Ringer's Ioan Gruffudd Talks Andrew's Maybe-Murderous Turn, Offers Season 2 Update

Ringer last week added another shocking turn to its already twisty freshman run (airing Tuesdays at 9/8c) when Siobhan’s seemingly perfect hubby Andrew admitted to being the mastermind behind a Ponzi scheme. What’s more, he may have murdered a man to cover it up! (So long, Justin Bruening.)

TVLine spoke to Ioan Gruffudd about his alter-ego’s thrilling new arc, which he admits is what “attracted [him] to the part in the first place.” Plus, find out how the actor and his Ringer co-stars are feeling about a second season for The CW’s ratings-challenged soap.

TVLINE | I’m dying to know your thoughts on Andrew’s sudden transition from prim-and-proper to money-grubbing, maybe-murderer.
[Laughs] When I sat down originally with Sarah Michelle [Gellar] and show creators Nicole [Snyder] and Eric [Charmelo], they pitched to me that this character would be somewhat ambiguous to begin with, but they wanted to lull everybody into a false sense of security — especially having him as a British guy. That British accent always plays well with American audiences. [Laughs] They told me that the character would take a twist and a turn, and to be honest it was one of the things that attracted me to the part in the first place; this idea that [someone] could be one thing one minute and then the next not what he seemed. I’ve been thrilled to finally see that up on screen, how they’ve portrayed Andrew as a murderer.

TVLINE | But at the same time the identity of the person who actually murdered Tyler was left up in the air. Olivia and Henry were also at the hotel at the same time.
Yes, it was a deliberate attempt to put many people there at the scene of the crime. It was just an idea to have the audience salivate over who may have had the motives to have committed this — and Andrew certainly did. We will definitely unveil over the next two or three episodes actually what happened, but it won’t be clear to us, the audience, until the bitter end as it were.

TVLINE | So, it’s safe to say we’re not going to see that vow renewal between Andrew and Bridget… as Siobhan?
After all of that, yeah. [Laughs]

Exclusive First Look: Ringer Finally Reveals Siobhan’s [Spoiler]!

TVLINE | To that point, I can’t imagine there’s much time left in the season to have those two get back to a very good place.
Exactly. Look, from the beginning we’ve wanted to set this [series] up to get audience members excited week-in and week-out, and to have them try [to figure out] what will happen next… We’re desperately hoping to come back next season. We’ve deliberately set it up in such a way that there will be more questions than answers at the end of the show. We don’t want to tie it up in a ribbon and present it to everybody; we need somewhere to go next year.

TVLINE | What is the vibe on set about the possibility of a second season?
As far as knowing [about Season 2] in an official capacity, nobody knows right now. I think everybody’s vying for that attention from the network. We’re very aware of the numbers and that it’s a numbers game. Creatively, we think we have a very strong chance, but as far as numbers, they might reflect a different story. From a personal standpoint, I haven’t even wavered. I was recently cleaning out my trailer and I was trying to remember things to bring back with me next year. It’s the first time I’ve been in this situation where I’ve been on a show for the full 22 [episodes] and we don’t know anything; there are no indicators. As far as the storyline is concerned, we’ve set it up as if we are coming back. We’re not shying away from anything and we haven’t been asked to tie things up neatly — we’ve been given leeway to present new ideas for next season. So, I haven’t wavered in my belief that we are coming back. But you know, I’ve been wrong in the past. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Andrew has a time or two seemed thisclose to realizing the twin sisters’ secret. Any chance we’ll see that actually come to fruition this season?
They’ve deliberately brought Siobhan back to town to up the ante. Obviously, people have come in contact with her, unbeknownst to one another, so I think there’s more scope for more mistaken identity. It’s great to have the evil twin and the good twin, but everybody has a motivator for their actions, and we’ll learn a little more about that as well.

TVLINE | Eric and Nicole recently revealed that the death toll will be fairly high by season’s end. Care to add anything to that?
I think they set that tease up beautifully for you guys. It adds to the heightened tension we’re all feeling at the moment because all of the characters are starting to show their true colors… So, I’ll have to leave it at that. [Laughs]

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  1. Damon says:

    This show is DEAD, no matter what the cast says.

    • laurent says:

      We will see that… Ratings are horrible but there are really really really great sells on International (far better than Hart Of Dixie & The Secret Circle) so the show is maybe not dead… At least, i think if the show is renewed it will be just 13 episodes and that’s all ! I hope so :D

      • Troy says:

        Love this show! Its amazing! I dont understand how crappy stupid shows like 90210 and the heart of dixie stay on. SAVE RINGER

    • Daniela says:

      I wouldn’t say that. In the end this show has Sarah Michelle Gellar and she has brought a lot of attention to the network. The real problem that RINGER is having that it’s on with teen soaps and really bad reality programs.

      • Svenja says:

        That’s the problem and I also believe that is ended up on the wrong network. It’s not a typical “the CW” show. I think it would do really good on another network because it is terrific. The premiere was rather weak but then it got better and better and better and has me on the edge of my seat.

        • Ingrid Mullings says:

          agree one hundred percent Please do not cancel Ringer it is one of my fav tuesday night show to watch.

    • Ringer Obsessed! says:

      It is THE BEST SHOW!!! It keeps us guessing and it is so well written, it keeps me wanting more and more. It is the only show that I really watch closely. Please save Ringer!!!

  2. Dan says:

    All shows on the CW are ratings challenged. The CW is pumping out pilots like never before. There’s what like 7-8 pilots in production? Who knows what’s going to happen come May? It’s not cool to piss on RINGER fans, Gossip Girl fans, Dixie fans, Nikita Fans, Circle fans… you get my drift? So don’t.

    Bottom line, if you like a show on the CW… WATCH IT. LIVE. Tweet about it. Watch it on the CW website too… can’t hurt. We’ll see what happens come May.

  3. A.Velders says:

    RINGER awesome. Here’s hoping the CW has another DELICIOUS season ready to launch. Glad to see SMG in another TV series. Being a huge fan of BTVS, I was eager to see her in something new. She did not disappoint. She has pulled off the double identity, truly making me feel that there is 2 of her. WTG. RINGER has a world of plots to choose from. The characters all have issues to deal with or alter egos which leaves the door open for all sorts of wicked things to happen….Yummy !! All I can say to the production company and writers is this “KEEP IT COMING LUV”

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      ITA with you. SMG is not only fabulous, but paying homage to her soap roots. I love that they’re casting soap actors (especially her fellow AMC alum). I adore this show, but I’m preparing myself for the cancellation just so it doesn’t hurt so bad if it happens.

  4. Scott says:

    Love Ringer!! Really Really hoping for a 2nd season. The show keeps getting better!

  5. Jay says:

    Oh, that’s disappointing. Anyone who’s kept track of the ratings know the show’s not coming back. Would have been nice if they had tied things up at the end.

  6. sarah says:

    Olivia killed Jason, she had the USB flash drive in her hand at the end. So she killed him not Andrew. It is part of the twists and turns of the show! Andrew was at the hotel to make us think he killed Jason. However he will be there to tell Malcolm to leave town!
    I really enjoy this show and of the 3 shows that were new this past season that I watch, Ringer, Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle this is the one I hope sticks around. However with 8 pilots I have a feeling that at least 3 of the current shows will not make it.
    We will have to wait and see

  7. Irishgirl says:

    I thought it was revealed in last week’s ep that Olivia was the one who killed Tyler? Wasn’t she seen in the car holding the flash drive that Tyler had kept from her?

    I still have a serious problem with Bridget not suspecting that her sister faked her death. After everything she’s found out about Siobhan, why hasn’t that idea crossed her mind?

    As for a season 2, about 75% of the shows on the CW are a coin toss…..every season….

  8. Remy says:

    I really like Ringer, but I’m afraid that there won’t be a second season. I will be pleasantly surprised if The CW decides to renew it. I think it’s a shame that almost all of the shows on The CW are tanking, except for The Vampire Diaries. How much longer can The CW exist if their shows typically get only 1-2 million viewers per episode? Not only is Ringer in danger of being canceled, but Nikita, Hart of Dixie and maybe 90210 could be as well.

  9. Xmas says:

    Ringer is one of the BEST NEW SHOW this season! Seriously intense! I can’t hardly wait to see what’s next! Hopefully there will be a season 2. It has to! The CW need to change its image and RINGER already did with all the amazing established actors that got a lot of attention from the media (SMG graced Entertainment Weekly cover, presented a Golden Globe…) The directors are also fabulous – Richard Shepard (The Matador), Rob Bailey (The Wire), Howard Deutch (Pretty In Pink), Roger Kumble (Cruel Intentions) and Guy Norman Bee (Supernatural) to name a few and so are the writers Cathryn Humphris (Mad Men), Hank Chilton (Nip/Tuck), Robert Doherty (Medium) and Jay Faerber (Marvel Comics). It has a unique vibe, a stilish neo-noir soap opera thriller! Very adult and classy for the CW. It already got a lot of nominations from the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, the Virgin Media TV Awards, the NAACP Image Awards, the PRISM Awards, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide etc.

  10. mark says:

    Ringer is DEAD. It’s hitting such low numbers for such a promoted show. GOODBYE FLOP.

    • Marcy says:

      To the commenter going by “mark”.
      Please shut ur face… If u dont like a show, that’s ur opinion. U have every right to express that opinion. However, there is no need for u to repeatedly slam this show. There are some shows that I can’t believe even made it to television, but I know that somewhere there are people who like it so I keep my mouth shut. (something u should try). It is unfortunate when great shows get cancelled while crap people like u enjoy get tv time. So u know, we heard ur opinion enough time so if u don’t like ringer, there’s a simple solution, DON’T WATCH IT.
      So, I part with these words; “if u don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!”. Ciao!

  11. kram says:

    Mark can shut up and stop being a troll. Are you the deciding factor for which shows get renewed? No. So stop acting like your OPINION is a fact. Anyways, I think Ringer would do well on another network. The CW is a sinking ship.

    • Svenja says:

      I agree with you. The problem is not the show. It’s a good show on the wrong network. It’s not a show a teenage audience decides to watch. The plot twists are brilliant, the writing is terrific and the actors do a hell of a job.

  12. xtina says:

    i wonder why CBS didnt want it? Because it sucks

  13. Carrie Ann says:

    You never know. The ratings aren’t great, but none of their other shows have spectacular ratings either. They might want to keep the show just because of SMG. It also depends on what they have on slate for next year and how well “Ringer” will pair with another show on whatever night. The CW doesn’t make their decisions the same way other networks do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I enjoy the show and I’m a big SMG fan.

  14. Lee says:

    This is a great show on air in Australia now. I hope it continues, its the only thing out there with intrigue, not just cops and robbers. SMG and cast are doing a great job…….bring on more episodes.

  15. Angharad pearce jones says:

    This show is one of the best scripted mazes I’ve ever seen! Excellently acted and produced, llongyfarchiadau i bawb xx

  16. Eliza says:

    I’m enjoying this show. It’s fun, has some genuine surprises, and I look forward to it each week. I would like to find out the whole story – but, please, don’t hurt Malcolm! Here’s hoping for a second season.

  17. lorna says:

    I love the show, I don’t get how the heck crappy gossip girl and 90210 can stay on, caught about 5 min of 90210, not only is it crappy but what happened to annalynne? She was sooo pretty on Nip/Tuck. I don’t think we’ll get s2, but we DO have a new cw president, thank goodness Dawn is gone. So keep fingers crossed, write in to the cw, tweet them, leave positive feedback on cw site.

  18. gloria says:

    The ratings stink and are a lot worse than the numbers for most of the other CW shows. Ringer is dead. I feel bad, because it’s my favorite show, but it’s doing terribly. And I think it would probably do horribly on another network as well, not that any other network would want it with its bad numbers. I’m glad to have seen Ringer for one season. That is all we’ll get, I am positive.

  19. The show is so good! So many twists and turns! Come on CW, Renew it! If not CW, I think it would be perfect for USA…. not Lifetime…. maybe ABC Family… some other station.

  20. kelly says:

    This is a great show. I wish they’d give it a second season.

  21. Lauren says:

    The only CW show I’m desperate to be renewed is Hart of Dixie. It is such a fun show to watch and I love Rachel Bilson. (I want VD to be renewed but that’s a given so I’m not worried there.)
    I was really looking forward to Ringer but I lost interest halfway through. I will be happy if it gets renewed however, because I will probably do a marathon when I have time, like I did with Dollhouse.
    The new shows they have in development sound really interesting too, especially Cult and The Selection.

  22. Robin says:

    I think what this boils down to for me is…if Ringer doesn’t return next season, with OTH gone, and my so so fanship of 90210 I might not be watching anything on that network next season…

    Seriously Ringer is the best show they have right now, especially of their new shows…I tried watching Secret Circle…I’ve seen part a Hart of Dixie episode…and Ringer is totally the best thing they have…its twists and turns and mystery, it’s like the equivalent of ABC’s Revenge (another show I love)

    Basically I’m going to be pretty ticked if Ringer isn’t back – especially since we’ll still have all kinds of questions! If they don’t keep Ringer, and 90210 is kept, I seriously will just boycott the network and not watch anything on there. Which is unfortunate…b/c who knows if I’d like one of the new shows they pick up…b/c lets face it there will be holes and spots available, even if they keep Ringer…OTH is gone, and didn’t they cancel that H8ter show…? Who knows what else…as long as it is not RINGER!!

  23. silvia says:

    i really hope ringer wo`t be cancelled is one of my favorites show

  24. Sue says:

    If the show is so bad don’t watch it it’s that simple!
    But if u really say this show is bad that truly shows you dont know
    What your talking about in my opinion it’s one of the best new series and it always keeps you on your toes guessing what’s really going on

  25. Michelle says:

    I really hope the network gives this show another chance. This is my favorite new show! It’s so creative, I really don’t understand why the ratings are so low. Please don’t cancel this show!!!

  26. Sarah says:

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL RINGER! Andrew and Bridget forever!!!!

  27. Eli says:

    I AM SO TIRED OF SHOWS LIKE RINGER BEING KICKED TO THE CURB!!!! There are not too many shows to watch and if they end this show and shows like a gifted man, what’s left to watch not much and please don’t tell me about the other shows. it’s the people watching who should say we want this show to stay for a long time to come if neccessary put it online, I know i’ll be watching no matter what everyone else says. first chuck, the cape and blood ties. television is not what it used to be!!! To the CW and the makers of Ringer KEEP THE SHOW ON THE AIR!!!

  28. hallie says:

    actually they are lucky it is on the cw they have a tendecy to keep shows on the air even with low ratings. Look at one tree hill it lasted nine season and their ratings were around 1.8 but somehow they kept getting renewed if they were on nbc or acb they would have been canceled years ago so with that said ringer has a really good chance of coming back

  29. J says:

    This show deserves a second season. It is truly a nail biter each episode. The CW has worse programs that get renewed.
    They should give this show another chance. I would even bet it’ll get higher ratings in the second season. Word of mouth and DVD sales during the summer will get people wanting to see this show.
    Please CW, renew this show!!

    • Eli says:

      there have been many good shows on tv and I want to see Ringer on for some years to come . I am not into the reality shows and Ringer is a show that every fan looks forward to seeing each week. COME ON CW BRING RINGER BACK!!!! , we viewers and fans of the show deserve some good tv shows. so far there are shows that I don’t even watch because as someone would say “I’m not that into you”!!! : )

  30. darty says:

    frankly i think it’s pretty irresponsible of the network to have let it come this far into the season without notifying the show whether they’ll get a second season. it’s unfair to the show and to its viewers (since the writers are basing the script on having a season 2, however unofficial). if it gets cancelled out of the blue, we’ll never get answers. if that happens, i hope Ringer will release all of its unaired episodes so viewers get some closure.

    i love the show, and can’t wait to watch it every week. but it’s getting a little too soap-opera-y. i wouldn’t want this dance to continue for too long. it’s almost like watching Lost… i *lost* interest and that show got so confusing and they kept killing off all the characters. unfortunately, we’ve been told that viewers will be left with more questions than answers by the end of this season.

    also a few ideas in the storyline have been plagarized (unless it’s meant to be satire) from bits of other shows/movies: for example, the arc about Juliet scamming her dad with Mr. C and the other student… the scene where the three of them met at the hotel room after successfully securing $10m was nearly a mirror image of the original.

  31. Lori says:

    PLEASE DONT CANCEL RINGER!!! Unlike so many shows on Television right now, this show is smartly written and a pleasure to watch!! Every week there is a surprise and a plot twist. This show has been grossly under promoted! How can you expect to have good ratings if no one knows about it? Every actor has an important role and they keep growing and changing and building on each other!! Maybe what ringer needs is a network change!! Love love LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

  32. KATHY says:

    LOVE the show. Every week another twist and turn. Maybe just a bad time slot or night. do NOT cancel this show!! Give it another season!!!

  33. Betty says:

    Ringer is awesome. Supernatural is #1 in my book. And please everyone, don’t forget Secret Circle. These three shows are the only shows I watch faithfully. Please CW..don’t take our shows away. NBC, ABC, and CBS have ignored our pleas year after year. That is why I’m totally devoted to CW. Don’t disappoint us fans like the rest of the networks.

  34. Nicole says:

    Ringer is a show I haven’t missed an episode on. I like the show a lot. Flop or not I really hope they don’t get rid of it. If they do I won’t be watching CW anymore. Not because I’m mad or anything like that. Because Ringer and OTH were the only shows I watched on their. OTH is now gone and if Ringer goes I will as well. I’m not interested in any of the other shows on the channel. So I hope they do get to keep it.

  35. Danielle says:

    Ringer is the only show that doesn’t suck. I have to watch reality tv these days to be entertained. The cw needs to continue on with a second season.

  36. Marcy says:

    You know, there’s a lot of crap on tv, why would they cancel a good show just because they r showing it to the wrong audience(the major cause of the lower numbers). This makes no sense. Who are they listening to? A gossip driven group of teens who enjoy weird crap? Your know, u would think they would listen to fans who have good points, such as good twists, keeps me interested and always wanting more. These comments should tell the network that the show is worth bringing back! It’s like, life unexpected, some actors weren’t the best, but it was a good show that some people can actually relate to, but it was cancelled like the CW does to any show that may just need a little more time to get some notice. I know I wasn’t originally THAT interested in Ringer when it first started, but holy cow, I can’t miss an episode, it’s addicting!! I actually send my hubby away when I’m watching it,(cause he doesn’t like it) and I don’t want to miss anything. Lol. I truly hope they bring it back next season, however, it’s a show and if they cancel it, there’s really nothing we can do is there?

    Keep in mind these are my personal opinions, and I don’t push anyone to like anything just because I think it’s great… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I welcome civilized conversation. (no childish replies). Thanks! Enjoy your favorite shows everyone!

  37. LaShaon says:

    I can’t believe that CW is cancelling Ringer. It’s one of the best show out there.

  38. fatis says:

    I luv ringer n I hope it cums bk for a second season oooohhh I cnt wait for dat cos its beta than lots of stupid shows lyk heart of dixie n oll.Goooooooo ringer