Ratings: Breaking In Returns Up Versus Season 1 Finale, Cougar Town Adds a Few Viewers

The “Contra Club” stole itself a few more viewers, as Fox’s Breaking In kicked off its almost-didn’t-happen Season 2 with 3.6 million total viewers and a 1.7 demo rating, up 13 and 31 percent from the caper comedy’s freshman finale. That said, the tally was some 20 percent shy of what Raising Hope last did in the Tuesdays-at-9:30 slot.

Speaking of the Chance clan, in their new 8 pm home they drew 4.8 mil and a 2.1 rating, on par with Hope‘s most recent outing. I Hate My Teenage Daughter led out of that with 3.8 mil/1.6, plunging 34 and 20 percent from its winter finale (which was buoyed by an X Factor lead-in).

Rounding out Fox’s new two-hour comedy block — and building strongly on its listless, Glee-less lead-in — New Girl was steady with a 3.0 rating.

Of the night’s precious little other fresh fare:

* Cougar Town (4.4 mil/1.5) grabbed an additional 100,000 viewers (beating new time slot rival Teenage Daughter) yet dipped a tenth in the demo.

* 90210 (1.3 mil/0.7) shed a handful of eyeballs.

* The River (4.2 mil/1.5) was flat.

* Ringer (1.24 mil/0.5) gained 7 percent and a tenth in the demo.

An NCIS repeat dominated the night with 14.4 million total viewers, while New Girl scored the best demo rating.

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  1. Ari says:

    GAH! I hate that you never post Cougar Town ratings in the first round. They are always part of the more to come. What a ratings tease. ;)

    • Ari says:

      No Cougar Town! Why aren’t people watching this show? Last night’s episode was so good! I don’t understand! I will be so heart broken if this is the end of Cougar Town.

  2. kevin says:

    Wish Cougar Town can do much better going up against Teenage Daughter at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The Jaime Pressly sitcom is destined to get canceled soon.

  3. Mark says:

    Good for New Girl! Breaking Bad=meh. I want Megan Mullally to be free to do something else.

  4. newtothis says:

    You mean breaking IN? Breaking bad is a totally different show.

  5. Velvet says:

    I gave Breaking In a chance. It was slightly better than last season, which in my opinion sucked. I give it a mediocre rating. I will try it next week. Note: Love Brett Harrison and was sad to see Reaper cancelled.

    • Amanda says:

      Last season did not suck! I’m glad it’s still pretty close to what it was. Let’s hope it stays on track. Still not quite feeling Mullally on here yet, but was not disappointed at all.

  6. XK says:

    I was very excited for Breaking In to come back, as I enjoyed its limited run last year. However, I thought last night’s premiere was a bit of a train wreck, it was seriously unfunny for at least the first fifteen minutes, and Megan Mulally grated (and, if she was the VP of acquisitions, she would go away after that one episode, as Contra has been successfully acquired)

    Still, there were some funny spots, and I hope it returns to form next week now that the exposition/weird plot-forcing is done.

  7. JWB says:

    They ruined everything that made Breaking in enjoyable. Dutch and Josh are gone. Christian Slater is toned down and more likable. I don’t like it one bit.

    • ggny says:

      Exactly my thoughts…Its the same think Fox did to The Loop it seems like Brett Harrison just cant catch a break when it comes to Season 2 of his shows

    • ajl says:

      Breaking In sucked last season. But judging from last night’s episode, I think the show has potential to grow. Keeping in open mind.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Agreed 100%. I laughed a lot last season. Not so much last night. And Christian seemed to be having a lot more fun and the character was more interesting last season.

  8. ggny says:

    Megan Mullally ruined Breaking In for me. I thought she was out of place and didnt work for the show it was a bad casting move…And it sucks that Josh didnt return to the show i thought he was a great part of it. Imo just put the show out of it misery instead of trying to pull viewers in with of all people Megan Mullally

    • Deena says:

      Totally agreed about Megan Mullally. The whole cool vibe of the show was gone. I’ll try giving it a few more weeks because I REALLY liked it last season but I think whatever compromise they made to keep it on the air may have alienated the fans who really liked it for the fun show it was.

  9. Little Scarf Girl says:

    FOX’s scheduling is kind of weird. They’ve bumped Glee and rearranged the schedule, but what happens when Glee comes back? Two of the sitcoms will have to go. And I’m actually surprised IHMTD is still around! I thought it was horrible.

  10. Holly says:

    I Hate My Teenage Daughter is still on the air? Really? I assumed it was cancelled several months ago. Huh.

  11. martim cardoso says:

    Breaking In was OK last night, I think if the ratings can be still in 1.7 for the whole season the show will (might) be renewed. Megan could be just a guest star and now Contra could really have a real boss…Still, I’ll watch it tuesday night

  12. J says:

    The problem with Breaking In was to cast the annoying Megan Mullaly….+her voice…!!
    She not funny at all,didn’t like her in Will&Grace either…
    So, if they flush her..the show might have a chance to survive…same thing for
    Raising Hope
    As for New Girl…honestly cannot understand the HYPE for that show…and 6 millions is barely a success…!!!
    And why “I hate my teenage daughter” still on tv??? Horrible!!

    • martim cardoso says:

      6 million is not a success, but it’s a quality show, such as Breaking In, I think Megan was out of place, but the story it’s pretty cool, seeing Oz down, wonder how will he raise from this situation. But yeah, if they flush her, I think it will survive (please Josh back)

      • ggny says:

        do you not get tv ratings at all? overall viewers means NOTHING…it is all about the 18/48 which 3.0 is amazing for New Girl

  13. J says:

    Sorry, Raising Hope is great.. And finally at a reasonable hour..8pm perfect for them..

  14. martim cardoso says:

    Looks like ABC and FOX are in a race to see who can reach the same poor ratings that NBC has

    • Dash says:

      I think it’s just a sign of the times. People are watching less tv live. Ratings are not an accurate reflection of who is watching what. Everyone I know watched shows like Cougar Town and Community, both low rated shows, they just watch them on DVR or online.

  15. Fernando says:

    I hope The River returns even if it’s in the summer, I just like to see more of it. I am getting ready because I know Body Of proof will be getting cancel with the way abc don’t promote the show n always showing it one night n not the other it’s like Eastwick all over again n gosh how much Dana Delany deserve this show. She’s wonderful as Megan hunt. I stop watching Ringer as well because it got too awful n it will also get cancel so all my Tuesday show will get cancel but Parenthood n Jane By Design

  16. Frenzini says:

    Breaking In – which only had 6 episodes last season that I counted- was amazingly back and better than ever. Brett H is just so solid, Megan M just lights the place on fire, Slater shows that he can be brilliant /funny in any range. I seriously do NOT miss Dutch the low brow, yuk yuk from last season who kept ruining scenes with Odette ( hottie mc hottie!) It’s going to be more like The Office and I can’t see how it’s not going to be GREAT!!!

  17. jennifer says:

    Had no idea The River was still on-as I stopped watching that. I also feel Body of Proof will be cancelled-and soon. Only reasons I keep watching are because of Dana and Jeri Ryan.Honestly-the both of them deserve better than the terrible writing on this program. Body of Proof has caused me to roll my eyes so many times with the writing. But,the two actresses deserve much better-both are talented-especially Jeri Ryan. I also wanted to mention Ringer. It has me hooked once again,but, I’m worried there will be no second season. However,this is the CW-where low rated programs stay on the air. I’m glad Ringer went up a little bit. Maybe the decision to end its’ season earlier may turn out for the best . Another hiatus would have completely destroyed any ratings it does have. Hopefully,this way-they manage to maintain its’ current ratings with no further dropoff. Of course,I am an eternal optimist hoping for another season. I know a pessimist would say the CW is airing the Ringer original episodes without a hiatus to get rid of it more quickly. As I have said:I am an eternal optimist & hoping that is not the case. We will see. Thank you.

  18. Brad says:

    Next Tuesday every person that watches cougar town should break into the house of a Nielsen box family and tune into Cougar Town.

  19. Nielsens hater says:

    ^THIS^ x10,000,000

  20. AJ says:

    It’s Breaking “In” not “Bad”….dufous :( Get your shows straight before you criticize.

  21. Grace says:

    I LOVE MEGAN MULLALLY and am so happy to see her back on TV!
    You can toss TEENAGE DAUGHTER. It is just nasty.

  22. Mikael says:

    Nielson has GOT TO GO! It’s 2012, people don’t just watch live tv!! Time to update the system! It amazes me that a handful of people with a special box is what they use to determine what the entire country is watching. A great show like Cougar Town clearly has a decent fanbase, but not too many of them have the magic Nielson box, so it seems like no one’s watching. Hey ABC, how about looking at how many dvds the show sells, how many people download from iTunes, and how many watch on DVR or your own website???

  23. Rob says:

    Hay ringer went up! Even if just a little bit I honestly think it deserves a chance and needs adequate promotion by the cw and cbs