Exclusive: General Hospital Puts OLTL Vet Roger Howarth on Contract

Todd Manning might want to see if there’s a room available at the Metro Court, because Roger Howarth has been put on contract at General Hospital, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Soaps Dish: General Hospital Brings Home Another Fan Favorite!

An Emmy winner during his run as One Life to Live‘s resident scalawag, Howarth brought Todd to GH this past Monday, initially on a short-term basis, as the protective pop seeks out a pound of flesh for the tragic death of his granddaughter.

As seen in promos, Todd will train a gun on no less than mob boss Sonny (yes!), laying the groundwork for an imminent showdown between the Mannings of Llanview and Port Charles’ Corinthos clan.

General Hospital Exclusive First Look: [Spoiler] Comforts a Shell-Shocked Patrick

Howarth’s TV daughter, Kristen Alderson (Starr), herself made the jump to GH in late February, as a contract player. Kassie DePaiva, who plays Blair, Starr’s mother/Todd’s ex, at this point is still recurring.

What do you think, GH and/or OLTL fans? Hoping to see Todd evolve into a full-fledged foe for Sonny?

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  1. Amber says:

    I dunno what to do. I do not want to watch another soap just to have my heart get broken when it gets canceled in less than a year, but I do feel like my Roger Howarth addiction got cheated by OLTL getting canceled so shortly after his return to the show. I missed him all the years he was away and want to see him again. I just don’t know if I can stand to watch GH to do it.

  2. debrunette says:

    Bring on Erica Kane and Dr Hayword? After Kate goes gets admitted and Steve goes to jail for murder they’re gonna need a new Crimson editor and chief of staff!

  3. Greg says:

    I’m happy to hear that Roger Howarth will be staying on GH. I really like the characters from OLTL coming to GH. We’re getting the best from that show to make GH the best soap on the air. I too would love to see Lucy and Kevin come back to GH. One thing about OLTL they seemed to have a lot of characters on their show and everyone meant something to the show. Give Ron a chance to make all the characters on GH mean something again. It will just make the soap stronger in the long run.

  4. mike says:

    Watching Kassie DePaiva this week reminded me again of how wonderful she was on OLTL. GH needs her badly.

  5. Barb says:

    This is wonderful news! Todd was my all time favorite on OLTL. I’m smiling now. Although I still want OLTL to come back.

  6. Lauren says:

    While I am happy to see yet another OLTL actor be signed to a long term GH contract, I am sincerely hoping that Kassie DePaiva’s contract will be upgraded from recurring to long term. Blair and Todd have been paired consistently on OLTL whether the storyline indicated that they were divorced, married, separated, etc. The Blair/Todd storyline has been responsible for much of OLTL’s success, and GH needs to have Blair/Kassie on full contract if they want to bring their ratings up.

  7. Karen says:

    Great news for RH fans and for Roger. Congrats! But I won’t be watching if Kassie DePaiva’s Blair isn’t there.

  8. Breezy B. says:

    I’m happy that GH sees the value in a character I’ve followed for many years, but I’m very disappointment that the RH contract was the only announcement made today.

    Kassie DePaiva’s Blair needs to be there, too! And, no… not because I want OLTL to be reincarnated on GH… but because those two create magic together that I think could help maintain viewership… and, like it or not, we’re trying to save the last soap on ABC Daytime!

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m praying that they put Kassie on contract. Todd just isn’t the same without Blair by his side. Played by the one and only Kassie DePaiva :)

  10. @TiaTriss says:

    Okay first off I hope this is true!
    Second I can’t wait to see more of RH.
    Third love the SteamChem of Carly and Todd.
    Although I dont like Carly this may or may not be the answer 4 me getting to like her.

    • bklyngirl says:

      Yes.I actually hope him and Carly will get together. Carly usually annoys me, but she shows another side to her with Todd.
      That’s the epicness of RH. RH is a caliber actor. He’s classic.

  11. Tera says:

    Im dedicated to GENERAL HOSPITAL, not OLTL part 2! There are so many under used characters and old vets that should be showcased not these characters that I could give a rats behind about!

    2 characters I don’t know spent 2 minutes yesterday talking about more characters I don’t know & don’t want to! OLTL was cancelled! Let IT and it’s characters go to soap heaven and leave my darn show!

    If RC and FV are so great they can work with the cast that has BEEN WITH with GH for years and bring up the ratings!

    How would OLTL fans feel if this was happening to them? If TPTB brought Sonny over to their show (when it was ending, cause the writing is on the wall, GH is ending) instead of bringing Todd back? They’d be just as disgusted.

    Do don’t tell me I’m not a fan, I AM a fan of GH and ONLY GH! If I wanted to watch these characters I would have, when the were on THEIR show!

    • bronco says:

      Well Tera,
      You know what they say, you don’t like a show,change the channel.
      These OLTL stars they are bringing to Port Charles,is your last hope to save GH from the chopping block.
      Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
      It will be people with the same thinking that you have,that will be the reason why GH is cancelled.

  12. Lindsey says:

    Wow .. I can’t believe all the complaining! I haven’t kept up with GH for many years but I’m watching it again to show my support. I’m enjoying seeing Starr, Blair and Todd interact and can’t wait to see John McBain arrive in town. Unlike most everyone else who is posting, I don’t have a complaint :)

  13. Paul says:

    Thanks for the GH scoop, TVLine! Keep up the soaps coverage!

  14. A7 says:

    They cannot have Todd without Blair. No Blair. Not there.
    This spits in the face og the fans of OLTL who followed this couple with a rare passion. Three already. What would be wrong with four? Bring KDP to GH along with genie francis and let’s get it in already.

  15. Dizzt says:

    I am just thrilled that RH (Todd) is staying at GH!I think having OLTL charcters are a greact asset to the show. One thing I have noticed is how SOME GH fans are having issues with OLTL charcters coming over or they have stopped watching ! It sounds to me that GH FANS DONT want to save THEIR soap!Me as a die hard OLTL fan , Im willing to help GH by watching or dvring it and to help SAVE the GENGRE as a whole ….. I dont care who is coming , going ,who is coupled with who or the damn opening we need to SAVE THE GENGRE! GH is the ONLY daytime soap left on ABC/D so let just try to save GH and the GENGRE PEOPLE! WELCOME TO GH RH(TODD) Im looking forward to seeing and now if they would only bring KD,MA over it would be great!

  16. The Diva says:

    I’m so happy! His scenes on Tuesday’s show were amazing. I wish he would get Sonny dead, but that’s not gonna happen until Maurice Benard wants to leave.

  17. Tammy Grzenia says:

    so glad to have the mannining on GH.they have brought me back to gh.we still need to get back one life to live.and All my children.missing my soaps.

  18. michele says:

    Yes! Please bring as many OLTL people as possible! The moment I saw them arrive, I felt like I could exhale. I know it’s kinda silly, but they were part of my life and I really missed them. That show was my only escape. Please bring them all over to GH!

  19. GG says:

    Thata great, but what about Blair??? The best thing about Todd Manning is Blair Cramer!!!

  20. camille gnolfo says:

    I absolutely love the fact that Roger has joined GH He is such a brilliant actor always was and always will be. I am also trhilled that GH is getting back to basics with the core families and that Frank and Ron are bringing so many vets back and also bringing some of the cast from OLTL over Every little bit helps…. and GH can only prosper The ratings are rising and could only get better.

  21. MikaMikea says:

    When does Katie replace all this mess?

  22. liz moffre says:

    Roger is the best thing to happen to G H in years. I stopped watching OLTL years ago but when I heard he was coming back I couldn’t DVR fast enough. Tremendous talent and ages like fine wine. Carly should stick to her own knitting – Jason is married and Carly has no right to think that friendship overrides marriage – if Jason gets mad then he is a jerk too – Sam is not wrong for wanting to keep him alive. Oh well I digress . . Congratulations Roger, hope you and I have many more years together. Keep Port Charles on the map!

  23. Julia says:

    So excited that Howarth is on contract. I hope they can add Blair, John McBain and Natalie to the mix. I also hope that ABC does right by these actors and does not cancel GH.

  24. slj730 says:

    Very happy to hear that such a talent and legacy in character is on-contract with General Hospital. It will not replace One Life to Live to have him on my screen in Port Charles nearly every day, but it does make me feel that the writers on GH and producers recognize that there are very rich stories and characters in Llanview and that those stories still have life in them which will complement the characters and lives of Port Charles.

  25. Holly says:

    I have watched both shows for 30 years…yes I’m that old…

    I am so sick of Sonny, I fast forward his parts…boring.

    I was excited to hear that the Mannings were coming to GH but I *hate* that they killed Hope and what they’ve done to their characters. OLTL ended and I was happy thinking that Starr and Cole were happy and now this…really pissed me off! Victor is alive..are we to just ignore this? I don’t want Starr and Todd to be at odds again…

    So I’m happy to have them but I really hate how it’s being written.

  26. Charlotte says:

    Well, I must be one of the few ABC Soap Lover, I’ve lost Ryan’s Hope, Loving, Port Charles, All My Children and most recently One Life To Live, all I have left is General Hospital, I’ve been watching most of these shows since I was 2 (35 now) and am so so so excited to see OLTL’s cross-over. I am surprise to see that GH fans would stop watching GH just because some Characters crossed over from OLTL. I mean really, how many times do we have “new” characters join GH, do you leave then? You can’t call yourself a GH or Soap fan if you could seriously stop watching, nothing like acting like a baby right!

    I have enjoyed GH so much more these past two weeks than I have in the last year or so. GH has that feeling of excitement now, Cliff Hanger Friday is BACK, OMG, I mean I’m feeling that excitement I felt in the late 80’s and 90’s when all the soaps were AWESOME. I still have VHS Tapes of OLTL and GH from 1985. I only wish I could save my DVRs of OLTL that I have taking up space on my DVR and of the new GH episodes.

    I think with GH’s rating soaring that it will remain on air either on ABC or on one of the other “Soap” networks. GH Fans, just keep tuning in and you will see how great this soap will be again. I see green on the other side, just wait and see the writing is classic right now! Hats off to the People over at GH that’s bring back Classic Cliff Hanger Fridays and to bring back LIFE in General Hospital!

  27. Shannon says:

    I am so happy that Roger Howarth is on contract at GH! When I first started watching the ABC soaps twenty years ago compliments of my mother, we watched all of them except Loving, and HAD to see them every day. This last decade on both AMC and GH just lost me though and stopped even catching up with them via Soap Opera Digest. However I ALWAYS had to know what happened on OLTL. There has been to much focus on mobsters and the destruction of the Quartermaine family, losing not only Tony Jones, but Bobbie Spencer (where is she supposed to be anyway?), Luke being on vacation for months at a time and the destruction of that character and the marriage of his to Laura, I couldn’t watch. I didn’t even are. Plus all these superfluous characters written ( I mean you Delores, Kate, and Spinelli) in that already took time away from beloved characters (so happy Monica, Edward, and Tracy are back in the building actually doing things), something had to be done. Diehard GH fans don’t stop watching. Open yourselves up to these new (and yet not so new to us who watched both shows) characters because GH was on its way out and it has a chance to live again. I for one now HAVE to see what happens next. My only problem is that the Neilsens don’t track people like me who watch online (because I work during the day). Fix that issue and then there would be a true representation of total viewers.

  28. patsy biggs says:

    Hooray! Saved the best of OLTL & put it on GH! Genius!

  29. patsy biggs says:

    and here’s an idea – Send Jason back to Medical School! Have a miraculous brain breakthrough! Sick of him as a thug already…

  30. bklyngirl says:

    Well these naysayers are a joke talking crap, when it’s Frank and Ron who have paved the return of veteran characters as Holly, Robert, Anna, and there is word out on Felicia, Frisco, and Scott.
    Guza and Phelps were the culprits who made the show unrecognizable! Frank and Ron are bringing justice to what they did.

  31. Hillside says:

    This is crazy! Nothing is said when no name actors are introduced to the show all the time, but you are upset because they brought on new actors that others love? Why because you don’t know them yet? You don’t know the countless others either so I don’t understand the problem. You are afraid of new storylines? Isn’t that the purpose of soaps? To entertain you. I assure you that Todd can and will bring entertainment that the show has been lacking. Stop being so negative and enjoy the show. Unless it is another food show you want. If so please feel free to switch to the food network instead of posting mean comments that will end my only soap left

  32. Quit complaning people! It’s the only way General Hospital can be saved! The characters from One Life to Live made it good again because before they came it was boring! Now ratings are higher and GH has a better chance to stay on air!

  33. Klownfist says:

    WOW…. I am so suprised about any negativeness about this crossover… this IS the best storyline to come down in years… I am so re-interested in this soap now… Todd vs Sonny is INCREDIBLE… Kudos to the writers…. don’t listen to spoiled fans who think they are always right… just keep doing what your doing…How others can’t see the brilliance when Blair and Carly had their heart to heart conversations is beyond me… I personally LOVED it… and who knew McBain and Sonny knew each other in the past… brilliant…. now they need to bring Skye Chandler back to really amp up the crossover…

  34. I think it’s great!!! having Roger Howarth on general hospital i think having some of these characters will boost ratings more. Also i can see him and Maurice working together, they are to men who will stop at nothing to protect their families. I had a feeling he was going to be on contract and facing Sonny. I was hoping for it just because they are two fine characters. love you gh for bringing in the best.

  35. Beatriz says:

    LOVE that Roger is on GH…had stopped watching both OLTL when he was no longer on….and had also stopeed watching GH until he came on…as for any other Todd? NOT! He is the one and only!!!

  36. margaret says:


  37. Where is Todd? He hasn’t been on GH for a long time. We had a couple weeks of him (briefly) and then nothing? Supposedly back in Llanview for a murder trial that is bogus, let’s get him back to Port Charles ASAP.

  38. Angela says:

    I loved the scenes with MB & RH. Sonny has no idea about Todd. Sonny is a fake, Todd is a real crazy person that doesn’t think he’s crazy. Which makes him way more dangerous.
    Bring it on GH, Todd is the only reason I started waching GH after many years of not bothering because it was the same ole, same ole.

  39. Deborah Hughes says:

    Love it! I love the OLTL characters merging with GH. If anyone remembers, Anna, Robert & Robin actually came from AMC. I love it when they merge shows like that. I think it would be a terrific idea to bring even more actors in from both AMC & OLTL and expand its time slot to a two hour show. :)

  40. Valerie C says:

    Love that the characters from OLTL are joining GH. Don’t understand why some people are down on this. Soaps are constantly adding new characters, so just look at it as that. So what if they were on another soap. The characters that have joined and are joining are great at their skill. Also if this helps to increase the viewership for GH because the people that watched OLTL are tuning in, that’s GREAT!!! Isn’t that what we want? We need more viewers to keep GH on the air. Give the characters from OLTL a break and a chance. After all they were pretty much stabbed in the back by ABC cancelling their show, which was also almost the case for our GH cast. Plus all the uproar over OLTL being cancelled by the fans helped to keep GH on for another year. Lets hope now that we can get them to keep GH on for many years to come!!!

  41. Monique says:

    I miss OLTL and all the characters sometimes wonder how they are doing…. So glad to see Todd is joining GH! His roll is awsome, mis-understood bad boy with a heart of gold (GH fans should google his wedding with Blair with the gold baloons n confetti showering them) It was Beautiful! He has alot of funny one-linners, I think if he meets the Courtermains (Tracy) I think it could be funny, He would have some good liners with her, no problems with him telling her she’s a snob, with that sh%# eating grin. Kinda like the way he interacts with Viki. Its just makes you smile! I love GH & OLTL so to blend them in, is so great you’ll see ** So I just wanted to add… All this real TV about Home Improvements ~ Food ~ Fashion and Gossip all while you sit around a table. kinda sounds like every show on ABC before GH ~ENOUGH~ give me a good plot/story I can get lost in, alittle bit of “Me time” not to constantly tell us we need to improve everything, in and around us

  42. Tataa says:

    Get rid of Carly and Elizabeth and bring on Blair and Natalie, I’d love to see her with Johnnie. I wish they could bring Claudia back and pair her with Todd or McBain. Star and Michael have no chemistry, and she overacts her scenes. But there’s lots of potential here…..but too many annoying characters on the show right now.

  43. Dianne says:

    General Hospital is and will be a better show with the O.L.T.L. characters on there. It’ s fun to see them still living on in Port Charles! Have been watching both shows for a long time.

  44. Jay brown says:

    Roger Howrath is the man , he’ll breathe new life into this show , other posters complaining really sound pathetic , they are actors , give them a chance , these guys had many loyal fans , abc knew that , it will make gh stronger , fresher , you need a change from … Sonny , I gotta keep my family safe I’ll kill you , Corinthos…cool your heals !