American Idol Top 13 Results Recap: Did the Right Person Get the Boot?

joshua ledet deandre brackensick idolAmerican Idol‘s Top 13 results-show telecast was chock full of suspense:

* Would Jimmy Iovine prove himself such an adept cue-card reader that SNL would come calling with a hosting invitation? (Spoiler alert: I’m more likely to magically develop a condition known as “abs” and take over Christian Bale’s role in the Batman franchise.)

* Would that side-angle shot of Jennifer Lopez (in revealing cream-colored couch leather) result in her second nip-slip accusation in the last month? (I’m going with “no,” but then again, I’m not the kind of guy who’d go all slo-mo on my DVR trying to figure it out.)

* Who would take possession of the Ashthon Jones First-One-Out Memorial Trophy for Season 11? (More on that in a moment.)

* And would Randy, J.Lo, and Steven use their #IdolTwist power responsibly, seeing how Uncle Nigel gave them the power this week to choose whether the lowest-vote-getting guy or lowest-vote-getting gal would be walking the Idol plank to the tune of Scotty McCreery’s “Baby Lock Them Doors (of the Stadium After You Exit)” “Pleeeease Remember Me”? (The quick answer: A resounding “yes!”)

Before we get to the results, a few notes:

* The Top 13 tackled Stevie Wonder’s “As” for the weekly group performance — and praise Nigel, there was no lipsynching! And yet while a dozen contestants heeded the words of the great philosophy collective C&C Music Factory — “Everybody Dance Now!” — Phillip Phillips (who’d reportedly spent the day at the doctor’s office) got a reprieve from the choreography shenanigans. Maybe that also explains why he was (once again) wearing that green t-shirt of his?

* Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina performed her latest single “Georgia Peaches,” and you could tell Phillip was a little skittish when she plunked down on the bench next to him and cooed the line “there’s a reason all the guys pick Georgia peaches.” She sounded pretty good, though, even if the song is cheesier than an Applebee’s nacho platter.

* Colton’s skinny jeans are so aggressive, sometimes I think that boy’s legs are just going to go “poof!” and disappear.

* The hem of Elise’s red skirt was shaped like a giant frown. (Foreshadowing, perhaps?)

* Naturally, Jimmy Iovine popped up to offer his evening-after, “I may or may not already know the results” thoughts on Wednesday’s performances. He called Jessica’s “I Will Always Love You” the “best performance I’ve ever seen of anyone on American Idol,” which tells me that dude probably only started watching the show last year, and definitely took a bathroom break during Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets.” Jimmy also noted he liked Skylar’s nasal tone, worried that audiences might grow “tired” of Joshua’s voice, and predicted that over time, Phillip might get overshadowed by the “vocal fireworks” of his female competitors. He also slammed Jeremy Rosado’s Stevie Wonder cover and predicted the winner of Season 11’s Mr. Congeniality trophy would be going home. And guess who went home?

If you’re still not 100% certain, here’s how the results played out:

Totally Safe (in order of announcement)
Jessica Sanchez
Hollie Cavanagh
Colton Dixon
Heejun Han
Skylar Laine
Phillip Phillips
Deandre Brackensick

Bottom 3 Ladies
Elise Testone
Erika (why do the Idol stylists hate her?) Van Pelt
Shannon “I cracked on just one note!” Magrane

Bottom 3 Guys
Jermaine Jones
Jeremy Rosado
(blasphemy alert!) Joshua Ledet

First Two Sent Back to Safety (That Means You Should Clap, Elise!)
Erika Van Pelt
Joshua Ledet

Moment of Awkwardness That Was Met Momentarily by Ryan’s Befuddled Silence
Steven actually answering Ryan’s question about which of the Bottom 4 should go home, a terse and unhappy “Jeremy.”

Next Two Sent Back to Safety (That Means You Don’t Holler With Cocky Delight, Jermaine!)
Shannon Magrane
Jermaine Jones

Lowest Vote-Getting Gal and Guy
Elise Testone
Jeremy Rosado

Chosen By the Judges for Elimination

Yep, another season, another Wild Card pick going home first. And while honestly, I’d have preferred to see Jermaine and/or Shannon get booted before Jeremy, I can make peace with the early ouster of a guy who never gave an indication that he’d drawn the “This Is My Now” card at his last tarot reading.

And now I turn things over to you: Did the right contestant go home? And if not, who should’ve had his or her neck on the guillotine? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rolfe says:

    Overall, I’m proud of America. Glad Elise is safe, but she needs to be more gracious. America will reject her for that.

    • Davey says:

      Elise was more than gracious last night. But the coaches should never have changed her song last night plus the footage they showed last night was totally negative about her.
      I’m sorry but I don’t blame Elise for being a bit pissed.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        Well it’s a live show, they got to have drama. I wonder how Seacrest feels asking the contestants who are going home –“how does it feel” and then asking the judges to choose the worse and best singers. That’s B.S. man. That’s cruel. That’s worse than what Simon ever said or did.

        • Tarc says:

          You’re rosy glasses need a polish. Simon was not only meaner on a regular basis (about as often as he was wrong), but he did the exact same thing ALL the time. He’d call out the best and the worst every night, and insult the worst ones in between.

          • Amy says:

            Yea, gotta agree here with Tarc…Simon still keeps the trophy for most negative remarks, sometimes cruel and many, many times really got it wrong. When Simon was right he usually was dead-on…but just as dead-off (almost like he was limited in scope) when wrong.
            Anyway..glad Elise was saved. I think so far that’s been her personality…kinda of serious faced and a little “distracted” with whatever’s going around in her head. The one I think is showing subtle signs of just a tad of “stank” attitude America might reject, is Jermaine. First night he totally blew off judges constructive critique with an attitude of “I thought I did good”, and that’s never the way to play it on Idol. And last night he also looked miffed he was in bottom three, then gave Ryan attitude like “say it already” and strolled back like “I belong here.” Confidence and bravado is one thing…but low-key and appreciative is the way to go on Idol. Dude, you’re lucky to be there.

          • Lana says:

            Its funny how time deminishes ones memories, Simon rarely got it wrong he could be cruel, but he did know what he was talking about.

      • Annie says:

        Elise first song was not a good fit for her. Whitney Houston songs weren’t going to work for her, and they gave her a song that didn’t require her to do too much. But, all of that aside, she should have come out on stage with a better attitude. She was ticked off from the start, and it showed. That along with all of the excuses put her in a bad position.

        • Amy says:

          I was thinking same thing last night…WH couldn’t be farther from Elise’s style. I also wondered if they chose WH because their two strongest girls this year, Jessica & Hollie, are a perfect fit for Whitney songs. But back to Elise, I also thought, it’s the song not about the singer who last sang it. And though Whitney’s songs were chosen to suit her, no doubt, on the other hand, I have to think of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”…I’d have never envisioned that song sung like Whitney’s version before. Sometimes no matter what type song a skilled singer can still make it her/his own. I thought Elise did ok, and she was far from my least favorite performance that night. I like her, glad we’ll see more. That’s gonna be a Skylar, Jessica, Hollie showdown I think, down the line.

      • Karen says:

        People, people, Elise was in the bottom two (and probably was the lowest vote getter total) because she insulted Whitney Houston on her tribute night. An aspiring female singer who says she never listened to Whitney and hadn’t even heard one of her biggest hits? C’mon! That is an insult to the greatest singer of all time who is not even dead less than a month. Whitney fans everywhere were appalled by her flippant atttitude, and for that alone, she deserved to go home. And by the way, never denigrate the legend you are supposed to be paying tribute to, especially when said legend has four, count em, four, albums trending the Billboard charts!

        • Marsaili says:

          Karen, you are entitled to your opinion about Whitney—but just because a female aspires to be a singer, doesn’t automatically mean she is supposed to be well versed in the Whitney songbook. She didn’t denigrate the “legend”, the songs don’t fit her voice and even Jimmy said that they don’t fit most of the women there. Elise doesn’t sing r&b/pop so she wouldn’t know Whitney—there’s nothing wrong or weird about that. I didn’t think she had a flippant attitude, I don’t think she had any attitude—the song wasn’t right for her voice, of course she is going to be frustrated—then Jimmy goes and changes the song on her to a song she doesn’t know? That was wrong. If you can’t see that–then your opinion isn’t worth diddly squat.

          • Karen Anderson says:

            If you are asked to pay tribute to a legend by singing one of her songs on national television, you better familiarize yourself with her songbook. And besides, how could any serious musician never have heard Whitney Houston’s greatest hits? It’s absurd. To admit that she never listened to her before was a really stupid move that landed her in the bottom two. In fact, I’m pretty darn sure she got the lowest vote total because of it. She didn’t do herself any favors at all by not paying proper respect after she sang.

        • claudia says:

          I love music & I am a walking encyclopedia of music & artists, but I am not familiar with the Celine Dion songbook. I can’t stand her voice so I change the station if she comes on. So I know some of her older songs but I quit listening to her a long time ago.

          I’m sure there are people who feel the same way about Whitney. You don’t have to live under a rock not to know Whitney’s hits. You just have to be a non-fan of her music.

        • Tarc says:

          I think I’d agree that WH was the greatest female pop/R&B singer of the 1980’s and 90’s, but there is a pantheon of ladies out there that rise above her as far as I’m concerned (Billie, Ella, Dinah, Sarah Vaughn, etc.). It really isn’t that uncommon for the kids today to never have heard of ANY of the ladies I mentioned in his post. They just haven’t been around long enough, and the kids don’t have as broad of a musical palate as kids did in the 80’s, for example.

    • Yo says:

      Boy, it sure will. I think she has good reason, but nevertheless…

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’m not sure that either song would be good for Elise without a little rearranging. This isn’t the Miss American pageant and it’s not politics (although that may not be a good analogy). These contestants haven’t had years of training on how to behave like robots, smile in the face of adversity, and just plain lie. Plus, there’s the editing. Unless there’s perpetual poor behavior I’m inclined to cut them a little slack.

      • yeah says:


        but that is the silly game that is Idol, petty, hypocritical little voters

      • Kevin C. says:

        I feel that Greatest Love of All would have been even worse for Elise. I also feel she would have done great bringing a bit of her soul to Stevie Wonder (conversely, I would have loved to hear Joshua try Whitney).

        Idiotic theme night strikes again.

        • Billy says:

          I could SO picture Elise singing and playing piano on Stevie Wonder’s If It’s Magic and knocking the ball out of the park with her take on that song.

        • Tarc says:

          Greatest Love of All would have been far worse. I just wish Elise would have grabbed the song and just totally redid it – maybe a jazzy arrangement. It would have suited her voice better and left her in the middle, not the bottom.

          • yeah says:

            I do agree that GLOA did seem to be a terrible match for her. I mean maybe she knew what she ws doing and would have changed it up and made it all her own, but anything close to how Whitney did it, would seem to be a disaster waiting to happen, I can’t see that working with her voice or style at all.

          • Whitney says:

            I love Elise, and I don’t think she was nearly as bad as she was made out to be. The trick of this week’s results was that being the bottom girl and bottom guy doesn’t mean both were the bottom 2 overall. One of the 2 potentially could have placed as high as 6th place and still have been at the bottom for their gender.

            I don’t think THAT happened, persay, because the girls didn’t entirely outperform the boys or vice versa, but I genuiely don’t believe that Elise placed 12th or 13th over the likes of Jermaine (how Shannon placed above her is still a myserty). That’s what bad about splitting by gender, that someone who wasn’t in the bottom could have gone home.

            However, I don’t believe her song was that out of reach. Haley Reinhart – a similarly voiced singer – performed the same song last year and did pretty well. Elise probably could have committed to the song a bit more for the sake of her own survival and it would have made a difference.

            Oh well. At least she’s around for another week. =) The real crime was sticking Erika in the “bottom 3 girls” when there was no way she was actually a bottom 3 contestant. It’s way too early to be confusing impressionable Idol viewers like that.

        • BrazenHussy says:

          I’m still not sure why Jimmy didn’t propose “Saving All My Love for You” as an alternative. Nobody else did it, and I think Elise’s take on it would have been interesting and cool.

        • CB says:

          I agree completely about letting the contestants choose from either Stevie Wonder or Whitney Houston. It should not have been limited by gender. I was surprised at this theme when I first heard about it. The judges have spent the last 10 years telling everyone to never attempt a Whitney Houston song, then they go and make it the theme.

      • marie says:


    • Kay says:

      If anybody needs to be more gracious it’s Jermaine. Jermaine totally lacked humility and maturity. He was not gracious AT ALL. His attitude was a complete turn off. Even Elyse had the sense god gave a Billy goat to not disagree with the judges. Obviously America agreed with Randy. If you noticed, the others did not “cheerfully” welcome him back either.. I can only imagine his mom saying “baby, be the best you can be my handsome… the others are just jealous of your handsomeness”. Anyway I really would’ve preferred Shannon or Jermaine go home but it is what it is.. side bar… I think the bloggers are way too critical on Randy… I like him and think he does a good job… The judges in general weren’t stepping it up in the past… It’s not fair to single him out… As much as I like Steven Tyler, I think Randy’s comment are way more insightful than Steven’s.

      • Tarc says:

        Jermaine is cannon fodder anyway.

        • Josh says:

          There is no way in heck Jermaine isn’t gone next week, unless Shannon messes up again or Elise is extra frowny on Wednesday…

      • Amber says:

        I agree about Jermaine. His attitude was awful last night. Before that he at least had the nice guy thing going for him, even if his voice was boring. I think he’ll be leaving soon.

        • susela says:

          I couldn’t tell if he had a bad attitude or maybe just isn’t a very bright bulb. In either case, I don’t think he’s in this for long—and I hope he doesn’t get mad and throw Ryan across the stage when he’s sent home. ^_^

          • chistosa says:

            I don’t think that Jermaine really meant any disrespect to his peers waiting elimination. He should not argue with the judges and someone should coach him on how to accept the critique. But he comes across as socially awkward and and almost childlike in some behaviors. I suspect that someone with a caring heart can sit with him and coach him on how to interact with the judges, the host, the other contestants and reporters who interview him. Having said that, I don’t think he will be there much longer.

      • janie says:

        With jermaine, they have always said he is a nice guy… so i left it at that, but i kept going back to when they originally told him he didn’t make top 24. sure he was upset.. thats normal.. but when he walked out of the room to hug his mom, he was angry and he kept saying “never again, never again” To me it just felt very immature.. I get the feeling his mom gives him whatever he wants and he has never been told that he can’t do something. So then when they brought him back, I was like oh well.. once again he hasnt been told no. When he said he disagreed with randy the first night and Jimmy last night, do you know what he reminded of?? He reminds me of those people in the first audition rounds that come in with an entitled attitude and when they are told no, they get loud and mad because they can’t believe they werent chosen to go through.

        Im not even saying he has a bad voice or anything.. i think with training he could be good.. BUT his attitude when it comes to his singig is NOT good. i hope people realize that and vote him off next week.

    • AJ says:

      I think she was just pissed about the whole ordeal of being forced to sing a song she didn’t want to. I think if they had let her sing what she wanted and she then had ended up in the bottom she wouldn’t have seemed so upset about it because she would have known it was solely her fault.

    • Cathy says:

      What are you talking about? When was she not gracious? She almost went home so she didn’t jump up and down with glee, and she probably felt badly for Jeremy. Jimmy ruined her performance by changing her song at the last minute. She is one of the more interesting performers this season.

  2. Zach says:

    Haley was in the bottom 2 for the top 13 as well. Lets hope this is a good thing for Elise!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Wasn’t Haley in the bottom three practically every single week? I thought she had her own personal stool of doom, LOL.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        Yep, I remember those times. Where is Haley now?

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I believe her album will be released March 20.

          • Laladee says:

            Nope, that’s her first single, Free. Her first album is coming out sometime in May – no definite release date yet, but she’s sung two songs from it live, and the titles of five songs total have been revealed.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oh, okay. thanks. Is the title of the album, “Stools of Doom”? ;-)

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            I didn’t know she had sung more than one song live. I’ve heard Free and thought it was really solid. I was a little trepidacious about how it would turn out, but it was a good fit for her voice and she puts a lot of soul into it.

          • Lo says:

            @Miscellaneopolan – she’s also performed “Wasting Tears” and “Hit the Ground Running” from her new album. Definitely worth a listen to!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          She’s also going to sing on an episode of “90210” at the end of the month.

        • Tarc says:

          She also did a bunch of (excellent) duets with Casey over the last year on you-tube.

          • me says:

            And released a single with him, Baby It’s Cold Outside, back in December. Really well done. Video too. I think the video was #2 on itunes for a little while. It’s too bad it didn’t get quite as much psuh over the holiday season as it deserved. But the shows already had their winners to give the big holiday spots too :(.

      • Billy says:

        One of the high points of season 10 was, for me, when Haley dusted of her personal stool of doom like it was an old friend right before she sat down on it and gave a warm smile to let us all know that “hey, it’s just a TV show. Win or lose, I love to sing.”

        • TB says:

          Me too! I think that was probably my favorite thing about Haley. She acknowledged that it was all a game, and that the least you could do was enjoy playing it.

          Sigh. In every generation (of reality television), there is a Chosen One. And honestly, no one will ever top Haley for me.

        • Delon says:

          Without Haley Season 10 would’ve been one long snooze fest.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Oh yea – Ryan would send her to the stools of doom and she’d walk over there like, “here we go again”! What I loved about Haley was I wasn’t a fan at first but she really grew on me, and week after week she proved she belonged there. I loved “Bennie and the Jets”, but I REALLY loved her duet with Casey, “Moanin'” (wasn’t that a nice surprise), and Zeppelin’s “What is and What Should Never Be” with her dad on the guitar, fall on the stairs and all, was entertainment of the highest order.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          My favorite Haley-and-the-stools-of-doom moment happened during top 13 week (I think). Haley was sitting on the stools between Ashton and Karen. The other two girls look glum and dejected about the prospect of going home, and then Haley turns to the camera, smiles wide, and gives a big ol’ thumbs up. Ha! Then she turns to the other girls to see if they share her enthusiasm, sees that they don’t, and kind of looks awkward for a second. That moment made me into a fan.

        • me says:

          +1 to all of the above comments (although I seem to have been one of the few who was on board starting with her audition, and not late to the game)

          • Chervern says:

            Was pretty gobsmacked when Jimmy said Jessica’s was the best performance ever on Idol….agree that Bennie And The Jets has to be right up there, along with Adam Lambert’s Mad World, Danny Gokey’s Jesus Take The Wheel and Casey James’ Daughters (wasn’t too bad either)…I actually believed Colton’s effort was the best of the night (and I’m not really a fan). I just think that he of all the contestants was going to find it the hardest to find something that fitted. He slayed it..I think!! Anyways…the American public could not pull off any bigger injustice this season as they did last year by not making Haley the most deserving Idol winner since Carrie Underwood. But then again they haven’t got it right in quite a long while and won’t this year either…

  3. xy-za says:

    i think jeremy did not deserve to go home.. he did well last night!..

    • Micaela says:

      Should have been Shannon.. She sucked last night and she didn’t even realized it.. I cannot believe Elise was in the bottom two!!

      • Shannon Migraine says:

        But Shannon, the teenage drama queen, has “BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH!” It must have been SO hard for her to have been born into a multimillionaire family. Poor gigantic thing, boo hoo.

        • ET says:


        • chervern says:

          Not a great fan of Shannon’s either but I dont think she deserves all this negative feedback that is bordering on being personal…sure her song was ordinary..there can be no doubt about that…but she no more can have any input over where she lives or what kind of family she can be born into as anybody else can…she definately would have had not too much input on how her family made their so-called multi millions as you put it…other than perhaps she inspired her parents to work hard to achieve on her behalf…every child needs to have a dream regardless of whether they come from a well off background or the slum…she’s trying just as hard to live hers as the next competitor..leave the personal stuff out of it…it’s kind of happening with Jermaine as well..weve already seen the demise of Richie because of it…these kids are ALL trying their best, let’s give em all a fair playing field…

    • Joseph says:

      Actually Jeremy Rosado really messed up last night.

      Huge mistake on his part by not just standing at the microphone and losing himself in the song. His attempt at that song lacked commitment and although it might have sounded okay and not as bad as some of the others he really missed the opportunity for an audience to connect with him during a vulnerable moment.

      • Yo says:

        That was a terrible song for him. I love his voice, and I think he could do well, but that song just did nothing for him – much like Elise’s song.

        • chervern says:

          Agree wholeheartedly, I was thinking he should have had a go at Sir Duke or something like that, a little more uptempo song, a happy song and one that he really could have gotten the audience involved, just like Deandre did, his choice of song pretty much saved his butt…Heejun will be the next to go if he doesn’t change up what he does a bit as well…ballad after ballad is wearing a bit thin…Has anyone noticed that the judges are more harsher on those that they don’t fancy too much, when their so-called favourites make just as many blues in their deliveries…I counted at least five missed notes in Jessica’s performance but they gave her a standing O…Deandre was pretty much off key with the band the whole song…another praised, even though they tried to sugar-coat Shannon it just wasn’t possibble to do and keep any credibility, luckily for her Jeremy was just as bad, not that his singing was all that bad, I just reckon he wasn’t there. They coulda just as easily put a radio in the middle of the stge with him singing on it…reckon that woulda had more animation….I have loved Jermaine’s singing ever since that fabulous duet with Richie Law in Holywood, but he seems to be cutting his own throat with the way he responds to the Judges and Ryan’s talking to him. Could anyone be that dumb.. (oh! hang on, yes! Reed!! He didn’t have the brains to realise that to get through you do actually have to sing something..LOL!!) So I truly hope Jermaine sings the roof off next week and learns to accept that he is a very very lucky boy to still be there and changes his attitude to reflect that. I really would not like to see him go home just yet as there are certainly a few poorer singers than him still left in the comp…Shannon, Heejun and Deandre to name a few…gonna be an all girl final I think…Holly and Skylar

  4. Denise says:

    Judges made the right decision after America got it wrong. Shannon should have been bottom girl, but result would still be the same. It was time for Jeremy to go.

    • cathy says:

      Oh please do you really believe that the judges made that decision. I could have told you this afternoon it would have been a guy going home. The judges decision was put in to make sure a girl didn’t leave.

      Last night the judges loved Jeremy’s performance and didn’t like Elise’s. There was no sing for your life where they made their decision on one of them singing better than the other. All of a sudden all three of them change their opinions about Jeremy and send him home. Idol is fixed as far as I’m concerned.

      • Annie says:

        There was no sing for your life, but since Jeremy was a wild card, and unlike the other two wild cards, couldn’t garner enough votes this week, it made more sense to send him home instead of Elise.

        I do agree that it was a safe bet that a girl wouldn’t be going home this week, but with Jeremy the judges had a safe out.

        • Jason says:

          No the judges voted on potential and by the fact that Stevie Wonder was tailor made to fit Jeremy’s style and he still failed miserably and Elise was asked to do a genre she would never do and didn’t fit her voice. Jimmy was very clear on that. Plus Jeremy was rejected twice by the voting audience two weeks in a row. And Elise was in the top last week. Has Shannon been bottom I believe J-LO would definitely have sent her home.

          • Derik says:

            Shannon was the only girl who could possibly have gone home had she gotten the lowest votes, but overall I have to agree with Cathy. Idol really wants a female winner this year (Hello J-Lo asking for a 2 girl Finale after Holly’s performance), and as there were more boys than girls in the final 13, the judges were 95% guaranteed to go with the boy in this case. And frankly, the boys gave them lots of material to discard. The only two performances from the boys that I knew would be safe were from Colton and Philip (with Heyjun thrown in for his personality and solid if unimpressive personality). The other four gave cannon fodder performances.

          • Ultra Venia says:

            Jeremy never believed in himself enough. He came off as defeated all the way through his song on performance night. He’d already given up.

            I’m afraid a lot of the kids might be having the same doubts undeservedly, like Deandre. This top 13 12 is so strong, even the best singer can be intimidated by the competition.

            Hope they all remember Haley. She never gave up, only got more determined to do better every time she got in the bottom 3.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Jeremy hurt my ears.

    • Tess says:

      Totally agree. Shannon should have been the bottom girl not Elise but whatever boy hit the bottom was going to be doomed no matter what because this little twist was designed to insure that we don’t have 4 girls go out in the first 4 weeks like last year. I thought for a moment that JLo would throw a hissy fit to keep her boy Jeremy but thankfully cooler heads prevailed (strangely that being Randy, Steven, and Uncle Nigel).

      I just hope Elise doesn’t carry this with her to next week because it’ll be her body language that gets her booted before her voice if she reacts the same way again. She does look like she’s going to get the Haley Reinhart/Carly Smithson treatment this season though, which can be good or bad as those two women can attest to. Hopefully, next week’s theme works better for her and if Jimmy tries to change her song to something she’s not familiar with, she’ll stnad up for her own choice and stick with it. Even if it goes wrong at least she can own the performance and feel more comfortable with it, which was her biggest problem this week.

    • Tarc says:

      I’d say Shannon and Jeremy were the bottom pair, and they’d have sent Shannon home first if she’d been in the bottom.

  5. Annie says:

    I wonder if Elise will lose her attitude by next week. I’m not sure if she realizes what show she tried out for, or that she won’t ever have a full month to prepare for her next performance.

    It’s interesting, but if we break it down male/female, except for Joshua everyone who was in the bottom six deserved to be there. It can be argued that Heejun should have taken Joshua’s spot.

    • Ben says:

      This ‘chip’ is what I didn’t like about Hayley last year. The truth is though, looking back, Hayley’s vocals were awesome and the chip was understandable given the pressure. It might hurt Elise though, because I think people do tire of that kind of thing.

      It is hard to know for now whether people genuinely like Elise after the semi, or if she just got through due to the pimp spot. I’m inclined to think people genuinely do like her, and this spot in the bottom 2 is just a blip on the radar for now. But this season everyone has to bring it because I’m not sure there is anyone (except maybe Phil) that can coast and still get through.

      • helen says:

        I think she got through only on the pimp spot. I know she only barely got through.

        She has really made a bad impression on Americans this week, i feel.

      • Emma says:

        Difference with Haley is it wasn’t until top 4 or 5 week, after Randy had kicked her in the teeth for ten weeks. Top 24 week after Randy said ‘Fallin’ was kareoke, Haley air barfed and then broke in to a big smile, that’s when I fell in love with her personality. (I fell in love with her voice after the first word of ‘Fallin’). Top 13 week after Randy said ‘Blue’ was boring, Haley broke into a little luau hoola hoop dance, hahaha, I loved her! So really it wasn’t until much later in the season after getting put down by Randy week after week that this so called ‘chip’ appeared. And I wouldn’t even call it that, I was proud of her for finally standing up for herself and saying enough is enough!

      • Tom22 says:

        The “chip” think and peoples reaction to it really isn’t something I relate to.

        What irritates me far more is the crying so many contestants do. I do understand that there is so much emotion involved and so much in terms of future career in the balance at early stages in the competition that the crying under criticism is forgivable… I have a heart, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it.

        I know however, that I want my daughter to stand up for herself if criticized. Standing up for your self is NOT disrespect.

        If you sit down with your boss for a review, and he/she says something about you not doing your best… if you know you have you jump right in and give examples of the extra efforts and important things you did.

        Sitting back and smiling while someone says something you feel is an inaccurate assement is cowardice in my book and a sign that you can be pushed around.

        Clearly though, america wants more docile women (and perhaps men too , i don’t know) and feels like people should just grin and bear it when someone says something they disagree with rather than getting right back in their faces.

        The judges say such inane things on the show its rediculous. The so rarely give any specific comments that can be discussed, probably for that reason. You can’t argue with “I didn’t like it” …its a matter of their opinion , but if someone says “you didn’t have passion” you can certainly say “I certainly felt passion, perhaps we should get another opinion on that because I think others heard differently”. (of course perhaps said differently in the language a kid would speak in).

        The authority of the judges should be constantly questioned live until they start making some more astute comments akin to a musical instructor or something …. the comments we hear from coaches in the snippets they let us hear from practice are better examples of instruction etc…not sure what is exactly right but… anyway.

        Stand up for yourselves ! Thats a positive trait!

    • Ultra Venia says:

      Yeah, the “I didn’t have time” excuse doesn’t fly on Idol. No one has time for anything. That’s why it’s not an easy competition. They are judging you on more than talent, you are all talented to get this far. They are judging you on creativity and flexibility and ability to handle stress. Elise, hon, you failed.
      This happens to everyone at one time or another on the show. Your songs are not cleared for performance for some reason or another. I thought she was in the business already. $#!t lady, it’s only the first dang week. Cowgirl up.*

      *Compare/contrast Skylar’s happily chirping “I never sung nunna her sawngs before!” before just going off like she owned it.

  6. If it was Shannon versus Jeremy then it would have been Shannon going. No doubt about it. But Elise is more talented than Jeremy so it was a good pick by the judges. I think Jermaine was worse than Jeremy, but he obviously didn’t connect with America and he had an off night again last night. I can’t believe but I am actually giving the judges a lot of credit here, but they did the right thing.

    • TheBeach says:

      And I can’t believe I’m agreeing with everything you said :)

    • Ben says:

      I think there is huge doubt. What was that twist about? I can’t see any purpose for it other than to control gender balance. I think, unless the lowest guy had been a total shock (eg Joshua Ledet), the guy would have gone home no matter what.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I’m sure controlling the gender balance was part of it, but I’m willing to believe that it was also done as a way to experiment with the voting process. People have been complaining for years that the voting process is flawed; maybe they’re trying out some new techniques and seeing what works.

        Tonight, I think it worked.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @idolbethejudge – I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you either. :-)

    • skyfiremage says:

      It could have been Josh Groban and they still would have sent the male home. Why do you think they had an elimination system like this for the first time? It was to make sure a girl didn’t get sent home first.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I fail to see what difference it makes. At some point we’ll be left with Jessica and five guys.

        • marie says:

          YOU now get a “Made me (ruefully) laugh,” if I may use the phrase!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Perfectly fine. Remember the movie “Jurassic Park” where Jeff Goldblum said, “I hate it when I’m right all the time”.
            Honestly, this is one time when I hope I’m dead wrong. Some of these girls are very talented.

      • Maria says:

        I don’t think the purpose is to control gender but to have a safety net if one of the more talented singers finds themselves at the bottom . I have mixed feelings about it. If they had that power last year would Hailey have gone home sooner?

  7. made2105 says:

    I’m totally fine with Jeremy going. He’s a sweet boy and has an endearing voice. that’s all. What really surprised me was seeing Elise bottom 3!!! Whaaaat? Shannon safe and Elise in the bottom? Come on, America, get real. You didn’t like that Elise wasn’t happy with her performance and/or her forced song choice and/or the judges opinions? If you place yourself in her shoes, I’m sure you would have the same face expression she had. OK. Rant over ’cause she’s still in. But, please, please she needs to be in the top 10, AT LEAST!

    • yeah says:

      I was stunned to see Elise in the bottom 2! Flashbacks to last year and the judges seem harsher on her than the others too. Luckily they actually did the right thing and saved her, for this week.

      Not I think she is good as Haley but I think she is better than many others and has a more interesting voice than most.

  8. T says:

    How in the HELL did Shannon or Jermaine not go home tonight??? Like, for real. You let the judges decide who comes back as a 13th contestant, you let the judges EACH pick a wild card and you let the judges decide who gets voted off the first week. Why are people even voting?? I understand bringing Jermaine back the first week so that ANOTHER guy they liked had a better chance of getting through to this week but after he was inexplicably voted in, they couldn’t use him as fodder. But what about this week?? He was in the bottom! Why choose Jeremy for the WC if you’re just going to ship him out the following week?? He was no worse than Jermaine with his song. I’m confused…..

    • Ben says:

      You do realise Jeremy and Elise were America’s bottom guy and girl, rigt? The judges didn’t choose to send Jermaine or Shannon to safety.

    • kayk says:

      I totally agree. Jermaine and Shannon were my bottom 2 as well and in a VERY close call I would have sent Jermaine home. I love his deep baritone voice quality but NOT his actual peformances, plus he kind of freaks me out. I think he’s maybe mentally unstable (and I say this as a psychologist)…

    • SallyinChicago says:

      In answer to your question — because more people voted for them than the bottom 2.

    • chervern says:

      Youre confused…so am I…using your logic..why bring back Jermaine toi boot him….gees I wish you people would start being a little bit objective rather than subjective all the time….JEREMY was the worst boy..of that there can be no I said in another post…ya coulda put a radio in the middle of the stage with him singing on it and it woulda had more life…and SHANNON was the worst girl….simple as….you all have to be tone deaf and blind if you couldn’t see that

  9. SybilT says:

    Can’t believe Shannon “Prom Queen” Magrane was safe before Elise, at least she was saved. Still, I think this irreparably damages her in terms of the broader competition.

    • Davey says:

      Not so fast. Haley last year was in the bottom 3 a lot and she wound up outlasting a lot of people. So Elise may shine next week and not be in the bottom 3 at all.

      • kayk says:

        I can only hope that the judges won’t be as abusive to Elise as they were to my girl Haley!

        • yeah says:

          That is not possible. hah. But they did seem to start off that way a bit this week (other than saving her).

      • TB says:

        Haley also had a lot more vocal control than Elise does, and she had a bit more “star” presence. And she didn’t start to show her bitch face until the end, when the production was blatantly beating down on her. Elise didn’t handle her first real criticism well last night, and it was for a performance that deserved to be criticized. It’s only the second week of live rounds. I’m thinking she’s going to have a rough time in this competition if she can’t maintain a decent poker face. Unfair to be sure, contestants should be able to speak up for themselves, but it’s true. America is picky about attitude.

        • Eurydice says:

          Oh yes, thank you. I don’t know where this “Elise is just like Haley” thing came from.

        • Brittany says:

          Amen to all of this. Agree about Elise’s attitude being crappy, which will hurt her from here on out, and the fact that her criticism was warranted. She hasn’t earned the right to argue back or be bitchy because she hasn’t blown ANYONE away yet, whereas Haley got standing ovations week after week and could sing every genre. I also agree about the Elise not being like Haley thing. I’m already sick of posters saying this. THERE IS NO COMPARISON PEOPLE. Elise is not Haley, stop it already.

  10. Manda says:

    cannot believe america let shannon slide. GROOOOOOANNNNNNN

  11. Josie says:

    Jermaine or Shannon should’ve gone home, but jeremy probably wasn’t gonna last much longer anyways so those three the order doesn’t matter to much

  12. Christine says:

    Haley pretty much acted the same way when she was in the bottom the first week – hopefully someone will point out to Elise that she needs to be more gracious! No one needs to tell Jermaine – maybe he’ll go home quicker that way!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      You get a “Made Me Laugh” :-)

    • comeon says:

      Come on she was plenty gracious and for 1000th time that smile smirk clip was taken out of contest. If you watched it all carefully you could clearly see it was not what people said it was.

      stop being such judgemental, hypocrites everyone and also keep in mind how super easy it is to edit things to look certain ways (they totally re-edited even Haley’s home town visit, cutting out her actually humble arrival thanking fans in the pouring ran up close and had her re-shoot a fake second arrival and song choice arrival, all alone, diva-like and dry

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I could be misremembering, but I recall Haley being very gracious about being in the bottom 3 the first few times she was there. She was always wearing a giant smile and seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride. I don’t think she brought out her ‘tude until around top 5 week, when the judges started brutally criticizing her for giving awesome performances.

      • Emma says:

        You’re not misremembering. That’s what I loved about Haley (besides her incredible voice), is her wonderful personality. It was refreshing seeing someone taking it in stride and not being all doom and gloom about it.

  13. Liz says:

    Elise is definitely suffering from the Amanda Overmyer (Rock and Roll Nurse) “I’m Too Cool For School” syndrome. I get that the only reason she is on Idol is for the exposure so that she won’t have to keep “gigging out” like crazy, but she needs to at least pretend to have fun if she wants to get votes. She’s got a fantastic voice and she deserves to be there.

    • Gorm says:

      Ah, I believe you have nailed it. If you arent fully engaged in this cheesy mess you stick out badly and look like a gloomy black cloud. Everything about the show is so turned up to 11 that it just dosent work to be too good for any part of it.

  14. Lo says:

    Didn’t watch the show live – did they announce what the theme for next week is?

  15. Grace says:

    I literally don’t know if the audience of this show is deaf or what, but Shannon being safe is the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever seen.

  16. dj says:

    I would have sent Jermaine home and kept Jeremy. I like Jeremy’s voice better, and Jermaine seemed totally unsympathetic to the people remaining on the stools after he was sent to safety, whereas Jeremy has always been supportive to the other contestants.

  17. Christina says:

    Anyone of Jeremy, Jermaine, or Shannon going home would have been fine. I like Elise, but she’s got to lose the attitude she displayed last night and tonight or she will be heading home before March is over.

  18. Josh says:

    Glad the judges made the right as the Girls overall are way better so glad a guy went home first if there is any Justice Phill and Heejun will not last long and another guy goes next week

  19. stankfaceNoNo says:

    The people got it right. But I think that Elise has to quit the stank face, or she might leave earlier than she thinks.

  20. Winnie says:

    I didn’t get Haley at the beginning of last season and I don’t get Elise now. She did not impress me during the top 13 competition and she did not impress me yesterday. For her sake I m glad she made it through.

  21. fullyCOOKed says:

    Elise’s gonna pay for that stank face she made. I’da booted her tonight for it. One more mediocre performance and she’ll be gone.

  22. YowzaPowza says:

    The judges made the right decision, but the bottom two should have been Shannon and Jermaine. Let’s not forget America actually voted Elise in to the top 13. So should she have a good night next week, Shannon will likely get the boot. Hopefully.

    • Debby says:

      and lets not forget that America also voted for Shannon and Jermaine, even tho Jermaine got a second chance, they still voted him in the top 13, whereas Jeremy the did not.

      • YowzaPowza says:

        True, but I’m banking on the combination of Elise’s talent combined with the fact that people actually liked her enough to put her there might propel her a little bit. Fingers crossed.

  23. Davey says:

    I find these comments about Elise’s “stank face” ridiculous. Plus older than the others, she doesn’t have to act like a perky 16 year old. She was treated like cannon fodder last night and Jimmy said in his critique that she was in trouble. She should be happy?

    • Ben says:

      It’s like the Brielle hate for 30 seconds of Hollywood footage. People forget the stress that this process causes, and that it can cause people to act out of character. If Elise was to have an attitude throughout the season, it might matter. I’m not sure we are there yet.

      • Marsaili says:

        And people talking about her “attitude” last night–when they showed her back stage interview—she agreed with the judges and said their feedback was important to her—so she didn’t have an attitude. I could see being disappointed—some people just hide it better than others! Especially given the fact that she was pretty much doomed either way—Whitney just isn’t the right music for her.

      • Tom22 says:

        Of course people should be able to compose themselves after a bit and say gracious things, as Elise did.

        As far as first reactions though, like others have said there is all sorts of emotion.

        I’d much rather see someone show a flash of anger than wail up in tears, (but again I’d like to see them get control of both and say neither angry or pitiful things once they have a few seconds and have a microphone to their faces)

  24. Shannon says:

    Sorry, but my namesake sucked pond water last night and should be hitting the bricks. Jeremy deserved his bottom boy finish, but America saved the wrong girl.

  25. Debby says:

    With Jeremy he never did connect with the audience as he was a wildcard…so it is no surprise that no matter what performance he would have done, he would not have got through. The judges saw that. As for Shannon, she has been given another chance, lets hope she does something with it if not, she will be gone. Sometimes its not really about how well someone can sing but how well they can connect with the audience who are for the most part watching it on TV. No matter how well someone can sing, if the TV audience don’t connect with the performer or the performance, then they will be in the bottom. Charisma is 50% of whether an artist will succeed or not, irrespective of how well their vocals are…

  26. Jacob says:

    I hope that Shannon leaves next week!!! She was awful!! I feel sorry for Jeremy! I hope Phillip leaves because I am tired of having guys with guitars win the competition over deserving people like Hollie, Joshua and Jessica-Those are my Top Three!

  27. TheBeach says:

    I didn’t think Mary J Blige sounded so great tonight. Maybe she’s better in the studio than live. Lauren Alaina sure is trying to give us the Carrie Underwood make-over.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      LOL. I can’t believe they’ve dyed Lauren’s hair that 1960s Joey Heatherton blonde and they’re trying to make a Carrie clone out of her. I thought she was just fine the way she looked on Idol.
      Oh well, at least she’s out of the Janet Lennon ball gowns!

      • Templar says:

        Don’t kill me for this, because I like Lauren. While she was singing all I could think was “Does Paula Deen have a granddaughter?”

      • Shannon says:

        BWAHAHAHAHA. Boy, did you just date yourself. Me, too by recognizing the reference. And a-one and a-two and a-….

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Every single time I see Carrie Underwood all I can think of is “Joey Heatherton Blonde”. Not that it’s a totally bad thing. Joey heatherton was beautiful. And yea, I’m old, LOL.

        • M Girl says:

          Wunnerful Wunnerful

      • TheBeach says:

        OMG a Joey Heatherton AND a Janet Lennon in one post. I think I love you.

      • marie says:

        (Omg, Joey Heatherton and Janet Lennon!!! This is what I meant where elsewhere here I talk about Idol’s “more mature viewership” [count me FIRMLY in there, btw].)

      • kakirita says:

        Dear Darcy’s Evil Twin,
        I look forward to your new column in People magazine or another ” pop culture” publication!! You write so well! You are hilarious!

    • Amy says:

      I thought the same about MJB (though I’m not a fan and not familiar with her singing.) I changed the channel after a few notes. I was not impressed with her voice, song or performance. Nothing against her, don’t have an opinion of her at all as an artist, just the performance. But then…I tune out most of the results night performances, except of former idols…even artists I like for some reason on Idol it’s usually just over-produced, (and often backed with a rap artist!)
      Lauren…I don’t like the “comeback makeovers”, because to me…Jive, or whoever is the Idol machine now, is so limited in scope and churns out the “same star” cut from the same mold. Many (of the girls not the guys) come back more generic. The girls all have to go blonder (Lauren looked more uniquely herself before), usually thinner, and perform to overblown, HOT arrangements, which to me overshadowed her voice last night. And Lauren was one of my favorite female voices last year. I still think she’s talented, just didn’t love last night because I couldn’t hear what I loved so much in her voice last year…even on last year’s uptempos you could hear her better.

  28. Lindsay says:

    In the end, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. Shannon possibly should have been the one in Elise’s spot, but this may help give Elise a shot in the arm. Extremely satisfied that Jeremy is the one to go (though I would have picked Jermaine as the first to go). The bottom 3 guys were exactly who I would have put there. Glad America is with me in not being on the Joshua train.

    • Joseph says:

      To be fair to Joshua, he was the Bottom 3 OF THE GUYS. And he went first. For all you know, out of the Top 13, he was dead smack in the middle.

      • Lindsay says:

        Yup, that’s what I said, “bottom 3 guys” :) On the guys alone, they were my bottom 3.
        But that reminds me of a comment I forgot to add. I intensely dislike this gender against gender thing. I can see that they may have added that to prevent it from being guy heavy again (if that’s the case, why bring Jermaine back?), but that doesn’t make it right. It should be the judges pick from the bottom 2, no matter the gender. But maybe Idol wants to avoid appearing to copycat The Show Who Shall Not Be Named TOO much.

  29. Kevin C. says:

    America made the wrong choice (Shannon was by far the worst). Given America’s choice though, the judges made the right one. It would have sucked to lose Elise this early.

  30. JVC says:

    Never thought I’d say this but, “the judges got it right.” It wasn’t there fault, but simply America’s. Actually, it’s technically ryan’s fault. Before voting began he asked the judges who would be in trouble and shannon was the only they said was in trouble, so she ended up getting alot of pity votes. But still how did Jermaine not get the lowest? He and shannon better be thankful not to be the bottom 2. And elise can still come back strong that I agree with what everyone else is saying. Haley was in the bottom 2 the first 2 weeks on the finals, and she made it to 3rd place. Jeremy was a nice guy but was never going to win. But don’t fret people, shannon to me is the karen rodriguez of the group, and she went home the following week. So both her and jermaine might not get lucky next week. But we’ll see.

    • Templar says:

      Vote For The Worst site is voting for Shannon. Or so I’ve read on other blogs.

    • chervern says:

      Its rather funny reading all these comments and comparisons to last year…I downloaded nearly all of the “studio” versions last year and the funny thing about all of that is that “When you tell me that you love me.”by Ashton Jones is one of the few that I still have on the stick in my car and still play…that was her one and only I Tunes record. Her “live” performance was no where near as good and subsequentley had her leaving real early. Incidentally I only have 7 of last years song still on my “play-list”in the car…Hayley’s Bennie and the Jets and Rolling In The Deep, James Durbin’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Paul McDonald’s Steal My Records and Rocket Man and Lauren and Scotty’s duet Up On The Roof…the rest of them have gotten very tiring very quick…even though at the time I loved a few more than what I have still left…why did I bring that up…dunno..perhaps because compared to last years show…this isn’t near as half good…Would love to have Hayley in here against this lot..even Randy woulda had to do a turnaround and give her what’s that oft overused and all too irritating idiomatic word that he uses “props” a bit earlier than usual…

  31. Wendy says:

    Hee-Jun has the largest Twitter following of the Idol finalists by far so he will be there for several weeks to come.

    • Ben says:

      I’m not sure where you get “by far” from, I saw him and Phil Phil as being neck and neck last time I looked. But Casey Abrams was right at the top all last season… its a good indication of who is popular, but not of who is MOST popular.

      • Josh says:

        Plus considering many of his followers also follow all the other idols(including P2, Colton, Jessica etc) it sort of nulls and voids that theory.

        • Ben says:

          The twitter theory has been proved to be reasonably accurate, and I think the original statement that ‘Heejun will be around several weeks’ is probably true. It’s just not perfect.

      • Joy says:

        Yeah, Casey Abrams with all his Twitter followers was voted out at eleventh, before the judges saved him…not that reliable an index, really.

      • Leila says:

        I follow Heejun on Twitter because he’s funny, but I don’t vote for him because he’s not that great a singer.

  32. Dani says:

    You are spot-on about Jermaine’s attitude. No grace, just arrogance and entitlement. He was probably just excited about being safe, but it read like an unattractive lack of empathy. Most unlikeable contestant by a long shot.

    • Ben says:

      Jermaine comes across to me as just a little simple. He hasn’t demonstrated the kind of self-awareness that brings empathy. I don’t think its fair to say he is the least unlikable by a long way at all – to say that screams to me of making no effort to understand or, indeed, to have empathy with him.

  33. Mary says:

    I am not surprise Jeremy was voted off. I did feel bad I think Jimmy should have a
    Little more tack and what’s with Steven he decides to be honest I think he was downright cold. I do feel America got it right based on the performances. Sorry
    If Elise doesn’t change her attitude she will be next. She is not my favorite so if
    The judges voted her off I would not have been upset. Who knows she might have
    Been the lowest and she just got saved.

    • Marsaili says:

      Honestly, I think Stephen read our comments from last year and is just trying to show that he can be tough, too. Last year he was constantly being accused of being too nice, no backbone, loves everyone. I think it’s hard for him to be hard—so it is easier for him to just come right out with it—no emotion. I’ll bet afterwards he was probably like—that was as hard as my (insert stephenism here).

  34. Josh says:

    Lots of diva tude tonight, haha. We had:

    -Elise and her stink face, and her cold shouldering Hollie when she tried to grab her hand.

    -We had Jermaine hooting and hollering as four people stood on stage with their dreams on the line.

    -And I think(and I could be wrong!) that Jessica stepped on Hollie’s line during the big group number. She sounded like she added an extra ‘yeah!” and even stepped in front of her on camera…Though that could have been part of the song…It was hard to tell.

    • Heaven says:

      Yeah Elise doesn’t seem to have a sparkling personality does she…

      • made2105 says:

        Sorry, but if you think Elise doesn’t have a sparkling personality, you should look further and check out all her interviews, pre-idol performances, etc. Just because she looked upset with her performance and Jimmy/the judges comments doesn’t mean she’s a “stank face” or full of herself. Just saying…

    • Deb says:

      I noticed the same thing with the Jessica/Hollie portion of the end. It seemed the camera was turning to focus on Hollie when Jessica added an extra bit and slid in front for a few extra seconds. My response was…Oh that’s going to be an interesting dynamic.

  35. Heaven says:

    I don’t get Elise… people seem to like her but she’s never done anything for me. I knew they were gonna send Jeremy home tho. It was sad but I thought he handled it well. I think we all knew it was him from the moment they announced that twist. Who knows if he would have stayed without it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I love Elise’s voice. I positively do NOT get Jermaine. Don’t understand why he was saved and I don’t understand why people like his voice. Actually, his voice is fine, it just belongs in the bass section of a huge choir singing Handel’s “The Messiah”. Jermaine is one of the great mysteries of the season for me. When I turn on Top 40 radio (are there really 40 songs worth playing?) I do not hear ANYONE that sounds like Jermaine.

      • TheBeach says:

        Get outta my head! LOL

      • Marsaili says:

        I keep picturing him singing–“hush, hush, somebody’s calling my name”

        I love this song, incidentally, I sang it in choir in college, it’s a beautiful song and it seems more like the type of songs that Jermaine should be singing (church songs)–I don’t think he has a top 40 voice.

  36. Mary says:

    Am I the only one who hates the boot song. No offensive but I stop watching last
    Year when it was clear we were going to have a country winner. yes Scotty has done well I just do not care for his voice.

    • Paramour says:

      I’m with you on this one Mary.

    • Marsaili says:

      To me, nothing will top Chris Daughtry’s song “Home”, it was perfect. Having said that, I had listened to Scotty’s going home song earlier today—it’s a Tim McGraw remake, and it’s actually pretty darn good. I think it’ll grow on people. Unless, of course, they are just determined to hate it because it’s Scotty.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Which Tim McGraw song is it? I didn’t catch that. Is it “Please Remember Me”?

        • Marsaili says:

          Yes, that’s the song! Scotty actually did the song very well. And of course Tim McGraw is happy as a clam that his song is featured on Idol!

    • Leila says:

      Same here. Stopped watching when there was only Scotty and Lauren left. They were both lame.

  37. made2105 says:

    I wrote a really long post explaining why a working musician like Elise can and deserves to show an attitude (not that I perceived her expression as a “stank” face or whatnot). But, then I thought it would be worthless to try to explain what it’s like to be a relatively successful working musician. So, I’ll leave it at that. Most of the critics -non-Idol, of course- agree with me. She has one of the most honest, interesting voices this season. “Perfection” is not always what we want to hear. I like to hear passion, sentiment, compromise and that’s what I get from Elise. Just my opinion :)

    • TB says:

      I think that my issue with Elise, and why I’ve had a hard time connecting with her, is that she just takes herself so seriously. I never feel like she’s having fun when she performs. She seems so caught up in finding the deep emotional meaning of her songs that she forgets the simple joy of just singing them. I think that also might be why it was a bit off-putting to see her take the criticism so hard, because it just seemed like another example of her taking everything so seriously. I think I expected a little more perspective from her.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I thought it looked like she was having a blast when she sung “It’s a Man’s World” for her Top 42 performance. Beyond that, we really haven’t had much time to see her experiment with different songs. Clearly she took “One and Only” seriously, but that’s the kind of song it is. And for the Whitney song she was just trying to get through it. If they do a Motown or Classic Rock week I guarantee we’ll see some joy.

        • TB says:

          I don’t quite agree with you about It’s a Man’s World, I thought that was kinda heavy too, but I think you might be right, it very well could be just what we’ve seen of her so far. And we only have 3 performances to hang our hats on.

  38. darcy's evil twin says:

    Had a meeting this evening so I just watched the recording of “Idol”, although I checked in here first to see who got the boot. I’m surprised Elise was at the bottom of the pile of girls rather than Shannon. Clearly Shannon’s going to be the special contestant that wears out her welcome and makes a lot of people here angry. Glad Erika is safe.
    Wow, no one has mentioned that the group number was one big mess. Some things never change.
    I thought Jeremy, Jermaine, and Shannon could all leave in no particular order, although I probably would have elminated Jermaine before Jeremy if I were the American Idol Queen.
    And after that it’s gonna be a bloodbath. I would vote for Heejun to follow those three but it’s pretty clear he’s a popular guy. He’ll flat have to die on stage or set fire to the drapes at the Idol Mansion to get kicked out prior to about number 6 or so.

    • chistosa says:

      The reality is that there are only about 5 who are contenders. Until then someone will leave every week and once the top ten are chosen for the tour it makes little difference in what order they are eliminated. I for one would hope that Hee Jun makes the tour because he is immensely entertaining and charismatic. He will not win nor even last that much longer. But until then we must remember that is reality tv and they need people like that to keep viewers entertained and tuned in.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        chistosa – I agree only about five are genuine contenders, but this is the first season I can remember that the Top Ten will all be pretty decent. There are some I like better than others but they’re all good. It will be difficult for anyone to skate by on a bad performance.

        • Leila says:

          Exactly, I can’t hate on any of the top 13, they’re all great singers, so the order in which they leave the show doesn’t matter much.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Jermaine and Shanon I’ll gladly part with, and I think there’s a good chance I’ll get my wish over the next two weeks. But if the quality keeps up I agree it’s going to be hard eliminating any of the top 10. I also agree that Heejun should, but probably won’t, be the first to go. Unless he pulls a rabbit out of a hat, I don’t think his voice has the versatility and power to go the distance. I can see myself tiring of Phillip in a few weeks time as well.

  39. James says:

    I think that Steven Tyler goofed up the idol script when he said Jeremy deserves to go home. Steven got confused, he knew they were gonna send Jeremy home and he thought it was time to say that, but really he was supposed to just say “yes, maybe one or two of them deserve to go home” to create suspense. But he definitly messed up and skipped ahead a scene. Anyone else notice this? Michael Slezak, you’re a pro…did you get this?

    • Paramour says:

      Elise will not be in the competition long. She has a desperate aura surrounding her to the point where she never seems like she is having fun, but scraping for her life.

    • donie says:

      Interesting observation. Suspense was definitely lacking once the final two were revealed given Steven had already said Jeremy deserved to go home. Even allowing the fiction that the judges were the ones to decide, it seemed a foregone conclusion. Makes sense that S.ty lost the plot. He did that last night, too, when asked who the standouts were. They were all standing in front of him, but he had to put on his glasses and look at his notes.

      • janie says:

        i agree when Steven said jeremy it was weird.. but asking who the two he thought were best and he put on his glasses and said Jessica and Jessica… he was trying to be funny like he couldnt remember but he really likd her

  40. Jake says:

    She said she didn’t know greatest love of all either. I honestly think she is one of the worst singers

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I thought Elise said she didn’t know “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, which is no big loss, but not knowing “The Greatest Love of All” should have gotten her additional points, LOL. George Benson recorded “The Greatest Love of All” a good ten years or so prior to Whitney Houston and I didn’t like his version of that turkey, either.

      • TheBeach says:

        The word “treacly” comes to mind.

      • marie says:

        Oh gosh, did you have to remind me of that? Now i have TWO versions of that horrible song rattling around in my head…! That monstrosity was hilariously lampooned in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America, which is about the best it deserves!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          And You’re Welcomed! The advantage of being old is you have more information with which to torture people!

  41. Paisley says:

    Yes, the right person went home. And Elise’s stank attitude isn’t winning me over (although I do think Shannon was worse last night. The whole “save” shenanigans didn’t fool me one bit. For all we know, Elise was fourth or fifth from the actual bottom. Gentle crazy-a$$ Giant was probably lower. He seems pretty disturbed and socially “slow.” He’d make a great Broadway singer, as long as he doesn’t have to speak or dance.

    • Paramour says:

      Wow..”socially slow” and “pretty disturbed”? I would say you are down right psychic. I am not a huge fan of Jermaine nor of his momma’s boy attitude, but those are pretty mean comments.

      • steve says:

        funny how the ones trashing people for stank attitudes and this or that are always the same ones to then call people names and stab people in the back and so on

  42. Sam says:

    I really wish it was the awful jermaine who got the boot.

  43. Holly says:

    Wow, lots of people are all over Elise for being ungracious, but I’m not seeing too many comments on Jermaine’s burgeoning arrogance! He “disagreed” on camera with both Randy and Jimmy’s constructive criticisms, (as if he’s an experienced, professional vocalist who doesn’t need any help) AND he openly gloats tonight when sent to safety (very bad form!) Do we have a sexist double standard here? Probably….

    • jj says:

      I’m guessing arrested development due to too much mothering.

    • Amy says:

      ITA Holly…and did leave a comment about it yesterday. I really didn’t see anything too bad with Elise…at first impression (I’d have to watch it back) she just seemed her usual serious-faced self, I think she just wears her “processing of it all” on her face..she hasn’t put me off.
      Jermaine, on the other hand, I thought made his first faux pas, brushing off the judges constructive critiques with a bit of a stank attitude developing, and tonight showed the same. No one is good enough on Idol to act this way (and certainly not him)…gets you no where fast.

  44. Petra says:

    Elise has expressionless eyes and Jermaine does indeed seem crazy, in a way. I liked Jeremy but his vocal didn’t connect…I wish he’d chosen another song. And random question but is Hollie from the UK? I detect a bit of a brogue when she is talking. She and Jessica are my top 2 so far.

    • Templar says:

      Hollie was born in Liverpool and lived there until her parents moved with her to Texas when she was 8 years old.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Hollie is originally from Liverpool.
      I think Jeremy would have done better with that song if he had stood still to sing the song.

    • Wisconsin Kevin says:

      Hollie was born in Liverpool, England ( home of the Beatles ) and moved to Texas with her family a few years ago. I think a lot of Idol followers are not aware of this fact. I have seen different posts over the internet accusing Hollie of “trying to sound British when she speaks”- maybe she sounds British because she was BORN there ?? If they have a “Year they were born theme” this season I hope for the TV viewers thatthe producers set the record straight the facts of where Hollie is from. By the way- she is my favorite singer of the Top 13 !!

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I knew Hollie was from England, but hadn’t realized (or forgot) that she was from Liverpool. Sweet. Does this increase chances of a Beatles night? Cause I want one.

        • Amy says:

          I kept noticing something too…it sounded Australian to me though. Surprised, doesn’t sound like Liverpool to me, but at least now I know why she sounds like she’s masking an accent from somewhere!

  45. blingedup.susan says:

    Anyone else hear the comment made by either Erika or Elise when their mic was still on?

    It was right after Erika got sent to the stools of doom. Ryan was saying, “It’s now betweeen Skylar and Shannon,” and in that moment of silence you can hear either Erika or Elise say to the other one, “They’ve got the old ladies here..” I think they were saying they had the old ladies on the stools. lol. I guess they are the oldest, I hadn’t really thought about it.

  46. skyfiremage says:

    Stefano Langone was wildcard last year and he lasted till 6/7.

    Elise had a really stank face and her performance was horrid. I thought I was watching karaoke at a corporate function when she sang.

    Because of the way they did the elimination Jeremy could have gotten higher votes than Elise but still sent home.

  47. James says:

    Right person went home tonight. While Jeremy had a nice voice…He has no star power and lets be honest is not very attractive either…Both of those 2 things screwed him in the end me thinks…

  48. tiggerlad says:

    sorry j.lo, america no gusto

  49. corey says:

    anyone else notice that both lauren alaina and mary j had problems with their ear-piece things? mary j blige struggled with it the entire song, and lauren had trouble just after she got off the bench with the guys. lauren even tried to take it off and throw it away and hit herself in the face with it and got her hair all messed up….coincidence?

    • ThemApples says:

      Both the guest performances were a mess. Mary J’s song was just awful though she was trying to sell it. Lauren’s face looked different–nose job?–and such a cheesy style with the bronzer and platinum curls. Is that supposed to appeal to middle America?

  50. Samar says:

    Heejun or Shannon should have gone.

    • Ana Muti says:

      Totally disagree about Heejun. I think he has a beautiful voice, but isn’t as experienced as the others. I hope he does well, as he’s a better singer than any of the other guys.