Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss, Cast Weigh In on Alaric's [Spoiler] Problem

Vampire Diaries Matt Davis[Warning: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

The Vampire Diaries delivered another shocking cliffhanger tonight when Meredith explained to Alaric that the very ring that had saved his life on multiple occasions was doing more harm than good. The magical piece of jewelry was changing him with every resurrection – and not for the better — just as it did with previous wearers John and Samantha Gilbert. A hundred years ago, Elena’s distant relative Samantha went mad and started murdering council members. Could the same be happening to Alaric now? Is he Mystic Falls’ serial killer?

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“There’s a big journey for Alaric [coming up],” executive producer Julie Plec teased at the show’s PaleyFest panel last Saturday. “[It’s] a big journey for Elena. Stefan and everybody is going to be at the center of this storyline.”

Trying to attack and remedy what’s happening to Alaric will be difficult, especially since no one knows exactly “what the consequences are” of what the ring’s doing, explains Nina Dobrev. “They don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The realization that the object that “used to be so reliable” in keeping her loved ones alive “might actually contribute in allowing a darker element to take hold [of them]” will rock Elena’s world, previews Plec. Adds Dobrev: “Everything that she depended on is now gone.”

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And what does this revelation mean for Elena’s little brother, who has also died and come back while wearing the ring? “It definitely has implications for Jeremy,” teases Plec. Last we saw, Elena had sent her bro away to live a safer life outside of Mystic Falls. But with this new development, “Jeremy is now wildly unprotected. … [Elena] now has to deal with her guardian [being] in a difficult place and potentially her brother [too].”

So why make one of the only remaining adult, grounding forces in the Gilberts’ lives a potential threat, possibly even putting his own life in jeopardy? Plec assured the PaleyFest audience that Alaric and his portrayer Matt Davis are “near and dear to us,” but there are alluring aspects to the plot twist. “As we’ve seen on the show, getting to explore a darker side is both exciting for a character and an actor,” she explains. “We wanted to showcase that.”

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For his part, Davis calls the storyline “a beautiful experience to watch unfold.”

“He has been getting killed, and I love that we’re now at that tipping point of the consequence of all of that,” he continues, adding that the next few episodes will be “shocking.”

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  1. kat says:

    i love alaric and i’m upset he’s in trouble, but this could be an interesting storyline. as long as the writers NEVER KILL OFF MATT DONOVAN, i will be happy. just please, matt is so precious and he has to live forever and ever. and ever.

  2. Jean-Jeanio says:

    So he’s done for?

  3. Wendy says:

    OMG! I didn’t expect this twist at all… it floored me!
    Well done TVD!! I love Alaric and I’m excited to see what
    happens next. This episode was so awesome with the Damon, Team Salvatore
    , Alaric stuff going on.

  4. Toni says:

    Matt Davis is AMAZING. He can do anything. While I’m not sure I’m going to love where this story line is taking us I am going to love the opportunity to watch Matt work.

  5. Michelle says:

    As long as Ric doesn’t die, I’m happy.

  6. Ari says:

    I was disappointed in this twist. It wasn’t very twisty. They really played it heavy this season that the ring was effing Ric up. I’m leaning toward maybe he’s losing his soul or some kind of demon is hitching a ride with him back to his body. It seems to me his exciting storyline is going to end in his death, especially since he was cast in that new show. Maybe he’ll end the season in a psych ward or something. Who know but they need to give him an out in case his show is picked up and it seemed to me we were leading to a Ric death all season. Color me disappointed, I think Alaric has been desperately underused throughout the entire show.

    • Dl says:

      I agree completely and it’s such a vital part of the dynamics of the show. He’s amazing… better than on Legally Blonde LOL

    • Just wondering... says:

      If they did something like this, maybe they could redeem it. But I keep going back to what Meredith said in one episode–I believe it was “All My Children”. She tells him something like “you weren’t supposed to see that” and then she shoots him. And then he wakes up in prison after Meredith called Sheriff Forbes. Her whole story was that he tried to attack her, but we saw that he didn’t. And if this really is all him then what the hell was her line about?? I’m going to be extremely disappointed if the writer’s don’t revisit this. This is why the whole Alaric is a murderer thing doesn’t make sense to me. It all started with freaking Meridith. Torrey DeVitto always plays the crazies.

  7. JamesM says:

    Tonight’s episode was probably one of the worst episodes to date. It just flat out sucked. The reveal, the pacing, the story arc of the serial killer, all was just a huge letdown.

  8. juli says:

    Yet another disappointing episode in a lackluster season. This was suppose to be an “OMG!” episode; but, by the end I felt “meh”.

  9. Kristen says:

    I am so disappointed that I guessed this weeks ago! I was hoping it would be another twist. I love Alaric!

  10. Judy says:

    Boring, disjointed episode. Just awful.

  11. Well, I’m glad that they’re writing a storyline for Alaric. Not sure I like where it’s going, though, and I’m not sure I’m taking it at face value, either. Meredith is very suspicious, and the fact that she had to ask to be invited in makes me think she may be a vampire herself. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, because why would she need to use other vampires’ blood to heal her patients? But still. She or another vampire could be compelling him to do things. And even if the ring is making him a little crazy, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the murderer. Unrelated, but I thought the Matt and Elena storyline was totally cute tonight.

  12. Zak says:

    I disagree with almost everyone whose posted. I’ve actually enjoyed this season and didn’t really see a problem with this episode. I like this ‘twist’ as it shows that the shows really not one for taking an easy way out of problems.

  13. Ryan says:

    Not surprising, given the recent casting news. However, I wished it was Matt. His character is kind of pointless these days.

  14. The Diva says:

    I didn’t see the twist coming, that’s for sure. When they revealed it was Alaric, I said to my tv, ‘No, I don’t believe it; can’t be true.’ I love the actor & character so much that I didn’t want it to be true, but I guess TPTB are telling me it is. As other ppl have poster here, I’m not liking where this is going at all…

  15. Katy says:

    I actually loved the episode, I thought they nailled it, one of my faves of this season. I really hated the whole Orignal storyline and the only 2 i like are elijah and rebekah. i would be very hapy if they kept rebekah on as main cast, elijah comes every now and then (as he already does) and the others can all just disappear.Si it was a breath of fresh air for them to actually focus on the LEAD characters for once! i hope the continue in this vein for at least a ew episodes, although as the orignal storyline was anything but tied up i know they will have to come back to it sooner or later (later! later!) I loved the bonding between stefan and damon and matt and elena and to my surprise i didn’t miss caroline or bonnie even slightly. this featured all of my fave characters (elena, matt, ric, stefan and damon, with rebekah coming up fast from the rear!) and i even found myself liking sage, despite my misgivings about cassidy freeman, as i hated her in smv. all in all, a brill episode with a good ending. it may not have been 100% shocking, but the way it played out it made sense. i thouht it was beautifully written and acted. but i am sad about what this may mean for alaric, esp with matt davis’ new pilot :(

  16. MaryAnn says:

    The twist I would like to see next is that yes, it has been affecting him, but no, he is not the killer…

  17. Kristen says:

    Since the actor play Alaric was cast in CW’s Cult, I was wondering how they’d write Alaric off. The CW did say that the actor would be allowed to guest star on TVD. Hmm…. I’ll be disappointed to see Alaric go. And, there’s something more to Meredith.

  18. zoey says:

    meredith not being a serial murderer is making me believe, that Melissa is not -A from pretty little liars… weird.

  19. brittany says:

    I think they’re ignoring jeremy here. I think its him and that’s how he’ll come back to the show.

  20. Jason says:

    On a show where shocking twists are the norm, this ranks right up there with Elena’s mother being Isobel, the vampire; Isobel being Rick’s wife–and still alive; Isobel flaming herself at Klaus’s compulsion; Grams dying; Katherine being alive; Katherine chopping off John’s fingers; Damon killing Lexie;….geez, I could go on and on and on.

    Suffice to say, if you’re not watching Vampire Diaries, you’re missing some of the best television being produced.

  21. Holeigh says:

    I am so torn about this reveal. On one hand, I’m happy to see TVD not shying away from the tough/intriguing story lines (as they have never done) just to keep a beloved character around. However, I can’t help but feel like Alaric, as the only adult and a badass character, has so much more to offer throughout the rest of the series that to lose him now would blow. But I also can’t blame Matt Davis for wanting a bigger role and taking the new show, as he has been underused a lot this season.
    I really love the idea of Jeremy being the actual killer, but what do you do with two crazies running around? If the only endgame for them is death or incapacitation (guessing this from Davis leaving minus guest appearances), I would rather it just be Alaric, as it appears is the case.
    A couple posters have said how much they loved having this episode that wasn’t focused on the Originals, and I have to agree, although I didn’t realize I had missed the old days as much as I do until I saw the episode today. While I was never a hater of that plot, it is nice to see most of them gone (especially Klaus…love you, Joseph Morgan, but Klaus was so played out for me) and have Rebekah sneaking around, perhaps finding a place for herself as Damon’s long(ish) term interest.
    Overall, I’m not sold on this story yet, but I absolutely think this has been a great season, as the worst episode of this show is better than most episodes of any other.

  22. Dl says:

    Love the original family but looking for another ancient white oak tree, well I think they could have a better storyline for them and keep them around, we need a few more HUMANS though!

  23. It was really a surprise to know that Alaric was the one behind all the murders!! It’s a really great twist. I just hope they don’t entirely remove Alaric( Matthew Davis) from the show. I love Alaric!!