Breaking: HBO Cancels Luck After a Third Horse Dies During Production

Luck CancelledHBO has cancelled its freshman drama Luck, after a third horse died during production this week.

“It is with heartbreak that executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann together with HBO have decided to cease all future production on the series,” the pay cabler said in a statement.

The latest equine casualty was being walked back to its barn by a groom at Santa Anita Racetrack when it reared up, fell backwards and was injured. “Unfortunately, the injury was serious and could not be treated,” says the American Humane Association, which had a representative on the premises at the time. Though the injury was neither sustained while on set nor during the filming of a scene, the AHA went on to demand that “all production involving horses shut down… pending a complete, thorough, and comprehensive investigation.”

“Safety is always of paramount concern,” HBO says in its statement. “We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horseracing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures.  While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won’t in the future.  Accordingly, we have reached this difficult decision.”

HBO’s statement closed by saying, “We are immensely proud of this series, the writing, the acting, the filmmaking, the celebration of the culture of horses, and everyone involved in its creation.”

In a separate joint statement, Milch and Mann said,  “The two of us loved this series, loved the cast, crew and writers.  This has been a tremendous collaboration and one that we plan to continue in the future” – albeit on a different project.

What do you think of this news, Luck fans? Do you believe HBO made the only prudent decision?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rachael says:

    That … is … weird.

    • Tom Dunaj says:

      I have always loved horses and feel really bad that three have died.
      From what i gathered a car mounted with a camera were on the track
      and filmed the horses racing.If this is true shame on them!

  2. Doug-H says:

    That is a real shame since I was enjoying this show and looked forward to a second season… Now why bother watching the rest of this season when you know it’s over and the writers probably left it open to a second season…

  3. Ray says:

    To he– with the series. I wasn’t aware that even ONE horse had died. One is too many! As much as O enjoyed the show it SHOULD have shut down after the first horse died. What happened to the first two?

    • Horse Lover says:

      One horse fell and suffered and “fractured nerve” and was euthanized. This last one suffered a head injury in transport and was also euthanized. I don’t know what happened to the third horse. I do know that all of the horses used on the show were “retired” race horses and there is some question as to whether or not they should have been put under the physical and emotional stress that accompanies racing (AND filming, I would guess). I really don’t know that much about horses, but I do know a lot about dogs, and I imagine that horses react to the same stressors that canines do, and in a similar fashion. I think the sh*t is gonna hit the fan big time over this one even if the show did get cancelled, because, like you, I don’t think a whole lot of people even knew there were TWO PREVIOUS horse fatalities prior to this one.

      • Meg says:

        The third horse reared back and fell. Did you not read the article past the headline? It’s in the third paragraph.

        • MrsFitzDarcy says:

          Accidents happen with horses all the time in the field, being led, tied, ridden, but you know what? They have too much energy to put in a padded stall with bubble wrap 24/7.

          My old horse did not like getting on trailers. Unfortunately, it is a fact of equine domestic existence. He reared up and fell over several times (not as the result of abuse, mind you). Besides pulling a shoe off, he was no worse for wear. Sometimes, a horse does hit something. Some horses when tied might get spooked and pull back against the tie, which usually breaks and the horse goes flying backwards. Usually they do not get hurt, but sometimes they do.

          As for them using retired racehorses, saying that they couldn’t stand the stressors is like lumping all teenagers who take AP classes in the same category. Some can take it. Some can’t. It’s mostly a physical. These breakdowns could be the result of one bad step or the last straw in a series bone or soft tissue injuries. The horses should be vetted with xrays and ultrasounded (soft tissue) to make sure they don’t have any underlying weakness in the leg structures, such as arthritic conditions, microscopic fractures, or soft tissue injuries. Simple flexion tests on the horses’ leg joints should tell the vet how much range of motion the horse has and if his legs can stand up to full racehorse work.

      • yippity says:

        I wish for them the worst of “luck”, using those poor animals like that and having them killed for their own profit. SHAME

        Horse Lover and Ray I back your comments

        • Max Power says:

          ” … killed for their own profit.” TV execs aren’t evil animal haters sitting in their office counting their money thinking f**k horses. This is an especially moronic statement considering HBO’s reputation.

          Why is everyone suddenly so hypersensitive to this issue. Read the article; “We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horseracing anywhere …”

          All three incidents were accidents that occurred off camera and this news was released days after 5 horses were killed at the Cheltenham Festival. A little Perspective is needed here people.

          • Randy V says:

            Very well said. Unfortunately horses die every day from unnatural causes. It cannot be prevented in the Horse Racing industry. Accidents do happen. Outlawing Horse Racing is not an option.

          • El says:

            Someone needs to get the right facts out because in several write-ups I have seen, from reputable sources, they are stating that the prior horses died due to injury from racing scenes.

            I get not everyone is sensitive to animals. I get that some injuries just can’t be avoided even with all the right care. I get that horse racing is a dangerous sport for these horses and a lot of horses lose their lives… but that doesn’t mean a fictitious account of this industry should be just as dangerous for these animals. And just because it is an unfortunate circumstance in the industry and these unforeseen accidents happen, doesn’t mean HBO should have just shrugged it off and continued on.

            They claim they maintained the highest safety standards but 3 horses in the filming of, what, 11/12 episodes? says something wasn’t kosher here.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, HBO.
    Major applause from this horse lover.

  5. Brian says:

    @Doug H: Watch the rest of the season because Milch’s season finales are always beautiful pieces of television, and some storylines will definitely be tied up even as others are left to go on. I can’t think of one Milch season finale that wasn’t moving. And your argument would seem to invalidating watching any of Deadwood since it had no proper series finale, yet that show remains one of the most rewarding ever to be broadcast on television.

  6. Cokes says:

    What a f***ing bummer.

  7. Brian says:

    To Horse Lover: It was pretty well publicized, on this site and many others, that two horses had already died. Oncr again, America’s overblown concern for megafauna pushes rationality to the backseat. Where’s the outrage over the billions of neotropical migrant songbirds that are killed every year by people who let their cats outdoors? Most people don’t care because they have never heard of a cerulean warbler or an ovenbird, but Heaven forfend Mr Whiskers be declawed or not have his outside time! Guess what, your cat is an invasive exotic species, and neither domestic cats nor horses will ever go extinct.

    • Amber says:

      I say this as a wildlife watcher and photographer, a naturalist, a cat lover, and most importantly, as a BIRDER….having your cats declawed is barbaric and inhumane and should be an illegal practice in this country as it is in other countries. I do have a cat, and I do let her outside occasionally when the weather is nice to get some fresh air and exercise. The day she brings home a dead bird is the day she stops going out. Please don’t lecture me or others on how to take care of our cats. I love my birdie friends as much as I love my kitty, and I take special care and precautions to make sure both species are co-existing and thriving happily around me.

      Now may I ask, sir, where is your outrage over the Humane Society dropping the ball and allowing 3 horses to be put in situations on this show where they could be injured and killed? Your rage seems a little misdirected at the moment.

      • Anna says:

        In Arizona we have so many natural preditors nearby that letting a cat (or small dog) outdoors unattended; even in a fenced back yard can be fatal. My family thought we were safe; but ended up learning this the hard way.

      • tripoli says:

        Thank you for mentioning how awful declawing a cat is. Especially when you are talking about a cat that is allowed outdoors. That’s pretty much signing it’s death certificate. What a ridiculous thing to say in defense of protecting birds. My cats do not go outside. Period. For their safety and for the safety of other wildlife. It may be natural for cats to hunt birds and other small creatures, but it’s not something my cats are able to do, as much like Amber, I love birds and other wildlife as much as I do my cats.
        What an unfortunate occurrence to have happen to 3 horses while working on this show. Perhaps the TV and film industry should give it a rest with using animals in their productions.

      • yippity says:

        Great comment, Amber

      • Karie - horse owner says:

        When your cat brings home a dead horse, your comments will warrent merit.

    • Khs says:

      Wow, I did not hear about the first two. This story breaks my heart. I think this was a very responsible and appropriate decision on HBO’s part. It is unacceptable to put animal’s lives in danger for the sake of a television series.

    • Lisa says:

      Brian, I have lost count of dead birds & rabbits that I have had to bury because people allow cats to roam free and it is ridiculous and annoying.
      I can just imagine how many cat lovers hair would be on fire if dog owners allowed their dogs to roam the neighborhood killing cats and leaving them on the neighbors lawn.

    • Sheri says:

      I’m sorry but I really don’t get the comparison between us putting animals in jeopardy for entertainment purposes to a cat killing a bird. Are you serious? A cat is the natural predator for a bird. That is mother nature at work. How the heck is that any different from the bird killing the worm or insect he had for breakfast? Are you outraged about that?

      But us putting an animal in jeopardy for nothing more than our entertainment is an entirely different matter. Horses dying so we can enjoy a race, dogs dying in dog fights, whales being kept in too small facilities so we can watch them perform tricks, circus animals living their lives in cages, etc is sickening and entirely different than animals killing each other as part of the food chain.

    • Shannon says:

      Lol funny that you’re using an article about dead horses to go on a rant about cats being let outside. I don’t like birds being killed anymore then the next person but it is nature, cats have been killing birds since the dawn of time, and a cat’s natural environment is to be outside, if we hadn’t domesticized cats then they would be outside all of the time, so your argument is silly.

  8. Bakeat says:

    These kinds of responses never make any sense. …People shouldn’t express concern about anything because they can’t care about everything?!?? You’re missing the point.

  9. sarina says:

    Unfortunately it is very common for race horses to die or sustain fatal injury from racing. In 2008 Eight Belles had to be euthanized on the race track after she won second-place at the Kentucky Derby. She broke both her front ankles after crossing the finish line. These horses are bred for speed and many of them are frail. I don’t know what they first two horses died off, but the third one at least seems like an accident. It is very sad that the horses died and also sad that they ended the series.

    • Thom says:

      Exactly. While it is tragic that the three horses have died, the bigger tragedy is the horse racing industry as a whole in which horses being euthanized is quite common. The only such deaths that draw national attention are those horses that race in the Triple Crown races. Most people have no idea how many dozens of horsee are euthanized each year at the various race tracks around the country.

      HBO and the producers of LUCK were very conscientious about animal safety, but when you have animals that are bred for speed, you end up with animals that have very frail bones and that are easily spooked due to having spent most of their lives either in a stable or running around an oval track. They are unsocialized horses that are prone to injury–and an injury usually results in euthanizing the horse.

  10. Josh says:

    “Though the injury was neither sustained while on set nor during the filming of a scene”

    That’s hardly the fault of the show. I love animals-I get it. But let’s not blame the show for this. Horses who work on farms get injured and have to be euthanized all the time. Let’s not pretend like this isn’t a similar situation.

  11. barbara says:

    I’m sorry that Luck is cancelled. I really like it. It’s so well done and such great stars, great story.
    Too bad HBO panicked over the horse deaths – I’m not being cavalier about it, I think that the deaths might have been *bad luck*.

    • Ma Mills says:

      I am also just so sad about the horses dying. The series was a great piece of film work. the cast just great and loved the different story lines. why don’t they just show what they have already filmed and continue this years episodes until this thing is investigated. please cont. the series and be ever careful with the real stars the horses. ma mills

  12. Eliza says:

    Three horses involved in this project died. Regardless of how they died or regardless of all the other atrocities happening in the world, this is not okay. If these were retired racehorses then they should have been enjoying retirement not being worked for entertainment on TV IMHO.

    HBO did the right thing. I am in total support of this project going bye-bye.

  13. Pidds says:

    This is *bad luck*! It is shame as I loved the show… CGA Horses?

  14. Mark says:

    Really? I didn’t know anyone who was even watching this show.

  15. Rick says:

    There needs to be an investigstion into this. Crazy animal rights people do stuff to make a point. Was there sabotage involved?

    • LFM says:

      You think ‘crazy animal rights people’ killed three horses to shut down production? Um, okay.

      • Ashley says:

        Dude, those PETA psychos have euthanized many, many animals. Look it up. They took them from shelters swearing they would find homes for them but instead they then put little Bingo and Garfield down for the count. So hey, while I can’t say I believe it true in this case, I can’t exactly discount it either. Stranger things and all that.

        • Jess says:

          Clearly you have no understanding of why a homeless animal is euthanized in the first place. So I’ll enlighten you.

          Due to a lack of funding from the selfish public, there is not enough money to adequately care for the animal. Hence it will die in agony from malnutrition. In order to avoid a painful death, the animal is euthanized.

          Misinformed people are often quick to call out PETA for ‘euthanizing’ animals when they themselves are almost certainly part of the problem – having never donated or contributed anything towards supporting homeless animals.

          • Ashley says:

            Oh, darling, I work with non-profits all day every day–including animal shelters. I’m also the prond owner of a very healthy, happy rescue, have donated and plan on fostering when I get settled into the work-at-home field. So I don’t need your enlightenment. I know exactly why it is that so many poor animals are euthanized. Just as I know your comment was more misdirection than contribution.

            The point I was making to LFM is that PETA claimed they were rescuing the animals in question when that was never their intention. They lied and euthanized these “saved” animals, freezing their bodies until they could dispose of them. Not because they didn’t have the money or time or people to work with them and find them homes, but because they don’t believe they should *have* homes. At least, not with people. In their heads (and this is from their own people via their website and interviews) animals and humans should have as little interaction as possible, Lassie on one side, Timmy on the other and never the two shall meet. And considering LFM was doubting that an animal rights group would willing hurt an animal, my example was apt. Your comment? Not so much.

          • tripoli says:

            Well said Ashley. Hate to get off topic again, but it seems this article is becoming a bit off topic in regards to animal welfare as a whole. As a former animal shelter worker at a very small, no kill shelter, the idea that a large organization like PETA is unable to avoid euthanizing homeless pets is ridiculous. And that they are misleading the public about what they do is disgraceful. Unfortunately their reputation as crazy radicals does more harm than good and makes it possible in the minds of some that they would kill animals to make a point about animal welfare. I don’t think that is the case with Luck and the 3 dead horses, but their track record is suspect so I get why some are going there.

  16. AJ says:

    I’m honestly surprised that HBO is having this knee jerk reaction to this. Stunt men and women get injured on film sets all the time and no one raises this amount of fuss. Should there be regulations for the treatment of animals on film sets…of course! No one should be abused for the sake of a show. However, thoroughbreds are notoriously fragile and high strung. Many of these accidents could have happened because of breeding in addition to human carelessness

    • Maddy says:

      Stunt people have a say in what they do. Animals, such as the horses who died, do not have a say in what they do.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I was going to post a similar response. Stunt people made the choice to do that for a living and know the risks. And if 3 of them died, you bet, people would be concerned.

        “thoroughbreds are notoriously fragile and high strung.”
        ….Exactly why I am glad this show is done. Do I really want animals already at risk being worked, literally to death, for a tv show? NO, thanks.
        Did 3 more horses have to die before HBO pulled the plug? I think they acted appropriately.

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        Thank you, Maddy!

  17. Evelyn says:


    You’re suggesting an animal rights group was involved in killing three horses to make a point? That would be ironic, considering they’re, well, for animal rights.

  18. Rjrtist says:

    The series had low ratings. The deaths of the horses was just icing on the cake.

  19. Laurel says:

    Deadwood, another Milch show on HBO came to an abrupt end as well.
    Milch just suddenly decided he didn’t want to write anymore and walked away with no conclusion to the show.
    Which was a huge disappointment to viewers.

    Deadwood was a fantastic show.
    Luck was NO Deadwood.
    I was suprised Luck was renewed for a second season.
    It certainly was not worth the lives of 3 horses.

    • Rick H. says:

      Wow. That is not what happened with Deadwood. Not even close. HBO decided the production costs were too expensive. There was some talk of a compromise with two feature length films to wrap up the story, as opposed to a fourth season, but they were likely just an attempt to quell the very outspoken Deadwood fans. Milch absolutely wanted to finish the story properly, as did the cast. They all knew how truly special that project was, and much of the cast was heartbroken to see it end prematurely. Milch, as is common with uniquely talented artists, wanted to finish telling the story on his terms. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t happen.

  20. Marianne says:

    This is really sad because the show was a good one. That aside, I own a retired racehorese and when I found out they were using retired horses, the deaths made sense. That was a totally stupid thing to do. Retired horses are not fit to race. But, while the humans may know that, the horses do not. If you put an unfit OTTB in the starting gate, the horse does not know he/she is unfit to race. The horse will do what it was trained to do – fit or not. This was a very irresponsible decision based on bad advice. Too bad, it was a good show. Good advice and monitoring could have prevented this.

    • grate says:

      You don’t know much about this subject. Actually, most retired racers are perfectly fit. They are just SLOW. They get retired most often because they are unable to earn a living on the track. That doesn’t mean they’re always unhealthy (although some are). BTW, the horses on Luck were monitored. Sometimes injuries just happen and cannot be predicted.

    • Karie - horse owner says:

      Most retired racehorses are not retired due to injury. Usually it’s due to lack of speed, which would make it pointless to race. However if a show is filmed with many of these horses, it would appear that they are all fast. I have a retired racehorse, and he was a great jumper, his legs were fine he was just not FAST… By the way he is still alive at 29 years old.

  21. Amber says:

    I think it’s great they canceled it for that reason. One you could call sad but bad luck (no pun intended), but three?

  22. Cheri says:

    I am so sorry about this – I loved the show. The actors were phenomenal and I loved watching the beautiful horses. It’s a shame the AHA can’t see the reality of horseracing!

  23. They shoot HBO shows, don’t they?

  24. Bad Breaker says:

    I very much enjoyed Gary Stevens, a very famous (now retired) jockey who was very good in a supporting role on “Luck”. One would think if production was not following safe procedures, he, of all people, would have set them straight.

    • Linda says:

      I doubt that the horses died because it was a TV show, but because of the racing aspect. Horses are regularly put down as as result of racing involvement. People who make money off the sport aren’t setting anyone straight. Jockeys aren’t jockeys because they love horses. They’re jockeys because their small and athletic.

  25. Why were so many horses dying?! That really is some *bad* luck. It doesn’t sound like it was anything they were doing on purpose (this last one sounds very much like a freak accident) but I guess when you have that many animals dying during production it doesn’t make sense to keep going…

  26. S says:

    It’s sad that three horses have died, but as others have pointed out, horses die in racing, too, and no one’s cancelling that. Also, if Luck truly was using retired race horses, you have to realize that “retired” means “not making money” which usually means “glue” (or slaughterhouse, or rendering plant). There aren’t many prospects for retired thoroughbreds or standardbreds. More bluntly, there’s a good chance Luck’s horses would have already been dead if they weren’t used on the show.

    My family raced horses for a good long while and I’ve been riding since I was… oh, 7 or 8.

  27. Ella says:

    Good. Thank you HBO. A great, ethical move considering entertainment is not as important as the lives of those beautiful creatures.

  28. Sana says:

    Someone sabotaged this, one horse death can be seen as a genuine accident. But three there is something going on.

  29. Wendell says:

    People, you do realize that horses die quite a lot during racing? That it is a dangerous sport. Of course they were dying, it’s common occurence in any case.

  30. Britney says:

    HBO realized this show is not worth a second season & did not want to embarrass themselves & cancel over low ratings. So instead they went with a much better excuse that wouldn’t question the quality or dismal ratings of the show. It would really be scary if the horses were in fact killed on purpose to save HBO face. This might sound far-fetched but I just can’t believe HBO’s reasoning. It just so strange.

    • Geo says:

      I don’t think HBO killed the horses on purpose, but I do think it’s a convenient excuse that allows them to revisit a bad decision and cancel a show whose ratings were so awful it never should have been green-lighted for a second season. If Luck had great ratings, I wonder if HBO would have been quite so concerned with ethics and animal rights.

    • Laurel says:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      I think HBO is taking the opportunity to correct the mistake it made when it renewed Luck for a 2nd season.
      I doubt HBO had anything to do with the death of the horses however the horses may of wanted off the show.
      Deadwood was a great David Milch show on HBO ,Luck was mediocre at best and certainly not worth the life of any horse let alone 3.

  31. annabelle says:

    Extreme, rash decision, maybe…but why didn’t they have more equipped staff/doctors on set at all times after the 1st horse died. Maybe they should have hired Speilberg’s people from War Horse…tons of movies about horses have been made over the years without incident, what was going on that 3 horses were put down while filming on this show???? If they’d just halted production, and figured out a way to proceed safely and more cautiously they would not have to cancel it out right!!!! one death is one too many, but if they were smart and had a top notch equine crew they could have kept going.

  32. Dolores Sarmo says:

    I was really looking forward to this series as a big racing fan and follower. I was very stunned from the first at the showing of a breakdown and euthanasia of a horse Jhaving been right there when Barbaro broke downK. I got into the series…a lot. I LOVE Gary Stevens..BUT in promoting racing and the GOOD things..this series brought evrything BAD and horrible about it and gambling trying to promote breeding and raciing this was VERY VERY wasthe racing scene in the Sopranos. If we want to have good racing..add some of the good please..I will miss it,however…it was BAD for racing in general

  33. Bill Weber says:

    I have enjoyed the show LUCK for it’s intelligence and style, but if your luck has run out with with the safety of the horses you are right to cancel future production.

  34. Carmen says:

    Although I never tuned into LUCK – I am deeply saddened than any horse/animal should suffer & die on account of money and profit.
    However, in this day & age, my question is why involve LIVE horse at all..what with all this CGI stuff & computer magic can they justcontinue a series with a green screen behind the actors to make it seem that they’re really on a race track ??

    Totally confused over this cancellation !

  35. Mary Ann Mills says:

    Iam just sick about the death of these horses. We loved the series and thought the cast and many different plot directions were just great. hoping to see it come back soon with stricter regulations on the care of these beautiful animals.

  36. Caro says:

    I think this was the right thing to do. Respect!

  37. Sheri says:

    I am glad they shut down production but am appalled by the cavalier attitude of some of the comments. Why is it okay that animals are dying for our entertainment? Yes, they die in racing but I have issues with that also. Shouldn’t we be able to find forms of entertainment that do not involve putting innocent animals in jeapordy? Watch a different television show, go to a baseball game over a horse race, etc. It’s pretty egotistical for us as humans to think that our entertainment is more important than the lives of the animals with whom we share this planet.

  38. Joe Jackson says:

    HBO was looking for a way out and got one, They renewed it for a 2nd second before the ratings for the 1st episode was released. And since that 1st episode ratings have dropped like a rock, Luck is now drawing 500,000 viewers and HBO was very sorry it had renewed Luck in the 1st place

  39. Jason Dillon says:

    No matter how much the paid-for-hire critics lauded “Luck,” it happens to have been a singularly rotten TV series, one of the most egregiously inferior creations I have ever suffered watching on the HBO network.

    For one thing, the litany of oddball characters constituted inane and preposterous casting.

    You had a stuttering goober…..a Mexican with a thick spanish accent……an old geezer who spoke with gravel in this throat… Irish jockey who sounded like a leprechaun….and it all added up to a welter of incomprehensibility. Between the handicapped babbling and the over-the-top accents, it was a constant struggle to fathom what any of the characters were saying.

    The writers of this show FAILED to understand that oddball characters ONLY work when they are added as a seasoning to the plot, NOT when each and every principal actor is some incomprehensible weirdo who forces the audience to strain itself simply to decipher each and every utterance. More importantly, who could possibly relate emotionally to that carnival of circus freaks?

    Add to the picture that the producers were torturing horses and I say, “Good Riddance!” to the incontrovertibly WORST TV series ever placed on HBO.

    • Colin says:

      Have you Ever walked into a racetrack? those charactors arent pulled out of the writers asses, most can be found by walking through the doors of any track accross North America. The old broken down trainer who cares more for his horse than he does himself… he exists. the jockey who travelled to America with hopes of a riding career that could win triple crowns and breeders cups… he/she exists! the trainer who puts wagers on his horses when he knows the horse is a lock … He exists!!

      And where does it say that ANYONE was TORTURING horses?? the most recent story is that of a horse who reared up and fell while being walked back to his stall (most cases are the result of the horse being spooked) how is that torture? there is an investigation pending, so I’d give the advice to keep comments like this to yourself until proven either way.

    • murley says:

      the irish jockey is played by an irish actress. the tipperary accent is quite strong but it is just your ignorance that caused her to sound like a leprechaun to you. and if you think it is unrealistic to have an irish jockey you really know nothing about horse racing at all.

  40. horseman says:

    If the were not being used and taken care of by the show most likley they will be sent to Mexico for animal feed like most other retired and brokedown race horses are which is better.

  41. horseman says:

    Stay with skin-o-max it will better suite your intrests dumb ass

  42. MrsFitzDarcy says:

    I believe part of the knee-jerk reaction is that the governer of NY is looking into what is believed to be an excess of breakdowns at Aqueduct over the winter meet (15-18?). Animal right organizations are on that coast too. Racing in general is going to go under the microscope and they probably don’t want to be involved with that.

  43. Bob says:

    They should have made the second season, so what if a few horses died. Who cares. They are just animals.

  44. ? says:

    I do agree it’s wrong. Nobody should get hurt or die especially animals who have absolutely no choice. But let’s not forget that last November bill was passed for legal horse killing for meet. Yup you can now find ground horse at the grocery store. And we are fine with that? Talking about profit??? 6 months old, beautiful horses kept in dirty cages so the last day of their life they can spent standing in metal divider waiting to get shoot in their head. Let’s not mention cows, pigs, chickens and other animals. 17,000 animals get killed every single hour. I am sad 3 more had to die because yet again people only think about people. Shame

  45. david says:

    Unfortunately ,once again the bubble wrap brigade have their way.
    Very sad that a series that shows a subject in it’s entirety, true characters that exist in the world of the racing industry , the every day struggle of many that barely get by, along with the most unfortunate part of the industry , a horses death, gets pulled for being too real. Weather we care to admit it or not, the price that we all pay for the chance of life , is death. While many strive to get as much out of life as we can, these days more people prefer to get on line and complain about subjects they know little about.
    The most ridiculous line on racing that is continually rolled out by the bubble wrap brigade is how much they love horses and how cruel racing is. How many of you people own a horse, have ridden a horse, have been in a racing stable , been to the track or actually patted a horse. While I’m sure a few have , without a doubt most haven’t. Do you truly think you love a horse more than people who wake up at 4 am 7 days a week to care for their horses , these are the people who truly love horses. These are the people who feel the pain when a horse fails to come home from the track. To say that it’s cruel is clearly the way to lure new bubble wrappers to your cause. The horses are well looked after all the way to any racing accident , well trained, fed, groomed and loved. It is sad when an accident occurs , nothing more. The racing industry is well aware of how vocal the bubble wrappers are, but it is ridiculously unrealistic to expect zero carnage . Just as we will never have a zero road toll. It would be nice if the wrappers checked out Black Caviar in Australia or the amazing performances of Sprinter Sacre or Synchronised at Cheltenham and watched how fantastic a sport it is.

    • Conrad says:

      Well said.
      This is by far one of the most unique shows of the past decade,in comparison to the sopranos,six feet under,and the wire.The subject matter is surprisingly interesting,and though hard to follow at times,you know you`ll eventually understand it all.

  46. Paul Klush says:

    Hey, this series can’t be finished, it’s the best thing I’ve seen in years on TV.
    Let’s open a online petition to ask HBO not to finish the series, but to restart it with maximum security regarding the horses (that is, to do whatever it takes in order not to have any horse death nor risk of death: old footage from real horse racing, computer effects, whatever etc.)

  47. Bill C says:

    I have lost some respect for HBO. A horse dies and a program is canceled. Horses, like people die all the time. Was the animal, that was born to run, mistreated, NO! To take the coward way out is new for HBO but it show that they also can succumb to nut cases. If Showtime picks it up, I will drop HBO and subscribe to Showtime. It is a good program and deserves to continue.

  48. Conrad says:

    What a great show!
    It had the same sense as the first season of the sopranos,like something big was about to be discovered by millions.Personally i wouldn,t care if they used stock footage,but seeing those horses makes me want to go to my local stable.Riding a horse is a workout in itself.Thats an amazing statement.As for the actors,and everyone else involved,i,m sure they are devastated about the accidents.I just hope there is some way the show can continue.Even PETA would like the show to continue because of the positive way horses are portrayed,and the way in which the characters care for them.

  49. Larry says:

    Cowards, even Peta thinks it should continue. I am sure you can find horse action where horse a jockey do not fall, bleed or die. GREAT SHOW, EVEN GREATER CAST.
    Put it back on you wimps