Fringe Hot Video: Love Hurts for Olivia and Peter; Plus: A Hidden Clue?!

Fringe returns March 23 (Fox, 9/8c) with “A Short Story About Love,” and if the newest trailer is any indication, both Olivia and Peter’s hearts will be aching.

After losing Peter in the last episode to his Olivia, New Timeline Olivia — the version we’ve been following all season — begs Walter to “reverse” her memory loss.

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“If Peter was going to be with me, then I didn’t think about the consequences,” she admits to Walter. “I just didn’t care.” But with him searching for a way back home — and quite unsuccessfully from the sounds of his desperate plea to an unseen source — N.T. Olivia is now ready to face the music. “I want to go back to who I was,” she says. “I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

But the biggest clue about what’s to come may be in the backwards piece of dialogue that plays over the end. (Anybody got one of those programs that reverses audio?)

Check out the video below and then help us decode the secret phrase in the comments!

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  1. peter says:

    Michael, the reverse audio simply says ”Love.”

  2. Kristina says:

    People on YouTube are saying the backwards bit is September saying “Love”

  3. cari says:

    Doesn’t it say just say “love” backwards?

  4. lauren says:

    I love Fringe and the Olivia/Peter story, Astrid too. Can’t wait til it comes back AND GETS A RENEW!

  5. Piper says:

    To be honest, if this Olivia isn’t Peter’s Olivia, then I’m gonna be a little mad that we spent so much time in this timeline… Oh well, either way, I’m super pumped for Fringe to finally return!!

  6. Vanbrazil says:


  7. Mina says:

    Weird… I watch Fringe for the sci-fi thing, and it turns into this giant mess of ~love story and soulmates and ugh.

  8. forrest says:

    With the X-files, I never became a ‘shipper. The cases, the mythology, the quest always led the way. Fringe changed that for me. The character development gradually led to ‘shipperdom’. Credit the writing and the actors, I care what happens to these fictional characters and the case of the week sometimes gets in the way. Wow. This show should be on the soap network. I love it. Guilty as charged. And as far as renewal, no one has commented on the progression from ‘long shot’ to a safe bet. Yea!

    • gillian says:

      I have to disagree, although it has a love story in the center of it I don’t find Fringe soapy at all… the sci-fi stuff still plays a giant role. But you’re right the long term story is a lot more interesting then the cases of the week. (but then again I always tend to prefer shows with long term story lines)

    • P says:

      i honestly don’t know why people find the show “soapy”, obviously they haven’t been watching enough TV. the show is far more nerdy sci-fi than soapy. the romance of the show stays true and to the heart, definitely not soapy.

  9. Santana says:

    why would you be mad at jj abrams for either show when he isn’t the showrunner of fringe or lost? he’s fancy letterhead, basically

  10. BonesFringeFan says:

    Okay, I was just thinking about this… This Olivia in this timeline has to be Peter’s Olivia because firstly, if we went back to our old timeline/universe/way things were, we would no longer have Lincoln around, which wouldn’t make sense since he is now a series regular. Also, it seems unlikely that the writers would spend this much time creating and investing in the whole Jones storyline, only to have it completely erased if we went back to the old (different) timeline. But then on the other hand, we must have to go back to the old, different timeline/universe simply because this Olivia is not the same as the old Olivia. From what we know, this timeline should just be the exact same way things were before, except minus all things Peter, with the characters having no recollection of him whatsoever. But, this Olivia killed her stepfather, whereas our Olivia did not, and her actions would not in any way have been affected by Peter. This means that this Olivia is not our Olivia, because in this timeline she made a different choice, which did not relate in any way to the nonexistence of Peter.

    It’s all extremely confusing, but thoughts? :)

    • Sandy says:

      I could be remembering this incorrectly but didn’t Peter and Olivia meeting as kids have something to do with Olivia not killing her father?

      I’m 99% certain this is our Olivia. Just for the basic fact that I don’t think tptb would spend more than half the season with her if she weren’t. Plus a couple of eps ago Peter realized it was his Olivia too but then with everything September told him he’s a bit of a mess

      • BonesFringeFan says:

        I was actually thinking that as well… And yeah, it seems ridiculous that they would spend so long in this timeline if it weren’t the real one. But I still dislike that this Olivia isn’t really, like completely our Olivia… I wish things go be back the way they were, but that would mean baby Henry be back too… I just don’t know with this show!

    • Observette_MARCH says:

      The TIMELINE has been re-written is what September says in episode 1 of season 4. However, I think that it’s like the PALIMPSEST effect. A layer of new and different memories for all of the characters in order to “erase” Peter and Henry. So what basically happened is once Peter linked the universes, all of the characters got a set of new memories of a life they didn’t actually live, they think and feel that they have but it’s an illusion. The reason why everyone has no memories of Peter is because they were somehow “implanted” with a new set of memories. The Observers or The Machine did this because Henry was born and according to September he would’ve set of a chain of events that threaten humanity. September made it seem as if Fauxlivia and Peter’s child would almost be like an anti-christ if you will,for lack of a better word. September also hints to Peter that Peter made the choice to be “erased” without really realizing it in order to save the future. I don’t believe that Peter made a conscious decision to be “erased” obviously since he so desperately fought to “come back” but I’m going a bit off track now.
      Basically, what I think is that the “new timeline” is just “new memories” somehow implanted into our characters. So, they ARE all the original timelines characters with just a different memory of their life. That’s why Olivia is remembering. If she wasn’t our original Olivia she wouldn’t be able to remember.
      It’s sooooo hard to explain all this stuff because it’s like: if they just had their memories erased, how come alt Broyles is back etc. So I can’t explain everything so it makes sense but what I definitely believe 100% is that THEY are all the original timeline’s people, there is no “home” for Peter to go to=he is home. He just has to find a way for everyone to “remember”. Also, I am definitely sure (well,according to my gut) that this is Peter’s Olivia and our original Olivia.
      WOW, that was long and probably confusing…but I think you get what I’m thinking.

      p.s. I really don’t understand people that had a problem with Lost’s ending. I loved the show and still do to this day and I was totally satisfied with the ending. I think that the people who are disappointed with Lost simply didn’t get the ending.

      • Observette_MARCH says:

        I also should’ve added that Henry was not only portrayed by September as a “threat”, he was also a “unforeseen mistake” as Peter is meant to have a child with Olivia. Peter and Olivia’s child will be “important” and might even be the descendant and the next step in human evolution=The Observers.

        Side Note: Those of you who are saying that Fringe went from sci-fi to soap have the whole sci-fi thing wrong. The majority of sci-fi has to do with deeply human subjects and feelings and as far as Fringe goes-there was always the love story part to it. Sci-fi is almost always based around human relationships, whether they are friendships, parent/child or lovers-in the end Love is a reoccurring theme in most sci-fi shows and movies. Soap Operas are about unrealistic bed hopping and gossipy crap that lonely housewife’s watch to take them as far away from their non-climactic marriages and mundane lives. How can you even compare Fringe to something like that??

  11. hoosierfringefan says:

    Hi, I don’t think we can or will go back to the exact “original” timelines because that would mean Henry would exist again, right? Clearly he cannot – not with bolivia as his mother.

    • hoosierfringefan says:

      By the way, I love Fringe. If it is cancelled, I think I will be ill. I normally don’t get attached to TV shows – because they always cancel the good ones…but in this case I’m hooked.

    • RKron says:

      You’re right, Peter cannot…or more correctly, must not try to retrieve his own life back or else baby Henry will alter the future of the world (and possibly endanger the Observers’ existence). He must learn to love the people in this timeline and trust this Olivia.

  12. dana says:

    oh please be the 23rd!!!

    • hoosierfringefan says:

      Just 10 more days and then 8 weeks of Fringe goodness! Let’s hope it is not the last. It just can’t be!

  13. loki says:

    Maybe its meaningful that the word love backwards sounds like ‘evolve’ also. The shows endgame probably will cycle back to explain why Olivia and Peter meeting as children is so significant, along with what David Robert Jones’s goals are. The real importance of Olivia’s cortexiphan dosing in any reality and Peter and Olivia proper having a baby which leads to a future where humanity evolves to be Observers. Also whats up with William Bells, Nina Sharps and Massive Dynamics in a,b,and c dimensions? That still has to be explained. And does that brief glimpse of future where Olivia gets shot and Peter and Olivia are married constitute a Universe D or is it among A,B, and C?

    There is a serious time paradox in Peter and Walter building the machine in the future and using it to go back to fuse the realities so the universe doesn’t end and Olivia doesn’t get shot and then Peter disappears, reappears and presumably does it again?…the second time with a better outcome? And the Sam Weiss’s? Where do they fit in?

    Olivia C becoming Olivia A mentally is a lot like the ‘William Bell’ Bell which snapped his consciousness into Olivia A. I love to hear that voice again and seeing Bellivia flirting with Astrid was priceless.

    The one thing that seems to be clear now after September’s talk is the agenda of the Observers. They are really trying to ensure that they come into existence and temporally visiting their ‘adam and eve’ . Olivia proper has a special tolerance for the cortexiphan and Peter ‘should have died’ from growing up in the wrong universe. Olivia’s abilities allow her to cross dimensions without loosing her molecular cohesion like William Bell, David Robert Jones etc. And their offspring is sort of inherently ‘inter-dimensional’ Making him an evolutionary step in the direction of Observerdom.

  14. Ainav says:

    My heart aches already.

  15. Ty says:

    Is the clue supposed to be the word at the end. It says follow, not love.

  16. EmmyforAnnaTorv says:

    This clip alone shows how awesome Anna Torvs acting is. It looks like 4.15 will be a showcase for her, as she will be playing someone with fading memory, most subtle difficult task.
    Since 4.12 she has been playing two Olivia’s in one, without any difference in make-up and hair, the blue and the yellow are immediately recognizable. Everyone goes on about which Olivia is which, but never how genius it is that you can actually see that.
    Combined with al the other amazingness Anna Torv has done so far this season as yellowOlivia and Fauxlivia, I hereby start the:
    Emmy for Anna Torv campaign.

  17. tweener says:

    This show deserves to be cancelled if Joshua Jackson has no DOUBLE to play.

  18. oliva says:

    Olivia best when from 3.11 onwards she was reduced to an insecure girl that had to drool after Peter, and now off course she is a better Olivia then before, because of Peter.

    Your clear give away: what Josh Jackson should be wearing, it seems that Jackson chose that himself, and I notice that everyone else in fringe is being dressed in boring suits, oversized coats, only Josh Jackson has fitting clothing, in his contract?

    Question : so far this Olivia did not know Peter, yet she is the spitting image of the blonde Olivia Dunham Peter is supposed to love, did you ever see one look of Peter/Josh Jackson that showed longing, love or whatever? No.
    Olivia Dunham in dubio does, and she does all the work already going back from at least 4.11.
    So why is it that Olivia/Anna Torv has to do all the work?
    In this episode Jackson merely follows Anna, like he did with John Noble in the Walter/Peter scenes, whenever he is on his own, he falls flat.

    For me this episode showed once again what a truly brilliant actress Anna Torv is, but I have noticed that this is a dangerous thing to say at some places.

  19. Looploo says:

    Joshua Jackson deserves a show that RESPECTS him.

  20. Annon says:

    People need to realise that it’s not Patty. Patty doesn’t go into great big spiels about stuff.

    This Oliva is Anto, observations, points or whatever other name she changes her name to.

  21. panda says:

    Nicely said i’m sick and tired of this troll.

  22. Lisa says:

    The glimpse into the future (where Olivia was shot) was the future of the original time line with our Olivia and what would happen if the alt. universe was destroyed, which is why the 2 universes had to work together so that that future would never happen.