Glee Exclusive: Look Who's Playing Puck's Dad!

Thomas Calabro GleeSorry, Mr. T. You can stop grooming your mohawk now, because the role of Puck’s father on Glee has finally been cast, and you didn’t get it. Who did?

TVLine is happy to exclusively report that Melrose Place vet Thomas Calabro will play the estranged father of Mark Salling‘s underachiever in this season’s 18th episode, which is slated to air in April.

Puck’s mom, as played by Gina Hecht, was introduced in the Season 1 episode “Mash-Up.”

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Family reunions have been a major theme of Glee‘s third season, during which we’ve met the parents of Rachel, Mike, Sam and Emma. And when the show returns from its seven-week hiatus on April 10, Matt Bomer will debut as Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson.

Thoughts? Do you see a family resemblance? Hit the comments!

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  1. LO says:

    Puck and his dad will be awesome…looks like i can watch glee again

  2. Amanda McIntyre says:

    that’s a terrible thing to say. If you really liked glee you wouldn’t care who santanas mom is when she’s introduced just as long as they look like they could be actually related. If you don’t like this show then don’t watch it its an amazing show with billions of fans. And also if you don’t like glee then why are you on this website in the first place…….

  3. Kristin says:

    Oooh Robbie Williams would have been really interesting and really cute

  4. Regina says:

    sure he was good on Melrose Place….but he was best on NIP/TUCK! Glad to see these awesome additions to the show.

  5. Amy says:

    So very happy to find out there will be more Puck in season 3! I think this will be a great storyline for him. So much of his personality comes from being abandoned by his dad. I hope it’s a continued storyline and not just a one episode thing. I really wish they would say what happened to Shelby and Beth, not that I care for Shelby, but it seems like it would have really upset Puck to lose Beth for a second time, especially after bonding with her like he did. I adore Puck and hope they continue to give him storylines.

    As for people grumping about Rachel’s dad’s pics in her locker and the Daddies Berry on the show, come on people……the two hadn’t been cast when they used those pics in the first place. The powers that be had no clue if the show would survive or go down the tubes in flames at the time, how could they possibly predict who would play them? Who knows what happened to the guys they used in the pics, maybe they aren’t real actors, or already had something else in the works when the Daddies were cast. I just wish people would get over that one little thing already. The daddies they used are perfect.

  6. Syd says:

    Awhh, Blaines getting a brother. And yay for introducing some more family members for all of them.

  7. Mikki says:

    I think Patti LaBelle should be Mercedes’ grandmother and Angie Stone could be her mother.
    I can’t think of who should play Brittney’s parents but, casting them would be great fun.

  8. Angela says:

    My life would be complete if they got Hugh Jackman to play as someone’s dad! Hnnngg! *u*

  9. Alan says:

    i just found it kinda funny they picked thomas calabro to play puck’s dad. dont get me wrong. thomas is a good actor. just thot it was an interesting choice. mark salling looks like he might be of jewish descent. but thomas calabro?? Uh Uh.

    • um says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Puck is only Jewish on his Mom’s side. She was the one making him watch Shindler’s List and wanting him to date a Jewish girl.

  10. Kimberly says:

    All of you complaining about the show… JUST STOP ! Your being disrespectful and rude, this season has been AMAZING !! and if your a true Gleek then you wouldn’t even care about all of that. And if you think it’s such a horrible show then why are you even bothering to comment on this. Get a life !

  11. Ashley says:

    The reason they are giving the male characters so much screen time is because it’s an ready way to keep teenaged girls watching. Simple as that. Plus, who cares about meeting all the characters parents? the show isn’t about the parents of the kids — it’s about the glee club.

  12. Xeena says:

    OK…The first ever ep showed Rachel introducing her black dad & white dad….have GLEE just gone and forgotten this??!

  13. Rebecca G says:

    I love him!!!

  14. duh says:

    Brian Stokes Mitchell, who plays one of her fathers, is in fact black.

  15. Mrshaullywood123@yahoo.com says:

    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Something must intrigue you because you’re watching it enough to care and comment. Wah.

  16. elena says:

    yess!!! i’ve been waiting since season 1 for some puck back story!! Really looking foward to this and I know mark salling will kill it!

  17. Tara says:

    I think it’s odd that people who obviously hate Glee read and then comment.. that would be like me reading a story about Ice Road Truckers or Hoarders or some other show I think is crap and then commenting.. People love to hate!

  18. GG says:

    Thomas Calabro on my tv screen again?!?! Good news!

  19. serena says:

    OMG!!! SO SO EXCITED for this! puck is my favorite and I’m so glad he’s finally getting some real story than just being the guy who sleeps around

  20. Sean C. says:

    Gloria Estefan was announced as Santana’s mom just after the atrocious reception of episode 7; it’s now several months later, it still hasn’t happened, and they’ve introduced several other characters’ families in the meantime. Will these writers actually make good on their commitment to fix the offensive botch they made of Santana’s storyline, or are were they just using Gloria as cover and don’t intend to actually follow through? Ugh, this show.

    • Sara says:

      Honest question: How can Gloria fix it? That storyline is done. It was awful, but it’s been months since then. The writers gave Santana back her agency in “Heart” when she demanded equal treatment of her relationship with Brittany. It’s ridiculous that Gloria’s been messed around like this, but as for Santana? She’s far from neglected. She’s one of the most featured characters this season and has been shoehorned into storylines where she didn’t really belong (Sebastian?) Puck had one weird storyline with no resolution and then made faces in the background since then. He deserves some attention way more than Santana does.

      • Sean C. says:

        They can fix it by actually showing Santana’s relationship with her parents, showing that Santana’s life actually matters outside of what Finnn, and address any number of different aspects of how Santana’s home life has changed since coming out (rather than leaving it at the offensive “Update, y’all” line). Certainly now that they have room for Blaine’s brother and Puck’s father, among others, they had damn well better keep their promise and give Santana the respectful treatment she was promised to begin with. A few cute scenes in “Heart” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

        • Sara says:

          I think the writers bypassed Santana’s parents because they didn’t want a situation where Santana would be uncomfortable in her house or get thrown out (too depressing, and they already did that with Quinn.) So her parents had to be OK with it. In that case, coming out to them would be just a rehash of Kurt coming out to Burt. So they decided instead to have Santana come out to her beloved Abuela and be rejected. I didn’t think that was a problem. I thought the problem with the episode was all the crazy Finn stuff where it was more about him singing at her than about her taking agency over her own life. And she did that later in “Heart.” But Gloria Estefan can’t fix what happened with Finn. I’d love to see her too, but this idea that Santana “needs” it more than Puck needs a geedamn storyline when he’s had no plots and no songs for MONTHS is ridiculous. Somehow I feel certain that Santana will still get way more screen time and songs in the remaining episodes than Puck will (so far in Season 3, Puck has sung in 8 songs. Santana’s sung in 22.) She can take a backseat for one freaking episode while Puck fans finally have something to look forward to.

          • Sean C. says:

            The writers bypassed Santana’s parents because they weren’t interested in her personal life, we got a token scene with her abuela and the rest was about Finn. Santana desperately needs a serious treatment of her personal life to remedy that atrocity, and “Heart”, which was a good episode, was not it. Gloria was blatantly employed to quiet angry fans, and the writers have yet to deliver on their promise that Santana’s story would be treated respectfully and alike to Kurt’s.

            Indeed, since then we’ve gotten Karofsky’s outing, which, unlike Santana’s, was actually treated as a serious, bad thing.

      • Adriana says:

        So true! Santana had nothing to do with Sebastian :s Soooo random!

        • Sean C. says:

          Santana was used in that storyline like she was in “Born This Way”: they needed somebody to be the less ‘ethical’ counterpart to Kurt and scheme against Sebastian. That’s Santana’s role.

  21. bree says:

    Matt boomer???!!!! oh MY gosh!!!!!!! I can´t wait to see that episode, he´s so sexy, and Blaine has the best voice in the male department

  22. Sabrina-Crystal says:

    Really?? He looks soo nice!! If anyone were to play Puck’s father, I wouldve thought it would be some badass guy who never pays child support and has a sleve tattoo & is very ripped. NOT THIS GUY!

  23. star says:

    Oh my!
    Yes, if he’s an ASS like he was towards the end of Melrose Place, he’ll be an awesome dad for Puck!
    Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table!
    Great choice!

  24. DIABLITA says:


  25. Jen says:

    Robbie should be in the show!!! But not as puck’s dad- that would never fly. But he is my favorite singer out there (and I’m American) not British- and I think he would be amazing in the cast. Maybe if he cant be in it they can at least do some of his music?

  26. Lainee post says:

    Ricky Martin Episode was two weeks ago fri. Fantastic songs and his dance/duet with Santana was fab. La Isla Bonita Madonna version awesome

  27. Kerry says:

    This is awesome! Loved him in Melrose! Now, if they’ll only get Quinn and Puck back together to lean on each other? I’d be soooo happy!

  28. Jay Arr says:

    Very funny indeed. Well they have sumthin in common LOL

  29. Paul says:

    Glee Rocks!!!!! What is portrayed on screen completly smacks of my life in the 70’s. Oh to have had this then…ahh but I digress. GLEEK FOR LIFE!

  30. anna says:

    Santana has gotten TONS of screentime. I love her and I love Naya’s acting but this is Puck’s time and I’m SO happy it’s happening. I screamed “F*CKING FINALLY” when I read this. Because he has talked tons of times about how not having his dad around has affected him but we’ve never seen it. This is Puck’s shot to have a REAL storyline and honestly, we don’t even know if Mark is comming back next year so he DESERVES this.

  31. cand1date says:

    Yes Santana talked to her parents off screen, because it went well with them…but then she talked to her grandmother on screen and it blew up in her face….seriously, which one would you rather have seen?

    • Sean C. says:

      There’s no choice there. Santana’s parents (and girlfriend) were an automatic thing that needed to be addressed onscreen when she came out; that’s a given. She lives with them, they’re her primary care providers. If the writers wanted to add a grandmother on top of that, fine, but not as a substitute. Instead we got a token scene with a grandmother and plenty of scenes with Finn, because the story was really about Finn and how he feels, as he had all the agency and the POV except for a single scene. After Brad Falchuk told us that the storyline was moved from season two to season three because it needed space, there is zero excuse for “time constraints” to be used as a reason to insultingly skip over Santana’s actual family and focus on Finn.

      • Sara says:

        Ok, but none of that has anything to do with Puck getting a storyline for one freaking episode. Puck’s dad is not a random thing. One of the very first things we learned about Puck was that he doesn’t want to be a deadbeat like his dad. Everything about him goes back to having been abandoned as a child, and it’s why the Beth thing was so hard on him. This is a huge part of his character. This is a pivotal moment in Puck’s life as he’s set to graduate and move on, and finally seeing his dad again and realizing that he’s twice the man he is would be a great way to show how far he’s come. It’d be nice if the Puck fans could have this one thing for this one episode and the one song he’ll probably get for the rest of the season without Santana fans crapping all over it. And hey, some of us love Puck AND Santana and want good stories for both of them. Maybe even together. They have history. It’s a shame the show ignores that.

        • Sean C. says:

          Where did I object to Puck getting a story? I object to Puck joining the line of parental stories that are happening before the Gloria one, which was announced months ago, whereas new stories keep popping up in lieu of it.

    • Sean C. says:

      Not to mention that this grandmother had never been seen before that scene, and Santana was totally fine in the next scene, and it’s only been mentioned in a single line 7 episodes later. To suggest that constitutes a serious handling of Santana’s family life is absurd. Contrast that with what Kurt got when he came out to his father and the double standard is immediately apparent.

      Heck, even Mike’s family got more focus this season.

  32. blurter says:

    Damn Puck’s dad is an attractive mofo.

  33. Tracey Lane says:

    Awesome choice,I’m probly one of the few people who’s actually old enough to have watched Melrose when it first came out.Michael was a total womanizer,just like Puck,good fit to play his dad.

  34. Adriana says:

    I would like to see Gloria Estefan on Glee but not because of Santana, it’s because it’s Gloria Estefan. I think I’ve had it with people complaining about the Santana, Brittany, Santana & Brittany and Brittana not getting enough screen time on the show.

    • Sean C. says:

      I don’t have a problem with how much screentime Santana gets, generally (Brittany has been ridiculously invisible for much of the year), I have an issue with how it’s used. The screentime given over to the outing storyline in “I Hugged A Girl” would have been sufficient to the purpose, except they used it completely wrong and instead of being her story it was Finn’s.

  35. cand1date says:

    Umm…did you totally forget about Santana coming out to her grandma? Because that was way more interesting to see than her telling her parents and them saying, oh, it’s ok, we love you anyway.

  36. Tracey says:

    I’m happy for you,its still so rare for parents to be ok with it.My dtr goes to a speciality school for the arts,she’s in visual arts.She has numerous gay,bi,and lesbian friends.She has baned anything that is a supporter of anti-gay agenda or supports canidates who are anti-gay.She won’t even eat at Chic-Fila anymore.It makes me proud she holds her beliefs strong,she’s only 15,and supports all her friends,a lot still haven’t came out.

  37. Fabricio says:

    If Michael Mancini is Puck’s father I wish that Heather Locklear is Brittany’s grandmother…LOL

  38. cand1date says:

    Quinn and Puck back together….that is if Quinn doesn’t die from getting T- boned by a pick up.

  39. Tracey says:

    I would love to see Amy Poller,as Brittany’s mom,acting like she did in Mean Girls.I would say Victoria Jackson from SNL.But she is total NUT and is very anti gay and very anti Glee.I just picture her mom to be as ditsy and big hearted as Brittney.

  40. Tracey says:

    Spoiler alert!Quinn does live,but is in a wheelchair and will probly be starting a romance with Artie..according to what I’ve read.I was kinda hoping she would end up with Samuel Larsen, but I guess they went another way.

  41. LJ says:

    Cooper Anderson…I see what you did there.

  42. MrsCullen says:

    Matt Bomer!!!!! OMG… I love him and his awesome show White Collar!!!!!!!

  43. Ali says:

    Michael Mancini!!! Perfect fit for Puck’s dad!!!

  44. kristin says:

    so freakin happy that puck is getting some stuff with his father, now if only puck and quinn got back together..really hoping they do!

  45. gigi says:

    Michael! love him. he played hot womanizer so perfectly on melrose

  46. TJ says:

    not sure about puck’s dad or santana’s mom, but the one parent character match for me would be brittany’s mom. lisa kudrow. i hear a round of smelly cat coming.

  47. Isabella says:

    I totally think Lisa Kudrow would be PERFECT for Britnays Mom!! and I cant wait fora storyline about Puck he is one of my favorites.

  48. J says:

    Puck got a new storyline !

  49. Ella says:

    Finally, Puck will get some screentime.

  50. stevieg says:

    Isn’t Puck meant to be Jewish? Thomas dosn’t really look Jewish. And wasn’t Gina Hetch who played his Mum in Mork & Mindy? That makes her so much older than Thomas. Character wise good choice, as Thomas, smart ass character Micheal in Melrose was similar to Puck’s.