Vampire Diaries Scoop: Can Damon Tame Stefan? Plus: The Love Triangle 'Comes to a Head'

Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev Ian SomerhalderThe CW’s The Vampire Diaries invaded the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Saturday for PaleyFest12, and one of the big topics of the night was Team Salvatore! The brothers’ relationship was in high display in an early screening of next Thursday’s episode, “1912,” which also features a “doozy” of a cliffhanger and a truly ugly side of Stefan.

“He’s got a terrible darkness that haunts, and is always going to haunt him,” says executive producer Julie Plec of the younger Salvatore. “So now it’s about the path to moderation. It’s about Stefan finding that balance inside him so he can both be a man and a hero, and love someone and be loved, but also function as a vampire.”

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The surprising guru coaching Stefan through that process is none other than his own wayward brother, Damon! They may often be at odds, but “the brothers are sharing a journey,” continues Plec. “It’s just manifesting itself in different ways.”

As Damon learns the pleasures of being a vampire in the “1912” flashbacks and Stefan is struggling to go cold turkey in the present, they ultimately come to each other’s aid. “The brothers are trying to be heroes to each other,” says Plec.

“It’s interesting that there’s a camaraderie [even though] they’re both in love with the same girl,” adds Paul Wesley.

Speaking of that girl, the love triangle between Elena and the brothers is “going to come to a head” by season’s end, which will find “Elena having to ask herself a lot of questions about, ‘Who do I care for? What do both of these men mean to me?’” says Plec. So which guy is Nina Dobrev’s pick for the conflicted Elena? “She needs to go abroad, meet some new boys,” suggests the actress with a laugh. “I’m sure Italy has a lot more Salvatores.” (We wouldn’t be surprised if there was a third option closer to home after this week’s episode.)

Vampire Diaries First Look: Rebekah Tortures Damon, Stefan and Elena Have a ‘Moment’

Other topics covered during the Paley panel:

• The March 29 episode has a lot more to offer than just the image of Rebekah taking a knife to a shirtless Damon. “There’s an amazing bonding moment for both Elena and Damon and for Stefan and Damon,” says Ian Somerhalder. But back to the torture…. “Damon does something really crappy to Rebekah, and she gets mad and decides to stab him up and make him bleed,” explains Plec. Adds Somerhalder: “These Originals have an appetite for destruction, and they act on it.”

• If at first you don’t succeed, try again. “This is not the last we’ve seen of the Originals or of the mother’s plan to try to take out her children,” teases Plec.

• Don’t hold your breath for Katherine’s return any time soon. Even though she’s had romantic entanglement with both Salvatore brothers, “there is no love story that is more important than Katherine and her own self-interest and freedom,” says Plec. Translation: Katherine is a smart cookie and knows when to get out of Dodge.

• Bonnie will be dealing with repairing her friendship with Elena. “I don’t think she really believes that Elena did anything to sabotage her relationship with her mother,” says Kat Graham. “I’m sure that she’s going to eventually have to work through whatever she’s dealing with.” On another friendship front, “You’ll definitely see a lot of stuff with Caroline and Bonnie working together.” There’s also some love on the horizon for the witch!

• There’s talk of a flashback that “shows us Elena’s life before she had vampires in it,” reveals Plec.

• Will Elena turn into a vampire as she does in the L.J. Smith books? “We’ll see…,” replied Plec. “There’s a wealth of stories that have been given to us from these books. There’s things we’ve decided to do and things we’ve said maybe not for us. So I would say I don’t know.”

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  1. E says:

    Ugh, bring back Katherine!!!!!

    • Danielle H says:

      THIS. And I say make Elena a vampire at the end of next season or something like that… it opens a WEALTH of story lines.

  2. Luna Maya says:

    if there would be any third guy for Elena, I suggest Elijah !!!

    • Frank Lewis says:

      I know what you mean Luna Maya, they’d make a good shipper.

    • Amy says:

      YES PLEASE. I am completely in love with Elejah after the last episode. Plus, Elijah is just wonderful, and he needs to stick around for a while (forever).

    • luli says:

      it will be matt. they spend a lot of time together in the next episode.

    • R says:

      I totally agree….Love Elijah. But for one reason or another the writers/producers don’t seem willing to put them together (for now). They know that there are tons of people out there than want them together though. I think 3 season or Stefan or Damon is getting old. How freaking long can this go on? I hope the choice she makes at the end of this season is neither brother. The brothers are not doing what is best for her at all (Stefan at least has tried…but trying to push her away).

  3. Jelly says:

    I’m not Delena fan but they’re dragging it too long. Just get them together and see what happens. This unresolved mess is just tiring

    • Captain says:

      Seriously. The will they/won’t they thing is just annoying after 3 years. By the end of season three she has to either admit she’s in love with Damon and see where things go or end things for good with him cause it’s just painful to watch now.

  4. Dominique says:

    I kinda have this feeling like they have no idea what to do with Delena this season. There was all this build-up, Elena CLEARLY said they were going to let go of Stefan. Then she turns around and stabs Damon in the back and everything falls apart. What’s that about? Both relationships are being dragged out. I honestly don’t see how Elena can just get over everything Stefan did to her and reunite with him. That would be such bad writing.
    Also have to say that I kinda resent how Rebekah sticks around, yet Elijah keeps leaving. He’s much more interesting.

    • Mica says:

      But Rebekah came just recently, we barely know her! Elijah (even though we all love him) is around a lot more time.

    • Captain says:

      I have to disagree on all accounts. First of all Rebekah is infinitely more entertaining and awesome than any other character on The Vampire Diaries. Secondly, Stefan only did half the things he did because he was compelled by Klaus trying to save HER. And if she forgave Damon for intentionally trying to murder her brother in front of her, I’d say she’s a pretty forgiving person.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      get over what stefan did???? what about ALL that damon has done?? neither salvatore is innocent.

  5. Mica says:

    Honestly I didn’t like any of these news. I hope the actual episodes will be better than it appears to be just reading about the things that will happen.
    All these plans (that are just more about the same old story) made me think they don’t really know where they want to go with this season…it’s worrisome (not so much because they never let us down so far, but even so…)

  6. L says:

    Agree with the drag out of Delena, not that I’m a fan of them as a couple, but I’m actually bored with the whole love triagle thing period. They’ve dragged it out too long and I’ve lost interest in that, and actually the show to some degree.

    Maybe they should all be single and let them all develop separately for awhile b4 we go through the love triange AGAIN.

  7. Manie says:

    Was I the only one yawning while reading this?! Seriously it’s the same thing over and over again… Both brothers should just drop Elena already and move on. She’s going yoyo between the two of them and we all know that no matter who she chooses at the end of the season, it will change again during the next one…

    TVD should focus on something else than that love triangle for a while, like I don’t know, the plot?! This season feels like they had too many ideas and instead of taking the best and keep the others for next season, they just packed everything and failed(in my opinion) to make it work. Basically, this season is a mess.

    And this –> Bonnie will be dealing with repairing her friendship with Elena.

    Come on, the girl says she needs a break?! What’s to repair?! Unless something else happens…

    I really hope next season won’t be the same, because this season, I’m at the point that I’m watching in the hopes that it will get better…

  8. aunt_deen says:

    If I could remove one trope from VD and from every other genre story out there, it would be the Girl Who Is the Focal Point of Everything Everywhere and Must Be Loved by Every Male Character.

    So how about Damon moving on to someone who ISN’T involved with Stefan? It would be nice to see him in love with someone who loved him back.

  9. Amber says:

    Nothing on Klaus?

  10. @ says:

    How long until people start getting tired of vampires? This show is starting to suck and I wait for it to fail and the cw realize it has other shows that deserve the same attention as this one.

  11. & says:

    So tired of Elena Damon and stefan should just dump her. They should bring Katherine back, I would like to see a twist on this story. Elena was kidnapped by Katherine and she has taken Elena’s place or seething like that.

  12. Captain says:

    Am I the only one who’d actually prefer it if the show shifted focus to Rebekah/Klaus/Elijah? At this point they’re just so much more interesting than anything the Salvatore clan has going on.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Can’t STAND the Originals, particularly Klaus, and Rebekah is not much better. Elijah I wouldn’t mind so much. The longer the plot line stays away from the Originals, the better.

  13. caitie says:

    Boo, I miss Katherine. :(

  14. summer says:

    Are you all god dam stupid. This show is amazing! The love and romance in this show is tastefully done. Most of the ppl writing about how they have dragged it out and over the love story are jealous. This show is a romantic drama. And for the comment about elena being the focus point in the show and how there should not be just one main girl….. Is another dumb point she makes the show and plays a great roll. I dont see any bad things about this tv show. It gets more then 3million views each year. So for.the rest of the ppl.writing negative comments dont watch the show i think you will like the movie the ugly truth you very sad un romantic ppl.

  15. Lo says:

    I was at the Paley panel last night, and I saw this week’s episode. And let me tell you, IT IS AMAZING. The writing and the pacing are exactly what you want in a TVD episode. And don’t get hung up on the flashback aspect; it really does serve the story. And it’s SO necessary to the big reveal at the end of the ep. So don’t write it off just yet. True fans will be happy with it!

  16. Felicia says:

    Thanks for this! Though I care a lot more about The Secret Circle these days, I hope you guys post a big article like this after the TSC WonderCon panel this week!

  17. Lou says:

    I love this show and it is and always has been great! I guess the people that have an issue with the show should STOP complaining and just stop watching!!!!!
    I wonder who Elena’s third love interest will be….it is not Matt.

  18. Bob Jones says:

    Damon and Stefan are both cursed (I said cursed) to love Elena because they both loved Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova).

    Mikael and Esther saved their children [Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah, Kol] after losing two sons (one in the old world and Heinrick in the Americas) 1000 yrs ago with the blood of Tatia.

    I have not read the books; however, it seems, every 500 years, a new doppelganger of Tatia is born [Tatia (1000 AD) > Katerina (1500 AD) > Elena (2000 AD)].

    Tatia already had a child with another man (possibly a werewolf) before Esther’s ritual; Katerina’s child was taken away before her conversion with Rosemary’s blood to escape Elijah & Niklaus; what happens to Elena?

    Does Elena a) have a child with Matt to continue the doppelganger line in 2500 AD, b) become a vampire, or c) I have no clue

  19. Bella says:

    I love the brother’s together. For me the relationship between the brothers is more interesting than the one either shares with Elena.

    They are fascinating to watch.

    Elijah is fascinating to watch.

    For me…both relationship (Elena/Stefan or Elena/Damon) are dragget out.

    In the least episode. ..I found myself on Bonnie’s side. When everyone else is “collateral damage” in the fight to keep Elena alive, HOW CAN I KEEP LIKING ELENA, STEFAN and DAMON?????

    I remember Isabel’s words to Elena: “As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm, you are doomed”.