In Plain Sight's Final Season: Mary's Bad Dad, Marshall in Drag and 3 More Things to Know

USA Network’s In Plain Sight is launching its final season tonight at 10/9c, with the first of the procedural’s last eight episodes. And as if there wasn’t already a lot of ground to cover during this send-off salvo – including but not limited to Mary’s new “job” as mom, and whatever more-than-professional feelings may exist between her and Marshall – Season 5 will also introduce us to Mary’s long-MIA father as well as serve up other twists.

Here are five themes to be on the lookout for as U.S. Marshals Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann set their sights on their final adventures, as revealed by series leads Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller.

NOT-SO-HEAVENLY FATHER | Around midseason, Mary will at long last come face to face again with Jim Shannon, to be played by Terra Nova‘s Stephen Lang. “We’re going to deal with one of the big stories of the series — the relationship between Mary and her father,” said McCormack, who has been excited to dive into the dicey dynamic. “This is a guy who left when she was 7, and [his absence] had a huge influence on the person she is.” The actress is mum on the specifics of how Dad enters the picture, but she does note that since he was a fugitive, “It’s a pretty big deal…. It’s not an easy reconciliation. You get a real sense of just how much damage [his leaving] did to her, and how much she really wishes it had been different.”

OH, MOTHER | Prior to tackling her daddy issues, Mary will have plenty of time to adjust up to her new role as a parent – whole her own newly sober mom hints at making tracks. “There are lots of things going on in her life,” said McCormack. Adding in Marshall’s growing closeness with Abigail (played by Rachel Boston), “Everyone seems to be moving out of her life.” But will the stress of motherhood make Mary even crankier at the workplace? “Oh, she’s already pretty maxed out on the grouchiness,” Weller noted.

WHAT A DRAG! | For what we can only assume is an undercover assignment of sorts, Weller makes like a woman in one episode – “and that’s a hard memory for me to shake, as much as I’d like to,” McCormack admitted to her scene partner. “It was shocking, because Fred, I think you’re handsome. And it just does not translate. You are not pretty.” Weller concurred, saying that as a woman, “Really, I’m homely.”

ROMANCES ‘MESSY’ AND MISMATCHED | Weller said the evolution of Marshall and Abigail’s relationship is “so stressful” for his alter ego. “I mean, he’s in a serious relationship with this girl, and then he’s working with this person that he knows he’s got feelings for.  
     Mary, for her part, will cross paths with former fiancé Raph (played by Cristian de la Fuente) as well as field some flirtation from Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins. “Josh plays this guy who I meet in a coffee shop and sort of share a sense of humor with,” McCormack shared. “He certainly does his best [to woo Mary].” Not to be left out, Stan (Paul Ben-Victor) will land a leggy lady friend, played by Wayne’s World hottie Tia Carrere. Wait, what? “We’re going to be all a-titter about it,” Weller said of the hot new topic in office gossip.

OUTTA SIGHT | As one can imagine, just by the above summary of scoops, “There’s a lot of stuff going on” during the USA series’ swan song, McCormack noted. “I mean, I think these eight episodes are some of our best.” But when it comes time to shoot the very last scenes, the actress admits, “I imagine the end is going to hit us hard, because I don’t think that this relationship that Fred and I have happens a lot. I mean I’ve been making television for a thousand years — I’m as old as the hills — and I’ve never worked with anyone that I just work with so easily.”

Will you be tuning in for In Plain Sight‘s final run?

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    It is so hard to imagine all of this in only 8 episodes! Especially getting some good Mary/Marshall stuff before the end. I love the show though, and can’t wait to see what happens. Season premiere tonight!

  2. Velvet says:

    I am so bummed this is the last season of In Plain Sight. It was so good last season.

  3. Mack says:

    I wish it wasn’t IPS swan song beginning tonight.

  4. anotherjoy says:

    I just hope they wrap these many and varied threads up properly (especially the Mary/Marshall stuff) in the little time they have left. It seems like a lot going on for so few episodes.

  5. Colette says:

    Sad it’s the end and hoping that the writers do it the justice that it needs in 8 episodes. I’ve loved it from the start Mary and Marshall are a favorite of mine.

  6. kristine says:

    I am going to miss this show so much. Mary Shannon might be one of my favorite TV characters ever on television. I’d wish they’d given it more episodes for the last season.

  7. Amy says:

    I am so bummed out that this is the final season, & I can’t believe they’re expected to wrap everything up in 8 episodes. I won’t be missing an episode, that’s for sure. Mary Shannon is one of my favorite characters in television history, & the relationship between Mary & Marshall is near the top of my list too!
    In ending the show, the way they handle Mary & Marshall’s relationship is probably the most important thing to me. As long as they do that justice I’ll probably be happy. I’m just praying the writers end this series in the way it deserves & all of the loose ends are tied up nicely. Hopefully since they knew going in that it was the final season they had the time to do that. Fingers crossed!

    • Deena says:

      I think you wrote exactly what I’m feeling. I was crushed when I found out the show was ending, especially in only 8 episodes. I’m with you in hoping the writers don’t disappoint us, especially where Mary & Marshall are concerned.

  8. bill says:

    When will we see Eric The Actor make his appearance?

  9. Anna says:

    Why is IPS being canceled?

    • moobear says:

      Why….because a lot of people (myself included till netflix showed me my error) brushed the show aside as yet another “I’m a tough as nails (insert law enforcement agency), who also happens to be hot, but I have this hole in me because (insert, mother was killed, partner was killed, my dad was a criminal and left me [not just IPS, but also Chase, etc]), actually 30 Rock last week touched on this cliche.
      Now, the thing that IPS had going for it, was it’s amazing writing and chemistry between the cast. The show was a total homage to classic Hollywood, from it’s rapid fire Tracy-Hepburn’esque dialog that was so dry it bordered more on sardonic then sarcastic, to the voice overs that are reminiscent of old Hollywood noir detectives, I mean the first episode did tilt it’s hat to Columbo.
      Actually, I’m surprised the show lasted this long, there seems to be a dwindling number of people who want wit and intelligence in their entertainment. Wow, now if I could only sum up what I just said without sound like a pretentious a–hole!

      • Butch Fralia says:

        I’ve got to point out the Marshall’s service is the oldest federal law enforcement agency and generally tough as nails by reputation and performance. Like the military services, they have tradition to uphold.

        There’s definitely a lot of wit and intelligence in the writing.

    • George says:

      The end of the show is mutual understanding with the show producers and USA Network. Mary McCormack has kids and recently had a baby in the Fall. So she want more time to spend with her family. She recently signed on comedy pilot on ABC. So she obviously won’t be lead on that show.

      • MAS says:

        This was certainly the way it was packaged, but Mary was recently quoted as saying ‘I would do this show forever’ which left me scratching my head. Were we duped? Did she have a change of heart? Or, is she just feeling wishful now that it is certain it will end?

        • moobear says:

          George & MAS:
          I read that the cancellation actually caught them off guard, so that they were left scrambling to wrap up the loose ends in these final episodes and that there was some shock that they weren’t even given a full run for their final season….well as full as a run gets for a summer cable show.

  10. TrulyRoxie says:

    I’m still upset that this show is ending! I am looking forward to these next 8 shows.

  11. maggie says:

    I’m sad this show is cancelled. IPS is one of the best shows on tv. Mary McCormack talks about how she never worked with someone so easily as Frederick Weller, and that shows in their characters. Mary and Marshall fit together so well, and their relationship seems so real and natural.

    Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller need to work together again. Maybe they can make an “In Plain Sight” movie, or series of movies.

  12. Brooke says:

    Only 8 episodes?? I’m heartbroken, I’m going to miss this show so much.

  13. MAS says:

    I am conflicted about the Mary/Marshall relationship. I saw it happening. I was routing for it. Then Marshall paired up and that seemed to be going pretty well, and Mary having a baby I thought pretty much put the nail in the coffin as far as I could tell. I will be tuning in to see how the writers handle it.

  14. barbara says:

    I’m still hoping for a Marshall/Mary happy ending…..he’s so cool. He’s endlessly amusing, and he cares for her.

  15. Emily says:

    I truly love IPS. I’m SO sad this is the last season, and even more so that there are only EIGHT episodes..:( IPS isn’t just a boring procedural and it hasn’t ever gotten old. I’ll admit I never wanted Mary to have a baby, but I still love the show. I hope Marshall and Mary work it out in some way.

  16. Peyton says:

    Until last season – with Mary’s pregnancy – I really enjoyed this series. A strong woman working with strong men as an equal – now that was some really good TV. It WAS a great show as long as it focused on the perils/challenges of the WITSEC program and let Mary and Marshall do their jobs. On Mary’s homefront, Brandi and Jinx were two of the most annoying characters; they should have been relegated to minor characters or removed altogether in my opinion. I have loved this series because Mary was a smart, no-nonsense US Marshall. The writers seemed to have a hard time deciding if the show was to be about Mary’s dysfunctional family or about her and her job. Having her get pregnant made me nuts; surely she’s smart enough to do her type of work well knows now to avoid getting pregnant. I almost gave up on the show right then and probably should have. I am a married woman who is childless by choice and I find it annoying when writers use “strong women gets pregnant – oops” as a plot line. It’s time to end the series; I don’t want to hear about her childcare issues or see spit up on her clothes. Mary and Marshall possibly getting together notwithstanding, I’m not even sure I’ll bother to watch the rest of the episodes. Too much “baby” and not enough “adult” focus. I have nothing against babies/children it’s just that I don’t want an adult show to insert a baby as a plot twist. Mary made it clear that she didn’t want children well so be it. Why couldn’t the writers have let her opt for permanent birth control? I had hoped for the old standby of miscarriage but was to hear they had kept the pregnancy. Giving the baby up for adoption would have been a noble act. I’m annoyed that the writers killed a really TV series by making it like so many series where there is a touch woman in a “man’s” job.

    • Amy says:

      I definitely see your point. I can’t name all of the shows that have used a pregnancy as a plot twist to add drama. But in this case Mary McCormack actually became pregnant & the writers had to work it into the show. However, I’m not sure why they decided to nix the adoption plans & have her keep the baby.

  17. doris says:

    who is the baby on this seasons In Plain Sight

  18. mayra says:

    I’ve been watching fom the beginning and at first I did want them together but to me they are just eachother’s best friend there really isnt any romantic aspect to their relationship, maybe if the show would have spent more time developing that growth from friends to lovers but they never really did, it is like brother/sister to me..I think he should be the godfather to her child and they remain the closest of friends,but they had a chance in the earlier seasons to bring them together ,there is no sexual chemistry between them, no desire or pining for eachother in that way..I love their bond as it is that rare enough to have thats how it should end.

  19. Kendra Feldstein says:

    So sorry this show is ending. I will feel terrible if they don’t get Mary and Marshall together at the end- I guess as a single Mom who ended up marrying her best male friend after 4 years of “friendship” (we were always there for each other) i am not the best judge as to how this series should end!

  20. Butch Fralia says:

    I watched the first episode and never missed one afterward, so I was hooked from the beginning. It’s one of my favorite shows and I think worthy of a prime network slot. USA has been doing some shows that are better than the fare on NBC Prime. I will miss it and maybe mourn a little when it’s gone.

  21. Melody says:

    I too love this series. And I also agree that USA has some excellent shows….yes…. Some better than the main channels.
    If I had one complaint about the show, it would be that it was TOO long between seasons… Snd the seasons were TOO short.
    It would be good if they made some made for TV movie in the future. I am SO going to miss these two.

  22. troy o says:

    Love the show it made me laugh as well as shed some tears. The show to me helped remind me that no matter who you are everyone eventually needs a little help from another.. so be cool to one another since ya never know when or who it may be ..

  23. troy o says:

    Such a wonderful cast everybody seemed genuine, I’m a carpenter by trade and usually part of a team. When you have everyone working together it awesome. The cast worked together so well it always gave off a good vibe, to see people care for each other like we all should. It was cool the way everyone looked out and helped out for one another.
    Thanks for the memories ….

  24. janae wright says:

    U guys should make a movie of in plain sight i watch your show is awsome you should of just keep on making in plaain sight

  25. Kyle says:

    With IPS, Harry’s Law and The Killing cancelled, it is obvious that intelligently written shows with female leads are an endangered species. It’s criminal that total detritus like Anger Management, reality shows and shoot-out cop dramas get renewed while shows with honest dialogue written into them get canned. I think networks must be under pressure to have the dumbest audience possible so advertisers can mislead them easily into buying the crap they misrepresent as quality. I will miss Mary and the gang and hold hope they may return in the future, but I ain’t holding my breath.