White Collar Exclusive: Alias Alumna Mía Maestro Cast as [Spoiler]

It’s good to be the fugitive — or at least it sure appears that way, based on the company one Neal Caffrey will be keeping when White Collar launches Season 4 this summer.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Argentinian beauty Mía Maestro, whose past TV credits include Alias (as Nadia Santos) and NBC’s Crusoe series, has landed the role of Maya, a local café owner with whom Neal will be romantically involved when next we catch up with the on-the-lam con.

As seen in the USA Network hit’s Season 3 finale, Neal — lest he be forced to do grumpy G-man Kramer’s bidding, or worse — got the nod from Peter to disappear, and that he did — to a remote island getaway (to be played by Puerto Rico in a location shoot kicking off Monday).

As previously reported, joining Maestro for the new season’s first couple of episodes are Mekhi Phifer (as the FBI’s foremost tracker of fugitives) and Gregg Henry (as an island local who has the means to help Neal and Mozz lay low).

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  1. Leif says:

    Mia Maestro as Neal new love interest! Yet another reason NOT to bring Sara back!

  2. Scott says:

    Thank you TV heavens for someone other than Sara Ellis! Can’t wait for the Summer.

  3. Jane says:

    This sucks when the hell are Sara and Neil going to get back together?

  4. Cynthia says:

    I still don’t understand why people hate on Sara…anyway, I can’t wait for WC return, it should be interesting.

    • Ashley says:

      That makes two of us. And considering that I’ve yet to hear a good reason for their dislike (or any reason, actually) I kinda wonder if they’re just jealous or something. I, for one, think Sara’s independent, balanced, smart, lack-of-baggage having self is kind of refreshing. I mean I love my damaged characters too, but it’s a nice change.

      • Hannah says:

        Except that she’s nothing like that . I’ve been told that she’s independent, balanced, smart and a 100 other great things but it’s not shown on the show . What is presented on the show is a character who’s everything the writers need her to be for that particular episode . And because of that lack in defining the Sara character,I often get the impression that Hilarie Burton has no idea how to play the Sara of the week (ond she’s not a good enough actress to hide that). As a result she’s grinning her way through almost every scene which then gives Matt Bomer nothing to work with. These two are completely disconnected

        • Lu says:

          Totally agree. Besides I see no chemistry between them. I sometimes feel like she is a filler character. I don’t dislike Hillarie Burton, the thing all the other character are very complex but hers isn’t. There’s something missing.

  5. vin says:

    I never really understood why they made Sara a regular. Her character didn’t make much sense to me and I could really care less if she comes back or not.

  6. Anna says:

    Does that mean Sara won’t be back? Maybe then I can tune back into the show. I couldn’t stand the actress they chose for the character.

    • Licia says:

      Hilarie Burton is still a series regular, so Sara will be back.

      • alice says:

        it was not confirmed,frankly, I don’t see a place for her in the new season

        • Rebecca says:

          Do NOT underestimate Jeff Eastin’s ability to shoehorn Sara into a storyline! LOL!

        • chris says:

          Unfortunately, Eastin already has a “Let’s bring Sara’s sister into the story” storyline planned. So as much as I would hate it, we’re stuck with Sara for a while!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Wow, so you stopped watching the show because of Sara? Are you serious?

      • Susan says:

        It’s not really THAT unbelievable. I know a few people who watched the show since the pilot, but tuned out because of Sara. You have to understand that some viewers actually choose to stop watching if they see something in a show they don’t like and lessens their enjoyment.

      • Maria says:

        If I stopped watching a show just because I didn’t like a single character, I’d have no shows left LOL. Those people aren’t true fans. Plus, they don’t realize what they’re missing. Sara’s perfect, and by far the strongest female on the show other than Diana.

        • Gina B. says:

          That’s naturally the normal recourse, right? Accusing the people who stopped watching because of Sara as “not true fans” of the show. They can’t possibly just be too frustrated in the way she was shoehorned into the storyline that they just gave up on the show completely, even if the did support the show from the start.

          And I get that you are a fan of Sara, which understandably makes you biased…but to use the word “perfect”?!?! Seriously?!?! Are we watching the same show here?

  7. Bob Jones says:

    Why would Neal and Sara get back together – She gave up the location of the Nazi Treasure; Neal can never trust her.

    • Gabrielle says:

      No she didn’t. Do you even paint attention to the show???

      • vin says:

        You mean “pay” attention, right? Because “paint” attention doesn’t make any sense. Just returning the favor, since you corrected me with my grammar.

  8. fatima says:

    I really like Sara, I just don’t like her with Neal. I am so excited for Mia!!

  9. Mieke says:

    God! Is it really too much to ask to bring Alex back?

    Anyway, I’d take Mia Maestro over Hilarie Burton. S4 premiere should be very interesting.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Okay, I get that some people really like Alex and Neal together, but hasn’t that already been established that they can’t actually be in a relationship?

      • Nina says:

        I think that’s been waaaay established by now. If any relationship was one-night stand material, it was definitely them. Plus, Alex gave Neal and Sara her “blessing,” not that it matters for anything, but still. That dead horse has been beaten numerous times.
        In any case, it’s cool with me if Neal has a fling on the island, since it’s just that: a fling. Won’t mean anything in the long run. And as someone said, Sara will be there in New York when he goes back.

        • patrick says:

          That is actually a good example of this show’s inconsistencies (and if you turn your brain on and analyze the episodes instead of just watching for the pretty, you’ll find that the show is full of inconsistencies).

          Yes, in Forging Bonds, the writers did make it seem that Neal and Alex were nothing but a one-night stand. But if you’ve watched the episodes from S1, you’ll see that they’re relationship is a lot more than that. The line Alex said “You and I have way too much history to start over”, says volumes. Also that line “When happened with Kate happened”. When Neal said that he will never let anything bad happen to Alex. And it was implied that they saved each other more than once. All these implies that Neal and Alex had a more meaningful relationship than just a one-night stand. That they actually do have a deeper connection that it withstood the fact that Neal was in a relationship with Kate and yet still remained friends with Alex. It’s the writers’ fault, with their lack of follow through, that they (purposely) missed all these and decide to just rewrite “history” in that flashback episode.

          I don’t get why some viewers just think that Alex is not a suitable relationship for Neal, and Sara is best for him. Just because she’s a fence? She’s bad and Sara’s good, even though Sara does let a lot of Neal’s shenanigans slide. (Think about it, because she does!) Is it because Sara’s is just another version of Peter, only in heels? If Alex does it, she’s a bad influence and a criminal, but if Sara does it, it’s a legal way of scamming.

          And no, Alex did NOT give Neal and Sara her blessing. It’s the writers’ way of letting viewers know that there’s a new woman in Neal’s life, and make it seem like it’s okay for you to like her. It’s Eastin’s words through Alex’s mouth, which in a way is actually good. I like that they wrote Alex as a strong, independent woman who knew her worth. She wasn’t willing to be the other woman in yet another triangle in the story. I loved it that the character just moved on, and not be used as a “tool” for the writers to use to hammer inside our heads why Neal and Sara belong together.

          On a related note, I don’t mind seeing Neal’s character be romantically paired with another woman. I’m actually one of the few who liked Kate. And I loved Neal’s natural rapport with Alex. Sara, I’m not too fond of, because of all the reasons other posts already mention. Mainly due to the lack of chemistry between Bomer and Burton. That combined with the various character/behavior/story changes that occur every episode Sara is in…it seems like she undergoes a personality transplant almost every week. And it’s really painfully annoying to watch Sara’s constant grinning on almost every scene she shares with Neal. It’s not cute.

          I actually do welcome Maya as one of Neal’s love interest. It will be a breath of fresh air compared to the lackluster Neal/Sara pairing. And if it doesn’t work, hey, she’s only in the show for a couple of episodes. She can’t disturb the storyline that much. No harm, no foul.

          • Stephanie says:

            “…if you turn your brain on and analyze each episode instead of just watching it for the pretty…” I admit I’m one of the people who spend the 1st viewing of the ep just drooling over Matt B. It takes me at least a few watchings before I actually get the plot! LOL!

            People who ship Neal/Sara will always view Alex, and any other woman for that matter, as a threat. They’ll see what they want to see, even if the evidence proves the contrary. I’ve grown used to that, having been in this fandom for a while. You just shrug, shake your head and walk away.

            And for all those like me who can’t stand Sara, just do what I do. record the ep and watch it later. You will find that the fast forward button is your new best friend.

            As for Maya, I will reserve any judgement until I watch her eps. I look forward to the season premier knowing that I have a break from Sara as Neal’s love interest.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Let’s try to keep it to under 20 screen names per IP address, please. If you have opinions, be proud and own them. And this applies to EVERYONE. Thank you.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Anyone who watches the show regularly knows there are tons of plot hols and inconsistencies. But that’s not why we watch.

            To your comment about Alex and Neal seeming like they have more history than a one-night fling would give, that’s because Neal did go to Copenhagen and try and steal the music box with her. Obviously they’d become closer (as friends or something else, it doesn’t matter) while they did that.

            Honestly, I could care less who they pair Neal up with. Kate, Alex, Sara, Maya, whoever! I don’t watch it for that. I watch it because of Neal and Peter. That’s what the show needs to focus on. Don’t get me wrong, I love Elizabeth, Mozzie, Jones, and Diana, but Neal and Peter are the highlight of the show (at least for me).

            -steps off soap box-

        • Rosie says:

          Agree wholeheartedly with Patrick.

    • Yasmin says:

      I am also happy to take Mia over the much ‘hyped’ Hilarie. I have not seen any chemistry between her and Matt. Please please bring back Gloria as Alex. Love the character and love how Gloria plays her.

  10. Cynthia says:

    She really helped him in the season finale.

  11. Becca says:

    I love Mia Maestro as Nadia! She would be awesome as a new lady love for Neal. I’d take anyone over Sara Ellis! I really hoped they’d get rid of Sara since she already got her Raphael back.

    • Michelle says:

      The point of Sara’s character was not simply to get the Raphael back…She’s much more complex than that, and your petty bitterness is only going to make us Sara fans love her more. Maestro is a terrible choice, but alas, if she’s merely playing beach bunny eye candy, I suppose it’s a good choice given her limited talent.

  12. Lori says:

    I love Mia Maestro, but I was really hoping that Mozzie and Neal would be secretly meeting with Alex on that island. But at least I won’t have to suffer through Sara Ellis for a couple of eps, that’s always a plus!

  13. Leticia says:

    Gotta love how everyone is talking about Sara and yet she’s not even mentionned in the article. *sigh*
    Seriously, the girl doesn’t deserve all this hate
    Can’t wait to see how this storyline plays out anyway :)

  14. Rachel says:

    Actual LOL at people thinking that Neal having a floozy for two episodes means Sara won’t be back, or won’t be in the episodes at all. Oh, bitter Alex fans, you make life so amusing.

    Neal can do whatever he wants in this foreign location, but at the end of the day, he’s rebounding, and the right girl is back in New York working at Sterling Bosch.

    • Leticia says:

      Yeah, what’s up with that?
      Those ship/character wars are really annoying, and the bashing is even worse ugh

  15. Marie says:

    Mia wasn’t too bad on Alias so she should do fine as Maya.

    I never understood the Sara hate. I’m a Sara fan myself so I’m hoping this really is only for 2 episodes. I assume Neal is gonna drop her once he heads back to NYC anyway.

  16. Lea says:

    Seriously, you Sara fans need to calm down. It’s the nature of a fandom. We like who we like and we dislike who we dislike. No need to be brash to the Mia fans or the Gloria fans. At the end of the day, we’re all just fans. Those of us who don’t like Sara are just happy not to see her shoehorn into every episode. But she is a regular, so why are you so worried? Geez!

    • Lois says:

      Well, we can also say the same thing to Gloria and/or Mia fans
      It’s like you haven’t read the comments, people were bashing Sara(as usual), her fans just defended her

  17. Laney says:

    I haven’t seen Mia Maestro in anything, but I am looking forward to this storyline. And was it really necessary to bash “limited” Mia’s acting already? They haven’t even filmed yet! And calling the Alex fans “bitter” just because they want the character back? I for one just need a break from the Neal/Sara pairing (I don’t see any chemistry between them, that is MY opinion). Doesn’t mean I “hate” her. I just think Neal should have options.

  18. Missy says:

    Good riddance Sara! I really liked Mia from her Alias days. Looking forward to seeing more of her.

  19. Samantha says:

    Looking forward to Mia. I gave Sara a chances and she did not work well for me. Something about her character was really annoying.
    I like Mia and I think she will have good chemistry with Neal. Looking forward to season 4.

  20. Penny says:

    I never really got why the writers had to rush Neal into another relationship shortly after his beloved Kate’s death. I think that’s why I didn’t like him with Sara. It was rushed and looked too forced. I’d like to see Neal play around with other females. I like to see how he woos a lady. And I would love to see flirty Neal back. He looked too neutered this season with Sara in the canvas.

  21. Michael Sacal says:

    Sounds a lot like Burn Notice, heh.

  22. Henk says:

    Shippers like Sara.
    People who love the show itself, don’t.

    • Julie says:

      I love the show itself and I love Sara. I’ve watched and loved this show from the first night it aired in 2009 (way before Sara ever came along) and I have enjoyed the addition of her character along the way.

      • Melissa says:

        As have I, Julie. I think it’s more like:
        People who want Neal to be happy love Sara.
        People who like Neal being a man-ho even when it’s been stated numerous times that he’s a romantic, don’t.

        • Rosalie says:

          On the contrary, it was actually my love for romantic Neal that turned me off Sara. I wasn’t a fan of Kate, but I was a fan of Neal’s love for Kate. To have him move on from that kind of love at break neck speed, and actually sleeping with Sara immediately after catching Kate’s killer, pretty much cancels out the idea of romantic Neal inside my head.

          • Sage says:


            Sara’s character has been ill-conceived and poorly executed, it actually made me dislike Neal! Where was the romantic Neal I loved from season 1? Sara actually made Neal look like a man-ho!

        • Cami says:

          That’s a convenient generalization, but unfortunately you’re dead wrong.

          There are plenty of WC fans — myself included — who would like to see Neal happy but cannot stand the Sara character. I’d be perfectly happy if Neal had a long-term love interest, but I don’t want that woman to be Sara because, quite simply, I don’t like the character.

          The writers have completely screwed up the character and the actress who plays her is not charismatic enough to make me ignore the whiplash I get from the week-to-week changes in her personality, motivations, or behavior to say nothing of the utter lack of chemistry with Bomer.

  23. Julie says:

    Ahhhhh nothing like a good spoiler to initiate a war.

    Mia was pretty good on Alias. Just hoping Maya doesn’t stick around long. Personally, I like Sara’s character and her chemistry with Neal so I’d love to see Neal/Sara together again.

    Don’t hate me people, it’s just an opinion.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Finally someone with some maturity commenting here.
      I love Sara, I love Hilarie, but it’s nice to see Neal with someone else, specially if it means that, at some point, this new person will help him see that what he really needs is someone steady, out of that con world – thus bringing him back to Sara.
      And it’s not because I ship Neal/Sara that mean I have to hate Alex, Kate, this new character or any other women on the show. Geez. Grow up, people.

      • Julie says:

        Couldn’t agree with this whole comment more, Gabrielle.

      • SG says:

        I love the way a person has to like Sara to have “maturity”. Yet the people who like Sara seem to love this muddled, weak character played by an actress with zero talent. I’m not sure what’s so “mature” about that.

  24. Bianca says:

    It was ok if we actually see “romance” between Neal and Sara. It wasn’t gradual. Sara hated Neal; and then we see them jumping each other’s bones in a library; and then we find out they were sleeping together that same night they caught Kate’s killer. Where was the romance in that?

  25. Mary says:

    I’m sorry but Sara is a horrible written character and it doesn’t help that Hilarie Burton can’t act. There’s no natural chemistry between her and Bomer.

  26. Michele says:

    You clearly never saw Neal’s scenes with Alex, then. If anyone makes Neal look like a ho, it’s her pointless character. Sara brings out depth in Neal that no other female character has. Get over it…

    • Sage says:

      So far, I haven’t seen this so called “depth”. And I still have yet to see any chemistry between Neal and Sara. And did you see me mention Alex in my comment? I wasn’t talking about Neal’s relationship with Alex. I was talking about Sara’s relevance to the story. Directly attacking other people because of their opinions won’t help you convince me why I should like Sara. So how about YOU GET OVER IT!

    • lolana says:

      When character if Alex was pointless???give me just one example?or when this depth occured to You?on their shopping spree?when Sara was snooping in his safe or on his computer?

    • Rosie says:

      @Michelle, just wondering how could you watch the first two seasons of White Collar and say that the character of Alex is Pointless???? The whole story of the music box and treasure were her story. It was what the whole search for Kate was about in S1 and the subsequent search for her killer in S2..

      Alex told Neal about the Music Box,they traveled to Europe together to find it (which they didn’t), and years later, because it became necessary for him to have it(to be able to find Kate), he sought out Alex again to help him find it. They found it and stole it from the Italian Consulate TOGETHER. Later, we find out it was Alex’s grandfather who held the clues to the music box/treasure etc…. ALEX IS A MAJOR PART OF WHITE COLLAR HISTORY, NOT A POINTLESS CHARACTER AT ALL!!!

  27. Leslie says:

    Neil had fantastic chemistry with Kate, but none with Alex or Sara. So it is possible to find someone he clicks with, they just need to look harder.

    Is Kate really dead anyway? We never saw the body, did we? Or DNA results?

  28. Sydney says:

    Mia Maestro is only signed for 2 episodes…there’s no reason for you Sara fans to be insecure since HB is still a regular. I never liked Sara’s character, to be honest. She never grew on me. I lost all the excitement I used to have for Neal whenever I watched a scene of him and Sara together. Thank goodness for the fast forward button. Maybe Maya can breath some fresh air into Neal (even though it’s only for a couple of episodes.)

  29. Krissi G says:

    I’m totally for Sara and Neal, but with Mia (LOVE her – WATCH TANGO!!!) coming on the scene… I’ll have to see how they interact… Besides Sara helps keep Neal on the side of angels. Not to mention, she was part of the reason he didn’t run off with the treasure. If they do get back together, Neal and her should have a similar talk that he had with Peter, with similar terms.

  30. Maddie says:

    Yay! A new love for Neal! Hopefully she has more than one facial expression and does not put me to sleep like Sara does! I’m actually excited to watch the season premiere now!

  31. Ana says:

    I love Sara, as long as she’s around, I don’t care whether her and Neal are together or not.

  32. Gabrielle says:

    I have a tiny hunch that half of these Sara/Hilarie haters are Lucas/Brooke shippers.

    • Jules says:

      I don’t HATE Sara/Hilarie, but I do have a great deal of dislike for the character. And I have no idea who Lucas and Brooke are, so that’s that’s an unfair assumption.

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you so much for making the comment I’ve been thinking about and rolling my eyes at all along. It’s not shocking that OTH fans of that sad excuse for a sexual relationship have become “fans” of White Collar if only to bash Sara/Hilarie. *sigh*

      • Christine says:

        This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I don’t know who Brooke or Lucas are, so my reasons for disliking Sara have nothing to do with that. My problem with the character is that she’s not written well, and she comes off kind of arrogant at times. I also don’t really care for the actress who is playing her. I had never seen her in anything prior to WC so I initially gave her a chance, but unfortunately it just never clicked for me. I don’t see any chemistry between the two, and I don’t really care for the way the relationship has been written. In life, some people will like things and some people will not. There’s really nothing you can do about that, aside from just respecting other people’s opinions and not being rude about it.

    • Bernadette says:

      well that’s just ridiculous! what if I say that the people who do like Sara on White Collar are just her fans from OTH who are glad to see her have another job on tv…what would your reaction be?

      • SG says:

        If you did say that, you’d only be telling the truth. LOL

        • Licia says:

          *shrugs* You don’t even know what you’re talking about, yes some of her fans were fans of OTH…BUT lots of people like her and didn’t even watch this show, or if they did, they didn’t like her character in it

  33. Jim says:

    Happy to hear that Ms. Burton is back for Season 4. I like independent, working women (married to one). Her character definitely brings value to the show. In fact, my wife started watching WC because of Ms. Burton.

    • SG says:

      Where does it say that Burton is back for S4? Nothing has been officially confirmed or denied on that front by the network. The show would do much better in viewers and quality without her, so I’m still hoping the producers see sense and get rid of her.

  34. rose maggs says:

    How could you not like Neal and Sara togehter — are you Sara haters all teenagers or codependent people? They are very hot together. Sara is strong, independent and just what Neal needs — she doesn’t let him get away with things, she right in his face — Sara plays a very important role in this show — do you watch it at all?

    • SG says:

      If by “strong and independent” you mean “snotty, arrogant shrew” then I agree with you. (And I love REAL strong and independent women on TV – Sara is not one.) And if by “very hot together” you mean “they have the sweet chemistry of a two day old fish”, then I also agree with you there. And Sara is missing from many episodes completely (or almost) because she’s like parsley – take her away and no one misses her.

    • Hannah says:

      I’m 11 years past teenager and I think my definition of hot , strong and independent is something else than Sara.
      She lets him get away with everything (the treasure , the fake new passport, the big shopping spree …)
      And what exactly is her role ? When she’s not in an episode nobody is missing her and the pacing of the episode and the storylines are better because there was no need for the writers to invent a reason for her to be there

  35. tyler says:

    No, we’re not all teenagers and codependent people. some of us just really have a strong opinion of the character. you say she’s strong and independent? I’ve heard a litany of things that Sara’s character is supposed to be. unfortunately, that’s is not what I see when I watch her on screen. The character is incoherent and lacks consistency. It’s like she’s been written and rewritten so many times just to make an effort to blend in with the other characters, which I sadly, she still don’t. Her backbone seems removable. And yes, she does let Neal get away with things. She knew about the treasure and didn’t tell Peter. She knew about the Raphael and she still sided with Neal and not let Kramer catch him. Of course, these are only attempts to win back the fans who don’t like her. She’s more of a plot device than the well rounded character that you seem to be convinced that she is.

  36. Jenn says:

    I love the show, and I love Neal/Sara, but I guess it’s cool if he hangs with Mia Maestro for a while – as long as he eventually goes back home and Hilarie remains a series regular.

  37. Erica says:

    Wow, people, stay classy!
    And here I thought that WC fandom was one of best ones…, I, for one, like Kate, Alex and Sara…And can’t wait for new WC episodes :)

  38. Andrea says:

    I have never watched One Tree Hill. I know that Hilarie once starred on it, but as to her character name or anything that that character did, I have no idea.

    As to the women in Neal’s life, I don’t believe that Matt and the actress who played Kate had particular chemistry, but I do believe that she loved him and he loved her.

    I like Alex and could see her with Neal in a conventional relationship. However, I could also see Neal and June in a May-December relationship, truth be told. I think Matt and DC have tremendous chemistry!

    I’m with those who consider Sara to be the surface, sexual outlet for Neal. She’s the one-night stand, a good roll-in-the-hay. She and Neal like to flirt, get it on, and go about their business. I agree with those who say that we’re supposed to believe that this is serious between Neal and Sara because we’ve been told that it is, but it doesn’t come across that way on-screen. What DOES come across on-screen is that Matt’s attractive, Hilarie’s attractive, the writers wanted their characters to hook-up, so that’s what happened, but i don’t personally consider Neal/Sara to be substantive or serious.

    I also never watched Alias either, so this isn’t a case of liking this new actress over Hilarie since I’m not familiar with her either. With Sara, I feel that I’m being made to believe that the character is something other than what I’m seeing on-screen.

  39. Rosie says:

    @Michelle, just wondering how could you watch the first two seasons of White Collar and say that the character of Alex is Pointless???? The whole story of the music box and treasure were her story. It was what the whole search for Kate was about in S1 and the subsequent search for her killer in S2..

    Alex told Neal about the Music Box,they traveled to Europe together to find it (which they didn’t), and years later, because it became necessary for him to have it(to be able to find Kate), he sought out Alex again to help him find it. They found it and stole it from the Italian Consulate TOGETHER. Later, we find out it was Alex’s grandfather who held the clues to the music box/treasure etc…. ALEX IS A MAJOR PART OF WHITE COLLAR HISTORY, NOT A POINTLESS CHARACTER AT ALL!!!

    As far as Sara goes, I agree with SAGE that “Sara’s character has been ill-conceived and poorly executed”. It was always difficult to believe in the ROMANCE aspect of Neal and Sara…and i have disliked this character because of the unbelievable way this supposed romance was shoehorned into the story.

    As far as Maya, played by Mia Maestro,I agree with LANEY,”And was it really necessary to bash “limited” Mia’s acting already? They haven’t even filmed yet!” I for one look forward to seeing Neal with a new love interest, even if it is for only a couple of episodes.. hopefully, there will be others as well in the course of S4.

    • Rowan says:


      I agree with everything you say. The thing is that One Tree Hill fans are OBSESSIVE. I knew of it but it’s not my thing. Once Burton was on the show I was wondering why so many people missed the lack of chemistry and her wooden acting.

      Well a google on Twitter or IMDB will tell you how they still miss ‘Peyton and Lucas’…

      Saying that, a poster has a point that a lot of OTH fans were upset Burton didn’t want to do a guest spot on the last series and they COULD be posting. But everything I have read against the Sarah character as been smart, articulate and informative, except some horrid bitchy comments.

      • Rosie says:

        Sometimes I think it is better that they cast unknown actors, instead of the ones who are so well known on other shows, that fans can’t give honest feedback, when that actor gets a part on a different show.
        I never saw OTH but have seen from time to time people commenting on these other characters from OTH, when discussing Sara on WC…
        I never saw Mia Maestro in Alias, before yesterday when I caught an episode on Amazon.. She is very good IMO.. hope the Sara fans don’t make unkind remarks about her, just because they like Hilarie Burton. We need to all show respect, honest feedback is good, when discussing the show, the writing, the storylines and yes even the acting.. no need to be rude though.. looking forward to S4.

  40. linda says:

    Well, if you are looking for the person that has “chemistry” with Neal, look no further than Diana. They screwed that up by not going for the obvious because they work together, and created the lesbian storyline…but the truth is the two of them look good together and play well off each other as being “opposites.” Additionally, Diana is pretty bada.

    • Rosie says:

      Yes, I can see the chemistry that Neal has with Diana too..I really loved their scene in Need to Know, when they were comforting each other in the hotel room, re: Diana’s body guard and Kate’s untimely deaths. Marsha T. is a tremendous actress. Unfortunately they cast Hilarie Burton as Sara and she just doesn’t have the higher level acting abilities as the rest of this top notch cast to pull off her character…

      If they thought they needed a relationship to develop for Neal, I would have liked to have seen them bring in another CI.
      She could have been someone equally struggling with the temptations of her past life and they could relate in a different way. They could have worked her character into the script so much better than this Insurance Investigator. Would have been something interesting to explore.

  41. Jade says:

    Honestly, I think they need to leave Neal’s love life out of the show. He’s a great character, but it just distracts us from his relationship will Peter, Mozzie and the other characters on the show. Leave the lovin’ the the Burkes- now, that’s a cute couple!

  42. JBC says:

    Now that we have almost completed Season 4, I would like to say that I would love to see Mia Maestro invited back to do at least 1 or 2 episodes. The way Neal romanced her on the island with making her that beautiful skyline was great, and their interactions seemed so natural and convincing, even Peter took a second look. It would be nice if she could make a visit to NYC and rekindle her special friendship with “New York” and “Barry”. Perhaps they can do her a favor as she did for them.

    I also hope that we get a few more episodes of Alex doing some cons with the boys Her chemistry with Neal has always been sizzling and it is awesome watching them together.. She is always great to have in the story and I loved her return in S4 as well and am happy that they dealt with the treasure story since it was tied to her character and it seemed so odd that she just disappeared. Good job Daniel Shattuck in bringing out more of Neal and Alex’s history in that episode too. I would like to see a seamless flow of the romantic subplots like we saw in S1. It didn’t over power the storytelling. It was always in the background, but not the main emphasis. Neal doesn’t need a full time girlfriend.. Neal and Peter and solving cases in their special witty and smart way is the mainstay of White Collar and I hope we can retrieve the balance again, as in S1. Like in Vital Signs where we saw Neal and Peter both undercover and the rest of the cast interwoven so well. It was fun. Just loved that episode.