The Bachelor Season Finale: And the 'Winner' Is...

It was billed as a battle of “Good Vs. Courtney,” and tonight one of those teams prevailed on the season finale of The Bachelor: Lummox With Increasingly Terrible Hair Makes Increasingly Terrible Decisions. If you haven’t watched yet — and have a burning desire to spend two hours watching Ben Flajnik mope around in offputting sweaters and loosened suspenders — then stop reading now. Otherwise, find out who “won” after the jump…

Going first in the lineup of drawn-out, possibly misleading “marriage” “proposals,” came Lindzi, decked out in a green velvet cape from the Beauty and the Beast Collection. “This is the moment girls dream of their whole life,” she declared as she took the unwitting walk to the emotional guillotine. And while Ben lamented how difficult it was going to be to let down a woman for whom he cared so deeply, he still participated in the franchise’s standard operating game of zig-zag-zig-knife-to-the-heart. “You are what I’ve looked for in a woman my entire life,” Ben told Lindzi. “I want you to know I have fallen in love with you [Sigh. Long pause.] But… [another long pause] I need those moments to last a lifetime. And I’ve found that with someone else. I’m sorry. I’m in love with someone else.” Naturally, instead of kneeing Ben in the groin and storming off in disgust, Lindzi absolved Ben of his reality TV sins: “I’m mad at myself for not giving you what you needed.” Jesus.

Next came Courtney in a white robe by Eyes Wide Shut. “I’m a good person. And good things happen to good people,” she said, prepping for the final rose ceremony and making former competitor Emily tear out her final remaining clump of hair and weep into her couch cushions. Ben told Courtney she was an “incredible woman” and they’d had incredible moments. “But,” he said, “I promised myself that I wouldn’t get down on one knee again unless I was certain it was forever. And I want to tell you that you’re my forever. You’re my forever. And I’ve waited a really, really long time to tell you that I’m in love with you. And that this whole experience and journey has been worth it every step of the way.” Somehow, even if ABC’s cameras didn’t catch it, you know girlfriend whispered one word under her breath: “Winning!”

Yep, Ben liked it and he put a ring on it.

UPDATE: I’ll post more updates from “After the Final Rose” as they happen…keep refreshing the page or come back at 11pm ET to find out how the “journey” concluded.

* Ben said Courtney’s worst, televised moments of bitchery toward her competitors this season “were the instances that led to Courtney and I not talking for a period of time while the show aired. We were essentially broken up.” [Collective gasp from audience. A gasp? Yes, a gasp.]

* “On my father’s grave, I haven’t kissed another woman, I haven’t hooked up with another woman, I haven’t cheated on Courtney. I’m not kissing those women in those photos.” –Ben, responding to Chris Harrison’s questions about tabloid photos of him lip-locking with another lady

* “He was initially, and then he abandoned me.” –Courtney, responding to Chris Harrison’s question about whether Ben was supportive of her during the media firestorm over her bitchy comments during the show

* “Yes, we’re together. I think.” –Courtney, responding to Chris Harrison’s question if she and Ben are still together

* “We’re engaged. We’re in a good place.” –Ben, responding to the same question

* Courtney still has trust issues. (Girl, your fiancé was considering other options 24 hours before he put a ring on it! That should’ve been a given!)

* MISTY EYES as Ben and Courtney re-watch Ben’s proposal.

* “That beautiful moment has just been soiled.” –Ben, talking about how his proposal lost some luster in the wake of tabloid coverage of his and Courtney’s relationship

* File under “Utterly Gross”: Chris Harrison reveals he’s been carrying Courtney’s engagement ring all day. “Are you engaged? And if so should she have a ring on her finger? Is that where the relationship is?” our smarmy host asks. Ben says yes, and slips the ring back on an ambivalent Courtney’s finger.

* Chris asks Ben if he thinks a marriage is likely to happen. “Yeah, I do! When? When? Who knows?” exclaims Ben. Yeah, that about sums it up.

What did you think of his decision? Sound off below!

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  1. SybilT says:

    I did not watch the Bachelor, but I gather Courtney is an empty-headed bimbo. Perhaps Lindzi would have won Ben’s heart if she’d known how to spell her own name.

  2. shelbybb says:

    They totally deserve each other!

  3. Virginia says:

    Personally I think he would have been better off without either girl. Courtney is too self centered. I don’t see things lasting. Lindzi was too unsure of herself. I really liked Kacie, however I think her parents did her in on the home town visit.

  4. Jake says:

    Hes a fool and he made the wrong choice and must live with the consequences

  5. Jenny says:

    I have only watched five minutes of this season right now in the After the Rose episode. These two will be broken up within two months.

    • Kim R says:

      I also do not watch but there was nothing on TV last night! It was apparent to me that Courtney just liked to be on camera. The things she’d say were always all about her. These 2 have zero chance. The writing is on the wall. I was glad to see Ashley and JP though. :)

    • Kathy says:

      These scripted shows are only meaningful to advertisers.There has o been merely one marriage in the history of The Bachelor.I give ’em 6 weeks tops.

  6. Di says:

    Where was Lindzi on “After the Rose”…isn’t she supposed to be there too?

  7. Susan says:

    I have watched this program since the beginning and I think I am done. Skinny dipping will now be the norm and it doesn’t matter what type of person you are in side you will probably get the guy.
    This show needs to really screen the candidates better then it does now.
    I’m done!!

  8. noluvlost says:

    Ben is a loser, he used Courtenay to get publicity for his winery.

  9. Suzie says:

    Ben gets what he deserves folks. He never should have gone romping in the waves nude….while the other “ladies” sat alone. It was disrespectful to all the other ladies. Courtney was “in it to win it.” Any way that she could. And the nude/sex card obviously worked!! Courtney was a grade-A B!tch through out the entire show. Anyone with a brain could see that. But maybe, they are two pea’s in a pod…if they stay together…that is for sure!! I say, Ben is no catch and Courtney is not the only one with issue’s. Ben crossed the line on the show…….

    • genevieve says:

      They’re both extremely under-developed human beings, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe they’ll learn that there’s more to life than “me.”

  10. Kasey says:

    Who designed Courtney’s white cape?

  11. genevieve says:

    What’s truly, truly sad to me — beyond what strikes me as Ben’s abject stupidity in picking the most vacuous and unpleasant woman of the entire group — is that he thinks they’re all “incredible” women, when absolutely none of them has shown that she’s anything more than a nice girl living a very privileged and sheltered life. None of them has expressed any interest or inclination beyond themselves, including Ben. So why should anyone care about them? This program would really benefit by putting on some really incredible people.

    • Ezma says:

      People with actual hopes, interests and personalities don’t sign up to be contestants on The Bachelor.

    • jamie says:

      That’s not entirely true. One of the contestants, Jamie, emancipated as a minor and took custody of her younger siblings, because her mom was unfit. Then she worked multiple jobs and raised her siblings. Now works as an RN. Making those choices as a minor – I wouldn’t exactly call that priviledged, and I’d certainly call that “thinking beyond yourself”. You’ll find her story about 10 minutes into the first episode of the season.

  12. jef says:

    I never cared much for Ben but I thought anyone deserves better than Courtney. However, I have now changed my mind. These two weirdos deserve each other! I knew he would choose Courtney when they tried to get sympathy for her the previous week. That worked about as good as their relationship.

  13. TamIWas says:

    I absolutely think Ben made the right choice. I remember when inaccurate spoilers leaked last season claiming Brad chose Chantal. Continuing to watch that season, it just didn’t fit when you watched his interactions with Emily. Now watching Ben with Lindzi and Ben and Courtney, it comes as no surprise that he chose Courtney. She was clearly what he was looking for. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like her, but then again, I don’t care much for him either. That’s sort of a moot point though. After watching this season, I can’t imagine Ben could make Lindzi happy. I don’t think he has enough depth or character to be a good match for her, so I absolutely think he made the right decision by going with Courtney.

  14. Uli says:

    Stupid deserves stupid!! Ben was blended by courtey’s model face …. He should have chosen lindzy anstead .i have nothing more to say!!!

  15. E says:

    This is really the last TV show that I’m embarrassed to say I watch (I got rid of the rest). But looking back on the season’s we’ve watched (really only parts of Jake to present), that had to be the most emotionless, boring proposal scene of them all. Ok, so Jake/Vienna was pretty cringe worthy, but even that was better than last night’s.

    Obviously all of these people have a snowball’s chance in hell of success, but in the faux-world of this franchise, at least Ali/Roberto, Brad/Emily, JP/Ashley seemed to have some real emotion at the moment. Perhaps that’s all Ben can muster, but perhaps that points to a bad selection for the bachelor to begin with.

    Being bored on top of my shame….

  16. Donna says:

    Well….Ben will learn in the long run how materialistic and evil this girl truly is. She was probably dumped in the past by many – not that she did the dumping.

    It’s his choice and he was warned!

  17. R says:

    The producers should never allowed the skinny dipping in the first place and if he did her and fell for her right in the beginning …. then why continue and hurt and cause pain to the others?????

    Very cheap!

    • E says:

      Yeah, given how pissed Ben was after Ashley dumped him, allowing him to get down on one knee to boot, it seemed rather odd that he allowed Linzi to do the same thing, show up, give her heart felt speech and then even have the nerve to tell her he’d fallen in love with her….BUT…..

  18. Fran says:

    OMG…Can you imagine her helping out picking or stomping grapes, packing boxes etc……. She’ll really be wine(ing) then!!!!

  19. E says:

    I do have a question though. So they ‘broke up’ when Ben witnessed her bad behavior. Did they ever explain why they reconciled?

  20. hypocrite says:

    I wonder if Courtney has all these trust issues because the men keep leaving her once they see the other side of her personality? i.e. if she grew up, then men would stop leaving.

    Ben is such a hypocrite. He says that he could have handled many things more graciously than he did. For himself he has a “live and learn” attitute, and basically is forgiving of himself.

    But he also says Courtney could have handled many situations more graciously, and instead of “live and learn” forgiveness, he abandons her?

    Regardless of what the world thinks of Courtney, he should have absolutely stood by her, giving her support through an intensely difficult time. These last 3 months have been an assault on her, not on him, yet all he can think about is himself? If I were her, I’d tell him to take a hike.

    • E says:

      He repeatedly has said she could have made it “easier on him”. I’m not even sure what that means. Was he burdened to have them complaining to him about her? Courtney was hard on the other girls and now she’s paying that price. I’m still not sure how her doing that impacted him in any significant way during the show’s taping.

  21. JamRock says:

    Don’t watch the show regularly, but I saw a portion of an episode about 6 weeks ago. It was clear he was going to choose Courtney from what I saw then. His whole affect was different around her, he was excited, and even has a higher pitch in his voice. The rest of the show was just formality, I would have been stunned if he chose otherwise.

    Whether or not they will last is a moot point, the history of the show suggests couples from the show are unlikely to last, regardless of whether it was a audience favorite. The whole thing is artificial and contrived, very hard to survive under real world circumstances. This was the girl that excited him, being on the show is a blast, make out with a bunch a girls, travel the world, have a fling for a few months with the ‘winner,’ you both attain B list celeb status to boot (especially if the audience hates her). Everybody wins. So save your ‘I told you so Ben!’ after the break up, they are all in this with their eyes wide open.

  22. Ann V. says:

    I bet they actually get married. It will work to both of their advantages. Certainly, Courtney wanted the win and worked strategically to get it. Ben wants to have her as often as possible. Someday, someone wants kids, the whole thing implodes.

  23. Jen says:

    In a few days, this will all blow over.

    Ben will have to deal with her melt-downs, angry ways, and
    nasty words when she doesn’t get his attention or whatever she

  24. Kat says:

    I don’t watch the Bachelor but I have to assume that Ben is an idiot! Any woman who treats other women as badly as this Courtney supposedly did will treat a man even worse!

    Sounds like Ben should have thought with his other head and found someone other than the easy, hot chick! Of course, I don’t know why anyone would want to get involved with anybody who would go on one of these idiotic shows. Competing like that for a relationship is pathetic – especially since you can’t find lasting love when you’re being compared to one another like cuts of beef in the grocery store freezer!

  25. Celia says:

    Ben gave the ring to a woman with mental illness…little girl voice on a 28 year old, upset because she was in a room full of equally good looking women, lied to him & his family about everything- severe narcissism…nice guys really do finish last