Exclusive Office First Look: Catherine Tate Eyes Top Job at Dunder Mifflin Scranton... Again!

Wondering what will become of Catherine Tate‘s Nellie Bertram now that Robert California has put the kibosh on her Sabre store pitch? She’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton-bound, of course.

The sassy Brit continues her Office arc this Thursday (9/8c, NBC), and we’ve got your exclusive first look at what happens when Nellie comes back to town with one thing on her mind: Andy’s Regional Manager job.

Press PLAY below to see Tate’s hilariously desperate outburst — and Dwight’s uncharacteristically logical retort!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. torontogirl98 says:

    Am I the only one who cannot stand her, its not that I don’t get British humor but everything about her/her character annoys me

    • Ben says:

      It’s not just you. I can’t stand the actress. She’s not funny on here, she was terrible on Doctor Who. I saw this story and worried with Spader leaving after this year that they were going to put her into that role. Which… would make me cry.

      • Kristen says:

        Hubby and I can’t stand her either. We are done with the show if she takes the lead.

      • madhatter360 says:

        Is she bovvered? Is she bovvered though? Are you insulting the house of Tate? Are you calling her mother a boorish fool? Are you calling her father a hack? But he’s not even a hack though. Look, face, bovvered. She’s not even bovvered. She aint’t BOVVERED!

      • Chiana says:

        I agree with both your comments. I stopped watching Dr. Who when she showed up, she’s just plain annoying. I’m hoping some terrible tragedy happens to her, like they did to Will Ferrell.

        • Mags says:

          Catherine Tate was brilliant on Doctor Who. Donna Noble is my favorite companion.

          • Gallifreyan1218 says:

            Donna Noble was the best companion so far.

            Catherine Tate is absolutely fantastic. Anyone who calls her annoying should look in the mirror. Her sketch show is funny, her Donna Noble is epic, and her cameos add to anything she is in.

        • naima says:

          please at least like her as an actress working..a lot of american series are originally from native europe..like britain,u.k.,germany,spain,and also asia..so stop please i’m a die hard fan of critically best shows aand artists lay off..you’re not thinking by the way i’m naima hopkins…care to read my other comments so you could learn

      • naima says:

        excuse me,:] but in doctor who her character was the best companion ever..you have no idea how talented she was as an actress, presenter, writer, theater actress and comedienne i mean mind to take a look at her works.. and also..huge fans of catherine tate around the globe would be curious about the office which is a big help for their show and it’s an insult for the directors,producers and staff ,knowing they have been working professionally to just receive comments from a nonsense thinkers duuuuh :] haha!!!i love catherine tate don’t care if you’re bovverd with what i’m saying it’s just that you are veing carried away by the character which proves that catherine tate establishes her character well i’m just laughing at your comments though peace and hugs to you guys :]

      • naima says:

        It’s not just you. I can stand the actress. She’s funny on here, she was terrible on Doctor Who. I saw this story and worried with Spader leaving so i became happy after this year that they were going to put her into that role. Which… would make me cry of joy.

    • Jogue says:

      She was much, much more hilarious on Doctor Who.

      • Jaay says:

        If she is funny on Doctor Who and not on The Office that’s a writers problem, not hers.

        • Mike says:

          Not necessarily–some actors are only funny in certain roles. Regardless, they either need to rewrite her character (much in the way they did Carrell’s character after season one, when he became a much nicer doofus) or get her off the show. Her current character isn’t working.

        • Gallifreyan1218 says:

          I agree. But in general, I find the Office to be annoyingly unfunny anyways. Jim/Pam are, of course, redeeming qualities.

      • Chiana says:

        Didn’t (don’t) find her funny on either show. I think it’s not working when they choose such polarizing figures for what is essentially the core of the show. I find Ed Helms works for me me.e, I’d also think Mindy Kaling (Kelly) would work as the boss if she wasn’t piloting her own show (and her producing/writing work here might keep her too busy anyway). I actually thought that was where the show was going, when she was chosen for their equity program. Could have been quite funny on several levels.

    • Mike says:

      I can’t stand her either. They have a pretty good thing going with Jim and Dwight, there’s really no need to add characters. The Florida episodes were some of the funniest in spite of this annoying character. Jim and Dwight can carry the bulk of the show with Andy, Darryl, Ryan, Kelly, and Erin playing supporting roles.

      • Benjahmin says:

        From what I understand, Dwight might be leaving the office for some spin-off involving Dwight and his family… So that’s out.

    • Jamison Akers says:

      I agree, I can not stand her either. I think Andy is a great boss as it is. The florida episodes were good, but it is not something that needs to be crossed over into scranton.

    • naima says:

      Am I the only one who stand her, its that I get British humor but everything about her/her character enjoys me

  2. PutAforkINit says:

    you know what I am going to say
    it’s so done

  3. Not Steve Carell says:

    Jumped the shark and landed 2 seasons ago.

  4. Cshifty says:

    You’re not the only one. Don’t like her, very hard to watch with her on the already weak show. If she replaces Robert California, I’m done with the show until Carell comes back for the series finale.

    • naima says:

      that is why they put her on the show to add spice..then if you don’t like her it’s the writers IDEA NOT CATH’S it’s just a single supporting role compare to the works she had. you may never know if writers come up with a twist where nellie would turn into an asset or one of the heroes/heroine of the office co….leave the actress behind she’s just the portrayer..poor artistsbeing judge personally rather than professionally as their characters..i don’ wanna say this, i’m a professor so i would love to hear from persons who state themselves ideas with strong knowledge, proof, basis and foundation. i include that here no matter how novelist it looked

  5. Lary says:

    So you people think that Nellie/Catherine isn’t fun but Andy/Ed is? Okay, maybe that’s why things like Jersey Shore is on season 5 and good shows like Community is fighting to get another season. Well done America!

    • Paul says:

      Agreed! These people are ass-backwards.

    • Carmichael says:

      Ok….um…….we have A TIE for winning the internet this hour. Share nicely.

    • Chiana says:

      That’s a ridiculous post Larry, since the two subjects have nothing to do with each other. Did you fail Philosophy 101?
      The Office has much more in common with Community does with a trashy reality show, and I sincerely believe very few people commenting on here watch that show (don’t want to publicize it any more than mentioning it).

  6. Kim says:

    She is NOT funny and I hope she is not part of the show for much longer!!

  7. brett says:

    This show stopped being funny a couple of seasons ago and is just plain uncomfortable now. It used to be uncomfortable AND funny, and sometimes so wickedly pointed in it’s characterizations of American office workers. The funny was mostly gone two seasons ago, but completely left with Steve Carrel. Catherine Tate is a great comedic actress, even having her own show on BBC (plus her stint on “Doctor Who”.

    The writers have just run out of things to say regarding this topic. I can only hope the pilots they’re writing for the coming season are funny so that when this show is finally cancelled they have work, or get their juices flowing for this show again.

  8. Tansy says:

    Many people may be done with the show if CT sticks around, but I doubt I’ll be the only one who started watching because of her. Just because you’re not happy with her appearance, it won’t be the beginning of the end. I just go where the Tate takes me.

    • valentina says:

      I’ll go with the Tate too. I adore her and she’s hilarious in the Office. I’m only watching because of her!

  9. Mike says:

    She is terrible.

  10. Ella says:

    I like Catherine Tate, but someone really needs to take this show out back and shoot it.

  11. Heather says:

    I think it’s a writing issue. Catherine is a hilarious person but she’s new to them so it takes time to get into the groove. I agree that the show hit its peak a few years back. If it were CBS, it’d be gone but NBC can’t get rid of even moderate successes when all of its comedies are struggling. 30 Rock & Parks are funnier but The Office is still able to get the people they can’t so who knows how long they’ll keep it! Love the characters & actors on the show though!

  12. Q says:

    Is she going to stay on the show? I like her. She makes me laugh.

  13. Joe says:

    The reason she’s not funny on the office is because her character is completely outrageous and unbelievable. The beauty of the office is that it’s actual people with believable personalities and some outrageous situations mixed in. She throws things off kilter. It’s glaringly obvious that she doesn’t fit, I really hope she doesn’t take over for Spader.

  14. DB says:

    i think the issue with her character has less to do with the actress (who is funny) but more to do with the writing. The show has overstayed its welcome, tbh.

  15. chuck says:

    Tate blows! British comedy mostly blows! The END!

  16. Tyler says:

    The show Is going down the crapper and if she on the show anymore I am going to flush, close the lid and be done with it!!!

  17. Katie says:

    She’s just awful. Not funny at all. I cringe instead of laugh when she makes a “joke.”

  18. La says:

    Aww..I love Catherine Tate, but I love most British humor.

  19. Bubba says:

    The Office has now officially jumped the ENTIRE Shark Week….

  20. stephanie says:

    I cannot stand her. I dont think shes funny at all….hope her appearances in this show are very temporary.

  21. Tanya says:

    Y’all are all crazy! She gives the Office those extremely awkward moments like Michael used to. Love her character :)

    • Benjahmin says:

      My only problem is that the show revolved around Michael and his stupidity, and his attempts at making things better. With CT, she creates problems, but she doesn’t care about how to fix them; Dwight or Jim have to fix it. I actually think Andy should stick to being the boss because he has that same attitude that Michael does (and those episodes, like the one with Robert’s wife, ring a bell here). He simply doesn’t know what to do, and that makes for totally awkward (and hilarious) scenes.

  22. TateFan says:

    Only watching because of her! I’d watch anything for her but I can’t stand the show and I hope she’ll get another show soon cause her talent is wasted on this sinking ship!

  23. Kristy says:

    She’s so funny and sexy. UK knows how to raise great women. They always do. She’s so funny in everything she did. Catherine Tate Show is the best.And she worked with Dawn Frech,I love that lady. And Donna Noble was one of the best companions. And her acting skills also great. And she’s also great on stage works. She played Belinda in Season’s Greetings,it was also amazing. And her Beatrice to David (Tennant)’s Benedick was great.

  24. Jeff Barentine says:

    I like her. She emboddies that idiot side that Michael had. While not nearly as charming as Michael, she does have moments where she gathers those similar ‘NOOO!!! Did she really say that?!’ responses from me. *Facepalm*. Yep, she did.

  25. Squirrel says:

    She needs to be one of those characters that has a short life and then goes away. I agree with other posts, she will just be annoying to watch all the time. Bleh is all I have to say

  26. Dan says:

    Not sure why everyone has a problem with her, I think she and her character are hilarious. I do agree that the show has lost it’s spark since Carrell left, but it still remains my favorite show. They need to add new characters periodically in order to survive.

  27. Debbie Parrish says:

    The Office is as great as ever. I cannot believe how the cast has done such a great job in the transition from Michael Scott.! I love the show more than ever! Please, though, don’t mess with Jim and Pam’s relationship.

  28. Loni says:

    I think she’s totally annoying. I can’t understand half of what she says. I think Andy’s been a funny/enjoyable boss so far so she better not replace him!

  29. annachestnut says:

    ……King James Breakfast Pie!!!!!

  30. Dee says:

    I find it hard to watch her character. Really annoying. Can’t wait for her scenes to be over. I hope she’s. Of staying. It will be hard for me to continue to be a fan of the show. I know they need some new blood and conflict but this is ridiculous.

  31. Dave says:

    I absolutely LOVE Catherine Tate. Fell in love with her show years ago. I was and still am ecstatic that she has been on The Office. I have my fingers crossed that she becomes the new Regional Manager!!!

  32. Jeanne says:

    I LOVE Catherine TATE! Loved her show, LOVED her on Doctor Who. She looks fabulous and I would love to see more of her. She’s outlandish and that’s how it should be. I for one am glad she’s here.

  33. Lori says:

    I think she’s awesome. I like what she adds to the show. Rock on, girl! I love the attitude in her character.

  34. Rose DeVries says:

    I thought it was just me, but I hate her too. They either need to get rid of her or just end it. I hope they just get rid of her!!!!

  35. Alexander says:

    Catherine Tate as the Scranton Regional Manager….YES! Andy Bernard is simply not funny as the manager, he doesn’t have the same “presence on camera” as Nellie Bertram has. But if anything, I think the producers should BEG Steve Carrel to come back to the show because it’s slowly falling apart without him.

    • Colin says:

      i would rather have Toby be Regional Manager than Nellie Bertram… The producers need to let her go… shes not funny

  36. Mike says:

    FInally getting used to “bobble-head humor”. These characters need each other. Dwight on his own, no, .. sorry wont work. Jim and Pam, Nope. Bring back Steve Carell… I don’t know how they would balance Nellie.

  37. Lindsey says:

    They need to just cancel The Office already. It’s been hit or miss for years with many more misses than hits. It’s pretty much the definition of a show that was brilliant the first few seasons and overstayed its welcome. And more Catherine Tate? No, thank you!

  38. kevin says:

    So in the USA today, today, there was an article with ed helms in a show with Susan surrandon and Jason segal…could it mean something? And about Tate….I can’t stand her. I love British humour, but she just straight up annoys me. she would have been better on the UK version.

    • Mags says:

      Ed Helms appears in a movie, not a TV show, with Jason Segal and Susan Sarandon.

      I love Catherine Tate and hope to see her more often on American TV.

  39. Kevin says:

    Catherine Tate is an amazing actress, and I support everything she’s a part of. The Office’s humor, to me, has never been “laugh out loud” hilarious, but the characters are what make you watch it, and I find humour in their little quirks that make them different from one another. I think the show has run its course, though, as this kind of comedy isn’t one I’d imagined lasting more than 5 years, but I hope Tate is given more of a chance — she really is a brilliant actress!

  40. chris says:

    She’s not even close to funny. She annoys the crap out of me.

  41. john doe says:

    She is retarded not funny at all would ruin show.

  42. Abe says:

    She sucks!!!!!!!!!
    Mindy Kailing need to make up an episode where she is buried in Dwight’s beet farm, and never returns. Or maybe she get eaten alive by a bear at Shrute farms.

  43. Abe says:

    Send her to Nashua and have her replace Holly Flax spot as an HR rep. Or have her marry Toby Flenderson and then she dies of loneliness.

  44. DaONe says:

    Seriously losing faith, its not her its the character. She “the character” is hard to watch doesnt fit it in and in the recent show randomly shows up and disrupts the flow terrible show very little laughs. Very Disappointed hope she gets axed or changes dramatically

  45. Zee Chen says:

    I find the Robert California character really rather creepy and quite weird.

  46. Sarah says:

    I find Catherine Tate as Nellie Bertram to be dreadful. Never have I seen an actor work so hard to be funny; it really is pathetic. I think she comes out of the Jerry Lewis school of acting which is aimed at 12 year old boys who have a very infantile view of funny.

  47. u2zoo24 says:

    Ok let’s put aside that she is NOT funny. Let’s put aside that she is trying way to hard. Let’s put aside that she has an annoying english accent.

    If I have to spend another 22 minutes looking at that disgusting mole on her chin i’m gonna blow chunks.

    Clearly the vast majority of people do not like her character on the show, get rid of her and give Andy his job back.

  48. Todd says:

    Nearly 70% of these posts agree that Tate is ruining the show, and it is NOT the writing! She is unbearable! Please make her go away NOW! Prior to each week’s episode I am going to read the preview and as long as I see her name mentioned as part of the show, I simply won’t tune in.

  49. J’aime votre article. Merci pour l’information. Merci 1000 fois ! A bientôt.