American Idol Top 11 Results Recap: Did the Right Decision Get Made This Week? [Updated]

erika shannon idolWith Jermaine Jones having already gotten the unceremonious “it’s not your voice, it’s your criminal history” brushoff on Wednesday night’s American Idol performance show, the obvious question looming over Thursday’s results telecast was this: Would the lowest vote-getter be spared a walk to the guillotine, or would a pretty young vocalist’s head roll at Ryan Seacrest’s brutal command?

American Idol: Top 10 Theme Will Be…

Surprisingly, Uncle Nigel & Co. chose the latter option, sending 10 singers to safety — and a coveted spot on the American Idol Season 11 Summer Tour — and leaving the cheese to stand alone one contestant to try to sway Steven, J.Lo, and Randy to use their sole “Judges’ Save” of the season.

Idology: Jeremy Rosado on Iovine Insults, Nice-Guy Edit and His Ballad-Heavy Repertoire

Before we get to how the results played out, a few notes:

* Was I the only one who could not suppress a chuckle when J.Lo said that “people” have been waiting for news about the release date of her next single and video? Girl, name three of those folks, and I’ll show you a list that’s got at least two fibbers on it.

* What was with the audio-video malfunction during the segment introducing Tommy Hilfiger as the new Idol style coach? I’m sure I could come up with some kind of sarcastic explanation, but honestly, I’d be open to letting the contestants choose their frocks out of a dumpster if it meant we’d never again have to see something as frightful as the sheer white blouse with black sequined trim and silver hotpants that Shannon rocked on Wednesday.

* Was that actually the Top 12 singing in the “Ford Music Video,” or just some strange computer-generated chorus-type thing?

* When Jimmy’s effusive praise of Elise’s “Let’s Stay Together” lasted longer than his remarks for Phillip and Skylar combined, I knew girlfriend was in jeopardy. In other Jimmy news, I have to give him credit for righteously pointing out that Heejun needs to prove he can go uptempo, that Erika tends to fall into the trap of oversinging, and that Jessica doesn’t want to be “an opera singer from a talent show” — something none of the judges bothered to say on Wednesday.

* Because it is Randy’s goal to ruin pretty much everything, he had to drag the exhausted “you could sing the phone book” critique into Season 11.

* Ryan seems to take a special pleasure in torturing Colton when he’s doling out results, no? Maybe dude is jealous of the extra three inches Colton achieves through his incredibly high and extremely dyed hair?

* “Outta My Head” is hands down my favorite single in the history of Daughtry. Dude’s upper register is a wee bit frayed, but heck, even that seemed to work for him tonight. Demi Lovato, on the other hand, is not really an artist who benefits from a live-performance opportunity — which is all I’m going to say about that.

And now, your results. Ryan, dim the lights…

Totally Safe & Headed to the Idol Summer Tour (in order of announcement)
Joshua “real men rock white pants” Ledet
Phillip “Is he really gonna wear that same green t-shirt every results show?” Phillips
Skylar “whooped it up for Joshua!” Laine
Colton “what in the name of fuggery is that army-green draped tank top, sir?” Dixon
Jessica “loves to hear percussion while pointing to her ear” Sanchez
Deandre “lawwwd have mercy!” Brackensick
Hollie “help me, Tommy Hilfiger!” Cavanagh
Heejun “oh come on, you knew he wasn’t going anywhere” Han

Bottom 3
Elise “Most Improved On-Stage Attitude” Testone
Shannon “probably more fun than she seems on TV” Magrane
Erika “not wearing a bridesmaids’ dress” Van Pelt

First One Sent Back to Safety

Lowest Vote Getter

And after a passionate but far from perfect encore of “One Sweet Day,” Shannon failed to get a last-minute reprieve from the judges. As her exit package rolled, the lanky teenager kept a smile on her face, and gracefully thanked the judges for their honest critiques. And then — dun dun dun — there were 10.

To be honest, I think the right singer got eliminated this week. Shannon certainly had some talent, but she always came across as too young (and too robotic) to truly bring her music to life. With her and Jermaine out of the competition, I’d say we’ve got one of the deepest, most evenly matched Top 10s in Idol history.

I’ll be back overnight to update this post with some more details, but until then hit the comments with your thoughts on tonight’s results. And for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. C says:

    HeeJun and Deandre should have been with Shannon in that bottom 3, and she shouldn’t have been the one to go home. As many people have noticed, until they change the way the voting is done, no female will ever again win the Idol crown.

    • Annie says:

      Eh, Deandre had one of the best performances last week. Shannon has been bad two weeks in a row, so it’s hard to argue that this is about Shannon being a girl. Erika has never been a fan favorite, we’ve seen that during the last three weeks, and Elise is going to have a hard time getting people to forget last week’s attitude problems. People are not going to vote for someone who they don’t like.

      • Kevin C. says:

        The all-female bottom three this week may in part be because the weakest guys (Jeremy, Jermaine) were already culled from the herd.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          And yet there is Heejun.

          • SallyinChicago says:

            Heejun has a sweet voice but he’s boring as hell.

          • john says:

            yeah Heejun’s problem is that his singing the opposite of the rest of him. It’s flat and boring with no personality. Almost puts you too sleep. I even like Right Hear Waiting For You, and maybe he wasn’t all that bad at times, but he just never went anywhere and it was all the same = boring.

          • Emilie says:

            Yeah. Heejun’s comedic act may keep him around another couple of weeks. However, dude really can’t sing all that well. My predicition is that it’s going to be (or should be) Heejun, Deandre, Erica and Elise getting picked off one by one over the next few weeks.

          • wendeeloo says:

            Too early. Cutting Heejun too soon would be like eliminating the most entertaining guest from the party. Sorry, this year he is providing humor (when not singing) that I can’t recall any past contestant providing. I don’t know if he has many weeks left if he does not get the guidance he needs to shake up his performances. I think he was better in his audition and Vegas than he has been in live performance.

    • Leo says:

      Three girls on Bottom Three. Yay! No chance of Jessica or Hollie winning this season I guess.

      • Tim says:

        I think Jessica and Hollie still have a chance, but no girl over the age of 22 is ever going to win.

        • Delon says:

          No girl over the age of 22 ever won Idol. Carrie Underwood was the oldest and she was 22. Kelly was 20, Fantasia was 19 and Jordin was 17.

        • Tom22 says:

          while I disagree with the notion that the show is so biased against women that they don’t have much chance to win, I would agree that to be the abosulte number 1, being over 22ish would be a pretty big obstacle.

          Only 2 years ago Crystal made it two number 2 though.

          As i’ve put in other threads.. i really don’t think in terms of long term sucess in the music industry, it really matters if you come in number 4 or number 1 .

          If you don’t make a career at number 4 your odds wouldn’t have been much better coming in at number 1.. definitely your first album would have sold more and you’d get a few more guest appearances.. but I think its commercial appeal and ability to navigate the road, and artistic cooperation ablity thats going to make or break people.

          Daughtry wouldn’t have made it bigger if he came in first rather than 4rth

      • Cup of Joe says:

        Wow, Leo? Jerk much?

        • Leo says:

          Define jerk, honey. I was just being sarcastic that with the way they handle the voting now, we probably gonna end up with a male winner this season. Which is sad, because the girls (Hollie, Skylar and Jessica) are the strongest this season.

          • Jason says:

            THey may have the best voices but the best performers/artists are Joshua, Colton, and Philip. They at least have originality, stage presence and know who they are as Artists (Well maybe Skylar has all that too) but Jessica and Holly are just ballad Mariah wannabes.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            In that case, mea culpa. I thought you were insulting the ladies. And I totally agree with you about the three ladies you were talking about. At this point, if we see girl after girl get eliminated in the next couple of weeks, they might as well crown either Phillip, who’s at best, middle-of-the-road and at worst, flat, or Colton, who’s more “work-in-progress” rather than “potential winner.”

            And Jason, really? You think those three guys you mentioned are any original? I’m sure the likes of Jacob, Adam/James and David/Kris/Lee/Scotty would beg to differ. I see one or two being the low-brow version of those past folks.

    • Ben says:

      C – thats just bollocks. Heejun and Deandre just have a bigger fan base than those specific 3 girls, but Jessica and Hollie have the biggest fan base. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t get a female winner this year based on the very same statistics which have been predicting male winners for the last several. Plus, you may be forgetting, that Jermaine probably would have been voted out this week and been the 2nd guy to go home in a row.

      • Holly says:

        Jessica and Hollie are great, but in my opinion the much more likely winner this year is Skylar, for the following reasons: She is a very good singer, she is extremely entertaining, fun to watch and likeable, and she is COUNTRY, which probably represents the most loyal and largest fan base in the Idol audience. I really like Skylar, and I’m not even a fan of country music. I can’t wait to see what Tommy Hilfiger does with her – as far as I’m concerned her only weakness is that she does not look polished. And by the way, my favorite singer this season by far is Joshua. At this point his is the only album I would be interested in buying, but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority.

        • christina says:

          I would bet almost my whole year income that Skylar won’t win. I like her alot, but there is no way we are getting TWO country artists in a row. No way in HECK. Guaranteed!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Let’s talk about this – how much do you make, LOL? Why would we not get two country artists in a row? We had three WGWGs in a row – four if you include Scotty, who I believe plays the guitar.

        • Ben says:

          Holly, I might have thought so too, but the reality is I don’t come at these things from my opinion, I come at it from statistical analysis of sources on the internet. Currently, the three favourites are far and away Jessica, Hollie and Philip, and Skylar is behind Joshua, Colton and around the level of support as Deandre and Heejun. These things change week on week though.

          • Nathan says:

            My favorites are Skylar and Joshua! The polls are showing that Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, Philips and Colton in this order as the top 5 fan bases. I am not a country fan either, but I really like Skylar. She really knows who she is! Like Scotty last year, she has no standing ovation moment but she is consistently great. She looks like the most ready to use her Idol experience as a steping stone to a beautiful career! And as some are saying the country voters are the most loyal ones. Jessica is also great! In fact, she is the best in this competition! But she is not well liked by the teenagers voting population! So we will see! I really think while Philips is getting the WGWG votes from the usual girls! Anyone else tired of it will not vote for him no matter how great he is. Sad, crazy but true! Joshua chances to be the next American Idol are pretty slim! I would love for him to be, but at the Idol tour last year, I never seen someone ignored as much as Jacob was! Like no name was called, but his table was really empty! No one was seeking his autograph! So Idol 2012 is not the year for the next Fantasia or Ruben! The demographics that are watching Idol are not into that type of talent! The voice or Xfactor maybe! So

        • millie says:

          I guess I’m in the minority too because Joshua is my favorite as well.

        • Sharleen says:

          I love Joshua too!! Not sure if that’s a good thing as my favorites never win (Adam, Crystal, Haley). Dunno how I manage to get sucked in every year to watch this show….

    • john says:

      Yeah, it was nuts Elise was there. And big surprise 3 girls. All idol is a bunch of country music loving folks and/or some female teens voting in large numbers so guys = much safer than almost any girls and country singers much safer than anyone else. :(

      Idol jumped the shark last year. It was always a bit off, but things just reached a point.

      It is funny how Elise is sort of getting the whole Haley thing happening, although at least the judges seem to have changed their mind and decided to support Elise. So that is way different. Although I think Haley had more going for her than Elise in all respects. But glad to see Elise make it through, glad to see she got support from TPTB, sad to see bottom three.

      Yeah I could’ve seen a bottom three of HeeJun, Deandre and Sklyar (if you simply must have Skylar then Shannon, but Skylar’s singing annoys me and she really wasn’t anything great last night).

    • chistosa says:

      Disagree. With Jermaine out of the mix, Shannon was the most logical choice to go. She brought nothing special to the party and she was never going to outperform the other teen girls, Jessica, Hollie or Skylar. It was the best decision. While I agree that HeeJun performed poorly this week, he had enough momentum to keep him in the running. And he will be an asset to the tour. His time in the bottom 3 is coming soon. Elise should not have been in the bottom 3 this week but there may have been some residual resentment from her poor attitude the previous week. Hopefully she will again begin to draw favorable audience attention. NOt a male/female issue this week.

    • MediaHo says:

      Totally agree with first comment by C. I may go to the tour this year and am not looking forward to HeeJun and Deandre’s segments. Or Colton’s, for that matter.

    • Yo says:

      I agree. And if Jermaine were still around, it probably should have been an all male bottom three. (When donkeys fly.) Deandre is talented, but tosses falsettos in at irrational, song destroying moments, and Heejun, much as I like the tone of his voice, needs way to much work for this show. His vocal Wednesday was just awful. Stunningly awful. Shannon is also not ready for prime time; it is kind of a pity she made it as far as she did; she might be good to go in a couple of years.

  2. Mark says:

    How could Heejun not be in the bottom 3? He was absolutely atrocious last night.
    I’m not upset though at Shannon leaving though. She wasn’t great either.

    • Christina says:

      Heejun is getting by on his personality, not on his talent.

      • Mark says:

        That’s messed up. Honestly, the whole flirting shtick is getting old too especially after we saw his ugly gf last night. It makes the flirting seem really unclassy and not cool.

        • Cup of Joe says:

          With all due respect to Heejun, his girlfriend ain’t half-bad. And second, taking a pot shot at his girlfriend is just very uncalled for.

          • Mark says:

            Maybe we have different set of eyes but my two roommates and I were all like Oh God, that’s one ugly chick. So, I’m not exactly sure who you were looking at…

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Uh, the Asian one at the left?

          • Jason says:

            I thought Heejun’s girlfriend was smoking hot! I was like maybe I should start telling jokes and singing boring ballads!!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oh my gosh, Jason, you get a Made Me Laugh! :-)

        • Marsaili says:

          Really Mark? You are really going to go there and call some perfectly nice looking girl sitting in the audience UGLY? THAT is ugly, man. Geez.

        • Markhater says:

 should be banned from the site. Limit your comments to remarks about the performers, not the audience

        • Steven Tyler is pervy says:

          Heejun’s girlfriend seemed cute and cool. He is definitely better than Shannon. I was so afraid Shannon was going to stay in because Vote For The Worst was backing her. In Shannon’s defense, I think she was just confused. When Steven Tyler encouraged her to “suck hard” backstage, she naively thought he was referring to her song performances.

          • Carol says:

            Shannon is a minor. If we’re talking about children, leave out the sexual references. It’s completely crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

        • w says:

          Ridiculous. She was adorable. What’s wrong with your group’s vision?
          Besides, only jerks would point out someone is ugly. Better ugly outside than inside, Mark.

      • Grace says:

        That is 100% true, but I’m actually not mad about it YET. True at the end of the day it’s a singing competition, but I was more excited by Heejun’s pre-performance package this week (The adorable parents! And the subtitles!) than by Shannon’s entire American Idol journey, performances and all.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          I think that’s a good point. Heejun has added more to this competition by just being himself than Shannon has with her singing, but even if Heejun coasting on his schtick isn’t quite infuriating yet, I can see it quickly becoming so. Had he been in the bottom three tonight I think I would have been mollified.

      • Ben says:

        Personally, I am voting entirely and exclusively for HeeJun, and entirely on his VOICE. He is the one whose album I most want. I’m kinda frustrated having to wade through these same comments every week that tell me its his personality I’m voting for him because of.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          Now that he’s on the tour, Heejun’ll be big no matter what happens. I see a very successful overseas career for him.
          My problem is that his soulful ballad schtick is starting to wear thin. I was deeply interested in Jimmy’s comment that Heejun try something uptempo. For the life of me, I can’t even imagine what that would sound like.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Thanks for saying HeeJun’s career will be overseas. I feel better already, LOL.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            Well, overseas until that Asian music revolution Jimmy was talking about kicks in.

          • MediaHo says:

            There was an Asian dude on season nine that didn’t make it to the top ten, but I understand he’s got a big career in Korea now. Someone tell Heejun, PRONTO!

        • jade says:

          He can’t even articulate sentences correctly. That is important in singing. It’s one thing if he was unique and made the songs his own, but he brings no originality whatsover besides tone but it takes more than tone to win people over.. For him, its a popularity contest, which is unfair to people who actually bring originality to the table.

          • Stillcat says:

            Exactly who in this group is original??? Idol is a popularity contest, gotta have a decent voice, look and personality that motivates people to vote, so if Heejun is getting that done, good for him! I’d rather vote for someone who actually entertains me (and yes I do like his voice, he just needs direction) as opposed to a glory-noting autobot or someone who wants to take me to church every Wednesday.

        • aiden says:

          joke? He needs lesson on articulation. You cannt sing a song and not sing the words of the song. He is american, come on. He is not good, no originality.

        • luke says:

          So you didn’t agree with the judges and Jimmy’s comments about Heejun’s performance this week? You thought he was fine? Even I, who roots for him to do well, couldn’t defend that performance.

      • shfw says:

        its ridiculous.. he does not even deserve to be in the top 40 AT ALL. This is not a popularity contest. I hate when voters make it that.

    • Ana Muti says:

      Oh he was not atrocious. He sang very well, and didn’t have half the pitch and screech issues Shannon did.

    • Grace says:

      That poor girl. Her looks have nothing to do with this. You demean yourself by even commenting about her.

    • chistosa says:

      Mark, you are truly an ignorant, one dimensional person. Your remarks about his girlfriend are odious. Can you think about ideas you can express that are not personal attacks? Perhaps a critique of the strengths and weaknesses of a performance or a statistical analysis of data gleaned from viewer preference as reported on a variety of fansites? But a personal attack on a person who is not even a contestant? Shame of you. You should be embarassed by your lack of intellect.

      • Mark says:

        Since when is calling someone ugly a personal attack? I wasn’t attacking her character. I was merely expressing my opinion on what she looks like. Not attractive. To call me ignorant for stating my belief on what someone looks like, now that’s a personal attack.

        • Marsaili says:

          To think it is even necessary to call someone ugly shows ignorance, Mark. It’s bad enough when people attack the looks of contestants, but to say something nasty about some innocent girl sitting in the audience is not only ignorant, it’s disgusting.

        • Carol says:

          Of course calling someone ugly is a personal attack. Duh.

        • luke says:

          Yes. Calling someone Ugly IS a personal attack. Wow, you don’t even know what you are doing. And even if you don’t agree with that, how can you defend that it is a decent thing to do? The right thing to do? It shows your character is flawed if you find calling strangers ‘ugly’ to be no problem.

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree that Heejun was atrocious. And why is there no glass in his glasses? it drives me crazy. Elise is done though..once the audience decides you have a bad attitude you are all but finished. Do these people not do their homework?

      • millie says:

        First, I read that Heejun does wear real glasses, but wears those with no glass on camera to prevent a glare from the lights reflecting off the glass. I have to agree that Heejun had many problems with his song, mostly breath. Hope I’m expressing this in a way people can understand, but when he sang I felt his emotion. When Shannon sang, nothing. So for me, I think it’s right that Heejun is still in after this week.

  3. Leticia Prado says:

    Love that she is gone. Just saying.

  4. Was Shannon the worst this week? Not really, but I think people still remember her being terrible last week, and this week she was only slightly better. It’s like telling a 500 pound man “Good job” for losing 50 pounds. Yea he lost some weight but he’s still 450 pounds. It’s a strange analogy but I’m going with it. Heejun was worse, Deandre was borderline worse than Shannon, but Shannon wasn’t long for this competition anyways. Elise is definitely on her way to being this year’s Haley Reinhardt for sure. I still think Elise has to lighten up a bit, but her voice is killer so she potential.

    • Marianne says:

      Err. . .Deandre – borderline “worse” than Shannon? In what way? She has pitch, off-key, and sharp issues. I think it’s more that you don’t care for some of Deandre’s stylized choices when he sings. Deandre is polarizing ~ I think people either really love him or really don’t. That’s fine if you don’t – but don’t say he sang worse or borderline worse. Inaccurate.

      • I Don't Like Shannon says:

        America got it right and sent the right delusional contestant home. Hopefully Shannon Magraine will go home to her wealthy parent’s mansion and be grateful for what she has instead of dramatically claiming that “she’ s been through SO much” in her long sixteen years. After all, kids are literally starving to death all over the world. I really like the rest of the top 10. Could be an interesting season. I hope someone other than a white guy wins this year. That would be refreshing.

        • Simon says:

          I’m not a fan of Shannon, but someone sounds extremely jealous of her.

        • chance says:

          her wealth has NOTHING to do with her being a good artist or not…Her age, yes. But to bring up wealth is ridiculous. You sound extremely jealous,i agree. I do not think she has ANY originality whatsoever but that has to do with her age and personality more than her financial background. There is no way in hell an artist can be unique and know what they want at age 16.. That is extremely rare. That is why the older contestants are original and the younger ones are not.

      • March says:

        Right on, Marianne! Deandre has an extraordinary voice and one I welcome to the show. My only hope is that he gets a real opportunity to fit that range into a full 3.30 min tune (that’s not a sappy duet originally released in 1981 – without a female to duet with)!

        • nhf7170 says:

          I like Deandre too, but I wish he would stick to using his chest voice, which is beautiful rather than his falsetto.

    • liz says:

      she brings no originality to the table. She is 16 so obviously she does not know how to be different yet. That’s why she was voted off. bc no one wants to hear lame ballads every week unless its perfectly sung and even then yawwwwnnn, they should not let contestants on this show that cannot make things their own and change songs. And to sing Maria Carey the week after Whitney Houston is the dumbest thing ever.. Who is going to want to vote for someone THAT boring?

    • Cup of Joe says:

      I gotta say, you’re waaaaay too generous in rating the performances. You gave Heejun and Shannon B’s, really? What the heck were you on?

  5. Keith says:

    You are exactly right. The girls are in trouble again this year.I can see Shannon being in the bottom three but the other two shouldn’t have been.The teenage girl demographic is quickly going to get rid of all the female singers.

  6. YowzaPowza says:

    Heejun, Shannon and Deandre should have been bottom 3. Though I’m not at all sad to see Shannon go. Girl was clueless.

  7. coinyman says:

    Once again a mediocre singer gets voted into the top 10 and a girl leaves. I think Jessica and Hollie are the 2 best this year but they have no prayer of winning. When will Idol realize they need to change the way we vote? 10 votes should be the limit like other shows do it. Idols ratings are going to continue down till they do something to fix this. Everyone in my family used to watch idol now its down to me and my wife and she only watches cause i have the remote. Very sad!!

    • ejones says:

      Hollie’s voice maybe quite big but not big enough for the genre of songs that she seems to prefer. They are not comfortable in her range, it would be OK if the big song was a one off but apparently its not. Not a potential winner I’m afraid.

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree. I can’t believe they still have their archaic voting system. I guess Ryan likes to say, “after tallying 50 million votes….” If the limit voting it won’t sound as “dramatic”. But you are right, a girl will never win again. I like The Voice so much better. The critiquing is helpful and real and their judges are current singers with actual songs on the charts not a bunch of has-beens.

      • Mary says:

        They sing current song but do not support the winner at all. It is all about the judges. If you think about it, it really is no different than idol. Yes they have the blind auditions, but the battle rounds are stacked so the judges pick who they want and they are lopsided. That is why the ratings go done during the battle rounds. They should just start with the competition.

  8. Skae says:

    I am afraid that the three girls in the bottom is a sign of things to come.

    That young girls are doing the voting and they like the boys – even Hejuen(?)who was awful last nite and does not have a chance in h–l of winning.

    • Mary says:

      Unfortunately it is not just the tween voting for heejun. Many wanted him to make the tour hopefully the next week or two he will be gone, unless he pulls a miracle out of his hat. Shannon wasn’t the best but Shannon was better.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        Agreed. Another problem: how long can American Idol appear like it has a bias in favor of boys before talented female singers decide that it’s not even worth bothering to audition? If we think it’s hard for a female contestant to win now, imagine how much harder that would make it. Worst case scenario would be that Idol loses the appearance of legitimacy and slides into cancellation. Could happen, and all the more reason to solve the voting problem sooner rather than later.

        • Tom22 says:

          It seems to me that the long term commercial success really doesn’t hinge much on where the artists finish as long as they were there long enough to open a few doors… does that mean 4rth place or second.. or 6th like Pickler? … I don’t know. Winning isn’t any guarantee at long term sucess… maybe more guarantee’d short term sucess with a first album being pushed down consumers throats, but probably a pretty lousy and rushed first album.

          I really doubt Carrie Undererwood would have been less sucessful coming in 2nd or 3rd or 4rth instead of 1st. I don’t think Clay Aikan would have had a better career coming in first instead of second. Alison Iraheta got a decent commercial shot coming in 4rth and of course there’ hudson and Baratimo making money in the entertainment business and It would be hard to argue that Idol didn’t help open some doors for them (even if they may have been pounding on other doors ..and might have got in other ways, this was the first that opened for them).

          Its incredibly tough getting into the entertainment business and I’m sure any agent of an unsigned talent would be glad to get them to hollywood week even.. final twelve that much better…

          more exposure is better but any exposure is darn good and the idea of it being harder to come in 1st being some barrier to lasting sucess , let alone any sucess seems really silly to me.

    • cathy says:

      don’t forget the cougars

      • Miscellaeopolan says:

        Or the gay dudes. We love singing.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          And the gay cougars!

        • Isaac says:

          Every gay guy I know who watches Idol (including myself), like the ones like Philip for eye candy, but do not vote for them. We vote for the Elises, the Haleys, the Erikas (on a good night). I’d venture to say that most gay guys probably prefer the female singers. Just throwing that out there.

          • Mercury Girl says:

            You’ve just confirmed what I’ve always suspected. I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. I have myself repetitive stress injury last year voting for Haley! Phil Squared sure is pretty, but I really can’t see myself voting for him.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            Actually, I agree with you. I know my favorites this year have been ladies like Elise and Erika. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a pithy comment up there.

  9. willow says:

    How does Elise keep ending up in the bottom 3? Guess folks were too busy making babies to vote :o

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I actually preferred Elise’s performance from the previous week over the one she did last night, at least in terms of the vocal. She looked a bit more comfortable on stage this week. Eh, she wound up the bottom three either way. Why does she keep ending up there? Too different? Too bluesy? Too old and female? Probably the last one.
      Also, did anyone feel like Elise was TRYING really hard to keep up that smile tonight? I felt like she had heard about her alleged attitude problem and was actively working to counter it. Which, if true, good for her.

    • Mary says:

      Because her attitude sucks. Even tonite, I understand her being disappointed to be
      In the bottom three, but to storm off with a stank face won’t win her any points. She
      Isn’t my favorite, I prefer Erika.

      • shelbybb says:

        You’re trying to make Elise this years Hailey (who I adore by the way!) She does not have a bad attitude. She really cares and is disappointed that’s all! Give her a break!
        Smile Elise, there are apparently people that care more about that than how you sing!

        • Holly says:

          Well wait a minute, Elise is way different from Hailey (who I also adored and I will buy her album as soon as it comes out.) Hailey made many trips to the bottom 3 and endured extremely biased criticism from the judges, yet she always marched to the “stools of doom” with a smile on her face and a winning attitude. She always behaved like a good sport and wished her fellow competitors well. She only cracked once when the judges were so ridiculous that most people felt she was justified to talk back. Everybody loves a winner, and frankly Elise does not behave like a winner. You can tell she is trying real hard to keep that smile on even though her demeanor is glum, and tonight when she was told she was in the bottom 3 she skulked to her stool without so much as a glance back at the other contestants. Bad form! On the other hand, Shannon (who really deserved to be sent home) took her defeat like a true good sport, expressed how grateful she was to everyone, and she is a lot younger than Elise. Attitude really counts on this show, and in life.

          • john says:

            @holly – even if so, and I’m not saying Elise is bad, this is not Miss Congeniality is it?

          • She's a Glummy says:

            Elise just can’t seem to hide the fact that she is a Poor Sport. Her smile is forced, not genuine. The instant she learned she was doomed to the stools, she gave a Stinko Face and turned her back without any acknowledgement to her fellow contestant or to Ryan, she just marched off to the stools like she had been put in Time Out. Poor Sport.

          • chistosa says:

            @John While it is true that this is not Miss Congeniality, the reality is that people vote for the winner. What compels a person to pick up the phone and vote is different for everyone but I believe that most people will not make the effort to vote for someone they are unable to relate to. Elise seems remote and distant. I don’t know that I would see she has a bad attitude, I think she is not a warm, effusive person. But that isolated side of her will not win her votes. Erika is more likeable from that perspective but she is not doing enough to engage the audience. Shannon deserved to go, she did not engage the audience and she was not quite ready.

          • Mercury Girl says:

            I recall my girl Haley getting some criticism in the beginning for her stank attitude. I remember lots of folks analyzing her results night bitch faces. She was being jerked around and she let it show on her face, totally. The people who didn’t like her still criticized her for that until the bitter end.

            The problem with Elise – and in the end it is really her greatest asset – is that she wears her soul draped around her shoulders for everyone to see. Her every emotion is broadcast as though it were on a loud speaker. This is an incredible gift to have as a performer, which is why I am extremely taken with her, despite imperfect performances. I really don’t think she has a bad attitude. I think she has the same emotions anyone else would landing in the bottom three, she just can’t fake it. As contestant she reminds me a lot of Haley, but as a performer she reminds me more of Crystal Bowersox. Not stylistically, but just the raw emotional vulnerability.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Satisfied with the results. I feel bad for Shannon because she got some hatred even though she has a beautiful, if technically flawed, voice and seems like a very cool person, but I do think that if anyone had to go, it should be her. Just wait a few more years and go for the Voice or X Factor or whatever music shows are in our future.

    I don’t think HeeJun is near as bad as some people seem to think (his voice gets to me. I just love it to pieces. Sidenote: interesting comment from Iovine about future “Asian sensation”. Slowly American eyes are noticing what most of the rest of the world has noticed for years -eyeroll-), but he did make mistakes and should have replaced Elise. Deandre’s performance was lackluster (I say sadly. Another of my faves), but he should have been where Erika sat. It worries me that there were three blonde females sitting there.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      “Lotta blondes this year. Whoa.” – Jimmy Iovine, 2012
      I also thought Iovine’s comment about the rise of Asian music was interesting. I know next to nothing about that market except that it’s very big abroad. Something tells me that Heejun, no matter where he places in the contest, could make a killing singing internationally.

      • Lindsay says:

        Yup, I’m just learning about it myself (the eyeroll was at myself as well, American that I am xD), and the finely honed talent and quality puts most of our pop stars to shame. If he doesn’t do well here, HeeJun could pull a John Park by going to South Korea, becoming a finalist on a show there, and putting out a gorgeous album that shoots up the charts (it’s seriously good. Highly recommended: “Knock”).

        • Volcfom says:

          Didn’t know about John Park’s success, but that makes me happy! I thought he left way too early his season.

  11. Regina says:

    They got it right (shockingly). Shannon should have gone home last week, on the basis of performance because that was not just ONE sour note that went on there. And, even yesterday, it was really strained.

    On the basis of performance, Erika should never have been in the bottom two this week. I’m glad she’ll make the tour. I fully expect Erika to sing her song next week and not “oversing,” as everyone accuses her of doing (while no one blames the dang drummer and you could clearly hear, from the replay, that he missed his dramatic pause and Erika had to play catch-up quickly). Of course, when she does this…next week’s feedback from Queen AutoTune and the BrainTrust will be…”but, we KNOW you’ve got more…let it out, BABY.”
    OK-that’s out of my system. I’m really, really glad Erika made it. I really want her around as long as possible.
    Will be interesting to see the TH makeovers;-)

  12. shelbybb says:

    Not any big surprises here tonight at all. Good show for the most part. DD had a little bit too much fake hair flying around for me and she was definitely pitchy but then again she’s not a contestant so it doesn’t matter.
    So glad to see Elise hang in there! Keep on smilin girl!
    So then there were ten…

  13. Tbp says:

    “Just saying?”. Just saying what? You already said it.

  14. blingedup.susan says:

    I think this is the right Top 10. I was happy with the results.

  15. made2105 says:

    Just wanted to say Idology with Michael and Melinda is the BEST thing about this season, lol. Seriously!
    One other thought about today, I think the right person went home, no matter what everybody says about HeeJun. He isn’t a great singer but he’s much better than Shannon. Every time I listen to her I fall asleep. In HeeJun’s case, he makes up for his flaws with great humour and personality. I think his run on the show will be short-lived but he’ll make the tour. So I’m alright with it :)

    • Michelle says:

      I have a lot more love for this season than the commenter above, but had to enthusiastically second the shoutout to Idology! Somehow I never got on board with that before this season, but it rules! :) Anyone else love Melinda’s speaking voice almost as much as her singing voice?
      As to this bottom three, it was touch and go there for awhile. The odds were stacked against America doing the right thing, with 66% probability that a talented songstress would get the premature boot, but sometimes things work out as they should. As far as I’m concerned tonight, everything’s coming up Milhouse. :)

  16. Miscellaneopolan says:

    I’m not upset that Shannon left, especially after that tremulous sing-for-your-life performance she gave, but I am upset that the bottom three looked suspiciously like it did last year round this time. Based purely on last night’s performances, neither Elise nor Erika deserved to be in the bottom three, although I probably could have accepted Erika being there if she were accompanied by Heejun or Deandre. It certainly does little to quell fears that viewers cast their votes based more on personality/whether the contestant is a cute boy vs. performance ability. Tonight it more or less worked out, but if this goes the way of last year and the girls get eliminated week after week I don’t see how the producers can’t at least seriously consider changing the voting system.

  17. Peggy Sue says:

    Shannon was beautiful and sweet but I didn’t think she stood out in any way. I probably would have kept her and sent Erica Van Pelt home, just because she hasn’t captured my interest either – or the asian guy – who sounded extraordinarily ordinary yesterday. The important thing is that the standouts are still there. There are some excellent voices this year!

  18. lee says:

    Idol just lost a viewer i hope the American public enjoy
    their eventual winner
    Heejun “William Hung” Han
    or Deandre “Milli Vanilli” Brackensick

    • christina says:

      LOL, you’re not watching because Shannon got the boot? That chick butchered her song — NOT once but TWICE. Even worse tonight. She wasn’t very good at all.

    • MediaHo says:

      Lee, I just splashed my monitor! LOVE those names!

    • AGM says:

      You’re saying Heejun is like William Hung why? Because they’re both Asian? And Deandre is like Milli Vanilli because he has dreadlocks? Okay, you proved your point. Good job basing all your judgements on superficial stereotypes and just about nothing else.

  19. dj says:

    I think the right person went home. I think she is not quite in the same league as the rest of the singers. Hejun isn’t either, most of the time, but he’s so funny that he’s hugely popular.

  20. Gorm says:

    Millions of dollars in revenue, hundreds of industry connections, dozens of people on staff and Idol still cant come up with a few simple rules to keep it from turing into a Fantasy Boyfriend contest once they open up the voting. I’m fine with Shannon going home, but its a crime that the bottom three didnt have Heejun in it and that Elise or Erica are going home next regardless of how well they perform.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      THIS^ And you get a Made Me Laugh for the Fantasy Boyfriend constest comment!:-)
      I agree with everything you wrote. I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Lunakit says:

      ^ Exactly this ^

    • Erin says:

      Smellivision would keep it from turning into Fantasy Boyfriend because you KNOW Phil Phillips smells terrible. Funky BO, incense, mixed with patouille. Gross when indie guys think they’re too cute to shower or shave.

      • Carol says:

        He’s not an indie guy, he’s just a rugged, natural man — nothing fancy or metrosexual about him. But that doesn’t mean he smells.

    • MediaHo says:

      Sadly, as long as AT&T is a sponsor, there’s no way they’re going to limit the number of votes. To make it fair, they should have the number of votes the same way that DWTS does it, but I really, really doubt this will happen with AT&T on board.

      • jazzyt2u says:

        That’s why I don’t bother to vote can’t keep up with the teens who text and call for the whole two hours… But if they ever get some and go the way of DWTS then I’ll participate… lol and smh

  21. PFitzDC says:

    Count me in the camp that thought the bottom three should have included the mediocre Deandre and Heejun.

    Erika and Elise fans—we have to get out the vote! These are amazing, musically creative singers that shouldn’t be in jeopardy at all!

  22. David says:

    Three women in the bottom three? Same (insert your favorite curse word here), different year, American Idol. The teen-girl power voters will keep pushing their “cuties” through, and continue to ensure that no woman will ever win this show ever again. I’m not saying that Erika and especially Shannon weren’t bottom-three worthy, but Elise? Give me a break. This doesn’t bode well.

    • Mary says:

      I am not a teen, and the only guy I like was Joshua, but I don’t care for Elsie at all.
      Plus, you have to remember this isn’t the top 24 it is top 12. This was for the tour.
      People are going to vote for their favorite, mine is another girl. I voted for the two top
      Girls I wanted in it, sorry Elsie was not one of them.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        Can I ask: did you vote for those two girls (who I’m going to guess are Jessica and Hollie…?) because of the performances they gave on Wednesday night or because those were the two you wanted in the tour? Or both? I’m not trying to be accusatory; I find myself voting based on more than just the performance quality as well, but I find it interesting that people vote for their “favorites” over those who actually may have performed better. I also wonder what voting alterations could really solve this problem. Yeah, limiting the number of votes per device might cut down on certain eager sections of the population who share the same taste in contestants (is there any data on that alleged phenomenon, by the way?), but it wouldn’t stop people from voting for their favorites over those who gave the best performances.
        I know this would never happen, but what if they restructured the show so that we learned far less about the contestant’s background and personal lives and only heard them sing? That might do the trick, but it would also make the show less interesting.

        • Ben says:

          Nothing could overcome this problem, because it’s not a problem. The people who go home should be the ones who less people want to watch, not the ones who perform worse. I think everyone would blind spot bad performances from their own favourites – and would anyone really argue that someone who killed it every week should go home after one bad performance? It’s about the collective portfolio.

        • Mary says:

          To answer your question, (you got half of it right), I voted for the ones I would support and buy there music. I do not vote entirely on there performance on any given week because everyone can have a off day. If they continuely screw up or if somenone else starts to shine I have been known to change my support. Elsie is not the type of singer I enjoyed. I did not say she isn’t talented just not my cup of tea and her attitude, is not helping win any new fans no matter how good she is. I always look at American Idol as a chance for an inexperience singer to get a chance to grow, has the most potential and catches my interest. I base my decision on who moves me. I try to look past the reality tv portion of it. Music is subjective.

        • Tom22 says:

          I would always vote based on how much I wanted to see them sing in the future shows.

          How much I would want to see them sing would be based upon what I’d heard so far and if I felt they had more in them… the best chance at another great peformance if they’d already done well, improvment if they hadn’t quite got everything together at once but which I had really enjoyed aspects of.

          I count what i’ve seen from hollywood week, duets, group numbers and even the internet from performances not on the show as part of my decision process.

          This isn’t a gymnastics meet where people are being judged round by round by techical peformance … its a gradual assement of who we want to hear more from.. I could care less who wins the final vote because I’d have heard an equal number of songs from number 1 and 2 and very nearly as many peformances from numbers 3 (and even plent from number 4)

          All of the top finishers will have had a chance to show what they can do , entertain me in the process and potentiall find a career in the business if they have the luck and moxy to get themselves the right songs and attract a subsegment of the paying public to continue paying to be entertained by them long after the season is behind them.

      • David says:

        If there wasn’t ample evidence from previous years to the contrary, I’d say you were right, it’s just coincidence that three women were the least favorite for America-at-large. But look at the other comments on this page… I’m not the only one who sees this as part of a long, LONG bad trend on Idol.

        • Ben says:

          There is ample evidence on the internet that THOSE 3 were America’s 9-11th favourites (more liked than 2 guys, by the way) and also that Hollie and Jessica are the most 2 liked.

          • David says:

            Fine, show me the proof. Then show me the vote tallies from AI traced to the phone numbers that made the calls. Oh, wait, they never release that. I’m speculating, of course, but try and deny what has happened on the previous four seasons. They even showed, ON THE SHOW, reps from AT&T showing people how to power text for their faves. And who does that? It’s not the twenty year olds, or thirty year olds, or forty year olds. It’s the tween girls who have publicly bragged about casting thousands of votes in the two hours. How many of them does it take to power vote until the rest of America’s vote is irrelevant? Not many. Keep your head in the sand, Ben.

          • B.Rich says:

            Hollie and Jessica ahead of Phillip? I imagine how he loses this competition with the current voting demographic.

            I just hope Josh and Jessica make it to the top 5.

          • Ben says:

            @David – I check in at around 20 different sites multiple times every week, that take polls on idol contestants, and consider the results against each other. These include but are not limited to; idol special interest sites, major news sites, non-idol specific interest sites, international sites, and statistical analysis sites. If you track my comments back on this season alone, you will find that I used this method so far this season to accurately predict 10/10 america’s votes in the semis, 5/6 of the bottom 6 including Jeremy going home in week 1, and 3/3 of this weeks bottom 3 (although I predicted noone would go home, but that was based on statistics too – idol has no precedent for choosing to send someone home tonight). You can run back through this boards comments if you want to check my record. But it’s not a bad one. Other than that, I can’t link you to every single site I check – and of course I can’t say that even the best statistical analysis can be right every time. But this weeks bottom 3 was well signposted.

          • David says:

            @Ben Perhaps it is too early to hit the panic button on Season 11 and anti-female bias/tween voting disaster yet. I did say I could see Shannon and Erika in the Bottom 3, and given that Elise was in the bottom 3 last week I wasn’t surprised. In fact I wasn’t surprised at all — just disappointed. But how do you know the polls you check don’t suffer the same power voting bias? You mentioned in your other comment above that the people who go home should be the ones less people want to watch, not those who perform more poorly — but those should be pretty close to the same thing, IF the voting system represented the true opinion of all the viewer/voters. But it doesn’t — it’s broken. It represents those who can/take-the-time-to power vote at a vastly disproportionate rate, and represents those power voters desires — which is for “the cute, non-threatening guys” — rather than the broad audience’s desires. That does the show a deep disservice, especially to its crediibility. Perhaps I’m wrong this year. I fear I’m not.

          • Ben says:

            Polls have two issues – power voting, and also international people who can vote in the polls but not on the show. But I tihnk over a course of a few years I’ve worked out how to balance that in my analysis. I’m fairly confident Hollie genuinely is ranking above Philip. It’s possible Jessica just has an extreme bump from international sources, but she is ranking well above both Hollie and Philip. These things do change week on week though, so you really can’t tell at this stage. I’m feeling far more confident about a female winner than I have been before, though (noting I started doing this in season 8).

          • jj says:

            Ben, you need to get a life. It’s just a TV show. If you aren’t getting paid for all of that research, you’re in way over your head.

      • yeah says:

        I don’t think ‘Elsie’ was the favorite of even a single viewer. ;)

        If you look straight past the reality element of it, then why are you getting on Elise for her attitude?

  23. jx says:

    So happy with this top ten. Yeahyeah Heejun wasn’t that great, but I’m glad he made the tour… it’ll make following the summer tour media so much more fun.

  24. Mike C. says:

    Did anyone else note how terribly Elise behaved when she was declared to be in the bottom three? No congrats or good sportsmanship to her fellow contestant, just the usual stank face and moping. With that attitude, is it any wonder America keeps dissing her?

    • jx says:

      I think she’s just one of those people who can’t help but let her feelings show and doesn’t realize it. It’s a bummer to be in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row, and especially after delivering such a good performance.

      • Templar says:

        At her age and time in the business, she should have more poise than that. It was more understandable from Haley due to her youth. It’s unacceptable from Elise.

        • What a Pouter says:

          Absolutely unacceptable. I really can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a Sourpuss on Idol in all the years I’ve watched. Bad form, Elise.

      • idolfan44 says:

        I gotta say, I just think Elisa is a person who is emotional and not good at hiding it. She was wringing her hands waiting for Ryan’s declaration of the bottom-dweller. When it was announced, she looks sad and resigned, and she also may have wanted to avoid crying. At any rate, I could see her trying to smile later but clearly she was terrified that she’d be going home, and she was trying to keep that (potential) impending devastation at bay.

        Loved her performance last night, and love her voice so much, though, so hoping that whatever her ‘moods’ or ‘attitudes’ are (or perceived to be), that she sticks around for a while.

    • David says:

      You think “America” has anything to do with this vote? When you hear the teen girls bragging how they can cast 10,000 votes in two hours, it doesn’t take many of them to make the rest of “America’s” vote completely irrelevant.

      As for her behavior, while I noticed it too, I agree with jx. I don’t think she can help but wear her feelings on her sleeve, and everybody should be frustrated she was sent to the Bottom 3.

    • Lindsay says:

      I really don’t think it’s that she has a bad attitude. I still feel it seems that she just doesn’t know how to hide her emotions and put on a smile. She was praised to the skies and put on a great performance, and yet still is in the bottom 3. You can also tell that she’s thinking nonstop. Very much in her own head. She may not be a breezy, cool person like Haley (the other bottom 3 resident), but that doesn’t make her less of a human being or less worthy of advance.

  25. Christina says:

    The judges did a disservice to Shannon by even putting her in the top 24. She was too young, and naive for this show. The best advise for her is to go back high school, be a star volleyball player, and then maybe after you graduate if you want to pursue singing then go for it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Agreed. I would like to have seen Shannon and Jeremy try out in a couple of years.

      • TheBeach says:

        I agree with you about Shannon. She is only what, 16? She could take some voice lessons, learn some control and maybe be just fine in a few years. But I’m afraid Jeremy will always sound just like the Jeremy we heard which was pretty meh for me.

  26. made says:

    ‘nother thing. In my opinion, Jessica is over-prepared for this type of competition and Hollie is under-prepared, if you know what I mean, Michael and Melinda. Jessica has an amazing voice but I don’t really know what kind of artist she is and she comes through too rehearsed. Hollie, on the other hand, is more real. She’s a young girl who can sing, definitely. But gets the nerves, the second-guessing, the insecurities every newbie would feel. I don’t quite get what kind of artists any of them would be. Elise… I know EXACTLY who she is and I love her. Probably not America’s (voting) favourite though.
    P.S.: to Melinda, you were my favourite on your season from the day you auditioned :) So happy to “see” you again!

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Does Melinda Doolittle read these comments? Does Michael Slezak read these comments? I agree that Melinda’s awesome, though.
      I agree with you that Jessica seems awfully prepared for this contest, but I don’t have much trouble picturing the kind of artist she could be. I see her laying down a lot of club dance tracks along with the occasional synthesized ballad. Sort of a more talented version of Rhianna. Hollie, honestly, I think might be a better fit for Broadway. Or singing on Disney musicals. Elise rules.

      • marie says:

        This is not directed ONLY towards the above comment, but rather towards everyone who has ever suggested that a particular contestant might be suited to a career on Broadway – without stopping to acknowledge that a career in musical theater requires not only singing talent, but also acting and quite often dance too.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          Didn’t Fantasia Burrino star in a Broadway musical only a few years after Idol? I’m not sure, but I kinda doubt that she had formal acting training. Stuff like that can be done.

          • TheBeach says:

            Yep, she was…and Clay Aiken as well. Even Ace Young was in a revival of “Hair” but I hear his reviews weren’t so hot.

          • marie says:

            You’re right; Fantasia had a lead role in the musical The Color Purple; Diana DiGarmo has also appeared on Broadway, and of course there’s Jennifer Hudson’s star turn in the Dreamgirls film. Still, with or without formal acting study, each of these singers (and possibly a few more I’m forgetting) must have had some intrinsic acting ability; I’m just saying you simply can’t assume any given Idol contestant automatically has this ability (which I acknowledge you may not have been saying at all).

      • marie says:

        Elise certainly DOES rule – but a “more talented Rhianna” is overly complicated: one could simply omit the word “more” and have a more concise, and more accurate, statement.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          HA! Marie, you get a Made Me Laugh with that comment. :-)
          Hey, now that Christie Brinkley is Roxy Hart in “Chicago” there’s hope for the rest of us. I sure didn’t know she sang and I still remember her in that “Uptown Girl” video with Billy Joel, dancing like a stick.

    • Ben says:

      “Too rehearsed”, honestly one of the worst criticisms ever. If a major pop star was allowed to compete on idol, would we call them too rehearsed? It seems like people are essentially calling Jessica too good for idol, that somehow she needs to not be as good to win.

      • David says:

        There is a difference between “too rehearsed” and “too talented”. Jessica’s polish comes across to some people as a disconnect between her and the meaning of what she sings, like she’s acting a part but not feeling the part. I totally believed Joshua felt what he was singing last night — whether he did for real or not — but I have yet to believe Jessica felt what she sang either this week or last. It’s like she’s a wind-up toy. That doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s extremely talented.

      • Tom22 says:

        Just to name a couple pop stars that sung songs that were on the top of the charts in their day, and that I saw in concert 100% connected after singing the same songs a zillion times 15 years after they were hits:

        Steve Miller,
        Jimmy Buffett

        I didn’t go to many “pop” concerts being more into things like the Allaman Brothers , the greatful dead and many metal groups…I did see the B-52s and and Chris Issaak sing live an i’d say the same, of them although that might have been easy for the gimicy b-52s and chris isaak might not qualify as pop.

        I’m just saying that great pop artists bring it in an unrehearsed sounding way too live… not all of them lip synched in the past. (although, I was very dissapointed in The Who tour in the 80s)

  27. Cup of Joe says:

    Though I agree that it would’ve been Shannon’s time anyway, I’m just bummed that (a) they’re now back to the Touring Ten and (b) all the B3 vote-getters are ladies. Seriously, at this point, if that’s gonna be the case in the next couple of weeks, you might as well crown either Phillip, who ain’t really that special musically or personality-wise, or Colton, who’s more “work-in-progress” than “potential winner,” as the champ.

  28. cathy says:

    another season of idol and nothing has changed. Nigel has tried to manipulate and control the ratings all season. With the wild cards, bringing Jermaine back he has also tried to manipulate the cast. Doesn’t matter what you do Nigel the American Idol vote curse will get you everytime. With some very bad performances from the guys, and no surprise from me, 3 women landed in the bottom 3.

    • shelbybb says:

      I agree 100%! Idol will never change if Nigel stays – plain and simple (and sad).
      The finals will be Phil vs Colton (hint: the guy with a guitar wins).

  29. Jason says:

    This is not a racist comment it’s a statistically correct comment. Heejun is of Asian decent and the population of Asian’s in the US is high regardless of their gender and age. So there is your answer no matter how you feel about his gift… I’ll put it out there even if no one else will. Personally I don’t think he was a good pick to begin with but I’m glad his friends/fans like Phillip.

    Heejun – Shannon, just glad one of the two is gone. They both have a gift but need serious development and not in front of America.

    Wether or not American Idol produces another female as the winner (and I was totally rooting for Bowersox) have you listened to the radio lately? Sirrus? XM? There are female singers popping up all over the place and that trend will continue no matter if they come from Joe’s pool hall down the street (have you checked out and supported any local talent lately?), The Voice, American Idol, or whichever production comes next. I’m a fan of all of them personally – accept I have a Lincoln Theatre down the street not a Joe’s.

    America made the right choice in the end no matter who was sitting in the bottom three stools together. To end, Deandre belongs on this tour – just you wait folks – that one will do some good things for our ears to come. And no, I haven’t been voting for him. I’d like to see the right person win based on what they project through their passion, gift, and desire.

    And no it’s no Phillip either (not for me anyway).

    • Ben says:

      Statistically correct? Ugh – I’ll have to leave that one alone.

      • Jason says:

        Please do comment. Opinions matter hence the comment section and reply to this post option.

        4.8% of the U.S. population alone are Asian while people who are Asian combined with at least one other race make up 5.6%. That’s pretty large voting population.

        • Ben says:

          OK, I do come at the whole ‘who goes home thing’ from a very statistical standpoint, so I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m just saying you are making a lot of assumptions which I don’t think pan out. Voting is an extremely complex thing. You are assuming that 1) 5.6% is enough (really, 5.6% of the vote would probably be dead last, maybe not but it certainly isn’t a lot) 2) there is an even spread of America’s demographics watching idol, ie the asian population has any kind of major sway 3) People naturally gravitate towards voting people of their own racial group, which I haven’t seen a lot of evidence for, and 4) That Heejun is the one they are saving, as opposed to Jessica.

          Much more accurate is this. There are lots of Heejun fans. I know several, none of whom are asian. May he have a significant asian vote? It’s possible, but lots of people like him for him. It’s not just a demographics thing.

          • David says:

            “It’s not just a demographics thing.”

            This. There is no reason to assume that all Asian viewers will automatically vote for Heejun, or that non-Asians won’t.

          • Jason says:

            The way I came up with my opinion is that lets knock it down to just 4.8% doing the math at unlimited voting options with the number of viewers recorded – that’s fairly high. I don’t think its just the Asian US population voting for him but I feel its part of the number that makes him strong. I admire his heart and what he does for a living (prior to Idol). He’s a winner from that no matter what the final outcome is on this TV show.

            For those of you concerned with females being in the bottom it’s even at this point 5 – 5 so stop complaining and rally / lobby for your Idol to win. Spread your cheer to the population and encourage the to first watch and vote.

            Regardless, I hope the person who shows the most passion, depth, and talent wins… My first choice is a male contestant and second is female (neither of which are Hollie or Jessica).

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          But how many of them vote?

        • TheBeach says:

          Isn’t Jessica of Philippine descent? That would make her Asian as well.

          • JJ says:

            For starters, the Philippines are not in asia. They are an island nation. Second, they are a mainly Catholic country, so don’t figure on votes from Buddhists. Owing to her spanish surname she’s more likely to garner the latino vote.

  30. marie says:

    Was I surprised that both Elise and Erika, despite being two of the more accomplished and interesting singers on the show, were both in the bottom 3? Not at all (although I was feeling pretty fed up).
    Was I totally surprised but satisfied that the genuinely least deserving of the three actually got the boot? Absolutely.

  31. PutAforkINit says:

    I dont even watch this show — but I can save you all a lot of time by telling you who wins it all — that Phillip dude.

    First of all, mostly girls watch and vote.

    Secondly, he is the only one trending on Twitter on performance nights.

    The end.

    Now I just freed up like 5 hours of your week!

  32. jake says:

    I wish more people would vote for Erika — I think she’s awesome. It’s the same bottom 3 girls as last week.

    The only one who thought that they wouldn’t send anyone home is the media. I know at some point they will not send anyone home.

    Next year, I wish they would expand the top 24 to two week eliminations — it’s such a brutal cut.

    Shannon was so amazing two weeks ago, I just don’t get what happened these past two weeks. I’m not an elise fan at all, but i must say she did do good last night. I would have picked deandre to go home.

    • Johnny says:

      Erika’s my favorite too. I loved her personality and voice from her first audition, but she officially won me over with the wildcard Gaga song. Her song choices haven’t been great the last few weeks, so she needs to do amazing next week if she plans to stay beyond a week or two more.

  33. Erica says:

    The producers controlled who went home the first week, ensuring a guy left (Jeremy), and then Jermaine was DQ’d (maybe this was planned?). That means that the first time America’s vote 100% determined who went home, the bottom three was made up entirely of women. Despite producer manipulation the first few weeks, this could be heading down a familiar road unless some of the girls continue to stand out. Maybe Hollie and Jessica will be the Haley and Lauren of this season?

  34. Angela says:

    The only real shocker about tonight was that they actually let someone go. After last night’s debacle with Jermaine everyone was wondering if they’d just keep everyone another week.
    As for who left-I don’t have a problem with Shannon one way or another, but last night wasn’t her best performance, so…*Shrugs*. And we’ve still got some women to go in this competition, just because a woman left last night doesn’t mean that our chances of a female winner are dying away.

  35. darcy's evil twin says:

    I haven’t watched the program yet (darn, I hate it when life gets in the way of Idol) but I am a bit surprised they sent anyone home. And quite frankly, based on last night’s performances it should have been HeeJun rather than Shannon, IMO. I honestly didn’t think Shannon was that bad last night – but HeeJun was every bit of bad and then some. However, for some reason Idol viewers consistently have a sweet spot for someone that isn’t that good and this season it’s HeeJun. Is it too early to start calling him HeeJaya? ;-)
    I’m just glad Erika is safe for now. I honestly expected her to leave this week if anyone left – simply because life’s not fair and American Idol certainly isn’t fair. I’m stunned Shannon is leaving and Erika is staying. But I’m still trying really, really hard not to get too attached to Erika and Elise because I don’t think they’ll be around long. Their vocals are somewhat old-school and they’re older than the other contestants. They’re both going to have to give 110% every single week.

    • MSD says:

      I agree about Erika and Elise (to a lesser extent). If one of them went far and showed this competition their stuff, it would be a victory for all mature, hardworking, talented women contestants who have gone before. I picture Erika’s face on a Rosie the Riveter ad! :) We Can Do It!!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I think if Erika gives a totally awesome performance, cures cancer, and does something to bring the price of gas down to $2.00 a gallon she might hang around longer than another week. Otherwise I fear she’s doomed.

        • marie says:

          LOL – very sad, but quite possibly true. I have nothing against Jessica or Hollie, but personally, I’d rather see Elise and Erika stick around longer.
          Never gonna happen.

  36. Allie says:

    Shannon and Jermaine both gone in one week , how did we get so lucky! Happy with the top 10!

    • B.Rich says:

      Yea, this week’s results were ideal.

      I can’t wait to see Joshua every week, he is mindblowing.

      • Jason says:

        I agree the three that were eliminated first were perfect!! Now that they have made the tour I hope some of them relax and start having fun!!! The four that have a chance of winning Phillip, Joshua, Jessica and Holly should keep their eye on the prize but the rest should loosen up a bit!!!

  37. Paisley says:

    I was glad to see both Jermaine and Shannon go. Shannon was very mature about her exit and even Jermaine handled his ouster without too much of a fuss (on camera, anyway). Now, Game On! This is a fantastic Top Ten — haven’t been this optimistic since Season 7.

    • MSD says:

      You said it! I’m very optimistic (as I was with Season 7). The right 3 people were the first to 3 to go. Should be fun to see the Top 10 battle it out– as many of them could really do well– and there are none of them I’m not completely sick of yet. (Heejun is walking a fine line…)

  38. Jason says:

    I believe Shannon was the one to go and the producers wanted here gone. They didn’t want to risk Elise or Deandre not making the tour. HAd one of them been lowest votes they probably would have said since Jermaine was eliminated everyone is safe.

  39. Jason says:

    You guys are just figuring this out? If they voted based on singing the last four American Idols would have been Carly Smithson, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox and Haley Reinart!! Not the four jokers we got!!!

    • Mary says:

      That is your opinion. I happen to like 2 of the four jokers your talking about. Everyone has a chance to vote for their favorite and as many times as you like. I am sick to death everyone coming up with reasons why their favorite didn’t win. I also like three of the four you mention. Believe it or not it is not the end of the world that your favorite didn’t win. If you enjoy them buy their music. This is a reality show, yes it helps open doors, but it doesn’t make you an instant success. I personally feel with todays music even if you favorite won it wouldn’t of made a difference. The youth seem to like singers who can’t sing without auto tune, songs have no melody and the lyrics are jibberish. None of these guys and girls really stand a chance. There are exceptions: Adele for one, but lets face it today’s radio music suck.

      • Tim says:

        It should mean something to win though, other than that you appealed most to the tweener girl power voters. I mean, come on, Lee DeWyze was a complete travesty when there were so many talented girls that season.

        • Mary says:

          To be honest I don’t even remember what girls were in that season other than Crystal and yes I believe she should of won, but guess what she didn’t. I hate to say it but that season there was no way it was going to measure up coming off season 8, Simon leaving, new judges. Gaga could of tried out and it still would of been a flop.

  40. Musica1 says:

    I liked both Elise and Erika initially, but haven’t enjoyed their singing at all the last couple of weeks. I split my votes this week between Hollie and Phil because they were the two I most enjoyed. I’m still hoping for a comeback by Elise, but I refuse to vote for her because she used to sing well.

    • Tom22 says:

      I’m not terribly impressed with either Elise or Erika.

      I went in thinking they’d be great and I do think they are better musicians(like in understanding rythems and chords) and singers(like being able to sustain a nice sounding vote on key) in many ways.. yet the third component I want to see has been missing:

      Connection to the song and delivering a message (even if not precisely to the meaning of the lyrics) of a mood, a time and place, and human aspirations and regrets etc that they want to convey to us.

      I’m just not quite feeling it.. not saying they aren’t trying their hardest but there just isn’t a sublime level of emotion coming across to me.

  41. Tory says:

    I keep waiting for the judges to clean out their ears….most every time they say ” you nailed it” or “it was beautiful” I am really wondering what they are listening to….Shannon was a prime example. She was great until the top 24 and then omg she was so pitchy and tone deaf and all over the place. This weeks song was no different. Come on guys she was horrible. Yet, they said she did a beautiful job with that song. Ack ….again, what were they listeng to? Hee Jun was really bad too. But glad Shannon left this week. Maybe hee Jun will go next week.

  42. Jason says:

    Sorry, but you’re fooling yourself if you this this is ‘evenly matched’. No matter what, Phillip is going to win.

    Jessica Sanchez could get Mariah, Celine, and the ghost of Whitney to duet with her and she’d still lose to the cougars that are determined to have another WGWG to win.

    • Marianne says:

      All I could think about (while being bored) during Daughtry’s performance was – here we go again. . .that will be boring, wgwg, Philip in next year – appearing on Idol as a former ‘winner’.

  43. Marianne says:

    Michael – I believe Shannon sang her Christian song from a few weeks ago for her ‘save me’ song tonight – not a reprisal of ‘One Sweet Day’.

    • Marianne says:

      Oops – I guess it just sounded like a Christian song this evening ;) It was, in fact, One Sweet Day. Nice girl – onward, perhaps, with some vocal coaching?

  44. Mellie says:

    Absolutely right person went home tonight. I’d absolutely get rid of her over Heejun simply because he’s more interesting… But Heejun should be next, yes?

    • marie says:

      Which shows you how deep a field it really is this season because he’s still better than, say…the unfortunate winner of Season 9!

  45. marie says:

    Random observations:
    – What, no group number (can I get an “Amen!”?).
    – So tonight the Stools of Doom magically turned into, let’s see…the Stools of Redemption?
    – By all that is holy, heaven help us, Slezak was right – Randy IS trying to turn “Sang the whatever out of…” into this year’s catchphrase (as we say in Brooklyn, Fuhgeddaboudit…!).

  46. regina says:

    I think they’re just using it to their advantage. Now, if there must be a week when no one goes home, the producers can choose a week when one of their favorites got the fewest votes. So basically, whenever hollie or Jessica has an off night, as jlo has basically said those are the two she wants in the finale.

  47. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I want Heejun and Phillip. In my bed. Now.

  48. J. May says:

    I love Elise’s voice but I kind of cringed the way she just walked away from Skylar when she heard she was in the bottom 3. Skylar looked kinda hurt. Elise seems like she could use some people skills, y’know?

    Totally agree with Michael that this is a really solid top 10, aside from Heejun that is.

  49. Beth says:

    this is the second live performance I have seen by Demi Lovato and the first was on dancing with the stars. Maybe it was the dancers, but I thought this was really surprisingly good. The link to the video is here.

  50. darcy's evil twin says:

    LOL. They’re all yours! No sibling rivalry here.