it. That kind of trauma can take a long time to work through, especially since he’s been assaulted and the victim of a hate crime in the past.

            Haha Blaine is certainly not a one-dimensional character, even if the writers haven’t given him enough development or focus. They have at least given us hints and clues as to his complexity and depth. He’s very interesting, if enigmatic still, at this point.

          • Leo says:

            Gary Stu!Blaine bores me so much… I’d like Blaine more if he stayed at Dalton and appeared only to sing just one song per week instead of making the whole show revolve around him and his (lack of) plot (real meaningful plot anyway)…

        • Katie says:

          Blarren fans are exhausting. The very *second* that Sebastian told Kurt that he and Blaine had been in contact behind Kurt’s back, Kurt should have ditched him. It’s no secret that Kurt despised Sebastian and if Blaine was as great as Blarren fans claimed, he would have firmly sat Sebastian down and told him it wasn’t going to happen. Sebastian had absolutely no respect for Klaine (a sentiment I can sympathize with) and Blaine didn’t care.

          • Jamie says:

            It’s not Kurt’s place to tell Blaine who he can and cannot talk to. That would be controlling and overbearing behavior, even for a boyfriend. Also, Blaine is dapper and polite to the very end, and it’s been made very obvious that he doesn’t like dealing with Sebastian. Kurt handles himself very well around Sebastian and can hold his own. Kurt doesn’t need Blaine to fight his battles.

        • Beth says:

          1. When he told Kurt to “tone down” his singing style to blend in.
          2. When he would rather kiss a girl and date her than have anything to do with Kurt romantically.
          3. When he laughed at Kurt for trying to be sexy.
          4. When he told Kurt that he shouldn’t wear his kilt – because he would stand out too much.
          5. When he assaulted Kurt while drunk in his car – all so that he could act better and more realistic in a play.
          6. When he went behind Kurt’s back to meet Sebastian.
          7. When he constantly was flirting with Kurt and then wanted to date a guy at The Gap.
          Blaine just isn’t good enough for Kurt. Kurt deserves romance and as Blaine has said – he’s not good at it. And boy, is that true. Have we ever seen him bring Kurt flowers or done anything romantic?

          • Jamie says:

            Okay, I guess I’m going to just do this point by point.
            1. He never said that at all. The song Kurt auditioned with didn’t fit the tone of the Warblers, a group that sings mostly Top 40.
            2. Yes, obviously he’d would much rather do that when he’s gay and has now been with Kurt for a year? No. It’s not Blaine’s fault that he was confused about his sexual identity or that he hadn’t realized his feeling for Kurt yet.
            3. And you DIDN’T laugh at Kurt’s “sexy” faces? They were ridiculous. We all, including Blaine, know that Kurt is sexy. He doesn’t need to TRY.
            4. Can you blame him? The last time he went to a dance he got assaulted for simply being who he was, a gay boy. He shouldn’t have to apologize for his traumatic experiences.
            5. What Blaine did to Kurt in the car was not at all assault. He got handsy with his boyfriend but didn’t touch him anywhere or do anything that could even come close to assault. Kurt was upset because Blaine wanted to have sex in the backseat, not because he kissed him while he was drunk.
            6. They didn’t “meet.” Blaine was under the impression that Sebastian wanted to be friends, and then when he realized that wasn’t the case he tried to push him away. But he’s still allowed to talk to him. Kurt doesn’t dictate who Blaine was hang out or be friends with.
            7. KURT AND BLAINE WERE NOT DATING. Blaine wasn’t even aware of Kurt’s feelings! Kurt isn’t more DESERVING of anything that Blaine isn’t as well. But Blaine HAS given Kurt romance. He’s confessed his feelings, his love, almost gave up a leading role, jumped in front of a rock salt laced slushie that landed him in the hospital and requiring him to have eye surgery, and he transferred schools to be with Kurt. He’s sung to him more than once (more than I can say for Kurt although that’s about to change YAY!) and has just been an all around great boyfriend. I’d definitely say that Blaine is romantic.

        • Major Gleek says:

          You are so right, they are perfect and Kurt and Blaine love each other and I think they always will… <3<3<3

      • Alice says:

        I have to disagree. Straight from the start, Blaine has made Kurt smile in a way no-one has ever done before. He worships the ground Kurt walks on.

        As for Darren, if he was a crap actor, I highly doubt he’d be on broadway. And yet, look at that! 3 weeks will 100% ticket sales sitting on top of the broadway grossing list.

        • adam says:

          I disagree as well Blaine has brought so much joy and happiness into Kurt’s life he will never let anyone hurt Kurt in anyway and he was almost went blind in one eye from the laced slushie. He encourage Kurt not to give up on his dreams when he wasn’t sure if he will become a finalist.

        • Edge says:

          I’m going to have to agree with most of everything you said here except for the “he worships the ground Kurt walks on” part. Are we watching the same show?

          They both love each other equally. Not one is set higher than the other except when asked by individual fans of either of them. If this were the case, they’d be more like Finchel in which it’s clear that Rachel is the stronger character of the relationship.

          • Ann says:

            *applauds you*

            This is why Kurt and Blaine are so great. They’re equals who truly love, respect, admire, and care for one another. Great balance and give and take. This is why they can go the distance.

            A happy, healthy gay teen relationship is a new, refreshing thing to see on prime time TV.

          • Ariel says:

            I agree that Blaine worships the ground Kurt walks on. I also agree that the relationship is equal–they just both happen to worship each other. They’re both very much equal and very much in love.

        • JJ says:

          Darren Criss only made it to Broadway because he has a fanbase that glorifies him beyond what he deserves. If Darren Criss had gone into audition for that role before he was on Glee, he would not have been cast. He does not have a Broadway voice. He doesn’t have the range or power in his voice to be a Broadway caliber performer. In five years, no one will even remember who Darren Criss is.

          • anon says:

            Keep dreaming sweetheart. Darren Criss, along with Chris Colfer and likely Lea Michele, will be the most enduring stars to come out of Glee. They’re versatile, immensely talented, and here to stay.

          • Jen says:

            Clearly you didn’t see How To Succeed. I saw it with Daniel Radcliffe and it was such a fantastic show I also went to see it with Darren Criss out of curiosity. Darren absolutely had a Broadway voice when I saw the show in his last week. Far better than Dan, sorry Dan…. Not only was his re-imagining of the character of Pierrepont Finch absolutely brilliant, his singing and dancing was phenomenal as well. He easily kept up with and blended perfectly with the veteran Broadway actors on that stage. He was electrifying. THAT is what made me START watching Glee. The writing absolutely sucks on that crapy show, but I watch it for him. I’ve begun watching season 1 on DVD, because I now love Lea Michel and Chris Colfer because of some of their acting and performances within the crappy show, and it seems they used to have a good show going there with some quality writing, in the beginning. Perhaps they shouldn’t have chosen the new writers they did for this season??

          • me says:

            LMAO at the replies you’ve gotten. These delusional ass stans I can’t

          • stop says:

            People stop pretending Darren is some B-way vet. Whne he has done a year on B-way you can talk. 3 week stunt
            casting does not make him a B-way big wig.

            It is insulting to real B-way performers.

          • John says:

            Darren should have taken the X-F job rather than remain on Glee. He’s personable but his talent is limited. Without Glee, he wouldn’t have been star-cast for a 3 week B-way run and he doesn’t have the star power to make a show go on his own, long-term.

            Had he done X-Factor, he could have developed and globally expanded his fan base. He’s made a critical career mistake in his decision.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Actually that only happened because he is a teen idol. Plus I have read reviews from proper thearter critics, that said his singing was weak and his acting wasn’t that good either because he pandered to the fans, he was more Darren then his character. I have also read this from fans. He needs to stop this unless he wants to kill off his career. Forget the fans think of his future.
          Blaine has hurt Kurt. Kurt sort him out after the car scene in TFT. Blaine didn’t sort out him, Kurt had to make the first move. Sebastian insulted Kurt in front of Blaine in Michael, Blaine did nothing, but Santana did.
          Blaine is a selfish and self centered character that his actions and comments are covered over as we are meant to see him as perfect.
          And his past gaybashing, bet they have changed it so it never happened.

          • Haha says:

            I mostly agree with everything you said except the point where you mention his ‘character’. Because I believe it’s nonexistent. It’s changed every episode. And most of the time it’s just Darren. Anyway, a jukebox isn’t supposed to have any characteristic. XP

      • Jamie says:

        How does being completely in love with Kurt mean that he’s awful to him? The only thing I can think of is the car scene, but Blaine apologized and Kurt forgave him. Simple as that. Blaine transferred schools, almost gave up a leading role, and risked his sigh for Kurt. Also, love isn’t about being WORTHY of someone. It’s about being equals in the relationship and putting the other before yourself. The only thing I can say about Darren’s acting is that he’s fantastic considering the lines he receives on the show. Just watch him in How to Succeed and he’ll prove you wrong. His performance of Cough Syrup really showed me how amazing he can be.

        • Ann says:

          A+ comment tbh. Especially about real love and it not being about “deserving” someone, which is gross and objectifying.

        • kim says:

          so he can pull some faces that were totally
          wrong for the song.

        • anon says:

          he didn’t apologize for his actions–he apologized for the location. Apparently forcing himself on Kurt was A-okay though. He just needed to do it in a more romantic spot.

          • Jamie says:

            What show did you watch because that’s not what happened. Blaine said, and I quote, “Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to me. And you were right. Our first time shouldn’t be like that. I was drunk, and I’m sorry.” That certainly sounds like an apology for his actions to me. Stop trying to put words into his mouth and actually listen to what the characters say.

          • anonymous says:

            @ Jamie

            saying “I was drunk and I’m sorry” stil isn’t apologizing for the right thing. I think he at least needed a “I forced myself on you, and it was wrong. Being drunk isn’t an excuse” and to have not gotten exactly what he tried to take by force 15 minutes/ a day or two later. It was nonconsensual (if Kurt hadn’t been able to force Blaine off him, considering Blaine’s attitude, I don’t think Blaine would have stopped), and it was treated like it was on par with Rachel and Blaine’s drunk kiss when anyone with any self-respect and a clear mind could tell it wasn’t.

          • @anonymous says:

            Blaine didn’t need to apologize for “forcing himself” on Kurt, because he did not do that.

            He did not try to take anything by force for God’s sake; Kurt sat on top of Blaine and Blaine told him how much he wanted to have sex right then and there and Kurt got (justifiably) pissed and got off of him.

            Kurt didn’t have to force Blaine off of him, since HE was on BLAINE and just had to get up to get off of him. Blaine offered no resistance. Blaine was doing nothing but speaking when Kurt decided to get out of the car. He wasn’t groping Kurt, wasn’t trying to kiss him anymore, wasn’t trying to remove any clothes. There was nothing TO stop except Blaine’s drunken ramblings.

            So are you saying Kurt has no self-respect or clear mind? As the person in that situation, HE is the one who gets to decide if he feels assaulted, and he absolutely didn’t. He was hurt by Blaine’s words, not scared or assaulted.

            Blaine’s blanket “I’m sorry” covered all his behavior that night. “I was drunk” was him acknowledging that it was inappropriate to propose sex under such circumstances, NOT him excusing his actions because of alcohol.

        • Ana says:

          Kurt was the one to reach out for Blaine and I really HATED that. After the car scene Blaine should have been the first one to look for a way to mend things, instead after getting mad at Kurt for not accepting his advances (or fun as he put it) he still didn’t speak to Kurt first. Kurt had to start conversation complimenting Blaine about how good he was on the play. And yeah, this is most likely not Blaine’s fault but the writers who try forcing us to believe Blaine is so wonderful or never wrong enough to ask for forgivenes. That’s what REALLY makes me mad.

          • Jamie says:

            Blaine was drunk. Simple as that. He knew what he did was wrong and owned up to it. He apologized. What is so hard to comprehend? Sorry if the logistics weren’t to your liking, but the outcome was what was important. Kurt forgave him. Blaine didn’t need to ASK for it because Kurt willingly gave it to him. What more do we really need?

          • Neq says:

            Yeah, Blaine probably should have been the one to approach Kurt. But I take it he knew he messed up big time, you could tell he was beating himself up over it. Chances are he probably thought Kurt was pissed and didn’t want to talk to him. And I’m guessing Kurt probably knew this, which is why Kurt was the one to start the conversation.

          • Ana says:

            I found the “he was drunk” excuse so alarming. Really? If you go out with your boyfriend and he tries to “have fun” but you don’t want to, is it your fault? Doesn’t he hold any responsability? And NO. I absolutely disagree with “Kurt forgave him, that’s that”. I DISEGREE too with Kurt forgiving in that way. But mostly I disagree with the writers doing that in order to keep Blaine awesome and free of true fault. THAT is what makes people who dislike Blaine even more vocal. His affecting of characters completely rounded and flawed, without a purpose. Without any true staying effect.

      • chrissy says:

        Blaine treats kurt awful? He transfered to his school so kurt can have a magical year. Blaine went to prom with kurt when the last time he went to a dance someone beat him up. Blaine took a slushie for kurt, that had rock salt in it, which made him get surgery. Blaine stood up to kurt’s bully without even knowing who he is and he only knew kurt for less than a episode, which is somethinng a character has never done. Blaine said ‘you are the most intresting kid in ohio’, ‘you always zig when i think you’re about to zag and i just love that about you’, ‘i really care about him’ and so much more. Im a huge kurt fan and blaine doesnt treat him bad, hes made some mistakes but to say that kurt or any other character hasent is a lie.

      • Mary says:

        Haha, what show do you watch because in the one I watch, Blaine has been nothing but supportive of Kurt, especially as a boyfriend, and while he may have messed up a couple of times, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s absolutely in love with Kurt. He’s a teenage boy, he’s going to make mistakes, but he’s grown as a character and helped Kurt become a stronger person. He’s not the only reason Kurt is stronger, but he definitely helped and he would do anything for Kurt because Kurt is his world.

        • Ana says:

          Saying Blaine’s the only reason Kurt is stronger is not only one of the worst but the least accurate. While I do believe Blaine makes Kurt happy (universe knows why sometimes) Kurt’s always been strong. Whether voluntarily or by mistake different set of writters have acklowledged Kurt as one of the strongest students in general. Being Finn in Furt of Karofsky in On my way, they know Kurt is a very strong person, one that in order to be true to himself has to have such strenght, courage and integrity to keep on going and both storylines had nothing to do with Blaine.

      • Ann says:

        Oh you. Blaine is a constant source of love and support. And Darren Criss can act better than a fair few in the cast. If anything he overemotes. You can always tell what Blaine’s feeling. Which is usually love for Kurt :D

      • ibs says:

        I totally agree with you on all points. (I have posted similar comments here in the past.) If he’s singing, he’s alive, but without the mike or the pretense of performing, he fades back into himself. He seems incapable of expressing a fully realized emotion unless he’s singing.

        I knew what this season was going to be, The Blaine Show, and I truly did try to accept the changes so that I could continue to love Glee, but his presence had changed the nature of Glee, beyond the scenes he is in or the songs he sings. The rest of the characters have been wittled down to make room for him, song time has been lost to give to him, etc… Glee is a shadow of its former self and though it’s not Criss’s fault (it’s RIB+6), his arrival signalled the start of that change.

        What is most disturbing is that before Ryan Murphy lit eyes upon Darren Criss, Chris and Kurt were in the forefront of the show. Chris Colfer was the rising talent treated like a king. When Criss arrived on the scene, Kurt became the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of Glee. I’m sure ppl will disagree ad-nauseum, but in the communities on livejournal where I hang out, we constantly lament the day the spotlight was turned – away from this enormously talented and deserving young man – to the Usurper, Darren Criss. Because clearly, Ryan Murphy can’t give focus to two talented young men at once…

        And I miss Tina, g-di! (Tina is the polar ice caps of Glee – like global warming, an unsettling sign of the “climate” change of Glee…)

        • Darcy says:

          Kurt has been my favorite character since Season 1 and Blaine has been a favorite since he joined the show. The last thing I would call Glee is “The Blaine Show”. If anything it’s the “Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Santana Show” which is fine with me because I enjoy most of those characters. Kurt has tons more dialogue and stories than Blaine (and really any Glee character not named Rachel). Blaine rarely gets dialogue much less story. He does get more songs than Kurt but this is nothing new (other characters getting more songs than Kurt) – Chris only prefers to sing songs that have great meaning to Kurt’s story anyway. I would always love to hear Kurt sing more though. Also, Blaine does not get as many songs as Rachel, Santana or Mercedes. I do agree about poor Tina though.

        • Adam says:

          I LOVE Chris and Kurt and I absolutely HATE Blaine but I have got to disagree. I never understand the thought behind people saying Blaine is favored or that Glees the Blaine Show now.

          Blaine does nothing but sing and he’s hardly around when he’s not. Every story he’s had so far has been connected to Kurt and was majorily Kurts storyline. Blaine is also the worst written character on the show. He’s inconsistent and lacks developement. If thats RIB showing favoritism then I cringe to think of what he does to people he dislikes.

          That said I also completely dislike him. Like I said, he’s inconsistent, and underdeveloped and yet somehow they still manged to make him into an unbearable Gary Stu. In a show with a lot of not so great characters he is the absolute worst and Glee was made worse by making him a part of it.

      • JJ says:

        I love your comment Beth. You are right on the money here. Blaine/Darren has a very enthusiastic group of fans who think he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. In reality, he has a weak voice with a limited range, and can’t act anything outside of lovey dovey and idiotic drunk. The producers have to resort to having all of the actresses go all go gaga over him every time he sings, and piping in applause at competitions when he opens his mouth so that the average viewer thinks he’s good. Chris Colfer is an amazing actor, and he deserves a better scene partner than Darren Criss.

      • Jen says:

        The acting of Darren Criss is the only thing that has developed the character of Blaine, because the writers give him NOTHING! Darren is saving the character of Blaine, helped immensely by the acting of Chris Colfer as well.

        • True says:

          I think the acting of the characters is what saves them in many cases. Naya brings more to Santana than the writing ever could. Same with Lea and Rachel. Kevin makes me actually like Artie, who is actually a sexist jerk (though improving this season). Cory Monteith is the single saving grace of Finn Hudson.

          I think the actors (especially Darren, Chris, Naya, and Kevin) put way more thought and effort into the concept of their characters than the writers do. When you read/hear quotes by the actors, it’s always just, YES YES (ex. Kevin notes that Artie doesn’t treat girls well and thinks there’s some complicated reasons why, Naya thinks Santana’s “ghetto-ness” is a front, Darren has extensive and compelling headcanons for Blaine). And of course we know CC puts a lot of effort into Kurt; the only thing I disagree with him on is Kurt needing to go to NY alone to be “independent.” You can be independent with loving friends, family, and bf, which is exactly what Kurt is. You don’t have to be alone, which is what Kurt WAS, and he was miserable during those times.

          Anyway, I love Blaine (and several other characters), love Klaine, think CC and DC have fantastic chemistry and put a lot of thought into the dynamic of the relationship (probably the best scene to show their everyday dynamic is the scene in Blaine’s bedroom in TFT, honest, relaxed, caring, fun) and it really shows when they’re actually given scenes together.

          • blah says:

            See that is were Darren fails he doesn’t
            bring anything to the writing or the character.

            Rachel gets crap writing but Lea makes her work,
            Cory gets crap writing but make it work. Kevin too

            Santana and Kurt at least get a few storyline
            to sink their teeth in.

          • finnick says:

            No I think Darren does make the most of what he has given to him (which is next to nothing, unfortunately).

        • kiley says:

          What acting? LMAO. SMH at these stans.

      • Marni says:

        I’m always amazed when there are people who say they’re so turned off by one character on a show that they stop watching, yet they take the time to comment on articles about how much they hate that character.

        Different strokes, Blaine is one of the biggest reasons I’m still interested in Glee at all.

      • dee123 says:

        Yep. Blaine is horrible because HE CAN’T ACT.

        Dareen Criss in “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”

        See? The jokes write themselves.

        • ibs says:

          Money comment. I wish I could pay you! :)

          For all the fanfare, Dan Radcliffe still outsold Blarren in ticket sales, and by all reputable critics, outperformed him as well.

          If you’re already smitten with DC, you’ll never see anything but hearts and rainbows from him.

          In other words, you’ve got some thick, pink Darren-colored glasses on…

        • finnick says:

          I believe Darren made that joke first himself. No need for you to write it. He 100% knows what hes doing.

      • Ruby says:

        You’re making stuff up to justify your blind hatred of a character. Typical fandom behavior. Sounds like YOU are the one who is biased.

      • Alex says:

        I cannot stand Blaine either, but that’s because I feel like he stole the spotlight from the other cast members. I loved the way he sang in his first episode but then he just started showing up again… and again.. and again.. It just felt like they gave him so much more than some of the other cast members and he was just a guest star. I was content with the Valentine’s day episode until he showed up. I think they should add Rachel here too, I can’t stand her and her I-was-born-to-be-a-star-so-only-I-can-have-the-spotlight attitude sometimes but she is such a great singer.

    • Kris says:

      It is just that the people who don’t like Blaine spend way to much time spamming the internet about it as if it would change anything. He’s extremely popular.

    • Toni says:

      Anyone who has achieved the kind of success Darren has attracts haters, then you add that to people who want Kurt’s boyfriend to be the fantasy they have in their own heads. Glee has some crazy fans who have vendettas.

      • gorram says:

        Right! Klaine puts me to sleep these days, but the fact that I do not enjoy the pairing anymore has nothing to do with the actors personally. I fully, and accurately, place the blame at the feet of the worst writing staff on television. I really wish some of these tween fans would remember that.

      • Ellen says:

        Or maybe some fans just don’t like the character. Not everything is a big conspiracy. It is possible for people to look at the character, think his voice is unremarkable, think his acting isn’t impressive, and rather see other characters featured in both songs and screen time. I don’t think Blaine brings anything to the scenes that he’s in and it’s gotten to the point that I fast-forward his songs. I don’t care one way or the other about Darren Criss and I also don’t care about Kurt’s love life so I guess I’m someone who doesn’t fall into either of your categories.

      • me says:

        “Glee has some crazy fans”

        mte just looks as this mess of a thread, ik people like to see what they want when it comes to their favs, but there is a new level of delusion happening rn

    • Amanda says:

      That was my first thought too. He’s perfect!

      • Meg says:

        Blaine is not perfect. Stop saying he is perfect. This is why we dislike Blaine because you all insist he is perfect. He isn’t perfect. He is just an empty character with no development or depth. There is a difference. They could have done so much with this character, but all they use him for is songs. He doesn’t bring plot to the show, he hasn’t had ANY character development, and they keep having his character regress further and further with each episode. He was supposed to be an older, wise, mentor to Kurt. Now he is a clueless school boy who is YOUNGER. That is why people don’t like Blaine. Because when we look at him, all we see is how fair his character has been regressed…

        • Megan says:

          Just wait until next episode for some character development. Plus it’s not Blaine’s fault he got younger…

          • JJ says:

            Just wait until the next episode when Blaine’s development takes place only through songs, and flashback because Darren Criss is not a good enough actor to convey any emotions other than lovey dovey and drunken idiot

          • sam says:


          • finnick says:

            That’s the writers fault tbf. They write him as a prop for Kurt.

          • M says:

            Wow, they squeeze his whole ‘development’ in one episode. That is just a prove that his character is terribly written.

        • Ann says:

          Just because he’s a grade below doesn’t mean he’s younger. And he’s not clueless; he’s a very intelligent young man.

          But I agree he’s not perfect. Which is why I love him <3 He's flawed and real with hurts and insecurities, but a good person and healthy and confident overall.

          PS you can't simultaneously say they haven't done anything with his character AND that they've regressed him (they haven't regressed him).

      • T. says:

        Definitely not perfect. He has his moments of nastiness. What about when he told Sam that he wasn’t for sale? Talk about classist and slut-shaming! Sam was stripping to provide for his family. Someone who is portrayed as having money like Blaine is shouldn’t be judging other people. How about when he told Sebastain what ND was doing for REgionals and then instead of apologizing when they were justifiably upset, he just said they could find a new song. Maybe they didn’t want a new song. Maybe Blaine should have kept his mouth shut or apologized when he gave out the info. Blaine has been shown to have a bad temper. And that doesn’t include how he was in the car with Kurt. He was just gross in that scene and then Kurt had to come to him when that should have been Blaine’s responsibility. Plus he takes up too many songs with his unremarkable voice and too much airtime with his bad acting. I want to see the original characters have screentime (especially the graduating seniors), not Blaine. So yeah, some people really don’t like him and for good reason!

        • person says:

          He isnt perfect but every character isnt. Santana is one of the rudest characters , she said so much rude things including making fun of a handicap becuase she wanted to be with britt, yet everyone excuses her actions because shes santana. Finn has said so much rude things including beinh homphobic. Rachel said rude things and done things just so she could be on top. Quinn bullyed many people, including slapping a girl. kurt was rude. Sam has a temper problem too , hes had mutiple fights. How come we excuse these but when it comes to blaine its always heard of. Blaine did some bad things so doubt, but every character is flawed, maybe not tina though.and too much air time? He doesnt have a plot line besides singing.finn and rachel have way more screen time.

          • T. says:

            But this is a poll about Blaine. And people saying Blaine is perfect. Blaine is not perfect. I don’t care what the other characters have done and you have no ideas of which characters I do or don’t like so why even bring them up? I’m saying that I don’t like Blaine as a character and I think he takes up too much screen time. I also don’t like the whole Finn and Rachel storyline either if that makes you feel better.

          • bluh says:

            because those characters’ flaws are at least somewhat acknowledged in the show. Whenever Blarren does something horrible, it’s justified in a terrible, usually insulting, manner.

        • Jamie says:

          I will agree that Blaine is not perfect, but what would be attractive about a perfect character? Nothing. However, while Blaine could have had more tact, he was tired to Finn antagonizing him at every turn and after Finn agreed with Sam over Blaine, he got justifiably angry but took it out on the wrong person.

          Blaine has NOT been shown to have a bad temper. If anything he keeps things bottled inside until he explodes. And what Blaine was in the car scene was a typical handsy drunk. But he didn’t actually DO anything to Kurt that upset him. It was his suggestion of losing their virginities that upset Kurt.

          Also, to say that he takes up too much airtime is a total joke. The only storyline he’s had this season was during The First Time. but that was a Klaine storyline, not just Blaine. He wasn’t even on the show for two episodes and when he is it mostly involves him being a prop to Kurt and not his own separate character.

    • Dash says:

      For me, I hate Blaine for the same reason I hate Rachel. They over emote so whenever they are singing I just want to slap them in the face. I’m not a regular Glee viewer, I catch it when I can so I’m not as invested in the SL as other people are. Blaine is just obnoxious to watch. He could be a saint and I’d still hate watching him sing.

      • Lori says:

        LOL I’ve come to the conclusion the over exaggerated facial expressions is some type of musical theater thing. Idina Menzel did the same thing (weird facial expressions) when she was on, as did Kristen Chenowith when she played April Rhodes and so did Curt Mega when he had the lead in “Uptown Girl”. Grant Gustin pulled a couple during his performance of Glad You Came and I’ve also noticed Matthew Morrison having “show face” a couple of times and Megan Hilty’s done it a time or two on Smash. I never see anyone who doesn’t have a theater background do that so I’m thinking it has something to do with stage training. I could be wrong but I think that’s the case.

      • Yes says:

        Yes. Thank you. Yes! Darren Criss can sing and dance, but his talents are for the stage. He does not have the subtle acting that it takes for TV and that just makes his character over the top and hard to take seriously.

        • Samantha says:

          I agree he’s definitely better suited for the stage but I do think he’s gotten better onscreen since he first started. He did have a lot of “stage actor” in him like, with dramatic pauses and stuff like he was waiting for the audience to react. He’s kind of settled in a bit now. I like him well enough but OMG some of the faces he did when he first started during Warbler performances are hilarious. And Lea Michele. I adore her voice but I can’t watch her without cracking up. Jon Groff and Matthew Morrison do it too but they aren’t nearly as over the top with it as some of the others have been. Idina and Lea looked ridiculous when they were performing poker face LOL.

          • anon says:

            I honestly love Lea and Darren’s singing faces. They seem real to me. Those are the kinds of faces you make when you’re belting. I also enjoy Rachel’s ugly crying. I appreciate that Lea puts her performance before ~looking pretty at all times.

            I think DC was a little OTT (only at times) in his first few episodes, but I agree that he’s found his stride and has settled into some more subtle acting. Blaine’s inner conflict and discomfort in PQ were well played, DC (and CC) broke my heart in the best way in TFT, and Blaine’s fight with Sam was delightfully nasty (Blaine goes for the throat when he’s pissed off – but that whole fight was really about Finn, as we later saw). I’m excited for him to get some more real material to work with since I think he does great when they give the character some actual focus (though his background faces are top notch as well, ranking him with my faves for background reactions: Artie, Kurt, Santana, Rachel, Mike).

          • buhn says:

            gotten better? He’s gotten worse over the course of S3. God, Cough Syrup was a joke of a performance.

          • anon (@buhn) says:

            As I said, I love his singing faces.

            When you’re performing on a stage (which is what Blaine is usually doing, which is what Rachel is usually doing), you need to PROJECT your emotions to the back of the theatre. It’s realistic that they would emote very strongly; it just shows that Blaine and Rachel are meant for the stage.

            I was talking about his acting in non-singing terms, anyway. And have you noticed that in more intimate numbers, he doesn’t pull as many faces (BICO, for example)?

      • JIM says:

        For Rachel it works because that is who Rachel
        is.. She lives life as if she is in front of

        Sad how many people don;t get Rachel and
        miss the comedy in her.

        • finnick says:

          Blaine is also a performer though. They clearly written him that way. And he has his share of singing and performing trophies in his bedroom. Surely that was on purpose. And they seem to write Blaine and Rachel as The Wonder Twins. I think they’re supposed to be similar.

    • lacey says:

      Blaine is one of those characters that you don’t necessarily hate but do wish would leave. He was cute and likable in the beginning now he’s just dull. Also, I agree that Darren Chriss doesn’t seem like a very good actor.

    • ines says:

      I really hate him!!! but also half the cast of glee!!!

    • Dakota says:

      Blaine is not polarizing to anyone but the hardcore fans. Most viewers like him or they are indifferent.

      • Brianna says:

        Wow this thread is crazy! But I figured I’d throw in my two cents. I’m only a casual viewer, but something about Blaine just rubs me the wrong way. Like, he’s really boring, and he seems like kind of a jerk. Also, he takes up waaaay too much spotlight. He sings minimum one time in every episode it seems. He doesn’t have to like, disappear or anything, but if his character could just take a back seat for a while that’s be great. I’m just getting tired of seeing him and would love some more focus on other characters. (Particularly Kurt, Quinn, or Puck. They’re my favs!)

        • finnick says:

          His character has been taking a backseat though. Singing =/= developement.

        • Ruby says:

          God forbid the most talented singers get a chance to actually, you know, SING on Glee. Darren is, after Matt Morrison, the best male singer on Glee. OF COURSE he’s going to get a solo. Just like Lea is miles above everyone else and DESERVES a solo (or 12) every episode. That’s why they’re called “stars”.

          • bluh says:

            AHAHAHAHA thank you for that laugh.

            Darren can barely rank above Cory in S1 for singing talent, sry2say.

            If we actually had the most talented singers singing, Kevin and Chris would get all the male solos.

          • Amy says:

            Haha, do you pay attention at all? Darren has more solos than Lea, Amber and Naya, the three people who sing the most otherwise on Glee this season. You can add Chris, Cory and Kevin (the real second best male singer on Glee)’s solo count together and they still wouldn’t equal Darren’s count. He needs to sit down and stop solo hogging. That time could be used to develop characters that actually have storylines and personalities.

          • Marco says:

            Are you familiar with the term ‘overexposure’? Not to mention Glee isn’t only about the performances, and when in season 1 Lea had a solo almost every episode (heck, in the F13 in season 1, one episode had only ONE song, AND IT WAS HERS) the fandom was complaining, LOUDLY and unitedly. The should give everyone equal song time, not have some characters get one song once every blue moon (Tina) or NEVER (Dave).

      • Sam says:

        You’re delusional. I know a ton of people who aren’t “hardcore fans” and a LOT of them do not like Blarren.

        • finnick says:

          Well I can account for the opposite.

          • Sam says:

            I’m sure you can, as a blarren stan you are required to believe everyone loves him and tune out all the criticism he gets, otherwise you’d have to face how truly mediocre and useless he is.

          • finnick says:

            And I guess you have to do the opposite of that or else you’d pop a blood vessel.

    • Charlotte says:

      I hate him because he’s really boring and yet gets to sing every other song on Glee. No entertainment value.

    • Looped says:

      Darren Criss is not the only bad actor on Glee, but that does not change the fact that he IS bad. He is definitely in the very bottom rung as far as acting. Listening to his recordings, he’s fine, but watching him sing is painful with all of his herp derp nonsense (he distracted me completely from what was actually IMPORTANT during Cough Syrup, and not in a good way). His line readings are flat, dull, and lifeless. He is a bad actor.

      Consequently, Blaine is a boring character. Like the most boring one on the whole show. He is certainly not *perfect* unless your idea of perfect is robotic, derpy, and dull. He has no development to make him this so-called *perfect* person. There are no perfect characters on Glee, but at least the other ones are somewhat interesting and serve a purpose. Blaine is nothing but a prop, and an annoying one at that.

      Also, him being on Broadway and selling well for THREE WEEKS doesn’t prove anything. He was stunt casting at its best, and the fact that he was only there for three weeks and has an obsessive group of fangirls is the reason he sold so well. If he did a long stretch where people didn’t have such a low, fixed-amount of opportunity to see him, I doubt his numbers would stay the same because most of the reviews from actual professional theatre reviewers that I read called him mediocre at best.

    • Jax says:

      Blaines an unapologetic a**hole thats why I don’t like him. He slut shamed Sam and never apologized. His actions in the car scene after Scandles was unforgivable- still no apology(yes I’ve seen the scene and idk what that was but that wasn’t an apology at least not one the situation deserved). He took Tony in WSS even though he knew Kurt needed it for his NYADA application.

      If he were half as flawed/complex as many of his fans try to make him out to be that would at least make his character interesting but he’s not. He’s just a boring a*hole.

    • Haha says:

      Stay baffled.

      I hate him. The writers have taken every wrong step in developing this character and the actor’s mediocre acting doesn’t help the matter. Every likable character on Glee is ,first of all, funny and is there to be laughed AT. Pick anyone, you’ll find at least half a dozen of fail!moments played for jokes. I can hardly come up with any in Blaine’s case. He’s a jukebox and a Gary Stu. He doesn’t belong in Glee. No matter how loud the actor’s tween fan base is.

    • yo says:

      i cannot stand either of them and i’m quitting giee because of them… so, yeah… there you have it.

  5. Michele says:

    Castiel! I love him. He’s my favorite character on all of tv.

    • Kel says:

      People hate Cas fans more than they hate the character. All in all he was kind of a boring character and they made him into comic relief. He went from being this warrior of god to being a plot fix-it – such a cliche. Here is hoping that make him intresting again but for his obessive fans nothing will be enough.

      • Laura says:

        for his obessive fans nothing will be enough.
        How droll, I have the exact same thought about Limp Sam fans.

      • Mrs. Sam Winchester says:

        Man, I really hate people who like that one guy. Because that’s a totally normal and rational response. I mean, I don’t really care all that much about HIM, but the people who like him really grate my cheese. UGH. Liking stuff is SO LAME.

        • I don't care about your porn says:

          Oh the cleverness of you. Bi-bro all the way but I can magnanimous all season and you get what three episodes and a couple of moments in 7.1 and 7.2? don’t worry your pretty little slashy hearts – you’ll always have fanfic and porn.

  6. Sara says:

    I love Dan. I don’t understand how people could not like him. He is near perfect. His love for Blair is so pure. He is not malicious like say some one else on the same show.

    • Emily says:

      I hate Dan not because of how he treats Blair, but how he treats Serena, how he treated Vanessa, how he treats Nate, and how he treats even his own father at times.

      • Olivia says:

        So I guess you hate everyone else on the show then? Because they’re all awful to each other in different ways, and you must *especially* hate Blair and Chuck, right?

      • Ari says:

        I really hate Dan Humphrey. He is quite possibly my least favorite television character ever. I never really liked him but Jenny was always there for me to hate more. Then Jenny left and the full force of just how awful Dan is hit me in the face.

        • lacey says:

          Dan was ok in the beginning but he became such a d-bag. His treatment of the women in his life is just the tip of the iceberg, he seems to think he’s god’s gift to women. Then there’s his whole inflated ego making him think he’s the most talented person on earth and everyone who does not agree is just jealous. His little sister was no better but at least TM put us out of our misery by leaving.

          • al says:

            Lmfao. The only character that thinks he’s god’s gift to women is Chuck Bass. He has no qualms about using sex to manipulate women’s careers and is the biggest slut on this show. Oh fyi, the biggest indication of an inflated ego and unparalleled arrogance is from the character that goes around saying “I’m Chuck Bass.”

          • Liz says:

            I love both Dan & Chuck but Chuck is the bigger of the douche bags. As far as I can remember Dan doesn’t use girls as play things literally. I don’t see the issue with Serena. They treat each other like crap but they are usually there when they need each other. And as for Nate uhm didn’t he help him when everyone else turned their back on him. Seriously Dan is probably the most mature in GG. He is just a hipster so he has that whole who give a sh*t character

          • Ari says:

            I always find it really funny that you can’t say you hate Dan Humphrey without someone saying, “Well Chuck is worse!” Who cares? This isn’t about Chuck. This is about not liking Dan. You can dislike both of them. You don’t have to love Chuck to hate Dan.

        • justine says:

          I used to hate him until the awesomeness of Blair Waldorf rubbed off on him. He used to being a dull, higher than thou character and now he is sweet and witty because Blair brings these characteristics out of him.

        • Kristina says:

          AMEN. I hate him an unhealthy amount.

      • Sana says:

        lmao as opposed to how others treat them. Stop living in a delusional world. Dan is an amazing character!

        • Olivia says:

          All the characters do douchey things, but seriously. Chuck nearly ruined Dan’s entire life and career just because he knew Dan had a chance with Blair. Not to mention all the other terrible things he’s done, like treating Blair like freaking property.

          • aN says:

            WOW. Get over the property thing. It happened two seasons ago, he apologized. Something Dan has never sincerely done. Chuck admits he makes mistakes unlike Dan who think he’s better than everyone when he is just as bad, if not worse.

          • Olivia says:

            Are you serious right now? “Get over” a guy having his gf sleep with his uncle to save his stupid hotel? How about no, I will never get over it. And that half-assed “apology” was worse than no apology at all. Not to mention Chuck sent in that photo of DB kissing, not caring that it would financially ruin her and wanted her to stay in her loveless marriage so he would have a better chance with her. Dan wants her to be happy, Chuck wants her to be his no matter what the cost.

          • ChrisGa says:

            I actually think Dan’s the most interesting of the males on GG, though I have to say every one of those characters(male and female) have d-bag tendencies.

    • Cala says:

      Dan is an amazing guy, period…hope u get raped by a guy like chuck

  7. Luke Gelineau says:

    I nominate Henry from Once Upon a Time.

    Also Quinn, Laguerta, & Batista from Dexter.

    • DL says:

      I wouldn’t call Laguerta polarizing. I’m not sure there’s anyone who likes her anymore. I certainly don’t know anyone who does.

    • Brigitte says:

      I love Deb! Her blunt honesty is refreshing on a show where everyone is hiding something. I just hope they don’t continue Deb loves Dexter business.

      • Laurel says:

        I AGREE !
        The Deb crushing on Dexter storyline has got to go. It’s a possible jumping the shark for the whole show storyline.
        And I LOVE Dexter.

      • Castle Lover says:

        Agree 100%. Deb’s personality is one the best things about this show. But the whole brother-love thing was weird. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna see where it goes. Even though it’s weird and a little bit gross, I’m kind of curious to see what happens next.

      • Tessa says:

        I suspect they added the Deb-loves-Dexter storyline to complicate things more next season when we come back to Deb finally realizing Dexter’s true nature. If she only loved him as a sister there might have been a slight chance she’d do the right thing and arrest him. Now that we’re shown the dept of her love for him the dilemma will be much bigger.

        • Restless says:

          That’s a good point. Makes sense.

          I like Deb. :3 My mother watched Dexter too and is convinced she and Dex share the same father, no matter what anyone says, so she’s kinda side eyeing that whole love thing really hard. xD We’re both fairly sure the love will crash and burn quickly because of Dexter’s extracurricular activities anyway.

          • Castle Lover says:

            Show your mother the episode of the DNA test in Season 1. It’s been confirmed since then that Harry is not Dexter’s biological father. Which doesn’t make Deb’s “love” for him any less weird.

    • Kathy K says:

      You hate Quinn on Dexter, How do you feel about Jack on Gossip Girl? If you watch it that is.

    • Dahne says:

      Good call on Henry. He’s the reason I stopped watching the show. (Well, Emma and he.) I couldn’t stand his bratty ways another second.

  8. Clarissa says:

    Only one I really like here is Jenna from 30Rock.

    • lacey says:

      Jenna is awesome and the best part of 30 Rock. If I met her in real life I would probably run in the opposite direction but she makes for enjoyable tv.

  9. Jem says:

    Daniel Shaw! Absolutely loathsome that all the world’s problems can be hash-tagged: #IBlameShaw haha.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      @Jem – Hey there!

      I knew that the ‘Chuck’ fans would make their voice heard. Came here just to see if someone posted about “He who shall not be named”

    • Kayla says:

      Lmao amazing someone mentioned chuck!! I love u 4 this Shaw needs to go die in a hole, i’ll i have 2 say bout him Chuck and Sarah FTW!! Oh and i also absolutely love Damon!! And Elena :P All my fave characters right there!

  10. Steven says:

    The best part of including Jenna Maroney is that, were she real, she’d be happy to see herself in the gallery even if it meant being hated.

    I find it a little ironic, however, that “Glee” is represented by Blaine — the one character I don’t mind seeing in the TVline headlines. Literally anyone else on the show pisses me off, but him I’m okay with. Not because I particularly like his storyline (I’ve actually never seen his storyline, having given up on the show halfway through season one), but because it’s an excuse to see pictures of Darren Criss.

  11. Amanda Leigh says:

    Who. The hell. Hates Castiel? Seriously?

    • Anna says:

      A handful of people who think he steals focus from the brothers.

      • Dee says:

        A LOT more than a handful, I can guarantee you.

        There is no point to his character. He is completely Useless, especially without his powers.

        • Mekina says:

          Ha, yes, more than a handful! I can’t stand him, and I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

          • Susie says:

            No, only a handful of loud noisy haters who have nothing better to do than post hateful comments. Many, many, many more LOVE CAS SO MUCH. We are thrilled he’s coming back and hoping with all our heart for him in Season 8.

          • Emi says:

            Count me in as one more who can’t stand Cas.

          • Kay says:

            Count me in as one who LOVES CAS!!!!!!

          • Carlina says:

            Another one who doesn’t want Cas back. There are more of us than folks know ’cause we’re not screaming our heads off all the time.

          • Maria says:

            What a bitch you are, your Septic Tank buddies too. You must be hissing with rage at the fact Cas is back. We’ll just enjoy ourselves pointing and laughing at how pathetic and miserable you are. You lost! :-D

          • Maria says:

            *There are more of us than folks know ’cause we’re not screaming our heads off all the time.*

            LOL! You’re doing it on here. Like you always do and it makes you look so pathetic since Cas is coming back. How does it feel to be LOSERS?

          • Alison says:

            I sure don’t like him!

          • Castiel says:

            I don’t even like myself.

          • Dean Winchester says:

            I’m lookin’ forward to having my best friend back. Hasn’t been the same without him.

          • Tessa says:

            Lol @ the last comment by Castiel.

            I guess anyone who doubted Castiel was a polarizing character can look this thread for proof. Still only charismatic characters have such an effect. Weak characters aren’t loved or hated as strongly, they’re just ignored. Once you have a character that manages to incite wars between fans then you’ve stuck gold with that character. So this article is actually a compliment to all whom it features.

        • Restless says:

          I assume Sam and Dean are also useless especially without their powers.

          Castiel is not a hammer, there is more to him than what he can do for the Winchesters. Besides he was not useless in The End, or throughout season five when he lacked most to all of his powers.
          So spin the wheel of senseless hate and try again!

    • Maddie says:

      Lucifer, duh =P
      Eh, I have no idea, in all seriousness. I know a few people were annoyed with him, but those guys were definitely in the minority by a landslide.

    • Mekina says:

      I do, for one! And I know several other people who feel the same way. In fact, I cannot fathom why on earth people like him.

      • Laura says:

        I can’t fathom why on earth people like you. Assuming they do, which is obviously subject to confirmation in a large randomized controlled trial.

        • Mekina says:

          Why on earth people like me….what? Would be nice to have a complete sentence on that one. Once again, there’s no need to insult me. If you disagree with my opinion, tell me so. Feel free to tell me why and that you think I’m wrong and so on. But there is really no need to go after me as a person.

    • Ari says:

      I don’t hate Castiel but I don’t like him either. I’ve always been neutral on him.

    • Melissa says:

      I do! He’s over-used and has become almost like the “sonic screwdriver” of Supernatural. If the Winchester brothers can’t figure something out, they call on Cas and he fixes everything (at least that how it was in the last few season. I haven’t caught much of the new season). And unlike Bobby, Castiel has both unlimited power and knowledge so he can seriously fix anything. And also unlike Bobby, Castiel has few if any emotions which leads to no interesting dynamic between him and the brothers. When season 5 ended, he shouldn’t have showed up again. His role in the Winchester story was over.

      • Kathy K says:

        I’m not going to give you a hard time about how you feel aboiut Castiel because you seem pretty passionate. I did want to commnent about Cass’s lack of emotion makes him interesting, watching him work out what the humans are feeling. And he considers Sam and Dean friends, even as he worked against them. And the look of total devastation on Dean’s face when he finally figured out Castiel was working against them, I could feel Dean’s pain.

      • Dahne says:

        THIS!!! So much. It’s not really a matter of hating Castiel for me but more of hating the way the writers used him in seasons 5 and 6. Bobby may have lead to crucial information and he may have had the brothers’ backs but he had finite knowledge and there were many times when he just could not help. Cas was the ultimate get out of jail free card. I would have been much happier if Castiel had died nobly in Swan Song, a fitting death for a SPN hero.

        • Restless says:

          I can not think of any time off the top of my head where Bobby didn’t have the answer. =/ Except for not knowing how to save Dean’s soul, but that’s not a typical MOTW thing anyway.

          And most of the time Castiel has not been a Superman in the show. There have been plenty of creatures stronger than him, from demons like Alastair to the horsemen to Eve. Likewise as far as I recall his knowledge has only ever been in the Biblical sense. That seems pretty finite to me.

          Of course all that doesn’t matter, since I think it’s safe to say most Cas fans don’t love Cas because of his powers, but rather because of his selfless personality and extreme character growth. Hence why a lot of vocal fans would be happy with him being human (and I’d guess those unhappy would be because of the angst in “The End” and the belief that Cas has given up enough). Likewise most Bobby fans probably care more about Bobby’s tragic history and gruff personality than what knowledge he may or may not be able to dredge up.

          I find it a little sad when people only consider the characters based on powers and perceived usefulness. As Castiel said, he’s “not a hammer”.

          • Ash says:

            I agree with you. I have times when I like Cas and times when I don’t but overall I have no strong emotions about him. I think there are gaping holes in his knowledge and power. I found him interesting as a character because of his backstory. I think the end of the fifth season really gave them an out to let him fade and the writers brought him back and weren’t really sure what to do with him. The end of the 5th season is really where his arc SHOULD have ended. My only complaint about him is that in the 6th season he just kind of felt shoe-horned into the story line. I didn’t hate him though, but I didn’t love him either.

      • Sarah Jane says:

        Thank you, Melissa! I agree wholeheartedly. Castiel and the entire angel storyline should have gone away at the end of season five. Dragging it (and Castiel) back in was a mistake.

        Honestly, the best thing that could happen at the end of season seven is for Castiel’s character to be killed off. Just like all of the OTHER secondary SPN characters that have been killed off. Get rid of him.

        • Djkm1980 says:

          As all we Supernatural fans know the only sure fire way to get rid of a character is to get one of the boys to sleep with him LOL!!!

          Seriously only joking not a slash fan.
          So looking forward to having Cas back though. Hopefully get this season back on track. Def not my fave with only a few standout episodes

    • hayleeee says:

      The Cas fans make me hate Cas. They forget that the show is about 2 brothers, not an angel. He’s a great actor, and I loved him in Season 4 and 5…now, would be OK if he didnt come back at all. Cas fans are psycho.

    • Jo1027 says:

      Me. I hate every minute of screen time he’s had.

  12. Princess Adora says:

    I love Blaine!! His voice, his fashion sense, that face!! Yum ^_^ He’s my favourite character on Glee, which was a difficult feat as it used to be Rachel and Brittany

    • Princess Adora says:

      And I also LOVE Jenna (so glad she has more story this season!). And Chris on Parks & Rec! Genius! How can anyone hate those 2 OR Blaine???

      But I get Ted from HIMYM and Robert California being up here, although I think I’m on the love side for those two characters as well.

    • Sam says:

      Yet another stupid fangirl that only likes him because he’s played by supermegafoxxxxy hot Blarren.

  13. Kiersten says:


    Love him. He was a breath of fresh air when he showed up on Supernatural in Season 4 and he has been wildly missed in S7.

    • Dee says:

      Umm, no he hasn’t.

      He cannot always be there to solve the problems or magically heal the brothers.

      • Kiersten says:

        Uh yes he has. You have your point of view but from where I stand, tumblr and twitter ADORE CAS AND MISS HIM SO HATERS TO THE LEFT. WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE CAS BACK. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!A

        • Anne says:

          Just because Cas fans scream the most doesn’t mean they are the most.

          • Kiersten says:

            And just because haters try to post hate all the time doesn’t mean they are the most either. Love Cas. So glad he’s back! And this is a silly argument. So I’m just going to be happy Cas is back. Cas is Back!

          • Laura says:

            *Pets you*. Funny how it seems like the haters are the ones screaming loudest.

      • Kate says:

        He cannot always be there to solve the problems or magically heal the brothers.

        Um. But he isn’t always there to solve the problems or magically heal the brothers. And when he isn’t (as he hasn’t been all season) the PTB just invent another deus ex machina. So I respectfully suggest that this renders your argument invalid.

    • Evelyn says:

      Lulz. He really wasn’t missed. Can’t wait for them to kill him off again, this time for good.

      • Maria says:

        You might want to try reading the spoilers dear. He isn’t being killed off at all and it looks good for S8. :-)

        • Elly says:

          Even if he dies in the finale of season 7, do you really think they would even make a tiny, tiny hint to that? Of course they are going to say ‘he could be in season 4’, they want FANS TO WATCH THE REST OF THE EPISODES THIS SEASON. The Cas fans would riot if they knew he wasn’t going to be in season 8.

        • Lana says:

          Looks good for season 8? Why because he asked the producers to be back – lame and a little desperate.

  14. Sabi says:

    Oh yeah I HATE Dan Humphrey! He can die, I wouldnt care.

  15. Frederika says:

    How can Jess on “New Girl” be hated? If you don’t like her, then why the hell are you watching the show?

    • Emmits says:

      Schmidt… I mean, I like Jess just fine but if I didn’t I’d watch the show for Schmidt alone.

      • Sarah says:

        Agreed! I totally watch for Schmidt. The Jess character is too overblown and yes, we get it Zooey can sing, but for the love of GOD do we have to hear it every episode?

        As far as I’m concerned, I’m just waiting for the “Schmidt Happens” spinoff.I find that I like nearly every character on that show except for Jess.

        • lacey says:

          Jess has her ok moments but she’s definately not as funny or enjoyable as she was in the pilot. But Schmidt is the breakout star and I would watch a show just about him. The other two guy roommates are ok but really shine when Schmidt is in the scene with them.

          • Kristina says:

            I like her better in more recent episodes since they toned her down a bit. She was too much for me at first.

    • Rachel says:

      I thought that, too, but then I remembered that they also have Ted, from How I Met Your Mother, and while I don’t *hate* him, I certainly don’t like him. So I can see how you can be neutral or even a little annoyed by the main character, but still love the show because of a STELLAR supporting cast.

    • Alex says:

      That’s the exact reason I stopped watching! At first I liked the premise – and I loved the other characters, and to begin with didn’t mind Jess – but the more it went on I just found her too preachy, way too judgy, and she forces other people to do everything her way – and then is a complete b*tch if they tell her to back off. She’s the worst! Waaay too full of herself. So, depsite loving the supporting characters (all three of the guys, especially Schmitty! And the two gal pals – they’re both great) – I had to stop watching. Because you’re right – if you can’t handle the main character, and it’s obvious the main character’s personality is NOT going to change – time to jump ship. Very sad though… I miss the other characters…

  16. Mel says:

    Deb? Really? I think Deb is the best thing about Dexter. Yeah, they took her down a dark and ridiculous road this season with the whole brother-love thing, but she’s still the best part of what is now a rather boring show.

  17. Nancy says:

    Blaine! I absolutely love him!

  18. Jos says:

    Blaine’s become a character I hate and it’s all because he keeps singing pointless solos while everyone dances around and they’ve all started to sound like the same song.

    • Jamie says:

      mmhmm. riiight. because cough syrup and last friday night totally sound the same.

      • Randy says:

        lol so much win Jamie

      • gfds says:

        EPIC WIN

      • Anna says:

        And yet they both still sound bad with Blaine’s poor voice. There’s nothing exciting about him.

        • says:

          and yet you feel compelled to write about him.

          • Anna says:

            It’s a poll, it’s fun. They asked who do we love or hate and I fall down on the side of hating him. Why are you so defensive? Not everyone is going to like your favorite. You can’t bully them into liking who you like. And people like you actually make it even easier to hate certain characters because who would want to be associated with their fans.

          • Sam says:

            Holy slkndfe the whole point of this GD article is for people to discuss why they like or dislike a character, grow up and get over the fact that not everyone likes Blarren.

        • Ann says:

          Anyone with ears knows Cough Syrup sounds beautiful. Those kinds of songs are DC’s bread and butter. Best song of the ep, shame it was used in such a crappy way for Karofsky’s scenes.

          LFN was a heavily auto-tuned mess. DC sounds way better when they don’t autotune his voice to hell, just like Lea, just like the rest of the cast (except for the weak singers like HeMo and Harry, who because their forte is dance need a little help in the vocal department, though they’ve improved :D)

          Darren Criss has a beautiful voice, sorry for your troubles. And it just keeps getting better and more versatile. He sounded fantastic on Love Shack, and then brought the house down with Cough Syrup. I’d say Broadway did him good.

          • Marco says:

            ‘In a crappy way’? Wow. Just wow. You not only didn’t get the point of the song (dark but hopeful) against Dave’s drama (dark and hopeless) but you are also a disgusting human being.

          • Ann says:

            I happened to find the whole suicide plot incredibly offensive and a disservice to all characters involved, including Karofsky, who I can’t even stand. He was basically used as a plot device for the main characters and to spur on the Finchel wedding.

            I go the point of the number, and I don’t care. I feel nothing for Karofsky; he’s a fictional character that’s been poorly written and his “redemption” was half-assed at best, so I can’t really forget what he did to one of my favorite characters, Kurt, plus pretty much every other member of the Glee club and Blaine. I would have rather had Cough Syrup be about Blaine, not some random plot line involving a tertiary character. Blaine was recently assaulted; they could have focused on that.

          • Gleefan says:

            Karofsky is one of the most realistic and well-written/acted characters on the show, and for you to say otherwise indicates a very clear lack of empathy or realism.

            On the other hand, I completely agree with you observations on Blaine. Extremely talented, and adorable.

          • Rod says:

            wow… “such a crappy way”… sorry to disturb your pretty pink fantasies but Karofsky’s storyline is meaningful to many REAL gay people… it’s just annoying how a majority of straight teen girls think of themselves like “supporters of gays” just because they like Kurt or Blaine… ALL LGBT people deserves respect and understanding, not only the twinky pretty boys you use to fantasize at night…

        • Jamie says:

          Wow. You’d think that being in a starring role on Broadway (a role for which he was sought after by the directors/producers) Darren would receive more credit with fans. But still people are too blinded by their hate to notice that Darren has a GREAT voice. Why do you think he GETS all those songs?

          • Kaley says:

            He gets the songs because they sell (or at least they sold last season, when he had an acapella group to back him up). But just because something sells well, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s great. And just because some people don’t think it’s great doesn’t mean they are haters. Things can be good but still overrated and overrepresented.

          • ccuip says:

            Haha, his fans need to get over that broadway stint. He was stunt cast because he has psychotic fangirls that would pay $200 of go see him multiple times. He would (and should have) been ripped to shreds had they allowed the Broadway critics in. His voice has zero depth and he can’t play more that puppy struck dumb acting wise.

          • amanda says:

            You do know his entire run on broadway was stuntcasting to get some easy $$$$$ right?

  19. Dawn G. says:

    I wouldn’t nominate Tara from True Blood, though she can be mighty annoying, instead, I nominate Bill from True Blood. I swear, I want to stake him myself.

    • Ashley says:

      Can I help?

    • Nicole says:

      I agree. I couldnt even watch at first because of Bill…

    • Tessa says:

      Agree so much! Sookie too, along with her magical you-know-what! They bot should just walk into sunset hand in hand and let the rest of the characters be awesome on their own.

    • Amy says:

      I’m no fan of Bill, but Tara makes me want to gouge my own eyes out, she is so obnoxious. Also, to a lesser degree, Sookie. Though that has nothing to do with the character and everything to do with Anna Paquin.

    • TheBeach says:

      I really liked Season 1 badass Tara but hated what they did to her character after that.

      • Castle Lover says:

        I completly agree with you. I actually liked her in the first season, but now I can’t f- stand her! Hope she dies.

  20. Theresa says:

    On that list, hate Jenna Maroney, Deb from Dexter and Sutton Mercer.
    Love everyone on HIMYM so love Ted Mosby. Also love Jess from New Girl and Robert California. But most of all, love Chris Traeger. Rob Lowe is so great in that role.

  21. Mikaylah says:

    I definitely don’t hate anyone on your list. Sutton Mercer from The Lying Game is the closest to that though. As for Blaine, Castiel, and Owen, I LOVE them.

  22. BonesFringeFan says:

    Deb (Dexter), Ted (HIMYM) and Jess (New Girl) = LOVEE ‘EM.

    PS: Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop & Walter Bishop (Fringe) & Booth & Brennan (Bones) = LOVE ‘EM TO DEATH.

  23. sweetiepie1019 says:

    Lately, I love him. Between Dan and Blair, and Dan and Chuck, and, heck, Dan and Serena, a lot of the interesting relationships and stories on Gossip Girl revolve around him. I’m not going to make a case for him being one of the best characters on TV, or even the best character Gossip Girl’s ever had (that would probably be Chuck and Blair in the first two seasons, before they just spiraled into angst-filled, predictable, unhappy people) but these days, 80% of the scenes I actually enjoy watching on GG involved him in some way.

  24. J says:

    Not a fan of Castiel past S4. He was pretty obviously kept around for fanservice and for plot device reasons. I’m surprised to see that Alex from HE is a polarizing character. I’m mostly just sad about how excessively dumbed-down they made her seem in the second season. Love Deb Morgan and Amanda Clarke has grown on me a lot.

    • Amanda says:

      This is typical of Supernatural, though. They’ve been catering to the fans for years, before Cas even. And this is coming from a Cas (and Misha, whom is wonderfully charming and funny in person, by the way) fan. I was angry in how he was “killed off”, I personally thought Cas deserved better than that, however it angers me more that they’re bringing him back. Hardly no one gets to just die on this show, which again, is them catering to the fans, which annoys me to no end, and is a big part of the reason why I don’t love it like I used to.

  25. Roman H. says:

    Ugh. Blaine. I like the actor but the character is such a Mary Sue (google it) that he’s insufferable.

    • Ash says:

      Thumbs down. The bases of a Mary Sue is someone that is perfect outside the realm of reality. Blaine is just as flawed as every other character of the show. There are people he doesn’t get along with and he’s had confrontations. Hate him, go ahead. But don’t pretend it’s the bases for factual evidence that his character isn’t a good one.

      • anon says:

        Actually, no, he can be considered a Mary Sue. While Blaine has “flaws” they aren’t treated as such–Finn had a problem with him (he was ~jealous of his “being the most well-rounded memeber of Glee club” (ha)) and had to apologize to the guy who *slut shamed* someone trying to support his family, an action that was never treated as wrong and that was never apologized for (instead Blaine got apologized to, because clearly it was Finn’s fault Blaine lashed out and thus Blaine was not at fault for being a judgemental, classist jerk to Sam); after the car scene Kurt had to go find Blaine and apolgize to *him* first for basically not being fun enough, even though he had nothing to apologize for and Blaine’s offense was way, way, way worse but was treated as 1) on the same level as Kurt’s “offense” and 2) on the same level as Rachel and Blaine’s completely consensual drunk kiss in which Rachel did not order him to “Stop” or say “No” even once, and when he did apologize it wasn’t for forcing himself on Kurt–it was for trying to sleep with him in the car instead of somewhere romantic.

        When has Blaine ever been put to task for doing something wrong and treated as though he has? Because he doesn’t have flaws unless they are shown as actually being bad.

        He is a Mary Sue because even though Blaine isn’t a perfect character he is treated by those around him as if he is. Finn called him “the most well-rounded person in Glee Club” and Sugar literally had to give him a big, showstopping reintroduction while poor Tina gets a single mention for her absence an episode after she went missing for goodness sakes. He also fails the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

    • True says:

      If you’ve watched “Hold on to Sixteen” and “The First Time” you would have realized by now that he is not Mary Sue at all

      • M says:

        With the way they swept all of his problems under the rug and acted like he never did anything wrong… Yeah. Blaine is a Mary Sue. Get over it.

        • Nathan says:

          That would be Finn lol. I hate Blaine but Finn is the KING of doing shady things to people and getting away clean.

          • Jennifer says:

            So much truth to this. All of the characters do bad things but Finn is the only one who consistently gets away with it unscathed. Not only that, but he often ends up being celebrated and cheered by the very people he screwed over (Kurt, Santana, Sam, just to name a few).

          • K says:

            Finn? Really? Finn has so many flaws and they are highlighted. He is pretty much the opposite of a Mary Sue. Please. He is probably the most complex character on the show.

          • David says:

            lol A Mary sue lacks flaws. Finn has plenty of them.

          • lol says:

            Finn has so many flaws I can’t even count. He’s definitely NOT a Mary Sue.

        • Ann says:

          Au contraire mon frere. Blaine’s misdeeds are always framed as wrong. He apologizes when he screws up, and his occasional nastiness is framed as just that: nastiness. Just because he’s not a constant asshole like Santana (love her, don’t get me wrong) or constantly selfish and mercenary like Rachel (also love her) doesn’t mean he’s a Mary Sue. He’s a good guy, but certainly has his flaws.

          Contrast Finn, who outed Santana, then blackmailed her out of the closet. And it was treated like he was doing her a favor. She sobbed in his arms and thanked him for showing her how to be gay (WTF).

          • your brain says:

            No they aren’t.

          • Sam says:

            Wow take off the blarren stan goggles. When did Blarren ever apologize to Sam for his INCREDIBLY obnoxious and out of line comments? He didn’t, that’s when. Finn apologized TO BLAINE. Because Blaine is SOOOOOOO PERFECT and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TALENTED that Finn was just SOOOOOOO JEALOUS AND THREATENED BY HIS AMAZING PERFECTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 Definition of a May Sue.

          • WTF says:

            Put away your Blaine stanning goggles and really watch the show again.

          • @Sam says:

            Did we see Sam apologize to Blaine for shoving him. No, because their resolution happened off screen. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

            Finn apologized to Blaine because he’d been a jackass for no good reason to him for months. And that scene was still framed as Finn coming to collect one of his flock and lecturing Blaine on being a good team member.

          • Oh please says:

            why SHOULD sam apologize for shoving Blarren? Blarren was acting like a huge, obnoxious TOOL and he deserved to be punched in the goddamned face. Also, if it was never mentioned on TV, it never happened. Once again, take off your ****** blarren stan goggles for once in your life and just admit that Blarren is an asshole. Finn apologized to Blaine because he’d been a jerk to him BECAUSE HE WAS JEALOUS OF HIS TALENT. HENCE, MARY SUE.

          • lol says:

            I lol’d when he called Sam a slut.

          • @Oh Please says:

            Uh because Sam technically assaulted Blaine? And Blaine could press charges if he wanted?

            No one deserves to be punched in the face; what a horrible outlook to have.

            Yes, Blaine acted like a jerk. So did Sam. Later they were hugging and celebrating together. OBVIOUSLY we can infer that something happened to get them from A to B. Especially on Glee, where many conflicts are solved off screen.

            Finn’s insecurities re: his talent were clearly established at least in TPPP and definitely in his break down in TFT. It was clear to anyone with a brain that he was acting like a douche to Blaine for months because he felt threatened by him. Blaine is talented; the show has demonstrated that canonically he is a very good singer, dancer, and actor (whatever you may think of Criss’s talents) – he was the lead in WSS, he can keep up with Mike in dancing, he has singing trophies, he was the lead soloist at his old school, he has tons of performing experience besides (summer job at Six Flags, performing at theme parks, gigs at King’s Island for Christmas). Finn’s explanation for his behavior was not at all surprising or unreasonable, if you bother to pay attention and use your head.

            And just because Blaine is a triple threat talent, that doesn’t make him a Mary Sue. Jesse’s a triple threat, Rachel’s a triple threat, Santana’s a triple threat – are they Mary Sues just because they’re talented? Nope.

            Blaine has his flaws, and they’re acknowledged in canon. I suggest you remove your butthurt goggles and maybe you’ll see things a bit more clearly.

  26. Cindy says:

    Pierce Hawthorne is streets ahead of everyone on that list!

  27. Kay says:

    Castiel – I ADORE him. My favorite character on Supernatural along with Dean.

  28. Ashley says:

    Of the shows I watch:
    1. Pierce – mehh… generally strong dislike.
    2. Deb – major dislike, not quite hate, although being in love with Dex is leading to hate.
    4. Blaine – I liked last year, kind of like this year?
    5. Dan – Love Dan. Love Blair. HATE DAIR. Team Chair and Derena.
    8. Ted – Like the least of all the group, but I still love him.
    12. Jess – LOVE! Team Nick and Jess.
    13. Adrianna – Mehh.
    16. Amanda – HATE. Seriously.
    17. Karen – LOVE! Hate Ivy, Team Karen and Derek!
    18. CASTIELLLLLLL!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I love you, so much! Only 6 hrs left!
    20. Tara – HATEEEE! So happy when she died at the end. Hope it sticks!

    • Ari says:

      I think you are supposed to hate Pierce, especially last season. I like Deb but girl is dumb as rocks sometimes. I agree about Ted. He is definitely the group douchebag but I still love him. Every group has one.

    • cj says:

      eghk no karen & derek. i am team karen-and-somebody-else-who-is-not-an-ass-hat-and-i-dont-care-if-derek-is-supposed-to-be-misunderstood-he’s-still-an-ass-hat.

  29. Bibi says:


  30. Jones19 says:

    I hate Tara from True Blood and Deb from Dexter. Other ones I don’t know or love. How could anyone hate Castiel? Or Rick from The Walking Dead? Or Dan from Gossip Girl? Blaine and Ted too. All nice guys. Weird.

    • Ari says:

      Personally, I don’t Rick but I strongly dislike him. He just talks way too much I feel like he always thinks he’s in therapy and needs to fully discuss his every emotion.

  31. Juno says:

    How can anyone hate Blaine Anderson? It’s like hating on rainbows and sunshine.

  32. Heather says:

    I loooooooooove cassssssss so ready for the new epsiode tonight

  33. Salyiha says:

    CAS ALL THE WAY!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM! I don’t think I will ever love a fictional character more than him. My love for him is stronger than for some real life people. I just think it’s sad that he has to be in such a poll, because I just can’t understand how one can hate him.

    • Melanie says:

      Wow, that level of obsession with a poorly written and acted fictional character is sad.

      • mo says:

        idk the level of hate you seem to display for him could be considered just as sad.

      • Kate says:

        Wow, that level of obsession with a poorly written and acted fictional character is sad.

        With respect, your dedication to posting your hatred for him on every single online article that mentions him suggests your obsession is just as sad if not rather pathetic.

  34. Kate says:

    I’m not at all polarized about Castiel – I love him and can’t wait to see him again, and I think the signs all point to Misha being a regular in S8, which is great for the show and great for the Js, who’ve both said how much they miss him. :-)

    • Nina says:

      Is this true?! Is there really a chance Misha will be back in Season 8? I haven’t watched Supernatural since season six and I haven’t really hung out in the fandom since then. So, I would really like to know if this is something that might actually happen!

      • Kate says:

        It’s conjecture really, based on some positive sounds from various SPN producers and also from the Js, but I’m hopeful! :-)

        • Nina says:

          I knew it was too good to be true. I was thinking about tuning back in if Cas was back. But those “positive sounds” from the producers will probably turn out to be nothing but hot air in the end, lol. Thanks for the update, Kate! :)

      • Lisa London says:

        Hold your horses, SPN has not yet been renewed for an 8th season… Fingers x though!

        • Nina says:

          I wouldn’t worry. It’s not like CW has anything else to replace it with that gets better ratings besides Vampire Diaries.

    • J says:

      If it’s NOT confirmed that he’s back (angel, human, whatever) then this season is the last for me. For me, It stopped being about two poor lonely boys hunting demons and started being about those boys and their FAMILY so for TPTB to rip all that away just for the sake of drama… No thanks. I’l stick to my Star Trek and Highlander DVDs.

      So here’s hoping more Cass in season 8!!

  35. D says:

    I love Deb, Jess, and Karen. I don’t really see anyone one here that I vehemently dislike, but I’ve never seen half these shows, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

  36. Priscilla says:

    From the shows I watch, I love the characters that were nominated, except Tara from True Blood.
    AS for the nomination, I think Laguerta from Dexter, she’s usually the most hated one.

  37. Alex says:

    Owen Hunt is despicable. I realized he was an ass way back – when Jackson showed up and kissed Cristina, I thought “finally, they’re ending Cristina and Owen!” what a total dead end that plot was. He is a sanctimonious, pig-headed, close-minded jerk. His arrogance when he shouted “nobody doesn’t want kids!” WOW, Owen, some people in the world actually THINK DIFFERENTLY than you. It also felt a little sexist.

    Anyway, I guess I feel strongly about it.

  38. Mel says:

    And Ted from HIMYM? Yeah, kind of squeaks me. Sometimes I find him funny, sometimes he annoys me, but I never really see him as the guy that would be the great romantic catch for any woman, so don’t know why he’s so picky. Maybe at the end of the show we’ll find out he was never actually married, and those two kids aren’t “real”.

  39. Shirin says:

    I unfortunately don’t have the time to articulate why exactly I hate him, but I HATE BLAINE. He’s the most bland, annoying, one-dimensional character I’ve ever seen.

  40. Star says:

    Awww Dan is awesome, and I love him. A really nice guy with flaws and who will treat Blair right. :)

  41. chrissy says:

    people just dislike blaine because he sings a lot of solos, besides that he doesnt really do anything. I personally love his voice and his character, i just need more development. So yea overall as a character i love him :)

    • Shirin says:

      But since he doesn’t do anything but sing pointless solos in a mediocre way, how can you love his character? There’s nothing to love except the superficial.

      • Tami says:

        Umm, let’s see. He has severe daddy issues. Blames himself for ruining away from his bullies. Has been shown to be a perfectionist. Cares a little too much about what everyone around him thinks. Transferred from the safety of Dalton for the person he loves. Took a Slushie and almost lost an eye for the person he loves. Is the only person who has ever made Kurt smile the way he has since they met. You’re right. Nothing there to love. Nope.

        • kiba says:

          omg..that’s quite a headcanon.

        • Lol says:

          Lol… I am sorry. Almost lost an eye. No. He got a scratched cornea… People get scratched corneas all the time and don’t have to miss 2 weeks of school. As for the daddy issues… All we know is that Blaine’s dad tried to work on cars with him. We have no canon evidence to support that Blaine’s dad actually has a problem with his sexuality. If he did have a problem with his sexuality then why would he let Blaine leave a prestigious school to move to a lesser school to be with his boyfriend? You need to separate what you think from what has actually been confirmed..

          • Madison says:

            Maybe people think Blaine’s father has issues with his sexuality because that was what Blaine said. “he did because he thought getting my hands dirty would make me straight”. Whether Blaine was right or not remains to be seen but don’t act like people are pulling things out of thin air. BLAINE is the one that put the idea out there that his dad has issues with him being gay. He could have been completely wrong about his father’s motivations but that’s how HE took it. I work in a center that counsels LGBT teens who have been kicked out for coming out and I’d venture to say that if Blaine made a comment like that it came from somewhere. No one jumps to that kind of conclusion out of the clear blue. It could have come from Blaine’s own fears and maybe he misunderstood his father’s intentions/motivations but we don’t know that. All we know is that there was a time where Blaine fully believed his father had issues with his sexuality. That HAS been established in canon.

          • Katie says:

            LOL You aren’t kidding! I scratched my cornea a few years ago and all I had to do was wear sunglasses for a few days. Blarren!headcanon is just too hilarious.

          • anon says:

            Santana: “Blaine might lose an eye.”

            And you know, that part where he had to have surgery on his eye.

        • Sam says:


          • anon says:

            You…you know when things happen on the show, that’s not headcanon, right?

            Daddy issues – Blaine: “I think he did it because he thought getting my hands dirty might make me straight.” (whether or not Blaine is correct, obviously there’s an ISSUE with his DAD)

            Blames himself for running from bullies – Blaine: “I ran, Kurt. And it’s something I really, really regret.”

            /I don’t think Blaine’s a perfectionist or is overly concerned with what others think, but I can see why people might interpret his character that way.

            Transferred from safety for the person he loves – Er, see TPPP, where Blaine transferred to WMHS. Blaine: “I did this for me, because I can’t stand to be apart from the person I love.”

            Took a slushie for the person he loves – Sebastian threw a slushie in his face whilst trying to hurt Kurt.

            Almost lost an eye – Santana: “Blaine might lose an eye.” Also, eye surgery, and he was terrified to go under the knife. (that’s not headcanon, btw, Blaine: “Honestly, I’m terrified.”)

            Only person to make Kurt smile like he has since they met – If you watch the show (do you, even?) Kurt most often smiles with real joy when Blaine is involved.

          • Sam says:

            you… you do know you’re the definition of a blarren wooby-ing idiot, right?

          • LOL says:

            I know this is glee, but he explicitly stated he had issues with his dad, and was bullied- that was why he moved to Dalton…

          • @Sam says:

            I don’t know what definitions or special terms float around in your head, but they don’t really seem to match up with actual reality.

          • @Sam says:

            So….care to explain what in anon’s post is not legit canon? Oh, right, you can’t.

        • lola says:

          WHAT FATHER ISSUES? Has it ever been dealt with on the show as an actual storyline??? It’s all in your imagination or your fan fiction.

        • wtf says:

          What severe daddy issues? He built a car with his dad but the writers never said whether that was because papa Anderson was a homophobe or if he just liked building cars and wanted to share that with his son.

          When was he shown to be a perfectionist or care a little too much about the people around him? Were these super secret episodes only Blaine fans got to see?

          • anon says:

            The point is they obviously have a strained relationship. If Blaine doesn’t feel like his dad accepts and loves him, then his dad is failing as a parent.

            I agree that he is not a perfectionist. I also don’t think he is overly concerned with what people think of him.

            I do think he has other flaws and insecurities though.

          • anon says:

            What about Blaine saying he felt like his Dad only did it so he would butch up?
            I might be paraphrasing. But I remember him telling Burt that.

      • chrissy says:

        I actually love his voice, especially on cough syrup. I love his character because of how he treats my favorite character kurt. Id rather have him have an actual story line then sing obviously. Im sorry but besides the number of solos he has he hasent done anything for me to hate him. And to say that he steals all the songs is wrong because his season naya and amber have been singing a lot. Naya has sung in every episode besides one ?

  42. iamerika says:

    I think another character from True Blood who is ‘polarizing’ is Bill Compton. That character evokes strong feelings of ‘hate’ for me.

  43. deborah says:

    Castiel – – LOVE HIM!!

  44. Kristin says:

    I LOVE Ted on HIMYM, and Blaine is one of the few characters I can stomach on Glee.

  45. Lindsey says:

    I watch about half of these shows and with the exception of Betty Draper, I was unaware that people hated these characters so much. I knew there were people who didn’t like Ted Mosby, but I didn’t know he was so widely hated. I guess I’ve never really seen the hate for Jenna, Pierce (well, to an extent), Alex, Jess, Robert California (I’ve seen a bit of it, but most of the hate seems to go toward Nellie), or Chris Traeger.

  46. s says:

    Jenna is perfection on 30 Rock.
    Blaine is awful and obnoxious.But girls love him. I guess his fans are more of a turn off than him.

  47. Goku says:

    I don’t hate Karen, but I don’t like her either. She is just really boring and useless character. She can sing, but she had only two good songs(20th Century Fox and Let Me Be Your Star) and a few weak covers so far, in opposite to Ivy who has great new original song in almost every episode and has got better voice.

  48. Maggie says:

    I have a STRONG dislike for Karen Cartwright from Smash. Not really sure why, but for whatever reason, I always feel like throwing my shoe at the TV when she comes on screen (which is usually a lot). If there’s anyone else Out there who feel the same way, comment so I know I’m not crazy!!!

  49. shiremaid says:

    And where is hell is the name “Gregory House”?

    • kirads09 says:

      Good call on that one.

    • Sarah says:

      Amen to that! People may hate him but I love his character. Before season 7 that is. And what about Cuddy? She is really hated by the House fandom

      • shiremaid says:

        Have to admit, can’t stand Cuddy! Starts with “Oh I love you just the way you are” *simpering* then seems like every episode there’s something she wants different. HER needs change so House has to change to conform to HER needs????? WTF! Women have been doing this to men for so long, it’s darned hard to find a man you love, then try to convince you’re sincere when you say you don’t want them to change, but they’re so intimidated we don’t have a chance!

        You have to admit, Greg House is a bloody interesting character, and let’s face it, there’s a lot of women out there, myself included, who want interesting.

        • dezertflower says:

          I dont mind Cuddy, Its Thirteen I cant stand. I have hated her ever since they put her on the show.

          • shiremaid says:

            Really? Did you know that Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison were not asked to return for the series ending? Yet in her last two interviews, Olivia Wilde remained quite tight lipped, and it has been rumoured that her publicist insists that if anyone asks her about being asked to return, they are in violation of a confidentiality contract? Hmmmmmm, me thinks we’re going to see Thirteen one more time……….. (psst I manage the Facebook page “House MD Quotes”….I have my own idea of what should happen in the finale. If you’re curious, feel free to check it out.) THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO MICHAEL AUSIELLO.

  50. Charlie says:

    I love Blaine Anderson and I love Dan Humphrey.
    Who hates Ted Mosby? That´s completely new to me, I love him. Josh Radnor is lovely.