Pilot Scoop: Dennis Miller Heads to Awesometown

Dennis MillerDennis Miller is moving to Awesometown, ABC’s comedy pilot starring Outsourced‘s Ben Rappaport.

The project features Rappaport as a twentysomething guy who has been with his wife since eighth grade. After he catches her cheating, he moves in with his co-worker (played by Nick Kocher) and his roommate Oliver (James Earl III).

Miller will play the genius boss of Burke Architecture, who has never smiled and is surgical with his cut downs.

Adam Sztykiel (Due Date, Made of Honor) penned the script.

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  1. floyd says:

    Sorry – I will not watch anything with this rightwing asshat has-been!

    • Mark says:

      I looked for the “Like” button, but instead I’ll just have to comment. Mark likes this. ^^^

    • Terrie says:

      Totally agree. Can’t stand the jerk.

    • Drew says:

      “Has-been” implies that he’s not still working or still successful. To the contrary, Miller has actually been quite successful in recent years. I read that he’s even been cast in a new pilot for ABC… in the article that you responded to.

      C’mon, people. Insults are fine, but put a little effort into them. We have you calling him a has-been, while a guy further down in the comments is whining about his giant mansion. Which one is it? Is he not successful at all, or too successful?

      The guy is abrasive. He can be called a windbag. He can be called a right-wing wacko if you don’t like his opinions… I mean, what we’re really talking about are his beliefs and how he voices them, right? So let’s focus on that and less on the money and work issues, because he’s actually doing pretty well there.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m not watching a show with Dennis the D*uchebag in it. Sorry ABC not gonna happen.

  3. leigh says:

    Good. Because I doubt he gives a crap that you don’t like him. As for the casting it sounds like it fits him to a tee. We will see if it’s good or not.

    • luke says:

      yes we know he doesn’t give a s***… that’s why he spews such nonsense out of his mouth… keep watching faux news

      • Drew says:

        You just killed any intellectual street creds you might have had by using the term “Faux News”. Seriously, you might have a good and valid point to make somewhere in there, but when someone uses that term, they instantly turn into that 15 year old girl, texting her besties in the movie theater and gossiping about some celebrity couple whose names have been combined into one “relationship” name, like Brangelina.

  4. Kim says:

    I love Miller. Saw him do stand-up in person and he is hilarious.

  5. Cat says:

    I love dennis miller! Especially on the o’reilly factor. I’ll definitely watch this.

  6. Carmichael says:

    I used to dig Dennis Miller, but like others have said sine he’s gone hard core right it might be tough watching this. Will have to see what the pilot’s like if it airs.

  7. Deadpool says:

    When i first saw this, it made me think of Andy Samburg’s AWESOMETOWN pilot and how i wish THIS was that.

    “Come Along with us! *Clap *Clap! Come Along to Awesometown!” :)

    (For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the full show is on youtube. check it out)

    • Linds569 says:

      I totally agree! I thought this was that show….. so bummed that it isn’t.

      Role Call! Andy, Yorma, Akiva, ANDY….Yorma….Akiva….. ANDY, and Yorma and Akiva!

  8. Tater says:

    It will be a travesty if Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome) isn’t casted as a regular on to this show….That is all…lol.

    • Di says:

      Lol when I saw the title of this article I immediately thought of Captain Awesome from Chuck! It actually reminds me of the season 3 gag reel when Ryan McPartlin mistakenly says ‘Awesometown’ haha

      • Tater says:

        HAHA… Your right..lol. It is a must that he be on this show one way or another..lol. He even sounds like he could play the lead easily…lol.

  9. Ana says:

    Love, LOVE Dennis Miller. I dig his comedy because it’s smart unlike so much of what passes today as comedy which is just raunchy and vapid. I would check out anything that he does, but the premise of this show does not sound very promising at all. ABC’s demographics skew heavily feminine and this sounds like a guy’s paradise. I doubt this will make it all the way but then again, ABC actually had the gull to try ‘Work It’ and ‘Man Up’.

  10. John Berggren says:

    One of very few people who can turn me off to a project sight unseen. Sorry Ben, you were great in Outsourced, but this is a no-go for me.

  11. cathiecat says:

    Years ago Dennis Miller was a funny, incisive social commentator. Then, around 2001, he fell in love with George Bush and all things Republic Party. When he lost his neutral observer perspective, he lost his funny. Now he’s just a right wing tool. There are no circumstances where I would watch this show.

  12. LynnH says:

    I just love Dennis Miller! But he’s got a great smile and will be playing a character who never smiles? Hmmm. Let’s hope that’s not the case. Will be tuning in for this one.

  13. brutony says:

    Denni Miller IS Awesome! Great comic and underrated actor. Just because he appears on Fox New doesnt mean you libs have to whine about him-how many left winged wackos are on MessLSD or CNN, and no one complains about THEM?

    • Mark says:

      Actually, I’d reject a show starring Keith Olbermann just as quickly as one starring Dennis Miller. The politics of Olbermann might lean more in my direction, but my hatred for him is as strong as my hatred for Miller…. Sorry to destroy your meme.

  14. Brandon Rowe says:

    This show sounds awesome!!! Dennis Miller is awesome!! Wische could of gotten more screen time on H50. And yeah whoever posted in the comments about Captain Awesome from Chuck, I only have one thing to say about what the show would be then…. AWESOME!!

  15. socalgal says:

    Never cared for Dennis Miller earlier in his career. After his appearances on Fox I now have an appreciation for him. Too bad this show will be on ABC.

  16. cocotalking says:

    Dennis Miller lost his acting cache when he went Rogue Rebulican.. suppose it had to do with the very old, very huge Rebulican money he married into in Santa Barbara… check out his mansion if you are confused about what his agenda is… sorry all i can hear when he talks is sad political money driven rhetoric…

    • Drew says:

      I don’t get it… What old republican money? He married a Canadian model in 1988, before he turned “right wing”. It seems to me like any money he’s made has been made the same way that anyone makes money… earning it. What’s your problem with that? What’s wrong with owning a mansion? It’s not my dream, granted, but I don’t have any problem with someone owning a mansion if they can afford one. More power to them.

      And he’s actually more libertarian, with many liberal stances on social issues.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I can actually stomach shows with Wingers like The Middle with Patricia Heaton and Blue Bloods with Tom Sellick but Dennis Miller I cannot stand.

  18. UsesHashTagsOutsideTwitter says:

    why didn’t they change the name of cougartown to awesometown?? #missedopportunity #wouldvebeenperfect

  19. Grant says:

    Dear ABC,
    You lost me at “Dennis Miller.”
    Carry on.

    • kevin says:

      Dear Grant,
      Who Cares?

      I Will indeed check it out. What Lib nut bags actually hate miller because he’s a repub? He’s moderate and he’s FUNNY.

      Anyone that thinks he’s anything extremist HAVE NEVER listened to the guy.

      It just shows what loony lib nutcases are always lurking.

  20. John B says:

    Sounds great. I like Rappaport and the part sounds well suited for Miller.
    He’s a bright guy.

    And you folks who hate Miller for his politics, listen to the guy, he’s moderate and talks sense.

  21. liane says:

    It is always interesting to see the “tolerant” lefts’ reaction to a program that might have ANY conservative leaning. It really does inspire open-mindedness and dialogue.

  22. kjvonlybaptist says:

    Dennis Miller…..ABC…let’s light this candle!!!

  23. Barney Rubble says:

    It’s amazing how Hollywood keeps tossing a lifeline to this no talent, hate spewing ignoramus.

    Hey!, Dumb-ass Miller! Your 5 minutes of SNL fame ended 20 years ago.

    Get off the stage already!, cause your vile presence is stinking up the joint, and fumigators ain’t cheap!

  24. John B says:

    You hate a guy because of his politics?
    If a right-winger said the same thing about Sean Penn or Jane Fonda,
    you’d call them a bigot for judging them on their beliefs instead of their talent.

    Why not here?
    Or is this another case of liberals NOT living up to their talk?

  25. Paul says:

    Miller’s a hasbeen and a sell out. Go back to the ’90s and read his book “The Rants” for what he used to be.

  26. Paul says:

    No, Drew, he’s a hasbeen. He failed as a talk show host and football commentator. He hasn’t done anything relevant in over ten years. He just got cast in an as-yet-unseen TV show, so I wouldn’t exactly say he’s undergoing a career resurgence just yet.