The Voice Recap: The Heartbreak Kids

There were so many impossible matchups on this week’s Voice “Battle Rounds,” with our four coaches selecting some of their most-promising acts for head-to-head vocal duels, that I half-wondered if other painful choices were imminent: Cut either crazy Cee Lo or his ridiculous fluffy cat. Pledge allegiance to Adam and his comfy sweater (somebody tell me they sell it at Target!) or Blake and his Hank Hill drawl. Join #TeamXtina’sLeftBreast or #TeamXtina’sRightBreast.

It didn’t have to be this way, of course. I mean, why did Blake have to pit Charlotte Sometimes against Lex Land just because both ladies have sultry-eerie voices? Why did Adam feel he could only take one big-voiced diva into the live shows? Why not more apples against oranges?

Only the show’s producers know for sure. Maybe they want a diverse mix of genres and voices for when the live voting rounds begin. But I can’t shake my belief that there’s a problem with a competiton that’s found room for last week’s underwhelming Cheesa but has already axed the marvelous Jamie Lono. Know what I’m saying?

Anyhow, let’s break down each individual battle — ranked from least- to most-promising winner — while bearing in mind that all six contestants that advanced this week have a legit chance at the Season 2 crown:

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms d. Sarah Golden
I wish Sarah had used a little more of the country yodel we’d heard in rehearsal for her rendition of “Stay With Me,” but when she abandoned that tactic on game day, it became a “no brainer” (as Xtina noted) to choose wailing banshee Juliet. The latter contestant, meanwhile, has a massive, sandpaper-inflected instrument, but her “retro rocker” styling — with the leather rompers and faux fur collars and hippy headbands and knee-high boots — seems a wee bit contrived, like she’s spent more time on the artifice than the artistry. Whatever the case may be, neither of these ladies matched up with Skylar Laine’s “Stay With Me” rendition during American Idol‘s Top 12 ladies night just a couple weeks ago. So for those keeping score at home, a point for the good folks at Fox.

Team Xtina: Sera Hill d. Geoff McBride
If we’re to believe the show’s tag line — “this is The Voice!” — then, in all honesty, master blaster Geoff, who almost knocked down Lionel Ritchie with the full power of his instrument, probably should’ve won this “Chain of Fools” duel. But, of course, there’s more to singing than volume, as Jewel pointed out to Sera. And it was Sera’s saucy delivery, the way she mixed performance with vocals, the way she took more chances with the rhythm and melody, that led to her victory over a rival who had the edge when it came to vocal control. That said, Sera will need to hit more notes per minute if she’s planning on surviving once the live voting rounds begin.

Team Blake: Charlotte Sometimes d. Lex Land
As much as I’d have loved to hear how Lex’s sensual-kitten voice would’ve fit into a reality singing competition, I can’t blame Blake for heeding to Charlotte’s philosophy that “you can’t win against a Jersey girl.” Indeed, Charlotte has her own unique sound — a haunted, ethereral cry — that proved a little stronger and a little more steady on “Pumped Up Kicks” than Lex’s silky quaver, and that probably made the difference in what was certainly the episode’s most evenly matched bout. (Charlotte’s fierce “night sky” dress didn’t hurt, either.) That said, I’m a little concerned that Charlotte’s already getting the “annoying edit,” what with her pre-performance booty shake and her too-much/too-soon declaration that Lex had the “better boobs” and her later admission about wanting to “destroy” Lex. As someone who’s still dealing with the horror of having had Snooki and JWoww take up residence within walking distance of my apartment, I hope Charlotte tones down her “quirk” and realizes residents of the Garden State could use a little good P.R.

Team Adam: Kim Yarbrough d. Whitney Myer
I was pretty sure after her audition to Alicia Keys’ “No One” that Whitney was a shoo-in to make the live shows, and that opinion didn’t change when I saw she’d been paired with Kim (whose “Tell Me Something Good” audition wasn’t particularly original.) But whether or not Adam had matched up these ladies thinking Whitney would be the obvious victor, I had to give him credit for recognizing the knockout punch that happened in front of his eyes on this duet to “No More Drama.” This isn’t to say Whitney didn’t sound great in some spots, but she didn’t follow through on Alanis Morissette’s advice to stop clipping her phrases, and her opening note was flat as an assembly-line pita pocket. Kim, meanwhile, got out the machete and the machine gun and absolutely murdered it. As Blake noted, “I felt like I was watchin’ one of those Diva concerts.” And in this case, Kim was the Aretha, while Whitney was the Shania Twain, so to speak. Props to the latter woman, though, for a gracious concession speech: “I’m glad for Kim. She deserves it, she really does. She worked really hard.” Here’s hoping Whitney gets another chance — on The X Factor or Idol or one of the other umpteen reality singing competitions that’ll air between now and this time next year.

Team Xtina: Lindsey Pavao d. Lee Koch
I liked thay we got to see some legitimate mentoring for both contestants — take note, X Factor producers! — with Xtina and Lionel Richie offering pointed suggestions to improve Lindsey’s tage presence, and Jewel and Xtina working with Lee on enunciation and the best practices for riffing on a melody. The results, as Adam noted, were “delightfully creepy” — and reminded me a little of Season 1’s Rebecca Loebe covering “Come as You Are.” In the end, though, Xtina noted that Lindsey’s voice was probably the more versatile of the two, and wisely awarded her a berth in the live rounds.

Team Cee Lo: Jamar Rogers d. Jamie Lono
Adam was right: This Battle Round featured three losers: Himself, Blake, and Xtina, since none of those coaches selected Jamar on his awesome “Seven Nation Army” audition. And while Jamie’s “Folsom Prison Blues” was my first download of The Voice season, I had to agree with Cee Lo that former Idol contestant Jamar dominated this duet of “I Want to Know What Love Is” like Meryl Streep facing off against Tara Reid in a dramatic reading. No lie: I got a little choked up when Jamie broke down in tears and said that maybe his reason for being on the show was to let an “awesome person” like Jamar get one step closer to victory, but maybe the latter guy could dial it back just a hair with bon mots like “If I win this, it’ll be a victory for anyone that’s ever overcome anything.” Dude can sing his face off, but I’m not ready to buy his book of inspirational quotes just yet.

What did you think of the second week of Season 2 Battle Rounds? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Davey says:

    I thought the wrong choices were made in almost every battle. And Cee Lo made a big mistake in pitting Jamar and Jamie against each other. Jamar will never win. Jamie on the other hand with his distinct personality might have made it further. What a shame.

    I also couldn’t stand Charlotte Sometimes. What a creep.

    And Juliet already seems dated.

    Suddenly the Voice is losing its charm.

    • Joseph says:

      I actually loved the duets , each of the singers matched up had an amazing sound as a team.
      The hard thing is that of the 12 singers on each team 6 need to go so it comes down to 2 things , 1st can you make a song your own and the strategy of the judge.
      One thing that hurt a lot of singers was just being more concerned about other artist or questioning that their talent would be recognized, in both cases this was the key reason why singers did not move on with Lex, Sarah, Jamie & Whitney just being 3 of the examples.
      Then there were things far more subjective like Lindsay and Lee who as a team gave an amazing performance.
      In the end it was a good show.

    • Jess says:

      I agree with you that Cee Lo made a HUGE mistake pitting Jamar versus Jamie. But I DISAGREE about Jamar not being a winner. I loved both the boys during their audition (and Jamar during his all-too-short Idol run) but was leaning toward Mr. Rogers.

      When I saw the clip of Jamar vs Jamie before the first commercial break, i almost wanted to stop watching. I was seriously yelling at my TV and Cee Lo because while I think Jamar can go all the way, I think Jamie really deserves to be in the final 4 or final 6 or however they’re doing it. Or even 2nd place!

      Almost the entire night was coaches pitting their best (or at least top 5) singers against each other. And Cee Lo was the worst offender! I’m getting frasturatd with The Voice!

      • Kristen says:

        I think they concept of putting your best against the best – after you’ve begged them to join your team – is completely stupid. This is my first season watching and I loved the show until the Battle Rounds started. Hubby and I were both like ‘wth?’ this is dumb. We thought they best of one team would go up against the best of another team – that would make more sense.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The only one I agreed on with Kim. Everyone else I picked the loser.

      Anyone else not-so-sure about Cee Lo’s song selections? I think he’s been off on a few of them.

    • yeah says:

      Nah, I totally disagree, this week, they pretty much the correct choice every single time. Good stuff. Although I will say a couple loser from this week may have knocked off winners from last easily enough.

      • Delirious says:

        And here I come, to disagree with the disagreeing! lol

        Even tho there were a couple of clear choices, I hate that Charlotte went over Lex (was I the only one who went “HOLY WHOA” when she went to the upper register? It was truly awesome), and I would’ve given Whitney a slight edge vs Kim.

        Oh, and despite it being the right choice (sorry, but Lee’s singing is kinda creepy and off to me), I hate that “huge Nirvana fan” Lindsey avoided the original melody like it was an infectious disease, or something. One would think a fan like that would respect the original a bit more (and I would’ve personally thanked it).

  2. TVAddict says:

    I love Juliet Simm’s voice!

    • Careinn says:

      To be honest, I disagree. I don’t see anything special or unique in her voice other than the fact that she adds grit to any note she can. It really gets on my nerves more and more because that seems to be her only talent.

  3. Robin says:

    After Jamie’s first audition, I thought he could win it all. Nothing against Jamar, but I am really sad to see Jamie gone. I hate these battle rounds!

    • The Wheeze says:

      I know what you mean. I really liked both Jamar and Jamie’s Auditions( I could not believe when only Cee Lo turned around for Jamar!) & could not believe he paired them to battle. It was hard to watch how uncomfortable Jamie was during rehearsals and the performance. It makes me sad to know I will not see him perform again. :(

    • asherlev1 says:

      Jamie was my #1. I’m done with the Voice for now. As I said in a different comment, if I kept on watching, I would probably just make bitter and snarky comments. I’m cutting and running.

      • RT says:

        The song choice did Jamie in, not his talent. This one seemed set up to give Jamar the advantage and he was good. I loved Jamie though. So sad to see him go. They were sweet with each other and it seemed sincere.

  4. StorytellerGal says:

    This part of the show is heartbreaking because really great singers never get a chance to be voted on by the public. Sure, some duds that auditioned well but didn’t live up to their potential (I’m talking to you Andrew Garcia) get booted, but I’m not sure it’s worth it to lose such talent so early in the show.

  5. GS says:

    Christina and Blake suck at making picks! She can’t pick anyone who doesn’t scream and I don’t know what he hears most times. These battle rounds tick me off cause some really great voices are being let go and ‘entertainers’ are being kept. The whole premise of the show is being chucked and I’ll stop watching it like I have Idol! They need to get real and put weaker people against stronger ones so the good ones win. Too many good ones are gone and not so good ones are through to next round. Totally sucks!

    • Jacob says:

      Christina can’t pick anyone who doesn’t scream? Her two winners last night were Sera, the one who DIDN’T scream, and Lindsey (who was against Lee, and neither of them scream). Blake’s only misstep so far has been picking RaeLynn, in my opinion. Jordis and Charlotte were good choices.

      Also, the best way to pair people up is really tough to decide. If you put obviously-better people against obviously-worse people, then the whole thing starts to seem like a sham and you get a boring show. If you put people of even skill level against each other, you (sometimes) get a better performance but at the cost of someone good having to go home. Very tough concept!

      • dan says:

        Blake has said many times that he picks the more unique voice. However, in the Lex v. Charlotte round he went with the less unique voice (he caved to Charlotte’s more “male friendly” appearance in my opinion). I found it interesting that when commenting about other team battles, Blake almost always picked the singer who wasn’t chosen by the coach. Again, he is always going for something different.

        • Deedee says:

          Absolutely agree with u, Dan. Lex should have won that round. Her voice is beautiful–sexy, breathy,whispery and then she turns it up a notch. When she hit those high notes, I got goosebumps–that’s electricity and if I heard her on the radio, I would be like, “who is that girl?” unlike Charlotte something or other who really had nothing unique to offer –what u see is all u will ever get. Plus lex’s personality–shy, demure, reserved, belies that voice which makes her even more intriguing. I think Blake chose Charlotte for her appearance too. I hope Adam signs lex onto his new label!

      • Dom says:

        I agree. I’m sure it’s tough for the judges (and producers) to pick the pairings for battle rounds. In the end, I think the strategy of pairing great singers against each other is pretty smart. You make your great singers really have to work for their chance at the live show which ensures you get the best of the best. Then you can pit the ok singers against each other knowing that America is going to vote off the weakest voices for the most part anyway. Having too many great singers on your team during the live shows is actually a bad thing because it splits viewers’ allegiances. Everyone wants that one or two people they can root for, not 5 or 6.

  6. Steve says:

    Wasn’t Jamar BFFs with Gokey? That is enough for me not to root for him.

    • Elsie says:

      Apparently Jamar makes a BFF on whatever reality show he goes on. As we’ve seen with Phillip and Heejun on Idol, bromance=votes.

    • Jess says:

      I hated Idol for kicking Jamar off to keep Gokey. ugh!

    • Kristen says:

      YES!! HE WAS!! I’m not a dokey gokey fan, but I do love Jamar – and I loved him on Idol, too!

    • Russ says:

      I absolutely hated Gokey!!!!!!!!!!! every episode was a mention of his dead wife. every episode. I get it i’m sure it incredible hard to go through and was sad the first few times, but after a month it just pissed me off. And I know it wasn’t his fault but AI who would always bring it up but thats the last season it watched regularly. and because of this I hate Jamar too.

  7. Johnny says:

    I can’t stand Juliet personally but liked her voice. Never thought Sara Golden was that great.
    Jamar dominated Jamie, but that was really just a matter of vocal styles; when you give a soulful song to a soul signer (Jamar) and a rough-voiced acoustic singer (Jamie), obviously Jamar will do better with it. It’s not like these people can really make the song their own because they have to sing it with someone else.
    I loved Whitney after her first audition. I’ll admit that Kim dominated the battle vocally, but I think Whitney would have had a far better chance of winning than Kim. While Kim sang better, she lacks Whitney’s uniqueness.

  8. Kezsha says:

    Lex Land and Charlotte Sometimes should both be sent home. Jamar is annoying in his interviews. I can see how he and Gokey bonded. And Michael, Cheesy Cheesa may have been underwhelming last week, but it was Raelynn and her contrived pronunciation that laid a giant turd in the Voice Battle Ring.

  9. Red in Denver says:

    SOME of these contestants need a Public Relations adviser!

    Charlotte Sometimes talks about wanting to DESTROY her rival (Lex Land) and Juliet Simms says she not only sings better than her rival (Sarah Golden) but IS PRETTIER!

    If EITHER of these two women had 100 TIMES more talent than Whitney Houston, I STILL would never vote for them because they have come across as completely selfish, self-absorbed and more than just a little nasty.

    • Lindsey says:

      Juliet said that her voice is GRITTIER than Sarah’s, not that she is PRETTIER than her.

    • Julie says:

      Haha…I also have been wondering why no one else had mentioned how rude and unnecessary it was of Juliet to say she was “louder and prettier” than Sarah. I just rewatched that part and she does say “grittier.” I no longer hate her. Thanks, Lindsey!

  10. Emma says:

    I thought that some of the song choices were odd in this episode, especially Cee Lo. Both of the songs he picked really gave an advantage to one singer over the other. It especially bothered me with Jamar and Jamie. They’re both awesome singers but with very different styles. The song he picked sounded great for Jamar’s style but not Jamie’s. I wish he would have pitted them against other people so that they both could move forward, and he would have two very strong singers in the live rounds (unlike Cheesa).

    • KB113 says:

      I totally agree. Was feeling really frustrated with Cee Lo last night.

    • Fifi says:

      Little late to the party here, but I completely agree. I hated Cee Lo’s pairings and song choices that episode. I think he should have switched up those pairings, and had Jaime singing with Sarah, and Jamar singing with Juliet. I think that Sarah and Jaime would have had a much better vibe together and not drown each other out so much. But whatevs, now he’s stuck with Jamar and Juliet, so I’d say he’s the real loser here. :P

  11. Juliet Sings says:

    Juliet looks like a turd and sounds like she’s laying a turd onstage. Charlotte Sometimes looks deformed and sounds affected. Lex Land should just do spoken word poetry because she cannot sing. She looks like Maggie Gylenhall if Maggie swallowed a whale. Sarah Golden talks about herself as if she were a two-headed monster. She is not. She is just a plain-looking butch woman.

    • w says:

      The whole point of the Voice is supposed to be judging singers on their voice and not their looks. You managed, in one blog post, to tear down four people because of how they look. Oh, you mention a little about singing but mostly you take cheap shots about their looks. Nice, Juliet “Sings”.

    • Ashley says:

      Sounds like someone’s mad they didn’t make the audition rounds.

  12. Jess says:

    Truer words have never been spoken: “But I can’t shake my belief that there’s a problem with a competiton that’s found room for last week’s underwhelming Cheesa but has already axed the marvelous Jamie Lono.”
    Thank you, Michael!

    • The Wheeze says:


    • asherlev1 says:

      *sobs* I’ve been replaying all his youtube covers non-stop. It really upsets me to think that he’s going to gone. Honestly, the pairing process needs to be reworked. I was a fan of both Jamar and Jamie. I wonder if maybe some people shouldn’t get a pass straight through to live rounds while some that the judges feel need more work should be matched up.

  13. Lana says:

    I thought Lex was the much more interesting performer and I’m sad that she won’t be there for us to see her prove that. Plus, she was just so damn cute with her smudged lipstick!

  14. wendeeloo says:

    I realized last night how formula the Voice is. Every duo’s segment is shot exactly like the last. It really bored me. Much prefer Idol and I don’t really need to watch more than one singing competition.

    • Donie says:

      Exactly. There are lots of Edits that would be more interesting. They could build suspense by showing several pairs one after the other at the practicing stage. They would leave one pair (unresolved), show another, then another, where the audience is hanging to find out how their performances would go. Then show several battles. Then mix it up a little with something else. What they’re doing is really boring

  15. dee says:

    I only saw the first four auditions, but it didn’t escape me that with the exception of Adam (thank you, Adam!), everyone else sent home the older and/or fatter contestant.

    • Denise says:

      Yes, I noticed this too. I hope next years contestants take note when chosing their mentor.

    • Derrick says:

      Team Adam for the second year in a row, if only to celebrate the one judge who truly embraces the spirit of the competition.

    • Deena says:

      I was thinking the same thing except when Angie Johnson was sent home instead of Cheesa. To me it seemed blatant with Sera over Geoff. I mean the girl can sing though. I personally would love to see them as a duo. I would pay to see that.

  16. Owen says:

    Did anyone notice, as I think Slezak was implying, that the people who got through were the more….shall we say…photogenic aspirants? Not that, most of the time, the less pretty people didn’t sing as well as their competition. But. It was the placing of these contestants, usually against someone who was not only prettier, but could obviously outsing them in a head to head, almost like someone was hoping to rid this show, called “The Voice”, of good singers who just weren’t video-ready? A show that prides itself on “blind” auditions, eventually picks those who they deem are the ones superficial America will vote for. Is it cynicism, do they just want an even match when it comes to the Live Shows? If it is, then the hypocrisy really chafes my bone.

  17. FamousArtist says:

    Looks to me like they decided who they wanted and set the roster to give the preferred singers the advantage. seemed like a lot of glorified cheating. I’m going back to IDOL.

  18. Rock Golf says:

    This was so easy to predict. Unless the less attractive singer was just at a whole different skill level, the more attractive singer was selected.

    And I was hoping that Charlotte Sometimes would introduce us to her family. I wanted to see if her sister was named Lovecats and her mom’s name was Friday I’m In Love.

    • Christie says:

      Charlotte Sometimes is not her real name…I read her real name somewhere and can’t remember what it was. Something boring.

  19. Ash says:

    There was some seriously unmatched battles. For me Adam seemed to be the only one to use a song that worked for both his contestants equally. I was infuriated when Christina had Lindsey and Lee sing a Nirvana song it was so fixed we all know she really does not make good Cee Lo I think he was wrong to match Jamar and Jamie together Jamie was obviously going to lose.

  20. Just Me says:

    Contrived? At least the editing seems to be. The clips/interviews preceding each battle clearly indicated which one would be picked by his or her coach. After the first two, I asked my husband to watch and tell me which one he thought would win, based on the pre-battle packages. Yep, his pick agreed with mine, and what do you know! We were right. After the battle, the coach picked the same ones.

    • Sarah says:

      question…did you typically pick the one that had the “lesser known” mentor. I mean that to say that to many people Baby Face isn’t well known. Jewel isn’t that well known to many younger “voting” public now. I didn’t watch all of it but how often were the mentors a part of your choices?

  21. Sarah says:

    I don’t think you should stop at looks but also look at the type of songs picked. The songs often highlight one singers voice in particular over the other automatically. Jaime and Jamar are an example. I watched a couple of others where the winners were always people that the song seemed hand picked for but the loser was struggling and the comments were “they just didn’t feel the song”
    I am not really a fan of a show that uses other shows rejects and promotes them as if they are these knew and undiscovered talents all the while getting rid of people who could be great. At a certain point you stop being a musician and start being a professional talent show competitor…

    • Joy says:

      Aspiring musicians have always done what they had to do to promote themselves — I don’t think someone who does publicity appearances in every venue possible has quit being a musician and become a professional whatever-else. As talent shows have become an increasingly important factor in getting the attention of audiences and labels, someone’s doing as many of those appearances as they can shouldn’t take away from their credibility as a musician, any more than any other PR work they do.

  22. Kinda Boring says:

    Hm… I am becoming underwhelmed with this show. Last night, it felt the match-ups were rigged to get rid of the unconventionally pretty or non-skinny.

    I miss Jamie and Lee. I thought they were such interesting voices. Charlotte and that rocker girl got great horrible edits. By the time they sang, I couldn’t stand them.

    This might be last season for the Voice. When the judges are choosing, they fall right into their comfort zones – which is boring to watch…

  23. Lauren says:

    Has it been discussed on the show that Charlotte Sometimes was a sigined artist at some point in her career? Like has an album on iTunes from 2008 and was VH1’s Artisit of the Month or One to Watch singed artist. I don’t mind that some of these singers are getting second chances (i.e. Javier), but I think it should at least be mentioned.

    • gavinstrick says:

      Like with Dia last year it has not been disclosed about Charlotte, or Angel Taylor who also had a contract I believe, I have no idea why the show is being so coy? Maybe they can only have one sort of successful, second chance musician compete at one time–last year Javier, this year Tony Luca.

  24. BigEar says:

    Jamie Lono? I watched the show and had to look up who that was to see who we missed. The guy with the colored glasses? Lol.

    Sadly I think all the judges choices were right this week, yes even Lono needed to go. All of the ones that left were not solo artists.

  25. Shannon says:

    I so called Blake sounding like Hank Hill! I’m glad someone else noticed!

  26. asherlev1 says:

    I can’t with this anymore. Jamie Lono was literally my FAVORITE contestant, and I adored Lex Land. And last week they got rid of Chris Cauley. Something needs to be done to revamp the way the pairings are done, because I’m done with this show for now. I’m just going to be a bitter mess if I keep watching. I might youtube performances from people like Lindsey Pavao and Charlotte Sometimes though.

    It’s really sad because this show had a lot of potential but is really not living up to its “blind audition” premise. I’m for what Slezak said in a previous recap about having these match-ups be done by other judges and letting the main four judge a blind match-up.

  27. Silly Vanilli says:

    Adam completely lost me by throwing Whitney under the bus. She should have chosen someone else when all four turned around for her. The song choice was such an advantage for boring Chaka Wanna-be. And why match these two up against each other in the first place? Hoping Whitney comes away from this stronger and has a great career in music.

  28. TheBeach says:

    I liked both Whitney and Kim and wish they hadn’t been pitted against each other. Kim’s voice was very “cool”.

    I also really liked both Lee and Lindsay. He has a very appealing voice and I like how he changes a song around so it’s not so karaoke. Her voice is also very good…odd song choice for the two of them.

    I wasn’t as impressed as some other poster with Jamie or Lex.

  29. Larissa says:

    To be quite honest, I’ve been a fan of Jamar since the first time I saw him when he auditioned. I was so relieved when he beat Jamie. I’m realllly hoping he’s going to be the overall winner!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I really wish Juliet and Sarah hadn’t been paired together. No one was going to beat Juliet vocally; she has an awesome voice (even if her personality sucks). But I loved Sarah, and I dug her style. Did you see that watch chain on her vest? She was dapper as hell.

  31. Sebby says:

    The Battle Rounds have to go!! Why can’t we just jump to the Live Rounds and let the public decide? Each week we have all the artists from one coach sing and the bottom 6 are sent home. Once each coach is down to 6 artists, the process starts over eliminating 3 from each coach. Then we have our top 12 and anyone from any team can be eliminated. It’s the viewing public thats fueling The Voice in the ratings, so why shouldn’t they be the ones to decide who they want to see perform each week?

  32. RD says:

    I enjoy watching this show,but to me there is one fatal flaw. Some vocalists/artists just aren’t able to do match up to a duet battle.There’s something to be said for subtlety in performance every now and again but unfortunately this show won’t entertain this-not in the ‘battle rounds’, so some raw,solid talent is going to get sideswiped by a barrage of bombast time and again.Which is a shame.

  33. neongranny says:

    Raelynn?….Raelynn? Extremely poor choice!

  34. Rayleen says:

    Raelynn was horrible throughout the entire battle round last week. Lex Land just doesn’t have “The Voice.” She’s a very weak singer at best. Shouldn’t have made it past the blind auditions. Charlotte Something is annoying as all get-out.

  35. Khs says:

    After the last year, I’m shocked to say that I am enjoying American Idol immensely more than the Voice. Why is the Voice so bad this year? I have to chalk it up to the contestants. AI has much better and more interesting talent this year. And I think the producers of the Voice have to agree that the “battle rounds” are a horrible idea.

  36. Jersey says:

    “As someone who’s still dealing with the horror of having had Snooki and JWoww take up residence within walking distance of my apartment, I hope Charlotte tones down her “quirk” and realizes residents of the Garden State could use a little good P.R.”

    DO keep in mind that most of the cast of Jersey Shore are NOT from NJ but the NEW YORK crowd who invade the NJ shore each weekend and break up the peace….

  37. pattieann says:

    I’m upset with CeeLo for setting Jamie up for failure. That song, sung the way they did it, was not suited for Jamie’s voice. Jamie did make his own acoustic version of “I Want To Know What Love Is” afterward and posted it on YouTube. It is a thing of beauty. Jamie needed to be in the final four. I want to be able to buy his music, and there seem to be a lot of other people who agree.

  38. TR says:

    I wish the battles were between Jamar vs Jordis and Jamie vs Lee. One will have to go home but at least the world will enjoy epic duets. I don’t see how Lee and Jamie can individually become chart toppers(think Adele) but if they collaborated, I really think it would work. I’m actually cool with those going through live shows, they have voices that you can easily identify on the radio without getting their names mentioned by the radio DJ, well except for Sera Hill and RaeLynn(I reckon Miley sounds quite the same).

  39. aravis says:

    I laughed out loud at Jamar’s “bon mot”: “If I win this, it’ll be a victory for anyone that’s ever overcome anything.” RIGHT!!

    I was wondering, if they pair off singers with somewhat different styles, can’t they do a mash-up song that would suit each one so they can both show off?

  40. dee says:

    My comment? I’m SO GLAD you remembered Rebecca Loebe!!! I thought she was robbed big time last season!!

    • Dez says:

      Me too! Loved her, especially against that awful Kevin covais lookalike kid. But Adam was intent that season on getting Javier to the end because he knew he would win, so the rest almost didn’t matter.

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