Will Netflix Save Terra Nova From Extinction?

Terra Nova NetflixThe dinosaurs may be down, but they’re not out!

Netflix is in early talks with 20th Century Fox TV to keep Terra Nova alive, three days after the pricey prehistoric drama was cancelled by Fox.

According to our sister site Deadline.com, the discussions are very preliminary and it’s unclear if they will develop into a full-fledged negotiation.

The news is nonetheless encouraging, particularly considering 20th and Netflix recently brokered a similar agreement to revive another series axed by Fox, Arrested Development.

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  1. Alex says:

    Wait, Terra Nova is a “cult hit”?

  2. Karen says:

    I hope Terra Nova gets saved I really like it and want to know about the badlands.And I really like that Arrested development isn’t over yet,Best comedy ever!

    • sonr says:

      Yes! they can’t leave us hanging wondering how the ship got out there.
      I’m not expecting a full season, they could just do mini-series

  3. Ryan says:

    I love netflix for TV shows! I’ve even taken to letting go of some old favs. Last year I cut out things like Bones and Brothers & Sisters. Now I can watch them marathon style. I’m almost done with Bones: Season 6. I like this a lot. Plus lots of programs I never got to see.

    Terra Nova wasn’t great, but it was fun, and if they go darker and more serious, it could turn into great TV. I liked the finale and the twist. I’ll definitely keep netflix if they save the show, even if it’s just for like 10 episodes a year

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m a HUGE sci-fi and Spielberg fan but honestly, I gave up prior to Thanksgiving weekend, maybe even a week prior. The show didn’t live up to the hype and did not offer more dinosaurs than I was led to believe.

    It was more family drama than dinosaurs.

    • Lauren K says:

      I don’t blame you for giving up because it got a little lost in the middle of the season. I stuck it out mainly because it’s one of only two shows that both my husband and I watch. I can give you one piece of advice: watch the finale. If the whole season had been as amazing as the finale this show would have gotten gangbuster ratings.

      • Amy says:

        Lauren K has it right – the show had an unfortunate weak start but was great towards the end. Sadly that’s the downside of short seasons – you have to get it right from the start.

        • Nicole says:

          I loved the show terra nova it was fanominal! I know I am only one person, but I really really want netfix to take over and make a season 2! The episodes were great. Please please make a number 2! I want to see what happens. You can’t just leave the show with a dead end! Oh please make a number 2! Plz

  5. PutAforkINit says:

    Won’t happen.
    Too expensive to produce.

    We keep hearing these rumors of other sources picking up TV shows — e.g., “FLASH FORWARD” to Starz, “V” and “THE EVENT” to SciFi, “ALL MY CHILDREN” and “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” to some online outlet, now this.
    These things never come to fruition.

    So don’t get your hopes up, people!
    Use your head!

    • Master_K says:

      Uh… Arrested Development was actually saved and I can name quite a few shows that have been. Technically 7th Heaven (it was cancelled but saved due to the WB/UPN merger), Scrubs (from NBC to ABC) and more recently The Game (from The CW to BET) there’s more but some are slipping my memory right now.

    • Craig says:

      Agree! Don’t bring it back. Wait and see if Fringe is renewed and if not pick it up instead of the Dinosaur show. Fringe fans will follow it anywhere. Even to another universe.

    • Craig says:

      The future of tv is going to change radically over the next decade. People are going to be watching whatever they want to watch when they want to watch it. Time slots are going to become irrelevant as more people adapt to the technology available and watch shows on their own schedule. Hulu, Netflix, live streaming, on-demand will become much bigger factors and I think shows will be like athletes after a season or two they will switch to a different team or in this case medium. I can see bidding wars start to occur. What is a total failure on one channel could be a major hit on another.

  6. Katie Hart says:

    Well, if Fox and Netflix are such good friends now . . .

    Why doesn’t Netflix bring Firefly back?

    There. Someone had to say it. ;)

    • Master_K says:

      Well it’s been like 10 years since it ended right? Most of the cast have moved onto other things. At least they’re not vampires (I’d love for Angel to be saved which will never happen based on the fact that Vamps aren’t supposed to age :( )

    • rusty says:

      Well just hope that Avengers does real well, because Joss said if it did and he could arrange it, he’d do another Firefly/Serenity. The only folks that have a steady gig are Nathon and Morena. So the other folks are available and if what they say in interviews is to be believed, they’d jump to do it again.

  7. Brad says:

    You just named shows that had multiple seasons and were essentially “free” because of syndication money. Thats why they were saved.

    Nova is expensive, has only 13 episodes and would require a 22 episode commitment.

    • Craig says:

      Why exactly would it require a 22 episode commitment? Why couldn’t it do another 13 episode season. I think a season should be determined by the story being told and if that takes 22 episodes, 13 eps, or less it should only produce as many episodes as it needs. Some shows would be great if they didn’t try to make 22 frigging episodes with 10 hours of good material.

  8. Jill says:

    Also Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were cancelled by the WB and picked up by UPN.

  9. Ugh. says:

    I deleted the unwatched series when I heard that it was canceled.
    Don’t bring it back!!!

  10. Lindsey says:

    Buffy wasn’t canceled. Joss wanted to end the series after season 5 on the WB but then the UPN offered him a great deal to continue the series. The WB did cancel Angel but UPN didn’t save it; it ran for 5 seasons on the WB.

    • sonr says:

      Joss should have stuck with ending Buffy after season 5…

    • W says:

      THIS is also NOT quite factual. That’s not how it went down on Buffy, however everything you said in regards to ANGEL are spot on!

      • angelstorm says:

        You keep mentioning that things are not factual . . . so set the record straight ! I’m curious !

        • W says:

          Thanks for asking: Buffy was canceled near the close of Season 5 when the WB and Mutant Enemy could not reach a finical agreement. In an interview Joss has gone on record that one of the reasons “The Gift” is so powerful, so stinging, is that they “put their hurt in to the script.” During the summer UPN stepped up with an offer that renew the show for TWO more seasons for their network.

          Angel was cancled for no real reason (it was the second highest rated scripted program on the WB network at the time) about two months prior to the end of season 5, giving just enough time to wrap some things up “as well as they could” according to Whedon.

  11. angelstorm says:

    Also : Come on Netflix ! Grab yourself a series !

  12. jennifer says:

    Jill,from what I remember( I could be wrong) Angel never moved to UPN-Buffy did for its’ final two seasons,but, Angel did not.

  13. tom says:

    Wow, that might be enough to make me go back to Netflix, they really pissed off a lot of people woth that price hike and quickster shi…tuff

  14. Jenny says:

    Eh, this show seems too expensive. The netflix really have the money for this kind of show. The writing on the show isn’t really even quality writing to warrant saving.

  15. brynna says:

    hope this happens. Terra Nova is a great show and deserves a second shot!

  16. Adam says:

    This would actually make me consider getting a Netflix account again.

  17. Midori says:

    It won’t happen. The show just cost too much.

    Sure let’s all list the five shows saved by another network in the last 25 years. The list of shows not saved is 100 times larger.

  18. Kate says:

    A coup for America if they do – but down under how are we going to get it? Are they gonna sell it to free to air like Fox did? Either way… I hope it’s true, even if I have to wait months for a version to end up online somewhere, I would be happy just knowing it lives…

  19. Jill says:

    Like someone said above, this might make me get Netflix. I loved Terra Nova and want to see more of it!!

  20. MICH says:

    DO IT NETFLIX I really want this to go on. I believe with some creative writing this could be one of the biggest shows on TV. Hey they keep saying it had bad writters, which I think is crap I like the story line. Even though it still rated about 10mil a night with DVR and PVR and made FOX money and international sales were huge.
    So whats the problem also when people turned on there was a minimal amount that turned off most watched it till the end.

    • Renee says:

      It had bad dialogue. I loved the show too, but I could have written the dialogue…it seriously lacked. With even adequate writing it could really really be good.

  21. Renee says:

    YES!! PLEASE! I’ll start paying for streaming in addition to getting the DVD’s if you’ll save Terra Nova! Please!

  22. Rachel says:

    This would make me not cancel my Netflix membership. I hope it happens!

  23. Allison says:

    Right, just like Prospect Park saved AMC and OLTL (lol).

  24. lee says:

    considering most people do’t get netflix & with all the toruble it’s been having i’m hoping it gets picked up by someone else i think syfy would be a perfect fir for it

    • Lauren K says:

      While technically speaking Syfy should be a perfect venue for Terra Nova there are two problems with this:
      1. The budget. Syfy has a hard enough time paying for the scripted shows it has let alone a money sucker like Terra Nova.

      2. The network. Syfy has been treating shows like crap lately. They cancel scripted shows like Eureka that actually get good ratings (for them) to slot in more ghost hunting shows or wrestling shows(don’t ask me to explain that one). If it was a question of syndication I think they’d definitely pick it up but no way they pay to produce new episodes. They are way too cheap.

      • lee says:

        i’ll agree with you on number two
        but it wouldn’t be too much trouble IMO for syfy to do at least a 2part/2hour episode to bring the show at regular budget & use it to basically retool the show. for instance something happens & everyone has to relocate to the badlands & have to start from scratch. sanctuary is/was (don’t know if it’s coming back) an almost completely green screen show & they pulled it off pretty well as far a dinos there just ain’t that many dinos in the badlands simple enough

  25. Lisa says:

    The production cost per episode is too high.
    At 10 Million per episode I doubt Netfix will be able to pick up the tab.
    That is the main reason Fox canceled the show.
    The low ratings did not justify the high cost of producing the show.
    It’s ALWAYS about the BOTTOM LINE.

    That’s probably why SyFy didn’t pick it up.
    Although SyFy could probably do a better job with the special effects for less money if the creators would allow it.

  26. Nan says:

    Can Netflix revive Defying Gravity? As fun as Terra Nova is I would prefer the Beta Object to get second chance

  27. lee says:

    maybe tnt since they already have falling skies have another Spielberg sci-fi show

    would be a nice partnership

  28. J says:

    Falling Skies is great and better/enjoyable
    ..but Tera Nova is terrible…even if they hire better writers and fix theirs special effects, I’m still not sure that Netflix can afford it..
    And I still don’t care about the future of the series…I’m already on the verge to cancel my membership…

    • Jane Smith says:

      I do love Falling Skies but Terra Nova is awesome. I totally disagree with you. Netflix SHOULD buy it!!!!

  29. tjc says:

    check out primeval on netflix if you like Terra Nova. just make sure you watch the Tv shoe and not the movie because they are totally different.

  30. Leanne Mackin says:

    I absolutely love Terra Nova! If they cancel I will be so upset. I watch it with my ten year old daughter we love it! Best show ever! I thought it was exciting! I loved how the last episode ended, giving a cliffhangar! I have to know about the ship! Please, please keep Terra Nova.

  31. Eduardoo says:

    I really do hope they bring back terra nova it was the best show I’ve ever seen they can’t leave you hangin they got to show more me personally would like to see what happens on season 2 imaybe season 3

  32. Lauren says:

    Keep Terra Nova alive!!!!

  33. Tyler says:

    I think I would pay netflix extra a month so I could watch this show! No-lie!

  34. Cam says:

    Save Terra Nova! It’s one of the best series I have seen in awhile!

  35. VLAD T says:


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  38. Peter says:

    Man I hope they save terra nova, or some network its a great show. Plus the left you hanging big they have to show you more about the bad lands and that ship. I love terra nova and wanna see more!!!!

  39. Netpow says:

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  41. james cody williamosn says:

    All i know know is that Terranova was one of the best TV series to come to fox. I mean its one of the only shows that’s made me sit down and really want to see whats going to happen next. It kinda hurt me to see that it was over after just one season i mean they left us on the biggest cliffhanger ever. Fox lost me as a viewer when they cancelled Terranova, and i’m sure that probably doesn’t mean much but i mean after a year that the first season ended people are still wanting to know what happens next. so i’m begging another network or for fox even to keep the second season of Terranova going.

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  49. Tyler says:

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