First Look: A Desperate Housewives Funeral

Someone died on ABC’s Desperate Housewives this weekend, maybe you heard — a character played by an original cast member, no less. And that means there shall be a well-attended funeral. Here’s a first look at said sad farewell.

As those who tuned into Housewives on Sunday night saw, Susan’s husband Mike, played by James Denton, was killed in a mob drive-by shooting, after clashing one time too many with a loan shark. And though Susan and Mike happened to share some special moments in the episode, if there’s anything else she has left to express, the weary widow will have her chance next Sunday, in the episode “Women and Death.”

ABC Reveals Desperate Housewives End Date, Schedules 17 Other May Finales

As previously reported, when Denton learned of Mike’s fate, his primary concern was that scene partner Teri Hatcher would have no comedy to play in the expiring sudser’s final episodes. Hatcher, meanwhile, told she thought the snuffing was “a bad idea,” and she even (unsuccessfully) pitched a story twist where in the finale it’s revealed that Mike secretly entered Witness Protection.

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  1. Daniel says:

    it’s all Ben’s fault! he should’ve been the one who died! i liked Mike! now it feels like the entire romance between him and Susan was an entire waste of time ¬¬… i’m pissed off, that’s all i’m gonna say

  2. Ana says:

    I still can’t believe they killed Mike :-( First it was Henry (Scott Foley) on Grey’s Anatomy, and now this. And that scene was so beautifully written and executed that it literally brought tears to my eyes. DH will be missed…

    • Mika says:

      I too was saddened by both Mike and Henry’s death. But I love the dramatic turns that each will bring to show and their surviving families and friends. I loved the way they filmed Mike’s death last week. It was both shockingly violent but also beautiful as they flashed back through the last few years from the beginning.

  3. tlc19 says:

    Ew. Just ew. Marc Cherry, was there no other way to win your court case? ‘Hey, look, we do kill off cast members – no big deal, Nicolette!Judge, come on, look what I did to James Denton!’

    When DH premiered, Teri Hatcher was one of the most recognizable of the Housewives, and her storyline with Susan and Mike, the hunky plumber next door, was the draw from the beginning. That will-they-wont-they was the most fun in season 1. It’s the reason I watched, though I grew the enjoy the other housewives as well. Whatever, Cherry, whatever. An original character gets axed by a rushed, ridiculous storyline of loan-sharks and drive-by shooting? Dude. As fans, we all got played.

    • Dash says:

      Susan was always the least likeable to me. I was hoping she’d be the one getting snuffed this season. I think the execution of this death was not great but it’s not a huge loss. I feel like Mike has been MIA for most of the show.

      • ChrisGa says:

        On the same page with you here; Susan has always been the least interesting of the four principals and I don’t even find Teri Hatcher that endearing in the role(she was a thousand times more charming in Lois and Clark IMO). Having said that, Mike hasn’t had much of a function at all this season and not much of one since he and Susan got back together after he dumped Katherine. As such, not sad at all about his exit.

      • Jennifer says:

        They were never going to kill off one if the golden geese but it might have been more effective if they had. If this hadn’t been last season Mike would still be around. I don’t think I’ve sat through entire episode this season and this crazy batsh** is probably why.

      • Jamie P says:

        Mike D’s character was so lovable , noble, brave, sexy, and showed how a real man should be honorable fighting for what he cares about and being a great dad and husband at the same time!!! MIA!!!! Whatever !!! I’m so pissed I’ve been a faithful fan since day one and I am upset at how they chose to end things ! Shake it up ok but I can’t see any fan of the show that would be happy about loosing such a loved character and having poor Mj grow up with out a dad and Susan finally getting the love of her life now loosing him!! To the writers of this season!! Boo freakin whoooo on you!!!!

    • Matt says:

      If writers never killed the characters people loved, there wouldn’t be much tension, would there? Mike’s death provided a strong emotional reaction, which is what makes TV so much fun. I’m sad he’s dead, but I think he ended well.

    • MGL says:

      I totally agree. I thought Susan and Mike were the original draw of the show. With so many obstacles for them, they really deserved the happy ending. I too believe that he (MC)did this for his court case. I don’t even watch it anymore, but for some reason I caught the end on Sunday and was shocked. I have believed for years that Marc Cherry wrote this show into the ground. But I believe in happy endings and really thought that it would end with Susan and Mike together, at least.

  4. Brad says:

    Why do shows or networks feel like they have to kill people off. Maybe they wouldn’t have if wasn’t the last year but certainly makes the last few shows depressing. Show WAS going out on a good note so too bad they did this.

  5. Elly says:

    I agree! It’s like really?!? That’s who you could have picked? They should have found a way to bring back John (the gardener) since he was an original cast member and smoked his ass. Or Karen, you know she was going to go at some point. I can’t stand Marc Cherry or Nicolette Sheridan; I wish there was a way they could both lose this lawsuit.

  6. Kosmo says:

    After this crap I’m not even bothering to watch the rest of the season. And they can forget about syndication for DW after taking the entire Mike and Susan arch for all these years and making it irrelevant. “don’t invest your emotion here, they kill him off down the road”. Stupid, just stupid and sad. I won’t watch another Cherry production again.

    • I completely COMPLETELY agree with you!!!!!!! God I am so pissed off. Perhaps the writers are pissed that the show go canceled? lol

    • dee123 says:

      Good lord! Are you 5? Guess what? sometimes people have a wonderful life together & a spouse dies suddenly.

      I bet you wanted some pathetic cookie cutter ending where everyone rode off into the sunset.

      That’s NEVER been what DH has been about.

      • Relax, jeez. says:

        Are YOU five? This is a tv show. People tend to get happy endings in these types of shows. Don’t be an ass because people were invested in Mike and Susan and are now pissed. Just because you’re a miserable bitch, doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

        • Amy says:

          DH is a soap… people die ALL the time in soaps. There is rarely a happy ever after.

          • SD632 says:

            Obviously you haven’t watched this show for longer than a season. It’s hardly a soap. If it were, it would be on during the day, everyday. Your argument is invalid.

      • Jaded says:

        Right on, dee123! I guess people think if someone happens to die in a relationship it just makes the whole thing pointless. I’m not sure what all the outrage is about-shows kill off main characters all the time. Big deal!

  7. janet says:

    the writers where so wrong to kill mike

  8. Drew says:

    “Happily ever after” always depends on when you end the story. No matter how happy people are, in the end, one of them usually has to face life without the other. The characters had their happy ending. They had their life together, though it was a short one. The same could be said for Karen and Roy.

    Either way, the show’s ending. In a sense, all of the characters are dying in May, because I think they’ve already said that they wouldn’t do a movie. It just reminds me of Thirtysomething, with Gary… but I won’t spoil that, just in case people are unaware after twentysomething years.

  9. I hate Desperate Houswives writers says:

    The writers are absolutely ruining this show. I hope they read comments like this. They should know they need to be slapped. Hard. They need to go with Teri Hatcher’s idea of Mike in witness protection. Bastards. I’m SO done with this show after the funeral next Sunday.

  10. Anna says:

    I figured Mike was toast when the bad guy told him he should have killed him the previous week. I hope Renee is the one who takes him down. They dropped a hint at that in a previous episode too. Watched from the start so will watch till the end even though it’s getting a little hard to watch anymore. The rest of the episode was boring. Poor MJ. He is a very good child actor. I’m happy that it appears from the pictures that Vanessa gets to sing.

  11. OMG is it weird thatlooking at these pictures is making me really sad, like I lost someone I knew? I have watched this show since episode #1 and I am SOOO MAD they killed off Mike! SOOOO MAD! They’re making me so angry right now because I really dislike Tom & what’s her face these days, they could have kill him off, my goodness! Way to kill off the only man who was truly decent on the lane!

  12. MrsGLikesTV says:

    Now I’m really glad this show is ending. Why couldn’t they kill off someone like Tom’s awful girlfriend? That was an awful thing to do to fans of the show.

    • Forever a Mike and Susan fan says:

      I know, right? She was already choking. She couldn’t just die all the way and then Mike could live. The problem would have been solved but no. This just proves Cherry is a heartless bastard.

  13. Audrey says:

    I don’t watch this show anymore, but I have to say that I was a big fan of Susan and Mike pairing. I’m shocked to have read that this is Mike’s funeral. To have the characters journeyed this far and give them a depressing ending?? You have no heart, Cherry! Whyyyy??

  14. scorpo says:

    We get to here Vanessa sing!!!!!

  15. Mark says:

    You know those “EW” lists of the “Worst of All Time…” –

    Well, “Desperate Housewives” and it’s finale is going to rank right up there with “Roseanne” as the WORST ending to a TV Series, ever.

    Having all the Housewives alone at the end – with only each other for comfort – might look good on paper – but really kills the buzz that a viewer needs to feel okay about saying goodbye to “the Lane”.

    It’s pretty plain that Carlos and Gabby are going to break apart too –
    more than likely – Carlos will go to jail for the cover-up of the death of Gabby’s stepfather.

    Tom will eventually leave Lynette to marry that witch – Renee won’t be able to get past Mike’s murder to settle down with her guy – so she will end up alone.

    Plus, Orson hurt Bree – so she will be alone, too.

    This is nothing but a very sad way to say goodbye to our “girls”.

    As for Terri Hatcher – yes – she was better as “Lois Lane” and her chemistry with Dean Cain was the only reason “Lois and Clark” made it four seasons – she is a gifted actress and I do not believe that she is the “meaniest person” ever. No way.

    Maybe this is silly, but what really bothers me most about all this mess – is that little MJ (the wonderful Mason Vale Cotton) is going to end up without his father – that is cruel of Marc Cherry to inflict on M.J. – and on us – the viewers – too.

    When I think of how badly Cherry has treated the character of Andrew Van Camp – played by the amazing Shawn Pyfrom – I wonder why I expected anything good from Cherry. He is a miserable man who simply got lucky with this show. Why ABC sticks by him is beyond me. Now I know that Cherry bitch-slapped Nicolette – he just did the same thing to his audience – by killing Mike.

    I hope that Jury kicks Marc Cherry where it hurts the most !! His bank account !!

  16. K95 says:

    I think it’s a very smart move that they decided to kill off Mike. It’ll definitely make things MORE interesting, but I was kinda hoping that Lynette would have been the one to die, because A) she is never getting back with tom. B) Her kids would be happier off without her and C) it’ll be very entertaining to see the housewives cry and mourn Lynette.

  17. sunny says:

    I would have preferred to see Tom die…he’s a tool and I’d rather see Lynette lose him to death than to his gross new girlfriend. I would have even preferred that one of the original women die!

  18. Jenny says:

    Not sorry to see the character of Mike out of the show. I never did understand the appeal of James Denton. He cannot act and apart from an interesting storyline in the first season has been pretty much superfluous in the remaining seasons.

    I am rooting for Tom and Lynette to get back together and hate how the storyline is being drawn out. Lynette is not an easy character to like this season which is a shame as she was one of my favourite housewives. Kudos though to Felicity Huffman for an excellent job as always.

    Glad to see that Vanessa Williams’s character Renee got to stick around for the final season and am enjoying the Gabby/Carlos dynamic. Eva Langoria and Ricardo Chavira at least manage to make the audience smile most weeks.

    Not a huge Bree fan but Marcia Cross plays the part well. Would love to have seen her end up with Karl – Susan’s ex played by Richard Burgi – but alas that was not to be.

    I’ll be sorry to see DH end but every show has its day.

  19. Julie W says:

    On another note…did anyone else catch that Bob changes places while he’s holding the coffin? Wonder if that’s a mistake.

    • Ddub says:

      Yes! I was going back through the pictures…in the one pic where they appear to be leaving and their heads are down bob is behind Carlos…and in another pic where they are in the same position and their heads are up, Bob is not behind Carlos. I think that the heads up pic may have been a promo shot and the heads down is in the episode, or else the continuity person needs a refresher.

  20. LaurenMC says:

    This is too sad and depressing of an ending to the Mike & Susan storyline for me. After everything they’ve been through, to have it end like this, is really obnoxious. On top of that, the death just seems meaningless… all this over the Australian’s condo project or whatever he’s building in the forest? Please. I would have preferred any other character to die over Mike. Now Susan is just going to be sad and alone for the rest of the series. And if they do some kind of flash forward and show her happy with a different man in the future… that will also be sad because it’s not Mike!

  21. annabelle says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of DH, but in reality people die and the ones left behind must find the strength to move on withtout their loved one and try to function in the world. So I feel DH is just showing something real (as opposed to their usual craziness over the years) and while I wish it had been another Housewife’s hubby or lover (Susan + Mike = Greatness) I can see why TPTB went there. It’s a real shame Teri can’t be funny in the remaining shows…RIP

  22. Amy says:

    How much you wanna bet this is the defining moment that will push Julie over the edge to keeping the baby (or at least giving it to her mom)?

  23. Emily says:

    As heart breaking Mike’s death was, I think we must take into account the meaning of the show. Yes it is a comedy in many ways, but I believe it is making a statement about suburban lifestyle. On the outside people see the perfect white picket fence neighborhood and beautiful people who look happy, but aren’t really. I think gabby and Carlos will get divorced, and I think everyone will end up miserable in the end. This will be their awakening of how superficial and meaningless their lifestyle is. I think Carlos’ realization of what his job actually does to people is a representation of a message the show is trying to convey. However, gabby remains selfish and unwilling to accept his change. I think Bree’s character is also very interesting in that she transformed from being the quintessential housewife to an alcoholic. The way in which the housewives conduct their lives isn’t fulfilling and by them experiencing harsh events will allow them to question the very lifestyle they are taking part in. Maybe they will end up somewhat happy depending on their realizing of the superficiality their lives contain.

  24. David says:

    This really is crap for writing. Of all the women on the show who deserve a happy ending, with their respective soul-mate it’s Mike and Susan. This is just trash writing from a bitter classless producer (Marc Cherry) He’s mad cause James Denton testified the truth in Nicolette Sheredon’s trial against him. After this how can we watch this show when he obviously doesn’t give a rip about the fans and viewers that have kept it on the air by investing in these characters and kept his pocket-book full. What a trashy SOB. I’m done with any of his programs and I hope Nicolette WINS $$$!

  25. Von says:

    WOW, am I ever glad I stopped watching before this season. Mike and Susan were presented as the end-game, ever since the first episode. To kill either of them is such a betrayal.

    I’ll follow the news from safely afar, in case TPTB realize the error of their ways and fix it somehow. Otherwise, Marc Cherry = can’t be trusted by the viewers who get emotionally involved :-(

  26. Jonathan says:

    This was so sad, but well directed episode.