The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Thursday

On TV this Thursday: Sheldon’s games test Amy’s patience on The Big Bang Theory, Idol heartbreak begins, a Will & Grace fave wows the Parks and Rec crowd and more. Here are nine programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm American Idol (Fox) | America sends home its first finalist… after this.

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | It is on like Alderaan when Sheldon chooses to join the guys for a 48-hour gaming marathon rather than go with Amy to her aunt’s birthday party.

8 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | Jack finds himself playing parent to his teenage nemesis (Kick-Ass‘ Chloe Grace Moretz); Liz rejects the new authority Kenneth has over TGS with his new job in Standards & Practices.

8:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | In an episode written by Nick Offerman (aka “Ron Swanson”), Leslie and Ben are thrilled when Indianapolis talk show host Buddy Wood (Will & Grace‘s Sean Hayes) wants to interview her.

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9 pm Person of Interest (CBS) | Reese and Finch turn into overly protective parents to a 6-month-old POI; Elias resurfaces, making Detective Carter question her new allegiance.

9 pm The Finder (Fox) | In the show’s final Thursday outing, torrential weather won’t stop Walter from searching for a high school student who went missing; Willa’s probation officer is stormed in at the Ends of the Earth Bar.

9 pm Up All Night (NBC) | Reagan and Chris try too hard to befriend a fun couple played by Ben Falcone (Bridesmaids) and Nat Faxon (Bad Teacher); Ava’s feud with new boss Luke gets uncomfortably personal.

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10 pm Awake (NBC) | When Britten brings a clue from the “red” reality over into the other one, Bird (Steve Harris) is confused by his partner’s sudden interest in the height of suspects, while their captain (ER‘s Laura Innes) shows a particular interest in Britten’s behavior.

10 pm Archer (FX) | Archer is faced with a dilemma when his murdered fiancée, Katya, miraculously reappears — in Krieger’s lab.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Renee says:

    Person Of Interest and DVR The Finder. (I HATE I still like one Fox show…but I’m sure they will cancel that one too.)

  2. kirads09 says:

    No contest on Thursday nights :) (when they are new):

    The Big Bang Theory
    Person of Interest
    The Mentalist

  3. I like The Big Bang Theory, but it’s one of those shows where I feel like nothing ever really happens. The only real plotline right now is Howard and Bernadette’s wedding, and the big question surrounding it – where they’re going to live after they get married – hasn’t been answered even though I think it’s been a plot point in two different episodes now. Still going to catch up on it via DVR/On Demand, along with 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation. Sad to see Parks and Rec leave the schedule temporarily, but more than ready for Community to return! Also planning to watched Awake. I thought the premiere was really interesting.

    • Jessica says:

      I’ll condense the mini-rant I wrote on Facebook about tonight’s TBBT episode: WHY is Penny — the supposedly non-nerd female of the show — still the only girl who, at least momentarily, gamed? No, Leonard’s mom playing Rock Band or whatever didn’t count. Please surprise me, show. Or, if I have to listen to whiny women the entire episode, please at least have some funny SWtOR jokes thrown in. Thanks.
      A female gamer of 24 years who doesn’t understand why “nerdy” girls don’t actually act nerdy on a show about nerds

      • Jessica says:

        Ok, the image displayed on for tonight’s episode shows Bernadette wearing a headset at a laptop.
        So what I wrote above? That’d be me jumping the gun (hopefully). I now have much more hope that maybe Amy will be the only whiny girl in tonight’s episode.

        • Saffron says:

          Notice the gamer girls are the hot ones and not the nerdy one?

          • kirads09 says:

            For those above ripping apart TBBT. I simply enjoy the show for what it is and sincerely hope you can do the same. If not, here’s a wild thought – change the channel! It is the first comedy since Seinfeld that truly makes me LOL. I relish in the comedic genius that is Jim Parsons as Sheldon.

          • I actually don’t care about whether the girls are gamers or not – not all girls, and I don’t even think all nerds, are! I also was not trying to “rip the show apart” – it has it’s fun moments. I just think it’s a little tedious sometimes when nothing ever really happens.

    • Dash says:

      I have always felt that comedies don’t really need to have things happening to be good. I think a lot of times when comedies try to have season long arcs they are terrible (see the Leonard and Penny year of TBBT). I don’t watch TBBT every week, I’m a casual viewer when TVD and Community are not new, so I guess it doesn’t bother me that nothing ever happens. I would even argue that is probably why TBBT is so highly rated. You can pick it up at any time and not be confused about what is going on.

      • Little Scarf Girl says:

        Oh, I’m sure that is why TBBT is so highly rated. It’s all so much the same, and if it brings in the viewers, then it’s working. And the show is funny, and I do laugh, but I personally like it better when shows have more continuity/plotlines to keep you invested in the characters.

        • Dash says:

          I do too, that’s why TBBT is my third choice show on Thursday’s at 8. The rest of the country does not seem to share that sentiment though. :) I’m sad to see Parks & Rec back on the bench (have they ever made it a full season without getting benched?) but at least we get less repeats.

  4. JJ says:

    UAN, POI and Mentalist for me tonight :)

  5. Michael says:

    You forgot to mention one of the best bits of Parks & Rec tonight – it’s written by Ron f-ing Swanson!

  6. Eli says:

    Really? No one watching Awake sofar? Lame…

  7. Tracy says:

    The Finder is a must for me. It started off a little shaky but has improved so much! Now it will be on Friday night before Fringe, so I’ll DVR and watch Finder, Fringe, Grimm and Supernatural.

    Save The Finder!

  8. Meg says:

    Parks and Rec is seriously the funniest show on tv! Keeps getting better and better! More people should be watching it!

    Tbbt is always great too!

  9. King says:

    The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, The Office, The Finder, The Mentalist and Awake.

  10. Loveless says:

    It is on like Alderaan
    Not its
    On like Onderon.
    Im sure as that is a planet in Star Wars.

    Cant wait for tnis ep gunna be silly

  11. HG says:

    Person of Interest and The Mentalist for me, I’ll watch Awake and The Finder later. :)

  12. Justin says:

    The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Parks and Recreation, The Office and The Finder for me.

  13. kevin says:


  14. Velvet says:

    30 Rock
    Parks & Rec
    The Finder
    Swamp People

  15. Richard says:

    Project Runway: All Stars – 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

  16. Natalie says:

    “It is on like Alderaan.” LOL! For me it’s TBBT and “The Mentalist”. I missed the last episode and saw a promo the other day and saw Jane and Lisbon like old times in the promo and more meaty stuff on RJ. So, I’m in. Thanks for the laugh, Matt. Hope you have a good day.

  17. Jessica says:

    @ kirads09: No offense intended about TBBT, truly. I have a personal policy to not rip on shows online, because there’s always fans who love any given show. I’m a hardcore Fringe fan, so I’m a bit used to seeing one’s favorite show insulted; therefore, I try to avoid any comments that could seem insulting to a fan about their show. It appears I wasn’t successful in the wording of my comments, so I apologize for anything that seemed insulting.

    I watch TBBT and do enjoy it. :) Having gamed for years, I was just worried that I’d have to see the stereotypical whiny partner thing re: gaming time. It was more of an observation of how funny the premise seemed in the blurb, since it’s a show about nerds/geeks doing nerdy/geeky things.

    As I said above, I appear to have spoken too soon as a promo photo shows Bernadette gaming and smiling. So, as I said, I truly didn’t mean it to be insulting or sound like I was ripping a show apart. My apologies!

  18. megs says:

    So happy to see The Finder gettin some love! I was a latecomer to the show, and now I’m 100% hooked! I’m holding out hope for a season 2 so hard!!
    Also, parks and rec is ALWAYS a must for me.

  19. Ashley says:

    Is ABC trying to lose me with all the repeats? I am missing my Grey’s Anatomy.

    • LMSO says:

      I both feel and share your pain. But unfortunately there are 52 weeks in the year and only 24 new episodes of GA this season. That means the scheduling stinks sometimes. But I think the last 7 episodes will run as a continuous block, so that’s something.

      • LMSO says:

        p.s. In the meantime, I recommend you start watching AWAKE, which rocks. Pilot is available to view online at nbc. New epi tonight.

  20. Kinsey says:

    Only Awake for me.

  21. mdaily says:


  22. TheBeach says:

    I may be in the minority here but the major weak link at 30 Rock is one Tracey Morgan. And no, it’s not because of his recent controversy. I just find him to be a terrible actor and not funny in the least…just incredibly irritating.

  23. Trish says:

    Holding out hope that The Finder gets picked up…fun show. TBBT, Finder, Mentalist. Just glad there’s something new to watch!

  24. Sue says:

    Oh Yay! Finally something to watch, Big Bang and Person of Interest. All my shows have been repeats this week.

  25. Nicky C says:

    Tonight I’ll be watching TBBT, P&R, POI and Awake.