The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Thursday

On TV this Thursday: School is (finally) back in session on Community, CIA agent Ashley Judd’s son goes Missing, the Project Runway All Stars present their final collections, Archer braves the final frontier and more. As but a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked below), here are nine programs to keep on your radar.

Smallville‘s Cassidy Freeman Teases ‘Sordid’ Vampire Diaries Threesome, Reigniting Damon’s Bad Boy Ways

8 pm American Idol (Fox) | This week’s live results — and a possible ejection from the competition.

8 pm Missing (ABC) | Series premiere: In her first TV starring role, Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) plays a former CIA operative who, when her son disappears under suspicious circumstances while studying abroad, takes matters into her own hands to track him down. Game of Thrones‘ Sean Bean and Trauma‘s Cliff Curtis also star.

8 pm Community (NBC) | They’re baaaaack! Following Andre’s big proposal, Britta and Annie get busy planning the nuptials, Jeff prepares to give a wedding speech and Troy and Abed try to get “normal” for the celebration. (Get more scoop in Spoiler Alert! and see photos from tonight’s episode.)

8:30 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | New time slot alert! Liz believes her St. Patrick’s Day is cursed when Dennis (returning guest star Dean Winters) returns to reap mayhem on her relationship.

Secret Circle Boss Previews Blackwell’s Intentions, Retribution for Charles’ Crimes and More!

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | Derek encourages a hesitant Meredith to work with him again in neurology (get scoop on how that turns out); Jackson’s mother returns to Seattle Grace and develops an interest in Richard. P.S. Jesse Williams will be doing a live Twitter chat during the West Coast Airing.

9 pm Project Runway All-Stars (Lifetime) | Part 1 of the finale kicks off as the final three present their signature collections to a VIP runway show crowd. Guest judges include Tommy Hilfiger and Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing.

9 pm The Office (NBC) | Andy drives across the country to reunite with Erin (see photos); Nellie (played by Catherine Tate) shows up in Scranton and tries to claim the manager position (watch video).

Jason Isaacs Weighs In on Awake‘s Big Mysteries, Promises the Show Will Leave You Breathless

10 pm Archer (FX) | In the first part of the Season 3 finale, Archer and his colleagues at ISIS voyage to the final frontier, trying to prevent a catastrophe on the International Space Station.

10 pm Private Practice (ABC) | Sheldon warns Sam that he may be in over his head when he insists on caring for Corinne at home; a badly beaten Scott arrives at the ER; Erica’s health takes a turn for the worse. Press PLAY below to see the episode’s director, Paul Adelstein, preview the emotional hour:

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

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  1. Cashisking says:

    The only thing worth watching tonight is the return of the greatest hockey player in the world, playing tonight for the Pens against the Rangers in the greatest arena in the world, MSG. Nothing else matters.

  2. samantha says:

    I can’t believe Community is back! WE DID IT (: #sixseasonsandamovie

  3. sarah says:

    Seriously you have The Office as must see, but no mention of the Vampire Diaries or Awake

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Robust and exciting standalone feature stories on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, AWAKE (and THE SECRET CIRCLE) are all linked to above. – Management

      • Sourabh says:

        We know it’s good to get more page views, and we do want to support you, but it’s only the regulars who read the blue links. I remember when I first started reading this column, I used to skip right over the links, and I’m sure many others still do.

    • dee says:

      TVLine, this happens EVERY TIME. You have GOT to stop thinking people will see those blue links to entire articles about certain shows in the “what to watch” column, and just include them in the list like everything else. EVERY DAY someone yells at you for not mentioning a show that has its own dedicated story.

      • Agreed. The links just look like ads! I think the way some of the regular entires are listed above, with articles and features linked within, is a better way to go.

        • Robert says:

          I`ve been checking this site for years ans never thought of clicking the blue links between the must see shows. I was sure it was ads, I have Adblock installed and the only ads that I have are blue links like those here.

  4. Paige says:

    Ummmm Vampire Diaries?

    But yes also COMMUNITY!

  5. yvete says:

    the vampire diaries is a terrible show, get over it people.

  6. Amy says:

    This week has been all about Community, at least for me. I’m just really excited!

  7. Liz says:

    VCU vs. Witchita. Go Rams! DVR Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries.

  8. Rachel Renee says:

    I’m a huge college basketball fan, but I’m forgoing a half hour of game play tonight for COMMUNITY!!!

  9. Kristen says:

    In all of the celebration for Community returning, Parks and Rec has been put on the backburner! Does anyone know when the rest of the episodes for Parks and Rec will be airing?

    • Parks and Rec will be back April 19th in the 9:30 slot, taking over for Up All Night. :)

    • michelle says:

      Parks and Rec is back on April 19 in the post-Office slot at 9:30.

    • Ari says:

      I was upset at first that Parks & Rec was getting jerked around again but these weeks when it is off air would have been repeats. So we’ll get a run of uninterrupted new episodes probably all the way to the finale. I’m ok with that. I missed Community a lot too.

  10. Jarrod says:

    I’m surprised if people will even know if Private Practice is on considering ABC hasn’t even aired a single promo for episode 17 in the past two weeks.

  11. Gaby says:

    It is not TVLine’s fault that people don’t know how to read, understand what they are reading, and/or pay attention!

  12. Vampire Diaries, Community, 30 Rock, and Awake! It’s going to be a fun night. :D

  13. Brandy says:

    Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle.

  14. abc123 says:

    Yay, Dennis Duffy is back! Is it wrong that I want him and Liz to end up together? I guess this also marks the end of James Marsden’s arc. He’s only been contracted for 6 episodes and if he appears tonight (and chances are he will) I guess that’s it for Liz Lemon and Criss Chros.

  15. kirads09 says:

    Since CBS is in March Madness mode, I will check out Missing.

  16. Lanie says:

    Greys’s Anatomy.

  17. Danielle H says:

    Vamp Diaries, Grey’s, and Private Practice!
    I have taken so many shows off my season pass that I welcome Thursdays thirstily!

  18. kevin says:

    Finally, COMMUNITY has come back to NBC but I’m planning to watch it On Demand until the season finale. Definitely tuning in for AWAKE (needs more viewers) and MISSING is the one new show I’m definitely NOT watching despite Ashley Judd’s new gig on prime time TV.

  19. kel says:

    This!!! Welcome back #87!!

  20. l says:

    Yay!!!! So happy Grey’s and private practice are back!
    Since big bang is off tonite maybe ill watch missing for now. Hmmmm

  21. Alex says:

    Excited to see Community again, but my local station is playing high school basketball instead! They’re playing Community and the Office at like 2 in the morning. Unfortunately when they’ve done this in the past, it’s in a tiny little box all dark and hard to see, so I’ll have to watch it on Hulu tomorrow instead :(

  22. Anon says:


    Watch ’em LIVE you guys!!

  23. Velvet says:

    30 Rock
    Vamp Diaries
    The Secret Circle
    Swamp People

  24. Velvet says:

    I doubt I have time to watch Missing.

  25. juan says:

    So happy that Grey’s and Private Practice are back, my thurdsdays got better hopefully this DSL doesn’t affect its ratings, will also watch Missing as I don’t have anything to watch before grey’s

  26. Justin says:

    I’ll definitely check out the premiere of Missing. Looks good?! Just wondering if Ashley Judd can pull off actions scenes well enough. However, I was apprehensive of Matt Damon doing action, then I saw the Bourne Franchise. Nuff said!

    I’ll also be watching The Office.

  27. Lorie says:

    I’m a big Ashley Judd fan, so I’ll check out Missing.

  28. Linderella says:

    I’ll be watching Grey’s and Awake and DVRing Private Practice. I love Thursdays!

  29. Ana says:

    Can’t wait for Missing, looks fierce. Grey’s as my #1 show and then Private Practice. I don’t like all the characters, especially Pete, yuk! But I want Addison to get her baby and Amelia is pregnant both in the show and in real life! Yeay! I want to see where that goes especially since the baby’s daddy is dead. How will Amelia handle that? Not with Sheldon though, please, NO!!!!

  30. Angela says:

    No question at all what I’m going to be watching tonight-“Community”, woohoo! I’ve been waiting and waiting, SO excited to be able to watch it again.

    Then I’ll catch the last half hour of “Idol”, though I’m not expecting anything super surprising on that front.

  31. Sue says:

    Ill be watching American idol,missing,the vampire diaries,the secret circle,and awake

  32. carole says:

    I am totally sick and tired of Grey’s anatomy.Private practice and i will not watch them.It’s the same boring crap as always.I do watch Missing every week and i wish they would keep it on.A goodshow they take off the air and they leave crap on like Bachelor and Bachlorette.Wake up networks.Keep the good stuff on and get rid of this crap.