Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Smash, Good Wife, Breakout Kings & More!

Who on NCIS is the “best”? Is a stranger truly hot for Once Upon a Time‘s Emma? Is a Smash romance about to hit a sour note? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Hot Video: NCIS‘ Coté de Pablo Accepts TVLine’s Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crush Award!

NCIS | Whether vows are actually exchanged this season remains to be seen, but Jimmy Palmer is heading for a wedding, and according to Brian Dietzen that means “a big question” needs to be answered. “Is Katherine Heigl planning it, or J.Lo?” Michael Weatherly interrupts. “Or, is Breena pregnant?!” (Wrong on both counts, buddy.) No, the matter at hand is choosing a best man, says Dietzen. “Do I try and get my mentor, in Ducky? Do I go for the class clown/cool kid in Tony? Do I go with the guy I have most in common with, McGee? Because we’re both, let’s be honest, somewhat nerdy. Or do I go with my dream pick, Gibbs? I mean, who doesn’t want that guy by his side?” Watch for Jimmy to make his choice in an April episode. Now as for the bachelor party, I ran by Dietzen Weatherly’s possi-spoiler that Abby and Ziva will be in charge of the fete. “If that’s the case, it’d probably be a bit more crazy!” he reckoned. “I think Tony would go straight down the middle with a frat boy type of party.”

Once Upon a Time | Securing scoop from the show bosses on the Stranger aka August W. Booth, they’re especially elusive. Heck, they wont even say if he’s genuinely crushing on Emma. “He seems to be operating on an agenda,” notes EP Eddy Kitsis, “so the interesting thing is to ask is whether those feelings are real or not.” Kitsis will confirm this much, though – August did in fact add pages to Henry’s storybook, “for a very, very specific reason.” (And I myself will offer this one piece of intel regarding August’s trustworthiness: In the diner scene of this Sunday’s episode, pay close attention to the lemurs.) Speaking of new men in Emma’s life, EP Steve Pearlman says the March 25 episode featuring the Mad Hatter (played by Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan) “is quite a big one for Emma. She comes into contact with a new character in Storybrooke who starts her onto a bit of a different journey. And by the end of the season, we will get Emma to a place where she has to make some decisions about her future.”

Watch a tiny excerpt from the Once Upon a Time PaleyFest panel, moderated by, well, me:

White Collar | TVLine reader Julie emailed me, concerned that the scoop from last week’s Inside Line – about the casting of a pretty café owner who cozies up to on-the-lam Neal in whatever tropical locale he’s now hanging his fedora – means things are kaput for him and Sara. “It seemed pretty obvious that something was starting to brew between them again,” Julie writes. “Do you know if Hilarie Burton will continue to be a series regular in Season 4?” Well, series boss Jeff Eastin acknowledges that with Neal and his ex now separated by, at the very least, geography, “They are not in a good place.” That said, sources tell me Hilarie Burton likely will continue as a series regular, while Eastin himself says the status of Neal/Sara “is something we explore in Season 4.”

White Collar Boss Previews Neal’s Season 4 Pursuit of His [Spoiler]

Breakout Kings | Some advice for Damien Fontleroy (played by Jason Behr): Keep looking over your shoulder, especially expecting to find Erica Reed gunnin’ for you! As Serinda Swan notes, seeing team leader Charlie gunned down by the escaped serial killer “was really rough for Erica, because that’s another person she really cared about.” But as the saying goes, payback is – and can be exacted by – a bitch. “Erica’s not the most understanding or forgiving person,” Swan says with a laugh, “so you’ll see a lot of torment for her — and you’ll see [the Kings] fight to avenge and honor that death.” When might the gang next cross paths with said prey? “We do see Damien again,” a rep for the A&E drama confirms, “though it may not be as soon as the team would like!”

Casting News: True Blood Vet Taunts the Breakout Kings

Smash | Is it just us or, lusty town car assignation aside, are things threatening to get a bit shaky between Karen and live-in beau Dev? After all, for how long can they withstand late-night rehearsals and comely journos? According to Katharine McPhee, that heretofore rock-steady romance will really be put to the test in a few more weeks. “[In Episode 10] it’s just starting to cause a little bit of drama between us,” the actress-singer shared. “I can’t say why and how, but yes, there’s definitely go to be trouble in paradise!”

Good Wife Sneak Peek: Matthew Perry Makes His Debut, and Kalinda’s [Spoiler] Returns!

The Good Wife | As seen in last week’s episode, furloughed Will isn’t about to have his sisters set him up on a date — and certainly not one with Kalinda (whom they mistook to be the coworker that raises his spirits). But as TVLine first reported, sassy sportswriter Tammy will resurface on March 18, so might there be a reunion of sorts there, if not a hook-up for old time’s sake? Josh Charles measured his words carefully when I asked about Elizabeth Reaser’s encore. “I can’t really say a helluva lot about it, but it was certainly nice to have her back,” he allowed. When pressed for a sliver more scoop, he explained, “I’m not trying to sound coy, but… you get a sense that things aren’t ever really resolved [between them]. There’s some stuff still lingering in the air.”

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  1. Marla says:

    Seriously can’t wait to see who Palmer finally picks as his Best Man…..I’m still holding out for Tony, with Ducky being a 2nd choice. Either way, this is awesome for NCIS. Thanks for sharing NCIS spoilers with us.:-)

    • Nubie says:

      Hi, Ms. Marla!!!! :P

      I’m soooo excited for Palmer!! Hey – didn’t we already hear from Gary/the producers that Jimmy’s wedding WAS indeed going to be this season? I thought that was already understood. That was already clarified by them awhile ago (“Spring” is what I read somewhere).

      I like your choices. I do have to say though, Ducky is my #1!! He’s EARNED it..he deserves it – although conventional, nontheless. The rest of the team didn’t even KNOW Palmer, until Ducky brought him into the fold. Tony is NOT Ducky’s great friend/mentor at all (never really has been either), which is what a Best Man generally is, in the traditional sense. In fact, Tony has spent most of the greater part of the series teasing Jimmy mercilessly (Autopsy Gremlin – lol) or making him the butt of jokes when applicable – rather than becoming “best buds” with him, and really getting to know him! Tony NEVER hangs out with Jimmy, just as a friend, so to me, he doesn’t even know who “James Palmer” is. As for Gibbs? To me, he’d be just as weird of a choice, as Tony would be. Jimmy is not super close to either one of them. Abby would certainly be a different choice, but again…she’s not even close to Palmer! She never hangs out with him, she spends most of her time kicking Jimmy OUT of her lab, when he stops by for a visit!

      • tvfruitcake says:

        Don’t you remember the ep where Tony and Palmer were meeting in the garage and evidence hold and were working the case together? Palmer was very influential in the case. I like to think that they have a relationship that we are not yet privy to but one which will be revealed in an upcoming ep.
        That said, I still voted for Ducky. He has been there as a mentor and more recently as a sounding board for Palmer through all the insanity of planning a wedding. Besides you know he will be completely dashing in a tux!

        • Nubie says:

          Hi “fruitcake” (love the handle lol)

          Yes, yes – I am well aware that Tony & Palmer have a somewhat “hush-hush” undercover relationship that is utilized every once in a blue moon. The small issue I have with that is the fact that we as viewers only got to see that side of their “relationship” ONE time. Not enough, IMO. Beyond that, there is no real evidence that Tony & Jimmy are super-tight, like true pals outside of the work environment. To me, Tony is always scripted as sort of dismissing Jimmy in a way – almost as if he “tolerates” Palmer, only because he HAS to, as his co-worker. I just don’t get the impression that Tony truly even knows Palmer all that well – so therefore he doesn’t really deserved to be his Best Man. You’re right; Ducky is hands down the one that knows Palmer the “Best” :).

    • Mel says:

      I totally agree Marla. Tony or Ducky would be great!

  2. Cat says:

    Please, no romantic reunion between Will and Tammy. Seriously- they had no chemistry, and she was really just another obstacle between him and Alicia. As last week proved, the love of
    Will’s life is Alicia, so they need to just work things out.
    Though I’m delighted to hear that Kurt is back for Diane in the same episode!!

  3. Templar says:

    On NCIS, Palmer should definitely go with McGee as best man. I can’t picture Gibbs or Ducky giving the best man speech.
    On OUAT, I still think August is either Pinocchio or the Wizard of Oz.
    On White Collar, I hope it’s over for them because he’s much better suited to the girl thief Alex.

    • Rachel says:

      “The thief girl Alex” has been gone for a full season now. Bringing her back would be so random and unnecessary…

      Yay for more Sara! Neal/Sara make an already perfect show even better.

    • emmitwest says:

      See, I think August is one of the Brothers Grimm. It makes sense because he was outside of Storybook (fairy tale characters can’t leave), he knows about “The Book” and fixed it for Henry, and he’s a writer.

  4. estefania says:

    I hope to be Ducky, because he is his mentor :) :) :)
    and I love news from palmer, he deserve to be part of main cast, so he is part of this, but no official, he didn’t show in opening credit and I love to see him there

    • Dee says:

      Right? Not only is Ducky his mentor, he is actually the one that spends the most time with him. They are constant companions down in the morgue.

      One would think he would know him better than anyone else.

    • dee says:

      Yeah, why ISN’T Brian Dietzen in the main credits after all these years?

  5. xav says:

    I really want them to avoid all romance for Emma for a while. I know the show is entirely about romance but Emma needs to sort stuff out and come into her own as an actual functioning person before getting involved with anyone.

    • sara says:

      I agree. But if they do want a romantic storyline for her, they should hire a decent actor with whom she has chemistry. She’s not the most charismatic character and it won’t help matters if they pair her with a charisma vacuum like Eion Bailey.

  6. I am dying to figure out what he added to the book and if Henry will notice… doesn’t he look in it anymore? AND I wonder if the book has the future of the fairytale world in it… I mean, we all know how Cinderella ends, so is that in there or no?

  7. Saint Alicia says:

    I know it’s not going to happen, but why doesn’t Palmer have a non-NCIS best man? One would think he has some friends outside of work? Making it a team member seems forced, just saying. Also, what’s with this “whether vows are actually exchanged” business? I’m counting on Palmer getting hitched because Tony and Ziva need to slow dance at his wedding! If Palmer gets killed or something before he can make it down the aisle, so help me…
    As for TGW, bleh to Tammy. Would much rather see an interesting ex-GF enter the picture (if she must); say Celeste.

    • Jennifer says:

      My guess is “whether vows are actually exchanged” may mean something like how Ryan and Jenny’s wedding episode ended on Castle. I doubt they’d kill Jimmy off, that wouldn’t make sense, but then occassionally that’s what the show does

    • Billie James says:

      I agree, it should be someone outside the normal NCIS crew. I think a great pick would be Nate Getz from NCIS Los Angeles. There are a lot of twist that could happen. Or if not Nate then Sam from NCISLA. Shows life outside the NCIS but people in Law Enforcement often stick to stereotypical cop-like groups.

    • May says:

      I like Celeste too.Tammy is the worst!

  8. Amy says:

    Gibbs would probably tell him to run after the luck he has had with marriages.. I would like to see it be Ducky

    • Tzi says:

      Here, you’re wrong, because when Palmer announced his marriage, Gibbs was the most supportive (look at past episodes). But beside Gibbs, Ducky would be the best choice, I agree.

  9. Ashley says:

    DUCKY!!! :D

  10. Christo says:

    I think he should suprise everyone and ask Vance to be his best man…

  11. Cathy says:

    Ducky, of course.

  12. Tzi says:

    Go with your dream, Jimmy! So… obviously Gibbs. :)

  13. Katie says:

    Why Ducky of course. Why would Tony even be considered. He’s always nasty to Palmer. That would make no sense. Why is there even a vote. Gibbs doesn’t want to be his best man. If it isn’t Ducky I would be sad and think less of Palmer.

    • Tara says:

      Do you remember the episode after Gibbs came back from his “sabbatical” and Tony reopened a case that he closed while Gibbs was away and he was in charge? Tony’s source of information was Palmer which makes me think that it’s more brotherly teasing than meanness.

  14. Christina says:

    How about Gerald as Jimmy’s Best Man? Perhaps in some way he was responsible for recommending Jimmy for this job. Also, it would be nice to see Gerald again. :)

    My second choice is Ducky (as he is his mentor and I’d like to think friend as well).

  15. Ingrid says:

    Tony! Domheid Theo have a connection

  16. DeathRay says:

    I’m gonna go with Tony Jimmy seems like somebody who would make it fun as his best man.

  17. Ellen says:


  18. Brean says:

    Number one DUCKY! Number two McGEE and number three Ziva. No way Tony deserves to be asked. He is not nice to my Palmer but always teasing him.

  19. Kimmio says:

    I hope it’s Ducky because he is his mentor but I think that out of all of them Jimmy is better friends with Tony. But I don’t know I am just really excited :D

  20. MARia says:

    Ducky for bestman

  21. Leif says:

    Damn! I was really hoping that was the last time we’ve seen of Sara Ellis since she got her precious Raphael back. I guess I’ll have to fast forward thru all her scenes yet again.

    • Cami says:

      I was hoping that we’d seen the last of Sara too. She’s the White Collar version of Alias’ Lauren.

    • SG says:

      Yeah. The show’s producers need to just get on with it and drop this horrible and unpopular character. Sara drags the show down every time she’s on screen.

  22. Lindsay says:

    Ducky for best man and if not McGee. Why would Tony even be considered. He’s condescending to Palmer.

  23. Amanda says:

    SO glad that Sara will be returning next season! She’s Neal’s perfect match and she’s definitely brought out some of the best in him. Now shoo, little cafe owning hussy. Nobody wants you here!

    • SG says:

      Nobody? Speak for yourself. I for one will be glad to see someone else paired up with Neal. Their chemistry with him can’t be worse than Burton’s.

    • Olivia says:

      I am also glad that Ms. Burton is returning for Season 4. I started watching the show because of her.

  24. Tzi says:

    Ducky or Gibbs I’ll be happy, though I’d prefer Gibbs because he’s Palmer’s dream. Anyone else just wouldn’t make any sense.

  25. lanieer says:

    Ducky of course. Maybe McGee and definitly not Tony.

  26. vin says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see how they shoehorn Sara into the next season’s storyline!

  27. Matt says:

    Let’s be real here. This whole team is unconventional. So be unconventional and pick the most unconventional there is. Abby for best man.

  28. Tom says:

    I like Ducky best as they are the closest and with Tony being second choice I loved the scene they had together in the episode Bounce.

  29. Taylor says:

    Even though Tony teases Palmer, it’s been implied that they actually formed a bit of a friendship, ala Gibbs and Ducky, when Gibbs was gone and Tony was in charge. In ‘Bounce’ Tony seeks out Jimmy to get his input on an old case, and Jimmy brings coffee. It’s one of those subtle things going on in the background that NCIS does a good job with. I’d like to see Tony as the best man to bring it out more, but I certainly couldn’t fault it if he chose Ducky.

  30. Matthew says:

    Ask Ducky to be Best Man but I think Ducky should say no now I don’t really know why I say he should say no but I kinda feel like he should for some reason and then he should ask Tony just because I think that would be kinda fun and I really don’t think Tony is all that mean to him I mean yes he teases him a lot but he teases just about everybody.

    • Matthew says:

      oh and you could have Tony feeling all honored and all that he was Jimmy’s 1st choice to be his best Man and then after the wedding or something have him come to find out he was his 2nd that would be kinda funny.

  31. P says:

    Please oh please let the Stranger August not really have feelings for Emma! Because I can’t stand the idea of them together. Still holding out the hope that she’ll one day be reunited with Graham/The Huntsman when the spell on the town is finally broken.

    • sara says:

      I’d prefer an entirely new character since Dornan is a weak actor and Bailey is even worse. He had no chemistry with the female lead on Covert Affairs so why did they bring him on this show as a potential love interest?

  32. Danielle H says:

    During old spoilers for Smash I thought I read that Dev and Karen’s relationship hit bumpy spots way before that, so this isn’t that surprising. I love me some Dev though!

  33. P.L. Blair says:

    Palmer’s best man? It’s gotta be Ducky! Jimmy’s mentor AND friend!

  34. patti says:

    Emma is one of the least interesting characters on OUAT. The stranger is even worse,which is a shame since I think he’s Rumpel’s son. But the stranger is lackluster for a mysterious character. Can’t believe they made him a series regular over Grumpy, Belle and Red.

    • bhm1304 says:

      When you are being portrayed by someone who simply cannot act, by a emotionless pretty face that just spits out lines but has no idea what acting is, you are a doomed character. Amy Acker, although given one of the dummest storylines in the history of television on this exceptionally poorly written show, had so much more charisma and charm than Jennifer Morrison has ever shown on this show. She would have been a much better choice for Emma. You may have been able to root for her.

      • Nicole says:

        If OUAT is such an exeptionally poorly written show, then why are you watcing it? I love this show. I find the writing no worse off than any other scripted show, so much so that it’s one of my favorites. The actors aren’t so bad as everyone seems to complain about. Jennifer Morrison is just as she was on House, which I also used to love. While I do like Amy Acker, and I actually liked the Dreamy ep, I dont think she would’ve played Emma any better.

  35. Kathy Norton says:

    Gotta be the DuckMan–after all, he IS the best man on the show!

  36. Karen says:

    I can’t think of anyone more suited to be Jimmy’s best man than Dr. “Ducky” Mallard.

  37. Linda says:

    Ducky would be a wonderful choice! As a mentor, of course, but also because of his steadying influence.

  38. Ella says:

    Thank goodness Hilarie will be returning to White Collar! And while I am a total Cary/Kalinda shipper, Will/Kalinda would be kinda cool ;)

  39. Sandy says:

    I think there is actually a lot between jimmy and tony they only hint at. Remember tony met jimmy in secret in the evidence garage to go over a case and made it sound like they did that all the time when Gibbs was on hiatus.

  40. Juliet says:

    I am hoping for a new girl for Neal. Sara did not work for a lot of people. I don’t mind seeing her from time to time, but not always. I miss Alex. I found her character very charming, just like Neal.

    • alice says:

      I am with You, can’t stand Sara, love Alex. Gloria brings warmth and subtlety to her character, while Hilarie just awkwardness.
      I am also happy if they bring someone new for Neal, just no Sara, please, please!!!

      • joan walkerman says:

        Please drop the Sara Ellis character in White Collar ASAP! The airtime they waste on her should just be used on other more interesting characters. I love Alex Hunter too because she fit in the WC story… plus she’s from Neal’s past, and her appearance makes way for interesting storylines… but even any other guest star would be soooo much better than Sara Ellis a.k.a. the shoehorned character shoved down our throats in WC.

  41. Angela says:

    Ducky or Tony would be my choice as well. Ducky, as his mentor, has a sometimes fatherly/grandfatherly relationship with him. LOVED the scene at the end of “Broken Bird” when Jimmy tried to make Ducky feel better, you could FEEL the raw emotion even without words.

    And Tony, as has been mentioned before, you have the scene in “Bounce” that implies a great Gibbs/Ducky kind of relationship developed while Gibbs was in Mexico and Jimmy was the only one who actually saw that Tony was trying to keep it together while everyone else (including Ducky) worried about themselves.

    And there was the scene, can’t remember the episode right now, where Jimmy mentioned that Tony invited him to go to some kind of event. Tap dancing or something like that. THAT tells me, more than anything else, that they have a friendship away from work that neither has with any of their other co-workers.

  42. MGL says:

    I love both The Good Wife and White Collar, but absolutely dislike both Sara on White Collar and Tammy on Good Wife. Neal and Sara have no chemistry. It’s just not there. However, there was chemistry with Alex and I never understood why she was not brought back. And Tammy on The Good Wife is plain annoying. Her whole personality and character. Would like to see them both gone.

  43. Jane says:

    I’m glad that Hilarie Burton is back on Season 4. She is the reason I started watching White Collar.

  44. fifi says:

    Couldn’t care less about August/Emma on Once Upon a time. For god sake just give us more Regina/Mr Gold and Evil Queen/Rumpel scenes. Lana and Robert just steal scenes away from everyone else in this cast when they are together. I have an unhealthy obsession with their scenes in 1.02’s “The thing you love most”. Brillant acting from both..

  45. Astrid says:

    I have to give up TGW because I don’t want to see Tammy again.She is so horrible annoying!

  46. Cecilia says:

    I am so happy that Hilarie Burton will continue to be a series regular in White Collar Season 4. I watch the show because of her.

  47. Kathy says:

    I wonder what’s up w/ Hilarie being listed as a likely regular. I hope she comes back, I like Sara w/ Neal.

  48. CrazyCatLady says:

    The BEST man is, of course, Ducky! ducky is always the best man for whatever situation. Now, if we could just find a true love for him….

  49. Joanne says:

    How about Jimmy having his brother as best man.

  50. Debbie Coley says:

    Yes, Ducky should be the best man. Maybe he will find a special lady at the wedding!