Ratings: Idol Surges With Top 13 Sing-Off, NBC's Whitney and Chelsea Both Rise

American Idol cued up some unarguable gains this Wednesday, as its Top 13 sing-off drew 18.5 million total viewers and a 5.6 demo rating, up 7 and 13 percent week-to-week.

Meanwhile on NBC, opposite ABC sitcom repeats but nonetheless facing Fox’s reality juggernaut, NBC’s Whitney (4.3 mil/1.6) was up a few percentage points, hitting three-week highs, while Are You There, Chelsea? (3.7 mil/1.5) rose to four-week highs.

American Idol‘s Top 13 Cover Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder: Who Was Your Favorite?


* Survivor, with 10.6 million total viewers and a 3.2 rating, was flat in audience but up 10 percent in the demo.

* One Tree Hill (1.5 mil/0.7) shed a few viewers, while lead out Top Model (1.4 mil/0.6) saw gains of 20 percent from its premiere.

* Happy Endings, saddled with a Modern Family repeat, dropped 25 percent to 4.53 mil/2.0). Quick, someone Kerkovitch the Nielsen people!

* A CSI repeat won the 10 o’clock hour, besting ABC News’ attempt to capitalize on the Revenge buzz and NBC’s relocated Rock Center.

What were you tuned into this Wednesday night?

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  1. kevin says:

    WHITNEY & CHELSEA still sucks. NBC better cancel them both after their finales are done. :( :(

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      Yeah, I don’t like either of those shows. I think they’d be better off cancelling them and saving some of the other struggling-but-beloved shows like Community and 30 Rock. I’m pretty sure they’ll drop Chelsea after this season, but I could see them possibly renewing Whitney.

      • pennylane says:

        I’ve seen 3 live shows of “Whitney”. That woman is funny and super nice in person. I’m so excited to see what happens with Neal and Lilly this week. Those 2 came alive recently and I’m into them all of a sudden.
        Season 2 should start when? I know season 1 is almost over but how long do I have to wait.
        P.S. cute photo of Whitney and Roxanne. They look sweet and smart.

    • Mark says:

      Whitney is hysterical and should be renewed; it is 30 Rock, Communit, and Parks and Recreation that should get cancelled.

    • The Squatch says:

      I honestly don’t get all the constant hate about Whitney. No, it isn’t the greatest show ever, but I find it to be pretty entertaining. There are a ton of shows that should get axed before it. I really don’t understand the clamor for it to be cancelled. I think at this point it is more in vogue just to say “cancel Whitney” so people just repeat it. I have personally had this conversation happen twice now…

      Other Person: “The should cancel Whitney!”
      Me: “Why do you say that?”
      Other Person: “Because it sucks!”
      Me: “How so? Have you ever watched it?”
      Other Person: “Nope. Never watched it. It just sucks.”

      I don’t get people who will condemn a show without ever even having watched it. If you don’t want to watch it, fine. Don’t. But don’t demand it be cancelled because there are some people who actually did give it a chance and enjoy the show.

      And apparently roughly 5 million or so people a week agree with me. Those numbers would be considered a hit on some networks and are better ratings than some shows that may be better shows, like Community or 30 Rock, and that are popular despite poor ratings.

      Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. But some of us do so why complain about it being cancelled, like somehow it being on is hurting you… or affecting your life in any way, shape or form… Just ignore it.

    • Pennylane says:

      I’m so happy to see so many other fans comment about Whitney. I have seen 3 live shows. I live in L.A. and that woman is funny and super nice in person. Am so excited to see what happens with Neal and Lilly this week. Those 2 came alive recently and I’m into them all of a sudden.
      P.S. cute photo of Whitney and Roxanne. They look sweet and smart.

  2. John says:

    Whitney is vastly underrated, it’s good to have a female character with some sass…I’m not sure why NBC thinks they need Chelsea and Sarah Sliverman when they have Whitney.

    Come on people, Community is fine, but way over-hyped. If it’s not bringing good numbers now after 3 years and a stable time slot, it’s never going to be a huge hit.

    30 Rock, is too “in” for it’s own good too. Maybe NBC should learn that insulting half of America isn’t good for high ratings?

    • wmjindsm says:

      I think some of the Whitney/Chelsey bashers don’t even watch the show. I really like Whitney, Chelsey is alright. I used to love 30 Rock and The Office. I still watch it but think they should be winding down. I still like Communty and Parks & Rec. I haven’t seen Up All Night (so no bashing from me).

    • TurnItUp says:

      Believable sass is ok. Over-written sass, is not, and that’s what you get with Whitney. “Look! I am a female, but I say things like NUT UP! How awesome! I DON’T want to get married! Wow! That’s funny of me, isn’t it?”

      That show needs to relax. If it concentrated a little less on “Look she’s sassy!” and focused more on finding an original humor angle, people might not consider it such a waste of time, which it is.

      • John says:

        All sitcoms are overwritten otherwise they’d be like real life..a half hour of low key humor.
        Few people are that funny/ironic/witty in real life.

        I am, but not many other people are.

  3. Nikki H. says:

    I’m loving this season of OTH and some of the twists are pretty good so I’m not sure why more people aren’t watching considering it’s the final season.

  4. the girl says:

    On a level, I’m glad the Happy Endings numbers dropped. That proves that on ABC if you are not following a brand new Modern Family you are not seeing the greatest numbers (ahem, Cougar Town). I really don’t feel like HE is any funnier than CT and in my ideal universe, both of these shows survive and Suburgatory is dropped like a red headed stepchild.

  5. CJ says:

    I loved Whitney this week. It is really, really growing on me as it comes into its own. And it was great seeing June Diane Raphael two nights in a row on New Girl and then on Whitney!

  6. postman says:

    whitney has got alot more funny chelsea has nothing to do with chelsea doa

  7. WKD2 says:

    I’ve said all along that Whitney is a good show, It even makes my wife laugh which isn’t often. Chelsey, Not so good. It can go anytime. But back to Whitney the person is very creative (Co-Created CBS’s 2 Broke Girls) and I think NBC with its overall low ratings should try to keep her in the fold or she may wind up at CBS.

  8. Disa says:

    Whitney is really growing on me

  9. Disa says:

    Whitney is really growing on me and I’m finding myself looking forward to it each week. Chelsea however, is a let down.

  10. Keith says:

    I think with each show Whitney has gotten stronger and funnier. I really like the sort of dark and sarcastic humor of the show. I really hope NBC brings this show back next year. I don’t really understand why more people aren’t watching it. I don’t think Are You There, Chelsea is as strong, but I still like it and it still may improve. The only NBC comedies I like more than these two shows is Parks and Rec. I think 30 Rock and The Office have gone way down from where they were. I can barely tolerate 30 Rock.

  11. dot says:

    Whitney is kinda annoying bt I started watching and its actully very funny and what are u talking about only people that haven’t watched parks and rec say it sucks that shows amazingly funny watch it one time and you’ll quit hateing on it I mean com on are president watches it! Bt the jokes mite be to smart for you I guess.

    • John says:

      “Are” President watches it?
      I think you mean “Our”.

      It’s good to know he watches something that lampooms government, I would have figured him for the type to find humor in that.