Post Mortem: Walking Dead Boss Defends Last Night's Big [Spoiler], Teases Shocking Finale

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12WARNING: If you have yet to watch The Walking Dead‘s next-to-last Season 2 episode tonight, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. We’re serious, folks. The following Q&A with showrunner Robert Kirkman contains massive spoilers. Trust us on this one. Everyone else, you may proceed…

This Just In: The Walking Dead is not fooling around anymore. One week after viewers watched in horror as Dale literally had his guts ripped out, AMC’s mega-hit went a step further in its penultimate Season 2 episode and whacked another, far more pivotal character: Shane!

Sure, the warning signs were there — on screen and off. For starters, Shane had become increasingly unhinged as Season 2 wore on, making Sunday’s deadly confrontation with frenemy Rick all the more inevitable. Also, as fans of the Walking Dead comic know full well, the TV character actually survived longer than his literary counterpart. Oh, and as you may’ve heard, Shane’s portrayer, Jon Bernthal, recently landed a starring role in former Dead exec producer Frank Darabont’s TNT pilot L.A. Noir.

Yet, the death of Shane — who, for all intents and purposes, was the show’s co-lead — nonetheless packed a punch, mostly because it sends a loud and clear message that absolutely no one (save for Rick) is safe. And if the episode itself didn’t adequately relay that, our post mortem with Robert Kirkman should. Read on as Dead‘s main creative force reveals why Shane had to die, how Bernthal reacted (read: he wasn’t pleased), whether Jenner’s secret message to Rick has already been revealed, and when the next major death will come (hint: very soon).

TVLINE | How long did you know that you were going to kill Shane off this early on in the series?
Before the first episode of Season 1 was shot. [Laughs] Frank always talked about how, if the first season had been 13 episodes, we would’ve went ahead and told the entire Shane story and killed him off at the end of the season, which was pretty much what we did in the comics. But because that was a six-episode season instead of a normal-sized season, we decided to hold it for Season 2.

TVLINE | Did you ever consider not following the comics and letting him survive – if not through the entire run of the series then maybe just another season or two? The Rick-Shane dynamic was such a major part of the show.
There was a lot of back-and-forth when we were mapping out the second season. I’ll admit even I — who killed him in the comic — was saying there were a lot of interesting things that could come out of keeping him in the show. We had a lot of fun [writing for the character] in the second season because there were a lot of things that changed from the comic. Having him exist on Hershel’s Farm brought out new stories and made us do some cool new things that were different from the comic. And I’m always for that kind of stuff because I like to keep things interesting. But at the end of the day, what we kept coming back to is that The Walking Dead is much more about Rick and his journey than it is about Shane and his journey. And keeping Shane around was, in a sense, stealing from Rick. It was time to let Rick emerge and see how Shane’s death affected him and how it informed his decisions. And I think that when people see the last episode of this season — and Season 3 — and where Rick goes because of this, they’ll see that this is all part of the larger plan. [His death] is definitely an important moment. And it really sucked to lose Jon Bernthal, but it’s going to make the show that much better and that much more deadly. Having lost Dale and Shane, now you really get the sense that any of these characters could go at any moment. And we’re definitely going to be continuing that in Season 3. This finally tells people, “This is what The Walking Dead is. This is what you can expect.”

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TVLINE | How far in advance did Jon know that this was going to be his final episode?
He always knew he was going to die, but there was a question of exactly which episode it was going to be. That moved around quite a bit. It wasn’t until we were actually breaking the last half of Season 2 that we nailed it down to a specific episode.

TVLINE | How did he react?
Honestly, he was bummed. The actors have become a family, and they really love working together. They’re kind of isolated in Georgia where they shoot; they spend a lot of time together when they’re not filming. But every actor knows that on this show… I think Sarah Wayne Callies has been quoted as saying that she knows it’s not a matter of if she’s going to die but when; that’s what the show is. But it’s still very sad when actors have their last day on set. Jon was definitely upset. But he understood. He knew why we were doing it and what was going on. He was accepting of it.

TVLINE | Was he satisfied creatively with Shane’s final arc?
Absolutely. All of the actors are really great collaborators and have good ideas, and when Jon read the death scene he definitely had some questions and some suggestions. And he worked a lot with [the episode’s writers] Glen Mazzara and Evan Reilly to try and beef it up. He had some little notes and they came to an understanding and really convinced Jon that this is what the scene needs to be. There was a lot of back-and-forth, and in the end Jon really loved the scene.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when news leaked that Jon had been cast in L.A. Noir?
It was an unfortunate mishap [that resulted from AMC] moving the last half of the season until February instead of just running it straight through. If we had aired it all in succession and ended in December it wouldn’t have been a problem. But by holding back the season, [the news] did kind of spoil things. It was a bummer that it spoiled the show to a certain extent, but I was happy for Jon. I think it’s exciting for him to be working for Frank again and I’m really looking forward to seeing that show. And it’s cool to know that Jon is constantly working. The tough thing for me is that when I kill a character in a comic book I am making the artist, Charlie Adlard, draw a different arrangement of lines from now on. Killing a character doesn’t really affect anybody but the readers. But when you kill a character on a TV show you are, in a sense, firing an actor. And the thing that upsets me about that is it’s always about the story; it’s never about the actor’s performance. And I’m a blue-collar guy, so if you fire somebody you need to have a reason. So it’s really upsetting to me every time we have to kill a character. So to know that Jon has another job makes me happy. Because I feel guilty about the whole firing thing.

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TVLINE | Shane turning into a zombie in the end pretty much confirms that everyone’s already infected. Can you confirm that that’s what Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear?
[Hesitates] Well, I can’t confirm that. But what I can say is that Shane turning after being stabbed definitely does inform Rick revealing what Jenner whispered, in the next episode.

TVLINE | So we’ll finally find out what he whispered in next week’s finale?

TVLINE | Does Rick debate sharing this newfound intel with the others, or does the approaching zombie stampede delay that?
Yeah, there’s sh-t ton of zombies on the way to the farm, so he’s not going to have a lot of time for that.

TVLINE | This does raise the question about the dead bodies in the season-opening traffic jam — why hadn’t they all been turned?
I think if you go back and watch that [sequence you’ll see] we were very careful to have them be in cars that were in accidents, so the brain would’ve had trauma. Or they had some kind of wounds somewhere on their heads to show that their brains had been killed, like somebody came across and killed them. We knew that we were building to this throughout the entire season.

TVLINE | I know you can’t name names, but have you quietly made any decisions to spare someone’s life on the show who died in the comics?
Dale’s death in the comic book came way later than it did in the TV show. And Shane’s death in the comic book came way sooner than it did in the TV show. So that’s pretty much the model that we’re going to be following throughout the life of the series. Some characters will die before they reached the point that they reached in the comic book series, and some people will outlast their comic-book counterpart. And that’s going to be done to keep things interesting [and] because it’s not just me writing the television show. There are five or six other people that have good ideas that are contributing to the show, and it would be wrong to go, “That’s a good idea but that’s not how we did it in the comics.” There will definitely be differences. You can’t use the comic book to gauge when or how someone is going to die.

TVLINE | Will there be another major death next week?
I can say that the cast that enters the final episode this season does not leave the final episode intact. And there are a lot of surprises still yet to come.

TVLINE | Will the finale end on a cliffhanger, as in mid-scene? Or will it be more similar to the Season 1 finale, which ended in a more resolute place?
It’s not quite a true cliffhanger, but it’s much closer to a cliffhanger than what we had last season.

TVLINE | And lastly, will T-Dog be allowed to speak again?
[Laughs] T-Dog definitely has a lot of cool moments in the finale and a lot of lines. I apologize for that. It’s one of those things where certain characters have to recede into the background to give room to the other characters because we have such a large cast. But every character will get their moment to shine — T-Dog included.

What did you think of the episode and, specifically, Shane’s death? Deposit your snappy judgments in the comments, and then check out Ask Ausiello Tuesday for even more scoop on next Sunday’s Dead finale (including who most definitely won’t be in it).

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  1. Brett says:

    he did shoot both of them in the head

  2. Laura says:

    I hate Shane was killed!! I really liked him!!! Uuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!

  3. stephen says:

    The everyone infected thing…… Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies.

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m so glad Shane is gone. I think Daryl will make an excellent wingman for Rick. I just hope they don’t kill him off. I love Daryl!

  5. Jessycka says:

    Pleeease don’t kill off Daryl! I heart him and i’ll cry more than I did when Dale died!

  6. jx says:

    And before I leave this place. Please for pit sake. Don’t kill the characters of Daryl and Glenn because I love those guys! Please TWD Writers… RIP Shane -you’ll be missed.

  7. Della says:

    If u have a hard time with spelling words it would be a good idea to take advantage of all the technology that will correct your spelling for you. All of us trying to make sense of the fouled up comments will really appreciate it. Please dont take offence, I am interested in your point of view but if it reads like a kindergarten note then I lose all interest and go on to the next.

  8. Eric says:

    I really hate to spoil next week’s scene of what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick, but I need to get this off my chest. Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick, “Your fly is open.”

  9. Chris says:

    I truly enjoyed tonight’s episode & can’t wait for the season finale, although its going to be a long summer waiting for season 3 :-( I also love Daryl & hope he survives. I haven’t read the comic & I can understand that those who do don’t like the “mushy-stuff” but tv is much different & including some “non-gore” content is smart if you want to draw in a larger, more diverse audience. As far as what Jenner whispered to Rick, it probably was that all were infected & “turned” after death & Rick knew this, but was waiting to finish Shane off but wanted to be there to see how long it took Shane to “turn”…not to mention I think he was feeling real grief & that is also another explanaton for why he sat by Shane’s body & didn’t finish him off right away. Maybe he didn’t know how long it would take & while he was waiting & feeling remorse, he was surprised by Carl showing up & was distracted. TV often uses ‘poetic license” in situations like this. As far as Lori’s baby being infected, maybe there is some hope that the child will be born free of the virus, either b/c it will have mutated to a harmless form by then, survivors will have been exposed to it & developed an immunity due to constant exposure or something else which came to mind…when I was pregnant with my 3rd son, I had an easy pegnancy but was shocked to learn in my 4th month, after extensive testing, that I had developed what the drs called an irregular antibody, b/c my son & I had different RH factors in our blood. I had to undergo 4 procedures, called amniocentisis, in which they insert a long needle into the abdomen into the womb & draw out some amniotic fluid, to be tested, to make sure that my son & I weren’t endangering each other’s lives by our blood mingling by way of the placenta. Fortunately for us both, this did not happen & he & I were both fine but this is one way that Lori’s baby could very well have a natural immunity to the virus…ie. if the virus is not reaching the baby through the placenta. I know it sounds very technical & far-fetched but, so is a world-wide zombie apocalypse…lol. I may be way off base & I apologize if I am but I’m just trying to think outside the box & anything is a possibility, IMO. Anyway, I’m enjoying the series immensely & I think the writers are doing a great job of fleshing out the characters, exploring scenarios of what could happen if such a disaster occurred & making it entertaining in the process. Thanks to the creators, writers & especially the cast for an excellent portrayal of “what could happen if…” A truly marvelous show!

  10. jx says:

    Oh look who’s talkin’? Hahaha… My dear Della, I’d never drag some names in the 1st page or even the previous page havin’ a hard time to spell some character names in the story! You’re not focusin’ on my content so shut up! Haha…

  11. mibagents says:

    Anyone notice that Shane was making “walker” like sounds in the barn scene with Randall? At the point where he got up and made like he was going to shoot the kid, it sounded like he was making walker growls. I almost thought they were going to be attacked by a walker, thus saving Randalls’ useless life. Soooo, maybe in Shane’s case the transformation was already beginning? From the cuts on his finger?

    I for one am avoiding the comics for now; I will read them at some later date, after the show has jumped the shark or been canceled or just stopped, and I do hope none of the above ever happen!

    Everyone begging for Daryl not to be killed, you all ought to keep quiet, you’re giving Kirkman ideas. It’s wierd, this show is the opposite of Star Trek; T-Dog is the ultimate Red Shirted Security Guard, insofar as his lack of character development, yet they have already killed off the wiley McCoy like dude and the riker on meth dude. It PAYS to be in the background of this show!

  12. paula says:

    i love walking dead were im from england we havent yet seen shane die yet, i cant wate to see it!! but rick and everyone else need all the help they can get to kill all them walkers what head there way , i dont wamt it to end!!! ive always watched zombie films since i was young , zombie flesh eaters , dawn of the dead , e,c,t , and ive got to say you have done a fantastic job with the walking dead, please dont stop makeing this show i love it!!!! xxx

  13. Ray says:

    The reason why Carl had no problem this time shooting the zombie(Shane) was because he grew up. He had made the mistake of playing around with the other zombie and allowing it to escape and eventually killing dale. This mistake made him mature and learned from this event. That’s why he had no problem this time! Kill or be killed

  14. daddy lovesya says:

    they would be a lot safer if they slept on boats

  15. daddy lovesya says:

    where the hell did all the military weapons go… when rick leaves the hospital in season 1 theres alot of military equipment lying around but no weapons and i never see any of the characters using them so were the hell did they all go? they could be like ‘i am legend’ and set up mines all over the field (hopefully carl’s wondering off wont land him on one)

  16. Brian says:

    I thought it was great the way they made it seem like Carl was pulling the gun on his dad, and even Rick thought that, whereas he was aiming at a suddenly zombiefied Shane. But wondering how that many zombies could have been lurking unseen so closeby the farm.
    And somewhat ***MERLE SPOILER*** At this past weekend’s MonsterMania in NJ, Michael Rookery said his character would return, as he had a minimum episode deal, but would not say when or how. It could be in a flashbacks, who knows? But I like the idea of him being in Randall’s camp, which Daryl sees as wrong in their behavior, and he has to decide where his allegiance lies.

  17. Charlotte says:

    I was happy to see Shane go, his character was causing too many problems and he was becoming a liability. I didn’t read the comics so I didn’t have the pre-knowledge of character deaths…so Dale was a surprise and a sad moment for me, he was the only character I truly liked from the show…and there are great characters, but none that it would bother me to see die off, except Dale…so my fav is already dead unfortunately but I still LOVE the show and can’t wait to see where it goes…Gotta say I’m a little irritated w/ Rick’s character cause he’s really self righteous and his wife throwing up the abortion pills really turned my opinion of her around, I didn’t mind her before that but it was such a horrible selfish move to make keeping that baby, I no longer like her character after that and hope she gets bit soon. :P

  18. cindy says:

    Not happy with Shane dying! I know he dies in the comic, but they could have kept him around a few more seasons. So many ways they could have taken his charecter.

  19. J says:

    The last two death episodes are tough to absorb. You feel a sense of connection with the characters. The season finale will be crazy!

  20. Matt C says:

    Alright I agree that everyone is infected, but I am not sure that is what Jenner Told Rick, the writer said he wants to surprise us, if we all already know that’s what it is he is obv gonna change it up. I think Shane had no intention of Killing Rick, Shane knew he was turning, because he was acting really skiddish when he first took randell away, he just wanted Rick to kill him so he did not have to deal with it. That is why he was antagonizing him so much. I think a few of the characters will flee the farm in the RV, Hershel will stay behind to defend his farm, that is where he will die. I think they will kill only 1 or two characters off, anymore and they would lose too many viewers. And this is just my hunch, but maybe a higher power or something supernatural will come about, A religious concept will add something to the show

    • Dustin W says:

      A religious concept would drive away a lot of viewers, me included. There are many of us (who are often silenced, because we are the most hated minority EVERY) who don’t believe in a higher power, and if the show tried to push some sort of religion on its viewers, and expect us to believe that “God” or whatever actually “caused” the zombie apocalypse, lots of people would lose their suspension of disbelief, and simply stop watching. The writers should just stick with the realism. It’s what works.

      Jenner could have told Rick that everyone will turn eventually, whether they are dead or not, but if they die, it happens instantly. I dunno. I guess we’ll find out.

  21. barbara says:

    i was thinking that when shane cut his hand with the knife to kill of a walker at the fence lastweek, is where possible infection comes into play. i was in total shock ( still am) lol. that both randal and shane became walkers so quickly, i am confused on that. other than that I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! intense, understatement!of course. it is a brilliant show and daryl is i think my imaginary husband. i love him , i love is grit, he so maintains his cool, for real.
    well i am going to work and as i say every day whie ido my job, ” oh theirs a walker” lol, love to the Walking Dead

  22. Cameron says:

    I have a new theory on the Cure now.. Rick is the key to it all. If it is airborne, who was not breathing the air when the outbreak happened? Rick… He was in the hospital on a respirator. Think about it, it is a good thought…

    • Dustin W says:

      That’s a very good idea!

      Unfortunately, the power to the hospital would have gone off shortly after the outbreak, and Rick’s respirator would have stopped working… But I suppose that if whatever airborne pathogen affected everyone just spread everywhere INSANELY FAST, and then disappeared, that could be the case. But it’s likely still in the air, or at least lasted long enough to infect Rick as well.

  23. Belinda says:

    This episode was mind-blowing! If I thought Dale’s death was a huge shock, this episode totally took it out of me. I wish my friends would hurry up and watch the latest episodes so I can talk about it already!!

    • Glass Marie says:

      I know what you mean! I only have one friend, and she doesn’t watch the show, so I just end up talking about it to my cat or something =(

  24. crossbow says:

    I agree that Shane wanted to be killed. He knew he was infected but wanted to do everything he thought would protect the others,especially Laurie and Carl. He knew he was becoming more dangerous to them. And I think he knew he was infected before the bus incident.
    ( Or he suspected infection from the blood on the knife, but felt it was necessary to take the risk.) So he killed Randall and then created a situation where Rick had to kill him. I think Rick will figure this out.
    As for killing zombies, the group has known for some time that a head shot is the only real killer of a zombie. They discovered this very early on in the series.
    Are we headed for a confrontation between Daryl and Merle? Maybe.

  25. Bill K. says:

    I think that what Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC was basically this: It appears that all humans are exposed to the Zombie Bug; and that when a person dies, they will reanimate, unless the death involved trauma to the brain. It looks like beheading will become the preferred method of execution in the post-zombie world…

  26. alivia says:

    Get season i was freakingbout last night because of the herd coming but after fales death i sisnt really want to watch it but its to good of a show to pass it. Beside shane was a bit of an asshole

  27. Brandy says:

    “The Walking Dead” actually refers to the living not the dead. Everyone is infected and when you die, unless you die from a head trauma will come back as a zombie.

  28. sash fan says:

    Oh Shane I will miss you! Never have cargo pants been worn so darn well. Sigh

  29. david says:

    I didn’t read every single comment about this but, has anyone mentioned about the fact there is some group watching this event as it unfolds?
    Remember back when Rick entered the city on horseback and he momentarily got distracted by the reflection of the helicopter on the building windows, just before riding into the zombie hoard? That was when Glen first helped him out of the tank. Also in the webisodes about the “bicycle walker” in the first episode, they show the helicopter flying around instructing survivors to go to the park for extraction but, only give the hint that the two kids made it… (maybe)

    This could be what Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC also….

  30. RayRay says:

    Why why why…. loved bad ass Shane he was annoying at times but he was one of my faves. Now please do something with that whimpy kid (Carl) he annoy the living hell out of me.

    • david says:

      Why is everyone so hard on the kid? You guys seem to forget he IS only a kid. True, it might be a seriously dog eat dog world now there is no reason to expect a kid to adjust and keep up like the adults. I personally think he’s adjusting just fine, especially in the last couple episodes.

  31. sarah says:

    What I wish the interviewer had asked was “was carl actually pointing the gun at Rick? Or whenn he aimed was it alreadyy at Shane? Cause it looks like he drew his gun before Shane got up. Which makes sense cause Carl felt it easier to talk to Shane then his own father….hmmm anyone?

    • dawn says:

      Yes. Carl was most definitely pointing the gun at Rick at first. “Dad?” tears, then gun goes up, then “It’s not what it looks like, son” “Just put the gun down”, then zombie Shane rises.

      Shane rescued Lori and Carl and took care of them while Rick was in the hospital. He shifted from father figure to Carl to best friend after Rick came back. He taught Carl to shoot. He gave him advice as to how to talk to Rick.

      Rick kept leaving Lori and Carl to defend [near] strangers and be the hero, instead of staying with them and protecting them. This is what drove Shane insane!

      I wish when Carl came in the barn [when Rick was about to shoot Randall] Rick would have dropped the gun and taken Carl away… and talked to him. Then Shane or Daryl would have taken Randall out and Shane would respect Rick and they could have gone back to being partners instead of mortal enemies.

  32. Brandon says:

    Without Shane all those people would be dead. One shot to the leg Carl lives , oh and thanks for getting ricks wife from the car crash shane , oh and thanks for teaching everyone how to shoot guns Shane , the list goes on , no wonder he went crazy

  33. Walker Killer says:

    Here are my thoughts on the show. Shane is Dead, this is good. If Shane had continued to be, Ricks authority would have continued to be challenged. If they follow a little with the story line, they have to eventually leave the farm, and go to a prison, where they encounter “The Governor”(This role has already been cast for next season). As for Tyrese, or Michone for that matter, Shane seemed to fall into the role of Tyrese when he didn’t die in season 1. Michone is supposed to show up before they get to the prison, and I think it will be in the Finale. They obviously need a more secure place to hold up than the farmhouse, as Random herds of Walkers are too much of a threat. There is no access to vehicles, they have to fight their way to them. In the Prison, they have the Fenced off Razorwire perimitor. Everyone is already infected. If you havent picked up on that from the inferences made in past episodes, when Robert Kirkman said they took “extra care in making sure all the dead on the highway had some kind of head trauma” that shoulda done it. lol. All in all, love the Walking Dead, watch it every Sunday faithfully, and will most definately continue watching in the future. One more thing. When Dale died last week, my son went pale as a sheet, and almost passed out. Not from the gore, mind you. The loss of such a beloved character, and the WAY that person died, was almost traumatic to him. (He is 16 by the way) Great, Great writing. Tis’ a great show, that can illicit such a response from the viewers.

  34. Melissa R. says:

    I’m curious about Rick’s wife, how odd for her to put the baby idea into Shane’s head after he was slowly adjusting to backing off. Because of her, Shane went nuts and schemed to take Rick out. She manipulated him, she’s not all innocent herself.

  35. Mariah says:

    Last nights episode was amazing. First I would like to say (just from reading a few comments) there is no need to call names. The boys name is Carl, there is a Carol it is Carl’s mother. Sophia’s mothers name is Maggie. Anyways, I felt that Shane would die at some time if it came down to another showdown between him and Rick. I also had been wondering if the people were all infected after what happened with the men that they said had no bites or scratches. This also leads back to one of the first episodes when Rick is in the home with the boy and his father after getting out of the hospital. He had said his wife died in the other room of a high fever and then you see her as a walker. It’s all very thrilling. I am very excited to see where the rest of the series goes. I am really hoping that the finale with leave me itching for more :)

    • Dustin W says:

      Sophia’s mother’s name is TOTALLY not Maggie, I’m sorry.
      Carol is Sophia’s mother.
      Lori is Carl’s mother.

  36. wdfan says:

    Does anyone remember when the group was searching for Sophia and came across the walker at the campsite hanging from a tree? I had thought at the time, if the guy committed suicide and hung himself, why had the walkers eaten the flesh off his legs? I thought they only ate the living. Also, I had wondered about how he had turned if he was already dead from the hanging before his legs were eaten. It makes sense now that the virus is airborne and everyone is already infected. LOVE THIS SHOW!! I think Merle is with the other group and there will be a showdown between Merle and Daryl, where Daryl has to protect Carol from being raped or something by his brother.

    • Pam says:

      Because he was bit. He left a note that said, “Got bit, fever hit, might as well quit.” But apparently you don’t have to be bit to become a Walker.

      • wdfan says:

        Ah, yes, I forgot about the note. :) Still, though, it appeared he was chewed on quite a bit after his death, unless he managed to fight off the zombies and hang himself after his legs were eaten to the bone.

  37. Sarah says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why Shane turned into a Zombie after he was killed? And same with the young kid before him.

  38. Joe M says:

    I was glad to see Shane’s death have a tie in to the comic book with Carl actually killing him for good.

  39. Tim says:

    I jumped clear off the couch! I felt such a sense of personal relief to see the obvious psycho antagonist of the overall mental health and social safety of the group killed. I believe it was a much needed death and was cinematically brilliant. I didn’t at all expect him to die but felt an immediate sense of peace and regret when he did. I must admit I was hoping he’d be left for dead and the group would move on only to find he had really survived. Or maybe he’d run off with Andrea or kidnap Lori. But in the end I am very well pleased with the way everything went down. One thing that has irked me that I would like to mention lest there be writer or producers reading these comments. Why aren’t there more black people or ethnic people period on the show. It seems that minorities(spare Glenn) are portrayed stereotypically. From silent ex-gangster thug ‘T-Dawg’ to the ‘Los Angeles Mexican gang’ in Atlanta. I understand it’s Georgia and I’m not asking for Denzel Washington or Daisy Fuentes to make a special appearance but maybe the characters that are present or soon to come should have a little more substance than the often existential-stereotypical presentation. As a black man who has inspired hundreds to watch the show, I sometimes find it hard to ‘see myself in the show’ which is the writer’s goal. But I do understand that it is from a comic book. Certain guidelines must be followed and we never want to focus on perfecting the expressions of other characters and smaller aspects that the major plot. I just don’t want T-Dawg(hate the name!) to only be good for clumsily smashing Walker heads and saying “Yeah!, that’s right” Lol. I Must say I do Love that the ‘Token Black Guy’ hasn’t died yet. Because I must admit, if he died I would lose an immense level of interest in the show. I’m basically saying I think the show should have more universal appeal, as much as possible while following the necessary guidelines and story markers. What did I think of this last show though? Yes!!! Shane needed to die! Lol. Thank you all very much for making the show, I always told people that it would be awesome if a really good Zombie-esque tv show came out. Thanks for making my dreadm come true.

  40. Tim says:

    That’s a REALLY good point!!! This whole Shane killing business will definitely create some waves in the character relationships but then again I looks like no one knows Rick killed Shane but Carl…

  41. Becka says:

    What I find interesting is that I think Shane was already sort of infected but it was taking a longer time to work through his system. Just from the way he was acting around the prisoner in the shed before he took him out. He looked at the kid’s wrists and noticed he was bleeding…and his breathing and actions…were just OFF. Like he was mentally disturbed and he was thinking about something odd. remember he was slapping his head a lot. It was just interesting to see.

    But I think everyone is a carrier and the virus is somewhat airborne but you have to die in order to kick off the mutation. It’s interesting. I only wish that some of what the CDC had worked on had come to light, because obviously Jenner knew something…and I bet he knew more than what he whispered to Rick. (this comes from actually interacting with the CDC and knowing how they work :)..)

  42. Alma says:

    ,How about going with Shanes buddie, the smarmy Blonde. She sure has an attitude.

  43. Crash says:

    In Poland, Carol is how they spell their version of Carl. So there, you pompous, uncultured jerks. Sheesh.

  44. Steve in Harrisburg, PA says:

    Shane is gone.
    It’s about time!

    So now we see that you can become a zombie after you die even if you were never bitten.

    How? Absorption of zombie blood through your skin?

  45. Joe says:

    Will the black guy from the 1st season be back!?!?!

  46. Sue says:

    I really thought that Shane was going to die in defending Lori and Carl from Walkers. Figured he would have had a more heroic death because there was still that side of him that loved and cared for them-as we saw him get teary when Lori was making amends with him.

    • Steve in Harrisburg, PA says:

      Lori was NOT making amends.
      She was emboldening Shane to take action against Rick.

      Remember how Lori, in the previous episode, whispered to Rick about how dangerous Shane was to Rick’s family?

      Lori actually set Shane up for execution by Rick. She played both of them like Lady MacBeth!

    • Steve in Harrisburg, PA says:

      Also, Lori has been questionable since the first episode.

      There had been some kind of relationship between her and Shane since the first episode. Remember Rick complaining to Shane about how cruel Lori could be in her comments?

      Lori is a nasty biotch.

  47. shea cutshaw says:

    So does this mean the group Will hate Rick or break this group up

  48. scarlet trenchcoat says:

    Last night’s episode was about the best so far…real moments of tension and spookiness,great dialog (Daryl is always smart)and just great atmosphere (the score is classic!). The natural light in the
    daytime scenes was beautiful,and Shane’s death scene in the field was eerie and gorgeous…we all knew it was coming,but it was still intense. That looming moon, the blowing clouds, two men who are like brothers preparing to kill each other-that’s Shakespearean. This show is premium! It’s a classic!

  49. Isabella says:

    Firstly, the discovery is that everyone is already infected with the bacteria/virus/prion. When you die (in whatever fashion, as long as brain architecture is preserved), you reanimate as a walker. Shane was being a retard when he cut himself with a blade he used to kill a walker, but he was infected before that.

    As for a zombified baby eating it’s way out of Lori, that’s grotesque. It’s unlikely the baby will have immunity as prenatal immunity doesn’t work like that – people are exposed to HIV in utero and don’t come out immune. Secondly, the uterus doesn’t let all pathogens (especially bacteria) pass through to the foetus. If the virus/bacteria/prion is screened by the placenta, then the baby will remain uninfected until born and then infected. I don’t even get why an airborne virus would mean the baby’s infected – 1) foetuses don’t breathe, and 2) Lori doesn’t have air in her uterus.
    And even if the baby has immunity, so what? They have no lab to purify the vaccine/cure, and no personnel to administer it.

    The infection could be spread by blood, water or food, not necessarily by air.

    • Dave says:

      Hmmm, Spread through water… You mean like the floating zombie that split in half in the well or the walkers stuck in the bog (water) or just water running off infected humans into the everyday water supply. Glad Shane’s dead. And I don’t think that he was suffering from some delayed virus. I think he was suffering from extreme Rick jealousy. He’s been the same ever since Rick showed back up alive, just getting a little worse each time. I think it would have been cool if Shane had left with Randall and the twist was that he became “The Governor” from the books. Now that would have been an awesome twist!

      • Isabella says:

        Yeah, basically. Everyone’s been drinking water, and they even washed their clothes in that quarry. Plus, water infections spread insidiously.
        As for Shane, I’m also glad he’s gone. Though, the thought of him becoming the Governor is epic.

  50. usukdik says:

    What dumbass would respond to a post just to correct someone? GOSH!! Rick has a gun. So does theodore, but daryl has a crossbow